Is it legitimate to want to have your own biological child? How about for a 70year-old man?

Can such a person continue to pursue that dream or should he gracefully bow to the reality that his time for fatherhood may have passed?

“Payson” is the name given to a fetus fathered by such a person. This story has an unhappy end. It takes us through the twists and turns of the man’s life through three marriages and several extramarital relationships combined with an unshakeable desire for a child. This is the first in a trilogy of personal stories involving an elderly white-male protagonist. Close upon Payson’s death came two arrests for domestic abuse and a year-long, contentious divorce case taken to trial. The man ultimately prevailed. But nothing can compensate for the cruel loss that is the focus of this story.

“Payson” is the title of a Kindle e-book that sells for $4.95.

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