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Active Retirement Ireland Annual Report 2008

Active Retirement Ireland Annual Report 2008


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This is the annual report of Active Retirement Ireland covering their activity from spring 2007 to winter 2008
This is the annual report of Active Retirement Ireland covering their activity from spring 2007 to winter 2008

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Presidents Overview


Report for 2007 from the National Executive Committee of Active Retirement Ireland


The Regional Councils of Active Retirement Ireland


National Executive Committee 2007


Audited accounts


Affiliated Associations


Presidents Overview
As you the Delegates from our 457 Active Retirement Associations meet for the 22nd annual general meeting of Active Retirement Ireland I am privileged to welcome you all as your President. I also welcome past Presidents and the National and Regional Officers and Committee Members who will be with us at this AGM. During their terms of office they have worked tirelessly to raise the profile and promote the status of older people. I thank Salthill Active Retirement Association for their organisational input into this AGM in their native city of Galway. On their behalf, I welcome you to Galway and trust you will have a pleasant stay, and will return many times in the future. We greet the many artists in our organisation whose works are exhibited as part of our AGM. Our National Art Exhibition is now establishing itself as an annual event. Please take time out to visit the art exhibition. As in 2007 the hosting of this AGM and Health Promotion Events has been made possible through the support of an educational grant from Pfizer Healthcare. Grateful thanks are also extended to the Galway City Council Arts Officer also Galway Irish Crystal and Royal Tara Fine Bone China for their support in respect of the National Art Exhibition. It is with regret we see the departure of our CEO Brian Judd who resigned on the 31st January 2008. Brian has been with us for almost six years - a period which has experienced huge growth in affiliated groups and total membership. On behalf of the National Executive and all our affiliated associations we wish Brian well for the future. Our Southern Regional Development Officer, Betty Smith also retired from her position on the 31st December 2007. Well done Betty for your work. Delegates, as we gather here at this AGM to discuss the future of Active Retirement Ireland lets reflect on a short ditty given to me by the late Jim Ross of the Irish Senior Citizens Parliament which Jim called “Confidence”. There is no better time to say Just what you think it is today Tomorrow, is a might have been Yesterday, a slate wiped clean. You live and breathe and think today NOW’s the time to have your say Do not fear the tone you use Or speak in words that may confuse. Thank you, the members of The National Executive, Brian Judd CEO and Helen Boran Administration Secretary for being so helpful to me during the year. I want also to thank and acknowledge the dedication, encouragement and hard work of our Development Officers – Kathleen Kumnig, Mary Tyrell, Betty Smith, Seamus Walsh, Seamus O’Shea, Larry Carey, Gerry Butler and Aidan O’Byrne. Progress in active retirement has been made in many areas, as detailed in this annual report. It is a privilege to serve as your National President.

Kevin Molloy
National President

2 Active Retirement

Report for 2007 from the National Executive Committee of Active Retirement Ireland
Active Retirement Ireland (formerly The Federation of Active Retirement Associations) is holding its 22nd Annual General Meeting this year in Salthill, Galway on the 16th of April 2008. When the Active Retirement movement started in Dunlaoghaire in 1978 it is unlikely its Founders could have envisaged the national organisation that is in existence today. What still remains constant; however, are the aims of the Active Retirement movement: 1. To promote the status of older people, 2. To challenge negative stereotyping by promoting older people as the active agents of their own lives rather than the passive recipients of services and activities undertaken on our behalf, 3. To combat the sense of isolation frequently experienced by older people, 4. To improve quality of life. Many statutory bodies are concerned with the implications of an ageing population in 15 or 20 year’s time – we seek to provide for older groups “now”. 5. To provide opportunities for people to share in lifelong learning experiences including social, educational, creative and recreational activities. 6. To provide the opportunity to actively contribute skills and expertise to the benefit of the wider community, 7. We ultimately aspire to a society where older people are recognised as full citizens and not simply as dependants or burdens straining the purse strings. These aims are enduring and underpin the philosophy of the Active Retirement movement all over the country. The activities we engage in are obviously important in themselves but what is more important is the effect the coming together of older people has on one another and on their communities after a lifetime of experience and “know how”.

National Executive & Development
The National Executive, since the 2007 annual general meeting, has convened at board level on 14 occasions. The National Executive receives and reviews monthly financial, regional, subcommittee and public relations reports. The National Executive approves and ratifies new affiliation applications. Also during the latter half of 2007 the National Executive in conjunction with the Regional Chairpersons and Committees conducted seven regional meetings to consider and unanimously receive approval for a Five Year Plan for Active Retirement Ireland. The Executive has approved proposals to form a company, limited by guarantee – Active Retirement Ireland Limited. More and more Charities and Community and Voluntary Groups are adopting this procedure which gives organisations protection in the event, for example, of claims or lawsuits. The Delegates who attended our 2007 AGM in the Amber Springs Hotel in Wexford were informed that the number of active retirement associations (ARAs) established had risen from 397 in 2006 to 425 in 2007. This year saw the establishment of the 450th association – Banagher Active Retirement in County Offaly. The number of affiliated associations in March 2008 has reached 457 with Active Retirement Ireland having affiliated groups in every county in Ireland.

Information & Publicity
Sports & Leisure Promotions Limited (S&L). This organisation publishes every two months the Senior Times a lifestyle magazine for older people. The magazine is circulated to Secretaries of all affiliated associations and each issue contains a page devoted to “active retirement news”. S & L staged two weekend Over 50’s Shows in Limerick in May 2007 and in the RDS in Dublin in October 2007. Active Retirement Ireland organised information stands at both of these shows which generated good interest and a large number of enquiries. Information stands were also taken at regional events in Galway, Tramore, Dun Laoghaire, Westport, Killarney, Waterford, Donegal and Tullamore. The Senior Times and Active Retirement Ireland organised a series of nationwide tea dances, each event attracting almost 300 “Fred Astaires” and “Gingers Rogers”. These tea dances are preceded by a presentation on healthy ageing and talks on issues such as osteoporosis and all events have been “sell outs”.

Active Retirement 3

During the year under review Active Retirement Ireland continues to provide speakers contributing to the Therapeutic Activity Programme at the St John of God Hospital in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. Speakers also present at the monthly retirement planning courses organised by the Civil Service Training & Development Centre in Tullamore Co Offaly.

