Snoop Bowl VII Media Credential Application Instructions

1. Media representatives will need to complete and submit the application below. In order to expedite the application process, we ask that you submit the document NO LATER THAN January 20, 2009. 2. Each new applicant must include one of the following with their application: letter of assignment on original letterhead from the assigning editor or producer. 3. Upon approval, you will receive any necessary details pertaining to Snoop Bowl VII. Please note, that we cannot guarantee direct on-site parking, but we will do everything to accommodate you to the best of our ability. 4. Due to limited space, only working photographers and videographers will be granted sideline access during the event. *** PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT LEGIBLY ***
Last First Position/Title Circulation __________________________

Publication or Affiliation ____________________________________________

Type of Outlet

____ Daily Newspaper ____ Weekly Newspaper ____ Wire Service ____ Television ____ Internet ____ Weekly Magazine ____ Monthly Magazine ____ Radio ____ Other

Street Address City Int’l Country Code Telephone State Zip E-mail Facsimile

Please send completed application and assignment letter via facsimile or email to: Chris Garrido-Director of Media and Public Relations Capture Entertainment and Productions 712 S. Oregon St, Suite 200 Tampa, FL 33606. Telephone: 1+ 813.507.1691 – Facsimile: 1+ 813.600.1606

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