How to report zero VAT taxes

How to customize the 0% VAT taxes in Argentina, to correct report then to AFIP.

it will be explained in here, all the steps to setup the 0% VAT taxes, starting from customer master data, specific maintenance views for Argentina, FI taxes and SD taxes to finally the output under the exempted amount in J_1Af205(Daily VAT) report.

Customer Master Data setup
Create a new fiscal type, in SPRO transaction go to : Financial accounting->accounts receivable and accounts payable>Customer Accounts->master Data->Preparation for creating Customer Master Data->Define Fiscal Type

Assign this tax type for Argentina on table V_1AFITPA(customer), V_1AFITPA2(Vendor).

Assign the tax type on the master data of your customer

FI taxes setup
Using transaction FTXP, create a FI tax Code with 0% tax rate.

SD taxes setup and Specific Maintenance views for Argentina
In VK11 transaction, assign the exempt tax code to the condition that is calculating the values

On the view V_1ARZTX, assign the reason for Zero Vat. This is mandatory for the daily vat report output values as exempt, otherwise even with all the customizing indicating zero VAT, it won’t determine the correct report column.

On the sales order header, tab Country; assign the tax type and reason for zero VAT you will use.

Checking on the pricing, the exempt tax code should be determined on the condition.

Daily VAT report results
The final result will be checked on J_1af205 report, where the amount will be output under exempted amount.

In order to output the 0% VAT taxes in Argentina is mandatory to have a reason for it, this is the report logic, since the reason is linked to a tax code, you will need to have an specific tax code in FI to report this values correctly to AFIP and if the document comes from SD(billing), the setup in this module is very important to determine the correct FI document.

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