Shared Insurance Scheme
Active Retirement Ireland manages a Public Liability Insurance scheme specially tailored to meet the insurance requirements of the members of its affiliated associations. The cover extends to a wide range of listed activities and outings both in Ireland and also overseas. This insurance is priced on a “per member” basis with a maximum premium figure for associations with large memberships. This shared arrangement allows those affiliated associations with small memberships to avail of comprehensive public liability insurance cover at highly competitive rates.

Active Retirement Website
Work has continued on the revised website of Active Retirement Ireland during the year. A number of organisations originally assisted with the financial cost of this project – Bupa Ireland, Caoga Home and Motor Insurances, Galway Bay/Hudson Bay Hotel Group, Heffernan’s Travel and McGinley Coach Hire and their assistance is gratefully acknowledged. Links to these Sponsors and other websites of interest will be regularly updated. The volume of ARAs adding their own individual information into the national organisation’s website – www.activeirl.ie is gradually increasing A number of examples have now been uploaded to show what information can be made available e.g. Renmore ARA Co. Galway, Wicklow ARA Co. Wicklow, Cahir ARA Co Tipperary and Gorey ARA Co. Wexford.

Older & Bolder
The Older & Bolder campaign was originally launched in November 2006 steered by a consortium of five organisations (Age & Opportunity, Irish Hospice Foundation, Age Action, Irish Senior Citizens Parliament and the Senior Help Line. The consortium was supported by significant funding from The Atlantic Philantrophies (AP). Funding for a second phase of Older & Bolder was approved in January 2008 by AP and the steering consortium has been increased to eight members with the addition of Active Retirement Ireland, Alzheimer’s Association and the Carers’ Association. Older & Bolder Phase 2 aims to achieve a stronger more sustainable ageing sector with increased collaboration and unified voice influencing public attitudes and challenging ageism. The campaign seeks to translate government strategy on ageing and older people into better policies and practice and increased resources. Older & Bolder Phase 2 wants older people in Ireland at local, regional and national levels to be better informed, supported and motivated to advocate for themselves, to challenge ageism in all its manifestations and to take an active part in the national agenda.

Tsunami Fund
The amount of contributions made to the Tsunami Fund up to the 31st of December 2007 has increased to €22,092.00. The principal areas where these funds have been used have been in house repairs, fishing boat purchases and repairs and the establishment of furniture workshops and food outlets. The funding has also supported parent and children education classes and self employment development projects. All the projects are based in Moratuwa, in Sri Lanka and are managed by Pastor Layasing de Silva. Grateful thanks are extended to all those ARAs who have contributed to the Tsunami Fund.

Irish Sports Council Grants
Active Retirement Ireland continues to have representation on the “Go for Life” steering committee which administers the Irish Sports Council activity grants for Older People. A large number of active retirement associations were among the 627 successful applicant groups that shared in the 2007 grant allocation of €350,000. A total of almost €2.3 million in grants to older peoples groups has been disbursed, under this scheme, over the last seven years. A further round of these grants will be announced in August/September 2008.

4 Active Retirement

Growth of Active Retirement
The growth in the Active Retirement movement from its origins in 1978 up to the year 1999 was established through the extraordinary commitment of many volunteers and honorary officers. When this commitment was assisted by modest State core funding of IR£50,000 per annum for 3 years in 2000 the rate of progress and expansion in the organisation accelerated considerably. The following statistics demonstrate the significant progress achieved since formal core funding from the Department of Health & Children was put into place seven years ago. YEAR 1999 2001 2003 2005 2007 ESTABLISHED ASSOCIATIONS 150 175 200 350 425

Total membership has more than doubled from 10,400 (1999) to over 24,500 in 2007 during a period when many social commentators are of the opinion that volunteerism in Ireland is declining. The Active Retirement movement is a powerful antidote to cynicism and disengagement. Active Retirement people participate. They help themselves. They act to strengthen intergenerational links. Active Retirement combats loneliness and isolation. The movement has much to contribute to the community and to society in general.

Funding Active Retirement
In 1999, the Minister, at the time, Mr. Tom Moffatt wrote to Active Retirement Ireland stating that he was happy to approve a grant of IR£50,000 per annum from the 1st January 2000 towards the ongoing running costs of the national federation. Mr. Moffatt added that the position would be reviewed after three years by which time “I would expect to see significant growth nationally in your federation’s membership.” Unfortunately, since 2002/2003 our funding position has never been properly reviewed and our core funding (which was originally paid through the Department of Health and Children and now through the Health Service Executive) has not been increased for the past four years. Thankfully our affiliated associations voted overwhelmingly at the 2007 AGM to increase the affiliation fee to the national organisation from €1 to €5 per Member a decision which will greatly help to stabilize finances in the coming years.

Brian Judd
Chief Executive

Active Retirement 5

The Regional Councils of Active Retirement Ireland
Active Retirement Ireland had established seven Regional Councils based on the old Health Board regional areas at the 31st December 2007. An 8th Regional Council was launched on the 24th January 2008 – the North East Region with the division of the Midland Region. Regional Councils meet not less than three times a year. Each Regional Council has a Development Officer(s) and is refunded one third of the affiliation fees generated from the associations established in their particular regional area. Additional training/development monies are also made available from central funds to the Regional Councils. The Eastern Region – Dublin, Wicklow & Kildare Members – 8,536 (8,280 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 102 The Mid Western Region – Limerick, Clare & Tipperary North Members – 2,456 (2,096 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 52 The Midland Region – Westmeath, Laois, Offaly & Longford Members – 1,352 (1,141 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 44 The North East Region – Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Meath, Members – 2,069 (2,028 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 43 The North West Region – Leitrim, Sligo & Donegal Members – 861 (783 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 29 The South Eastern Region – Wexford, Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny & Tipperary South Members – 3,857 (3,551 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 54 The Southern Region – Cork & Kerry Members – 2,632 (2,453 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 67 The Western Region – Galway, Roscommon & Mayo Members – 2,756 (2,532 in 2006) Number of affiliated associations – 66 Each Regional Council organise annually regional events:Training Seminars for Leaders – Committee, Chairpersons, Secretaries and Treasurers Seminars on Older Peoples’ needs and care Indoor Mat Bowling Competitions and Sports Fests Social events – Picnics, Tea Dances, Talent Competitions and Holidays Arts and Crafts Exhibitions In 2007 the Regional Councils organised Active Retirement Volunteers for the Senior Help Line and for a number of surveys/studies in relation to older people.

