by Edward R. Rosset

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Using Prepositions Exercise Book
Written by / Escrito por Edward R. Rosset. Member of the Bachelor of Arts Association of Euskadi. Miembro del Colegio de Licenciados de Filosoffa y Letras de Euskadi. Revised by / Revisado por Editorial Stanley Published by / Editado por Editorial Stanley Layout / Diseno y Maquetacidn Angela Gbmez Martfn Front page design / Disefio portada Diseno (rune's © Editorial Stanley Apdo. 207 - 20300 IRUN - SPAIN Telf. (34) 943 64 04 12 - Fax. (34) 943 64 38 63 ISBN: 84-7873-325-6 Dep. Leg. BI-2976-03 First edition / Primera edicibn 2000 Second edition / Segunda edicibn 2003 Printers / Imprime: Imprenta Berekintza

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Prologue List of English Prepositions About • Above • On • On to • Onto • Over -Up Across • Through • Throughout Beside • Besides • Aside After • Behind • Beyond • Past Until • Till • As far as • Up to Between • Among • Within
On • At • In

v vi 2 6 8 10 12 14

Answer the following questions: Hung out to dry Match numbers with letters Crossword with prepositions Assorted Ask questions for these answers By Candle Light There are 15 prepositions. Find them Finish the sentences Assorted Crossword of prepositions Free Drinks Assorted Skin Trouble Assorted Find the 13 prepositions

71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103

From • Of • Off • Since • With Into • To • Towards Round • Around • About During -For As • Like Below • Down • Under • Beneath • Underneath Against • Opposite • In front of Out of • Outside -Out For • By • Along Assorted • Typing Crossword with prepositions Complete the joke with prepositions. Guillotines Assorted Assorted Crossword with prepositions Putting out the fire Assorted You will find 11 prepositions in this word square Assorted Which is the correct answer? Assorted

25 35 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 58 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

Despite • In spite of • Instead of • Instead .. 33

Which is the correct answer? Assorted Match numbers with letters SwimmingPool Assorted Find the 12 prepositions Ask questions for these answers Assorted Find the 13 prepositions Another Coffee Answer these questions Assorted Assorted Assorted Assorted Answer Key


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Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Las preposiciones inglesas son, quiza, uno de los puntos ma's conflictivos del idioma ingles para aquellos que quieran adquirir un completo dominio de la lengua. En muchos de los casos las preposiciones inglesas no se corresponden con sus homologas de otros idiomas. • I am waiting for Peter. • Estoy esperando a Pedro. En otros casos, en un idioma puede que haya preposici6n mientras que en el otro idioma no la hay. • I saw James last night. • Vi a Jaime ayer noche. Con los libros Guide to Prepositions y Using Prepositions tratamos de proporcionar al estudiante y al profesional de la traducci6n una ayuda para facilitates su trabajo.

English prepositions are perhaps one of the most difficult points of the English language for those who want to acquire a thorough knowledge of the language. Very often English prepositions do not correspond to their homologues in other languages. • I am waiting for Peter. • Estoy esperando a Pedro. In other cases, there may be a preposition in one language where there is no preposition in the other language. • I saw James last night. • Vi a Jaime ayer noche. With the Guide to Prepositions and Using Prepositions we provide students and professionals with a practical tool to help them in their work.

Sobre el uso de este libro
El libro Using Prepositions es un libro de ejercicios, complementario del Guide to Prepositions. Encontramos que muy a menudo, las preposiciones en ingle's no se corresponden con las espanolas. Por lo tanto, los estudiantes encuentran difi'cil saber exactamente que preposicion usar en una frase dada. En este libro el estudiante encontrara cientos de ejercicios que le ayudaran a dominar el difi'cil arte del uso de las preposiciones. Las mas conflictivas han sido agrupadas en la primera parte del libro, siendo sus diferencias explicadas con ejemplos. En la segunda parte, todos los ejercicios estan mezclados. El estudiante debe elegir que preposicion usar basandose en el sentido de la frase.

How to use this book
The book Using Prepositions is an exercise book to complement Guide to Prepositions. We find that, very often, prepositions in English do not correspond to the Spanish ones. Therefore, students find it very difficult to know exactly which preposition to use in a given sentence. In this book students will find hundreds of exercises to help them master the difficult art of using prepositions. The most confusing ones have been grouped together in the first part of the book and their differences explained with examples. In the second part all the exercises have been mixed together. The student must find which preposition to use with only the context of the sentence as a guide.



Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

List of English Prepositions
about above according to across after against along among around as far as at because of before behind below beneath beside besides between beyond

despite down during except

from in in front of inside in spite of instead of into like near

out of outside over past round since through throughout


toward(s) under underneath until

upon up to with within without

of off on
on to opposite




Using Prepositions
Exercise Book

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

About • Above • On • On to • Onto • Over • Up
A textbook on American history.

About y on
What's the difference between a book about cooking and a book on cooking? On se usa para sugerir que un libro, arti'culo, charla, etc., es serio o academico, apropiado para especialistas. About se usa cuando la informacion que se da es mas general, o el estilo de la comunicacion es mas casual.

(Un libro de texto sobre la historia americana)

A book about American civilization.
(Un libro sobre la civilizacion americana)

The water came above/over their waists.
(El agua les llegaba por encima de la cintura)

Above y over
Los dos se pueden usar con el significado de 'mas alto que'. Cuando queremos significar 'por encima', 'cubriendo', usamos over. Tambien con numeros y expresiones de cantidad o medida se usa over.

- The plane was flying over France. (El avion estaba volando sobre Francia) - There are a lot of clouds over the south of Wales. (Habia cantidad de nubes sobre el sur del Pat's de Gales) - There were over 2,000 people. (Habia ma's de 2.000 personas)

- She was over 18 anyway.
The temperature was four degrees above zero. (La temperatura era de cuatro grades sobre cero) (De todas formas tenfa mas de 18 anos)

Usamos above cuando pensamos en medidas en la escala vertical (de arriba a abajo).


- The summit of this mountain is over 6,000 m. above sea-level. (La cumbre de esta montana esta a mas de 6.000 m. por encima del nivel del mar)

Onto y on to
Onto es una preposicion que significa 'encima', 'sobre', 'en', 'a'. Se usa con verbos de movimiento. On to significa 'meterse con uno', 'estar detras de uno'.

- Shall I put the vase onto the shelf? (iPongo el jarron en la estanten'a?) - Let's move onto the next item. (Sigamos con el siguiente paso en la agenda) - He's always on to me. (Siempre esta encima mi'o) - They must be on to something good. (Deben de haber encontrado algo bueno)

Up puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'arriba', 'en', 'contra'.

- They walked up the street. (Caminaron calle arriba)

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

About • Above • On • On to • Onto • Over • Up
1. She was furious mistake. 2. We could hardly hear each other the loud music. 3. He increased his influence the others. 24. We are well 4. That man must be he's fifty at least. 5. I've written a book Hannibal crossing the Alps. 6. There were five or six books spread all the table. 7. She is 8. They are laughing strange clothes. 9. The helicopter was hovering the little village. 10. There was something strange that girl. 11. She put her umbrella 12. That girl is 13. The woman is somewhere the place. 14. The plane was flying 15. His hat was the clouds. his ears. her head. deception. all suspicion. his forty; 25. What's he so angry 26. Why don't you ask him the ring you lost yesterday? 27. Don't worry that; I'll ? sea level. 23. Tell me all our 21. I'm writing a book flowers. 22. The old man was very angry the delay. it.


to it.
28. I was wondering myself. that

29. He won

the audience.

30. The poor woman was weeping the death of her husband. 31. He's very careless sonal appearance. 32. Does he have any authority them? 33. And while you're it, why don't his per-

you write my Christmas cards too? 34. Stop beating 35. My grandfather likes to boast his feats in the war. 36. Be careful, mind what you're 37. His head was bent 38. The Romans were victorious a book. the bush.

16. I dropped the keys somewhere the place. 17. Think 18. She's wrong like that. 19. We all agree more schools. the need for it; don't act on impulse. me. I'm not

their enemies. 39. Please sit down, we're to start. the

20. What does he want to see me

? 40. You must be certain facts before you do anything.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

About • Above • On • On to • Onto • Over • Up
Which is the correct answer?
1.I couldn't care less a) over 2. He came a) up b) over b) on it! c) about d) above a) on with a solution. c) about d) above 16. Don't cry a) over 3. I really don't know what all the fuss is a) over b) about c) up b) above spilt milk. c) about your work. c) on to d) on 15. The huge boulder crashed down

the car.
b) onto c) over d) about

d) on

17. I'm curious a) on b) above 18. She is a) on

d) about

4. Let's climb apples. a) on b) over

the tree and take the c) above d) up your d) over our future. c) about d) over

suspicion. b) above c) over d) about

19. You'll see it in the a) on b) onto

paragraph. c) over d) above his attitude that c) on to this business. d) over

5.1 wish you'd do something hair; it looks terrible. a) about b) on c) above

20. There's something worries me. a) about b) above

6. We're very uneasy a) on to b) onto

21. Let's get a) on b) across

c) over

d) about the d) about

7. Something will happen; something will turn 22. He stepped out of the train a) up b) over c) about d) on platform. a) on b) onto c) over a chair and fell. c) about d) above the d) above . d) about that. c) over d) onto

8. We've been walking

the town all c) on d) over that business. c) on d) over

a) up b) about

23. She tripped a) on b) over

9. And while you are a) up b) about

24. There were cigarette butts all place. a) about b) on c) over

10. He tumbled a) up 11. Turn b) above

a stone here. c) over d) onto

25. Don't toss your money a) above b) on to 26. They had a discussion a) on b) about c) onto

the radio. The volume is b) over c) on d) above

too low.
a) up

27. The police are 12. He consulted a doctor his shoulder. a) about b) over c) on d) above it. c) onto that woman. c) about d) above d) over the pain in missing money. a) on b) onto

them about the c) over d) about

28. They escaped a) on b) onto

the border. c) over d) about

13. We have no control a) about b) on

29. I'm very doubtful that. a) about b) on

the wisdom of c) over d) above

14. He's crazy a) on b) over


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

About • Above • On • On to • Onto • Over • Up
Join the sentences
1. What are you ... 2. He's very excited ... 3. My window opens ... 4. The two men fought... 5. Today I don't feel ... 6. The old man stumbled ... 7. I have my suspicions ... 8. They have supremacy ... 9. I'm very glad ... 10. This is a story ... 11. The dog came straight... 12. He's very careless ... 13. You can always count... 14. The child climbed up ... 15. There's a lecture ... A. about ghosts. B. about the project. C. about you passing your driving test. D. over other countries. E. F. talking about? about him.

G. on to the park. H. over a fallen chair. I. J. K. up to it; I'm tired. over a woman. on chemistry.


on me.

M. onto the path. N. onto his father's shoulders. 0. about his appearance.

1. What are you 2. He's very excited 3. My window opens 4. The two men fought 5. Today I don't feel 6. The old man stumbled 7. I have my suspicions 8. They have supremacy 9. I'm very glad 10. This is a story 11. The dog came straight 12. He's very careless 13. You can always count 14. The child climbed up 15. There's a lecture


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Across • Through • Throughout

Across, through
Los dos significan lo mismo: 'a traves'. Sin embargo, across se usa cuando nos referimos a una superficie, o pasamos de un lado a otro (por ejemplo un rio). They walked across the road. (Cruzaron la carretera) He swam across the river. (Cruzo el rio a nado)

Through se usa cuando hablamos acerca de una cavidad o espacio tridimensional.

They walked through the forest. (Caminaron a traves del bosque) He jumped through the window. (Salto a traves de la ventana)

Puede ser preposicion o adverbio.

- You can see that throughout the country. (Se puede ver eso por todo el pat's)

Como preposicion significa 'por todo', 'en todo' Como adverbio significa 'hasta el final'. I read the book throughout.
(Lei el libro de cabo a rabo)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Across • Through • Throughout
1. They all swam soon reached the other side. 2. He sailed the examination. the river and 22. My property extends fields. 23. I'm afraid the project has fallen those

3. References to love keep occurring the poem. 4. Air pressure forces the water the pipe. 5. There's a garage 6. collected stamps. 7. She could see people 8. The church is just 9. They are going to build a new bridge the river. 30. The banana skin slipped 10. We went for a walk the fields. fingers. 31. The elephants smashed bushes. 32. We'll have to cut reach the village. 33. The baby slept thunderstorm. 34. These people are smuggling drugs customs. the 35. The road snakes mountains. the 36. After the storm we were all soaked the the country to the his the mist. 28. The children splashed the road. puddles. 29. She squeezed the narrow gap. the the street. his life he had always 27. The story was splashed front page. the 24. The water filters 25. He got goodness. 26. The morning light stole shutters. the the sand. his exams, thank

11. There was a huge, gloomy house
the road.

12. The house was hardly visible
the mist.

13. I came
my way home.

my old teacher on

14. A message has just come 15. They tunnelled their way 16. The tree crashed

17. The rescue party cut
forest. 18. The children cut

a field. the

37. When I saw her, she was looking the window. 38. They are rowing 39. The wind screamed 40. They pushed their way the lake. the trees. the

19. They thrust their way

20. A feeling of horror swept
the crowd. 21. He swept his hand his hair.



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Beside • Besides • Aside

Es una preposicion que significa 'al lado de' o 'junto a'.

Who's that beautiful girl sitting beside Peter? (iQuien es esa preciosa joven sentada junto a Pedro?)

Besides es tanto preposicion como adverbio. Como preposicion tiene un significado parecido a 'ademas de', cuando queremos afiadir alguna informacion nueva a la que ya tenemos.

Besides geography, we have to study literature. (Ademtis de geografia, tenemos que estudiar literatura) Who was at the partys besides John and the Millbanks? (iQuien estaba en la fiesta edema's de John y los Millbank?)

Besides como adverbio, significa 'tambien', 'ademas'. Generalmente va seguido de coma, antes de una oracion.

I don't like those books; besides, they're not what I'm looking for. (No me gustan estos libros, adenitis no son los que estoy buscando) It's too cold to go out; besides, there's a good programme on TV. (Hace demasiado fn'o para salir, ademas hay un buen programs en la tele)

Aside puede ser preposicion y adverbio.

- I hardly watch any TV, aside from the news. (Apenas veo la tele, aparte de las noticias)

Como preposicion tiene el significado de 'excepto por'. Como adverbio significa 'a un lado'. Stand aside please; let the ambulance pass. (Apartense, por favor, dejen pasar la ambulancia)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Beside • Besides • Aside
1. I have no relatives uncle. 23. She pulled the curtain 2. your earlier work, this piece seems rather disappointing. 3. She called me what had happened. 4. She swept the curtains 5. He stepped 6. Stand and let her in. and let me pass! and told me 25. We've set for our retirement. 26. The baby giraffe stood its mother. 27. Put this pullover come with the money later. 28. Do you play any other sports 8. The beautiful girl sat 9. me. 29. He took me about his illness. 30. He pushed the old woman me. darts? and told me for me, I'll some money 24. Stand pass! and let these people .

an old

22. He sat

the dark-haired girl.

7. There were 15 people at the meeting the speaker.

being expensive, it's bad.

10. His efforts look feeble yours. 11. Susan came and sat 12. There were twelve people at the party,

31. We'll

have to put

any idea

of a holiday this year. 32. Our school stands a

13. There will be ten of them for lunch, river. 33. He has two other cars the one he's driving. 34. I've had offers from several American companies and two British ones 16. The film was in black and white, being too long. 17. I have no relations, cousin. 18. Nobody cares about me 19. She was when she saw the mess. 20. nothing else. 21. I always keep this book just in case. me, her good looks she has 39. Stand ambulance. 40. Every month we put money for a rainy day. a bit of a distant 35. The exact cost is . the point. ,

14. We haven't time to see it, it's very boring. 15. This is our youngest child, we have two others

36. I don't

mind you being late;

it's not your fault. 37. He was himself with

you. herself with rage

grief when his wife died. 38. When she passed her exam she was herself with joy. and make way for the


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

After • Behind • Beyond • Past
After va seguido de presente, nunca de futuro. Significa 'despues de'. After no se usa como adverbio; el adverbio es afterwards, o then o after that.

- I'll get in touch with you after I arrive.
(Me pondre en contacto con usted despues de llegar)

- I'm going to have my lunch; and then I'm going to study. (Voy a comer, despues voy a estudiar)

Behind puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'detras'. Como adverbio significa 'detras.

- He left a good memory behind him. (Dejo detras un buen recuerdo) - We can't leave our dog behind. (No podemos dejar detras a nuestro perm)

Beyond puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'mas alia de'. Como adverbio significa 'mas alia', 'mas lejos'. - Look at the river and the mountains beyond. (Mira el no y las montanas detras) - They went beyond the river. (Fueron ma's alla del no)

Past puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'por delante de'. Como adverbio significa 'pasar'. - He ran past.
(Paso corriendo.)

- They drove past the house.
(Pasaron en coche por delante de la casa.)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

After • Behind • Beyond • Past
1. The policeman ran he escaped. 2. There's a good film on the day tomorrow. 3. This car is repair, I'm afraid. him, but 21. The storm left a trail of destruction

22. There are many people scenes. 23. What you are telling me is belief. 24. That kind of money was quite our reach. the

4. Don't forget to lock the door
you when you leave.

5. I'd like to know who is
all that.

25. The little boy was hiding armchair. working. 26.I can't understand the lesson; it's quite


6. This old man is

7. After so many years the town had changed
27. 'Will you look

the children?'

8. She works
sales assistant.

the counter as a

'Yes, I'll take care of them.' 28. We'll name the baby darling. 29. They were set at liberty questioning. 30. He shaved off his beard wearing it for twenty years. 31. He walked without looking you,

9. The four children were trailing
their mother.

10. The sports car thundered
and vanished into the distance.

11. She's like her mother. She takes
her mother. 12. The dog went the cat.

at us.
32. We'll do this first, we can do that


They have been inquiring your father.

we finish this. 33. He comes here day day.

14. My parents are going out so I have to look my little brother.


what she did, I don't trust her. the

35.1 live in this street, just

15. She set the dog
16. We'll name the little baby mother.


post office. 36. Has the number 27 bus gone yet? 37. She's needs a babysitter. us 38. She was walking two steps 39. Few people live him. the age the age when she

17. These treaties are usually negotiated the scenes. 18. They were standing in the queue. 19. There's always a man 20. What's and pearl necklace? a scheme. the new dress

of a hundred. 40. This watch is I'm afraid. repair,


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Until • Till • As far as • Up to

Until, till
Until o till puede ser preposicidn o conjuncion.

