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Stuarts Story

Stuarts Story

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Published by Adam Brister
A story by my aunt about her son and husband hunting.
A story by my aunt about her son and husband hunting.

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Published by: Adam Brister on Jun 21, 2012
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Mom proud of son's success

Get on the four-wheeler!" "No. son. I can't gel your daddy on a four-wheeler with a bad back. Open the gale so 1 can get the truck in the pasture." In my feeble lillie mind. [ pictured my husband lying BY TERRY CARTER under the tree he had fallen fOR THE eNTERPRISE ·JOURNAl from with a broken back. Stuart was so excitable. I'm not a hunter. ( only He had gotten the fourlike to fish when they are rewheeler and was waiting at c ally biting. the door before I got my shoes on. He was driving So. how can I write a sloe ry about being an outdoorsand. since he was only 9 oman? Well. my husband and years old. Icould see over his son provide me endless stohead pretty good. ries of stalking deer and feelWhen J saw a big lump in ing a tug on a fishing line. the past ure, 1 immed iately Rut my best story was my reassumed it was my husband. action to one of their sucThen. I saw what I though! cesses. were branches. It took me a I married my husband few seconds to realize that it SUBt.mtO was a deer Iwas looking at. A knowing that he was a hunter. His eyes literally Stuart Carter surprised huge deer. . glowed when I told him my Mom with this big buck. 1 was so excited for my parents place bordered the husband. But then the joy holding a BB gun and wear- exploded when Stuart said. Homochiuo National Forest. Fishing became more im- ing a hunting cap. he was a "No. Mom. (killed it." portant after we had been living doll. I remember when Stuart married a few months. My Stuart began hunting took his first steps and how husband found "the best with Dad around age 3 or 4. happy I was. He was big fat deal I ever saw" on a bass He went equipped with his baby and was] 4 months old boat. lifetime hunting license. before he took that first step. how I liked riding in that bass That was as necessary to my so you can imagine boat. But when we got it. I husband as a college educaproud Iwas of that step. But seeing that deer and didn't really understand ex- lion is to me. actly how deep the MississipAround age 7 or 8. he knowing that my baby killed pi River was. We spent hours pulled the trigger on a gun it - well. let's just say it riding up and down that riv- his daddy was holding. He made me an outdoorsrnan er. On Iy when it started to fa II killed a deer that was more immediately. did Irealize that we had been work than it W<lS worth. But My husband and son can in water deeper than trees! it did allow his face to he tell you every last detail of We were married five blooded. which was a major the hunt. but lrn going to years before we decided to success in mv husband's role give you the short story. as a father. gift ourselves with a child. They were hunting toDuring those five years. IonNow all this time. lm fak- gethcr. Dad heard the monly once or twice showed ing enthusiasm over these ster buck coming through much interest in my husoutdoor adventures. I've the woods long before he band's outdoor sports. walked through more miles came in view. He warned Once he killed a pretty of the Bass Pro Shop than I Stuart to be on the lookout. have Wal-Mart. Irs just Stuart raised his gun and nicc buck on his birthday. which is Christmas day. That what you do to be a good was ready. He came into was kind of nice. Once he mother of a son. view and. powl. he got him. In April 2005 my husMy husband said thai the showed up with a huge bass. but I wouldn't let him spend band wrecked his back and deer dropped dead in his the rnonev to have it mounthad to have back surgery. Iracks. They knew it was a ed. But that drdn' t stop him from big deer. but until they Unlil we got Our little hunting. He iust sat on the walked to him they didn't man. victories in the huntground instead of climbing a know how big the rack was. ing and fishing arena were tree. Now country boys are not very victorious to me. One day in November of never without a cap and a c Uponthebirthofourson. that year. my son came runpocket knife. My boys had their caps. bul_not .. th~r husband pictured him in ning from the woods withpocketknives. " ~ ~camounagc with an orange out his gtin. "I)add}' needs your help! ~1y husband would not vest. And when he wetS 3


He taught her to appreciate great outdoors


leave that deer in the woods for fear that it wasn't dead yet. He said for a while he sal astraddle it to ensure that it couldn't get away. I asked him what he would have done had that thing jumped up and ran off. He said he would have ridden him until he dropped dead from carrying the extra weight. I don't like touching dead things. bUI you know what? Igrabbed hold of thai sucker and pulled with all my might and got him loaded up. That's been Ihree years now. Quite a few more deer have come across the threshold of our shop. I'm buck to faking enthusiasm. Stuart is 12 now and taller than I am. Can I ever again regain theexcitemenl of that night? Well. Kaycee is 8 now and wants 10 go hunting with her daddy. so I guess we'll soon see. ..... -----------

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