taken from: http://pastebin.com/ymqmvGN3 (now deleted) personal information redacted.

Ask not for whom Anonymous trolls, Jason XXXX XXXXXX, Legion trolls for thee. XXXXXX Otterbury Houston, TX XXXXXX DOB XX/XX/XXXX 6'1", 200 lbs 281-XXX-XXXX A petty thief, a con man, and a Tea Party activist walk into a bar. He takes the last stool at the end: <link redacted> Be sure to pick the criminal tab, it defaults to civil. XXXXXX - Dorothy X (mom) arrested, bad check? XXXXXX - Jason XXXX XXXXXXX 1997 petty theft XXXXXX - Jason XXXX XXXXXX comedy gold - drive off gas theft, left ID & credit card behind

Aliases found thus far: R.J. Taylor-Hahn Randy Taylor Randy Hahn

Lies, lies, all lies ... Owns 1018 Preston Ave in Houston Owns "The Press, LLC" on the 6th floor Employs Dick DeGeurin on 7th floor as his lawyer Supports Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast Member of the board of Texas Coalition Against the Death Penalty Some stuff that is real: Uses cell phone 281-XXX-XXXX, not spoofed, it's received calls as well as made them. Name associated with this account is Beverly Taylor. This seems to be an aunt. Known email addresses, Twitter accounts, etc: stopXXXXXX@gmail.com writeXXXXXX@gmail.com @farleftXXXXXXX @StopRushXXXXXX And a zillion stupid socks which get paid followers, so someone is paying this guy to do the

things he does. XXXXXX.blogspot.com

Female associate, claims to be Emma SXXXXX, there was a Stacy XXXXXX involved in Taylor's life, female voice heard from calls made and received from 832-XXX-XXXX. Don't assume it's Emma/Stacey though, could be some new chick using former wife/girlfriend's identity. Real name for the cell seems to be Dorothy XXXXXX - this is Jason XXXX XXXXXX's mother. Email for 'Emma' is eaXXXXXX@XXXXX.com and this ties to Twitter @XXXXXXX.

People on Twitter are saying he might be connected to the fraudulent felon faggot, @Ali Akbar and his wingnut circlejerk, the National Blogger's Club @NatlBloggers. Prove this ... For Great Justice.

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