- Let's wait until/till Friday. (Esperemos hasta el viernes)

Como preposicion tiene el significado de 'hasta'. Como conjuncion significa 'hasta que'.

- Let's wait until/till he comes. (Esperemos hasta que llegue)

As far as
As far as significa 'hasta' en distancia.

- Let's walk as far as the bridge. (Caminemos hasta el puente)

Up to
Up to significa 'hasta' cuando se sube o se trepa.

We'll have to walk up to the top of the hill.
(Tendremos que caminar hasta lo alto de la colina)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Until -Till -As far as- Up to
1. Continue in this direction you see a sign. 2. he spoke she hadn't realized he was a foreigner. 3. There was nobody around I could see. 4. It's OK 5. We waited 6. We are going the hill. 7. We played cards 8. We'll walk 9. I was up in the morning. 10. Wait she sees that. 10 o'clock. may last the top of the hill. 29. Nothing happened three o'clock

21. The two athletes ran 22. The boy climbed top of the tree. 23. Walk 24. He was awake in the morning. I am concerned. four o'clock. the top of 25. She could hardly walk the window.
26. Go old trunk.

the tower.


you cain along the cliff. 3 o'clock

the a)ttic and get the

27. Wait


rain stops. Friday.


now I have always

lived alone. 31. Nobody knew the secret the old man's death.
32. Run the old castle and

11 . Once he starts he won't stop he finishes. 12. He didn't have a gilrfriend

he was 25.
13. Don't move 14. Hadn't you better wait he gets here? 15. We'll go on this train. 1 6. They climbed the stairs 17. They'll work if necessary. 18. I'll be here 19. They came 20. The soldiers waited they got new orders. you call me. the door. the tower. nine p.m. Manchester I tell you.

wait there. 33. Continue in this direction you see an old church. 34. Continue in this direction the old church. 35. She won't stop shouting
you let her go.

36. Don't open the parcel your birthday. 37. He climbed the rope 38. He was a clerk 39. Wait 40. I'll race you hill.

the roof.
the war.

you hear from me.
the top of the

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Between • Among • Within

Puede ser preposicion y adverbio. - Our house is between the church and the post office. (Nuestra casa esta entre la iglesia y correos)

Como preposicion significa 'entre'. Se usa con dos personas o cosas. Como adverbio significa 'en medio', 'por medio', 'entremedias'.

Leave them alone, don't get between. (Dejalos, no te metas en medio)

Among, amongst
Among, amongst es preposicion y significa 'entre'. Se usa cuando hay mas de dos (cosas o personas).

- I saw a house among the trees. (Vi una casa entre los arboles)

Keep the children within call. (Ten a los ninos al alcance de la voz) The job must be done within a week. (El trabajo debe de estar terminado dentro de una semana) The enemy was within two miles. (El enemigo estaba a menos de dos millas) Como preposicion significa 'al alcance de', 'dentro de', 'a menos de'. Como adverbio significa 'dentro'.

Within puede ser preposicion y adverbio.

- Enquire within.
(Entra y pregunta dentro)

- Kitchen porter wanted: apply within. (Se necesita pinche de cocina-. preguntar dentro)


Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

Between • Among • Within

those present were the President and his wife.

21. Mrs Rogers divided the cake Jean and John. 22. The whole thing was an inch of collapsing.

2. A phone call is cheaper

8 pm and 6 am.
3. Those people are always arguing

4. We drank a bottle of wine

23. It weighs 24. They split the work 25. She turned

two and three tons. them. an hour.

the two of us.
5. There's no understanding

husband and wife. 6.I had to choose the two girls.

26. Go and see everybody living the area. 27.There's a bell the you

7. That's the difference and me. 8. They divided the stolen money all of them. 9. to do it.
10. They shared the money two criminals. 11. The four children shared the sweets them. 12. Irun is on the border and Spain. 13. You have to read 14. There was a race 15. There's a close relation rainfall and crops. 16. There's a close resemblance the two boys. 17. The poor boy was at a loss all the women.

patient's reach. 28. The village has four pubs a hundred yards. 29. I'm looking for a house a mile from the station.

you and me, it's impossible


30.1 could see a house 31. She felt small 32. It is

the trees. the two boys. the limits of my


modest talent. 33. I live the church and

the lines. the two horses.

the bridge. 34. She felt lost 35. He finds it hard to live his income. 36. 37. She works 38. you and me, it can't be done. the poor. those present was the Prime Minister. 39. We'II lay a cable 40. They kept arguing themselves. the two poles. those people.

18. They arrived 19. What's the difference
horse and a mule?
20. Don't be afraid, you're friends.

three and four. a


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
On, at, in
En general on, in y at se usan para hablar acerca de la posicion en el espacio. A veces, la diferencia entre ellos es dificil de ver, y no siempre es facil saber cual de ellos es correcto. On se usa para hablar sobre la posicion en una Imea o en una superficie. Por regla general: At se usa cuando hablamos sobre posicion en un punto. In se usa para hablar sobre posicion en un lugar que tenga tres dimensiones.

There's a nice little village on the river. (Hay un bonito pueblo en el no)

On a line
There's a motel on this road. (Hay un motel en esta carretera) There was a picture on the wall. (Habfa un cuadro en la pared) -She was sitting on a chair. (Estaba sentada en una silla)

On a surface

At a point

Turn left at the traffic lights. (Gira a la izquierda en el semiforo) She was standing at the crossroads. (Estaba de pie en el cruce de carreteras)

In three dimensions
De todas formas, como hay muchas excepciones, recomendamos al estudiante que se refiera al libro Guide to Prepositions que contiene una recopilacion exhaustiva de ejemplos.

The dog is in the kitchen. (el perro estd en la cocina) The children were swimming in the river. (Los ninos estaban nadando en el no)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
1. I have been work all day. 21. You must admit you are the wrong. 22. The poor woman yelled 3. She wondered with which the letter arrived. 4. That girl is very good 5. There was no name door, so we knocked. 6. The car was stopped traffic lights. 7. I refuse to spend so much money a pair of running shoes. 8. How much interest are we paying the loan? 9. Turn left roundabout. 10. There was a man standing the corner of the room. 11. There are eight pints 12. There was a huge lamp the ceiling. 13. She's very keen 14. There were a lot of people music. a gallon. the tennis. the the speed anguish. 23. We don't admit anybody else our club. 24. The man was very advanced years. 25. He advises the Government economic affairs. 26. They all agreed course of action. 27. There's no agreement 28. We're collecting money that point. the best

2. They had very little information to work


aid of charity. 29. All the soldiers aimed 30. The little bird alighted 31. The passengers were very angry being delayed. 32. She is very annoyed way he behaves. 33. I'm very annoyed carelessness. 34. She's an expert computer. 35. This is an attack 36. They were all in attendance the ceremony. 37. You're very bad changing nappies. 38. He's awful 39. Don't turn your back people. agony. 40. We're banking your help. telling jokes. poverty. programming a your the the target. a branch.

the bus.
15. The old man was absorbed his task. 16. She was accompanied the piano by her father. 17. You must be very accurate this kind of work. 18. Acid acts 19. The cameras zoomed in his face. 20. He was writhing about metal.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
Which is the correct answer?
1. She hadn't bargained husband coming back so early. her 13. What are your views matters? a) on b) in me. 14.We'll pay him a) at b) on 15. We had to call a) at b) on these

a) on

b) at

c) in

c) at
cash. c) in an expert. c) in wood.

2. The four dogs were barking

a) on

b) at

c) in

3. The theory is based

a) at

b) in

c) on

4. You have to bear that

a) in

b) on

c) at
his own game.

16. The little statue was carved a) in b) at c) on 17. The dog came straight

5. She beat him


a) on

b) at

c) in
his right

a) at

b) on

c) in

6. Hannibal was blind

18. Have you any comments scandal? a) at b) in c) on 19. The little boy clutched a) on b) at c) in 20. He's very clumsy

a) in

b) on

c) at
my hand. me.

7. Don't put the blame

a) at

b) in

c) on
doing things.

8. The four volumes were bound leather.

a) on

b) in

c) at

a) on

b) in

c) at

21. I can't see anything; turn lights, please. a) in b) on

9. I like to bet my money

c) at

a) on

b) at

c) in
behalf of my 22. We must put our trust a) in b) on c) at 23. A marriage must be based

10. I'm speaking colleagues.

a) at

b) in

c) on
you one


a) on
11. We'll take vengeance

b) in

c) at
his trousers.

a) at

b) on

c) in

24. He tucked his shirt a) in b) at

c) on

12. The little girl entered the room tears.

a) at

b) on

c) in


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
1. She hadn't bargained violent reaction. 2. The dogs were barking 3. The theory is based 4. You have to bear that 5. I beat him 6. Orellana was blind 7. Don't put the blame 8. The four volumes were bound leather. 9. I like to bet my money horses. behalf of my me. practice. mind. his own game. 26. The little boy tugged one eye. me. elbow. 27. They took compassion children. 28. I'll let you go that you come back early. 29. She doesn't confide anybody. you 30. I have confidence 31. She congratulated him passing his exams. 32. Hello, Charles. Congratulations your success. 33. Angrily he smashed the glasses the table. an expert. 34. The soldiers charged enemy. 35. There's a change weather. me. the 36. This is an elementary course German. 37. There's a lecture my hand. doing 38. I saw them chemistry. a new Mercedes. the the my son. condition those my such a 22. We must put our trust 23. A marriage must be based 24. He tucked his shirt trousers. 25. Try buy them. these shoes before you God. trust. his

10. I'm speaking

11 We'll take vengeance
one day.

12. Don't vent your anger

your wife. all these

13. What are your views

14 On my way home I'll call
Susan's. 15. We had to call
16. The little statue was carved

wood. 17. The dog came straight 18. Have you any comments scandal? 19. The little boy clutched
20. He's very clumsy

39. You know that you can always count

anything with his hands.

21 , I can't see anything; turn
the lights, please.

40. I'll go with you. You can count me


On • At • In

the party

the beach

the table

the train

the teatre

the ceiling

three o'clock



an island

page 20


the table

the wall


the 2nd floor


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
1. There weren't many people the plane. 2. He arrived 3. She was

21. This is the biggest country the world.

the 8.30 train. the back of the

22. She was 23. Whose side are you 24. Those people are

the jury. ? strike. years. her new

4. He stood 5. You did it 6. I saw him

the door. purpose. the way here.

25. He was very advanced 26. She's stuck boyfriend. 27. They got stuck 28. There's something of my shoe.

7. The dog was
8. There's a concert Albert Hall. 9. We'll go 10. There's something ceiling. 11. She was lying 12. He was sitting armchair. 13. I'll come to see you birthday. 14. He was waiting lights. 15. There were fifty people most. 16. She bought it 17. I attended dinner request.

my way.

the mud. the sole

New Year's day. the

29. That's based 30. We succeeded him talk.

personal taste. making

the sofa. the

31. I was very surprised news. 32. She's very charming




surface. 33. They dined cold chicken. the

the traffic

34. He fixed his eyes beautiful woman.


35. She's a graduate 36. What are you getting

law. ? the

half price. his

37. He cast a glance headlines. 38. We heard the news radio. 39. The little girl was


18. He ordered the soldiers to fire will. 19. There's a flag 20. The poor woman was the pole. pain.

her own. the

40.1 could see some clouds horizon.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
Match numbers with letters
1. He's studying 2. I saw your mother 3. All the church goers 4. That was a storm 5. They kept a lot of food 6. They stopped dead 7. The stress falls 8. In this factory they work 9.That man will stop 10. He was stirring 11. Stick the stamp 12. He is still 13. She spends all her money 14. He's an expert 15. They sprinkled water 16. These people are spying 17. Take a look 1. He's studying 2. I saw your mother 3. All the church goers 4. That was a storm 5. They kept a lot of food 6. They stopped dead 7. The stress falls 8. In this factory they work 9. That man will stop 10. He was stirring 11. Stick the stamp 12. He is still 13. She spends all her money 14. He's an expert 15. They sprinkled water 16. These people are spying 17. Take a look A. at this. B. on the path. C. in a tea-cup.

D. on me.
E. on the second syllable. F. at Bristol University. G. in his sleep. H. in their tracks. I. in store. J. at nothing. K. at the butcher's. L. eight hours at a stretch. M. on clothes. N. on the envelope. O. were at church. P. at college Q. in electronics.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
1. Soak the bread 2. The old man sneered their ettorts. 3. That money is not to be sneezed , you know. milk. 21. My sister lives Avenue. Brentwood

22. We both live 23. She looks 24. We shared

Bristol. her as a daughter. the profits. her. the news. the

4. The little girl smiled sweetly 5. The bells ring intervals throughout the day 6. He snatched handbag. 7. They advanced 8. The fish snapped 9. The dog snarled postman. 10. Are you interested 11. Someone was knocking door. 12. They all joined carols. .. singing the lady's regular

25. He shot 26. We were shocked 27. All the books were
shelves. a snail's pace, the bait.

28. The soldiers shot 29. He carried the heavy log

the enemy. his


30. I can hear you, don't shout
ancient art?


31. You have to show your ticket
the entrance.


32. Soldiers were attacking 33. It was love

all sides. first sight. the sight

13. They have involved her

34. She was sickened
of the body.

14. They are all very keen

35. We moved last week, but we haven't settled

talking, somebody is 36. The old woman shook her fist

15. Keep
watching us.

16. You must never laugh


37. These two parts are separated the joint. 38. It's soluble water. each

17. The poor little girl is lacking
18. Don't look 19. They have lost a lot 20. I live

39 The two dogs sniffed
me like that! that deal. 20 Banbury Lane.

40 My grandfather is very soft
the children.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

On • At • In
Finish the sentences:
1. Don't soak the bread (broth) 2. The old lady smiled sweetly

15. They both live (New York) 16. Everybody was shocked when they heard the news (radio) 17. All the volumes were kept (shelves) 18. The soldiers shot (enemy) 19. He carried the heavy suitcase (shoulder) ? 20. I'm not deaf, don't shout

3. The young man sneered (we/ efforts) 4. The huge shark snapped (bait) 5. The dog snarled (postman) 6. I'm not interested (vases/ancient) 7. Someone was knocking (window) 8. Don't involve me (crime) 9. They are all very keen

21. We'll have to show our ticket (entrance) 22. Soldiers were attacking (all sides)

(climbing) 10. Children, don't laugh (other people) 11. The poor orphan was lacking (warmth) 12. We have all lost a lot (deal/that) 13. Her father lives (South Avenue) 14. We live (1 7 North Avenue)

23. It was love (first sight) 24. She was sickened (sight/body) 25. The old woman shook her umbrella (hooligans) 26. These things were separated (bottom) 27. It's not soluble (water) 28. The two cats sniffed (each other)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of - Off • Since • With From
From es una preposicion que indica procedencia 'de', 'desde', 'a partirde'. - Where do you come from? (iDe donde eres?) - He jumped from the wall. (Salto del muro) - I never saw her again from that day. (Nunca volvia verla desde ese dfa)

Of es una preposicion que indica posesion. Significa 'de'.

- The leg of the table. (La pata de la mesa) - The events of last year. (Los acontecimientos del ano pasado)

Off puede ser preposicion, adverbio o adjetivo. Como preposicion significa 'fuera de'. Como adverbio significa 'a', 'a una distancia'. Como adjetivo significa 'malo', 'pasado', 'agriado', etc. The milk is off. (La leche esta mala)

- He jumped off the cliff. (Salto del acantilado) We'll take the day off. (Nos cogeremos el dia libre)

Since puede ser preposicion, adverbio o conjuncion.

- She's been like this since childhood. (Ha estado asi desde su ninez) He moved away and I haven't seen him since. (Cambi6 de domicilio y no le he visto desde entonces)

Como preposicion significa 'desde'. Como adverbio significa 'desde entonces'

With es una preposicion que significa 'con'.

Eat the soup with a spoon. (Toma la sopa con una cuchara) I live in the house with the white door. (Vivo en la casa con la puerta blanca)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With

1. We should avail ourselves


21. You always learn something

a book.

2. The old man was awoken 3. You must be aware 4. They were banished country.

his sleep. the risk. the

22., We were all able to escape the fire.
23. Your absence you problems. 24. The accused was absolved responsibility. work will cause


5. The athlete was barred
the competition.

entering 25. There's an abundance a silver spoon in 26. Many people abstained this election. 27. They are extracting gold fruit this year. voting at

6. He was born
his mouth.

7. He boasted
player in his team.

being the best

quartz. alcohol causes

8. Don't bite

more than you can

28. The abuse serious problems.

9. He's staying for a few months.

his uncle and aunt

29. You mustn't accept presents strangers. 30. You're not accusing me are you? 31. This book has been adapted ancient Greek text. 32. They wrung a confesion convict. 33. Why don't we take advantage the situation?
the stealing,

him when she found 10. She went out that he was a street sweeper.


11. Dad, you don't know anything about computers. Why don't you get it? 12. My father used to like wine but he's gone it recently. 13. I've seen her only once Christmas. 14. All these people are suffering
the cold.

34. She's very afraid 35. My wife doesn't approve 36. I'm ashamed
breakfast. reading the papers. mine. appearances. some students.

the dark. gambling. your behaviour.

15. I haven't eaten anything 16. I learnt that 17. You are no friend 18. You can't judge 19. We haven't seen each other childhood.
20. He's a friend

37. They are withholding the grant
38. She bought a pound's worth oranges. 39. Many other people are far worse than we are. 40. They have withdrawn these banknotes circulation.

my father's.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With
Match numbers with letters
1. We're weary 2. Beware 3. He was begging 4. There was a wonderful view 5. He bought the car 6. He's capable 7. They are claiming damages 8. What's the cause 9. That boy is very careless 10. We'll have to take care 11. What's the use 12. They uncoupled the wagons 13. The boy tumbled 14. I haven't seen her 15. You can't conceal the truth A. from me. B. since Christmas. C. of living in this house. D. from the top of the hill.

E. of the dog.
F. of doing anything. G. from door to door. H. from his friend. I. from the engine. J. of the fire? K. from us. L. of coming early? M. of danger. N. off his bicycle. O. of those children.

