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BHAGHAVATHAM Avathaara of Kapila: Devahuthy ,the daughter of Manu was wedded to Rishi Kardhama.

After having nine daughters she was blessed by the rishi to have a son ,who is the avathaara of Hari himself and she was asked to perform thapasya to bear that great son.And when she became pregnant Brahma himself visited her to pay respects to the baby Hari,within her womb.Brahma being the grandfather of Kapila,was pleased to have such an offspring in his race.He told Devahuthy that the baby in her womb will be born with beautiful hairs,and golden colour ,with lotus eyes and lotus sign on his feet and will be highly compassionate and is the avathaara of Narayana to destroy the karmavaasana of people through samkhya and yoga .And he will the the Lord of all the sidha after him. According to the instruction of the Brahma,Rishi Kardhama gave his nine daughters in marriage to the great rishis of the time.Athri wedded Anasooya,Angiras wedded Sradha,Mareechi wedded Kala,Pulasthya wedded Havirbhu,Pulaha wedded Dhanyagathy,Krathu wedded Kriya,and Brighu wedded Khyaathi.Vasishta wedded Arundhathy and Atharvan wedded Saanthi. When Kapila was born Kardhama worshipping him as Narayana asked permission to take to sanyasa and leave home forever.Kapila saidI am born as your son to keep my word to you that I will be your son.My birth is to spread gnaana of Samkhya and yoga for those who are desirous of experiencing Nirvaana and sacrificing worldly life.This way of gnaana is very ancient but due to its antiquity it disappeared from earth and my mission is to reawaken that method.Father,if you so desire,you can take up sanyasa and attain amrithathwa.Visualise me as residing in the heart cave of every being and enlightened intelligence within yourself and reach the ultimate foal of nirvana without fear or sorrow.Hearing this,Kardama circumambulated his son,and taking the vow of silence went to forest .He fixed chitha in Athman and with peaceful chitha as a ocean without waves and attained the greatest state of yoga equivalent to Narayana himself ,seeing Narayana in himself. Kapila ,with compassionate heart,lived in the banks of Bindusaras,near the Saraswathy river with his mother .One day ,Devahuthy approached him and asked mokshamarga.He was happy to advice it to his mother .He said:The bondage and liberation of jeeva is due to the mind only.If chitha is attracted to sense objects,bondage happens.If chitha is attracted to God,liberation happens.When mind is free from emotions like mine,me etc and the desires ,envy,fear,greed etc which follow the selfish thoughts,it becomes very pure.And then it becomes devoid of pleasure or pain,sorrow or happiness and without dualities it become equalized and well balanced.When mind is pure,in it awaken devotion,wisdom,and vairagya and it becomes enlightened.It can then visualize as paramathma itself and see the distinction as Maaya.For this attainment of Brahma,several methods are said in the aagama.The most great and the best is the fixed devotion in the sarvaathmaa.Scholars know that sangham with worldly objects leads to bondage.But if sangham is with sajjana ,that will open up the way to loberation.Do not do anything in return even if someone hurts you .Do everything for others without any selfish motives.The sorrows of others should end,and everyone should bet bliss and happiness .With that desire alone,live as friend of every creation and without the feeling of enmity to anyone.That will make us peaceful and tranquil.Such characteristics are seen in sajjana/good people.Those people are the devotees who has fixed their heart in

me,without any selfish motives,and who has sacrificed all worldly ties and objects for me,and who is interested only in hearing and saying my stories and singing my glories.The sangha with such sajjana will lead to liberation.By sangha with them,the attachment to worldly objects will be reduced and then with my compassion one gets liberation from worldly sorrows.The people who are interested in my stories gradually become interested in the origin of this creation which is my karma and knowledge of eternal time and cyclical repetition of births and deaths and this naturally reduce love for selfish and temporary things.Thus Bhakthiyoga leads to gnaana and wisdom .Gnaana and Bhakthy are as a result of ashtanghayoga.One who follows the method of ashtangayoga merges with me ultimately . Devahuthy said.What is the nature of bhakthy which is in the form of mukthy?Especially for a woman like me which type is suitable?And how can I reach your state most easily?Explain the method you just said about attaining both bhakthy and mukthy.Though I am a woman and of lesser intelligence ,I would love to understand and enjoy this samkhyayoga which is difficult for cognition for even the great intellectuals. Kapilan said:-Bhakthy is more great than sidhi.Therefore the most accomplished yogins do not desire any intellect or sidhi and they just want to merge with me in devotion and to serve me and praise me with beautiful songs and stories.They have love for different moorthy(idols/forms)of mine and worship them happily and live.Mother,they see my smiling face,my lotus eyes,and compassionate behaviour and talk to me always with love and devotion in poetic language.My beautiful organs from head to foot,my smile,my playful leela,my looks,and my speech makes them my lovers forever and that devotion and love itself gives them liberation.They do not desire my Lakshmy,my vibhoothy or my ashtangasidhi ,yet they reach my vaikuntaloka and enjoy eternal bliss of liberation.They reach my saantha(tranquil peaceful)loka and live there forever.i am their most desired lover,friend,son,Guru,Athman and everything.I am their God and mother.My wheel of time does not touch such devotees.They do not have the feeling of minein anything that is worldly ,both gross and subtle and they consider only me as Mine.this type of Ekaanthikabhakthy gives them enlightenment and I liberate them from the sorrowful samsaara by my love for them.those who love me as everything lose fear of samsaara.It is by fear of me the sun shines,Indra rains,agni burns and vaayu moves .The people who are fixed in me by eternal love of devotion are not afraid of me and they live in me eternally. I will now tell you the lakshana (sign)of Thathwa .By that differentiate prakrithy from purusha.And also by which the bondage of heart is cut and Athman is directly perceived.That is called the gnaanayoga. In the beginning there was only the purusha which is unmanifested and without the three guna of sathwa,rajas and thamas.He in a playful mood by own will assumed the form of the prakrithy with the three guna .Prakrithy by her thriguna and its different combinations creates the praja .The jeeva seeing this wonderful prakrithy with its creative powers become attracted to her.Jeeva by projection thinks that the karma done by the thriguna are done by him and thus becomes sorrowful ,proud or happy due to the projected doership .Thus forgets his own natural state of akarthaa,free liberated ,blissful eka existence as witness of everything .For such a jeeva samsaara as bondage happen again

and again.Purusha is the ultimate cause of everything .Jeeva forgets that swaroopa and projects the qualities of prakrithy on oneself and falls into bondage of maaya. Devahoothy asked:- Hey ,Purushotham,tell me the lakshana of purusha and prakrithy with gross and subtle form and the cause of the entire universe and the parents of all living and nonliving. Sreebhagavaan said:- Prakrithy is eternal and has thriguna form and without any form,and has subtle and gross form,and sometimes depend upon special(visesha)and is the cause of everything .5,5 4 and 10 making 24 are the important thathwa according to scholars.the first five are the five elements akaasa,vaayu,agni,jhala and earth/prithwi. The second five are the thanmaathra of gandha(smell)rasa(taste),roopa(form)sparsa(touch)and sabda(sound).The 10 are the five sense organs and the five motor organs comprising ear,skin,eyes,nose,toungue and word,hands,legs,generative organs and the perineum .the four are the mind,intellect,ahamkaara,and chitha as internal organs.the function of the antha:karana(internal organs)are samkalpa(imagination)nischaya(decision)athmaabhimaana(pride of self)and chintha(thoughts).This anthakarana with four functions is one(eka)and it is divided as four due to its functional difference only .The 25th thathwa is kaala or time.Time or kaala is the manifestation of purusha and not prakrithy.Only the mad person who is afraid of maaya is afraid of kaala or time.The name of that Bhagavaan ,who makes the prakrithy function is kaala or time.Inside beings purusha functions as purusha and outside as kaala or time.It is by maaya these two are felt as two.Both are same.Once we know this we are not afraid of it,because it is purusha,our own self.Purusha himself is the lord of all loka.he himself made the prakrithis yoni fruitful and lead to creation.From the prakrithy by the nion of purusha was born the Mahath which is endless and the sprout of the universe.It destroys the darkness which covers its light .Thus it revealed itself by its own light.Mahathathwa is that saantha,nirmala and the to be known sathwaguna chitha which is called by the name of Vaasudeva .The lakshana of the chitha which is pure,movementless, and prasaantha with the early state of the first waters without any waves is explained by all scholars.From mahathathwa was born Ahankaaara with kriyaabala and having the three divisions of vikaara as raajasa and thaamasa.Sathwapradhaana is called vaikaarika,rajas is called thaijasa,and thamas is called thaamasa or sleep/darkness.From these were born mind,the sense organs,and the five mahaabhootha or elements.that with elements,mind and indriya is called sankarshana and it is always enlightened and eternal with 1000 heads .It is indivisible eka .Ahankaaralakshana is said as doership,karana(organs of doership)and karya(effect)and as santha,ghora and mooda as mental states.When sathwik ahamkara become vikritha mind is born .The sankalpa and vikalpa of mind produce kaama or desires.Kaama is worshipped as the beautiful and shyamala form and the Lord of all senses and call him Anirudha.He is internal to every being .From the vikrithy of thaijasa ahamkara was born the budhi or intellect and only with its blessings beings and their sense organs get knowledge of objects .The functions of intellect are decision,doubts,opposite intellect ,memory ,and confidence with faith .The gnanendriya and karmendriya are from raajasa ahamkaara itself.the power for karma resides in jeeva and that is cognized only by budhi.From the thaamasa ahankara was formed sound and from it aakaasa and sound is cognized with ears.the sound gives the consciousness of objects .For example if someone

says Here goes an elephant ,even withoutseeing the elephant the hearer cognizes the presence of the object elephant.the subtle form of aakaasa is sabda.The sign of aakaasa is responsible for giving inside and outside,and giving holes to everything,and gives space for praana,indriya and mind .It gives right of space for everything and hence is called akaasa .By the movement of time,the nabhas(akaasa)with vikaara ,created touch.From touch arose the winds.The touch is known by skin.The subtle form of vaayu is softness,hardness,cold,and heat .The functions of movement,synthesise and union,going near and leading and giving strength to senses are that of vaayu.From wind having the thanmathra of sparsa due to will of God originated form.From roopa was born thejas and it is cognized by eyes.Giving form to an object,have it qualities by which it can be cognized,and taking form according to the individual dravya and having energy are the functions of roopa.Revealing,drinking,cooking and digestion,swallowing ,ending sense of coldness,making thin,hunger etc are the signs of thejas or agni.From thejas which is joined with vikaara by divine will originate rasa and from it water and taste is cognized by toungue.Sweet,hot,acidic,sour and mixed are the tastes.The rasa by combinations make endless tastes .Eka is rasa and by union of objects it is made manifold.Making liquid,thin and solidification ,making life possible,making soft and reducing temperature and heat ,increase in lowlying areas etc are the signs of water.From water having vikara by the passage of time is formed the smell and nose cognizes the smell .Gandha is eka and it is made manifold by union of different objects.Good and bad smells soft and very strong smells etc are the lakshana of gandha .Their functions are helping the different moorthy for worship of Brahma,and help in creation of those idols,and exist without dependence on other elements,and become base for water etc,and be helpful as divisor for separating and defining the limit of the other elements etc. and transform in the bhootha as male and female ,etc are functions of earth with smell as primary quality.All these are due to earth.the quality of aakaasa is sound and the receiver is ears.The receiver of vaayu is skin and receiver of thejas or light is eyes,receiver of rasa is toungue and that of gandha is nose.thus in each element as the qualities increase one by one ,earth ahs 5 ,water has 4,fire has 3,vaayu has 2,and akaasa has only one quality.when the mahaththwa ,ahamkara and earth were not moving and changing position,the Iswara who is with the karma of time sleeping in the milky ocean entered them and by the entry of divine power they united and lost their separateness .From the seven objects an egg was derived and that anda which was achethana is the viratpurusha and this brahmanda which conceives the Brahman within as the seed of entire prapancha was engulfed by ten times its quantity of flood waters .It was of golden colour and holes were formed in it as organs of viratpurusha.First the hole at fore end was formed and it became the face or mouth and from it agni as vaak was generated.Then was formed the nose and and from it praana,from eyes was generated the sun .from ears was generated the directions.from skin was formed the numerous hairs and from them the oushadhi and vanspathi and the generative organ.From generative organ was formed the semen and from it water .From the opening at the hind end was generated the apaana and from it was formed death .From the arms was generated strength and from it Indra ,the king of devas.Then the legs were formed and from them gathy(movement )was created. From the feet was born the Vishnu.then the naadi were formed for the viratpurusha.From it was formed blood and from it rivers.Stomach was formed and from it hunger and thirst and from them the oceans.then heart was formed and from it mind and from it the moon and then intellect

and from it aja(the Brahmaa)..From heart was generated ahmkaara and from it rudra.from chitha was born jeeva .For these sons there was no power to awaken the virat.therefore they did tapas in their own places.Only when jeeva entered the heart ,the viratpurusha awakened as if from the milky ocean with full strength .All other organs are having no strength or power to awaken and to know without jeeva .With bhakthy,virakthy,yoga practice and intellect ,wisdom one has to try to understand the Iswara who resides in this body as the Pratyagaathman . Mokshaniroopana:-When jeeva becomes attached to prakrithy he becomes proud of doership and bondage happens.Then sorrows and happiness and dualities happen.Such a person become bounded to samsaara and liberation does not occur to him.But if one observes ashtangayoga and concentrates mind and love all elements and living things as One ,and equal and Doinf swadharma lives peacefully and blissfully alone without hurting anything ,and totally unselfish,meditating on Athman as Brahman ,then liberation happens. Devahuthy asked:Jeeva and prakrithy are always together and the five elements are common to both.then how can one get kaivalya?May be someone may get reduction of fear but the cause of samsara being eternal how can one get total liberation? Kapila said:The concentrated meditation for long periods,purity of chitha ,swadharma without desires,and hearing of my stories and my keerthana for prolonged periods generating devotion which is pure and one-pointed gives viveka,vairagya and theevrayoga and then Samadhi and all attachments are burned as if wood by fire.All avidya is thus lost.For such a person there is no rebirth.For all others recycling in the great wheel of samsara happens.when the yogin is not concerned even for sidhi,he gets liberation by my love and compassion. Vaishnavayoganiroopan:- there are two types of yoga order.According to ones own strength,ashrama dharma and varnadharma , each one should do yoga .Doing ones duties without selfish desires,one should practice simple living and serve great people and sajjana.Aiming only moksha,without interest in the other three purushartha,keeping body and mind pure ,observing silence sit in a place where no one disturbs .Yama,niyama,asana,praanaayaama etc should be done according to yoga instructions.In iswarapranidhaana ,meditate my form as the most beautiful .the face as a lotus flower beautiful and smiling,eyes as red lotus petals,body as blue lotus,four hands with conch,wheel,lotus and mace,yellow silk dress,and sreevalsa in chest,with kousthubha,and garland of flowers on which bees sing ,different types of jewels ,and crown ,peaceful and happy countenance and feet which are worshipped by even the devaas,and always youthful state,is meditated .All my activities are meditated upon with their meanings analysed for getting fixity in me.Love and devotion make one concentrated in Bhagawan.When love is perfect ,one gets certain signs like tears of joy,etc and all ego is lost and see Athman in all and all in Athman just as me and that Thanmayeebhaava makes haribhaktha liberated without effort. Devahuthy asked:When does a person become free from all attachments ?For that what one should know?I have heard that if one cognizes your Kaalaswaroopa one can achieve that state.Tell me about it. Kaalaswaroopaniroopanam:- Kapila said:The different types of Bhakthy happen due to different types of guna like sathwa,rajas,thamas and their combinations in human beings.

The one with predominance of thamoguna has himsa,ego,competitions and anger,and he has feeling of separatism from me.He meditates on me for getting wealth,women,fame and other worldly things .the one with rajoguna predominance also has separate feelings and he worships me for removal of his sins.Sathwa predominat man meditate me to dedicate all his karma to me ,or for the desire to act according to the veda injunctions which he had heard .even he can have the feeling of dwitha or separateness.By just hearing my stories and my keerthana,mind like pure ganga flows into the ocean of me naturally and merge in me.I will tell you the lakshana of nirgunabhakthiyoga. The bhakthy which has no duality between Bhaktha and Bhagwan ,and which is causeless(Ahaithuki) and does not desire anything except me,is the same as Nirvaana.My devotees does not even desire the liberation.they want me alone .that type of causeless and desireless love is nirvana . Without selfishness do swadharma.Practice perfect ahimsa of mind,word and deeds.See me in all elements and all elements in me.Respect elders and great people.Have friendship in all.Have compassion to all.Practice yama niyama always.Hear adhyathmasasthra and my keerthana.have sajjanasamgha.Speak satya and do only dharma.Do not have the misunderstanding that this physical body is the Athman.without knowing me there is no point in doing mechanical rituals.The idol worship is inferior to this.But ,it is necessary since majority of people are unable to do the concentration on absolute truth which is approachable only to the sarvagna .Among the Brahmana ,the knower of veda is great.the knower of veda with its meaning is greater than him.The man who can remove doubts is greater than who knows meaning.And among such teachers the one who does swadharma is greater.Among the doers of swadharma the one without attachment is greater.And among such people nishkaamakarmi is more great.He has equal vision in everything and respects all elements alike and loves all alike.For those who have dualities and separateness the form of Bhagavaan as Kaala is fearful.Because they see it as death.For those with samadrishti,it is most beautiful vision and not fearful.Kaala or time is cause of everything and everything merges in it.It is that Vishnu which is even the creator of creator.sun arises wind moves and agni burns for fear of him only.All elements are doing swadharma according to his law.the seasonal changes in plants and in living and nonliving things is due to that kaalaswaroopa.The rain and fertility of earth,the food,the persistence of races and the sustenance of earth for all to share its wealth,and the entire functioning of the universe is by that kaalaswaroopa.The kalpa,yuga,manuanthara,samvatsara,months and paksha ,and weeks and days and nights the stars and everything follow the laws of time and cyclically repeat as that sudarsana wheel. It is the dharmachakra of me.It is the cause of birth and death of everything and also the cause for eternity.It is cause for bondage as well as liberation. Just like the clouds moving due to powerful winds does not know the power of wind,the people who come and go does not realize the power of kaala or time.The worldly wealth accrued with effort goes and comes with time.And generates sorrow and ego and pride .With family and wealth which is not eternal,and thinking that they are eternal,and thinking that I am this body,people cry over the loss of such things.And become proud when they acquire them.They remain attached to family and wealth and other worldly things and never understand the real truth .Even a worm rejoice in the environment it is born and its food,associations,sexual life and new generations.So what is there in all these

