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E-Cigarettes: Health Concerns and Recommended State Regulatory Framework presentation to the New Mexico Tobacco Settlement Revenue Oversight Committee August 27, 2010 Nathan Bush, Vice President of Government Relations American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network ~~ Cancer Action Network~ Jie 27 Aug 2010 What’s an “E-cigarette”? Terminology & Background Info « E-cigarettes are battery-powered (“electronic”) nicotine inhalation devices that claim to deliver nicotine to the user through a vaporized propylene glycol solution. « E-cigarette manufacturers and retailers are making pro-health claims about their products. 27 Aug 2010 What’s an “E-cigarette”? Terminology & Background Info * The FDA has determined in limited testing to date that e-cigarettes contain carcinogens and other toxins, including some ingredients found in anti-freeze. * Nicotine levels and exact ingredients vary significantly from brand to brand — no regulation exists to control manufacturing standards and protect users. 27 Aug 2010