Organizational analysis of the IT system

The new IT System will represent a big change in the way the company manages project development and the way the employees interact with each other. On those two, the IT system will have the biggest impact. But according to Leavitt's model of Organizational Change, the four areas of an organization, which are people, structure, technology and task, are deeply connected, meaning that any change that takes place in any of this areas must allways have an influence on the other three. Being aware of this, we must recognize in advance the effects of replacing the IT System, which is a major change in the technology area, on the other 3 areas so that we can manage this change from a proper perspective. In the task area the change will represent an improvement in the project management through the auction system. Because this will give the chance to the Task Owners and Task Managers to split the project and appoint the tasks and the subtasks to the employees that made the best bid. In this way the projects are handled more efficiently.

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