things for a human being who considers above worms,animals and birds?Nothing at all.They do sins and gets into sorrows again and again because of attachment to this samsaara .Living in a house,enjoying the temporary relations and temporary wealth and attached to them ,and thinking that I am this body,and hurting all others except own family/community/friends/etc and creating more and more selfishness in this world people fall into hell of existence again and again.The greed for wealth makes him sinner.When old age comes and efficiency decrease man becomes aware of the fact that none of his/her family really wanted him/her as a person but as a means of pleasure and acquisition of pleasure.Even then man does not leave samsaara and stick on to attachments suffering all insults and sorrows and illnourished and illcared for ,and afraid of diseases and death .With aamadosha and indigestion and a host of other diseases ,and phlegm blocking naadi and flow of vaayu obstructed ,and with difficulty in breathing ,even in deathbed human beings are attached to samsara life.At the time of death,by two or three muhoortha ,the soul travels 9009 yojana and at that time only the human soul remembers all the folleys he /she had done .And how she/he did forget own swaroopa and forgot to recite and think that swaroopa which alone is eternal.But there is no more time left.Already the cycle of rebirth is at work.And with that ,the wisdom during the bardo state of death is also forgotten.And the cycle repeats without any control.This type of Gathi is called Thaamasagathy andis characteristic of people having Thamasic predominance. For the rajasa predominant the gathi is different.Ego and ignorance are there in raajasic people .Desires to get what they wanted increase with age,and if they dont get it they do quarrel with others and even hurt others to get it.Mine,yours and such distinctions are strong.Karma or action without knowledge leads him to dualities of Maaya.The association is with people who try to fill stomach and the yoni with blissful experiences of various sorts .Therefore the path to thamas is open for rajasic people.But if with luck and kindness of God and earlier sathkarma,such a soul gets chance to be in company of people with good qualities(sajjana) the rajasic can become sathwik in course of time. Rajasik people should be aware of bad influences of contacts with womanizers and women with loose morals,because it is the worst danger to which they will be subjected.They should avoid contact with bad people .The only being who is not desirous of beauty of women is Narayana .He was not desirous of even the beauty of Apsara. All others including ,Shiva had at least once in their life become lured by womens beauty.Maaya is sthreeroopa.With one movement of her eye she can destroy the entire world .But she is under control of Narayana alone.The rajasic one who is careful not to get lured by such temptations and who has sradha in sajjanasamsarga and in acquisition of gnaana and mukthy only will get over the temptations.For women ,the maaya appears in male roopa and for men as streeroopa.therefore avoid illicit contacts and relation with opposite sexes.Control all sense organs.God is Eka .Know him as occurring in oneself and in everything. Such people do good deeds like construction of wells ,tanks,etc for daily use of all,and do good to society in various ways.they protect nature and its life because everything is God for them.By bhakthy,nishkaamakarma and yoga ,and by vedanthic thoughts ,virakthy etc whether in samsaara or sanyasa the rajasic person can attain sathwik state in time .Then gradually he can attain the nirguna state .the saguna,nirguna,the sakaama and nishkaama

are the four types of bhakthiyoga they have in God.Becaus eof combinations of these manifold rajasic methods of worships happen. Do not advice sasthra to the cruel,proud,and to the one who pretends as good but is not actually so,to the one who is having desires,not devoted,to those who hurts the devoted,etc .Even if we advice it will not give any effect or even produce opposite effects.This has to be adviced to the one with sradha,bhakthy,vinaya,maithry,preethy in listening,purity ,athmanusandhaana ,and saanthy,and nishta in sadaachaara ,and one who is free from envy and who is compassionate and loves entire creation.It will bear fruit in such people. Hearing the words of her divine son Devahoothy became free from all sorrows.She worshipped and praised him as her Guru as well as the Paramaguru Bhagavan .She was aware of her punya in having born such a son who is Guru to entire universe ,including his own mother .hearing her sthuthy ,Bhagavan Kapila was moved by the love and devotion of his mother and he said with this unshakable love in me you will reach moksha quite easily .With her permission Kapila then left his home to perform his life mission of spreading Samkhyathathwa in the world.Devahuthy followed the ashtangayoga which her son advised .In Iswarapranidhana she meditaed upon the ishtadevatha as her own son/Guru/Paramapurusha and as kapila said she attained brahmapada easily by that devotion and love.The place where she attained Brahmapada,as mother and first disciple of Kapila became Sidhasrama and she became a river in that area . Kapila became wellknown as the first samkhya and yoga teacher and the first Avathar of Vishnu to do teaching of samkhyayoga. Before Kapila and after Kapila who were the teachers of Samkhya ,yoga and Bhagavathathathwa? It starts from the great serpent King Adisesha as Samkarshana who in yogic Samadhi see Lord Naaraayana alone .The Adisesha was sworshipped by Sanaka and sanathkumara and the other kumara by songs ordered into raaga and with great devotion and received the knowledge from him.Sanathkumara taught it to his disciple Samkhyaayana.Samkhyaayana taught it to Geeshpathy and Paraasara.Paraasara taught it to Maithreya and Vyaasa.From Maithreya Vidura got the knowledge.And from Vyasa Suka and many of his disciples received it. Krishna himself taught it to Udhava,and Arjuna and many of his devotees. Hiranyagarbha ,the first being is the originator of Yoga.Rishabha and other bhaagavatha followed this yoga .Dhruva and Prahlada ,Janaka etc were all great yogins.Pathanjali was the codifier of this yogasasthra very late in history.Budha also followed this knowledge. In some of the pictures of Pathanjali we find him as partly Naaga and partly human.And in all yogins head a serpent hood is seen.The modern historians wherever they see a serpent hood say that it is not a Hindu God but is a Jaina or Budhist idol.In fact ,the serpent hood denotes that this is a person who has been following the most ancient yoga and samkhya and Bhaagavatha dharma which originated first with Adisesha,the bed on which Vishnu has his Samadhi state of Yoganidra.Pithamaha,the Brahma,who was born in his nabhi padma,enquired Him both outside in the gross external universes and then

internal in the subtle inner world.Yoga gives us a wisdom most subtle and internal and encompassing both the gross external universe and the subtle universe both inner and outer.For this one needs Thapas for a long period.The very fact that we are given that thapas and that wisdom shows that we are loved by God.Otherwise we would not be able to have such an inclination at all. The yogins are gnaani and sarvagna but they are the most innocent people one can see on earth.We find the kumara like sanaka ,sanandana etc as five year old children ,most innocent and having no other thought except onepointed devotion in Bhagavaan. The innocence of Dhruva as a child devotee is parallel to this.When Dhruva did austerities in Madhuvana,Lord appeared before him with a love and compassion for that innocent child,and just touched his cheeks with his conch,which is sruthiroopa.Just by that loving motherly touch ,Dhruva got all gnaana .Dhruva married the daughter of Simsumaara prajaapathy(Simsumaaara is Vishnu Himself) called Brami(Revolutions)and daughter of Vaayu called Ila (Earth). In Brami (revolution)which represents Time,he had two children Kalpa and Valsara(Kalpa is a great epoch and valsara is a small epoch of an year).In Ila(Earth)which represents space he had one son The Utkala.(The present Orissa )Thus with Dhruva as the fixed polestar of earth,and the king of India residing in Uthkala ,and cause of revolutions of earth and responsible for the spacetime calculation as well as continuum was born the Bhagavathadharma in India.The period of one polestar (Dhruvathaara)for earth is 36000 years according to Bhaagavathapuraana. Dhruva was taken to Vishnuloka by Vishnupaarshada (Nanda and Sunanda) and to this day he is worshipped as our polestar.Naming a star by a name of a king is seen for the first time in Bhagavatha.After Simsumara ,the entire starscape in the form of Vishnu,Dhruva the polestar of Earth and the saptharshi nearby ,and the 27 starclusters as wives of Chandra or moon are considered important for astronomical understanding of universe ,its gathy and position. Dhruvapada is Vishnupada itself.All compassionate and nonviolent people loving all alike and hurting no being at all can reach this Vishnupada with the blessings of Hari.The story of Dhruva was sang in the sacrificial hall of Prachethas by Narada with his lyre accompanied by beautifully made keerthana and music. Utkala was a gnaani and did not get interested in empire or crown or any worldly things .Therefore Valsara was the next emperor.He had 6 sons in his wife Swarveethi(The path to heaven).Their names were Pushparna,Thigmakethu,Ishan,Oorjan,Vasu,and Jayan. Pushpaarna had two wives Prabha and Dosha.For Prabha the three sandhya (morning,noon,and evening)became children.The children in Dosha were Pradosha,Niseetha and Vyushta.Vyushta had a son Sarvathejas in wife Pushkarini.Aakoothy was wife of Sarvathejas and her son was Chakshus.He is the Chakshushaprajapathy of Chakshusha Manuanthara. He was devoid of raagadwesha and a perfect yogi and he had in his wife Nadwala ,sons who were like him,without dualities of raagadwesha.They are the famous kings called Thritha,Dyumna,Puru,Satyavaan,Kutsan,Sibi,Rithavratha,Pradyumna,Unmukha and Agnishtoma and Athirathra.Some of these are mentioned in the veda and some are having names of sacrifices. Unmukha means one with a face lifted to higher realms.He had in his wife Pushkarini(Holy lakes)6 famous sons called Angan(After him Angadesa or Orissa

became famous),Krathu,Khyathy,Gayan (After whom the sacred place Gaya is named),Angiras(The most famous vedic rishi and to whose Guruparampara Krishna belongs)and Sumanas.Anga in Suneetha had a son called Vena.Because of his bad habits Anga left the empire and went to forests.Vena was killed by the Rishis because of his adharma.And they cloned the cells from his right arm and from his thigh.From the thigh a short human race with black skin ,short limbs,heavy jawbones ,slightly flat nose,and red eyes and blond hair was born .And he was made to rule as king of mountainous tracts and forests as Nishada and Nishadavansa(to which Guha of Ramayana as well as King Nala belong) and Kiraathavansa are his descendents .See how beautifully the anthropological features of a race is picturised by Vyaaasa in his epic.The branch of anthropology started in the west only after they had contact with India .The knowledge transfer was responsible for this from east to west. From the arms were born a male and a female Prithu and Lakshmi.Prithu is considered as Avathara of Vishnu.He is the first to institute a agricultural economy with agriculture,goraksha and vaanijya (the functions of Vaisya )protected by the king (Kshathriya) so that a unified Government administration happened and India became prosperous.The forest goods and transport through forest and mountainous tracts was under the rule of his brother king Nishaada.Thus a good system of trade ,commerce and selfsustained economy established during prithus rule.He established dharma and protected dharma of all people and ruled a unified empire in India.The feat of agricultural methods to increase production of food,the finding of the different minerals and metals for various uses and the settling of people in villages and urban centers,and townplanning with trade centers an dspecialisation of various professions etc are attributed to King Prithu .(ch 1-32 .4th sk Mahabhagavatha).If we cannot compare such statements of the epic with what archeological evidence we have right from Mehrgarh period to Harappan,IVC and Sathavaahana ,sangham,periods and beyond until the Vijayanagara period in a continuous manner,,it only shows that our views are not logical at all. Prithu was adviced the yogamathra by Sanathkumara himself. Prithu is a avathar of Vishnu .His wife was Archis .His sons are Vijithaswan,Dhoomrakesan,Harykshan,Dravinan and Vrikan.After transforming the empire into an economically selfsufficient united whole Prithu took to mokshamarga (Bhagavathadharma)and with his wife entered forest for vanaprastha and sanyasa.The austerities of Prithu were great and he first resorted to eating roots and then dry leaves alone ,and then water alone and finally avoiding even that he took to complete upavaasa.He entered Samadhi fixing chitha in Hari as Paramathmabhava and attained moksha.Archis entered agni as sathi .(The first sathi was the wife of Shiva ,but she did sathi not because of her husbands death but because of insult from her father .So this can be sonsidered as the first sathi mentioned in Bhagavatha). Vijithaswan was the next emperor.He gave east of empire to Haryaksha,south to Dhoomrakesa,west to Vrika,and north to Dravinas.And these brothers ruled empire as a whole each one looking after the affairs of the four directions.Vijithaswans wife Sikhandini had three sons who were Paavaka,pavamaana and suchi (the three agni in former janma).In another wife Nabhaswathy he had Havirdhaana.He abolished the habits of taking taxes,giving capital punishments,and giving fines etc saying that these are hurting his people.Havirdhana had 6 sons .Barhishath,Gaya,Sukla,Krishna,Sathya,and


Jithavratha.Among them Barhishath became great both in administration for welfare of people,and in yoga.His wife was Sathadruthy ,daughter of the oceans.For this Pracheenabarhis,in Sathadruthi was born the sons together called Prachethas.(10 of them).All of them were yogi and wentto the ocean,their maternal home and did austerity on Hari. The West coast of India is the place described as the thpovana and the Sindhu(ocean)shore to where they went.The great lake and its fauna and flora are described in detail and it is the description of the lowlying lakes of Kerala .The fishes,birds,animals etc are given in detail.The princes heard the beautiful music accompanied by Mridanga,Panava,and other musical instruments and were totally lost in the aesthetic beauty of that music.And from that lake they saw Lord Shiva emerging .Shiva adviced the Vaasudevamanthra to the Prachethas from the lakeshore of the west coast ,near the ocean. They had darsana and blessings of Hari . The first deforestation of western coast was started by them and the forest trees (Devatha of flora )gave him their daughter Marisha for stopping the destruction according to the advice of Brahma.The famous Daksha who had Brahmasaapa in previous birth,was reborn in her as the son of Prachethas. Vasudevamanthra and the yogopadesa which Shiva gave comprises sl 32-97 of 24th ch 4th skanda of Bhagavatha. Panchamaskanda Dhruva and his chronology is given thus in detail.Dhruvas father Uthaanapaada had a brother Priyavratha.The chronology of Priyavratha is then given in 5th skanda .If this detailed chronology and important historical events and its significance is known to an ancient people and if they have been giving over that history(Ithihasa and purana) to the successors ,what should one infer ? Brahma had Swayambhuva and Satharoopa created (The Adam and Eve comparison as in Bible).And Uthanapada and Priyamvratha were their sons.We saw the branching progeny of Uthanapada and his son Dhuva.Now the branching progeny of Priyamvada is given by sage vyasa. Priyamvratha married Barhishmathy ,daughter of Viswakarma the deva architect.He had 10 sons having the names of Agni,and a beautiful energetic girl called Oorjaswathy in her. (Agneedra,Idhmajihua,yagnabahu,Medhathithy,Mahaveera,Savana,Veethihothra,Kavi,Gh rithaprishta and Hiranyarethas .Kavi,Mahaveera and Savana became paramahansa from childhood itself.They became bhaagavatha and yogins with bhakthy in Mukunda).In another wife Priyamvratha had Raivatha,Uthama and Thaamasa (3 sons).They became Manu in later manuanthara. The progeny of Priyamvratha ruled the nation for 11 arbudha time.He was a great traveler of sky and oceans and he is responsible for division of globe into seven continents and seven oceans surrounding each continents.(Vasco da gama was only a very very late comer and that too one who knew only trade and commerce and not scientific details of sea voyage ).He gave the seven continents for his seven children to


govern and perform dharma .The daughter Oorjaswathy was married to Sage usanas or Sukra and Devayani was her daughter who later married king Yayathi .Agneedra was king of Jambudweepa the continent to which Bharathavarsha belongs.He had in the Apsara singer Poorvachithy nine children .They were Naabhi,Kimpurusha,Harivarsha,Ilavritha,Ramyaka,Hiranmaya,Bhadraswa,Kuru and Kethumaala. And they were first cousins of Dhruva .They married the daughters of Meru (Merudevi,Prathiroopa,Ugradamshtra,Latha,Ramya,Shyama,Naari,Bhadra and Devaveethi). When Nabhi ruled what is present Bharathavarsha was called Ajanaabhavarsha.Nabhi did austerities and wished for Vishnu to be born as his son.And compassionate Vishnu was pleased with his bhakthy and took avathaar in Merudevi as Rishbha .(The first Theerthankara of jaina).In Jayanthi,Daughter of Indra Rishabha had a hundred sons and the eldest one Bharatha ruled Ajanabhavarsha and after that it aquired the name of Bhaartahavarsha.(Even the history of the name of our nation is mentioned ).Nine of the sons (Ilavarthan,Malayan,Brahmavarthan,Kusavarthan,kethu,Indrasprik,keetakan and Vidarbhan )ruled over different parts of Bharathavarsha which is known by their names.Nine of the sons became famous Haribhaktha and paramabhaagavatha as navayogins (Kavi,Pippalayana,Hari,Prabudha,Dramila,Chamasa,Avirhothra and Anthariksha) and spread Haribhakthi and Bhaagavathadharma which was advised to them by their fathe Rishabha.Towards the end of his life Rishabha became an avadhootha and crossing Konkana,Dakshinakarnataka,traveled in south and in vangadesa and he was burned by forest fires while wandering in the Kudajaadri (in present Karnataka where the temple of Devi Mookambika stands .This was the ancient northern limit of Kerala ).By the birth of Vishnu as Rishabha the race of Priyavratha became pure and the descendents became great Krishnabhaktha singing and telling stories of Hari and spreading Bhagavathadharma.Rishabha demonstrated how to do naishkarmya in this birth.Whosoever heres his advices will become possesse d of Ekanthikabhakthy in Krishna. Bharatha married the daughter of Viswaroopa called Panchajani.They had five sons Sumathy,Rashtrabrith,Aavaranan,Dhoomrakethu and Sudarsanan.Nepal and the Ghandaki river in which the saalagraama are seen is described here.It is said that Bharatha wentto visit Pulaha rishi doing penance in the vicinity of this river.Pulaha was doing dhyana of Krishna when he saw the rishi. Bharatha accepted sanyasa there and while he was doing oblutions in Gndhaki river he saw a pregnant deer being killed by a hunters arrow and a small kid falling into the river from its womb and Bharatha with his compassion took up the cub and looked after it as his own son.During his moment of death ,because of attachment to the deer son,Bhartaha thought about only the deer and therefore he was born as a deer .But due to his great austerities he constantly remembered what had happened and how he was reborn as a deer.After that birth ,he was again reborn in the race of Angirasa as one of the twins (the other was a female child).Because of his former memory of attachment and its effects he was always leading a life of nonattachment and even when his father tried to teach him he could not pronounce the vedamanthra correctly.The rishi had nine children.When the rishi died and mother did sathi,the other brothers of Bharatah thought this is a mentally retarded useless one ,deaf and dumb and made him do all household duties and he did all without complaint.Outside appearance of the body was that of an ignorant unclean mentally retarded one,but he had


