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NM_Altadena Fact Sheet

NM_Altadena Fact Sheet

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Walmart fact sheet for Altadena Neighborhood Market
Walmart fact sheet for Altadena Neighborhood Market

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Published by: altadenablog on Jun 22, 2012
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A New Market for the Neighborhood What is a Neighborhood Market?
A Neighborhood Market offers a quick and convenient shopping experience for customers who need groceries and pharmaceuticals all at affordable prices.

About Your New Store
The new Neighborhood Market in Altadena will be approximately 28,000 square feet and will feature a wide variety of products, including fresh produce, meats and dairy products, frozen foods, dry goods and staples, a pharmacy, deli foods, bakery items, canned and packaged goods, condiments and spices, pet supplies, and household supplies – all at “everyday low prices.” The new store, located at the corner of Lincoln Avenue and Figueroa Drive, will occupy the former space of a thrift store that has been vacant for more than three years. Originally, the site served as a grocery store more than 20 years ago, and Walmart looks forward to bringing a more affordable fresh food option back to the community of Altadena.

First opened in 1998, there are about 200 Walmart Neighborhood Markets nationwide, each employing up to 95 associates. A typical store is about 42,000 square feet. Visit www.youtube.com/walmartcommunity and search for “Neighborhood Market” to take a tour of one of Walmart’s newest Neighborhood Markets.

Improving Access to Healthy Foods
In January 2011, Walmart made a major commitment to make food healthier and more affordable, ensuring families won’t have to choose between a product that is good for them and one they can afford. Our healthier food initiative commits to:  Reformulating thousands of everyday packaged food items by 2015;  Make healthier choices more affordable by providing savings on fresh produce and reducing the price premium on “better-for-you” items;  Provide solutions to address food deserts by building stores in underserved communities;  Increase charitable support for nutrition programs that help educate consumers about healthier food solutions and choices.

Also, after pledging to develop a front-of-pack label that would give our customers an easier way to identify healthier food, we recently unveiled the “Great For You” icon.

Creating New Jobs
The new Walmart Neighborhood Market will bring additional economic activity to the communities of Altadena and North Pasadena. The new store will bring convenience and low prices to shoppers and increase foot-traffic for businesses nearby. In addition to temporary construction jobs, the store will create approximately 60-65 new jobs. At Walmart, associates are provided with competitive wages, and have access to affordable benefits and the chance to build a career. In California, Walmart’s full-time average hourly wage as of April 2012 is $12.79 per hour.

Community Benefits
In 2011, Walmart, the Walmart Foundation, Sam’s Club and customers and associates throughout the state gave more than $33.3 million in cash and in-kind gifts to communities throughout California, supporting non-profits like food banks, job development organizations, veterans groups and educational programs. Examples in the Los Angeles area include the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, CityYear LA, NAACP Los Angeles, Los Angeles Urban League, and the Mayor’s Youth at Work Initiative.

Sustainability Features
At Walmart, we know that being an efficient and profitable business and being a good steward of the environment are goals that can work together. Neighborhood Markets typically include energy efficient technology and environmentally-friendly features to reduce energy and water consumption and minimize waste. Features often include LED lighting used in exterior signage and refrigeration cases, an energy management system for adjusting energy usage and one of the industry’s most efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) units available. Additionally, the opportunity to revive this vacant retail site in Altadena is consistent with our sustainability goals as we continue to integrate innovative ways to make our stores more energy efficient, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water and more.

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