1. We're weary

2. Beware
3. He was begging 4. There was a wonderful view 5. He bought the car 6. He's capable 7. They are claiming damages 8. What's the cause 9. That boy is very careless 10. We'll have to take care 11. What's the use 12. They uncoupled the wagons 13. The boy tumbled 14. I haven't seen her 15. You can't conceal the truth


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With
1. Don't despair 2. You have to desist your attempt. 3. The title descends to him his grandfather. 4. You'll derive no benefit 5. They were deprived their rights. 26. We have to differentiate one thing 6. We'll have to deal 7. I deduced that 8. The money was deducted his salary. 9. They will defend us 10. We're delighted 11. He departed 12. His memories were tinged sadness. 13. We had trouble 14. He was trembling 15. The little girl was transfixed terror. 16. This company is trading Mexico. 17. I've been toying idea myself. 18. It's time we got tough hooligans. 19. He tossed a glass of beer 38. He was drenched 20. The legs of the table were tipped rubber. 21. His body tensed excitement. 39. She has a dread 40. He's very envious death. his sister. rain. 37. They are in permanent dispute the management. that 36. They tried to dispose body. the 35. I can't distinguish one other. the 34. He distracted my attention the matter. the car. rage. 33. His ideas diverge the truth. any attack. the news. New York. this problem. the evidence. the other. 27. He was discussing the game his friends over a beer. 28. They were discharged Army. 29. She was dismissed 30. He dismounted 31. We'll have to dispense services. 32. They diverted the plane course. her job. his horse. your the that. 25. You must discourage him doing it. 24. You have to disconnect the washing machine the mains. 23. She strongly disapproves smoking. success. 22. I'm very disappointed your performance.



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With
Which is the correct answer?
1. Don't despair success. c) with d) from your 13. We had trouble b) with c) from d) of his a) with b) of c) off rage. c) off d) from the car. d) from 12. His memories were tinged sadness. a) since 2. You have to desist attempt. a) off b) off c) with d) of

a) of

b) off

3. The title descends to him grandfather. a) from b) of c) off

14. He was trembling a) of b) with

d) since that.

15. She strongly disapproves smoking, a) from b) with c) off

4. You'll derive no benefit a) off b) from c) of

d) since door to door.

d) of

5. He was begging a) since b) off c) of

16. You have to disconnect the washing machine the mains, a) from b) off c) of d) since

d) from this problem,

6. We'll have to deal a) of b) off c) since

17. You must discourage him doing it. a) since b) off c) from d) of

d) with

7. I deduced that a) from b) of c) off

the evidence. d) with his

18. We have to differentiate one thing the other. a) from b) with c) of d) off

8. The money was deducted salary. a) of b) from c) off

d) with any

19. He tossed a glass of beer a) since b) off c) of d) from the Army. c) off d) with his job. c) off d) with his horse, c) from d) off

9. They will defend us attack. a) off b) since c) from

20. They were discharged d) of a) from b) of

10. We're delighted a) with b) of c) off

the news. d) from

21. He was dismissed a) of b) from

11. He departed a) since b) off

New York.

22. He dismounted a) since b) of

c) of

d) from


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With
Answer the following questions: 1. What were the boys expelled from? (school) The boys were. expelled . from school. 2. What shall we extract the juice from? (oranges)

3. Is she familiar with our working methods? (no)

4. Did the little boy fall off the tree? (yes)

5. What was the glass filled with? (water)

6. Have you finished with me yet? (no)

7. What's this man proud of? (his children)

8. Who did he struggle with? (a man)

9. Why don't you take your coat off? (cold)

10. What did they stuff the pillows with? (feathers)

11. Who were you stuck all afternoon with? (little Jim)

12. What does your uncle suffer from? (cancer)

13. What's he suffering from? (loss of memory)

14. What was the old kitchen swarming with? (flies)

15. Who can I swap places with? (Jimmy)

16. What were you swamped with? (applications)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With
Ask questions for these answers:
1. These people were stricken with malaria.

what were .these ..people stricken with?
2. She raised a storm of laughter.

3. She suffers from depressions.

4. Her eyes were stinging with smoke.

5. They were stiff with terror.

6. They stole money from the bank.

7. I bought this from my friend.

8. She often speaks of her husband.

9. The floor was spotted with ink.

10. The little hut was stacked with firewood.

11 . You're guilty of negligence.

12. She's in the habit of having a coffee after dinner.

13. The towel is hanging from the rail.

14. No, I haven't heard from my brother yet.

15. Yes, I'm happy with this idea.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

From • Of • Off • Since • With

1. The smell
spread to the living room.

the kitchen

21. The bride and bridegroom were showered confetti. 22. Don't show the ladies.

2. He's very jealous brother's success. 3. I don't know who can help you. 4. In this ward patients are isolated visitors. 5. You'd better invest your money a good firm. 6. One always learns one's mistakes. 7. May God keep you all harm. 8. Those bricks are made gold. 9. We'll make an athlete you.
10. Man was made 11. They loaded the truck sand. 12. Most women shave the hair their legs. 13. I haven't seen her day. 14. The little girl was shivering cold.

his anyone

in front of

23 Those people were sick cholera. 24 She was sick waiting for him. 25 They secured the building collapse.
26. They sought shelter the rain.

27 We'll have to get permission the manager.
28. They were shaking cold.

29 She's separated her husband.
30. Arabs keep women apart 31. She shook hands 32. I've settled things 33. The little children were shaking cold.

men. him. her.

34. He shook the dust clothes.

the sun. his arm.

35. It gives you shade
the rain. in front

15. They took shelter 16. He's showing of the girls. 17. I shuddered 18. He shook salt cellar.
19. They all shuddered fear.

36. His hand was severed 37. They reached a settlement
the employers.
38. This part is separable other. 39. I get good service machine. 40. That cheese gives bad smell.

fear. the salt



a very

20. They shrieked



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Despite • In spite of • Instead of • Instead
Es una preposicion que quiere decir 'a pesar de'.

- We went out despite the bad weather. (Salimos a pesar del mal tiempo)

In spite of
In spite of igual que despite signified 'a pesar de'.

- We went out in spite of the bad weather. (Salimos a pesar del mal tiempo)

Instead of
Instead of es una preposicion que significa 'en vez de'.

- I'll have coffee instead of tea. (Tomare cafe en vez de te)

Instead es un adverbio que significa 'en su lugar', 'en vez'.

- There's no coffee. Would you have some tea instead? (No hay cafe. iQuiere algo de te en su lugar?)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Despite • In spite of • Instead of • Instead
1. throwing the rubbish away, why don't you recycle it? 20. I'll drink wine beer.

2. He ate a big dinner having eaten a big lunch. 3. himself, he laughed when she teased him about his coat.

21 We'll go for a picnic the bad weather.

22 We'll go there.......................................................the

23 They had a nice holiday
the weather.

4. She took the money from her mother's purse herself. 5. He's a good man what he says. 6. believe you. 7. They couldn't put the boat in the water their efforts. 8. We won the match the referee. 9. They couldn't understand it my explanation. 10. I'll give you this card that one. 11 didn't believe them. 12. the rain, she went out without her raincoat. their swearing it, I all you say, I don't

24 We've no coffee. Would you like tea 25 Let's play cards
watching TV.


wanting to see her again, he refused to answer her letters. potatoes.

27 They sometimes eat rice 28 29
who moved in. what others say, I think he's a good man. Peter, it was John

30 My father was ill so I went 31 They went out
the rain.

32 It will take hours by car so let's fly
33 34 He failed 35 She went out
cold wind. all his efforts he failed. his efforts. the

13. He ate a good lunch having eaten an enormous breakfast. 14. Many people went to the football match the rain. 15. It's not true you said. 16. He's a good man people say about him. 17. We'll be there on time the difficulties. 18. When I was at school I took German French. 19. We'll go to London bad weather. the what what

36 You can have tea
coffee if you like.

37 We didn't go to Paris, we went to Rome 38
their assurances that the product was safe, many people didn't buy it. Cancun .

39 I didn't go to the Costa Brava, I went to 40
the fact that there was no hope, the rescue party went out.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards

To por regla general se usa como preposicion aunque en algun caso puede sen adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'a', hacia'. Como adverbio significa 'dentro'.

- The children are going to school. (Los ninos van a la escuela) - She went to the dentist. (Fue al dentists)

- Push the door to. (Empuj'a la puerta hacia dentro) - She came towards me. (Vino hacia mi) -I'll make a contribution towards charity. (Hare una contn'bucidn para la caridad)

Toward, towards
Toward, towards es una preposicion que significa 'hacia', 'en direccion a'.

Movimiento hacia un lugar dentro de un espacio o volumen.

- Please come into the office. (Por favor, entra en la oficina.) - They drove into the fog. (Se adentraron en la niebla.)

En la direccion de. - She ran into a lamppost. (Se choco contra una farola.)

Chocando contra.

Hasta un punto durante algo. Indicando un cambio de forma como resultado de una accion.

- The soldiers went on walking well into the night. (Los soldados siguieron andando bien entrada la noche.) - We'll turn the attic into a bedroom. (Convertiremos el atico en una habitacion.) - They came into power in 1982. (Subieron al poder en 1982.)

Indicando cambio a una condicion especificada. Paradividir. Caer en manos de. - 2 into 10 goes 5. (10 dividido entre 2 igual a 5.)

They fell into the enemy's hands. (Cayeron en poder del enemigo.) - He translated it into French. (Lo tradujo al francos.)



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards
1. No, my daughter has never been Rome. 2. The money will go building a new school. the cost of

21. You haven't replied


22. He reported 23. You are required

the officer. sign. action.

3. She has never been 4. That man is going to be sent prison. 5. I've been 6. A bird flew 7. I have never been match. 8. Have you ever been United States? 9. Food shortages will get worse the end of the century. 10. She walked quietly and sat down. 11. I'm afraid this is going to be a war the death.


24. They had to resort

25. The hooligans offered no resistance
the police. Paris five times.

26. They didn't resign themselves
the room. a football defeat.

27. It's very restful 28. I feel respectful 29. He's only responsible

the eye. him. the


30. The car didn't respond
the room controls.


31. Return the parcel 32. He retired 33. Put these letters

the sender. his study. reverse

12. The coast receded distance. 13. Keep quiet! Read



34. These fields have reverted

14. The cost of the project has no relation the results. 15. Remember me your mother.

35. I'm very sad
had an accident. 36. Let's not rub salt

say that your son

the wound. the

16. Please, supply the facts relevant the case. 17. These developments have been released the media. 18. The enemy replied 19. The child came running 20. Let me introduce you friend. our fire. me. 38. They rushed it print. her

37. They sacrificed an ox

39. That

idea is slowly filtering


40. All the people there bowed
my the Queen.


Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards
Which is the correct answer?
1. We have made progress reaching an agreement. a) into b) to c) towards 12. They admit a) to b) into stealing your car. c) towards us shouting

13. They advanced angrily. a) towards b) to

2. Why don't you have your book translated French? a) towards 3. They came enemy. a) into b) towards c) to b) into c) to contact with the

c) into our coming

14. Are you agreeable here? a) into b) towards c) to

15. I'm afraid I don't agree proposal. a) into b) to


4. Don't work harder than you have a) to b) towards c) into

c) towards one

16. The whole thing amounts 5. He put the car into reverse and bumped a tree. a) towards b) into c) to 17. She resents any allusion 6. Don't abandon yourself despair. a) towards b) into c) to 18. I'm allergic 7. The soldiers abandoned the castle the enemy. a) to b) into c) towards my request. c) towards the throne. c) to a) into 19. They advanced slowly a) towards b) into c) to a) into b) towards the dust. c) to fatness. a) into b) to c) towards thousand dollars. a) to b) into c) towards



8. They acceded a) into b) to

20. Why don't you divide the money two? b) to c) towards

9. James I acceded a) into b) towards

10. They have added a commentary my writing. a) to 11. According very clever. a) towards b) to c) into b) into c) towards grandmother, you're

21. They announced our arrival the President. a) into b) towards c) to

22. Have you received an answer your letter yet? a) towards b) to c) into


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards
Match numbers with letters
1. The ambulance dashed ... 2.The argument developed ... 3. The police are looking ... 4. The horse broke ... 5. Many people were trampled ... 6. He's a traitor... 7. The robbers were traced ... 8. The house is divided ... 9. You'll have to divide that... 10. They all dived ... 11. Let's not enter... 12. He's engaged ... 13. He's eager... 14. He dropped heavily ... 15. He drove the nail... A. into details. B. into the river. C. to death. D. into the matter. E. towards the scene of the accident. F. into a trot. G. into a chair. H. into a fight. I. into the wall. J. to the country. K. to South America. L. to my sister. M. into flats. N. to please us. O. into two.

1.The ambulance dashed 2. The argument developed 3. The police are looking 4. The horse broke 5. Many people were trampled 6. He's a traitor 7. The robbers were traced 8. The house is divided 9. You'll have to divide that 10. They all dived 11. Let's not enter 12. He's engaged 13. He's eager 14. He dropped heavily 15. He drove the nail


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards
1. He fell the river. 22. She's very given pessimism.

2. The passengers were secured their seats. 3. The old vase fell 4. The TV set won't fit space.
pieces. that

23. Now that he's getting retirement age, he's taken up golf. 24. We'll have to put a stop that. 25. She was no stranger him.

5. That's fatal 6. Things will get worse
of the month.

our plans. the end

26. You'll have to pour water this paint. 27. Some of this money goes pension fund. 28. You'll never step a

7. They were refused admission the disco. 8. Is she agreeable coming to the party? 9. They were subjected torture.
10. Don't get sucked 11. She's the successor throne. 12. Don't surrender yourself despair. 13. He surrended his gun the police.

his shoes. the room and


29. She stepped sat quietly. 30. The sleeping tiger sprang


the row. the

31. All those people can be split groups. 32. Do you remember little Mary? She has grown a woman. 33. She pleaded guilty crime. 34. I'll have to hammer this nail the wall. the

14 They supply gas customers.


35. The Prince is the heir crown. 36. This is the first step unity. 37. This house is identical one. 38. He's indifferent of the journey. 39. We must inquire further matter. 40. These people are insensitive pain.


15. Did you suggest that 16. This is a supplement

him? the



17. These two are suited
18. If you sing, it's sure 19. Fix this 20. It was ground 21. We've gone


the dangers

rain. the wall. dust. debt.



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To
Ask questions for these answers:
1. The missile soared into the air. What did 2. These people are smuggling tobacco into the country. Where 3. We must keep to the rules. What 4. This path leads to the village. Where 5. She's married to my brother. Who(m) 6. We're looking forward to our holidays. What 7. That building looks to the south. Where 8. He married into the aristocracy. What 9. She shone her torch into the cellar. What 10. They signalled to the soldiers. Who(m) 11. This paper is sensitive to light. What 12. The young girl sat next to me. Who(m) 13. They offered some money to us. Who(m) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Into • To • Towards
1.The soldiers fought man. 2. The house faces the east. 3. The news will be broadcast eight o'clock. 4. If you are not careful, you'll walk a trap. 5. We divided the money parts. two the last 21. That's an exception rule. the

22. I object
by a woman. 23. He was transformed prince. 24. He's married daughter. 25. Get

being given orders

the manager's

the car, will you? other

26. He's always very kind

6. A bus hit my car; it ran
7. 'Investigate it!' 'All right, I'll look one.' 8.Will you see very busy.

27. Who does this hat belong ? the Pacific

28. This river flows

the supper, I'm

29. He's been listening
all morning.


9. After college I found a job easily; I walked one.

30. He's deaf 31. The old man flew

the world. a rage. a coma. a fortune. his

10. Three
four times. 11. The arrow came straight

twelve goes

32. The old man went 33. She stepped 34. He's stubborn, he sticks

12. Please, make a contribution charity. 13. They were sentenced 14. We'll investigate; we'll look the matter. 15. Please, read yourself. death.

35. You'll never amount

36. Your son has fallen


16. We are responsible only

37. Please translate this letter
French. the problem. the rules. the throne. a man.

17. That's the key 18. We have to keep 19. He's the heir 20. He has grown

38. The two little monkeys clung
each other.

39. He was called 40. Bills are eating

the priesthood. my savings.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Round • Around • About

Las tres palabras son parecidas pero no exactamente lo mismo. Las diferencias mas importantes son: Round y around se usan para hablar de un movimiento alrededor de un punto. About no se suele usar en ese sentido. Round y around tambien se usan con el sentido de repartir. Las tres palabras pueden significar 'por aqui y por alla', 'por todo'.

Hand the papers round/around. (Reparte los papeles)

- He was wandering about/ around/round. (Estuvo vagando por ahi)

Around y about se usan en sentido de 'aproximadamente'.

- There were about/around twenty people. (Habia unas veinte personas)

Round puede ser preposicion, adverbio, adjetivo y sustantivo. Como preposicion significa 'alrededor de'.

- They went round the world. (Fueron alrededor del mundo)

Como adverbio significa 'por todas partes'.

- Don't leave papers scattered round. (No dejes los papeles por todas partes) - They all sat at a round table. (Todos se sentaron alrededor de una mesa redonda)

Como adjetivo significa 'redondo'.

Como sustantivo significa 'ronda' o 'circuito'.

- They played a round of golf. (Jugaron una ronda de golf)

Around Puede ser preposicibn o adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'alrededor de'. 'a eso de'.

- They walked slowly around the house. (Caminaron despacio alrededor de la casa) - I'll go there around five. (Ire alrededor de las cinco)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Round • Around • About
1. That boy is mad planes. 2. The six people were sitting the table. 3. Let's sit 4. I've been walking park all afternoon. 5. I'll show you 6. I'll come and see you five o'clock. 7. How our holidays? going to Italy for the fire. the 24. We're very pleased results. the city. 25. I'm very particular punctuality. 26. Stop pushing 27. I'll be there in minutes. 28. We read paper. the bush, 29. I don't give a rap 30. She raves cooking. 31. He rattled on novels. 32. Keep quiet 33. I'll refresh your memory that. 34. He reminisces experiences. 35. She's very reticent plans. 36. You're right 37. Little Jimmy is very sad his cat's death. 38. They were running 39. There were people. 40.1 didn't see anybody twenty that. his her it. French his , will you! ten you in the it. the model 21. She sent her daughter to the baker's. 22. Keep me posted situation. 23. These children are always playing the

8. The children are running the garden. 9. Stop beating will you! 10. Stop messing something. 11. The word is going are leaving the company. 12. Stick see her. 13. It'll be finished

and do

that you

a bit longer and you'll


14. Juan Sebastian Elcano was the first man to sail the world. 15. What are you thinking 16. The car swept 17. I'm going 18. She often travels ? the corner. to Mary's. the world.

19. 'Is she a prostitute?' 'Well, she sleeps

20.We'll shop

a bit.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

During • For

During se usa cuando algo sucedio. Va seguido por el articulo the o de algun adjetivo posesivo.

