Rule 131, section 3 (jj), Rules of Court

(jj)That except for purposes of succession, when two persons perish in the same calamity, such as wreck, battle, or conflagration, and it is not shown who died first, and there are no particular circumstances from which it can be inferred, the survivorship is determined from the probabilities resulting from the strength and the age of the sexes, according to the following rules: 1.If both were under the age of fifteen years, the older is deemed to have survived; 2.If both were above the age sixty, the younger is deemed to have survived; 3.If one is under fifteen and the other above sixty, the former is deemed to have survived; 4.If both be over fifteen and under sixty, and the sex be different, the male is deemed to have survived, if the sex be the same, the older; 5.If one be under fifteen or over sixty, and the other between those ages, the latter is deemed to have survived.

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