6 Active Retirement

National Executive Committee – 2007
The National Executive Committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of Active Retirement Ireland, held in the Amber Springs Hotel Gorey Co. Wexford on the 18th of April 2007. This meeting was attended by 355 Delegates. President Vice President National Secretary National Treasurer P.R.O. Kevin Molloy Tom O’Mahony Nancy Tynan Gerry Sheridan Breda Dunlea Gorey Active Retirement Co Wexford Wicklow Active Retirement Co Wicklow Nenagh Active Retirement Co Tipperary Ashford Active Retirement Co Wicklow Dublin Airport Active Retirement

Regional Chairpersons ** Br. Christy O’Carroll Phyllis O’Halloran Oliver Lynch Jack Kelly May Colbert Maureen Finlay Martin Whyte

(Western Region) (Mid-Western Region) (Southern Region) (South Eastern Region) (Eastern Region) (Midland Region) (North West Region)

Knocknacarra Active Retirement Galway Civil Defence Active Retirement Limerick Kinsale Active Retirement Co Cork Dolmen Active Retirement Co Waterford Mount Carmel Active Retirement Dublin 7 Ballycommon Active Retirement Co Offaly Ballymote Active Retirement Co Sligo

Executive Committee Members Nell Foley Blackrock/Monkstown Active Retirement Dublin Pat Morgan Rosslare Strand Active Retirement Co Wexford Betty O’Flynn Salthill Active Retirement Co Galway Sean Treacy Ballycallan Active Retirement Co Kilkenny Paddy Stanley Dunlaoghaire Active Retirement Co Dublin There were 14 National Executive Committee meeting convened during the year.

Active Retirement Staff Brian Judd Helene Boran Larry Carey Seamus Walsh Seamus O’Shea Mary Tyrrell Kathleen Kumnig Betty Smith* Gerald Butler Aidan O’Byrne * **

Chief Executive Administrative Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer Development Officer

Western Region Eastern Region Mid Western Region Midland Region South Eastern Region Southern Region North Western Region North Western Region

Betty Smith retired on the 31st December 2007 Regional Chairs are ex officio Members of the National Executive Committee

Active Retirement 7

Statement of Income and Expenditure year ended 31st December 2007
INCOME DETAIL Y/E 31/12/2007 € 129,000 10,000 17,500 6,062 24,296 7,905 13,831 6,087 2,420 11,000 228,101 Y/E 31/12/2006 € 43,000 (Note 1) 0 (Note 2) 30,000 (Note 3) 8,786 22,504 8,160 0 6,004 3,630 122,084

Grant - HSE South Western Area Health Authority Lottery Funding Grant - Dept. Community Rural & Gaeltacht Affairs Grant - HSE Western Area Health Authority Affiliation Fees Mail Shot Income Insurance Commissions Tsunami Donations Received Website Site Sponsorship Pfizer Educational Grant

EXPENDITURE Salaries & Wages (Administration) Salaries & Wages (Development) Tsunami Donations Paid Rent/Rates Light & Heat Telephone Office Equipment & Fittings Executive Committee Expenses Administrator’s Expenses Printing & Stationery Conference & Council Expenses Advertising General Insurances Exhibition Regional Funding Bank Charges Audit & Accountancy Postage Training & Development Miscellaneous PRO New ARAs - Subsidy I.T.Expenses Gratuities Travel & Subsistance 57,411 18,963 6,087 15,277 1,119 1,831 6,334 6,142 34 10,153 9,694 2,954 535 710 13,977 272 1,392 3,487 32,828 489 1,635 357 5,369 219 5,263 202,532 25,569 10,874 0 36,443 52,301 18,963 6,004 10,731 781 1,926 8,033 5,716 77 4,629 1,276 3,145 534 1,000 27,783 380 1,280 3,357 31,006 763 6,112 405 10,519 1,464 5,691 203,876 -81,792 57,837 34,829 (Note 4) 10,874

Excess Expenditure over Income Accumulated Fund 1st January 2006 Insurance Reserve Transfer Accumulated Fund 31st December 2006

8 Active Retirement

Balance Sheet as at 31st December 2007
Y/E 31/12/2007 € CURRENT ASSETS Bank Current Accounts Bank Deposit Accounts Cash on Hand Prize Bonds -3,649 45,103 352 1,270 43,076 15,389 103 400 1,270 17,162 Y/E 31/12/2006 €

CURRENT LIABILITIES Accrued Expenses Insurance Reserve Account

6,633 0 6,633 36,443

6,288 0 (Note 4) 6,288 10,874

Net Assets REPRESENTED BY Accumulated Fund Note 1



Represents a “core grant” (€86,000 per annum) from the Health Service Executive, which supports the maintenance of the national head office. Arrears of grant in 2006 were paid in 2007. Represents a “once off” grant received from the Department of Health and Children in 2007 This Lottery Funding was given to assist Head Office relocation and office equipment purchase. These funds are restricted to support new development activities only. The insurance reserve account was liquidated in 2006 and all funds transferred to the accumulated fund account.

Note 2

Note 3 Note 4

Report of the Auditors to the Members of the National Executive of Active Retirement Ireland
We enclose the financial accounts for Active Retirement Ireland for the financial year ending the 31st December 2007. We have prepared the Statement of Income and Expenditure and Balance Sheet for the year ended the 31st December 2007 from the books, records and information received. In our opinion these financial statements give a true and fair view of the affairs of Active Retirement Ireland at the 31st December 2007 and of its surplus of €25,569 (deficit €81,792 for 2006) for the year then ended. The accounts are in agreement with the underlying books and records. CDK & Associates Accountants & Registered Auditors Mounttown House 62/63 Mounttown Road Lower Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin 2nd March 2008