There was a storm during

night. (Hubo una tormenta durante

la noche)

- 1 had an amazing experience during my military service. (Tuve una experiencia asombrosa durante mi servicio militar)

PQP For se usa para indicar cuanto tiempo duro algo. Va seguido de algun numero o articulo indeterminado.

- 1 was in hospital for six days. (Estuve en el hospital durante seis dias) - ! t was rainingfor an nour(Estuvo lloviendo durante una hora)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

During • For
1. He had a smoke the interval. 21. I've known her 22. She didn't feel well driving test. the 23. The children have been watching TV hours.
24. My wife fell asleep concert. 25. This mansion has been empty

a long time. the

2. The film will be shown on TV
the weekend.

3. She woke up several times

4. I saw him
5. I haven't seen him 6. It must have rained the ground is wet. 7. I haven't been home 8. Production stopped 9. He has worked here months. 10. He didn't feel well examination. 11. We watched television hours. 12. We met many people in Paris. 13. We never go out

my holidays. days. the night,


twenty years.
26. I'll stretch my legs 27. He won't be back 28. I ate a sandwich 29. They work by day. 30. I was stationed in Libya war.

a year. the strike.

the interval. another week. the break. the night and sleep




31. She often wakes up our stay 32. The film will be shown on TV the week. the week. 33. I haven't seen her 34. That bird has been over there a long time. 35. We walked
saw it.

the night.


14. My brother has been out of work

six months.

15. When I was ill I couldn't eat anything
several days. 16. I fell asleep
17. I have been waiting

miles before we

the film. ages.

36. I'll drive Then you drive. 37. They won the trophy third year running. 38. I'll do the shopping a time. 39. I'm just going to sleep six an hour. 4O. I haven't played tennis

a little longer.

Where have you been?


18. We watched television
hours last night.
19. We haven't seen each other



long time.


20. That house has been empty


Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

As • Like
As como preposicion se usa para hablar de un trabajo, funcidn, uso o papel que desempena una persona o cosa. Como adverbio lo usamos para comparer situaciones o acciones diciendo que son similares. Como conjuncion significa 'durante el tiempo'. - He watched her as she combed her hair. (La miraba mientras se peinaba)

- I worked as a waiter for six months. (Trabaje como camarero durante seis meses)

She ran away from home as her sister had years before. (Se escapo de casa como lo habi'a hecho su hermana anos antes) She is as tall as her father. (Es tan alta como su padre)

Like puede ser preposicion, adjetivo, adverbio y conjuncion.

There is nothing like home. (No hay nada como el hogar) Fight like a man. (Lucha como un hombre)

Como preposicion significa 'como'.

Como adverbio significa 'probablemente', 'a lo mejor', 'parecido'.

- It's nothing like. (No se parece en nada)

Como adjetivo significa 'semejante', 'similar' They are as like as two peas. (Se parecen como dos gotas de agua/guisantes)

Cuando se usa como conjuncion tiene el significado de 'como'.

- Do it like him. (Hazlo como el)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

As • Like
1. He was dressed policeman. a 21. You look of bed. you've just got out

2. I've always wanted to have a house yours. 3. That woman looks a bit Queen of England. 4. Sorry, but this man is unqualified a teacher. 5. He's renowned 6. This is the same had. 7. Your car is just 8. That girl is just 9. good. 10. He went to the fancy-dress party dressed a banana. 11. I like bright colours yellow. 12. She was praised red and an actor. the one I the

22. What I said was meant joke. 23. My head felt hammering on my skull.


somebody was

24. The necklace was reported to the police being stolen. 25. She acts 26. She acts queen. 27. He spoke 28. Is Japanese food 29. I'm speaking 30. She's very looks. 31. Treat me 32. You've got a jumper just that. 33. You must accept them equals. 34. Her hair was soft, it was just silk. 35. I respect him 36. She sings a writer. an angel. she's stupid. if she were the

mine. her mother. a teacher he's not very

he was a foreigner. Chinese? your employer. her father in

a friend.

an actress.

13. I prefer clothes made in natural material cotton.

14 He's not very good film director.
15. It looks in the office until late. 16.


I'm going to be

a child he had lived in japan. 37. him to kidnap 38. What's their new flat a blanket. rain. no surprise. 39. He works a courier. ? a child he was sent to three different schools.

17. It was just the bride.

18. Use your coat 19. It looks 20. The news came

40. They entered the building disguised cleaners.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Below • Down • Under • Beneath • Underneath Below
Below puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'debajo de'. Como adverbio significa 'abajo'. - Below there are people waiting. (Abajo hay gente esperando) - I found my socks under the bed. (Encontre mis calcetines debajo de la cama) - That woman lives below us. (Esa mujer vive debajo de nosotros)

Under puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'debajo de', 'bajo'. Como adverbio significa 'mas abajo', 'debajo'.

It was buried under tons of bricks. (Estaba enterrado debajo de toneladas de ladrillos)

Beneath puede ser preposicion y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'bajo'. Como adverbio significa 'debajo'.

- He kept it beneath his coat. (Lo guardo bajo su abrigo)

There was an awning with a table and chairs beneath. (Habi'a un toldo con una mesa y sillas debajo)

Underneath puede ser preposicibn y adverbio. Como preposicion significa 'debajo de', 'bajo'. Como adverbio significa 'debajo', 'por debajo'.

- The garage is underneath my bedroom. (El garajeestadebajo de mi dormitorio)

- The base is very strong and it has iron underneath. (La base es muy fuerte y tiene hierro debajo)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Below • Down • Under • Beneath • Underneath
1. There's nothing new the sun. 2. I don't want all my hard work to go the drain. 3. She ran her finger list of ingredients. 4. Please do not write the 24. I feel depressed; the bad news got me this line. 25. My car broke 5. The temperature remained freezing all day. 6. The boat passed bridge. the way here. 26. It all boils 27. She's going to marry herself.
28. It's you to lie.

21. She smoothed 22. You mustn't write 23. The trees bent weight of the snow.

her dress. this line. the

on my

to this.

7. She doesn't want to marry her. She's very proud. 8. People allowed in here. 9. The garage of the house is our apartment. 10. The trees bent 11. Those soldiers acted 12. The hunter brought the deer 13. Don't stay up there, climb that tree. comes "dictionaries*. 15. Jimmy, turn please! I can't hear myself. the heading the weight. orders. 18 are not

29. The timber was going river. 30. The food will be cooked in


two minutes; in Just one minute in fact. 31. There's a lot of water passing the bridge. 32. There's a cellar 33. A sergeant is in rank. 34. I think that it is 35. The thief climbed that radio, wall to the ground. 36. The little plane flew the your dignity. the the house. a captain

16. At the sound of the trumpets, the walls of Jericho tumbled 17. Finally the plane touched safely. 18. That man's finished. He's gone

bridge. 37. The murderer had a knife his coat. 38. The bridge is 39. The temperature was well zero. 40. Sign here, this line. repair.

19. She's 20. The traffic slowed

stress. to a crawl.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Against • Opposite • In front of
Against es una preposicion que significa 'contra'. - We'll have to take precautions against the cold. (Tendremos que tomar precauciones contra el frio) - They fought against the enemies of the country. (Lucharon contra los enemigos del pai's)

Opposite, in front of
- The bank is opposite Cuando hablamos de cosas que estan al otro lado usamos opposite. the church. (El banco esta en frente de la iglesia)

In front of
In front of es lo contrario de behind. Una persona o cosa que esta in front of alguien, esta mas cerca de la parte delantera de una linea o una cola, etc., de lo que estas tu.

- There was a huge truck in front of us for miles. (Habi'a un enorme camion delante de nosotros durante millas)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Against • Opposite • In front of
1. They'll probably decide any changes. They don't like changes. 2. They've decided I m afraid. 23. 3.They didn t like it; they declared it, 21. She was leaning wall 22. This paint is a shield
t rust rust.


23. That old witch is trying to set you J

the scheme.


4. Our army defends our country our enemies.

24. There was a huge rock us. the car the

5. I'm the idea that it's 25. Bushes scraped a woman's job to bring up the children. window. 6. You're to put a tick the answer that you think is correct. 26. They're scheming President

7. He sold the house even though it was27.Thejudge my wishes. our appeal. 8. They're in the building the Post Office. 28. They've started proceedings me. 9. They advised me marrying him. 29. This warm clothing will protect you 10. He told me not to go. He advised me going there. 11. Are you going to appeal decision? 12. The actress had always dreamed of apperaing Cruise. 13. Are you covered fire and theft? 14. I thought she'd he small and ugly but she was exactly the 15. He was standing us 16. She testified 17. I'm afraid his record tells
him Tom the

30. You're either for us or us. 31. People protested 32 putthe piano jn the that law.

the door.
33 The little car drove





us. the

34. They might retaliate 35. The people revolted dictator.

me. ' the

36. Human nature revolts such injustice.
37 The man sittjng is a

detective. 38. The two hooligans were leaning the wall.
39 Our sh

18.That goes rules. 19. They voted to strike

redundancies. 20. He insured the house fire and theft.


°P is



40. She sat meal.

him during the


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Out of • Outside • Out
Out como adverbio significa 'fuera'. Out como preposicion significa 'fuera', 'por'. - She ran out the door. (Salio por la puerta corriendo) - She threw it out the window. (Lo tiro por la ventana)

- The workers were all out. (Todos los trabajadores estaban fuera)

Out of
Out of es una preposicion que significa 'fuera de'.

- The patient is already out of danger. (El paciente estaya fuera de peligro)

Outside puede ser preposicitin, adjetivo, adverbio, y sustantivo.

- He's waiting outside the office. (Elestaesperando fuera de la oficina)

Como preposicion significa 'fuera de'. Como adverbio significa 'fuera', 'afuera'. Como adjetivo significa 'exterior', 'externo'. Como sustantivo significa 'el exterior'. - They don't know anything of the outside world. (No saben nada del mundo exterior) - 'Where's he?' 'He's outside.' Donde esta?' 'Esta fuera.')

- They painted the outside of the house. (Pintaron el exterior de la casa)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Out of • Outside • Out
1. I'm beginning to run patience. 2. Children, don't go playground! the school 21. The old man has run 22. We have to stamp 23. The fish slipped 24. I think I'll sit 25. He smoothed wedlock. steam. terrorism. his hand. this dance; I'm tired. the piece of paper.

3. I'm not concerned with what they do working hours. 4. Somebody is waiting for you the office. 5. They had a son 6. They managed to wring a promise him. 7. The sergeant called names. 8. His new book has just come their

26. Specially trained dogs can sniff drugs. 27. He sneaked disappeared. 28. The convicts shot their way prison. the house and

9. We had better keep Let's go away. 10. The piano sounds terrible. It's tune. 11. He dropped 12. The little boy thrust tongue. 13. You'd better sweat that cold


29. Your socks give 30. It's very cold 31. Suddenly a shot rang

a terrible smell.

the contest. his

32. It's time to get 33. My patience is running 34. Let's carry suitable.

the rut.

a test to see if he's

14. She was swindled 15. How did you find arrived? 16. He lost his temper and struck wildly. 17. The lights went film started. 18. The teacher gave exam papers. 19. He stormed took his coat and left. 20. His tongue was sticking

$100. I had 35. We must work this problem we must solve it. 36. The storm wiped and the 37. I'll make it clear; I'll spell it
for you.

the village.


38. Someone has let the secret 39. Three prisoners broke 40. John and his wife have fallen they've quarrelled. prison.

the room,


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

For • By • Along

For es una preposicidn con muchi'simas posibilidades de uso. Todas ellas estan detalladas en la primera parte del libro Guide to Prepositions - pag. 17.

- This is for you. (Esto es para ti)

By significa 'cerca de', parecido a near. Aunque by da la idea de ma's aproximacitin. By tambien tiene el significado de 'no mas tarde de'. - It has to be done by five o'clock. (Tiene que estar hecho para las cinco) We live near the sea. (Vivimos cerca del mar) (quiza a un par de kilometres) We live by the sea. (Vivimos junto al mar) (a unos pocos metres)

Along puede ser preposicion o adverbio.

- I was walking along the street. (Estaba caminando por la calle)

Como preposicidn significa 'por'. Como adverbio significa 'siempre', 'constantemente', 'contigo', etc. I knew it all along. (Lo sabfa todo el tiempo) Bring it along. (Trfelo contigo)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

For • By • Along
1. She enrolled course. 2. He ended 3. My brother is eager 4. He's been due long time. a secretarial 22. They are advertising secretary. eating it. success. promotion for a 23. He was very much affected news. 24. In this company we're aiming steady growth. 25. You've got a lot to answer 26. The policeman asked the crowd to move the a new

5. You'll see the Post Office further the road. 6. I have no time that nonsense.

7. Come to the party and bring some friends 27. Why didn't you apply 8. He's an electrician 9. We were amazed told us. 10. Let's go trade. what he a grant? 28. Please, arrange a time and a place the meeting. 29. There's someone asking that corridor. 30. He was none the worse adventure. 31. I'll put a good word in 32. It's wonderful; we couldn't wish any more. 13. The children were absorbed reading of the story. 14. Let's hope 15. We can walk 16. People always act 17. The textbook was adapted in school. 18. She writes the local newspaper. his the 33. Come or we'll be late. her. you. the

11. Walk the corridor and you'll find it on the right. 12. I'm afraid we'll have to abide rules. the

a quick settlement. the river bank. a reason. use

34. The little girl was weeping

35. Who gives him the authority such a decision? 36. You have to learn to think yourself. 37. She got more than she had bargained

19. She was full of admiration courage. 20. I used to admire my father his intelligence. 21. The baby was adopted Browns.

38. He was bored to tears 39. Don't blame me the 40. They were bitten

her chat. the accident. mosquitoes.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

For • By • Along
Which is the correct answer?
1. He bid pictures. a) for b) by c) along revising the books. c) for ? one of Picasso's 14. How much are you charging a) along b) for c) by you to start this?

15. It's not convenient work today. a) for b) along c) by

2. Let's begin a) by b) along

3. How's your new book coming a) by b) for c) along

16. I have no desire a) by b) along c) for


4. The church is very close a) for b) by c) along this

17. The demand high. a) by b) along

skilled workers is

5. I've no further use machine. a) along b) for c) by

c) for trouble. c) along truck.

18. You're asking a) for b) by

6. I'm afraid he's unqualified teaching. a) for b) along c) by human

19. The goods are transported a) along b) by c) for the

20. He has been training championship. a) for b) by c) along

7. This meat is unfit consumption. a) by b) for

c) along the death

21. These people trade furs and skins gold. a) by b) for c) along it. b) along c) for two. c) along the back door. c) by his responsibilities. c) for

8. He was deeply troubled of his mother. a) by b) along c) for

22. Let's toss a cigarette? a) by

9. May I trouble you a) by b) along c) for

23. Let's divide it murder. a) for b) by

10. This man was tried a) by 11. Let's walk a) along 12. She cried a) by b) along b) for b) for

c) along this path. c) by joy. c) for his crimes. c) along

24. He entered the house a) along b) for

25. He's tied up a) by b) along

26. Why don't you spare a thought those poor people? a) for b) by c) along

13. She covered up a) for b) by


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

For • By
Match numbers with letters
1.1 thank you 2. He was hanged 3.1 don't feel sympathy 4. She took the little child 5. He developed a taste 6. I was working in that factory 7. Excuse me 8. She entered 9. It's six o'clock 10. I found you 11. Five multiplied by three 12. We'll strike 13. Ten divided by two 14. The old house stood 15. He sued her A. by the river. B. for a pay increase. C. for good things. D. for divorce. E. for two years. F. for your help. G. for being late. H. by the side door. I. for murder. J. by sheer luck. K. by my watch.

L for her.
M. equals fifteen. N. by the hand. O. equals five.

1. I thank you 2. He was hanged 3. I don't feel sympathy 4. She took the little child 5. He developed a taste 6. I was working in that factory. 7. Excuse me 8. She entered 9. It's six o'clock 10. I found you 11. Five multiplied by three 12. We'll strike 13. Ten divided by two 14. The old house stood 15. He sued her


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Typing
One 1 my friends went2

th e Army. When he finished
school. I'm going4 an office job, replied: typing." give

basic training the sergeant said: "I see that you have learnt typing3 you a job


My friend, wanting no part 6 "Yes, but I was very bad The sergeant said: "Well, we're very short 8 He gave him a piece
11 9 7

typists. I'll give you a little test." paper and, pointing10 paragraphs 13 the other end this newspaper.'

the room where there was an electric typewriter and an adding machine, said:

"Go over there and type a couple12 mistakes. The sergeant looked 14

My friend did as he was ordered. However, he typed very slowly and made many the typed paper very briefly as he took it

my friend's hand.

"That's fine," he said. "You'll start work tomorrow at eight." "But aren't you going16 The sergeant smiled. "You passed the test," he replied, "when you sat down 17 and not

check my test first?" asked my friend.

the typewriter

the adding machine."


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. It's raining and you came
umbrella. your

21. The secretary was abashed
her boss's criticism.

2 This wine should be consumed
the year.

22. We were all accommodated

3. They are put in different groups
their ability.

23. We'll have to get acquainted
the new machine.

4. Don't come too
catch a cold.

me or you'll

24. She had a long acquaintance
that family.

5. He was driving for hours
taking a break.

25. Why don't you write
father it?

your politics. a prescription. my holidays. I'm

6. Finishing the book? No, I'm nowhere
finishing it.

26. That man writes articles 27. The doctor wrote 28. I'm back
going to write a letter. easy. why

7. He became an English teacher as his father
had him.

8. The problem is anything

29. Her remarks made me writhe

9. I understand everything he killed her.

30. What's wrong
for the machine?

the washing

10. The meal was excellent
first course.

31. The altar was adorned
saying that I'll help flowers.

11. It goes
you all I can.

32. I agree 33. My wife is afflicted

you about that. arthritis. the the the

12. The small boy was jumping

13. Any day 14. We are 15. I spent hours 16. I live in the house
door. Sunday suits me. an inch of succeeding. seeing anybody. the green

34. Her mother was amazed
changes produced in her.

35. They allied themselves

36. They were all alarmed

17. I couldn't have done it

the bend at high

37. That old woman alternates kindness

18. The car went

38. I was very angry
making that mistake.

her for

19. It's the last street

the traffic

39. My mother is very annoyed
my brother.

20. She changed her mind on the day
the wedding.

40. We're all very anxious
father's health.



Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

Assorted Crossword with prepositions,

1. Not inside.
5. Not in.

1. Not under. 2. He is going 3. I live Westminster Abbey. Bristol school.

8. Not square. 10. The runners ran

London. Peter.

