LDAP Integration with SAP GRC

Please provide us the technical information needed to integrate SAP GRC with LDAP for the Enterprise Compliance Solution project. Please fill the information in the column labeled “Information needed “. The column labeled “Field Description” explains what information we are looking for the fields. We have filled out some of the information, based on the document provided in the meeting. Please correct if something is incorrect.

Fields Name Short Description

Information Needed GRC team will provide it GRC team will provide it

Description Server Name

GRC team will provide It


Port User Principal Name Password User Path

Group Path

LDAP Type Password Encryption Connection Category

Field Description Input a name for the LDAP connector. This is a free form text. Input text such that it is easily distinguishable from other connectors since the text entered in this field will be displayed in various screens of AE. Input a larger description of the connector if you like. Input the server name hosting the LDAP directory. It is better to input the fully qualified name. An IP address will work too. Input the domain name or the base of the directory. Following two formats are supported. 1. “DC=sap, DC=com”, 2. “sap.com” Input the port assigned to the directory server Input the service user Id which will be used to access the directory. Input password of the service user. Input the distinguished name of the root directory under which all the users/employees are stored. Please remove the domain components from the distinguished name. Leave this field blank. This field is not being used in Compliant User Provisioning (formerly Virsa Access Enforcer). Select the directory type which is being used.If it’s MS AD then what version? Select encryption type to be utilized by the LDAP server. Select Production or Non-Production.

LDAP Application

Is it Genral,User,Employee,CA certificate?

For ExamplePlease find below the example with the technical field information screen–

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