Active Retirement 9

Affiliated Associations
Association Bagenalstown & District A.R.A. Baloon Rathoe District A.R.A. Borris & District A.R.A. Carlow A.R.A. Hacketstown A.R.A. Leighlinbridge A.R.A. Tullow A.R.A. Active Virginians A.R.A. Blacklion and Belcoo A.R.A. Drumcor A.R.A. Golden Oldies A.R.A. Kingscourt A.R.A. Lavey Senior Social Club A.R.A. Mullagh/Cross Friendship Club A.R.A. East Clare A.R.A. Ennis A.R.A. Kilkee A.R.A. Kilmihil (Friends of the Meadow) A.R.A. Kilnamona & Inagh A.R.A. Kilrush A.R.A. Lisdoonvarna-Burren District A.R.A. Meelick A.R.A. Miltown Malbay A.R.A. New Market on Fergus(Going Strong Club)A.R.A. Tulla S/C A.R.A. Whitegate A.R.A. Aughadown A.R.A. Ballinspittle Friendship Group A.R.A. Baltimore Over 55’s Social Club Bantry A.R.A. Bere Island A.R.A. Buttevant/Liscarroll/Churchtown A.R.A. Caheragh Seniors A.R.A. Canovee Circle of Friends Group A.R.A. Cape Clear A.R.A. Carrigaline A.R.A. Castletownbere A.R.A. Clonakilty Friendship Club A.R.A. Cork Get-Together Group Crookstown Golden Years Group A.R.A. Doneraile A.R.A. Drimoleague A.R.A. Drinagh A.R.A. Dromtariffe Active Club A.R.A. Dunmanway A.R.A. Enniskeane A.R.A. Friends Together A.R.A. Glengarrif A.R.A. Goleen A.R.A. Kinsale A.R.A. Leap A.R.A. Macroom A.R.A. Mallow A.R.A. Midleton & District A.R.A. Millstreet Over 50’s A.R.A. Newcestown Friendship Group A.R.A. Pfizer A.R.A. Retired Peoples Network Cork A.R.A. Ringaskiddy A.R.A. Schull A.R.A. Skibbereen Active & Social Club A.R.A. St. Joseph’s A.R.A. Turness Cross A.R.A. Young at Heart Douglas A.R.A. Young At Heart Kilbrittain A.R.A. County/Area Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Carlow Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Cavan Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Clare Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Co. Cork Venue Muinebheag Community Centre Rathoe Sports and Resource Centre Oaktree Court Borris The Workingman’s Club St. Johns Hall Parish Centre Leighlinbridge Forward Steps Resource Centre St. John’s Hall, Oldcastle Road, Virginia Mac Nean Resource Centre Blacklion and Health Centre Drumcor Community Centre Tullacmongan Resource Centre Cavan Parish Centre Kingscourt The Lavey Inn / The Bent Elbow (alternating) Mullagh Hall Co. Cavan Parish Hall Clare Care Harmony Row Mules Creek Bar Kilkee The Meadow Kilmihil Kilnamona Community Centre Kilrush Community Centre The Royal Spa Hotel Lisdoonvarna Corbally A.F.C. Club Day Care Centre Ballard Road Miltown Malbay Family Centre Ennis Road Tulla Club House Whitegate Church Cross Aughadown Ballinspittle Community Centre Father Cashman Centre, Baltimore 2 Weekly BARA House 61 Glengarrif Road Bantry Community Centre Bere Island Co. Cork Muinnter na Tire Hall Buttevant Co Cork St. Mary’s Church of Ireland Hall, Drimoleague Canovee Community Hall Club Cleire Parish Centre Main Street Carrigaline MacCarthys Rooms The Grace Centre Sand’s Quay Clonakilty Community Centre Sawmill Street Conerstone Bar Doneraile Community Hall Parish Hall Drimoleague The Hall Drinagh Co. Cork Dromtariffe Community Club Parkway Hotel B.E.D.A. Hall Ballineen Muster Arms Bandon Co. Cork Village Hall Glengarriff Church Hall Goleen Temperance Hall Health Centre Leap Father Ryan Hall, Lucey’s Lane, Macroom Parish Centre Mallow Edmond Rice Centre Midleton Canon O Donovan Centre, Clara Road, Millstreet Newcestown Parish Hall Vienna Woods Hotel La Verna Hall Grattan St. Cork Community Hall Rinaskiddy Co Cork Parish Hall Cara House, Market Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork St. Joseph’s Community Centre Old Youghal Road Turness Cross Care Centre Capwell Rd. Cork City St. Columbas Hall, Douglas Kilbrittain Village Hall

10 Active Retirement

Ballyshannon and District A.R.A. Cardonagh A.R.A. Carrick Active Age Group A.R.A. Donegal Town A.R.A. Dunkineely Active Age Group A.R.A. Kurling Club Raphoe A.R.A. Letterkenny A.R.A. Raphoe Seniors Friday Club A.R.A. Serenity A.R.A. The Widows Group A.R.A. Twin Town Friday Club Ballybofey/Stranorlar A.R.A. Twin Towns Go for Life A.R.A. Balbriggan Bowling Club A.R.A. Blackrock & Monkstown A.R.A. Cabinteely A.R.A. Dublin Airport A.R.A. Dun Laoghaire A.R.A. Howth/ Sutton A.R.A. Johnstown/Killiney A.R.A. Kill O’ the Grange A.R.A. Leopardstown & District A.R.A. Lucan A.R.A. Malahide A.R.A. Mount Merrion A.R.A. Rathcoole A.R.A. River Valley Swords A.R.A. Shankill A.R.A. Skerries A.R.A. St. Margaret’s A.R.A. Stillorgan A.R.A. Abbey Friendship A.R.A. Athenry A.R.A. Aughrim A.R.A. Ballinasloe A.R.A. Ballybane A.R.A. Barna/Furbo A.R.A. Castlegar A.R.A. Claddagh A.R.A. Claregalway/Carnmore A.R.A. Clarinbridge A.R.A. Clifden A.R.A. Craughwell/Ballymana A.R.A. Cumann Iar Oibrithe Lufara , An Spideal A.R.A. Eyrecourt Mellick Clonfert A.R.A. Galway - Westside A.R.A. Galway City Centre A.R.A. Glenamaddy A.R.A. Gort A.R.A. Kilkerrin/ Clonberne A.R.A. Knocknacarra A.R.A. Loughrea A.R.A. Mervue A.R.A. Mountbellew A.R.A. Newcastle A.R.A. Portumna Over 55 A.R.A. Renmore A.R.A. Salthill Galway A.R.A. Tirellan A.R.A. Tuam A.R.A. Williamstown A.R.A. Ballinskelligs Group A.R.A. Ballybunion A.R.A. Ballyduff A.R.A. Ballyheigue Over 55’s A.R.A. Ballylongford Go For Life A.R.A. Ballymacelligot A.R.A.

Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Donegal Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Dublin Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Galway Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry

Kilbarrron House Ballyshannon Wesley Hall Bridge Street Cardonagh Carrick Old School Central Hotel Donegal Life Start Centre Volt. House Raphoe The Pastoral Centre Volt House The Diamond Raphoe Co. Donegal Serenity House Parish Centre Stranorlar Parish Centre Stranorlar St. Mary’s Parish Centre Stranorlar Co. Donegal Community Centre Dublin Street Parish Hall of St. John the Baptist Blackrock St. Bridgids Parish Centre A.L.S.A.A. Dublin Airport Boylan Community Centre,Dun Laoghaire St.Columbanus Parish Hall Main St. Howth Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Hall Recourse Centre,Holy Family Church Kill Ave, Leopardstown Inn Church of Ireland Hall Malahide Yacht Club St James Terrace Malahide Community Centre Mount Merrion Rathcoole Community Centre Community Centre River Valley St. Annes Resource Centre Holmpatrick Church Hall,Skerries St. Margaret’s Hall St. Lawrences Parish Centre Kilmacud Franciscan Hall Newtownsmith Community Hall Athenry St. Catherines Hall Aughrim Ballinasloe Gael Schoil Community Centre Ballybane Cillin (Room off the Parish Church) Church Hall Castlegar Domican Hall Claddagh Parish Hall, Claregalway Suaimhneas Clarinbridge Alcock and Brown Hotel Cawleys Lounge Craughwell Colaiste Chonnacht, An Spideal Eyrecourt Community Centre Community Centre Westside Galway Bridge Club St Mary’s Road Social Services Centre Gort Social Services Centre Kilkerrin Community Dev. Centre Joyces Community Centre Kinsella’s Main Street Loughrea G.A.A. Hall Mervue Mountbellew Community Centre Library, Westside, Newcastle Shannon Oak Hotel Portumna Liam Mellows G.A.A. Club Captain’s Deck Leisureland Salthill Upper Room Church of Resurrection, Ballinfoyle Parish Centre,Dublin Road Parish Hall Community Centre Dungegon Ballybunion Community Centre Ballyduff Ballyheigue Resource Centre Community Hall Ballylongford Kielduff Community Centre

Active Retirement 11

Baraduff A.R.A. Beaufort A.R.A. Blennerville A.R.A. Caherdaniel A.R.A. Cahirciveen A.R.A. Castleisland A.R.A. Clar Seanoiai Na Dromoda A.R.A. Club Ide A.R.A. Corca Dhuibhne Ladies A.R.A. Cromane A.R.A. Currow-Currans A.R.A. Glenbeigh A.R.A. Kenmare A.R.A. Killarney A.R.A. Listowel and District A.R.A. Mid Kerry (Killorglin) A.R.A. Portmagee A.R.A. Tarbert Bridewell A.R.A. The Glen St. Finians Bay A.R.A. Tralee A.R.A. Valentia A.R.A. Waterville A.R.A. Golden Years Leixlip A.R.A. Kildare A.R.A. Newbridge A.R.A. Newtown - Donadea Senior Citzens Ballycallan (B.K.K.) A.R.A. Ballyfoyle and District A.R.A. Ballyragget A.R.A. Callan and District A.R.A. Castlecomer A.R.A. Ferrybank and District A.R.A. Freshford A.R.A. Graiguenamanagh A.R.A. Johnstown and District A.R.A. Johnswell and District A.R.A. Kilkenny A.R.A. Pal Club Kilmanagh A.R.A. Slieverue A.R.A. Stonyford A.R.A. Thomastown and District A.R.A. Tullaroan A.R.A. 50+ Active Age Group A.R.A. Happy Hearts Portarlington A.R.A. Mountmellick A.R.A. O’ Moore Place and Lakeglen A.R.A. Rathdowney A.R.A. Aughnasheelin A.R.A. Bornacoola Active Age A.R.A. Carrigallen Drumela A.R.A. Adare A.R.A. ARRA Friends Newcastle West A.R.A. Askeaton A.R.A. Broadford & District A.R.A. Caherdavin & District A.R.A. Castletown/Ballyagran/Colmanswell A.R.A. Dromin Athlacca A.R.A. Janesboro ( Lady Queen of Peace) A.R.A. Kilfinane A.R.A. Kilmallock A.R.A. Limerick Central A.R.A. Limerick City A.R.A. Limerick County Civil Defence A.R.A. Limerick Holy Rosary A.R.A. Limerick North A.R.A. Monaleen/Milford A.R.A.

Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kerry Co. Kildare Co. Kildare Co. Kildare Co. Kildare Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Kilkenny Co. Laois Co. Laois Co. Laois Co. Laois Co. Laois Co. Leitrim Co. Leitrim Co. Leitrim Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick

“Buds” F.R.C. Ballyduff Beaufort Community Centre GAA Clubhouse Blennerville Community Hall Caherdaniel Cahirciveen Resource Centre St. Brigids Hall Castleisland Ionad na Dromoda St. Brendans Pastoral Centre Rock St. Tralee Bennes Hotel Dingle Cromane Community Centre Currow Community Centre Teigh Bheite Voc.School, Bell Height, Kenmare Arus Phadraigh Lewis Rd Killarney The Mermaids Listowel Day Care Centre,Killorglin The Community Centre Tarbert Community Centre The Community Hall Ballinskelligs Co. Kerry St. Johns Centre Community Hospital Knightstown Valentia Island Tech Amergin, Waterville Parish Centre St. Conthleth’s Day Centre Newbridge Day Care Centre Community Hall, Newtown Donadea Ballycallan Hall Ballycallan Ballyfoyle Community Hall Canon Malone Hall Priory House Mill Street Callan Community Hall Castlecomer Ferrybank Community House Ard Dara Ferrybank Freshford Community Hall Duiske Inn St. Kierans Community Hall Community Hall Johnswell Club House Hotel Old School House Parish Centre Slieverue The Hall in Stonyford Salmon Pool Mill Street Tullaroan Community Centre Methodist Church Hall Portlaoise Co. Laois Social Services Link Road Portarlington MDA Irishtown Mountmellick Community Centre O Moore Place Portlaoise Peader’s Function Room Aughnasheelin Community Centre Bornacoola Community Centre Kilbracken Arus Ferdia House, Moorehall Retirement Village Desmond Complex Gortboy Newcastle West The Hall Askeaton Community Centre Broadford Caherdavin Community Centre Castletown Community Hall Dawn Court Athlacca Kilmallock Janesboro Socer Club Teach na Cellia Community Hall Kilmallock Pastoral & Resource Centre Dominican Hall St. Josephs Hall County Hall Dooradoyle Limerick Salesian Convent UNITAS Hall High Road Thomond Gate GAA Club Monaleen/Milford