4. They were all there 5. We live 6. Wait the bank. I come back.
the bed.

12. My son is studying economics University.
13. Not far.

7. The cat is

16. That reminds me 17. Wait 18. Get I tell you. of here!


9. Over. 11. She walked the shop. 4 o'clock. two o'clock.

14. We'll get there at 15. I've been waiting 16. He jumped

19. As.

the roof of the car.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Complete the joke with prepositions. Guillotines.
Three spies
2 1

across the Channel were about to be guillotined revolutionary Paris, in 1789.

The executioner asked Jones, the Welshman, "Do you want to be beheaded

your back or your front?". my back", said Jones. "I'm not afraid 5 his back 7 death". the blade. The executioner


So Jones was laid 6

pulled the lever... and the blade jammed. Jones was reprieved because no man can be sentenced

death twice.

Millbank was next. He too chose

face the blade. Again the blade

jammed and Millbank was reprieved. Patrick was third. "Back or front?" "If it's good enough Millbank, it's good enough back
13 11 10 12

Jones and his

me". So Patrick was laid

the blade.

"Wait a minute", he said. "I think I can see why it jams."


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. You'd better switch


22. She's grieving death of her husband. 23. It's no good grieving past mistakes. 24. I'm grateful you've done 25. She's grateful your help. 26. That goes 27. The best man gave the bride saying.


2. We'll strike them. 3.1 want to talk things over 4. The two women talked the night 5. His property extends 6. They're doing experiments



what me. you

those hills. rats.

7. The poor boy has fallen love that girl. 8. The poor people fainted 9. She's fanatical 10. She fell 11. I'm in love

hunger. fitness. a chair. her. I fell

28. We went June. 29.1 live London. 30. He lives Bristol. 31. He was standing


17 Elm Road,

London Road,

12. She felt

in the dark the light switch. her tears. She

the corner the street.

13. She fought didn't want to cry. 14. his arrival airport he asked

32. There was a lamp standing corner the room. 33. She got walked towards him. 34. I'll be there first thing morning, 35. I'll see you her horse and


the a taxi. peace at the war.

15. We are moment, not 16. He's still

the sunrise.

prison. He's been for years. a child.

an hour's time, the hairdresser's. the the corner. the eye

17. She was

18. They are stripping the bark the trees. 19. We'll have to suck the poison the wound. 20. They submitted plans the council

36. I'll do the shopping supermarket 37. There was nobody could see. 38. She struck her umbrella.



39. You can't stop them 40. He stoked coal. the boiler

doing that.

2I.They were arrested suspicion having stolen the money.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


1. The temperature is zero.

2. He sat
3. They work

9 to 5.

4. There was another coat of paint 5. The athletes ran along the avenue. 6. Let's get of here. the two hills. the stadium and went on

1. I've seen you 4. Wait here 8. The stable is 9. My house is 10. My mother is somewhere. we come back. the house. the station. all suspicion.

7. The house stood


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Crossword with prepositions

1. The plane flew 3. Translate this the clouds. French, please. -Mary.

1. In 1945 the British fought Germans. 2. We are flying France. the

5. They all came to the party 8. Don't run 9. I'm waiting 11. Throw 12. She walked 15. Walk as far 16.Is that me? the road! 9 o'clock. those old papers.

4. The children are going .... school. 6. We walked the woods. I haven't got the

7. It's very difficult time to do it. 10. My house is

without saying hello. the bridge.

the church. Sunday. the main road.

13. The circus will be here 14. The supermarket is

17. The little girl is

her mother.

15. We'll meet

6 o'clock.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Putting out the fire
When this oil well caught fire 1 the middle 2 the desert, the 3 Arabs thought first calling a famous American firefighter, Clint McClean. But as he was unable to come due 4 a recent accident, they 5 6 had settle second best - Paddy McFerson, the Irish expert. McFerson agreed 7 phone 8 do the job and then took full details 9 the size 10 the fire, the damage 11 derricks, 12 13 14 etc. Then, he rushed the spot a matter hours. The Arabs watched anxiously as McFerson's old transport plane landed 15 the runway. Almost as soon as the plane touched down, an enormous fire engine shot 16 and sped 17 the fire. The Arabs' anxiety turned 18 amazement as the fire engine plunged 19 20 right the centre the fire and 21 jumped six 22 23 green-clad figures who beat madly the flames old potato 24 2S 26 sacks. They battled hours the flames and last astonishingly the fire was put 27 As McFerson and his roasted helpers climbed back 28 handed a cheque 29 $10,000. the truck he was


"The first thing we'll do, lads", he whispered hoarsely, "is fix the brakes the bloody truck".


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. We're very sceptical 2. They made a hole 3. There's scope 4.Jimmy had a scrape brother. 5. The players scrambled possession the ball. 6. The old woman scowled 7. She scoured the grease floor. 8. He scored 9. They scored a goal 10. That doesn't come the book. 11. The mother was screaming the boy. 12. The cat meowing 13. Her fans screamed excitement. 14. Police sealed place. the exits to the the roof has been hours. me. the that. the sand. improvement. his 22. I'll let you the secret.

23. He's very good. He's second none. 24. Nobody can be totally secluded the world. 25. The trees screened the house view. 26. She screwed tell him. the courage to

his latest book. us. the scope

27. We can't screen you the anger those people. 28. The rock was seamed 29. They searched us 30. Fruit is cheaper when it is season. 31. We're search of a cure the disease. gold. weapons.

32. The police searched us drugs. 33. We were the king. 34.They pricked the balloon pin. 35. They projected a slide screen. a the his ears. the presence

15. These children are schooled good manners. 16. There's a scheme manufacturing paper rags. 17. The sale is scheduled tomorrow. 18. We had a scuffle 19. She scrubbed the stain 20. She scrubbed the stain table. 21. She kept it a secret brothers and sisters. her the reporters. old

36. The dog pricked

37.The money paid is proportional the amount of work. 38. The penance was in propitiation their sins. 39. The law prohibits shops selling spirits to young people. 40. Let's put this theory the proof.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted You will find 11 prepositions in this word square.
B H B E Y 0 N D I ' G E F U T G S 0 I E F K I N T 0 S H P P S 0 J D A M 0 R 0 U N D R L C B S P L U V S U E M W I T H I N S I R A L U Y U S K T S X I M


X N X S 0 S H P C C U

T U T A P A 0 0 A T X

0 V E R E S 0 A N




Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. There was a man 2. There 3 4 5
is someone the window. the park. the ceiling. the wall 22. I'm always here 23. There was a strange man plane.
24.I saw her the bus.

Christmas. the

There was paint The picture was the door. She was sitting class. has been office all morning.

the back of the

25. My mother's the moment. 26. The garden is house. 27. She lives

the hairdresser's

the back of the

6. He



the ground floor. the ceiling. the back of the

7. They have a house

the Alps. the

28. There were dirty marks 29. She was standing class. 30. The train has arrived time. 31. They spent the morning the lake. 32. Put the picture 33. Bath is a small town Bristol.

8. There were many people concert in the Albert Hall. 9. I saw him 3 o'clock.
the station,

the station

10. He wasn't standing the door; he was the corridor. 11. The tall woman was standing the window. 12. My office is the fourth floor. the

a boat

the other wall. the road to

13. In most countries you drive
14. We arrived 15. It was written

34. We have a house London very late. the bottle.

the river. Oxford; my son is Oxford University. 8 o'clock

35. We live studying

16. 'Where's the medicine?' 'It's bottle.' 17. We live 25 Elm Road.

36. I'll be at the club the evening. 37. We'll eat High Street.



18. I know somebody who lives Street. 19. It's written the top. 20. All the fishing boats are 21. I don't do any work


38. He had a beer the corner. 39. We went

the little pub

the front page,

the museum; we were the museum. school 1981.

sea. weekends.

40.I was


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Which is the correct answer?
1. I must apologize to you late. i'm sorry. a) for c) became of 2. i'm not going to argue b) became d) to you. being 10. I think I'll have a word it. a) with/around c) of/round 11. The bird flew a) out of c) outside 12. She was standing a) by him b) for/about d) with/about the window. b) out d) from the crossroads. b) over

a) to
c) with

b) for
d) of the

3. They kept arguing for and right to strike, a) again c) for 4. The monster arose a) with c) by 5. We'll arrive 10 o'clock, a) in/in c) at/at 6. The train arrived time. a) at/on c) in/in 7. The pilot wrestled of the plane. b) at/at d) in/on b) in/at d) at/in b) of d) from Paris b) against d) with

c) at
13. We aren't allowed to go

d) on
the river. b) after d) beyond 2,000 b) above d) on

the depths.

a) underneath c) behind 14. There must have been people. a) over c) after

the station just

the controls

a) for
c) with

b) of
d) at

8. Let me wrap this handkerchief your arm. a) around c) over 9. They worked a) over c) about b) about d) in a plan. b) out d) for


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. What's the Odeon cinema? mass. They are the country. I ten years. He's prison. six 21. What time are we expected arrive the hotel? 22. We arrived hours late. 23. My father's gone He's his way 24. Mr Smith is work. 25. The lawyer went speak 26. Let's go mass.' 27. My mother is coming speak 28. She got married 20. the school the teacher. the age the same Majorca seven the office. work.

2. They always go still church. 3. I was brought don't like the town. 4. He was jailed still

his office. He's the prison the convict. church. I want to go

5. I'll be work o'clock this evening.

6. He had a bad accident last month and he's still hospital. 7. 'Where were you last night?' 'I was the cinema.' 8. We had a party last night. Frank's house

9. I won't be home tomorrow, I'll be John's. 10. Mary and Jean are students Harvard University. 11. I haven't seen Jean last saw her 12. There's a concert Hall tonight. a long time. I your wedding. the Festival

29. If everybody speaks time, nobody will understand. 30. It's impossible me go the moment.

31. The Charleston was a popular dance the 20's. 32. America was discovered 1492. 33. The Titanic sank 34. We usually go Sundays. 35. I can't sleep 1912. a walk night.

13. He speaks good Spanish. He studied Madrid a year. 14. It was a slow train. It stopped every little station. 15. You weren't she was the party, were you? work today, bed. home ill

16. My secretary wasn't

36. My father is 59; he'll probably retire a few years' time. 37. I always take my wife our wedding anniversary. 38. Both horses arrived same time. the

17. I had a strange feeling when I first arrived this country. 18. When the two boys arrived cinema they went 19. They arrived London early the morning. 20. What time do you usually arrive the office the morning? the

39. It was a short story and I wrote it a couple hours. 40. I work hard weekends. the week, and relax


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Answer the following questions:
1. What are they doing experiments with? (rats) ...They are doing experiments with rats..

2. Who has this boy fallen in love with? (that girl)

3. What did she fight back? (her tears)

4. What do you have to suck the poison out of? (the wound)

5. What is she grateful to him for? (his help)

6. When did they go on holiday? Qune)

7. Where does he live? (Elm Road/London)

8. Where was the policeman standing? (corner/street)

9. Where was the lamp standing? (corner/room)

10. Where do you live? (17 Elm Street/Bristol)

11. What is she grieving over? (death/husband)

12. What was the man arrested on? (suspicion/having stolen the money)

13. What did he stoke up the boiler with? (coal)

14. What did she strike you with? (her umbrella)

15. Where will you do the shopping? (supermarket/corner)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Hung out to Dry
An Irishman called O'Connor was passing the bend 1 river when he saw a man throw himself*
3 5

a narrow but deep

the water. O'Connor dived . The stranger immediately thrust him the river.

and pulled the man

4 6

and threw himself back stand 8

Unable 7 went

and watch a man commit suicide, O'Connor the

the rescue again, and once more pulled the man 10 a tree nearby. there was an know why O'Connor had the poor

water. However as soon as his saviour had turned his back, the would-be suicide case hanged himself11 Shortly12

inquest and the coroner demanded not cut the rope 14

man. "Well," argued O'Connor, "I thought the unfortunate character had pegged himself15 dry."


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Match numbers with letters
I. We're very sceptical 2. They made a hole 3. There's scope 4. Jim had a scrap 5. The players scrambled 6. The old woman scowled 7. She scoured the grease 8. He scored 9. They scored a goal 10. The mother was screaming 11. The fans screamed 12. The police sealed 13. These children are schooled 14. The sale is scheduled 15. She scrubbed the stain A. with excitement. B. off the exits. C. in good manners. D. for improvement. E. for tomorrow. F. off the floor. G. about that. H. off the table.

I. at me.
J. in the sand. K. with his latest book. L. with his brother. M. against us. N. for possession of the ball.

0. at the boy.

1. We're very sceptical 2. They made a hole 3. There's scope 4. Jim had a scrap 5. The players scrambled 6. The old woman scowled 7. She scoured the grease 8. He scored 9. They scored a goal 10. The mother was screaming 11. The fans screamed 12. The police sealed 13. These children are schooled.. 14. The sale is scheduled 15. She scrubbed the stain


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


1. I was there 3. Come 5. I saw her two weeks. with me. the train. the butcher's.

1. I work 2. A ball is 9 to five.

6. She was buying meat 8. Wait the weekend.

9. Try this pullover 10. I heard something 12. I have no time; the night. I don't feel like going. the train.

4. Not in.
6. Drive ... that street. 7. They swam 11. My property is 12. It's not difficult 13. The house is 15. She walked the river. these hills. I don't want to do it. those trees. of the room.

14. He jumped from the bridge 15. The bridge is the river.

16. There's a fish .... the river. 17. We'll go the weather.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. We are ready 2. I see no reason 3. We tried

action. doing it. reason

22. The car rammed 23. They raised their voices 24. They made a raid bases.

the truck. it. enemy

4. We'll make it ready
Queen's visit.

the 25. They raged the Bar him disagreeing.

5. He's reading

26. She's very quick fast 27. He quailed speaking 28. She qualified his 29. He quarrelled

figures. the proposal public. the semifinal. her

6. He has a weakness motorcycles. 7. He took the blame
something he hadn't done.

8. The gunman reached

something silly 30. He had a quarrel girlfriend. 31. She was puzzling his letter weeks. 32. I don't know how you can put

9. She can't walk 10. The hotel is
the sea.

the accident. easy reach


11. This house is rated 12. She was rapt 13. He got a rap
the teacher.

$10,000. contemplation. the knuckles 33. Operator, put me number. 34. They put


14 The field was full of nettles and thistles. In
fact, it was rank 15. There was a rap 16. Warmth radiated stove. 17. The bride was radiant nettles. the door. the

the fire and got their horses.

35. He put joy. one of 36. She put 37.They pushed

a payment. an idea. the prices.

18. He quoted a passage
Shakespeare's plays.

38. Don't leave your clothes there, put them the 39. He put a proposal. the

19. He ranged himself
opposition. 20. Their ages range 21. The soldiers fired enemy 10

70. the 40. The police pushed crowd.



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Ask questions for these answers:
1. She felt irritated at the thought of losing him. What 2. They want to keep up with the Joneses. Who(m) 3. These people sacrifice their lives for the love of God. What 4. She made up with her boyfriend. Who(m) 5. They set some money aside for their old age. What(a) 6. She is very sensitive about being too thin. What 7. They were at the mercy of the waves. What 8. She was offended by your remarks. What 9. She is very sentimental about her dog. What 10. He set up as a butcher. What 11. He settled down in an armchair. What 12. He signed up for 20 years in the Army. How long 13. The girl shivered at the thought of meeting him. What ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted By Candle Light
Paddy's wife lived 1 the country and took ill one day shortly before her child was due. It was quite dark when the doctor arrived. "Where is the little lady?" he asked. "She's 2 there 3

the barn where she collapsed." his job. a little boy."
6 7

With Paddy holding the lamp the doctor set 4 "Paddy, you're the proud father

Paddy was very happy. "Doctor, we'll have a drink

celebrate it." two."

"Just a minute, hold the light a little closer. You're father "All right" said Paddy. "We'll open a bottle."

"Wait," said the doctor again, "Hold the light a little closer. You're the father of three." "Well, sure it's going 8 be quite a celebration," said Paddy.

"Just a minute," said the doctor, again "Hold the light a little closer." "I don't want 9 be difficult, doctor," said Paddy, "but don't you think that this bloody light is attracting them?"


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted There are 15 prepositions. Find them.
A A G ' A I N S ' T M C B J L E E K L A Y 0 0 Z 0 N P 0 N I S R D E T T A X U H B V W E C P 0 N D H T I W J S A M T L H K U L V K W M W E J E F 0 R R X B F N W C E 0 Z D U C C F R 0 B 0 H E S G D S F I A B S B E T D E U V R 0 C


T U 0



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Finish the sentences.
1. What's on 2. They always go to mass. They are still 3. I was brought up 4. That man was jailed 5. He had an accident. He's still 6. Last night we went 7. We had a party 8. Mary and John are students 9. I haven't seen them 10. There's a concert 11. This train stops 12. You weren't 13. I had a strange feeling when I arrived (this country) 14. When the boys arrived (cinema/they/went/in) 15. We arrived 16. She got married 17. Everybody is speaking 18. The Charleston was a popular dance 19. I can't sleep 20. America was discovered 21. My father will probably retire (a few years' time) 22. I work very hard (the week) (night) (1492) (Majorca/7 hours/late) (age/20) (the same time) (20's) (cinema) (Frank's) (Bristol University) (a long time) (Albert Hall) (every little station) (the party last night) (cinema/today) (church) (country) (10 years) (hospital)


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. They heard the ricochet the rocks. 2. They teased her bullets 21. We are the same wavelength.

22. All the Japanese look the same being shy.

3. The children were riding donkeys.
She was decked clothes. He rang They were ringed They are rigging scaffolding She was riding the car. 9. The ship was riding
10. They lay

23. They sailed New York. her best 24. She walked


the church. numbers.

furiously. enemies. some the workmen. the back

25. There's safety 26. The fence safeguarded them intruders. 27. That's quite safe 28. Let's be 29. They were safe 30. I've borrowed a book library. 31. I wouldn't bother people. It's not worth it. me. 32. The lane was rutted 33. The hinges have rusted

you. the safe side. attackers.


the beach saturated sunshine. the

11. They were satisfied results.


12. That's quite satisfactory 13. She didn't have any satisfaction the local people. 14. His novel is a satire society. 15. Very few things were salvaged the wreck. 16. That picture is not
17. I did it my family.