an enlightened Brahmamahas within .One day ,a soodra king wanted a man of perfect proportions to sacrifice eto Bhadrakaali and his servants saw Bharatah .They bathed and cleaned him and ornamented his body and took him to the Kaali temple Bharatha was not at all afraid and he was happily following whatever they asked .But seeing a Bhaktha and Gnaani like Bharatha being taken to the altar and being sacrificed,Kaali was angered and she appeared in her true form and killed the ones who were trying to kill him.Once ,king Rahoogana who ruled Sindhusouveeradesa was traveling along river Indumathy to reach kapilasrama to learn thathwa ,and Bharatha was taken as one of the carriers of his vehicle.Bharatha who was careful not to injure any jeeva ,even an ant under his foot ,due to his Ahimsa was slow to walk did not heed to orders to walk in the same pace as the other carriers.The king insulted him in severalways.He called bharatha as dead body(jada)mad(matha)etc and said he will give treatment for these.hearing the insults and not perturbed by them the Jadabharatha repliedWhat you said is true,I agree.Though there is weight for the one who I carry,I do not have it,because I am not the body,but Athman and therefore I do not have tiredness.Only the traveler has a goal.And I should be the traveler.Only then there is travel.I am not the traveler Because I am that Chidathma filling everything and everywhere and I have no where to go or come. But I have some doubt about what you called me as obese.the obesity and thinness are only for body.Not for the Athman.therefore only ignorant will call the Athman as obese. Fatness,thinness,sorrows of mind,fears,desires,hunger and thirst ,diseases,quarrels,eros,anger,old age,sleep,pride,etc are seen in all that is born .For all wih a birth and such a life there is death also.Therefore , my body is a jada (dead one)with birth and death .Our dharma as servant and master will be there only for a temporary period.Once the period is over that dharma also naturally ends.The order and servitude are temporary like the physical objects.If I become a king ,the name servant is lost from that day.And vice versa.the relation of master-seravnt is not eternal.The special duality of I am master and you are servant is a type of intellect which is not seen in the law of God,but only in worldly views.For the worldly law I am servant and you are king the master.But for me ,who is sometimes seravant,sometimes mad,sometimes dead(jada)etc your treatment will not be of any use .And for me as the changeless Athman it is not required either.For one with a sthabda or pramathachitha no siksha or teaching will become fruitful .And for athma which knows everything ,the worldly teaching is of no either way what you called me is correct. Rahoogana knew his folly in not recognizing the yogin in this praakrith man and he prostrated before the sage asked for yoga upadesha and Bharatha gave upadesha to Rahoogana.The advice of Bharatha is the ekanthika vasudeva dharma itself. The Bhagavad padi as a river flows from the feet of Vishnu with four branches arising from Meru .The four branches flow to four sides in Vardhi.They are Chakshus(present Oxus)Seetha,Alakananda,and Bhadra.Seetha falling down through the Gndamadana mountains,and the middle of Bhdrachalavarsha reaches the eastern ocean .Chaksusha through Malyavaaan mountain ,and middle of Kethumaal reaches the western ocean.Through Sringavan mountains and northen Kuru ,flowing north,Bhadra falls in the ocean.Alakananda through south of Brahma mountains through several places and Hemakoota flows through Bhaartaha bhoomi and reaches the southern ocean.Bharathabhoomi is for experience of karmaphala.In all the nine varsha and seven


continents Hari alone lives .In Ilavritha Shiva alone is seen as male and all others are females.Shiva is the 4th Thaamasa moorthy of Vishnu .For highest Samadhi state Shiva gave the samkarshanamanthra . Ajaamilamoksham There was a Brhmin in the land called Kanyakubja(Kanouj).He was attracted to a dasi and married her.He lost all interest in vedic swadhyaya,pooja and devotion to God and became a samsaari and was immersed in worldly life.He didnt do his sandhya,did dishonest deeds life dice,thefts etc and amassed wealth for his wife and children in all bad ways.He did hurt men animals and birds just for his selfish needs.In this way he lived upto eightyeight years.During his old age he begot a child and named him Narayana.Both the parents were very fond of this infant son who was born to them in old age.Seeing his playful infancy,hearing his words,giving him food and bathing him and putting him to sleep the old man became too much attached to him.He never had loved his other children like that because he was busy making money when they were born.The child was always with the old man and every moment the father used to call him Narayana,Narayana.And he always remembered the child and his name.The time came for his death.The messengers of Dharmaraja arrived.Seeing those three Dharmapaarshada the old man was afraid and he instantly remembered his son and called outNrayana.Naraayanaa.Immeadiately four paarshada of Hari arrived .all of them with beautiful lotus eyes,yellow garments and four arms wearing conch,wheel ,padma and mace and youthful looking in all respects like Hari himself.They prevented the Yamakinkara from taking Ajamila.Yamadhootha said:-Who are you?Your light makes us blind.Why do you prevent us who are doing our dharma? The vishnuparshada said with a smile:-If you are messengers of Dharmarajan tell us the dharma with its lakshana.How is the punishment done?Which is the place where it is given?Are the people who implement the dharma also subject to such punishment?If not so,will not they become just a few among the human race? The yamadhootha replied:-Whatever is said in the veda is dharma.Whatever is not in veda must be adharma.Veda is the same as that swayambhoo Vishnu.Our Dharmadeva has told us so.Naaraayanan is that supreme Lord who have in his own swadhaama this entire prapancha with thriguna .The night,day,dharma,directions,water and other bhootha are the witness of entire jeevajaala.They know every ones dharma and give punishment for the adharma.Everyone has to suffer the punishment or reward according to their own karma.This janma is only the image of the previous one .The praanivarga are born with the tendencies of previous birth and do karma because of that.This Brahmana was a honest and vedic scholar and had controlled his senses ,but seeing a daasi who was entertaining a man ,drunk,naked and singing and dancing ,he lost all his control and becoming her servant married her.Because she didnt like his way of Brahmnic life,he sacrificed all his good ways just for pleasing her and amassed wealth in the way she suggested him to do.He became so low in his life that he forgot God and lived the life of even less than an animal.Now the time has come for us to take him to where his rightful place is.By being there and having proper punishment he will become pure again.


Vishnuparshada said:-Even in the minds of dharma protectors adharma has entered.This man might have done a crore of sins in this janma or in pastjanmas but by calling out the name of Naraayanaa all his sins are lost and he has become purified.By calling Narayana once sins disappear.If it is repeated he is liberated.This man called out Narayana,Narayana repeating twice .You yourself said that your Dharmadeva has instructed you that Narayana himself is Veda and by doing what is in the veda is dharma.So,this janthu(jeeva)has done what is ascribed by veda by calling out Narayana and he is liberated .We have to take him to our Lords dhama.His place is there. In this way Ajamila was liberated. Prahlaaadacharitham When Jaya and Vijaya ,two of the Parshada of Vishnu were cursed by the Sanakaadi Rishi,they were born as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipu. Hiranyaksha was killed by Vishnu in his Varaha avathara.Hiranyakasyapa did severe penance and Brahmadeva gave him boons that he will not be killed by man ,animal,inside or outside ,day or night ,by weapons so that he enjoyed victory over all the worlds.He insisted that everyone should meditate on his name only .And the life became miserable for deva,rishi and good men and women on earth.They went to SriNarayana and meditated on him:Om Namo Bhagavathe Thubhyam Purushaaya Mahathmane Visudhaanubhavaananda Sandohaaya yathobhayam. Bhagavan told them that a pious son will be born to the Asura with the famous name of Prahlada and through him,the Lord himself will kill Hiranyakasipu. During a Devasurasangrama while the asura were in hiding ,Narada had helped Kayathu,wife of Hiranyakasyapa ,who was pregnant at the time ,to protect her infant embryo by giving her protection in his ashram.The infant embryo in her womblistened to Harinaama and keerthana of the great Muni ,and became a devotee of Vishnu even while he was in the womb of his mother.This child was born as Prahlada. From his infancy he showed his rare qualities.He was sathwik,and helped all with compassion,and had an equality in all living things .He worshipped Guru like God,and people were treated as if a father.He was learned in veda and sciences and had a humble demeanour and was loved by all .He always enjoyed in Harinama.His toys were not like other children.He made a idol of Krishna and played with it ,worshipping it and singing to ot.Many a time he was seen in deep meditation and Samadhi state like a yogi.Or he will be singing keerthana in a emotional ecstacy with tears of joy in eyes . Sukra was the Guru of asura race.In Hiranyakasipus palace two of the sons of Sukra(Sounda and Arka)were teaching children .Once Hiranyakasipu took Prahlada on his lap and asked what did your Guru teach you.He said:I think it is better to go forest and meditate on Narayana than living in this dark well of world where people are mistakenly identifying body as Athman and getting bound to it forever. The king thought my little son is being taught the love of Hari by Brahmins who have come specifically for that purpose.The teachers were asked to be careful .The teachers


afraid of their plightasked the childPrahlada,Who taught you this?Is it natural in you or does any one tell you this? Prahlada said:That Iswara who makes us subjects to his Maaya of illusionary ego like mine and yours ,Tht Hari ,who is Lord of everything, Namaskaaram.When that Bhagwan is compassionate in a man,the maya of mine yours etc ends and the animal intelligence is destroyed .Even the creators of scriptures have been put under the illusion of mine and Thine.By my luck,that Lord had made my mind different from other children of his.Just like a piece of iron by a magnet,my mind is always moving to that Lord Chakrapaani.. The teachers wereafraid.They gave him several types of punishments and tried to stop him from uttering the name of Vishnu.Thay said in the vansa of sandalwood of Hiranyakasipu,such a thorny tree has been created for their destruction.The child learned Dharma,Artha,and other vidyas quickly but he never stopped uttering the name of Vishnu and the mokshamarga.Once his mother after bathing him and giving new dress sent him to see his father.The king embraced the child and putting him on his lap ,kissing and with tears of joy in his eyes asked My dear son,what good things you learned from your teachers?Tell me ,your loving father.. The child said:- The Purusha who does the navavidhabhakthy(nine types of bhakthy) like paadasevana,archana,athmanivedana,vandanam,keerthanam,sakhyam,smrithy,dasyam and hearing his naama ,and one does these with sradha and sacrifices everything in Bhagavan,the best will be to learn this marga. The lips of the cruel father twitched in anger and he was angry at the teachers.Why did you teach such things to my child?Are you a spy of my enemy? The Guruputhra said: I havent taught him these.No one else has taught him this too.This is a natural knowledge in him.Please do not be angry with us. Then th eking said to his son:-Hey,killer of ones own race,If this opposite intellect was not created in you by your teachers,from where did you derive this?Tell me the truth. The child said with folded hands:-If a person who is living in the pleasures and attachments of a home ,develops a onepointed devotion in Bhagwan,it cannot be from another ,nor is it from oneself and not by mutual help of these two.Those impure chethas or intellects who think the external objects are the truths,will never get the wisdom of Bhagvan Mukunda.They are bound in the threads of samsara made of Iswara as if a blind leading a blind forever.Until the dust from the feet of pure souls fall on their mind,their minds are not likely to enjoy the feet of Krishna That was too much for the egocentric father and he asked his soldiers to kill the child taking him to a far off place.The child is a servant of the one who killed my brother and even at the age of five he has joined the side of enemy and therefore he has to be disposed of as early as possible.The king said.He thought of his deed as a surgeon removing a organ which is harmful to the existence of the body. The soldiers did hurt the child in many ways.But the child was not shaken by the pain or injuries.He remained in Vishnu with unshakable love,devotion and faith.By fire,elephants,serpents with poison,sword,and by pushing down a high mountain,putting to jail without food or water,burying in the soil,and tieing with strong choir and then


immersing in water The soldiers did all sorts of things to kill a five year old child.When Hiranyakasipu heard of this he became thoughtful.The child could not be killed by my strong soldiers.He has liberated himself by his own power from all such attempts.What a wonderful thing to happen!Though a small baby he is so fixed in his pure intellect .He is like Sunashepha in the veda ,who was saved from death.My son has immense power in him and is fearless and Deathless .If I am an enemy to this child of mine,Mrityu can happen to me,not to him Then according to the advice of the sons of Sukra ,Prahlada was bound by Varunapaasa and given punishment of learning what the Guru teach him in that bound state.But ,whatever they taught had duality and Prahlada did not agree to learn them.When the other children of the Guru called him to play with themPrahlada called them to his side and with a disarming smile started to give them advice.All the children forgot their toys and sat around Prahlada and learnt what he taught .The children fixed their heart and eys in this divine child and loved him .By that love Prahlada was moved and in his natural friendship and compassion he told them:The scholars should start to do Bhagavathadharma during childhood itself.It is difficult to get the human birth.But ,it also is temporary and will end.The best is to dedicate oneself at the feet of Madhava,who is the friend,God and Athman of everything.There is no point in acquisition of external wealth which will not last.It is just wasting the life.The dedication of life to feet of Vishnu gives us eternal endless bliss and that is the real wealth.Before the health dwindles by old age,the intelligent one should start aquiring this wealth as early as possible. If one has a hundred years of lifespan,half of it goes in vain for a person who is not having control of his senses(in sense pleasures).Every day ,half is lost by the sleep which is inevitable.In infancy and childhood and adolescene man wastes twenty years in useless play .For one who has not controlled senses the rest of life is wasted in desires of women,children,wealth etc.How does a Athman who is brought up in such an environment in a house ,bounded to desires of several types becomes able to free his senses and get Mukthimarga? My friends,Which is dearer than the praana? We find the thiefs and the traders and their servants trying to make money even if the praana is lost .We find men remembering the lovely women and their union in solitude and the attachment to them forever.We find the attachment to children and grandchildren and to different types of pleasures in houses, to profession,and to the world among worldly people around.The pleasures of the toungue,eyes,nose,ears,and skin and generative organ is neverending for living things.Continuing this cycles of temporary attachments people waste the entire lifespan.What they think as their wealth is not theirs at all.Even the scholars are under the influence of this misunderstanding that external objects are their wealth.Such people become powerless to know the swaswaroopa. The one who is attached to external objects is never liberated and becomes a playing monkey for vishayasukha.He becomes a chain of sons to the endless generations of samsaara.Therefore,my friends,Leave the attachment to your Daitya race and its attachment to external body and worlds and dedicate yourself to Vishnu He is mokshaswaroopa.He is in every element and everything is in him.Therefore if you pleases him,you will be liberated and saved.That Paramathman is Nitya,and


Eka.Whatever is seen as many is actually that Eka only.Therefore be compassionate and loving to all living things.By love and compassion toall Hari is pleased.If that Bhagwan is pleased nothing more is there to be gained.We,who drink the nectar of his feet do not desire anything,not even the mukthy or nirgunabrahma state.For us dharma and athmavidya and everything is Hari alone.The logic,sciences and the several professional knowledge which people follow are only relative truths for us and absolute truth isHari who is truth of all truths.therefore dedicate everything in him.In the past Narayana ,the friend of Nara adviced this to Narada ,the Brahmarshi.This is the Aikanthikagnaana .This Bhagavathadharma and the pure Ekanthikagnana I learnt from Narada directly. The friends of Prahlada said:-Prahlada,You like us is a child.And we have been learning only under these two Guruputhra only.And how did you get the learning from Narada in the Antha:pura of your mother where fearing your father no rishi ever comes?This is unbelievable.Tell us how you saw Narada and and got his advice ? Then Prahlada tells his friends how Indra was taking his pregnant mother as prisoner to kill the child within and how Narada saved his mother saying that the child is the greatest Vishnubhaktha to be born ever and thus changing Indras mind.Narada adviced dharma,and Advaitha to the pregnant mother.My mother forgot them immeadiately .But I still remember them.For children and women if they have concentration in this knowledge,pure intellect will be attained .Therefore listen to my words. By time or kaala which is Isaswaroopa ,just like the plants get flowers and fruits by seasonal times, the body gets the six bhava like birth ,death etc.They are not of the Athman.Athman is sudha,nitya,eka,avyaya,kshethragna,and ultimate cause and nonattached and with no action,and omnipresent ,unmanifested,muktha ,and budha. .These are the 12 signs of Athman.Withthese 12 signs one should avoid,the feeling of mine,and I in this body and its enjoyments.The Athmagna ,like a expert goldsmith has to separate athman(gold)from its impurities so that it becomes worth for great karma.For this one should resort to yogathanthra.Eight prakrithy,three guna and eight vikara are that of prakrithy and Athman is Eka.The best and easiest method for concentration is to do service of a sadGuru,dedication of all,devotion,archanm of God,association with good people,sradha in stories of Isa,His gunakeerthan,meditation of his lotus feet etc.Win the desires and worldly attachments by such means and with love become one with Vaaasudeva.When the love in Vasudeva become fixed as rathi,hearing and uttering his names and stories and singing and listening to his keerthana one becomes ecstatic,with tears of joy,sometimes laughing ,sometimes crying,and dancing ,sometimes in deep mediating moods,and all the time chanting his names in mind .When this state is attained Bhagavan is pleased and all impurities of vasana are removed and one merges in bhagavan.Hari exists everywhere and in everything.Only Hari is worth attaining.Other things are of no use . The asura children heard his words with happiness and concentration and everyone of them became devoted in Ekanthikabhakthimarga.Seeing this the son of Sukra,their teacher was terror-struck.He went and complained to the king about what had happened.Prahlada was brought to his father.Seeing him in a terrible fit of anger Prahlada was not afraid and he stood there with folded arms in front of his father with a smile .


Hiranya asked:-The three worlds are afraid of just a turn of my eye.How can you be so fearless of me?Whose power is this? Prahlada said:-Father,The one who is the Lord of all worlds is my power.He protects me as well as you and all elements.Do sacrifice your aasura ego .He will protectyou with his power. Hiranya said:-You are inviting death.Fool,unlucky one,If there is such a powerful Lord to protect you where is he?You say he is everywhere.Is he in this pillar too? Prahlada prostrated before that pillar and said ,yes ,he is in this pillar too. Hiranyakasipus anger knew no bounds.He said ,let me see whether what you say is true and after that I myself will kill you.He hit on the pillar and a sound emanated from it which echoed everywhere.Hari came out of it in a wonderful form half man half lion,and killed Hiranyakasipu.Even after killinghim the rage of Narasimha did not decrease.To make him peaceful Brahma,Shiva,Indra,Rishis,Pithrus,sidha,vidhyadhara,naaga,Manus,Prajapathis,Gandharv a ,chaarana,yaksha ,kinpurusha ,vaithalika ,kinnara ,vishnuparshada sang his keerthana .But he was not appeased.Even Lakshmi was afraid of going near this samharamurthy which she was not familiar with.Prahlada slowly went up to him and did keerthana.His sthuthy made the Lord peaceful.Prahlada in his sthuthy says ten methods for moksha.They are Mouna(silence),vratha ,srutham,adhyayanam,living in a secret place away from the worldly people,doing swadharma,japa,and commenting the scriptures in different ways,Samadhi .(Do this in practical life and one will be liberated). The blessing Bhagawan gave Prahlada was ,for the past 21 generations your race has become purified by your birth in their progeny(thus giving purification to Hiranyakasipu also) and the Keekatadesa were you are born is also purified by your birth.they will not hurt any jeeva whether highborn or lowborn seeing me in all. How Prahlada learns Paramahansadharma from banks of Kavery:Once Prahlada with his trusted ministers were traveling to observe the conditions of his subjects.In the Sahyadri on the banks of the river Kaveri he saw a rishi ,who had dirtied his body lying on the ground but with a great thejas emanating from him.By form,word,action,or varnasramadharma no one could determine his race or identify him.Prahlada respected that rishi and asked:- You are seen with a fat body pointing out that you have good food by effort to aquire them.Only one who does his profession/job can get such good food.Daily good food must be the reason for your fatty body.But I see you lying on earth and very lazy and inactive.And the wealth for good food is not seen here.And desire for good bed is not seen in you.I see people engaged in aquiring money by different methods,every day.But I have not seen a person like you.Tell me your reason for such a life. The rishi smiled and said:-Man has pravrithy and nivrithy.Both has place in the center of the adhyathma eye.Seeing everything with that divine eye,You are popular and a leader among Aryajana is known to me.By the causeless devotion which arose in your interior for Hari,that Hari himself residing within you remove ignorance make it enlightened.Yet I will answer you,because for every soul which is pure,you are the worthy person to converse with.I was born in several yoni due to actions of several births.By punyakarma good janma and by paapakarma bad janmas are given by this human birth.It gives


