Earth Day Celebration April 22, 2012: Kolkata Earth Day is an annual day on which events are held worldwide

to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth's natural environment. Earth Day is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year on April 22. Some say environmentalism and “going green” are little more than fleeting trends. Others even argue that so-called “eco-fads” are actually exacerbating environmental problems rather than alleviating them. fads” But whether you’re an eco-supporter or an eco skeptic, Earth Day is a day to mark on your calendar to supporter eco-skeptic, celebrate the existence of the plant that you live on. Thirteen members of GBS Yi Net came together on Yi-Net the Sunday morning, joined by Ms. Maalika Himatsingka, Chair, Yi Kolkata Chapter, with the objective to spread awareness about saving the planet with seventy five children of All Children Together Trust. The event commenced at with briefing about the importance of this day followed by rol role-plays that were performed by the children. The skits were written keeping in sync with the theme of the day -Deforestation: how it should be stopped; Saving Electricity; Use of Dustbins, How to Use Water Efficiently. The children there were very enthusiastic about this event and contributed wholeheartedly. enthusiastic This high-energy session was followed with some laid back documentary screening. To give the children energy a mix of entertainment and learning, the film chosen for the day was Rise of the Planet of the Ape a Apes, directorial genius of Rupert Wyatt, which mesmerized the children for around ninety minutes. The brilliant performance of Andy Serkis was topped with snacks that were put together for the children. After the film successfully instilled in them two imp important leanings -- “animal testing should not be carried out” and “providing proper treatment to captive animals” – we wanted to give them some fun time -- playing games. All the games were created using recycled items – plastic bottles, bamboo rings, rubber balls, old paper rubb cards and bowls.

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