Project Management 101 - Getting projects done is all about getting people to do tasks - First action is to identify all

the tasks => Break down from high level to low level => Each task should be a single complete action => Estimated the size (effort) of each task - Second action => What => What => What is to sequence tasks needs to be done first? can be done in parallel tasks are dependent on others being completed?

- Third action is to assign people to tasks => Utilise skill sets => Balance the load (will never be even) => Give most important tasks to best people - Fourth action is to put a deadline on each (group of) tasks => Work backwards from the final date ~ What has to be done by when to make this happen? ~ Work in blocks of time (usually individual weeks) => Try to make everyone equally busy => Different people may have different workloads at different ti mes - Finally, => => => monitor tasks to make sure they are being done Actual effort vs. estimated On track to meet target dates Delivering to deadlines

- People react to the deadline when half the time has elapsed (also see motivation) => Have smaller tasks with short deadlines as much as possible => Give deadlines that are a reasonable stretch => Make sure the task, and the standard that it needs to be done to, are absolutely clear => Remind people just before half the time has elapsed (share in fo so it's not just a nag) => Chase people up shortly before the deadline to provide encour agement => Have a contingency on the deadline of a few days => If late, get an absolute commitment when it will be finished by - You can't motivate anyone else, only help them find their own motivati on => Find out what motivates them What sort of tasks do they like to do? What is their work style (burst or steady?) => Find out what causes them to delay and minimise these Task too big? Don't know where to start? => Carrot or Stick person? Most are a mix and need each at diffe rent times (know when) => Most people are happy to be led once they are shown the path (very important) => Most people will be carried along by an enthusiastic and posi tive leader => Most people will strive to meet a deadline they set themselve

s ~ Get them to state delivery deadline, rather than impos ing one on them ~ Repeat back and confirm with them "Great! So you'll have that done by Tue at 8pm, that's perfect" => Most people are driven by fear of failure rather than desire to succeed => Use positive peer pressure e.g. ~ we're all in this together ~ we know you can deliver this to a high standard ~ Sympathise and be forgiving if they are late but get c ommitment on new delivery ~ Let them know what everyone else is doing and how thei r getting on (positives only)

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