gnanayoga and moksha too.Seeing husbands and wives trying to obtain pleasure from samsara getting opposite effect of sorrow from it ,I decided to gat out of samsara.Bcause mind creates all union with external things,to control mind I sleep on earth.Desires in wealth and health and life people live in constant fear.Seeing this around I decided to get away from such desires.My two Guru are the honey bee and the python.From them I learned vairagya and bliss.Honeybee taught me nonattachment from desires.The one amass wealth(like honey)will be killed by another who is lazy and who wants wealth .From python which eats when something is obtained and then lazily lie down without any effort to obtain its next food unless something comes its way,I too take food that comes my way(yadrichayaa) and happily and with content lie down like this.I dont consider the taste ,quality or preparation of what I get to eat .It keeps me satisfied whatever it is .I am not eager to have a house of my own or wealth of my own and am satisfied by this earth itself to get a good sleep.I am not interested in silk,decorations or jewels to bedeck this perishable body .Whether it is dirty rags or pure silks I am equally satisfied in both.I have done chithavrithinirodha and maaya is sacrificed in satya and being self luminant I have attained my Athmadarsana in Samadhi state and live like this.My life is secret and seems to be beyond the scientific vedic injunctions but this is what is called Paramahamsadharma. (This was the dharma Jadabharatha also followed and advised to Rahoogana). Gajendramoksha The story of King Indradyumna and his rebirth as an Elephant in Dravidadesa and his liberation by the compassionate Vishnu is seen in the 8 th skanda of Bhagavatha.The 2nd chapter of this skanda begins with the description of the Thrikoota mountain on which Lanka and Southern India rests with Milky ocean around .The three peaks of gold ,silver and iron of the Thrikoota is described.There are minerals,precious stones ,various types of trees and plants with wonderful flowers and fruits,the songs of rivers and quickflowing rivers,this Mountain which is washed by ocean looks green like an emerald .In its caves the kinnar,gandharva,vidyadhara,sidha,charana,uraga(serpents),apsara live ,singing and dancing and enjoying.The echo of lions roar,the eco of lovely music,songsof birds,and smell of different flowers ,and breeze that bring it makes it beautiful.The seashores with white sand,several freshwater lakes,flowers like parijatha,chempaka etc,trees like coconut ,mango ,palms and vines of different types,plantain trees etc are all described just as exists even now in our land.The names of the fauna and flora is faithfully recorded. In a freshwater lake with lot of lotus,and with shores having ramacha,attuvanchi,kadamba,jasmine,asoka,punnaga,sireesha,sathapathra,inguda,ilanji,na aga,jaathi,kubjaka,suvarnayoothi(golden kurinji),kudajam etc a herd of elephants came to drink water and to bathe.The leader of the elephant herd was captured from underneath the lake,by a big and cruel crocodile .The other members of the herd ran away leaving him to his fate ,though they tried for some time to help him out of the clutches of the enemy.Even after they left,the elephant ,though hungry and hurt,remained unperturbed and for several days ,worshipped Purushothama with lotus flowers (in the lake)mentally praying and remembering the beautiful form and names of Lord and tears flowing from his eyes.Even the devas were astonished seeing this.He remembered the manthra which he had been doing nityajapa in his previous janma even in his animal birth and did


maanasajapa and keerthana with flower offerings.Then Vishnu surrounded by his paraivara on his vehicle Garuda,with his sudarsana chakra in hand.The chakra killed the crocodile and liberated the elephant from his grasp. The elephant after singing the glories of Vishnu was elevated to the Gandharvaloka.His form with four arms and yellow dress and equal to Hari was seen by all devas and rishis assembled there. The elephant in his previous birth was King Indradyumna of Pandhyadesa ,in Dravidam,and was agreat devotee of Vishnu who performed severe austerities.H ewas worshipping wih ekanthikabhakthi in his thapas on the mountaintop .He was having vow of silence.Sage Agastya who came with his disciples was angry ,because in his thapas ,the king did not notice the rishi and did not say a word or do his paadapooja.The sage cursed him to become an elephant ,dumb and having elephant intelligence only.Thus he became an elephant in next janma.But since he Had not done any wrong,God gave him the memory of austerities and the manthra he was doing maanasajapa even in that animal life.And this memory of poorvajanma gave him liberation through the compassionate Vishnu. 8th skanda then proceeds with the Paalaazhimathana and the Koorma,Dhanwanthari,VishnuMohini avathara ,the story of Shiva being lured by Mohinis beauty so that his semen fell(which resulted in birth of Lord Ayyappa according to Kerala tradition),and then to story of king Mahabali and avathaar of Vaaamana ,and the story of Dravida King Satyavratha and the story of flood and avathara of Matsya .Thus the entire 8 th skanda ,from Thrikoota mountain description,and surrounding milky ocean,and the stories associated are in and around the south and central India or Deccan plateau,Sahya ,Dravida and Lanka .Mahabali ruled from Mahishmathy in the Narmada valley which is the original kingdom of yadava king Krithaveerya and after him his son who was given Kerala by Parasurama and his kingdom existed from Narmada basin to entire southern India as a single Janapada till Budha period and continued to exist until the Vijayanagara period with some degree of continuity of its lost glory is to be remembered here. It is said that the Kaisiki vrithy(music,dance and drama )as Bharathakala was originated when Mohini danced with soft music and the science of Ayurveda originated with birth od Dhanuanthari.Both these,the art of medicine and the arts of iyal,isai,natakam had been and is still a very important element in the cultural lifestyle of people of South India and of Kerala shows an element to be appreciated in Vyasas factual account.And the celebration of Onam (sravanam)in the Tamilspeaking south India during sangham period and now restricted only to Kerala is also a historical relic which connects the rule of emperor Mahabali . Story of Vaamana and Mahabali. Brighuvansa was the Guruvansa of Mahabali.They were pleased with the good administration of Mahabali,the grandson of Prahlada,and son of Virochana.They decided todo the Viswajith yagna for him so that he becomes Indra and attain swarloka.He was given a chariot with golden covers,horses equivalent to that of Indra,and flags with symbol of Lion on it,and golden divine bow with a quiver which has endless arrows and kavacha unbreakable .His grandfather Prahlada presented him with a garland which will never fade.Sukra gave a beautiful conch.He went to the Indrapura which is surrounded by


the famous Ganga and fortified by forts and palaces.It was very prosperous and its prosperity is described by Vyasa .Indra hearing his Guru Brihaspathys words that Bali has done 100 Aswamedha and is very powerful it is better to leave the empire and go in hiding went out of that prosperous abode and left it for Mahabali . Hearing her sons plight and seeing his stste of isult,Adithy wanted to have a younger brother to Indra and she did austerity to get Mahavishnu as her son.She did payovratha to get Mhavishnu as her son. In the Month of Simha (sun in Simharasi)nakshathra Thiruvonam(sraavanam )and thithy Dwadasi,in the auspicious muhoortha of Abhijith Vishnu was born to her.All the stars and graham were in good positions denoting success and the dwadasi on which Bhagavan Vamana was brnis designated vijayadwadasi.When the son was born all the deva,gandharva and apsara sang divine music withaccompaniment of instruments and danced.All elements did keerthana of Vishnu.The boy was short in stature and shortlimbed.Kasypa did his upanayana.Surya himself adviced Gayathri ,Brihaspathy gave Brahmasoothra,Kasypa tied the katisuthra,Earth gave krishnajina to wear,Moon gave the danda(stick which Brahmachari carry),Adithy gave the koupeena,sky gave an umbrella.Saraswathy gave Akshamala,Kubera gave bhikshapathra,saptharshi gave kusa grass,Brahma gave kamandalu,Ambika herself gave bhiksha.He did homa of ghee in agni with all these signs of Brahmacharya and went to the Yagasala of Mahabali. The yagasala was on the northernbank of Narmada river,in the famous Brighukacha .Every one saw the child Vaamana with slendour of a rising sun approachingthe yaagsaala.They wondered Who is this?Is it Sanatkumara?Or Agni ?Or could it be sun itself? With his umbrella and his kamandalu the young Brahmachari entered the yagsala.Everyone got up and worshipped the young Brahmin boy ,resplendent as a second fire in the sacrificial place .Mahabali welcomed him and gave respectable seat for him to sit.He washed the Brahmins feet with devotionand respect and the theertha after washing Vishnus feet was worn by him on his head.That moment itself the great king attained mukthy. Bali saidBy having you in my home I am blessed.May I know the reason why you have come to me?Whatever you want I will give that to you.Whether it be gold,cows,dwelling places,food and drink ,chariots ,villages and horses ,elephants ,precious stones etc,tell me without hesitation.That will be yours. Hearing the honest ,truthful words of Mahabali Vishnu was pleased.He saidYour words are truth,dharma,which gives fame to your vansa.For you the brighus and your ancestor Prahlada are examples .Therefore in your race no one who is adharmic or dishonest will be born.Your grandfather is like a moon in your race.Even when the bold Hiranyaksha was won over by Hari,Hari never had an ego that I had won this bold one.When Hiranyakasipu came searching for his brothers killer to Vaikunta Vishnu with his yoga became sookshma and entered his own body .Hiranyakasipu being always external in vision did not search internally for Hari.Therefore he never saw Hari.From his interior as the rethas Hari came out as Prahlada and had to show his external manifestation as Narasimha f or his fathers emanicipation.Your father Virochana worshipped all Brahmins.Even when an enemy comes to him in the disguise of a Brahmin,knowingly Virochana gave them all they needed.You have such great ancestors in your vansa.And


great Brighus are your teachers.You are famous for your daanaseela.I heard of that and came to ask for just three feet of bhoomi from you,measured with my own feet. Mahabali said:- Child,You are too innocent.I am the overlord of the entire earth.I can give you an entire island or several islands .But you,as if you are foolish ,is asking for just three feet ,that too with your tiny feeet.Ask for better things because a person who comes to me for a need should never go to any other person for any need. Vishnu said:-For one who has controlled his senses anything in the three world is desired.If I am not happy and contended with three feet earth,I wont be satisfied with several dweepa too.The contentment is a mental state only and do not depend upon the external wealth.The one with one island wants two ,the one with seven islands wants nine and desire increases forever.Artha and kaama makes one bound to samsara.I need only three feet and with that I am satisfied.Please do give me only that.No more.No less. Mahabali ,smiling took his waterpot to give the land (Until the British /European rule the land deed was done as Neerattiperu in Kerala just as Mahabali did during the bhagavatha days). Mahabalis Guru Sukra with his yogadrishty saw that the Brahmin boy is none other than Vishnu.He asked Mahabali not to give anything to him,because he has come to stop the yagna .But Mahabali was a truthful king and he did not go back on his word. Om is satya.Pronuoncing Pranava I had promised the Brahmachari that I will give him whatever he asked for I will not break that word.I am the grandson of Prahlada ,the greatest devotee of Bhagvan Vishnu.You are Brahmins who worship Vishnu and if you say that Vishnu is your enemy your yagna,krathu etc are not useful .I will give everything to Vishnu ,and do my dharma and protect truth .Vishnu could have killed me and takeneverything from me if he wanted.Instead he has come to me and asked me to give what I have and I give it with happiness. Sukra was unhappy and angry and cursed that honestand truthful disciple for insulting him,:-You have an ego of scholarship and has disobeyed my words and insulted me.Therefore let your Aiswarya be destroyed in this moment. Mahabali gave the land with water.His wife Vindhyavali came wearing pearl ornaments and water in a golden pot and washed Vishnus feet.King himself washed his feet and divine beings sang and played instruments with dancing and praised the great King Mhabali and his truthfulness anddharma.Vishnu then took his viswaoopa and with one feet measured the seven loka from Athala below,and the above worlds with second feet. Mahabali saw the seven underworlds in his sole of feet,earth in feet,mountains in ankles,minerals in calf,maruths in his thighs,sandhya in dress,main daithya in guhya,prajapathy in buttocks,akasa in nabhi,in stomach seven oceans,in chest the garlands of stars,dharma in hridaya,ritha and satya in breasts,moon in mind,and in the middle of chest Padmadevi wearing padma.In the neck sabda with repha,in arms Indra and other kings,in ears the devas of directions,heaven in head ,clouds in hair,praana in nose,sun in eyes,agni in mouth.In his word he saw saraswathy and veda,in toungue oceans,in the browswere vidhi and its nishedha,in eyelids were day and night,in agna (forehead)was his anger,and in lower lip greed,and in skin kaama,and in rethas waters,.In the back was adharma,in his walk was adhwara,in shadow was yama,in smile the Isamaaya,in hairs oushadi vanaspathy,and in naadi the rivers,in nails stones,in intellect Aja,and in in sense organs the deva ,rishi,and gnani,all moving and immobile elements in his body.He saw everything in that Athmaroopa .All the daityas saw that wonderful form


of Bhagavan.They saw the great lightening of sudarsana and the sound of conch Panchajanya around and the great Sarnga bow ,mace called koumodaki,The sword called Vidyadhara with peacock eyes,and quivers of unending arrows.The entire deva with rishi and their retinue were with him along with vishnuparshada.The bright crown,kundala,kousthubha,angada,sreevalsa,golden ornaments and yellow silk dress and the beautiful flowery garland around which bees sing ,he stood there as Thrivikrama ,Urukrama.He measured earth and heavens and ten directions as well as the mahar,jana and thapoloka.There was nothing to be measured with the third feet . Seeing the feet of Vishnu measuring the created prapancha,the creator Brahma himself washed it with water of his kamandalu and the water flowed as SwarGanga from Haripaada.The asura chiefs were ready to fight with the Vishnuparshada.Remembering the curse of Sukra,Mahabali called Viprachithy and Rahu and the other chiefs and asked them to stop war.No one can win over the Iswara who is kaalaroopa and when time comes every system has to succumb to another.Army,ministers,intellect,forts,manthra and medicines are of no use when it is bad times .Only if God bless us we can win and at this hour God is not on our side .Therefore do not think that you can win by mere strength of arms. Garuda bound Mhabali with Varunapaasa ,Vaamana asked Where is the third feet which you promised me? Mahabali being sthithapragna did not feel insulted.He saidI did not say any dishonest word.You can put your feet on my head .I am not afraid of anything whether it is living in hell,loss of power,sorrow,loss of wealth,or in death from your hands.The death from your hands will be the greatest boon I can have because you are the greatest of all greats.The punishment from you is the one which one canot get even from parents .You are the paramaguru who gives shiksha to me indirectly.The asura race is naturally proud by vaasana.Yet you gave many of us that rare and sweet devotion which gave us a greatness and freedom from pride.Even those who had opposite bhakthy in you were actually given liberation by you.I was attracted by your greatness and that was the reason why I became bounded by this Varunapaasa.I am not ashamed of it and nor am I sorrowful about it.Because I am bounded by you,to you and death by your hands will be liberation to me.My grandfather Prahlada who had suffered several difficulties from his own father suffered all of them with equanimity ,by your love and devotion only.What is the use of this life and of wife and wealth which are temporary?My grandfather knowing this,was fixed in your worship and meditation and he was your great bhaktha,gnani and greatest among our race.Just like that ,I am at your feet by the grace of God.You had taught me that all wealth and power is transient . At that time,Prahlada ,like a full moon came there.Mahabali saw him as blackcoloured,lotus-eyed,wearing yellow garments and tranquil.He could not worship his grandfather properly because he was bound.He just bowed his head with tears in his eyes.Prahlada saw Bhagawan accompanied by Nanda and Sunanda the paarshada.And worshipped him. Prahlada said:-After giving the position of Aindram to my grandson,you have now taken it back.It was good for him that you did that.It is a blessing for him.The positions are


sidhi which are hindrances to Athmaikya.And you have protected him from that danger.My namaskara to you. Brahma said:-This great man has given everything even his body to you and therefore he should not be bound like this.He worshipped you with love and devotion.He should not be bound like this.He should be liberated. Vishnu said:- When I decide to bless a person,I first take away all his riches ,because wealth makes one proud and forgetful of God.Wealth and pride makes people insult God and the world.Several janma has passed before this human birth is got to achieve the purushartha.On should not have pride in birth,actions,knowledge,youth ,beauty ,wealth,etc.Pride destroys one.If someone with all these do not have pride,it is simply because my blessings are on him.The greatest example is Prahlada,my Bhakktha who does not desire anything though he has everything mentioned above and is not proud of them.This Mahabali,his grandson is great and has aquired fame for winning my Maaya and being sthithapragna in loss of everything.He fell from position of Indra suddenlyand lost everything .The Guru himself cursed him.He did not feel disturbed by my false words of insult whichwere intended to test him.In any circumstances he did not falter from satya and dharma.I am giving him a place which even the endless,deathless deva have not achieved so far.During the Savarni Manuanthara he will be the Indra .Till that time he will live in the famous Suthala which was built by Viswakarma.It is a place where my blessing is always active,and where because of that no tiredness and weakness or hurt happen to anyone.There he will live happily with his friends and relatives and not even the eight Lokapala will disobey him.Those who do not obey him will be immeadiately destroyed by my Sudarsana.I will be protecting him there personally.He can see and visit me always there.Even the vaasana of the asura race will be destroyed in him by my constant contact and eternal darsana of me. Prahlada said:-Bhagawan,You are worshipped by deva,Brahma and Sankara.Yet you have become our Durgapaalaka(protector of fortress).Who will get such a luck except us?What did our race do to get such love from you?It is just your compassion,not our merit that gave us this blessing. Bhagavan asked Prahlada to go to Suthala with Mhabali and live there happily and that he can see Bhagvan wearing the Koumodaki mace in the door of Suthala always .Then Bhagavan asked Sage Sukra to do the rest of the yagna and fulfil the karma which had begun but obstructed and delayed. Sukra said:-Whatever obstructions happen to a karma by wrong pronounciation of swara and manthra,wrong methods of thanthra,or due to defects of kaala and desa,are removed just by the pronounciation of name of Hari.Therefore,the karma started by the bhaktha of Hari,like Mahabali ,will be done by the grace of Bhagwan himself . This is the story of Mhabali and Vamanavathara in Bhagavatha.The concept that Mhabali,the old emperor of India comes back to see his empire once a year and the day of Vamanajayanthi are together celebrated historically in all over Tamilspeaking country,and at present in Kerala which was part of Tamil-speaking Chera kingdom.


