Tom Petty Learning to Fly Chords


F(bar) C Am G [1----o[-----o[-----[--4--[1----[1----[1----o[-----[12---o[-----[-3---o[-----[1-3--[-2---[-2---o[-----[1----[--3--o[-----[-2---[1----x[-----o[-----[--3---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Intro: F, C, Am, G (this is the same pattern throughout the whole song) ------Verse 1: ------G F C Am, G Well it started out, G F C Am, G Down a dirty road. F C Am, G Started out, F C Am, G All alone. Verse 2: G F C Am, G And the sun went down, G F C Am, G as across the hill. G F C Am, G And the town lit up, G F C Am, G the world got still. Refrain: G F C Am, I'm learning to fly, G F C Am, but I aint got wings. F C Am, G coming down, G F C Am, is the hardest thing. G G


Verse 3: Well the "Good old days" may not return. And the rocks might melt, and the sea may burn. (short solo) Verse 4: The senory life, will beat you down. And break your heart, steal your crown. Verse 5: So start it out, for God knows where. I guess I'll know, when I get there. Refrain. Repeat refrain.(inst. break) refrain, repeat. I'm learnin to fly, I'm learnin to fly.

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