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Unit 9 : QUESTION - WORDS 1.This is the book ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) was lost week ago. 2.

Is this the road ________ leads to the library? 3.The tiger ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) attacked the villager has not been caught. 4.The dog ________ (whom/ that/ who/ whose) bit you last week was run over the lorry. 5.My mother bought some mangoes ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) were not sweet. 6.Tin ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) is found in Malaysia is a very useful metal. 7.This is the bungalow ________ (whom/ that/ who/whose) my father built two year ago. 8.I do not know the name of the boy ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) took the bag. 9.I got a present from my uncle ________ (that/which/ who/whose) lives in Penang.] 10. The man ________ (whom/ that/ who/whose) slapped you yesterday is my neighbor. 11. The lady ________ (whom/which/ who/ that) spoke to me just now works with my father. 12. That is the man ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) came to see the headmaster this morning. 13. The salesgirl ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) sold you the pen has cheated you. 14. The boy ________ (that /which/ who/whose) book you borrowed is here to see you. 15. that is the women ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) shoes were stolen. 16. The girl ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) brother you know has gone to Sarawak. 17. The family ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) house was burnt down recently stays with us now. 18. The lady ________ (whom/which/ that /whose) son is a teacher is very selfish and proud. 19. This is the pupil ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) family is very poor 20. The lady to ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) you spoke is my teacher. 21. The girl ________ (whom/which/ who/that) you are looking at is my sister. 22. The man ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) you met yesterday is a butcher. 23. That is the doctor ________ (whom/which/ who/whose) I spoke to this morning. 24. To ________ (whom /that /who/whose) must I give this book?