As we have already seen the sapthamaskanda is dealing with the kings and races of the South India.The 8th Skanda continues with the successors of these kings.It is important to note that the greatest king of the Ikshwaku race,Sri Rama belongs to this race . The Satyavratha Rajarshi of Dravidadesa was born as ViavaswathaManu and Ikshwaku.was of this vansa.In this vansa were born Utkala,Gaya,Vimala,and these three became the three emperors of Dakshinaapatha . Among the sons of Vaivaswatha Manu one was Prishadra who was sent for Goraksha to forests.On one dark night he heard the cry of a cow and roar of a tiger and thinking that it is the tiger he unknowingly killed a cow in the darkness of night.Because of this himsa he became a soodra king.He became great devotee of Vishnu and a yogin .By his Ekanthikabhakthy he became a paramahansa and wandered around as gnaanathriptha .He got final liberation from a forest fire.The youngest of the brothers of Ikshwaku was Kavi.He was by birth a Bhaktha and gnani and went to forest to do austerities and dhyana of Vishnu.From one of the brothers of Ikshwaku named Kaaroosha ,the races of kings in the Northern parts who were famous for their dharma,Dwijabhakthy and purity of race were born.From another brother Drishta were born the Dhaarshtaas and this kshathriya clan became Brahmana by karma. The vansa of Nriga (another brother of Ikshawaku) is as follows:Nriga- sumathy-Amoghajyothis-vasu-Pratheekan.6th generation was children of Pratheeka Oghavan and Oghavathy. Oghavathy married a Brahmana Sudarsanan and a Brahmakshathravansa originated from them. Another brother of Ikshwaku was Narishyantha .His vansa:Narishyantha-Chithrasena-Daksha-Idwaan-Koorchan-Indrasenan-VeethihothraSatyasravas-Urusravas-Devadathan-Agnivesyan the avathaar of Agni .He is also called Kaaneena and Jaathukarna.(The great Ayrveda Acharya).The Brahmakula of Agnivesya thus originated from one of the brothers of Ikshawku. Another brother Dhishta had a son Naabhaaga-He became a vaisya because of his karma.His son is Balandana,his son Valspreethy,his son praamsu,his son is Pramathi,his son khanithra,his son Chakshusha,his son Vivimsathy,his son Rambhan,his son Khaninethran,his son Karandhaman,his son Aveekshithu and his son Maruthan.The sacrifice of Marutha with Samvarthaka son of Angirasa is a famous event in all scriptures.Son of Marutha was Daman,his son Rajyavardhanaan,his son Sudrithy,his son Naran,his son Kevalan,then Vegavan,and his son Bandhu.The son of Bandhu is Thrinabindu.Both Thrinabindu and Karandhama are names occurring in Rgveda. Thrinabindu married an apsara called Alambushadevi and had sons and a daughter called Idavida.She married Visravas and had Kubera(Vaisravana)as her son.Ravana of Ramayana fame was his stepbrother. Among the three sons of Thrinabindu ,the eldest was Vishala whobuilt the famous Vaishali .His son was Hemachandra,his son Dhoomraksha,his son Samyama,and his son Sahadeva.His son is Krisaswa,his son Somadatha,who did several yagna and by blessings of Yogesa Vishnu attained Sadgathy.The son of Somadatha was Sumathy,his son Janamejaya.All these are the races from Naabhaaga (Vaisya kings) and famous . Another brother of Ikshwaku was Saryathi and his daughter was Sukanya ,who became wife of Chyavana .Chyavana made his father-in-law do Somayaga .In that yaaga


Chyavana,the great Brighuvansi,gave soma to Aswins (which was not usual because they had adopted the profession of Medicine considered as Neechavrithy)and Indra took his vajra to kill Chyavana.With the power of Chyavana,the hand and the vajra of Indra was made senseless and immobile. The sons of Saryathi were Uthanabarhis,Aanartha,and Bhoorishena.Revatha was son of Aanartha.He built Kusasthali in Raivathaka which is a fortified city within the sea of Aanarthadesa.It was on this city ,millennia later Srikrishna built his city of Dwaraka.Revatha ahd 100 sons together called Kukudmaas.His daughter was Revathy.23 chathuryuga after Revathakas lifetime and the founding of Kusasthali lived Balarama and Krishna and Balarama married the Revathy,daughter of Revatha. The famous Ambareesha was son of Naabhaaga ,another brother of Ikshwaku.He was paramabhagavatha and ruled the seven Dweepa as overlord .How he quenched the anger and pride of sage Durvaasa with his fixed bhakthy in Hari is wellknown.The Sudarsana wheel and its power of Vishnu is seen in that story .The vansa of Ambareesha is as follows:He had three sons.Viroopa,Kethumaan,and Sambhu. Son of Viroopa Prishadswa-Ratheerathan-Ratheerathan did not have children.Therefore the king requested sage Angiras to give him children.Thus in the wife of Ratheeratha Angiras had the famous sons called Angirasaas the vedis Rishis.They are great sages who know both Kshathriya and Brahmana dharma .They are called Brahmana with kshathradharma or Brahmakshathra . Ikshwaku vansa:Ikshwaku had 100 sons among whom Vikukshi,Nimi and Dandaka are the eldest three.25 sons of Ikshawku ruled the eastern countries outside Aryavartha.25 Ruled on western side outside Aryavartha.Three ruled in the Middle.The rest in north and south .Thus entire Bharathakhanda and outside of it was spread the race of Ikshwaku . For a sacrifice Vikukshi brought the meat of rabbit after eating himself and for that adharma he was expelled from country by his father and Kulaguru Vasishta. When the father died Vikukshi came back from forest exile and in the name of Sasaada(one who ate rabbit)started to rule.His son was Puranjaya who had synonyms of Indravaaha,Kukutsa etc.Indra took the form of a great bull and carried Puranjaya in a devasura battle to win over the asuras and therefore he had these names.Son of Puranjaya was Anenas,his son was Prithu who first made agricultural reforms and agrarian settlers economy in India.His son is Viswarandhyan,his son Chandran,his son Yuvanaswan,and Yuvanaswa built the city of Saabasthy(Sravasthy).His son was Brihadaswan,his son Kuvalayaswan.Since he killed asura Dundhu he is called Dundhumaara.His sons Dridaswa,Kapilaswa and Bhadraswa alone survived the battle with Dundhu. Haryaswa and his vansa:- Dridaswa had son Haryaswa-Nikumbha his son,BarhanaswaKrisaswa-Senajith-Yuvanaswan.-Mandhaathav( mentioned in the Rgveda) who was fed by Indra and who gave him the name of Thrasadasyu.He ruled the seven dweepa of earth.For him in the daughter of Sasabindu Indumathy ,were born three sons .Purukutsan,Ambareeshan and Muchukundan.The 50 sisters of them married Soubhari Rishi and went to Kaalindi river . Ambareesha son of Mandhatha had a son Youvanaswan,his son Haareethan.


The Naagakanya Narmada was given in marriage to Purukutsa ,son of Mandhatha by her brothers.She took him to Naagaloka and his son is Thrasadasyu ,his son Anaranyan,his son Haryaswan,his son Arunan,his son Thribandhanan,his son is Sathyavratha commonly known as Thrisanku.He became Candaala by Gurusaapa and was protected by sage Viswamithra.He is still seen as the starcluster of Thrisanku(The southern Cross or Crux)in the sky.Harischandra was son of Thrisanku and with blessings of Varuna after several years of marriage he had a son Rohitha.Son of Rohitha is Haareetha,his son is Champan,who built the city of Champa .His son was Vasudeva,his son Vijayan ,his son Bharukan,his son Vrikan,his son Baahukan,his son Sagaran.Sagara according to the advice of Kulaguru Orvan(Sukra/Brighuvansi) defeated Ksathriya called balakhilya of eastern parts,and the terrible Yavana,saka and the Heyhaya kings ,Barbara kings etc.In his sacrifice his sons made the searoutes to all places by their shipmarks .All the sons of Sagara were killed by the gnaanadrishty of Kapila ,the avathar of Vishnu ,doing penance in eastern ocean near the mouth of Ganga.The grandson of Sagara(son of Asamanjasa and Kesni )called Amsuman saw kapila and worshipped him and pleased him and fulfilled his grandfathers sacrifice. Son of Amsuman was Dileepa.His son Bhageeratha brought Ganga down and thus Ganga got her name Bhageerathy.Son of Bhageeratha was Srutha.Srutha s son Nabhi,his son Sindhudweepan,his son Ayuthayus,his son Rithuparna who adviced Aswahridaya to Naishada king Nala,his son Sarvakaaman,his son Sudaman,his son Soudaasan.He has synonyms of Mithrasaha and Kanmashapaada and became a rakshasa eating meat due to curse of Kulaguru Vasishta.While roaming in forest as a Rakshasa he swallowed a Brahmana who was in the posture of intercourse with his wife to have a son.Due to this act he had a curse that if he touch his wife he will be dead.When he came back after 12 years of his Rakshasa life the queen Madayanthy told him of thi curse and therefore the king requested Vasishta to give him a son.Thus in Madayanthy Vasishta gave him a son named Asmaka ,because the child had to be taken out by a stone tool(a Caeserian ?).When Parasuraama was killing all the Kshthriya clan ,this boy was protected by women and therefore he is also called Nareekavachan.Since he was the only one alive after the terrible massacre of Parasurama ,for revival of his race ,he became the root of the vansa after that period and hence called Moolaka also. Moolakas son was Dasaratha ,his son Ailavilan,his son Viswasahan,his son Khatwangan who became an emperor.He fixed his mind inVishnu and was not desirous of any worldly pleasures.His son was Deerghabaahu and his son the famous Raghu,and his son Ajan,and his son king Dasarathan.The son of Dasaratha was Srirama,the avathaar of Vishnu .He was born with Anantha(Lakshmana),Panchajanya(Bharatha)and Sudarsana wheel(Sathrugna)as the son of Dasaratha in the vansa of Ikshwaku,of Raghu ,and of Dasaratha. Thus the entire Ikshwaku vansa which started from Dravidadesa and spread to all of India and beyond is described with its chronology and the great memorable events associated with the periods of each of the kings .Apart from the message of Bhakthy,gnaana ,and karma of Bhagavatha one has to appreciate the sense of history and its communication to masses which the ancient people had .Ignoring them as myth we are actually negating our own history and our own existence .


Vyasa gives minimum space for Srirama and his Avathara inBhagavatham The 9 th skanda 10 th chapter (56 slokas)summarise the entire Ramayana.11 th chapter (35 slokas)summarise UtharaRamayana.The reason is obvious.The story has been told in great detail and there was no need for him to elaborate upon it.But he had to describe what happened to the great race of Ikshawku after Rama .The 12th chapter says this chronology Sreerama had two sons Kusa and Lava. Successors of Kusa:Athithy,Nishadhan,Nabhan,Pundareekan,Kshemadhanuav,Devaaneekan,Aneehan,Paaariy athara,Balan,Sthalan,Vajranabhan,Swaganan,Vidhruthy,Hiranyanabhan (who learned Yoga from Jaimini who had leared the ancient yoga of Yagnavalkya of Kosaladesa)Pushyan,Dhruvasandhi,Sudarsanan,Agnivarnan,Seegran,Maru.Maru was yogin and went to Kalaapagrama and at the end of Kaliyuga his progeny will again manifest the branch of Sooryavansa If we apply the method of Herodotus here (The man who invented history.Travels with Herodotus.Justin Marozzi2008.John Murray An Hatchett Livre UK company)which he applied for the timespan of generations of kings in Memphis , 100 years for three generations.Therefore from Rama to Maru is 22 generations and 735 years after Rama ,in Threthayuga end the Vansa disappered into Kalapagrama. In Dwaparayuga ,from that branch came up the following kings in order:Prasusruthan,Sandhi,Amarshanan,Mahaswan,Viswabaahau,Prasenajith,Thakshaka(the builder of city of Taxila),-Brihadbalan .(He was killed by Abhimanyu ,father of King Pareekshith in Kurukshethra war).-BrihadrananThat is only 9 generations about 300 years before Kurukshethra war.. After that the generations of this king is given which could be added as and when the kings died which is commonly done in the funeral rites by the officiating priest of their vansa . Brihadrana-purukriya,-Vatsavridha-PrathivyomaBhanu,Divakaran,sahadevan,Brihadaswan,Bhanuman,Pratheekaswan,Supratheeekan,Mar udhevan,Sunakshathran,Pushkaran,Antharikshan,Suthapas,Amithrajith,Brihadraajan,Barh is,Krithanjaya,Rananjaya,Sanjaya,Saakya,Sudhodana,Laanghala,Prasenajith,Kshudraka,R unaka,Suratha,Sumithran .(29 generatins 970 years )Since we know the time of Budha and Kshudraka the timescale of this branch of kings in Nepal (Kapilavasthu)is possible.The time of Purukriya is then roughly BC 1450-1500.But there is a gap between him and Brihadrana son of the one killed by Abhimanyu in Mahabharatah war.Since the period of Krishna and Deluge of Dwaraka is BC 3004 a period of 1500 is between them. But the generation of kings from Vaivaswathamanu to Raama in Ayodhya is given in series as 56 and from Kusa to Maru as 22 making a list of 78 generations continuously which by Herodotus method is 2600 years of continuous administration.And that of Mithila is given as a listof 62 kings of which Janaka ,father of Seetha is 30th.Dasaratha and Janaka as contemporaries ,and Yagnavalkya being the Guru of Janaka and a Upanishadic rishi of great fame the antiquity of Yogic knowledge prior to Mahabharatha period has to be understood. 2600 years from Manu to Maru A gap of generations after Maru.


300 yrs before BC 3004 a line of 9 kings (that is BC 3304) Another gap. Then from Purukriya to Budha 970 yrs From Budha to Sumithra 7 generations(note that Sidharthas name is not there since he didnt sit on the throne of Kapilavasthu) 235 yrs roughly. 2600+300 is 2900 yrs before BC 3004 which will make BC 5900-6000 even if we ignore the gap in between for beginning of threthayuga .(And archeologically the Mehrgarh period is about 7000-6000 BC ).So chronology in Bhagavatha is of help in correlating our history an darcheological past. When Vyasa discuss Chandravansa he says the 5th of the lineage Purooravas made the agni ,and the Vedas in the beginning of Threthayuga.And the great lineage of Yadu and Pooru and Anu,Thurvasu etc from King Yayathi,son of Purooravas.The Yaduvans ais important because in it was born the great Krishna as son of Vasudea and Devaky.After giving the chronology of Yaduvansa Vyasa proceeds from 9th skanda to the dasamaskanda of Bhagavatha ,which is the story of Krishna in great detail. Thus there is a very definite plan and orderly way of unfolding history in Bhaagavatha and it is not a haphazard way of narrating some myth.It is with knowledge of history,and science of races and their survival,and the geographical features of the land where the races live in relation to the world around that Vyasa tells his story. Dasamaskandha starts with the analysis of why Krishna was born? What are his great deeds? How did he protect the ancestors of Pareekshith from the great ocean of army of kuru with whales and crocodiles like warriors (karma,Bheeshma,Drona,Duryodana,Dussasana etc) like a ship ?The greatest medicine for cure of all diseases of samsaara,worshipped by all desireless people,and which gives bliss when listened to is his name.How it protected the life of Pareekshith ,destined to end with the Brahmasthra of Aswathama within the womb of his mother itself?What are the worshippable karma of that kaalaswaroopa who is both mrityu and amritha ,who is inside and outside everything? How did the son of Rohini without having body relation is being called the 7th son of Devaki?Why was he taken to Gokula?What are his deeds in Gokula,Mathura and in Dwaraka ?Why did he kill his own uncle Kansa?How many years he lived on this earth?How could a yogin like him accepted Grihastha ashram and how many wives?When one hear the stories of Krishna one forgets hunger and thirst. THE STORY OF KRISHNA When adharma increases Lord Hari takes his avathar on earth.Once mother earth ,burdened by the sins of the cruel people approached Brahmadeva and requested help.he along with his deva retinue went to the shores of milky ocean and worshipped Vishnu with purushasooktha.He heard a voice from aakaaasa (akaasavaani/vaanoli)and asked the deva to act as that voice of Hari had instructed.All the devas were asked to take birth in Yadyvansa and await the avathar of Him.Naarayanan will be bornin Yadyvansa as son of Vasudeva and Devaki .Samkarshana will be born as his brother.All apsara,all rishi should go and be born on earth for welcoming this great avathara.the vaishnavimaya will be born on earth for fulfilling the Lords dharma.


At that time king Soorasena was ruling in Mathura.He ruled over both Soorasenam and Mathura from Mathurapuri.His son was Vasudeva.When he married Devaki,daughter of Devaka,and sister of Kansa (son of Ugrasena) ,kansa due to his love for his sister became her charioteer.In a golden chariot,with 400 elephants decorated in gold,15000 horses wearing golden ornaments,1800 chariots full of wealth for the bride ,and 200 decorated daasis,the bridal journey began.Mridanga,sankha,santhurya,dundhubhi etc made music .Then a voice was heard from sky:-The 8th son of this bride will kill you. Kamsa was afraid of death.Because of his cowardice,he immeadiately took out the sword and tried to kill his newly married sister. Vasudeva said:-Death is inevitable for all born beings.How and by what cause it happens is not in our control.The voice said the 8th son will kill you and not this woman whois your own sister.Killing a woman,that too sister,in such a auspicious time as her marriage is a cowardly act and is not suited for our race or to you as a valourous man.She is too young and like a daughter to you . However much Vasudeva pleaded Kansa remained determined in killing her and finally Vasudeva said :-Alright.Only her 8th son will kill you and you are afraid of him only.When a son is born to her I will give it to you.You can take him and do what you like .But do not kill this young girl who has not known any sin. Kamsa agreed. The first son was called Keerthiman and when he was born Vasudeva took him to Kmasa .But seeing the honesty and truthfulness of Vasudeva ,Kamsa smiled and said I do not want this child.I need only your 8th son who will kill me.Then Naarada approached Kansa and told him that the yadu people are all avathara of devas and they are awaiting the coming of the divine avathara of Vishnu in the 8thson of Devaki.Then thinking that the firstborn also will help the last one in that karma,Kansa immeadiately put both Devaki and Vasudeva in jail and killed the firstborn.He knew that he had been the Asura Kaalanemi in his previousbirth and in that birth Vishnu had killed him and it will repeat again .And he hated all yaduvansi for being avathar of devas and put his own fathe rUgrasena in prison and took the Lordship of both Mathura and Soorasena. His friends were Chaanoora,Baka,Thrinavartha,Agha,Pralamba,Dhenuka,Kesi,Mushtika,Arishta,Vividha,P oothana ,Baana,Jaraasandha etc .Because of kansas constant threats and fear of him the yadava clan went and stayed secretly in Kuru,Saluva,Panchala,Kekaya ,Nishadha,Videha,Kosala ,Vidharbha etc and awaited the coming of Krishna ,their saviour . The first 6 sons of Devaki were killed by kamsa.Then Bhagavan asked his Yogamaaya.Devaki had become pregnant for the 7thtime with Anantha ,the Sheshanaag Samkarshana.Yogamaya was asked to take the praana of the 7 th garbha and put it safely in the womb of another wife of Vasudeva called Rohini who had been living in Vrajbhoomi with Yasoda and Nandagopa.And also to enter the womb of Yasodha .Bhagavan said :You will be worshiped as my sister ,and as the bestower of all desires by people forever.You will have the names of Vaishnavi,Durga,Maaya,Vijaya,Bhadrakaali,Krishna,Chandika,Madhavi,Kumuda,Saradh a,Kanya,Ambika,Isaani ,Naaraayani.Samkarshana will have names of Raama and Bala . When Yogamaya removed the 7 th garbha of Devaki to Rohini ,people thought the garbha of Devaki is aborted due to fear of Kamsa.


