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Mathema May 2012 Global Investment Insight Report

Mathema May 2012 Global Investment Insight Report

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Published by: chris_clair9652 on Jun 21, 2012
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•Large-cap U.S. equity names continue to show a better
resilience than small-and mid-cap stocks in a very
difficult environment
•May S&P 500 dividend payments were 23.3% higher than
in May 2011, and the YTD payment is up 17.8%; the
indicated dividend rate is now at an all-time high, up
11.4% YTD. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office
forecast that the first half of 2013 could see the return of a
recession if Congress doesn’t do something to counter (or
prevent) the scheduled tax increase and stimulus
programs that are ending. Amongst the measures that are
scheduled to begin in 2013 there is also the 59% increase
in capital gains and the almost tripling of the dividend tax
•The ten-day exponential moving average of the CBOE
Equity Put/Call Ratio, a gauge of the sentiment of
speculative traders (which hit a multi-year record low of
0.472 on April 15, 2010 and a 2012 low on March 21)
continues to move along a pattern to the downside within
the bullish-bearish range

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