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Cast Iron Hand Book

Cast Iron Hand Book

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Published by: urssulthan on Jun 21, 2012
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The design and layout of the modern cast iron soil pipe and fittings foundry is planned so that there
can be a smooth and efficient flow of production from raw materials to finished product. Typically,
the foundry consists of six major sections or departments:1) radiation screening; 2) the storage yard
for raw materials; 3) the melting area; 4) the molding and casting area where the pipe and fittings are



manufactured; 5) the cleaning department where the pipe and fittings are cleaned,coated and prepared
for storage or shipment; and 6) the storage and shipping area for finished products.
Adjacent is an area for mold preparation,and a core room is provided to house coremaking
machinery. The cleaning department contains abrasive shot-blast machinery and chipping and grind-
ing equipment to remove sand,fins,gates,and risers from the pipe and fittings. Coating equipment
islocated in or adjacent to this section. The modernsoil pipe foundryalso includes a pattern shop
and patternstorageroom,a testing laboratory,a storage area for finished product inventories,and a
packing and shipping section.

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