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Cudahy Bribery - Complaint-Affidavit

Cudahy Bribery - Complaint-Affidavit

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languages, and I have reviewed a recording of the meeting. In

the excerpts of the recording transcribed below, words spoken in

the English language appear in italics. The bracketed language

is my interpretation of the conversation.

62.Before the meeting, I photocopied $17,000 in United

States currency that belonged to the FBI. I provided $15,000 to

the CI, who divided it evenly between three envelopes each of

which was marked as for either CONDE, SILVA, or PERALES.

63.According to the CI, CONDE, SILVA, and PERALES were

inside the El Portero nightclub and were accompanied by Rojas,

Alcala, and CONDE’s son, an employee of the United States

Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security


Administration (“TSA”).

64.During the meeting, the CI told CONDE and SILVA that he

wanted them “to guarantee [him] . . . that [they intended] to

help [him] get my license for the city. That's the only thing I

ask you.” PERALES told the CI that he would get an application

and that he would “be on top.” The CI then provided envelopes,

each containing $5,000 in cash, to CONDE and SILVA, and thanked

them for taking the time out of their schedules to have the



. . . Well, look, uh, uh, like I had told

you, I mean, the only thing I'm interested

in, and you already saw, you already saw

how my business is, it's that I honestly

need the license. OK. You help me get the

license, uh, you know, I'll be happy there,

to help you in whatever I can. Uh, uh,

right now I have many things I'm working

on, and the only thing I need is to have,

like they say, uh, like they say in

English, peace of mind, my head at peace,

that when they come, I don't know how long

it's going to take, I know that this takes

time. But, at the same time I, I can count

on you that it will come to fruition. Do

you understand me? Aside from, from any


issues. I want you to guarantee me that --

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