12 Active Retirement

Murroe A.R.A. Pallasgreen Limerick A.R.A. Patrickswell A.R.A. Rockhill Bruree A.R.A. St. Brigids & St. Patricks A.R.A. St. Senans (Foynes) A.R.A. Stonehall A.R.A. Thursday Club (Clarina) A.R.A. Ballyleague / Lanesboro A.R.A. Club 89 A.R.A. Club ‘91 A.R.A. Longford A.R.A. Moatsiders A.R.A. Newtown Forbes Senior Citzens Club A.R.A. Tang Golden Years Club A.R.A. Ardee A.R.A. Drogheda A.R.A. Dundalk A.R.A. Faughart Social Group A.R.A. Lann-Leire & District A.R.A. Mattock Rangers A.R.A. Omeath and District A.R.A. Balla A.R.A. Ballina A.R.A. Ballindine/Irishtown A.R.A. Ballinrobe A.R.A. Ballyhaunis A.R.A. Castlebar A.R.A. Charlestown A.R.A. Claremorris A.R.A. Crossmolina A.R.A. Foxford A.R.A. Kilmaine A.R.A. Kiltimagh Tuesday Club A.R.A. Mayo Abbey A.R.A. Newport A.R.A. Roundfort A.R.A. Swinford A.R.A. Westport A.R.A. Young at Heart Taugheen Claremorris A.R.A. Athboy A.R.A. Ballivor A.R.A. Beauparc A.R.A. Bohermeen A.R.A. Carnaross A.R.A. Castletown K.P. A.R.A. Crossakiel (Young at Heart) A.R.A. Drumconrath A.R.A. Dunboyne A.R.A. Dunderry A.R.A. East Meath A.R.A. Enfield A.R.A. Grúpa Gniomhach Scortha A.R.A. Kells A.R.A. Kildalkey A.R.A. Kilmessan Co. Meath A.R.A. Moynalty A.R.A. Navan A.R.A. Nobber Friendship Club A.R.A. Oldcastle A.R.A. Rathkenny A.R.A. Slane A.R.A. Summerhill A.R.A. Wilkinstown A.R.A. CARA A.R.A. Clones A.R.A.

Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Limerick Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Longford Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Louth Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Mayo Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Meath Co. Monaghan Co. Monaghan

Muintir na Tire Hall Pallasgreen Community Centre Patrickswell Community Centre Rockhill Bruree Community Centre St. Patricks and Dublin Road Foynes Community Centre The Community Centre Kilcornan Ballybrown GAA Convent of Mercy Lanesboro Family Centre St. Mel’s Road Longford Dean Egan Community Hall Ballymahon Family Centre St Mels Road Rath Mhuire Resource Centre Parish Hall Main St. Newtown Forbes Longford Tang Community Centre Ferdia House Moorehall Retirement Village Stables Bachelors Lane Carol Mead Hall Community Resource Centre Kilcurry Dunleer Recreation Centre Mattock Rangers Community Centre Dolmen Centre Omeath Balla Resource Centre Pastoral Centre Cathedral Rd Ballina Ballindine Community Centre Parish Centre Cornmarket Ballinrobe Parish of Annagh Family Life Centre Pastoral Centre Charlestown Dalton Inn Hotel Enterprise Centre & Town Hall Social Services Centre Chapel Road Kilmaine Community Hall C.D.P. Office, Main Street Kiltimagh Mayo Abbey Parish, Claremorris Craft Room Carey Walsh Building Roundfort Community Centre, Roundfort. The Orchard Community Centre Park Road Swinford Plougastel Court Distillery Road Taugheen Community Centre, Taugheen, Claremorris St. James Hall Athboy McLaughlin’s Lounge, The Village Inn Ballivor Yellow Furze Church Hall Bohermeen Community Centre Parish Hall Carnaross Castletown Community Centre Conference Room “Halfway House” Ballinlough Parish Centre Drumconrath Co. Meath Old School Main Street Dunboyne Parish Hall Dunderry St. Mary’s Meeting Rooms Julianstown Flattery’s Lounge Enfield Halla Baila Ghibs Edmond Rice Centre Kells St.Dympna’s Hall,Kildalkey Old School Kilmessan Muintir na Tire Hall Moynalty Nobber Community Hall Activity Centre,Health Centre,Oldcastle Parochail House Coyningham Hotel/Parochial Hall Third Age Centre Wilkinstown Community Centre Clough Valley Day Care Centre Carrickmacross Community Centre

Active Retirement 13

Corduff/Raferagh A.R.A. Inniskeen Active & Social Seniors Group A.R.A. Killanny Active A.R.A. Ballycommon A.R.A. Banagher A.R.A. Barna A.R.A. Birr A.R.A. Carrick Riverstown Kileen A.R.A. Clara Leading A.R.A. Clodagh A.R.A. Cloghan A.R.A. Cloghan Coffee Morning A.R.A. Cloneygowan A.R.A. Croghan Hill A.R.A. Daingean A.R.A. Durrow A.R.A. Ferbane (West Offaly) A.R.A. Golden Years (Edenderry/Carbury) A.R.A. High Street Belmont A.R.A. Kilclonfert Seniors Group A.R.A. Pullough A.R.A. St. Brigids A.R.A. Tir na nOg A.R.A. Tullamore A.R.A. Athleague A.R.A. Athlone Drum A.R.A. Aughrim/Kilmore A.R.A. Ballaghaderreen A.R.A. Ballybay Kiltoom A.R.A. Ballyforan & Dysart A.R.A. Boyle A.R.A. Breedogue A.R.A. Castlecoote and Fuerty Castlerea A.R.A. Curraghboy Brideswell A.R.A. Elphin A.R.A. Four Mile House A.R.A. Loughglynn Castlerea (Woodlands Evergreen) A.R.A. Moore A.R.A. Roosky A.R.A. Roscommon Town A.R.A. Strokestown A.R.A. Tisara (Four Roads) A.R.A. Ballinafad A.R.A. Ballintogher A.R.A. Ballymote A.R.A. Cliffoney A.R.A. (Young at Hearts Club) A.R.A. Collooney & Ballinacarrow A.R.A. Easkey Active Age Group A.R.A. Maugherow Active Age A.R.A. Monday Club - Gleann A.R.A. Skreen A.R.A. Skreen/Dromard Community Care A.R.A. Sligo A.R.A. Star of the Sea Strandhill A.R.A. Tubbercurry A.R.A. Annacarthy A.R.A. Cahir A.R.A. Cappawhite A.R.A. Carrick-on-Suir A.R.A. Cashel and District A.R.A. Clonmel A.R.A. Cloughjordan, Senior Citizens A.R.A. Drangan & Cloneen A.R.A. Galbally A.R.A. Kilcommon A.R.A.