34. His bicycle bumped ruts. 35. We are now safe 36. Don't bother


danger. the children,

sale. the sake

they can look after themselves. 37. Rome once ruled empire.


18. I have satisfaction 19. We have lived twenty years. 20. They are tarred brush.

doing it. the same house

38. The car ran

a tree.

39. How much did the garage charge you the repairs.

the same 40.The car ran the dog.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Crossword of prepositions

1. It goes saying. in the first round. 4. He was knocked 6. I live 7. Let's go London Rd. the cinema. the table. his face. 5. He rang me 11. They walked 12. They're sailing 14. Not outside. 15. The plane is coming 16. Not under. 17. There's a hedge the garden. New York. the river bank. 8. They all jumped the world. 9. I'll wait the end of the week. the bridge. their horses.

1. I'll be back 2. His gun went 3. Wait morning. a week.

8. This is the leg 10. There was surprise

13. The ship went

14. He walked ... the kitchen. 15. This present is you.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


Free Drinks.
An Irishman goes 1 a bar in New York and the barman says, "Good evening, sir. What's your pleasure?" "Thank you very much. I'll have a whisky and a box 2 matches, please." 3 Then, he puts five cents. the counter and drinks the whisky. "What's the five cents for?" The Irishman says, "It's 4 the matches. I didn't really want a drink, but you asked me so nicely what my pleasure was." The barman begins 5 get angry. "Sir, I was only being polite." The fellow is adamant: "I'm sorry, but I refuse 6 pay." He is thrown 7 the bar. Three weeks later he walks back 8 and the barman shouts: "Hey you, out! I told you I never wanted 9 see you again!" The chap refuses 10 leave. "You must have me mixed 11 someone 12 else. I've just come back several months abroad.". 13 a close look the barman says: "I can't understand it; you must have a double." "Thanks, and a box of matches, please."

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. There's a rush 2. He ran 3 I can't be bothered
little matters. umbrellas. the jail. He escaped. those a cloth.

21. They roofed

the yard sheets of plastic. the hill. my wallet.

22. The ball rolled 23. I was robbed 24. What are you doing rooting in my office? 25. Can you make room shelf? 26. The hut was roofed of bark. 27. He rolled hot. 28. People were rolling 29. That man is rolling

4. She rubbed the glass


She rubbed the lotion skin. diesel.


6. This car runs

7 She had a row
money. 8. His party was routed election. 9. He roused slowly sleep. 10. He rounded 11. The police roped the crime. 12. He rubbed his hand forehead. 13. That wheel is rubbing mudguard. 14. She was roused his insults. 15. They were roused beds 16. The guide rounded tourists. 17. 'How are you getting 'Well, we are rubbing 18. Jimmy, rub the mud trousers. 1.9. We'll all be rooting 20. There's no room
the car.

her husband the a deep the sentence. the scene his the anger their 3 a.m. the


his sleeves. It was

the aisles. money. side the waves.

30. Our boat was rocked side 31. Those hooligans robbed me my sleep. 32. The little ball rolled pavement. 33. They stole money


the bank.

34. There's not enough room swing a cat here. 35. The tigers roared 36. The speaker roamed events 37. The audience roared laughter. the cages. the the week.

your you.

38. The cars roared where we stood. 39. He has a new rival

the place

the title. love.

you 40. They were rivals


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. The doctors operated quite successfully. 2. We'll name the baby father. 3. Stop prying 4. The picture was priced him 21. The young girl blushed mention 22. Wheels won't bite slippery surfaces. 23. They won the battle 24. I'm really astonished your work; it's wonderful! with a jerk. 25. He assisted the police their enquiries. 26. You don't have any authority us any more. 27. This show is comparable nothing. 28. The car burst 29. Hannibal was 10. This region is celebrated its wine. 11. There's nothing comparable this. 12. The church is close post office. 13. You're one of the candidates the post. 14. The meeting broke o'clock and they all went home. 15. Don't turn your back people. 16. You're awful 17. You'll have to bear that 18. She bit 19. We'll be bitten the apple. death these mosquitoes. tears her talk. writing letters. mind. 38. I'm your orders. seven 35. I'm the the army. 30. The sailing ship wouldn't advance the lack of wind. 31. There's no cause 32. She came forward interesting suggestion. 33. Coal is sold 34. I bought it worry. an flames. command the enemy. the the boy.


my affairs.

5. The train pulled

6. I'm going to borrow some money the bank. 7. The rescue party broke the trapped miners. 8. Where's the ship bound 9. After three weeks the search was called to


the ton. London, Selfridge's. your disposal whatever you want. sight.

36. Let's draw this bill 37. What are you doing? What are you

39. The hooligan was brought the magistrate. 40. Everybody was there you.

20. I was bored


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Skin Trouble
Mrs. Black had a lot of problems 1 her skin so she went 2 the 3 doctor. However, he could not find anything wrong so he sent her the local hospital 4 some tests. The hospital, 5 course, sent 6 7 8 the results the tests directly the doctor Mrs. Black. The next morning the doctor telephoned Mrs. Black 9 give her a list 10 the things he thought could be the cause 11 the skin trouble. Mrs. Black wrote 12 a piece 14 while she went 16

carefully all the things she could not eat paper which she left 15 the telephone a ladies' meeting.

When she came back home two hours later, she found her husband waiting 17 her: "Hello, darling. I have done all the shopping 18 you." 19 She was surprised. "You have done all the shopping me?" "But how did you know what I wanted?" "Well, when I arrived home I found your shopping list 2 0 telephone," answered her husband, "so I went 21 all that you had written 22 the piece 23 the the shop and I bought paper."


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


1. I lost interest;
2. She's standing

I've gone

it. parliament.

21. I went into the army I was called

nineteen; .

3. That Spanish girl, Carmen, has taken English quickly. 4. The taxi driver set passengers.

22. She broke the engagement : they've finished. 23. The nuns brought 24. His car was written the accident. 25. We have to win him 26. You are always telling me the orphan. after

5. Stop attacking him; lay 6. We'll have a break
minutes. ten


to our side. , Mum. by his

7. She lives
kilos of it a day.

fruit; she eats 2

27. I was not taken false promises. 28. We must step 29. I can't shake this cold I've had it all winter. 30. I'll come to the station and see you

8. The bank is



9. Put the piano in the corner
the window.

10. 'Can we examine the house?' 'Yes, you can
look it
31. The old man was run

a car.

11. 'Did you stay
we stayed

the end?' 'Yes, the boring lecture.' a degree Bristol University.

32. That horrible smell puts me

12. She's reading

33. He knocked

two pints of beer.

13. That man is rich, he's rolling
money. 14. I'm toying that idea.

34. Why don't you give yourselves to the police? 35. The two boys have hit it They have become friends. 36. We've sacked many workers; we've laid a hundred men. 37. Why don't you look the word in the dictionary? ; he 38. I'll put you can stay here. ? 39. I'll make it clear. I'll spell it you. 40. That boy is behaving badly; he's acting again. the night. You

15. She had always dreamed of appearing Brad Pitt. 16. He wasted his money; he ran a fortune. 17. He tried to buy me tried to bribe me. 18. Why don't we fix a date 19. Drop me 20. I'll dash quickly.

here, I can walk now. a letter; I'll write it


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


Find the 13 prepositions


S U S T P N 0 A 1 M 0

1 V 1 S 0 R T 0 L V N

D W D N N S U 1 T U D

E Z E 1 0 T V P L S S



A B P A S T C S 1 V N


S B H 1 P W T E 0 E





Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Which is the correct answer?
1 . What's that silly boy laughing ? 9. This is one of the biggest cities world. the

a) for


d) from

a) in c) from

b)of d)at

2. The train has arrived hours late.

I ast; two
10. I like that girl
b)in d)to God and men. b)at d) with


a) at

a) with c)at 11. There was paint al

b) on d)in
the house. b) over d)at the table.

3. I swear it

a) to
c) before 4. The temperatures are these days. a) below c) beneath

a) of c)at
normal 12.Take that thing

b) under d) underneath Monday.

a) of c) from

b) on d)off

5. I can go any day a) in c) on

13.The huge waves rolled the ship side to side.

d) but

a) on c) from
14.The town was rocked earthquake.

b)to d)at

6. This picture was painted famous artist.


a) for

b)by d)of

a) by c) due to

b)for d) during you.

7. That boy is really making a name himself.

15. I have the greatest respect

a) to

b)for d) with Shakespeare. b)for

a) at c) with

b)for d) on their

8. This is a quotation

16.The pilots are responsible passengers' safety.

a) of
c) from

a) for c)of

b)at d) with


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1.1 got the information 2. You can see Coca Cola advertised the world. 3. Turn the left the traffic lights. the strains the wedding march. each other. two him. 21. Do you know the man microphone? 22. I met him 23. You have to sign the party. the foot of the

the letter.
24. This is love 25. The car passed 26. She collapsed
her son.

4. They walked

first sight. full speed. the death

5. They sat 6. She missed the train minutes. 7. He was walking

and the street nervously. cold. you; I'm you on that. his hat

27. We prefer death 28. No one

slavery. James can speak

8. He was stiff 9.1 agree

German. 29. There's a little house 30. Breakfast will be ready o'clock. the lake. eight

10. He was swimming

11. Take your socks 12. That is 13. We have to live income.

! your jurisdiction. our

31. 'Are you coming sea.' 32. They sell wine 33. 'Do you work night.' 34. He spoke twice meeting. 35. The ship sailed

land?' 'No,

the pint. day?' 'No,

14. We have no bread, so we'll have to do it. 15. It goes


saying that I'll be

New York. him. the time being.

16. There will be six of us for dinner, Mary. 17. There is a meadow stream.
18. The cat ran

36. I'll sign the contract the 37.1 can't go 38. The thief jumped down

the mouse. class is the school rules.

the wall. 39. He expressed his thoughts a loud voice. 40.1 like to live the open air.

19. Smoking

20. When I saw him he was going the street.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Match numbers with letters
1. She's standing 2.The Spanish girl has taken 3.The taxi driver set 4. We'll have a break 5. She practically lives 6.The bank is 7.We stayed 8. She is reading 9. That man is rolling A. over to our side. B. back two pints of beer. C. for a degree. D. off after the accident. E. opposite the supermarket. F. down his passengers. G. in money. H. for Parliament. I. through the boring picture. J. to English quickly.

10. The old man was run
11. The car was written 12. That horrible smell 13. He knocked 14. We have to win him 15. I'll come to the station

K. and see you off.
L. on fruit. M. in ten minutes. N. over by a car. 0. puts me off.

1. She's standing 2. The Spanish girl has taken 3. The taxi driver set 4. We'll have a break 5. She practically lives 6. The bank is 7. We stayed 8. She is reading 9. That man is rolling

10. The old man was run
11. The car was written 12. That horrible smell 13. He knocked 14. We have to win him 15. I'll come to the station


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book


Swimming Pool

a faraway country they had a very big hospital2 locked all the mentally ill people.

which they

The director3 one day he said 5 decided 6

the institution was very pleased 4 his patients so them: "You have been very good this year, so I have build a swimming pool 7 you."

All the patients were very happy and, as soon as the swimming pool had been built, they started 8 jump 9 it. A year later the director10 the centre told the patients: put a springboard

"You have been very good this year, too, so I am going11 12 the swimming pool."

As soon as the springboard had been installed all the patients began 13 14 it.


The next year the director15 the centre told his patients: "You have been very good this year, too, so now I am going16 put the water 17 the swimming pool."

Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. The man had a gold watch his wrist. 2. He had a big dog 3. He was burnt a leash. death. 21. I'll put it down 22. She spoke 23. I know your brother only photos I've seen. 24. The children are very busy their homework. 5. We'll win 6. There was a large statue hall 7. We went hunting 8. Are you going fishing weather? 9. All these things are done 10. We'll have to do it step 11. yesterday? 12. The man was punished stealing. 13. be easier. 14. Jane had a bandage knee. 15. I saw that film TV last her this way everything will hand. step. 29. I was paid marble. 26. Diamonds are the rain. this ever. the end. 25. I've received a letter the mother. your writing. a very low voice. the

4. We have finished. The lesson is

27. These garments are made
machinery. 28. She was all the house. the hour. bread herself

the way, where were you

30. There's nothing to eat
and butter.

31. Mr and Mrs Brown are
dinner 32. We are all 33. We'll sell these things price. 34. He's not here, he's business trip. 35. I'll be danger. the stroke 36. I've written a book verbs. 37. There was a hotel road. the main duty all night. English a the moment. your orders, sir! a good

16. Relax, we're 17. I'll be there

of six.
18. We never do that weekdays. 19. Could you please write it down figures? 20. What would you do place? my

38. We'll divide the cake halves. 39. This river is the longest country. 40. You've got paint



your hair.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Find the 12 prepositions.
F D C B A Z E C B A D R D E S P I T E F H 0 0 E F M J G R W T 0 C M J N L K H E V U N E N K W R E E F U 0 P P E L X 0 R V A W H Q T E T E U 0 0 T 0 T R S W U C N F B S L I J W T D N D E A R E W F Z E C I Q B P 0 B G E A B B S



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Ask questions for these answers:
1. We'll name the baby after his father. Who(m) shall we 2. He's prying into my affairs. What's 3. The picture was priced at $10,000. What was 4. The ship is bound for London. Where's 5. This region is celebrated for its wine. What is 6. The church is close to the Post Office. What is 7. The meeting broke up at seven o'clock. At what time 8. She's awful at writing letters. What's she 9. You will have to bear that in mind. What 10. She bit into the apple. What 11. I'm astonished at her work. What are you 12. The hooligan was brought before the magistrate. Who(m) was 13. Coal is sold by the ton. What's 14. There's no cause for worry. What is there ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

I.The car ran 2. How much will it sell 3. They all sat 4. I'm going to sit examination. 5. Are you speaking experience? 6. Don't stare people 7. I think she's smiling 8. We'll have to split the cake several pieces. 9. People should stick ideas. 10. Why don't we have a swim the river? 11. He suffers disease. 12.1 took you
13. You'll be the stand-in main actress. 14. You can't stop people themselves.

a lamppost. ? a round table. the

21. She was weeping 22. We have declared war poverty. 23. Don't waste your money things. 24. He lived a while a desert island.



the face. you.

25. They are victims terrorism. 26. The ship vanished 27. She's typing view. a typewriter. shorthand.


28. I'm writing 29. Why don't you write a story Hannibal? 30. They were all wet


a very strange

31. Both of them have broken

my cousin. the

32. She's always thinking
children. 33. I've been robbed


my bag. the room and sat


34. She came down. 35. I'll give a party birthday. 36. My brother was born

15. Please, don't tread toes. 16. Rich people usually travel plane. 17. Your kisses taste darling. 18. There's a heavy tax this country. 19.1 should like to travel world. 20. What do you understand that?





37. The rescue party broke through the trapped miners. 38. You have to learn the Latin declensions heart. 39. There was a lamp ceiling, 40. Have you paid furniture? the table. the the




Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Find the 13 prepositions.
A B 0 V E S T U W F 0 B F A R 0 U N D W A B 0 N 0 P U K L M H T A E N E B T H R 0 U G H 0 U T W A B • G D H G T S A P C G H N J I F B A Z X D F U P 0 N E C D Y W F 0 K L E X C E P T V R N N M 0 P A C R 0 S S R E D N U




Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Assorted Another Coffee
A strange-looking man came 1 cup 3 coffee. a cafe one day and asked 2 a

The waiter served the coffee and the man drank it slowly. "How much is it?" he asked. "Twenty-six cents," answered the waiter. The man took 26 coins 4 one 6 one 7 one cent 5 his pocket, threw them the room and left the cafe.

The same thing happened 8 the next day and the waiter didn't say anything but watched the man angrily as he left the cafe. The third day the same man came 9 the cafe and asked 10 11 another coffee. He drank it, put his hand his pocket and, as he had no change, he gave the waiter a fifty-cent coin. The waiter decided 12 take his revenge. He took twenty-four cents 13 his box and he threw them, one 14 one,15 the room. The man watched him calmly and when he had finished he put his hand 16 his pocket, took17 two cents and said, "Give me another coffee, please."


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

Answer these questions.
1. Is there any risk of contamination? Yes, there is 2. What is this land ripe for? (development) This land is ripe 3. What shall I rinse my hair with? (water) Rinse your 4. How much has the river risen by? (ten feet) The river has 5. What is rising from the chimney? (smoke) There is smoke 6. Who(m) did they rise up against? (invaders) They rose up 7. Since when haven't we seen each other? (October) We haven't seen each other 8. How long has he been working here for? (six months) He has been 9. How did everything go? (according to plan) Everything went 10. Where's your house? (end/street) Our house is 11. What is he an expert at? (judo) He's an expert 12.Who(m) have you fallen in love with? (Peter) I've fallen 13. Where has the convict escaped from? (jail) The convict has 14.Who(m) is she envious of? (her sister) She is envious 15. Where's the ship bound for? (New York) The ship is


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. He jammed 2. We'll have to iron differences. 3. The missile homed 4. The fox was hunted 5. Let's hope the rain holds 6. He was naked; he had nothing 7. A heavy silence hung 8. He handed the city. his authority the new president. 9. These people are handing pamphlets 10. He has grown 11. White wine goes the street. that nasty habit. fish. 30. Let him blow 31. its target. the dogs. the brakes. our 22. His arrest a riot. 23. Years passed; time rolled 24. Eventually business improved and money rolled 25. Stop fussing 26. She frowned the boy 27. She spent the whole day beach. 28. You are barking 29. We'll wait the wrong tree. a break the weather. steam. his cries, we rushed the room. 32. 13. She went the first time she had acted. 33. I came here 14. The tide went 34. She was angry 15. We had a quarrel homework. 35. This money will pull us 16.1 don't agree; I don't go 17. My balcony gives that. 36. They pushed the piano the main the the invited to the wedding. not being his request. the stage; it was business. present we're increasing the little girl. silence. the touched

12. These shoes are too small; they won't go

18. I didn't convince him; I didn't get

window. 37. The bells resounded valley. the

19. He got a light sentence.

38. They rowed the boat 39. Your story is bounds of credibility.

the river. the

20. She wouldn't stop talking; I couldn't get a word 21. Come on! Let's get Let's start. work!

40. This car is



Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

"I.The Russians sat the 7G conference. 2. She woke frightened and 21. Children, move please. 22. The train moved slowly. lost time extra work. the bench,


23. They are making

3. The current swept the bridge

24. He admires his brother; he looks
4. Let's sum it 5. I'll turn the business to my


25. Be careful,- look

6. He has walked a word of warning. 7. Put that sword 8. She put 9. He pulled ! her theory. the deal. her, without

26. He doesn't work; he lives
his estate. 27. He lived the crime his conscience.

28. She was lying 29. A smile lit 30. We'll go when it leaves

the sun. her face.