Then Vishnu as the energy of Sun entered Vasudeva and Devaki internalized it as if a moon in her womb.Seeing her bright appearance and shaanthi ,Kamsa thought This is the son of her who will kill me.For the entire period of her pregnancy he thought only of Vishnu and his powers ,though with enmity.Whenever he sits,walks,sleeps,eats the king of Bhoja thought only of Vishnu.Wherever he looks he saw Hari only. Sanakaadi muni,Narada,Shiva ,Brahma came and worshipped Hari in Devakis garbha. Satya as vratha,satya as goal,cause of five elements,functioning in satya,satya of satya,with satya vaak,satyadarsana,the satya in thrikaala,the satyamoorthy ,We worship thee. Depending on Eka prakrithy,with dual fruits of sorrow and pleasure,with three roots of sathwa etc,with 4 rasa of purushartha,with 5 lakshana of 5 senses,with 6 swabhava ,and 7 skins ,and 8 branches of panchabhootha,mind ,budhi,ahamkara,9 dwara and 10 praana,two birds of Jeevathaman,Paramathman, this ancient Vriksha is eternal .This prapancha as satya has its origin,ruler and functionary as you alone.Those who are under the Maaya of you see you as aneka and as different and those who are free from Maaya see you as One .Eka.You are gnaanaswaroopa.The bliss of all good people.And the sorrow of all bad ones.You take the form of sahthwa as several avathara for the benefit of this world and for protection of its dharma.The great yogins in samdhi directly perceive you and crosses samsara ocean .Your feet as ship takes them safely beyond it.Impure hearts of people insult you and loose their high position by illluck .Those whoare your friends never ever experience such fall from position.They are protected by you and without any obstructions ,For protectionof earth you take the sudhasathwaswaroopa.By swadhyaya,karma,Samadhi etc people worship you with love .Without your blessing how can one get away from dualities?The name,karma,form etc of You are unspeakable by word,and unthinkable bythought.Yet people sing,speak and think of you and enjoy your love.By uttering your name,your deeds and remembering your forms and stories and telling them ,singing them,stimulating others to do so ,their mind is ever fixed in you.Such a devotee never experience the sorrow of samsara.The earth is your feet.Her bhaara(weight) is reduced simply by the avathara of you on her lap.We will see the sign of your feet on her and worship and enjoy it .We will directly perceive your leela(play)of life.You are birthless and deathless.This birth is only a play for you .Th ebirth etc are themaaya of you.You have protected us before by Matsya,Koorma,Varaha,Narasimha,Hayagreeva,Hansa,Parasurama,Sreerama,Vaamana etc.Now as the greatest among the yadus,You are our saviour .Mother,because of your last births punya ,Bhagavan Sri Hari is within your womb .therefore do not worry or fear about Kamsa.Your son will protect entire Yaduvansa. Then the day of Bhagavans birth came.The moon was with the star Rohini .All prakrithi was quiet,and auspicious.Earth became pure.Lotuses bloomed and flowers with different colours filled with honey.Animals and plants and humans felt a joy within.The cows let out milk as if the calf is near.Breeze with smell of chandana blew.The agni in vedic Brahmins houses became brightened.During the time of birth of the birthless ,the entire sky made music of unseen dundubhi.Gandharva and Kinnara sang happily.Sidha and chaarana repeated hymns.The women of Vidhyadhara and apsara danced.The pure at heart and the sages blessed with their mind.The ocean made a sound simulating OM.The clouds imitated that sound.


The earth then became dark at night.As if the eastern direction is brightened by fullmoon ,Krishna was born in Devaki.It was ashtami thithi,Rohini Nakshathra,midnight and sun was in Simharaasi and all graham in auspicious positions. Lotus eyed,with four arms,wearing conch,mace,wheel and lotus,with sreevalsa,kousthubha,and yellow silk, and colour of dense blue clouds ,beautiful ornaments the newborn was seen to his parents.Vasudeva ,mentally did daaana of 10000 cows to Brahmins,He worshipped and prostrated before the child and said:The unmanifested and unseen one as bliss,light and truth has become seen and manifested to me.The prapancha is your creation through Maaya.Though truly nirguna you appear as saguna.Creates the brahmanda and resides in it but actually they had been within you even before creation.Your qualities are unthinkable,unspeakable .You are everything.And everythingis you.You are sarvathman.You are both inside and outside of all. The one who thinks body alone is truth is ignorant because he does not know the cause of everything.From the Nirguna ,this saguna prapancha originated.By maaya you protect this prapancha .For protection the quiet shantha white form,for creation the red rajasic form and for yogic sleep the Krishna colour is taken by you.You have now become my son for protection of dharma . Devaki seeing all Mahapurushalakshana in her son was happy.She said:Avyaktham,Adhyam,Brahmam,Nirgunam,nirvikaaram,nirvisesham,nireeham,jyothis,sath aamaathram-Thus veda have praised the Vishnudeva.You are that Vishnu.When the pralaya of kalpantha happens You alone will be there.As eternal sakshi of the pralaya.The kaala or time is your leela.You are Isa to all,abhaya to all,and people get solace at your feet.We are afraid of death from Kamsa to you.let yu protect us and yourself from his fear.Do not show your Vishnuroopa to the others .Kamsa should not suspect that you are born in me.I am afraid of him. Bhagavan said:- In pastjanma you were Prisni inSwayambhuvaManuanthara.Vasudeva was Suthapas,your husband.You did great austerities with devotion to get me as your son.You didnt ask for moksha from me but asked me to be born as your son.I was born as your son as Prisni and Suthapas.Next janma you were Adithy and Kasyapa and you asked the same boon and I was born as Vaamana .Now I showed you my own form so that you get that memory of past lives.Otherwise ,being human beings you will forget the fact that I am Vishnu bornas your son.By love to the son and by Brahmabhaavana ,now you can do daily worship of me and get moksha in the end.Take me to Gokula and keep me there near Yasodha and bring back the baby girl born to her .That baby girl is my own Yogamaya . Thus saying Vishnu assumed the form of an ordinary human child.Maaya made all the jailors swoon and the chains and doors of the prison opened by itself.Vasudeva took his son through the flooding Yamuna neckdeep in its waters so that Yamuna could touch the feet of her lover Hari.Yamuna parted and gave way to Vasudeva and the serpent King Anantha stood as an umbrella over the infant as if over a yogin.Thus Vasudeva crossed the river ,reached Gokula and saw the sleeping Yasodha with her newborn girl.He exchanged the children and quickly returned.Yesodha in a deep swoon did not know that she had delivered a girl and when she woke up she saw a boy and thought that it was her own son and rejoiced in his birth. Thus Krishna took avathar in Mathura in Yaduvansa and grew up in Gokula as son of Yasodha and NandaGopa.


The watchmen of the prison heard the infants cry and went to Kamsa and told him that the 8th child is born.When Kamsa got up from his bed in fear thinking that my end has neared,his hair became disheveled and his crown fell predicting his end by such nimitha.He reached the prison in anhurry and Devaki told him that this is not a son but a daughter and it is not fit for a bold man like Kamsa to kill a female infant .But Kamsa took the girl and struck her on the stone wall.The sister of Vishnu in one kshana became the real swaroopa and reached above in the sky and every one saw her with silk dress,divine flowery garlands,sugandhalepana,and jewellery bearing sankha,chakra,trident,sword,charma,mace,bow and arrows in her 8 hands,and surrounded by singing gandharva and kinnara .She said:-You cannot kill me.Your killer is born already .By your violence and killing of the weak you have become fallen from position. This Devi is worshipped all over the world in several names by all people.Kamsa asked his jailors to cut the chains on Devaki and vasudeva and said :I have done a wrong thing to you,my sister and my friend .I have killed all your children thinking that your son will kill me.I have become worthy of hell due to Brahmahatya.I believed the word of a unseen power and it has become untruth.Do not grieve.This world of existence is not by the physical body.Only the physical body of your children is destroyed.The Athman is eternal and not destroyed.I am still in the ocean of samsara and is afraid of death of my physical body.My sister,Do not grieve thinking that my brother have killed all my children.Because each life is enjoying only the fruits of its karma.There is no distinction between the killer and the killed.If that distinction persists man does not attain Athmagnana.My cruelty was sorrowful to you.But forget it knowing th eAthman .Being good people you can give me pardon. Thinking that he has become a transformed soul Devaki and vasudeva said:-The feeling of mine and yours is the cause for all dualities and hatred in the world.Pain and pleasure,greed and sorrows,hatred and love ,pride and fear all dualities has to end to see the truth as God. Hearing these pure words Kamsa went back.Next day he convened a meeting of his ministers and wellwishers and told them the words of Yogamaya.The ministers offered to go to each village and town and find out the newborns and kill them so that killer of Kamsa is killed in bud itself.They told him that the disease has to be cured before it become severe in the early stage itself.They told him that Narayana is in the good people,Rishi and in veda and killing all good people,vedic scholars and rishis and children they can destroy Narayana in bud. The king thus misinformed by his foolish advisers and because he was bound by his time ,(kaalapaasa)decided to do such a heinous crime and started to execute it. Gokula :-When Krishna was born,Nanda was happy and called Brahmins and astrologers and worshipping them and giving 2 lakhs of decorated cows ,and 7 mountains of seasame seeds covered with golden yellow silk as dakshina to them,asked:-Mahathman,By baths,keeping body and mind pure ,by time and thapas,dana and yagna and samskara everything is purified but the greatest of all is Athmavidya,so I have heard.Give me that . And he was blessed by all good people. The entire Gokula was in a festive mood.Brahmins,sootha and vandi,Maagadha,came and respectfully uttered auspicious vaakya.Musicians sang and bheri,dundhubhi and other


musical instruments spread their naada.In the gate ,outer and inner courtyards etc people after cleaning the area thoroughly did decorations with pillars ,flags,garlands ,clothes and leafs.The cows,calfs and oxen were given bath,with oil ,manjal and manayola and decorated with peacock feathers,golden ornaments,coloured clothes and thilaka on foreheads.All citizens wearing best clothes and best jewels got ready for the festival.The Gopika came in groups with beautiful dresses and decorated with jewels and wearing anjana in eyes.With lotus flowers and Kumkum thilaka they increased their beauty.They came to see the infant child of Nand and Yasodha with gifts.With their coloured clothes,dresses and flowers and beauty the house of Nanda became akin to heaven with apsara women.They blessed :God ,Protect this child of ours forever. They bathed in manjal and prayed to Vishnu saying that Vishnu himself has taken birth in our midst as son of Yasodha .The Gopa with butter,ghee,and milk and curds and in great pleasure did sing and dance .Nanda gave gifts to all singers,dancers and guests and gave them whatever they desired in plenty .Rohini ,respected by Nandagopa also was happy and blessed the little Krishna with her son Balarama.Gokula,by the birth of Krishna became the abode of Lakshmi,his consort. According to custom,every year ,the Gokula gives Kamsa,the ruler of Mathura a revenew for protecting Gokula.And Nandagopa went to Mathura for paying that tribute.Hearing this,Vasudeva went to see Nandagopa.Seeing his old friend,Nandagopa got up and welcomed him and they talked happily on different matters.Then Vasudeva said:-My friend,I heard that you in your old age is blessed with a son.I am happy to hear that.The place Brihadwana where you live now ,is it good for your cows?Is there enough water and grass and green vegetation for them there? My son,Balaraman ,thinking that you are his father,and living with his mother Rohini ,in your protection Is he happy and healthy?Is not Yasodha giving him enough love and happiness? Nandan said:-I heard the sad news that all your children were killed by the cruel Kamsa.And that the 8th daughter escaped from him and turned out to be the devi herself.In this world the seen in unseen and unseen in seen is difficult to differentiate.All at Gokulam are fine.My friend,there is no difference between pain and pleasure for a gnani. Vsudeva said:-You have given the annual tribute to the king.And we have met and talked.I would suggest ,you go back at the earliest to Gokula.I am afraid of bad things to befell at Gokula.Go back and protect the children and your people and cows. Hearing this Nanda went back quickly. Poothanaamoksham:Nandagopa thought.The word of Vasudeva will not be untrue.He immeadiately worshipped Vishnu in his mind . At that time ,Poothana,the messenger of Kamsa had reached Gokula and was killing all newbornbabies in villages and settlements and cities.She took the form of a beautiful woman by her magic ,wearing garlands in her hair,and with golden jewels on her body and pure white dress and smiling face and the innocent people of Gokula did not understand her real nature.She killed all the newborns by poison besmeared on her breasts .She saw Krishna as bright as agni in the house of Nandagopa.The baby seeing her closed his eyes and thinking that the baby is asleep she took him in her hands.The two mothers,Rohini and Yasodha seeing her beauty did not know her nature as if the


sharpness of a sword within a scabbard.She took the baby and started to give him her breastmilk as if in love.The baby with all its strength started to drink even her Praana and she started to cry aloud saying stop,stop.Her organs became weak,and sweat covered body all her praana weakened and in pain she produced a noise which was like thunder and hearing it entire Gokula was frightened.The noise echoed in the mountains and in sky.People swooned by that noise.They thought the earth is quaking.The Rakshasi took her real form,and with opened mouth she fell dead and on her breasts as if a small flower on a mountain was Krishna ,playing happy and alive.The mothers took him and with a cows tail did Aarathi to avoid illeffects of fear for the child.They bathed him in cows urine and applied cowdung on his body on 12 places,speaking the 12 names of Vishnu,to purify it,.The Gopikas went and took bath and did Anganyasa on their body as well as on the childs body to protect him from all evil forces. They said:Let Aja protect his feet.Let Animan protect his calf.Let Yagnan protect his thigh.Let Achyutha protect his middle.Let Hayagreeva protect his stomach.Let Kesava protect his heart.Let Inan protect his neck.Let Isan protect his breast.Let Vishnu protect his arms.Let Urukrama protect his face.Let Iswara protect his head.Let Chakri protect his front.Let Hari wearingmace protect his back.Let sides be protected by Madhusoodana who wears the bow and Ajana with the sword. Let Urugaaya wearing the conch protect the four directions around him.Let Upendra protect his up and Haladhara his down sides.Let tharkshya protect him on earth.On all sides let Sarvantharyami Purusha protect our child from all hurts .Let hrishikesa protect his Indriya,and the Bhagavan lying on the Milky ocean his Praana.Let chitha be protected by Lord of Swethadweepa.Let mind be protected by Lord of yoga. Let Parabhagavan protect your intellect and Prisnigarbha your Athman.During your playtime let Govinda protect you.During sleep let Kootastha Madhava protect.While walking let Vaikunta protect.While sitting let Lakshmivallabha protect.While eating let the powerful sarvabhuk Yagnabhuk protect. Let all the ill spirits and evil devatha perish .They perish and leave with the utterance of Vishnunaama. Thus the Gopika who were bound to Krishna by their love protected their sonkrishn awith Vishnunaama itself.Yasodha then took him and gave him breastmilk and put him to sleep. When nandagopa returned from mathura he saw the mountainous body of the dead Poothana and heard how she was killed by his infant son.The people of Gokula cut her body to pieces and took it away from the limits of the grama and burned it with wood .They were astonished to experience a heavenly fragrance that wafted when her body burned.It was like the smell of Akil and Chandana.Even if it was with bad intention Poothana had breastfed Krishna .By that she ahd lost all her previous sins and this miraculous fragrance came from her body.Then what will be the state of the Gopika of Nandagraama ,each of whom loved and prayed and worshipped for his protection,and fed him and gave him toys and made him happy just like his own mother?Those mothers are doubtlessly liberated from samsara and attain Vishnupada which is desired by even th erishi and deva.What would be the state of the cows,who gave milk to the infant directly from their udders whenever he was hungry and thirsty ,in love and happiness as if he was their own calf?They too attained Vishnupada even in the animal janma.All of them loved him as their own son and made him happy and attained moksha by pleasing him with


love and devotion.The entire Gokula talked about the wonderful happenings and rejoiced in the babys escape and in his power.They had identified their saviour,Vishnu ,the Paramathman in that Jeevathma . The child started to lie on its back on the third month.When this happens the 90th day of the child is celebrated after birth.Yasodha celebrated the 90th day of birth of the precious child.Among music and dance of the women of Gokula and the manthra of the Brahmin priests she gave an auspicious bath to the child and new clothes and jewels were wornon his body ,gave dakshina and gifts to all,and seeing that the child is sleepy and closing his eyes ,she put him in his cradle.She went to the kitchen side and welcomed all women and was engaged in the preparation of food and did not hear her sons cry for getting milk .The child started to cry with his arms and hands and feet in air and a carriage that was nearby was broken by his feet .The wonder that a child of only 90 days old could break a cart of heavy built into several piece was noticed by all.The children playing around said we have seen him breaking it with his feet .Yasodha thought some eveil spirit had looked at her son and was afraid.She called Brahmins and made them do Swasthyayana for him.The Gopa brought akshatha,curds,darbha grass and its juice and Brahmins did bali with them and blessed the child .They chanted vedamanthra from Rk,Yajus and Saama and by purest oushada did abhisheka to the child.And homa were done for his protection.Several cows with silk and jewels on them were given to the Brahmins by Nanda .Thus the Sakataasura was destroyed by Krishna. Another day when Yasodha was carrying Krishna on her lap she felt that the body of the child had become suddenly heavy.The weight increased every moment and she had to put him down.She meditated on Vishnu.At that time the messenger of Kamsa called Thrinavritha came as a whirlwind and took away the child.By the dust of the wind no one can see anything around and no one knew what was happening to the child.When the wind was subdued yasodha went to the place where she had put Krishna down and she could not see him there.She swooned and wailed as if a cow who had lost its calf.And all the gopa and Gopi knowing what had happened started to wail aloud,fearing the worst. When Trinavartha rose with Krishna in his hands Krishna had increased his weight more and unable to carry him the asura tried to throw him down and smash,but Krishna grasped his neck firmly and he could not throw Krishna down.By the firm grip in his neck and by the unbearable weight the asura died and fell down and by his fall the stones around broke into several pieces.And the child was sitting on his chest without any harm.seeing this the gopas took him and happily returned to Gokula and gave him to Yasodha.All were happy and wondered about the child and his nature and the protection of him from all adversities by an unknown power.They thought about all the good deeds the race had done to get the child back safe and sound as before. They thought:-In our previous janmas we have worshipped Hari.We had constructed wells and tanks and canals and did daana and dharma.We had done panchamahayagna.And we have been good people with equality in all.Otherwise we would not have got back our son from such great dangers .Nandagopa thought of Vasudevas warning words and resepected his friend more for predicting such events in advance. One day yasodha was feeding breastmilk to the child.She made cooing sounds to him in love and the son in happy mood ,partially stopped the drinking and smiled at her. Then in


a playful mood he yawned and opened his mouth to show his real nature so that she looses the fear of his death from eveil forces. Yasodha in wonder saw earth,sky and celestial bodies and entire cosmos ,with all elements ,mountains,rivers and people including herself and the little son in thatlittle opened mouth.The mother in wonder saw the Viswaroopa of her son and then Bhagwan closed his mouth and brought her back from that natural Samadhi vision which he had given her out of love and compassion. The Purohitha of the yadu race was Gargha.He came to Gokula .He was praised and welcomed by Nanda.He was the one who visualized the Jyothish science which is a transcendental science beyond grasp of mere sense organs.He could see the thrikala with it.Therefore he was the best person to give jaathasamskara to the two children growing up at Nandas residence. Garga said that he had come to do jaathasamskra and naamakarana(naming)of the two children of Vasudeva ,being the Guru of the yadava race.But he did not want it to be publicized since it might reach ears of Kansa who is searching for son of Devaki .Therefor ein a very secret place where not even the relatives of Nanda knew that Garga has did the jaathakarma of the two ,the sacred function was done. Garga said:-The son of Rohini with his great qualities will make all the fiends rejoice and because of that he will be known as Raama.Since he will have great strength(Bala)he will be called Baladeva and Balaraama.Since he has changeless advaitha he will be called Samkarshana. About Krishna he said:-This child will take up body(avathar)in all yuga and he will take the colours of white (Brahmin)red(kshathriya)and yellow(vaisya).In this yuga he has taken the Krishna or dark colour and therefore will be called Krishna.He will be called SriVaasudeva since he was born in past as son of Vasudeva.Because of his qualities he will have innumerable names and knowing and chanting them the world will become sinless.Each name has a different form in different avathars and yugas and every form and name is only his name and form and no one can know all of them.This child will make the entire Gokula and its subjects happy and increase the sreyas of your race.He has protected the good people from bad in all yuga and protect you from all.The people who love him will never have fears from enemies.He is equivalent to Sri Narayana in all respects and therefore give him love and protection of all sorts and enjoy his presence among you as if Vishnu is with you.