Co. Monaghan Co. Monaghan Co. Monaghan Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Offaly Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Roscommon Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Sligo Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary

Corduff Community Centre, Carrickmacross Inniskeen Community Killanny Hall Kilmurray Community Centre Crank House Banagher Barna, Dunkerrin, Birr, Co. Offaly St. Ann’s Resource Centre Carrig and Riverstown Community Centre Clara Community and Family Resource Centre Rahan Comminity Centre Cloghan Hall Birr Co. Offaly Cloghan Community Centre CYMS Hall Cloneygowan Croghan Community Centre Daingean Town Hall Durrow Hall, Co. Offaly Ferbane Arts & Heritage Centre Ofalia House, Edenderry, Co. Offaly High Street Community Centre Kilclonfert Community Centre Community Centre Pullough Cloneyhurke Portarlington Co. Offaly St. Joseph’s Community Centre Irish National Forester’s Hall Church Street Community Centre Athleague Drum Parish Hall Community Centre Dangan Spelman’s Motel Ballybay Parochial Hall Ballyforan Hall The Crescent Health Centre Callow Community Centre St. Kiernan’s Community Centre Family Centre,St.Patrick’s St.Castlerea Curraghboy GAA Centre Elphin Day Care Centre Kilbride Community Centre Community Centre Loughlynn Moore Hall Roosky Old School St. Coman’s Club Roscommon Bawn Lodge, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon Four Roads Community Centre Ballintogher Enterprise Centre Pastoral Centre Ballymote Medical Health Centre Collooney HSE Day Centre Dromore West, Community Centre Carrigans Health Centre Gleann Community Centre Drumnacool via Boyle Skreen Day Care Centre Skreen/Dromard Health Centre Domican Hall Dominic Street Strand House Strandhill Co. Sligo Health Centre Tubbercurry Parish Hall Cahir House Hotel Ozanam House Cappawhite Parish Hall Greenside Carrick - on - Suir Parish Centre, Friar Street Social Service Hall Morton Street Clonmel Parochial Hall Step Road Community Hall Drangan Galbally Community Centre Kilcommon Community Hall

14 Active Retirement

Killenaule A.R.A. Knockavilla A.R.A. Lower Ormond A.R.A. Nenagh A.R.A. Puckane & Carrig & Dromineer Roscrea A.R.A. St. Ruadhan’s A.R.A. Templemore A.R.A. Thurles A.R.A. Tipperary A.R.A. Upper Church & Drombane A.R.A. Clodagh Co. Waterford A.R.A. Comeragh A.R.A. Deise A.R.A. Dolmen A.R.A. Dungarvan & District Branch A.R.A. Friends of Assisi House A.R.A. Sacred Heart A.R.A. Tramore A.R.A. Waterford A.R.A. An Grianan A.R.A. Ballymore Thursday Club A.R.A. Castle Writers A.R.A. Killucan Area Services Ltd A.R.A. Millennium Group A.R.A. Moate A.R.A. Shannonbridge A.R.A. St. Mary’s A.R.A. St. Peters A.R.A. Tyrrellspass A.R.A. Young at Heart Kilbeggan A.R.A. Bree A.R.A. Bunclody A.R.A. Craanford A.R.A. Enniscorthy A.R.A. Ferns and District A.R.A. Gorey A.R.A. Kilmuckridge (Women Together) A.R.A. Kilrane/Rosslare Harbour A.R.A. Monageer A.R.A. New Ross A.R.A. Piercestown/Murrintown A.R.A. Poulpeasty & District Raheen A.R.A. Ramsgrange A.R.A. Rosslare Strand A.R.A. Taghmon Camross A.R.A. Wexford A.R.A. Arklow A.R.A. Ashford Community A.R.A. Baltinglass and District A.R.A. Bray A.R.A. Greystones & District A.R.A. Laragh/Glendalough & District A.R.A. Roundwood A.R.A. St. Josephs Newtownmountkennedy A.R.A. Tinahely A.R.A. Vevay A.R.A. Wicklow A.R.A. St. Teresa’s Clarendon St. A.R.A. Trinity College A.R.A. Clontarf A.R.A. Fairview A.R.A. Kincora/Clontarf A.R.A. Marino A.R.A. St. Gabriel’s Parish Seniors Club A.R.A.

Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Tipperary Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Waterford Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Westmeath Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wexford Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Co. Wicklow Dublin 02 Dublin 02 Dublin 03 Dublin 03 Dublin 03 Dublin 03 Dublin 03

St. Mary’s Hall Knockavilla Commnunity Hall The Tavern Nenagh Library Puckane or Ballycommon 2 weeks interval Community Hall, Rosemary St. Roscrea Lorrha Dorrha GAA Clubhouse Redwood Co Tipp Golf Club Templemore Park Avenue House Thurles Community Service Centre Tipperary Town Drumbane Community Centre Community Hall, Portlaw Woodlands Hotel Dunmore Road Waterford Bridge Centre Thomas Street Holy Cross Lounge Lawlors Hotel Dungarvan Assisi House Day Centre Butler Community Centre Community Care Centre Lifetime Lady Lane Centre Waterford The Village Hall Ballymore Centre St. Peter’s Parish Centre Athlone Rathwire Hall Killucan Co. Westmeath Heritage Centre Carmelite Pastoral Centre The Newtown Moate Parish Hall Shannonbridge Clonmacnois Room, Presbytery, St. Mary’s Athlone St. Peters Parish Centre, Athlone Old Church Hall Tyrrellspass Training Room S.W.E.E.T.S. Ltd Kilbeggan Bree Community Centre Redmonds Loft Main St. Bunclody Craanford Community Centre Riverside Park/Donohoe’s Mogue’s Cottage Ashdown Park Hotel,Gorey Kilmuckridge Health Centre Railway Social Club The Tavern,Monageer Augustinian Hall Chapel Street Piercetown Community Centre Parish Hall Raheen Community Centre St. Louis Day Care Centre Ramsgrange Crosbie Cedars Hotel Rosslare Health Centre Taghmon Clonard Community Centre Arus Lorcain Parish Hall The Woodpecker Inisfail Baltinglass Little Flower Hall, Bray Kilian House Family Centre Greystones Brockagh Resource Centre Old School, Roundwood Community Centre Newtownmountkennedy Courthouse Arts Centre Villa Pacis, Putland Road Bray Scout Hall on South Quay Room over the Bell Café in Clarendon Street D.2 Trinity College St. Anthonys House Clontarf Our Ladys Hall,Philipsburgh Ave. St.John’s Resource Carleton Hall G.A.A. Club, Seafield Road West, Clontarf