10. He's so ill that I don't think he'll pull

11. I came pulled

train. The train five.


31. The judge let him
a fine.


12. It was raining heavily; it was pouring

32. Go in front; you lead
13. I pointed 14. Don't play emotions. 15. Why don't you plug the radio? 16. She piled wood 17. The gunman picked victims. 18. The old man died; he passed at midnight. 19. Let me pay the meal. the fire. his her mistakes. people's

33. He leaned back 34. I've already laid 35. The minister was questioned
his plans.

the chair. smoking.

36. He knocked 37. I'll knock your head 38. She kicked
some slippers

a few nails.

her shoes and put

39. Keep
near me!

me! Don't come

20. The soldiers opened fire; they opened again.

40. He kept

his bed a month.


Using Prepositions • Exercise Book

1. They teased her 2. The child was riding 3. She was decked out 4. They were surrounded 5. The ship was riding 6. They were very satisfied 7. That is very satisfactory 8. They didn't have any satisfaction 9. His novel is a satire 10. Very few things were salvaged 11. That picture is not 12. I have satisfaction 13. They are tarred 14. We are all 15. All the Japanese look the same 16. There's safety 17. The fence safeguarded them 18. That's quite safe 19. Let's be 20. They were safe 21. I've borrowed a book 22. The lane was rutted 23. His bicycle bumped 24. Rome once ruled 25. The car ran 26. How much did the garage charge you (be/shy) (donkey) (best clothes) (enemy) (anchor) (results) (me) (local people) (our society) (the wreck) (sale) (do/it) (same/brush) (same/wavelength) (me) (numbers) (intruders) (children) (safe side) (attackers) (library) (tracks) (ruts) (an empire) (tree) (repairs)


Using Prepositions

• Exercise Book

1. I knew that
sadness. her smile was 22. Are you waiting the bus?

23. He's a waiter. He's waiting
the shade; those people. 24. Go to bed. Don't wait me.

2. The bird settled branch. 3. Put the chair you'll be more comfortable. 4. He's set book.

25. It's about time you woke
publishing his the fact that she's run away.

26. The soldiers walked right
liberty. our fears. me. 28. We were beaten ten nil. The other team walked
all us.

5. They were set 6. She mocked 7. She nodded 8. The doctors are going to operate

the trap. 27. My friend Robert has walked out his wife.

9. We'll play a trick
10. She persisted 11. You have to practise more the piano. 12. Will you partake 13. This artist paints 14. That little girl is in need love.

him. doing it.

29. That never occurred 30. We're very obliged 31. The place is open 32. That's a good opportunity

me. you. visitors.

our meal? nature.

do it.
33. Let me pour some wine your glass. 34. He's very private affairs. 35. The old man rambled the his

15. This is a good method
teaching music. 16. It was moulded clay.

past. 36. He can't come transport strike. 37. She can't come busy. she's very the

17. These people keep moving
place place. 18. In the next elections I'll vote post. 19. We can all vouch honesty. 20. The army waded stream. his

38. You're rubbish. You're contempt.


39. It is

you to lie, my son.

21. There's no point wailing mistakes made in the past.

40. The play is excellent; tickets are cheap.

, the

Using Prepositions
Answer Key


Using Prepositions

• Answer Key

Page 3 About, above, on, on to, onto, over, up 1 . about 2. above 3. over 4. over 5. about 6. over 7. above 8. about 9. above 10. about 11. over 12. above 13. about 14. above 15. over 16. about 17. about 1 8. about 19. about 20. about 21. about 22. about 23. about 24. above 25. about 26. about 27. about 28. about 29. over 30. over 31. about 32. over 33. about 34. about 35. about 36. about 37. over 38. over 39. about 40. about Page 4 About, above, on, on to, onto, over, up 1. about 2. up 3. about

4. up

5. about 6. about
7. up

8. about 9. about 10. over 11. up 12. about 13. over 14. about 15. onto 16. over 17. about 1 8. above 1 9. above 20. about 21. over 22. onto 23. over 24. over 25. about 26. about 27. onto 28. over 29. about Page 5 About, above, on, on to, onto, over, up

1. E 2. B
3. G
4-J .1 6. `H 7. F 8. D 9. C 10. A 11. M 12. 0 13. L 14. N 15. K

4. through 5. across 6. Throughout 7. through 8. across 9. across 10. across 11. across 12. through 13. across 14. through 15. through 16. through 17. through 18. across 19. through 20. through 21. through 22. across 23. through 24. through 25. through 26. through 27. across 28. through 29. through 30. through 31. through 32. across 33. through 34. through 35. through 36. through 37. through 38. across 39. through 40. through Page 9 Beside, besides, aside 1. besides 2. Beside 3. aside 4. aside 5. aside 6. aside 7. besides 8. beside

9. Besides 10. beside 11. beside 12. besides 13. besides 14. besides 15. besides 16. besides 17. besides 18. besides 19. beside 20. Beside 21. beside 22. beside 23. aside 24. aside 25. aside 26. beside 27. aside 28. besides 29. aside 30. aside 31. aside 32. beside 33. besides 34. besides 35. beside 36. besides 37. beside 38. beside 39. aside 40. aside Page 11 After, behind, beyond, past 1. after 2. after 3. beyond 4. behind 5. behind 6. past 7. beyond 8. behind 9. behind 10. past 11. after 12. after

13. after 14. after 15. after 16. after 17. behind 18. behind 19. behind 20. behind 21. behind 22. behind 23. beyond 24. beyond 25. behind 26. beyond 27. after 28. after 29. after 30. after 31. past 32. after 33. after 34. After 35. past 36. past 37. past 38. behind 39. beyond 40. beyond Page 13 Until, till, as far as, up to 1. till/until 2. till/until 3. as far as 4. as far as 5. till/until 6. as far as 7. till/until 8. up to 9. till/until 10. till/until 11. till/until 12. till/until 13. till/until 14. till/until 15. as far as 16. up to 17. till/until 18. till/until

19. as far as 20. till/until 21. as far as 22. up to 23. as far as 24. till/until 25. as far as 26. up to 27. till/until 28. till/until 29. till/until 30. till/until 31. till/until 32. as far as 33. till/until 34. as far as 35. till/until 36. till/until 37. up to 38. till/until 39. till/until 40. up to
Page 15 Between, among, within 1. Among 2. between 3. among 4. between 5. between 6. between 7. between 8. among 9. Between 10. between 11. among 12. between 13. between 14. between 15. between 16. between 17. among 18. between 19. between 20. among 21. between 22. within 23. between

24. among 25. within 26. within 27. within 28. within 29. within 30. among 31. between 32. within 33. between 34. among 35. within 36. Between 37. among 38. Among 39. between 40. among Page 17 On, at, in 2. on 3. at 4. at 5. on

6. at 7. on 8. on 9. at
10. in 11. in 12. on 13. 14. 15. 16.

on on in at

17. in 18. on 19. on 20. in 21. in 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Page 7 Across, through, throughout 1. across 2. through 3. throughout

in in in on on

27. on 28. in 29. at 30. on


Using Prepositions •• Answer key Using Prepositions Answer key

31. at 31. at 32. at 32. at 33. at 33. at 34. at 34. at 35. on 35. on
36. at 36. at 37. at 37. at

11. on 11. on 12. on 12. on 13. on 13. on 14. at 14. at 15. in 15. in 16. in 16. in 17. at 1 7 .at 18 . on
19 . at 19. at

Page 21 Page 21 On, at, in On, at, in i.on 1. on 2. on 2. on 3. in 3. in
4. at 4. at 55.oon - n 6. on 6. on T i n 7 m 7. in 8. a at ' 9. on 10. on 11. on
12. in

6. H 6. H 7. E 7. E -L 8. L 9.J 9-J 10. G 10. G 1 12. P 2 -P 13. M 13. M 14. Q 14. Q
15. 15. B 17. A 16. D

36. at 36. at 37. at 37. at
38> in

Page 26 Page 26 From, of, From, of, off, since, off, since, with with
1 of
2> from


3. G 3. G -D 4. D


38. in

39. at 39. at 40. on 40. on Page 24 Page 24 On at in On, at, in ' '

11 N 11. N

i.of 2. from

5. H 5. 6. F 6. F 7. KK 7. ' M ''9. M 10.0 0 10. H- L L 11. 12 I 12. ' '
13. N 14. B
** i

8 8.J J

38. at 38. at

18. on

39. on 39. on
40. on 40. on

—n ;;•;; r; - -:= ;::;, -A 15 °::0r *: ;;:: ^» -rM-r Page-18

20. at 20. at

21. on 22. in 23. on

On, at, ir

1. on 2. at

24. in "•'"

3. on 3. on
A in

2s on 25. on

5 at

6. "• in


4. in 5. at

' 26. at 26. at 27. on 27. on 28. on 28. on
29 in

13. on -°" 1 14. at <-« 15. 15. atat 16. at 16. at 17. 17. at at
18 at


Page 23

On, a,, in On, at, in
Lin 1. in , at 2. at
3 at

3. at 4. 4atat

9. on 10. on
11. on 12. in 12. in

on on 8 m 8. in 9 on
7 7.

29. in 30. in 30. in 31. on 31. on 32. on 33. on

18. at ' 19. on 19. on 20. in 20. in „. . 21. in "I" 22. in

5. at 5. at 6. at 6. at 7. at
7. at
8 at 8. at 9 3t 9. at 10 in 10. in

4. from I . in the 1. II I IIIw 5.5. from from broth. broth. 6 witn 2. at me 6. with 2. at me 7. of 3. at our efforts 8. off 4. at the bait 9. with 5. at the "• ££.„ 10. ° h ' off postman 11. with 6. in ancient "'" 6. in ancient 12. off vases ' vases 13 since 13. since 7. on the " 7. on the 14. from ' 8.8. in the in • the 1<; sinrp 15. since cnme crime , 16. from 9. on ™-rrom 9. on

"of 3. of . from 4



15. A

Page 28 Page 28

From, of, off, From, of, off, since, with since, with 1. of i.of 2.2. from from 3. from 3. from 4. from
4. from
g Qf

13. on 13. on 14. in 14. in 15. in 15. in 16. in 16. in 17. at 17. at 18. on 18. on
19 at

34. at 34. at 35. in 35. in 36. in 36. in 37. on 37. on 38. in 38. in 39. on 39. on 40. on 40. on
Pa e2 Page 20

23. on 23. on "• on 24. on
25 in 25. -in 26 on 26. on 2 7 i in 27. n 28 on 28. on

' '

10. at other 10. at other people people 11. in 11. in 12. in that 12. in that
dea| 13 jn

„. at 11. at 12. 12. inin 13. in 13. in 14. on 14. on 15. on 15. on 16. at 16. at 17. in 17. in
19. on



29 on

29. on -

19. at 21. on

30. in 30. in
31. at 31. at 3,on 32. on

2<K at 20. at - on 2 2 - iin 22. n 23. on 23. on 24. in 24. in
Page 19 Page 19 On, at, ii On, at, in 1-at 2. at 2. at

g ° <>n, on, at 1-at 1. at
2. on 2. on 3 on 3. on 4. on 4-on 5. at 5. at 6. on 6. on 7. at 7. at 8. at 8. at

18. at 18 ; at 19. on
20. at 20. at

33. on 33. on
34. on 34. on 35. in 35. in 36. t 36. aat 37 _ at 37. at
38 on 38. on 39 on 40 on

39. on

40. on

21. in 21. in 22. in 22. in 23. on 23. on 24. in 24. in 25. at 25. at 26. at 26. at 27. on 27. on 28. at 28. at 2, on
30 at dl 30. at

13. in 22. from 14. at M ffom 14. at 23. from 15. in 24 ' from 15. in 24. from 16. on the 2g'Qf 16. on the 25. Of 17. on the 2 6 from 17. on the 26. from shelves ^ ^ shelves 27. from 18. at the ' 18. at the 28. of enem enemy y "'Lm 29. «• on^ ^ ^from 19. on his 30. of shoulder 2Q gt mg 31. from 31. from 20. at me 32. from 21 at the 32. from 21. at the entrance 33. of entrance 33. of

17. of 17 ot 18. from 18. from 19. since 19. since 20. of 20. of 2^nm 21. from ^ ^^

5. of 6 lth 6. with


8. from 9. from 9. from 10-with 10. with 11. from 12. with 12. with 13-with 13. with 14. with 14. with 15. with 15. with
16 with 11 from

7 rfrom 7. 0 m 8 'f r o m

' 16. with

17. with

18. with 18. with
19 off

' 19. off

20 Wlth

20. with -

sides sides 23. at first 23. at first sight sight 24. at the 24. at the
s i ht sight of l S .°*1

22. on all 22. on all

34. of 34. of
35 of 36 of

35. Of 36. Of


37. from


3g Qf

3. on 3. on 4. in

5. at 5. at 6. in 6. in 7. on 7-on 8. in 8-in 9. on 9. on 10. on 10. on

9. on 9. on 10 .on 10. on 11. on 11. on 12. at 12. at 13. at 13. at 14. on 14. on 15. at 15. at 16. on 16. on

38. of

21 with 21. with ' 22. with 22. with 23. of 23. of 24. from 24. from 25. from 25. from

Page 22 Page 22 On, at, in On, at, in 1.F 1. F 2. K 2. K 3. O 3. O 4. C 4. C 5. I 5. I

29. on

•*"• 31. at 31. at 32. on 32. on 33. at 33. at 34. at 34. at 35. in 35. in

the body ^ 25. at the 25. at tne hooligans hooligans . 26. at the bottom bottom 27. in water 27. in water 28. at each 28. at each other other

39. Off ^

39 off

26. from 26. from ,wlth 227. with 28. from
28. from

40. from

Page 27 Page 27 From, of, off,, From, of, of since, with since, with c 1-C 1. 2. E 2. E

29. from 29. from 30. from 30. from 31. with 31. with 32. from 32. from 33. from 33. from

105 105

Using Prepositions • Answer Key

No, I haven't finished with you. 7,. He's proud of his children. 8,. He struggled Page 29 with a From, of, off, man. since, with 9.. I don't i.of want to take my 2. from coat off 3. trom because 4.from 4. from it's cold. 5. from 10., They stuffed 6. with the 7. from pillows 8. from with 9. from feathers. 10. with 11. I was stuck all 11. from afternoon 12. with with little 13. with Jim. 14. with 12. He suffers from 15. of cancer. 16. from 13. he's s 16. ne 17. from suffering 18. from from loss 19. off of memory. 20. from 14. It was 21. from swarming 22. from with flies. 15. You can Page 30 swap places From, of, off, with since, with Jimmy. 2. We'll 16. I was extract swamped the juice with from applioranges. cations 3. No, she isn't Page 31 familiar From, of, off, with them. since, with 4 Yes, he 1. What fell off the were tree. these 5. Yes, it was people filled with stricken water. with?
34. from 35. from 36. of 37. with 38. with 39. of 40. of





of 12. into 13. to 8. despite 14. to 9. despite 15. to 10. instead of 16. to 11. Despite 17. to 12. Despite 18. to 13. despite 19. towards 14. in spite of 20. to 15. despite 21. to 16. despite 22. to 17. in spite of 23. to 18. instead of 24. to 19. despite 25. to 20. instead of 26. to 21. despite 27. to 22. in spite of 28. towards 23. despite 29. to 24. instead 30. to 25. instead of 31. to 26. Despite 32. to 27. instead of 33. into 28. Despite 34. into 29. Instead of 35. to 30. instead 36. into 31. in spite of 37. to 32. instead 38. into 33. In spite of 39. into 34. despite 40. to 35. despite Page 37 36. instead of Into, to, 37. instead towards 38. Despite 1. towards 39. instead 2. into 40. Despite 3. into Page 36 4. to Into, to, 5. into towards 6. to 1. to 7. to Page 34 2. towards 8. to Despite, in 3. to 9. to spite of, 4. to 10. to instead of, 5. to 11. to instead 6. into 12. to 1. Instead of 7. to 13. towards Page 32 2. despite 8. to 14. to From, of, off, 3. Despite 9. towards 15. to since, with 4. despite 10. into 16. to 1. from 5. in spite of 11. to 17. to
6. In spite 7. despite

2., What did she raise a storm of? 3. What does she suffer from? 4. What were her eyes stinging with? 5. What were they stiff with? 6. Where did they steal money from? 7. Whom did you buy this from? 8. Whom does she often speak of? 9. What was the floor spotted with? 10. What was the little hut stacked with? 11. What are you guilty of? 12. What is she in the habit of? 13. Where is the towel hanging from? 14. Have you heard from your brother? 15. Are you happy with this idea?

2. of 3. of 4. from 5. with 6. from 7. from 8. of 9. of 10. from 11. with 12. off 13. since 14. with 15. from 16. off 17. with 18. from 19. with 20. with 21. with 22. off 23. with 24. of 25. from 26. from 27. from 28. with 29. from 30. from 31. with 32. with 33. with 34. off 35. from 36. from 37. with 38. from 39. from 40. off

18. to 19. towards 20. into 21. to 22. to
Page 38 Into, to, towards 1. E 2. H 3. D
4. F 5. C

7. K 8. M
9.0 10. B 11. A

12. I L

13. N I 3. IN

14. G 15. I

Page 39 Into, to, towards 1. into 2. to 3. to 4. into 5. to 6. towards 7. into 8. to 9. to 10. into 11. to 12. to 13. to 14. to 15. to 16. to 17. to 18. to 19. to 20. to 21. into 22. to 23. to 24. to 25. to 26. into


Using Prepositions • Answer key

into into 29. into 30. to 31. into 32. into 33. to 34. into 35. to 36. towards 37. to 38. to 39. into 40. to
27. 28.

Who did they signal to? 11. What is this paper sensible to? 12. Who (m) did the young girl sit next to? 13. Who (m) did they offer money to?

34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39.

Page 40 Into, to,

What did the missile soar into? 2. Where are these people. smuggling tobacco into? 3. What must we keep to? 4. Where does this path lead to? 5. Who is she married to? 6. What are we looking forward to? 7. Where does that building look to? 8. What did he married into?
1. . What did What did

she shine her torch into?