Baalaleela:Rama and Krishna started to crawl over the floor of Gokula and they reached everywhere.Their body was covered with dust and dirt and the sound of their ornaments as they crawl was heard everywhere.When they see someone on the way,they will show fear and get back quickly to their mothers and the mothers will take them in their hands and make them smile .Then they started to walk on knees,and stand up with support and slowlywalk one step,two steps.Then they could walk without support and they will fall after two or three steps and cry and try again to walk.The bodies besmeared with dust and dirt was embraced by mothers and all the gokula people rejoiced in their plays and forgot their daily routines.When they could walk they reached every nook and corner of the


village and caught the tails of calfs and the calfs took them to far places .The mothers were afraid.Because they could not device a method to protect them from animals with horn and teeth,serpents,fire,water,thorns etc since the children reached everywhere without fear.But nothing injured the children.They started to play with the children of Gokula and the gopika forgot themselves immersed in their Baalaleela. Krishna went to their homes and unbound the calfs so that they get all the milk.If they scold him,he will smile and by that smile of innocence ,he attracted them and they could not scold him further.He will take curds and butter from their huts ,eat and give to other children,to cats .If they do not give him butter,he will break their pots and get it.And he will awaken small children and make them cry so that mothers will rush there ,and he can get the kitchen free for his theft of butter.He knew all the places in each house where milk,curd,butter and ghee were kept .There was no place where he did not reach.Ifit is kept at a height he will put a mortar and a seat above it,and climbing upon it reach the pot of curd.Or he will make a hole at the bottom of pot and standing below drink whatever falls out ,with his friends.Even in dark rooms he could see because of light from his ornaments.He dirtied all the homes with such naughty deeds . The Gopika wet in a group and complained about Krishna.When Yasoda looked at Krishna ,he was standing in fear with shaky eyes filled with water and seeing his innocent face Yasodha did not scold him.She just smiled compassionately. One day his friends came and complained that Kannan is eating mud.Yasoda came and saw what her son was doing.She was afraid that he will get some disease.So she caught his hands and asked what did you do Krishna,in anger. He was showing fear and grief and said Mother,I did not eat mud.Brother and friends were telling lies to you. Open your mouth.Let me see. Said Yasodha. Then he opened his mouth.She saw the earth,the stars,all celestial bodies,the cosmos,and the panchabhootha,all beings of the three lokaas,the timespace,and Gokula with herself as well as the child Krishna standing with an open mouth and within that mouth again the reflections of what she saw in several multiple reflections.She thought:-Is this a dream?Or Maaya?Is it a mental illusion of mine?Or a natural sidhi in my little son?Something which is beyond mind,intellect and senses is happening .I have seen it before.(she remembered the darsana which he gave while he was a newborn infant itself).My feelings that I am the queen of Gokula,the wife of Nanda and mother of Krishna ,and I have several duties to perform and finish etc seems meaningless to me.I dedicate everything to Lord Narayana who creates,sustains and destroys everything. Immeadiately Krishna used his Vishnumaya and made her come back and remember her as Yasodha and Krishna as her son.She took him on her lap and embraced and kissed .The Bhagavan who is praised by Aagama,Nigama,Upanishads,Yoga and Samkhya ,and Pancharathra as the Eka Purusha,the ultimate,was thought to be her son ,by her by the yogamaya.Such a great luck had been befallen on Yasodha and Nanda due to their last births deeds.In previous janma they were Drona and Dhara ,and they had done austerities to get Bhagavan as their son and to increase bhakthy in him.And Brahma had given that boon.They are reborn as Nanda and Yasodha. One day Yasodha was churning curds.She was singing songs in praise of God Vishnu and about the Leela of her son Krishna.Krishna came near and stopped her churning .And


asked for breastmilk.Yasodha was feeding him.Then she remembered that she had put a pot of milk on kitchen oven and it might have spilt.She put the child down and rushed to kitchen.Krishna enraged by this,because he had to stop his feed midway,cried and with a toy smashed the pot of curds in front.And he took all butter that was left behind from yesterdays churning,and went to courtyard.Yasodha came back and saw what had happened.When she searched for him she saw him sitting on a mortar and giving butter to a monkey.She took a stick and came after him.He ran .The purusha who is unapproachable even by the greatest sages was running away in fear from the mother and her anger.She caught him.His eyes were full of tears and asking for pardon.Though angry outside ,she was soft inside ,and pretending that she is angry she decided to punish him.She threw away the stick and bound him to the mortar with a strong coir.The one who has no in and out,and past or future,the one who is unmanifest and binds everyone with his Maaya,was bound by mothers love. Then she found that the coir is 2 inches less to tie him.All the coir from house was brought and still 2 inches shortage remained.Seeing this all Gopikaas laughed at Yasodha and yasodha herself smiled at herself.The Lord ,just to show to the world that I am the servant and devotee of all devotees ,then allowed her to bind him.Mothe rwent back to do her work.Krishna walked with the mortar in between the two trees which were Nala and Koobara ,sons of Kubera,and gave them Moksha.They had been cursed by Narada to become trees .Krishna gave the two yakshas liberation from their tree janma . Hearing the sound of the tres fallingdown,Nanda and others came to the spot.They saw the child in between the two trees bound to a mortar. Krishna danced with the women of Gokula.Sometimes he will sing for them.Whatever they ask he will do it and make them happy.He will bring the pots,measuring jars,even shoes for them when they askKrishna,bring that.Sometimes he will play with them.Fight with them.All the inhabitants of Gokula loved him and they could not live without him even for a second. When a old lady selling vegetables and fruits came Krishna went to her and asked for fruits.When he took them ,being very small hands ,he could nt hold them.She will fill them again.Thus by lovingly giving everything with her to Krishna,she found that her purse was filled with priceless jewels miraculously. When the children do not come for food ,enjoying in plays,Rohini and Yasodha called them lovingly .Today is your birthday.Your father is waiting for eating with you.Come quickly.Both of you.Take a dip and quick bath and come for lunch.Bathing themdressing them in good clothes and ornaments and feeding them and putting them to sleep the mothers were serving the Paramapurusha. One day the elders of Gopa met and thought about the recent happenings in Brihadwana and decided what should be done .The oldest amomg them was Upananda .He sid :The comets which are pointing to dangers to our children are seen every day.The Poothana,Sakata,the whirlwind,the trees falling and in all this the child escaping shows Gods grace also.We will go to some other place which is more safe.There is a place called Vrindavana,which is a new forest,which will be good for Gopa,Gopi,and the cows,and it has all herbs and green leaves and grass and very good freshwater .Let us take all our possessions and in our carts and carriages,let us go with our wealth of cattle.Everyone was ahppy in the decision.Being a wandering tribe they left Gokula as a


big caravan .The armed protectors took women,children,elders,and wealth with all safety precautions.The cows walked in front.Horny instruments(Sringavadya)and Santhurya (stringed )and singing combined made the journey happy.The women wearing their ornaments ,sitting in chariots sang about Krishna and his leela.They reached Vrindavana and in a halfmoon shape they built houses there and started to live there happily.The forest of Vrindavana,river Kalindi,Mountain Govardhan were seen with wonder and pleasure by Krishna ,Rama and his friends.They took their toys and with the cows went to graze them .Playing and enacting leela,singing and dancing,and imitating monkeys and koils,and other birds and animals,and sometimes quarreling they played . Once a asura came in the shape of a calf to kill Krishna.He took it by feet and whirled and threw it away and the children saw that it was not a calf but an asura.When his body fell,the palmtree nearby was shaken and its fruits fell in plenty.The children took them. When they go for grazing they took lunch with them and eating it as a group told stories and made each other happy.Once when the cows were drinking water from a lake they saw a big crane .It was Bakasura.He took Krishna inside his beak.The children were afraid,Then as if a fire,Krishna started to burn the internal organs of the crane,and he had to bring Krishna out .And in the battle that followed Krishna opened the beaks of Baka and split them apart killing him.As if the sense organs merge in Praana,the children with Balarama went quickly to Krishna and embraced him. The children and adults of Gokula said.This child is really extraordinary.He ha snever gone to anyone to hurt them.But those who had come to hurt him,has perished through him.He is not violent.He is protector of dharma.Those cruel and mighty asuras could not hurt this soft and small child.They perished like flies approaching a fire.They knew the truth in the words of Garga and recognized him as Vishnu.Speaking and singing the leela of the Krishna and Rama gokulam forgot all its worries and became the happiest place on earth. The maaya of Brahma:After Aghaasuravadha bhagavan said :Friends, look at this beautiful bank of Yamuna.The breeze and the fragrance of lotus and space for us to play ,and the different musics of birds and bees has attracted my mind.It is noon.We will sit here and eat our lunch.Let the cows grace and drink water from here. Thus ,the children sat in a round with Krishna and facing him and saying stories and singing and sharing food and eating happily together.They looked like the red petals around the golden yellow kesara of a lotus around the yellowclad Krishna.They made plates with leafs,rinds of fruits etc and started to share food. Talking about the taste of each and praising each for its taste ,they ate with the Lord.Bhagavan had worn two pieces of clothes on his waist and in betweenwas fixed his flute in position.The horn and the stick were in the left armpit.In left hand was the ricebowl.And he was laughing and talking and eating in blissful innocence of childhood.The one who eats the yagnabhaaga in yagna,now ate the food of children as part of his baalaleelaayoga.All the divine spirits came to enjoy this rare sight.While the children were thus busy with eating,the cows seeing green grass went inside the forest. After sometime seeing that the cows are lost the children were afraid,and Krishna said ,you continue eating,I will go in search of cows and bring them back.Krishna searched in forests ,in hills and caves with a panda of rice in his right hand,which was half finished.


Brahma,who wanted to see Krishnas leela more ,took away the cows and the children and hid them in a secret place.Seeing that the cows as well as the children on the banks of Yamuna are lost,Krishna searched in the forest for them. Then he knew with his inner eye,what had happened .He took the form of all the cows and the children so that the mothers,and Brahma get happiness from that form.Everything is vishnuswarropa,and as if to prove that vakya,he assumed all shapes,forms of cows and children and their dress, flutes,etc too..Leading all of them which are himself,by himself,he entered Vrindavan.All the children and cows went to their respective homes as before so that mothers did not know the loss of their cattle and children.All mothers could feed and put to sleep the Parabrahmapurusha as their own child and could serve and feed him as their own cattle.Krishna as mothercows,gave milk to calfs of the ghoshta ,licking and loving them and they enjoyed that great luck.Krishan was son of all th ewomenand mother and leader of all cows and children/calfs .That bhaava was already in them so that they didnt notice any difference.Like this an year went by.Athmaswaroopa ,Bhagavan by Eka Athma itself played as aneka/many in that region for one year. Balarama thought:These people and cows loved Krishna best before.Now Isee they love their children and cows better than Krishna.What happened?And he in his yogadrishty saw that it was Krishna himself who is enacting as the children and the cows.After one year,Brahma wanted to see what is happeneing,and he found that everything goes on as usual and no one has ever noticed the absence of cows or children.The one year was only a thruti for Brahma in time.He could see the hidden children and cows and the children and cows with Krishna and he could not identify which is true and which is illusion.Thus the magic he practiced on Hari,made him confused and subject to maaya.All the children were seen as Vishnu with 4 arms and the ornaments and weapons ,all cows also appeared like that.He saw innumerable Vishnuroopa which he could not understand and which made him reel in wonder.Seeing him thus,Bhagavan became compassionate and removed the covering of Maaya from his eyes.He worshipped Krishna and praised him.The real children did not know that one year has passed and they on return from forest told the parents that Today Krishna killed a great Serpant Aghaasura. The two brothers had attained pubertal age.Playing the flute and grazing cattle with friends Krishna entered Vrinadavana one day.Seeing Vrindavan Krishna told Rama: The trees with flowers,fruits,and tender leaves are worshipping your feet to remove the sins of past lives.The honeybees sing your praises.The sages worship the secret form of God here and are your people.The peacocks dancing and the deers with sideglances are the gopikas ever eager to make you pleased.The koils are singing welcome songs as you enter Vrindavan.Even the animals and birds know the dharma of athithipooja here.This bhoomi is great because it has the luck of having your feet touching it.The grass,the nikunja,the tender tendrils,rivers,mountains,birds and animals are satisfied with your coming.And by the touch of your chest which is desired even by Lakshmy,the Gopikas are happy and contented. Sayingsuch pleasing words to his brother Krishna walked in Vrindavanwith his cows and friends.He moved with his fragrant garlands,and singing flutes ,imitating the meldies of the forest and its birds,and dancing with the peacocks,and call friends and cows by their loving names,and sometimes Rama will lie on Krishnas lap and sleep ,sometimes Krishna will sleep on Ramas lap,and children served Krishnaand plesed him by all means.They played and enjoyed life .When Krishna rests,the children fanned him with


lotus leafs and pressed his feet and sing softly for him.Thus along with the village children,as one among them,and loving them and loved by them ,the great Avathara of Vishnu lead a common life as that of a wandering cowherd.Sreedaama,Subala,Sthokakrishna were dear friends to Rama and Krishna.They said once :-There is a great palmtree forest nearby.There are several fruits there.But because of an asura Dhenuka no one is able to taste them.He is in the shape of an ass.But is very strong.We desire to eat the fruits of that forest.The fragrance of the fruits have come to our nose and has made our toungue watering.We would like to get a few fruits from there to eat. Thus ,hearing the desire of friends,and prompted by them Krishna an dBalarama went to the forest.Balarama with his strong hands shook the palm trees and several fruits fell down.Hearing the sound of falling fruits Dhenuka came.With his hindleg the ass kicked at Balaramas chest.Raman took himby feet and rotated him above own head in sky and threw up .The dead body fell on a palm tree which fell on another and inthis way a series of trees with fruits fell by his body.The entire forest was like affected by a strong wind and storm.For Balarama,the Adisesha ,Anantha it was only childs play.The entire cosmos is in him as a cloth with its woof and warp. Seeing Dhenuka dead his friends and relatives came and quarreled with Rama and Krishna and a great battle followed.All of them went to abode of yama by the two brothers.fter that people could eat and be nourished by the fruits of the palm trees and cows could be grazed in that forest without fear. Kaaliyamardhana. By the presence of the poisonous serpent Kaaliya,the waters of Kalindi was poisoned and cows and birds and other animals,and humans who took water from the Kalindi river were perishing because of its poison.Even the fish could not survive in it.The first account of pollution of a river is given here by Vyasa.Kaaliya was an inhabitant of the Kaalindi from ancient times.And Krishna sent him away to Ramanaka island by his powers.The story is given as below. The birds flying above the river fell into it and died due to environmental/air pollution from Kaliyas poison.The winds from the river carried poisonous smokes .Krishna wanted to stop this environmental pollution.He jumped from the branch of a kadamba tree on the banks of the river into the water.He started to swim in it making sounds so that Kalaiya is enraged.As Krishna expected Kaliya came immeadiately to see who had been so bold to enter his territory .He bite Bhagavan in all his body parts so that he can kill him.Then he bound Krishna in his folds .Seeing this ,the gopa on the banks started to cry aloud.Many of them passed into a swoon.Even the cows and other animals cried aloud and showed their fear and grief at the plight of their beloved child.All stood around in the banks not taking their eyes from Bhagavanfor even a second.The left side of the Gopa children twitched and they saw comets falling from sky.A major earthquake happened .Seeing all this Gokula was afraid.Today Krishan had gone to graze cattle without Rama,They thought infear.Could something have happened to him,without Ramas protective glance?They had dedicated praana and heart in Krishna.They did not know the greatness of Krishna ,who was protecting all the worlds.All the gopa and gopis started from Gokula and came to the shores of Yamuna in search of Krishna .Seeing this ,Rama just smiled to himself.He didnt say a word.Because he knew the ways of Hari .


The Gopa looking for Krishnas feetmarks with lotus,yava seed,ankusa,etc knew where he is and saw the sight of Kaliya binding Krishna and the swooned and crying friends and cows around.They too started to cry and many of them fell down in a state of coma.The Gopikas who were in love with Krishna,seeing their beloved in the grasp of a cruel serpent thought the three worlds are useless if something happens to him.They thought of his smile,his words,his flute and its melodies and the love he showed to all and meditated on him.Yasodha tried to jump into the river and end her life with her beloved son.But the other gopikas prevented her.All of them wailed and started to say his stories and looked at him with prayerful eyes and minds.They were almost dead with fear and grief.Even Nandagopa was about to jump into the river and endhis life but Balarama with presence of mind caught him in time and saved him. Seeing the state of those who love him,Krishna within seconds became free from the grip of the serpent so that they are happy.Kaliya in pain opened his nose wide and breathed poison and becoming red as a stick of fire in anger,looking fixedly at Bhagavan ,hissing at him,approached him again.With fire of anger in eyes,with the split toungue licking his mouth,he approached .And Krishna like Garuda took him by tail and played with him.After sometime Kaliya was tired.Then Krishna jumped onto his hoods and started to dance on it.Deva,Gandharva,charana,apsara etc came and their music and musical instruments like panava,mridanka,aanaka etc accompanied the musical dance of Krishna.Flowers were thrown by Apsara and Sidha worshipped with fragrant things.All worshipped him with hymns.The 100 and odd heads of Kaliya were weakened and he started to vomit blood from each of them and became comatose.Whenever a hood arose in ego,Krishna put it down by his feet in dance,and he was the ancient Vishnu in vichithrathandava pose.Kaliya knew that this is the ancient Vishnu,the Guru of all charaachara.And remembered him and worshipped him.His wives came in fear ,with unbound hair and tears in eyes,and dedicated their self and ego and everything to Krishna and showing their children to him,asked for protection of their father .They said:Our husband had been doing bad karma for so long.Therefore what punishment you gave to him is only just and dharma.You have equality of mind in friends and enemies and you have punished this cruel serpent for the bad things he had done to several creatures by his poison.We know that you are doing this not for selfish motives but for the welfare of all creation.By this act you have actually blessed us.What punishment you give to the cruel is for their protection from bad actions .You allow them to stop their dushkarma.His sins have been destroyed by your punishment.This egocentric serpent had definitely done some punya in poorvajanma to get your touch.He has done some dharma in past ,to wear the dust of your feet,for which even Rama,your wife is doing tapas.The one who wears your feet and its dust is not desirous of heaven,empireship,position of birthless Brahma,or overlordship of Paathaala,or ashtasidhi and liberation.For what all those in this chakra of samsara do efforts ,that luck is now obtained for this cruel and thamasic serpent king through you.The Lord,as Krishnaroopa,who is paramathman,dweller in all bhootha,and sarvathman,We prostrate before you again and again.You are the seat of gnana and vignana.You are nirguna,nirvikara,ananthasaktha,without attachment,and the one who is the cause of functions of prakrithy.You are kaalaroopa,the basis for all sakthy or power,and witness of all parts of kaala,and you are th eviswaroopa,witness and seer of viswam,and its creator and cause.