Active Retirement 15

Donnybrook A.R.A. Haddington Road Keep Fit A.R.A. Ringsend A.R.A. Ardlea A.R.A. Artane A.R.A. Coolock Kilmore West A.R.A. Coolock St. Lukes A.R.A. Donaghmede A.R.A. Donnycarney A.R.A. Grange Woodbine A.R.A. Kilbarrack A.R.A. Kilbarrack Over 60’s Club A.R.A. Killester A.R.A. Raheny A.R.A. St. Brendans Coolock A.R.A. St. Monica’s A.R.A. Dublin Institute of Technology A.R.A. Guinnness A.R.A. Milltown A.R.A. Mount Argus A.R.A. Ranelagh A.R.A. Rathgar A.R.A. Rathmines A.R.A. Templeogue A.R.A. Willington Templeogue A.R.A. Aughrim Street A.R.A. Cabra A.R.A. Mount Carmel A.R.A. Phibsboro A.R.A. Inchicore Oblate A.R.A. Inchicore St. Michaels A.R.A. Rialto A.R.A. St. Kevins (Harrington Street A.R.A. ) Beaumont A.R.A. Beaumont Hospital A.R.A. Drumcondra Bowling Club A.R.A. Glasnevin Village A.R.A. Santry Lorcan A.R.A. Whitehall A.R.A. Ballyfermot A.R.A. Ballygall A.R.A. Finglas West (St.Fergal’s) A.R.A. Glasnevin North A.R.A. Castle A.R.A. Crumlin, St. Agnes A.R.A. Crumlin, St. Bernadettes A.R.A. Greenhills A.R.A. Kimmage Manor A.R.A. Perrystown Manor Estate A.R.A. Baldoyle A.R.A. Churchtown A.R.A. Dundrum A.R.A. Rathfarnham A.R.A. Blanchardstown A.R.A. Castleknock A.R.A. Ballinteer A.R.A. Knocklyon A.R.A. Bonnybrook A.R.A. Foxrock A.R.A. Chapelizod A.R.A. Tymon Bawn (Bowls) A.R.A. Tymonbawn A.R.A.

Dublin 04 Dublin 04 Dublin 04 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 05 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06 Dublin 06W Dublin 06W Dublin 07 Dublin 07 Dublin 07 Dublin 07 Dublin 08 Dublin 08 Dublin 08 Dublin 08 Dublin 09 Dublin 09 Dublin 09 Dublin 09 Dublin 09 Dublin 09 Dublin 10 Dublin 11 Dublin 11 Dublin 11 Dublin 12 Dublin 12 Dublin 12 Dublin 12 Dublin 12 Dublin 12 Dublin 13 Dublin 14 Dublin 14 Dublin 14 Dublin 15 Dublin 15 Dublin 16 Dublin 16 Dublin 17 Dublin 18 Dublin 20 Dublin 24 Dublin 24

Parish Centre rear Donnybrook Church Parish Centre St. Mary’s Haddington Road C.Y.M.S. St. Patrick’s Villas Ringsend Parish Hall St. John Vianney Church St.Paul’s Youth Club Gracefield Road Amateur Football League Cromcastle Recreation Centre Donaghmede House, Newbrook Road Social Sevices Centre Malahide Grange/Woodbine Residents Assoc.Club Kilbarrack Community Centre St. Benedict’s Resource Centre Sybil Hill Convent St.Peters College (bowling) Raheny Court Community Hall Coolock Edenmore Youth Club Fitzwilliam House, 30 Upper Pembroke Street Guinness Recreational Centre Parish Centre Milltown Road Dublin 6 Communityt Hall Lower Kimmage Road Beechwood Community Centre Parish Centre 52 Grosvenor Road Rathgar St.Mary’s Centre,Richmond Hill,Rathmines St.Marys Rugby Club,Templeville Road Pastoral Centre St. Judes Church Willington Parish Community Centre Prussia Street Christ the King Parochail Hall Community Centre Nelson Street Dublin 7 St. Peter’s Club, 4 Cabra Road Naomh Mhuire Basketball Hall St. Michaels Community Centre St. Andrews Community Centre Community Hall Bloomfield Avenue S.C. Road Pastoral Centre Beaumont Hospital Corpus Christi Hall Home Farm Road Parish Centre Glasnevin Village Community Hall Lorcan Green Parish Centre Our Lady of Victories Youth Centre Fr. Moloney Centre St. Fergals Boys School Cappagh Road Our Lady of Victories School Hall Community Centre, Walkinstown Avenue, St. Agnes Parish Hall Crumlin Village Parish Hall Clogher Road Greenhills Community Centre Kimmage Manor Church Hall Perrystown,Manor Est Community Centre Baldoyle Community Centre Main Street Good Shepherd Parish Centre D.14 Dundrum Church Hall Parish Hall Willbrook Road Rathfarnham St. Brigids Community Centre Parish Centre Our Lady Mother of the Church St Johns GAA Club Pavillian Grange Road Knocklyon Youth and Community Centre Family Centre Green Castle Road Foxrock Community Hall Riverview Court Tymon Bawn Community Centre Community Centre

16 Active Retirement

Active Retirement Ireland
Wishes to thank the following Sponsors for their generous support in connection with our AGM and National Art Competition in Galway in April 2008 AIB plc Bank of Ireland Bons Secours Hospital Dawn Dairies Galway Bay Hotel Galway Greyhound Track Galway Racing Board Irish Distillers Joyce’s Supermarkets McCambridge’s Ltd Grocers Raidio na Gaeltachta Salthill Hotel St. Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union St. Columba’s Credit Union Tesco TG4 The Connaught Tribune The Galway Advertiser The Irish Examiner

The Active Retirement Movement aims to help Older People lead a full, happy and healthy retirement by offering organised opportunities for a wide range of activities – holidays, outings and socials; creative and learning programmes; indoor and outdoor sports; and community work.

Our philosophy is based on self-help
We do things by ourselves for ourselves We draw on the skills and experience of our Members We pay membership fees and cover other expenses We promote sustaining activity and independence We encourage continued involvement of our Members in the community

Report compiled with the assistance of an educational grant from Pfizer Healthcare

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