50 kalimat Gerund GERUNDS AFTER PREPOSITIONS Gerund adalah kata kerja yang berakhiran -ing dan berfungsi sebagai

noun (kata benda). Oleh karena gerund berfungsi sebagai noun maka gerund bisa di tempatkan sebagai: subject, direct object, subject complement, dan object dari preposition. - Swimming in the river is very dangerous. - Cramming for tests is not a good study strategy. - You might get in trouble for faking an illness to avoid work. - I enjoy riding my bike in the evening. -Traveling might satisfy your desire for new experiences.

Contoh gerund phrases sebagai subject: - Your singing is very beautiful. - Practicing swimming is very useful for everybody. - Listening to the radio needs seriousness. - Eating breakfast on time is advisable. - His coming every day makes me happy. - Smoking too much is not good for health Contoh gerund phrases sebagai object: - Thank you for your coming. - I can enjoy camping in the mountain. - I don’t like sitting alone. - We have considered going to Yogyakarta. - They began attending lecturer. - I intend doing my homework tonight. - I begin studying English seriously. -They do not appreciate my singing
-enjoy dancing.

- She likes dancing. -I hate arguing.

Contoh gerund phrases sebagai object of preposition: - I dreamed about having much money. - I am tired of studying alone. - She is fond of eating pizza. - I am interested in making model airplanes. - We will not be successful without working seriously every time. - Not having a friend is lonely. - I intend not doing my homework tonight. Sebagai nomina, gerund phrase sering menggunakan adjective possessive di depannya, contoh: - Thank you for your coming. - Her singing is slow. - My dancing is not good as yours. - My feeling says that. Gerund sebagai subject complement: - My cat’s favorite activity is sleeping. - My favorite hobby is swimming - His main hope is seeing his daughter.

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