Possible Jason Research Topics 1. Invasive Species a. Zebra & Quagga Mussels in the Great Lakes b. Kudzu c. Rabbits d.

Snakes e. Frogs 2. How can we reduce invasive species? 3. Is there legislation in Madison regarding contaminated ballast water spills? 4. Major Ecosystems a. Tundra b. Dessert c. Grassland (Temperate) d. Grassland ( Tropical) e. Estuary f. Tropical rainforest g. Freshwater h. Taiga i. Forest (Temperate) j. Marine 5. Terrariums of Ecosystems 6. How are the Sahara Dessert and Antarctica similar? 7. Explain Chemosynthesis 8. Explain Photosynthesis 9. Food Webs 10.Toxic Algae a. Red tide ( Why is it harmful) 11.Nitrogen Cycle 12.Carbon Cycle 13.Deforestation

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