Page 41 Into, to, towards 1. to 2. towards 3. towards 4. into 5. into 6. into 7. into 8. to 9. into 10. into 11. towards 12. towards 13. to 14. into 15. to 16. to 17. to 18. to 19. to 20. into 21. to 22. to 23. into 24. to 25. into 26. to 27. to 28. into 29. to 30. to 31. into 32. into 33. into

Page 45 During, for 1. during Page 43 2. during Round Round, 3. during around, about 4. during 1. about 5. for 2. round 6. during 3. round 7. for 4. about 8. during 9. for 5. round 10. during 6. about/ 11. for around 12. during 7. about 13. during 8. about 14. for 9. about 15. for 10. about 16. during 11. around/ 17. for about 18. for 12. around 19. for 13. around 20. for 14. round/ for 21. tor around 22. during 15. about 23. for 16. round 24. during 17. round/ 25. for around 26. during 18. around 27. for 19. around 28. during 20. around 29. during 21. round 30. during 22. about 31. during 23. about 32. during 33. for 24. about 34. for 25. about 35. for 26. about/ 36. for around 37. for 27. about 38. during 28. about 39. for 29. about for 40. tor 30. about 31. about Page 47 32. about As, like 33. about 1. as 34. about 2. like 35. about 3. like

to to into into to to into

36. about about 38. about 39. about 40. around

Page 51 Against, opposite, in front of Page 49 1. against Below, down, 2. against under, 3. against beneath, 4. against underneath 5. against 1. under 6. opposite 2. down 7. against 3. down 8. opposite 4. below 9. against 5. below 10. against 6. under 11. against 7. beneath 12. opposite

4. as 5. as 6. as 7. like 8. like 9. As 10. as 11. like 12. as 13. like 14. as 15. like 16. As 17. like 18. as 19. like 20. as 21. like 22. as 23. like 24. as 25. like 26. as 27. like 28. like 29. as 30. like 31. as 32. like 33. as 34. like 35. as 36. like 37. As 38. like 39. as 40. as

8. under 9. underneath 10. beneath 11. under 12. down 13. down 14. under 15. down 16. down 17. down 18. under 19. under 20. down 21. down 22. below 23. beneath 24. down 25. down 26. down 27. beneath 28. beneath 29. down 30. under 31. under 32. underneath 33. below 34. beneath 35. down 36. under 37. under 38. under 39. below 40. below

against opposite 15. in front of 16. against 17. against 18. against 19. against 20. against 21. against 22. against 23. against 24. in front of 25. against 26. against 27. against 28. against 29. against 30. against 31. against 32. opposite 33. in front of 34. against 35. against 36. against 37. opposite 38. against 39. opposite 40. opposite
13. 14.

Page 53 Out of, outside, out 1. out of 2. outside 3. outside 4. outside 5. out of 6. out of 7. out 8. out 9. out of 10. out of 11. out of 12. out 13. out 14. out of 15. out 16. out 17. out 18. out

Using Prepositions • Answer Key

19. out of
20. OUt 21. OUt Of 22. oUt 23. OUt of 24. OUt 25. OUt 26. OUt 27. OUt Of 28. OUt of 29. OUt

30. outside 31. out
32. OUt Of 33. OUt 34. OUt 35. OUt 36. OUt 37. OUt 38. out 39. OUt of 40. OUt

26. along 27. for 28. for 29. for 30. for 31. for 32. for 33. along 34. for 35. for 36. for 37. for 38. by 39. for 40. by Page 56 For, by, along
1. for 2. by 3. along 4. by 5. for 6. for 7. for 8. by 9. for 10. for 11. along
12. for 13. for 14. for 15. for 16. for 17. for 18. for 19. by 20. for 21. for 22. for 23. by 24. by 25. by 26. for

4. N 5. C 6. E 7. G 8. H 9. K
11. M 12. B 13. 0 14. A 15. D

Page 58

2. to 3. at 4. to 5. at 6. of 7. at 8. of
9. Of

14. within 9. on 15. without 11. into 16. with 14. about 17. but 15. since 18. round 16. onto 19. before Joke 20. before Page 61 21. at/by 1. from 22. with 2. in 23. with 3. on 24. with 4. on 25. to/about 5. of 26. about/on 6. on 27. OUt 7. under 28. from 8. to 29. with 9. to 30. with 10. for 31. with 11. for 32. with 12. on 33. with 13. under 34. at/by 35. with 36. by/at 37. with
3Q WIIM oo. u/ith

27. 28. 29. 30. 31.

away on/in at/in in/in on or at/ of 32. in/of 33. off 34. in/at 35. in/at 36. at/on 37. as far as 38. at/with 39. from 40. up/with Assorted Page 63 ACROSS 1. below 2. opposite 3. from 4. underneath 5. past 6. out 7. between DOWN 1 . before 4. until 8. behind 9. near 10. above Assorted Page 64 ACROSS 1. above 3. into 5. except 8. across 9. since 11. out 12. past 15. as 16. for 17. like DOWN 1 . against 2. over

4. to 6. through

7. 10. 13. 14. 15.

besides near till off at

Assorted Page 65
1. in 2. of
3. Of 4. tO 5. to

6. for 7. by 8. to
9. Of

10. of 11. to 12. to 13. in 14. of 15. on 16. out 17. towards 18. to 19. into 20. of 21. out 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.

Page 55 For, by, along
1. 2. 3. 4.
for by for for

Assorted Page 62 1 . from/ to 2. in/ with wun 3 . u/ith 4 . away 5. over 6. on/with 7. in/with 8. with/from 9. about/on 10. over 1 1 . with/for 12. about/for 13. back 14. On/at/for 15. at/at 16. in/inside 17. but 18. off/from 19. out of 20. to/for 21. on/of 22. over/ about 23. about/at 24. for/for 25. to/for 26. without

10. to
11. Of 12. Of

13. from
14. at

39. with 40. about/ over Page 60 ACROSS

5. along
6. for

15. from
16. to 17. at 18. at

7. along
8. by 9. by 10. along 11. along 12. by 13. by 14. for 15. along 16. for 17. for 18. for 19. for 20. for 21. by 22. for 23. by 24. for 25. for

1. outside 5. out 8. round Assorted 10. past Page 59 12. at 1. without 13. near 2. within 16. of 3. according 17. until to 18. out 4. near 19. like 5. without DOWN 6. near 1. over
2. to 3. in

at with for with at

27. OUt

28. into 29. for
30. on

Assorted Page 66 1. about/of 2. in 3. for 4. with 5. for/of 6. at 7. off

7. before 8. but Page 57 9. except For, by, along 10. except 1. F 11. without 2. I 12. for 3. L 13. but

4. except 5. opposite 6 till 7. under


Using Prepositions • Answer key

8. with 9. against 10. within/of 11. at 12. on/for 13. with 14. off 15. in 16. for/from 17. for 18. with 19. away 20. off 21. from 22. in/on 23. to 24. from 25. from 26. Up 27. from/of 28. with 29. for 30. in 31. in/for 32. for 33. in/of 34. with 35. on
36. up

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38.

at at/in in
at at/at at/in at or by on

Assorted Page 70

1. on at
to/in 3. up in 4. for/in 5. at/until 6. in 7. at 8. at 9. at 10. at 11. for/at 12. at 13. in/for 14. at 15. at 16. at/at/in 17. in 18. at/in 19. in/in 20. at/in 21. to/at 22. in 23. to/on/to
24. 25. 26.

in on

in in/at
in on/at of at at/on

3. She Assorted fought Page 72 back her 1.0f tears. 2. into 4. You have 3. in to suck the poison 4. out out of the 5. aside wound. 6. into 5. She is grateful to 7. to him for 8. by his help.
8. by

16. 17.


32. up/with 33. through to 34. out/onto
35. off

DOWN 1. from 2. round
4. out 6. along 7. across
11. beyond 12. but 13. among 15. out

36. forward
37. up

38. away 39. forth 40. back Assorted Page 76 1. What did she feel irritated at? 2. Whom do they want to keep up with? 3. What do these people sacrifice their lives for? 4. Who did she make up with? 5. What did they set aside for their old age? 6. What is she sensitive about? 7. What were they at the mercy of? 8. What was she offended
h\/7 oy r

9. to

on on at/at at

on on at at/on
in. on

on on
on in/at at/in at/in at/on or at to/at at/from/to

37. to 38. for 39. from
40. to

in/at to/to/to

Assorted Page 67 before until beyond to into round within over like across during Assorted Page 68 1. at or by 2. in 3. on 4. on/by

39. 40.

Assorted Page 69
1. for

to/to 27. to/to/to 28. at/of 29. at 30. for/to/at 31. in 32. in
33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

in for/on at in

with against 4. from 5. in/at 6. at/on 7. with 8. around 9. out 10. with/ about 11. out of 12. at 13. beyond 14. over
2. 3.

out/on at in/of during/at or on

Assorted Page 71
2. He has fallen in love with that girl.

6. They went on holiday in June. 7. He lives in Elm Road in London. 8. He was standing on/at the corner of the street. 9. It was standing in the corner of the room. 10. I live at 17 Elm St. in Bristol. 11. She is grieving over the death of her husband. 12. He was arrested on suspicion of having stolen the money. 13. She stoked the boiler up with coal. 14. She struck me with her umbrella. 15. I will do the shopping in the supermarket on/at the corner.



11. from 12. after
13. to 14. of 15. out to

Assorted Page 75 1. for
2. 3.

for to/with

Assorted Page 73

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


3. D 4. L 5. N 6. I 7. F 8. K 9. M
10. 0 11. A 12. B 13. C 14. E 15. H

for/at for for
L_ _


because of within/of

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.


over with on/at from with from with from /to
on or at/ at

Assorted Page 74 ACROSS
1 . fnr i \\j\



3. along
5. on 6. at

23. 24. 25. 26. 27.

against or into against on against/for

8. till
9. on

9. What is she sentimental about?

10. during 12. besides 14. onto 1 5. over

10. What did he set up 28. for as? 29. with/about 11. What did he settle 30. with down in? 31. over/for at/of/ in


Using Prepositions • Answer Key

12. How long did he sign up for ? for? 13. What did the girl shiver at? Assorted Page 77 1. in 2. over

7. at Frank's 8. at Bristol

9. for a long

3. in 4. about 5. of
6. to 7. Of 8. tO 9. tO

Assorted Page 78

across like on to in beyond against from before without upon over below with Assorted Page 79 1 . at the cinema today? 2. in church. 3. in the country.

time, 10. at the Albert Hall, 11. at every little station. 12. at the party last n ierht igni. 13. in this country. 14. at the cinema, they went in. 15. in Majorca 7 hours late, 16. at the age of 20. 17. at the same time. 18. in the 20's. 19. during the night, 20. in 1492. 21. in a few years' time. 22. during the week. Assorted Page 80 1. of/off 2. for 3. on 4. out in 5. off 6. by 7. up/for 8. in/of 9. at 10. on/in 11. with 12. for 13. from 14. on

4. for 10 years. 5. in hospital. 6. to the cinema.

28. in 13. under for 29. in 14. into 30. from/to/ 17. for/of 15. for by 18. in Assorted 31. of 19. in/for Page 82 32. along 20. with 1. into 33. from 21. on 2. of 34. to/in 22. to 3 on 35. in ' 23. from/to or 4. for for 36. over/of 5. to 37. with 24. past 6. to 38. past 25. in 39. for 26. against 7. out of 40. in 27. for 8. in 28. on 9. to Assorted 29. from 10. to Page 84 30. from 11. up with 1. on 31. with 12. after 2. after 32. with 13. after 3. into 33. away 4. at Assorted 34. over Page 83 5. away 35. from 1. on 6. from 36. about 2. out of 7. through 37. over 8. for 3. with or by 38. into 9. off 4. with 39. for 10. for 5. onto 40. over 11. to 6. on Assorted 12. to 7. with over Page 81 13. for 8. in ACROSS 14. up at 9. from 1. without 15. on 10. off 4. out 16. at 11. off/of 6. in 17. in 12. across , tn IU 18. into 13. against 8. of 19. to/by 14. to/by 10. on 20. to/by 15. out of/at 11. along 21. at/of 16. up 12. round 22. on 17. on/along 14. inside 23. against or 18. off with 15. from 19. for 24. at or by 16. over 20. for/in 25. in 17. around 21. over/with 26. over DOWN 22. down 27. to 1. within 23. of 28. into 2. off 29. in/of 24. about or 3. till around 30. because 5. up of 25. on 8. onto 31. for 26. with 9. until 32. with 27. up 15. from 16.



34. in/at 35. at/for 36. 37.

at at 38. at 39. before 17. Off 40. except or 18. up but 19. Off
20. Off

11. till/ through 12. for/at 13. in 14. with 15. opposite 16. through

Assorted Page 85 1. with

to to 4. for 5. of 6. of 7. to 8. of 9. to 10. of 11. of 12. down 13. on 14. of 15. by 16. to 17. for 18. for 19. for 20. by 21. to
2. 3.

21. at/up 22. off 23. up 24. off 25. over 26. off, 27. in 28. Up 29. Off 30. off 31. over by 32. off 33. back 34. up 35. off 36. off 37. Up 38. up for 39. out for 40. up Assorted Page 87 in until inside at besides again upon like till on beyond with past Assorted Page 88 1. at 2. at 3. before 4. below

22. on 23. Of

Assorted Page 86 2. for

off for

4. down 5. 6. 7.


8. opposite 9. opposite

or by
10. over

Using Prepositions • Answer key

5. but 6. by 7. for 8. from 9. in 10. in 11. over 12. off 13. from 14. by 15. for 16. for
Assorted Page 89 1. through 2. throughout 3. to/at 4. to/of 5. opposite bv 6. uy 7. up/down 8. with 9. with/with 10. with/on
11 11. off ii. nff

34. during or

35. for

- for 37. for 38. from 39. in 40. in


A »j Assorted Page 90 1.H 2.J

4. M

t I 8. C 9. G 10. N 11. D 12. O 13. B 14. A 15. K
6. 7.

5. L _

within within 14. without 15. without/ with 16. besides 17. across 18. after 19. in/against 20. along 21. at 22. at 23. at 24. at 25. at 26. at/of 27. before or to 28. but 29. by 30. by 31. by/by 32. by 33. by/by
12. 13.

Assorted Page 91

1. in 2. in

. n( 01
4. with 5. to 6. to 7. for 8. to 9. into
10. of

to 12. in 13. to 14. from 15. of 16. to

17. in

Assorted Page 92

1. on 2. on

14. What is above there no around cause for? , 5- in of 6. in/in Assorted beneath Assorted 7- in Page 95 throughout Page 94 8 jn 1. into past 1. Whom 9 by 2. for upon shall we 10. by 3- at except name the 4 for 3 11- By baby across after? 5 from 12 for under ' 2. What's he 6. in 13 ln ' prying 7. at Assorted 14 n '° into? 8. in/into Page 97 15 n '° 3. What was 9. to 1. into 16. OUt Of the 10. in 2. for 17. on picture 3. of priced at? 11. from 18. on 12. for 4. of 19. in 4. Where's 13. for the ship 5. out of 20. in 14. from bound 6. \jy bv 21. in for? 15. on 7. round 22. in 5. What is 16. by 23. from 8. again the region 17. of 24. at or with celebrated 18. on/in 9. into for? 25. from 10. for 19. around 6. What is 26. for 11. into 20. by the 27. by 12. to 21. for church 28. by/in 13. out of close to? 22. on 29. by 23. on 14. by 7. At what 30. but time did 24. for/on 15. round the 31. at/at 25. of 16. into meeting 26. from 32. at 17. out break up? 27. on 33. at 8. What's Assorted 28. in 34. on she awful 29. about or Page 98 35. on at? on 1. Yes, there 36. on 9. What will is risk of 30. with you have 37. Off contami31. off to bear in 38. in or into nation. 32. of mind? 39. in 2. This land 10. What did 33. of 40. in is ripe for she bite 34. into development. into? 35. on Assorted • 3. Rinse your 11. What are 36. in Page 93 hair with 1 y \j\j 37. to despite water. astonis38. by from hed at? 4. The river 39. on/over round has risen 12. Whom 40. for by ten was the before feet. hooligan above brought Assorted 5. There is after Page 96 before? smoke below round 13. What's rising without coal sold about from the except by? on chimney.

3. to 4. over

between since down

6 . They rose up against the invaders. 7,. W e haven't seen each other since October. 8,. He has been working here for six months. 9., Everything went according to plan. 10. Our house is at the end of the street. 11. He's an expert in judo. 12. I've fallen in love with Peter. 13. The convict has escaped from jail. 14. She is envious of her sister. 15. The ship is bound for New York.
Assorted Page 99

1. on 2. out 3. in on 4. down by

nff Ul 1

on over 8. over/to 9. out/in 10. out of 11. with
6. 7.


Using Prepositions • Answer Key

16. on 17. off onto 14 . out 18. away 15 . about 19. for 16 . along with 20. up 21. along 17 . on to 18 . through to 22. off 19 . off with 23. up/by 20 . in 24. up to 21 . down to 25. out for 22 .off 26. off 27. with on 23 .by 24 . in 28. in 25 . over 29. up 30. off 26 . into 27 . at 31. off with 32. on 28 .up 29 . for/in 33. in 30 .off 34. off 31 . despite/ 35. about into 36. in 32 .at 37. off 33 . at 38. off/on 34 . at 39. away from 35 . through 40. to/for 36 . over to Assorted 37 . across Page 101 38 . across 1. for being 39 . beyond shy 40 . beyond 2. on a donkey Assorted 3. in her Page 100 best 1. in on clothes 2 . up/up in 4. by the 3 . away enemy 4 .up 5. at anchor 5 . over 6. with the 6 . out on results 7 . away 7. for me 8 . forward 8. for the local 9 .off people 10 . through 9. on our 11 . by/in/at society 12 . down 10. from the 13 . out wreck 14 . on 11. for sale 15 . in 12. in doing it

12 . on

13 .

with the same brush 14. on the same wavelength 15. to me 16. in numbers 17. against intruders 18. for the children 19. on the safe side 20. from attackers 21. from the library 22. with tracks 23. over the ruts 24. over an empire 25. into or against a tree 26. for the repairs

from/to by 19. for 20. across 21. in/about or over 22. for 23. on 24. up for 25. up to 26. into 27. on 28. over 29. to 30. to 31. to 32. to 33. into 34. about 35. on about 36. because of 37. because 38. beneath 39. beneath 40. besides
17. 18.

Assorted Page 102 1. behind 2. on 3. in 4. on 5. at 6. at 7. to 8. on 9. on 10. in 11. on 12. of 13. from 14. of 15. of 16. out of or from

11 2


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