You are th epanchabhootha,the sabdaadivishaya,the 10 indriyas of sensation and motor functions,mind,intellect,chitha,ahankara,10 praana .You are the thriguna and the pride in thriguna as well as the nirguna.Yur maaya covers your real nature.You are Eka with no divisions,you are the subtlest are the center(kootastha)the allknowing,and the one who is enquired by many scinces and arguments ,and you are the vachya and vachaka.You are gnanaroopa,you are the pramana of all pramana,you are the origin of sasthra,and Lord of pravrithy and nivrithy.You are the nigamamurthy.You are Rama,Krishna,Son of Vasudeva,Pradyumna,Anirudha and the Lord of all devoted.You revealer of the gunathraya,the coverer of Athman with guna,the one known through gunavrithy,the selfrevealed,and the witness of guna ,Our namaskaram.You play with unmanifested plays.You are having manana and is silent .You know the goss and the subtle gathy of cosmos.You are viswa and beyond viswa.You are the cause ,the axis,the base,and witness of everything.Though desireless you do karma for the fulfillment of desires of the entire world.You appear to have the swabhava of the animate world by your behaviour and by wearing power of time,create guna and with them create prapancha and destroys them.Sahanthi,asanthi,moudhya of all animate world,and all living things are your bodies itself.For protection of dharma you take innumerable forms and names .Becaus eof that you have love for living things which have quiet (shantha)swabhava.But,you have a compassionate nature and forgives even the faults done by the servants like us due to our cruel nature had done unknowingly.This is your creation,your subject and like a foolish son who did not know the greatness of his father he had insulted you.But give him pardon for once,and be compassionate as a king to his subjects,as a father to his son.He is tired and weak now.He will not survive if you punish him more.We are all your devotees and servants.If you are pleased in us,the wives of this serpent,let him live for our sake and for the sake of our children.Whatever you order we will do that for this favour.Doing your orders with sradha we will get liberation from samsara. Hearing these wise words of the Naagini wives of Kaliya Krishna left Kaliya and allowed him to live.Kaliya said:-By my nature ,as serpent I did all karma.We are by birth cruel,thamas is our guna,and are angry .Because of that natural swabhava I too did bad things.My nature also was created by you,my Father.We are unable to conquer your Maaya by our thamasic nature.You are sarvagna,sarvesa and Vishnu himself.The cause of everything.I am worshipping you and succumbing to your will.You can bless me or kill me.I accept both from your hands. Krishna said:This river water is needed for drinking ,and bathing purposes of animals and men and for fishes and birds too.You leave this and go to Ramanaka island .And do not injure anyone who remembers this story .Whoever come to this playhouse of mine with upavaasa and does worship with water of this river their ancestors and devas ,remembering me ,that person will be liberated from all sins and from samsara. You came here from Ramanakadweepa fearing my Garuda .He will not injure you hereafter,since the mudra of my feet is on your head . Thus happy to get back his life and blessings from Krishna.Kaaliya with his wives worshipped him with new flowery garlands ,precious jewels and ornaments special for the naagaloka,and with fragrant incense,and blue lotuses .They went to Ramanaka island.Kalindi became purified and her water became punyatheertha.


Why did Kaliya come to Kalindi ?That is related to the story of Kadru and Vinatha ,the wives of sage Kasyapa.Kadru is the mother of all the naagas,and Vinatha ,mother of Garuda and Aruna.Because of the competition between serpents and Garuda ,due to their mothers competition,a decision was made that all serpents should give bali to Garuda on newmoon day every month.And one day Kaaliya due to his ego did not give it.And Garuda struck him with his wings and his sharp nails.Kaliya knew that Garuda will not enter Kalindi because of a curse from Soubhari rishi.Soubhari with his 50 wives were living in Kalindi and the Matsya were his dear friends.And Kaliya eating the Matsya from kalindi was prevented by the sage by cursing him that if you enter this part of the river you will be dead.Thus Kaliya got a place to hide from Garuda in Kalindi. After Kaliyamardhana Krishna was embraced by all and the gopas enjoyed and sang his praises and Nanda gave alms to all in gratitude for giving back his son from the grip of the monster.They spent that night in the banks of yamuna itself. At midnight ,the winds of the Greeshma season awoke a forest fire and engulfed them.All cried aloud Krishna ,Krishna,Rama,Rama.Krishna drank that forest fire within a second and protected all. When Krishna played in Gokula,even the Greeshma was felt as Vasantha for the gopa/gopikas. One day the children were playing under a Bhandeeraka tree.They started to play a duel battle.The rule was the failed one should carry the victorious one on shoulders.Sreedama ,Vrishabha and Rama were on one side.They won first.So Krishna and his friends had to carry them on their shoulders.Sreedama was carried by Krishna and Vrishaba was carried by Bhadrasena.Rama was carried by Pralambha ,an asura who had taken the form of a gopa and joined the play with intention of killingRama and Krishna.Pralamba thought.I may not be able to kill Krishna.But I will take his brother to a far off place and kill him there.The asura was seen as a dark cloud wearing the golden lightening ,carrying Balarama on his shoulder and traveling quickly in the sky.Rama knew what is happening and with his hands which are stronger than the vajra of Indra started to strike on the head of Asura.He fell down with a great noise .The devas sprinkled flowers on Rama and gopas praised him. The cows grazed far and reached a deep forest .They searched for water and entered a grassland/forest .Looking at the signs of brokengrass and the signs of the feet of cows Krishna and Rama with his friends reached the area.Krishna called in his deep soft voice the names of each of the cows and they replied in their language and came running to him.Then they saw a great forest fire approaching.They saw the dry grass being destroyed by fire around .The gopas cried aloud and asked for protection.Krishan said.Close your eyes.They obeyed.Krishna drank the fire and when the gopas opened their eyes they could not see the fire and they saw themselves sitting under the bhandeeraka tree as before.The yogamaya of Krishna had protected all.Then making melodious music with his flute Krishna entered Ambadi with his friends. Rithuvarnana:The rainy season came with parivesha and an akasa which is cloudy .Lightening,thunder,and dense blue clouds and darkness around the sky looked like Krishna himself.What wealth the sun had taken ,from the earth for the past 8 years, was about to be given back to earth.Strong winds came .And clouds gave water like


compassionate people give everything to others for jeevana(life).The earth had become tired by the heat of summer and when her Husband ,the raingod ,sent water as irrigation(sechana means irrigation) and she became fat,like a thin person becomes when the desired food is given.In Kali ,by sins the paaashanda shines,and veda does not shine.In twilight the light insect is shining but not the stars or planets.The silent frogs ,hearing thunder started to make their own voices in unison.It was like the students who were silent while the Guru asked them to recite manthra starts singing them aloud simultaneously .The rivers crossed their banks and filled with water flowed swiftly.The wealth of people who are not free as well as their body become thin and fat according to the masters giving or not giving of food . In some places green with grass,elsewhere red with worms,and some places white with fungus earth became colourful like the army of an emperor.The fields gave happiness to farmers who live by agricultural activities.Thepeople living near the waterways ,like Harisevanam became rich and fertile.The ocean looked like a yogins mind which was moved by kaama .The hills with streams and springs like Bhaktha of Hari remained motionless and fixed in Samadhi .The paths were overgrown with grasses and people could not recognize them Doubts arose whether this is the original path or not?It was like the sruthy which were not remembered and chanted by Brahmins for a long period becoming doubtful and not remembered due to disuse.The lightenings were not always seen in the clouds ,their relatives.Like women who do not really love their men they left one cloud and went to anther.The Indrachapa which is Nirguna was seen in sky.Like the Purusha in the prakrithy with guna.When clouds came peacocks spread their feathers and danced.It was like the separated lovers of Hari ,dancing when they see him again.The trees which were dried by smmer and lost water in roots ,drank water throughthem and became greenagain.Like human beings after austerities ,eat again and get back their luster.The birds of prey near the lakes assembled for their cruel sports and getting what they liked ,like villagers in their homes .In the rains ,all the dams and boundaries were broken like the veda paths in kalikala by the arguments of the Nasthika.The clouds moved by winds brought water for all like kings influenced by their Brahmin priests give everything to the subjects.Earth became wealthy by mature njaval,and eenthal fruits .The cows with heavy udders gave milk in plenty.Strems appeared in hills,their sounds were heard and nearby caves were occupied.Krishna lived in caves and in openings within treetrunks during the rainy season.He ate fruits,nuts and roots .The curds and lunchwith his friends were shared .The children sat near the riverside on stone benches and ate happily .The cows ate grass and with filled stomachs lie on the grass and chewed the cud.Krishan respected and enjoyed the love shown by his VarshaLkashmi . Then came the sarath rithu.The water which was cloudy with dirt ,became clear and clean.The fragrant breeze came.The lotuses bloomed in plenty in lakes.The water became clean as before.It was like the Yogins who had Yogabrasht ,become pureminded after severe yoga practice again.The clouds of sky,the colours of elements,the dirts of earth and the cloudiness of water was taken away by sarath rithu like the nearness of Hari takes away all sins from the hearts of human beings.Like the sages who discard the three eshana,and destroy all sins,the clouds discarded their associated characters and became clean and bright.From hills clean water came out.In other places no water came.It was like the gnana of wise flowing out by its own to some and not to others.The fishes and other creatures living in water does not know the decrease in water level in which they


live .Like the samsari people who are immersed in family matters does not know the decrease of lifespan .The fishes were feeling the hotness of sunrays.Like the one who has not controlled senses are heated up by the stress of samsara.The fields lost their dirt and the leafs slowly lost their greenness.Like the brave who know Athman is everything,discard the My Minefeeling in body and its vishaya.When sarath rithu came ,the ocean,the abode of Varuna became still and waveless and silent by itself,like the yogeendra who after attaining Samadhi discards even the vedic chants. Farmers built hard dams /boundaries to prevent the water from flowing out of their fields.Like yogi trying to prevent gnaana that flow out through senses ,by obstruction ,to conserve in Athman.The cold sun with his rays removed the sorrows of people like gnana does the sorrows of pride in body and Krishna does the sorrows of Gopikaas. The clean clear sky with stars of sarath kaala ,bright like revealing the meaning of Veda,and with sathwaguna shone like chitha of the yogin.The moon and stars shone without any clouds to cover tem like Krishna among the gopa and gopis.The cool breeze from gardens took away heat of people. The only people who suffered were the gopika who were having their minds attracted and stolen by Krishna In sarath even the birds,animals etc join with their pairs and become pregnant as if the karma of worship of God becomes fruitful.When king comes all except thiefs are happy.Like that when sarath came all except Gopika were happy because they alone could not share their happiness with Krishnas union. In the morning of sarath ,all flowers except the white waterlily(which bloom at night)opened and spread fragrance .And everywhere in villages,urban centers and houses and markets festivals,homa,different types of fruits ,vegetables ,etc prosperity was seen .Gokulam shone more due to the presence of Rama and Krishna.The travelers,traders and commerce people,kings,sages ,yogins,sidha people etc were seen everywhere after the rainy season(in which they were indoors).All of them did their swadharma as before . Venugaananiroopana Krishna entered Vrindavana in that Sarath season.He grazed cows in the forests with Rama and his friends.Krishna took out his flute and played different raagaas in it.Hearing that music which touches the strings of hearts the Gopika in the vrindavan forgot themselves.They started to think and speak about Krishna and his leela.When they start speakinh about his leela they were transported to another world.All of them became attracted to his beauty,music and his qualities and loved him .They could not express the extent of their love for him.It was beyond words or expressions.They spoke instead about his peacock feathers,his bluish green colour,his golden yellow silks,the karnikara garlands ,and the nectar of music from his praana flowing out through that dear flute .The gopika had no end in describing his leela and the qualities of his music.They saw their dear Krishna grazing cattle with friends ,and with flute in his mouth and with a smiling face evry moment of their existence.Krishna filled their hearts and beings every second,everywhere.They could not find any other attractive thing than his music in the three worlds.Once Krishna and Rama wearing leafs and flowers as dress,and with peacock feathers as ornaments had enacted as two actors,their musical abilities in front of the gopas on stage.The gopikas always remembered the expertise shown by Krishnas flute on that occasion.They became envious of the flute which always touches the lips of


Krishna.It enjoys freely the rasa of Krishnas praana and lips.Even the trees and lakes in vrindavana were envious of the flute .So what to say about the women of Vrindavan? Vrindvavan became famous just by that flute and its player.Just by the dust of his feet it became the greatest sacred place of worship for all.Hearing the music flowing out of the flute,the peacocks dances in perfect bliss and all living things including plants and trees listened in perfect silence and meditation.The deers with their pairs came and looked longingly at Krishna with their long eyes and stood in bliss hearing music ,just like the cows around.The heavenly ladies (Apsara)saw the perfect blending of beauty,good qualities and perfect music the three guna which are loved most by all women(whether of earth or heaven)lost their control and their flowers fell and their dress and ornament worn in wrong places (due to lack of concentration in such external things) looked at Krishna in extreme concentration.Cows had raised earlobes,and they forgot to chew cuds and their milk overflew as if they had seen their calf and fixed their mind and gaze in Krishna alone.From those eyes tears of love and bliss flowed in ecstacy.The birds of the forest as sages,observing vow of silence and not closing their eyes ,movementless,sat on branches in ekagra Samadhi listening to the music of Krishna.River Yamuna showing her erotic love by her whirlpool and as if covering that emotion with waves,came near Krishna and touched his feet in ecstacy and devotion.Seeing that there is a hot sun above ,the dark clouds came and made an umbrella for Krishna to get shade .The forest tribe ladies seeing the kumkum of Krishnas feet on the grass which he walked on,took it and wore it on their foreheads and breasts and became his lovers.The Govardana mountain was the best sevaka of Rama and Krishna and is happy everyday by wearing the dust of the swamins on his forehead .He welcomes the swamins and their friends and cattle with roots,fruits,and caves for rest.Krishna and rama wears different types of paasa (coirs)on their persons to bind the legs of revolting ones,to get back the lost cows,etc .The persons who hear the unmanifest soft footsteps and flute of them ,become fixed and ecstatic in devotion.By singing his glories and seeing his beauty and hearing his music the gopikas of Vrindavan became fixed in bhakthy in paramathma and their love for Krishna was unshakable. Karthyayanivratha:In the first month of Hemantha rithu ,the women of Vrindavan took the vratha of Devi Karthyayani to get Krishna as their husband.They took bath in Klaindi in the early hours of the morning and made a clay image of Devi from the sand on the riverbank.With chandan,garlands,dhoopa,deepa,and other gifts they worshipped devi . They sang: Katyayani Mahaamaye Mahayoginyadheeswari Nandagopasutham Devi Pathim me kuruthe Nama: With this manthra they worshipped Gouri.For one month imagining Krishna as their husband ,they worshipped Devi ,with whose blessings alone one can reach Krishna.They got up early and singing glories of Krishna went to bathing ghat .They removed their clothes and took a dip in the river.In the river they did dance and sing about Krishna himself .Yogesa Krishna knowing their secret vow,came there with his friends to give them blessings.He took away the dress which were kept on the banks of the river and hid


them on a treetop.When they finished bathing the women saw their dress missing.Krishna smiled at them and said those who want the dress back can come and collect it from me.You can come alone or in groups and identify your clothes and take them. The women though they loved him were shy .They smiled at each other but did not come out of water. They pleaded with him.The water is cold and we feel shivering.Please do not play tricks like this to us ,who love you as our own praana.If you dont give dress ,we will complain to your father.Tell us whatever you want.We are your servants.We will obeythat.But do not keep our dresses and play with us like this. Krishna said:-If you love me and are my servants and will obeymy words ,then why dont you come and get the dress? The women shivering with the cold ,but shy ,covered their parts with their hands and came out reluctantly . Then Krishna said:-You were following a vratha which is pure.But you had broken it by entering the river as naked.For the destruction of that sin which is equal to insult of the devas ,you have to keep your hands on head and bow and then only I will give you the dress. Knowing that bathing without dress is vrathabhanga and since they did not want to commmint vrathabhanga ,the women did as they were told and Krishna gave them back the dress. He had cheated them,laughed at them,made them shy by his insulting words and looks,and had made them like toys in his mercy ,and took away their dress and still the women could not hate him or find fault with him ,because their love was too deep .They wore their dress and with loving eyes looked at him longingly.Krishna knew their wish and he said:I know that you want my touch on you.I am happy with your devotion and love in me.Therefore your wish has to be made true.The people who have fixed mind in me will get out of external kaama /erotic love etc.Once matured and burned by the fire of my love,the sprout of kaama will never appear again.Therefore go back to your homes now.I will make your wish come true in the coming nights for which you had done the karathyayanivratha. The women meditating on his feet went back. During greeshma rithu Bhagavan went to the forests and seeing the trees which though suffering the heat rays of the sun,gives shadow to all told his friends: Look Amsu,Thejaswin,Vishalaksha,Devaprastha,Sthokakrishan,Subalarjuna,Varoothava, see these trees.They live for others only.They suffer heat,cold,ice,rain etc and protects others from them.Just like a good person,the tree never sends a person in need without giving what they need.Leaf,flowers,fruits,seeds,tender leafs,branches,main trunk,pith,milk,smell,cinders,everything is given to others by trees.The people should learn from them how to give prana,intellect,mind,words,deeds and thoughts and wealth and everything for the needy .That alone gives meaning to ones life. Saying such good and thought provoking words Krishna walked through the forest and reached the banks of river Yamuna.Cows were allowed to drink the pure water.the children and Krishna also drank water of yamuna.They sat on its banks and cows grazed around in the green grass.The hungry friends approached Rama and Krishna and told them to give something to eat.


Krishna said:-Nearby a few Brahmins are doing the yagna called Angirasa.They are doing to get swarloka.You can go to them and ask for food.Tell that I and my brother have sent you there. The children went and asked for food as told by Krishna.The Brahmins who thought themselves to be great scholars did not pay heed to them.Krishana is timespace,manthra and thanthra and everything that is made of panchabhootha,and is dharma and adwara and vedaswaroopa .But the ignorant Brahmins who thought that they are great scholars could not realize this.They did not say Omas positive response.They did not say Nasthias negative response either.They just ignored the children.They came back in a depressed mood and told Krishna what had happened. Krishna smiled and asked them to go to the wives of the Brahmins and say what they told the Brahmins and see the response. They went to the Brahmanapathni and said:-Mothers,We came with the message from Krishna.Rama and Krishna had come here grazing their cows.We are all hungry.Can we have some food? Hearing that Krishna is nearby the womenwanted to see him immeadiately.They took food in the best pots available and even when the husbands,friends and sons prevented them from going,went along to meet Krishna.They looked like rivers flowing quickly toreach the ocean.They saw Krishna and Rama in the banks of Yamuna wearing tender asoka flowers .The colour of dark cloud and the dress of golden yellow accentuating each others beauty ,and with flower garlands and peacock feathers and flute in hand ,one hand in the shoulder of a friend ,and another with a red lotus ,and a captivating smile on face they saw Krishna.The hairs on his forehead moved in soft breeze .The women who had been worshipping him for several years saw him in ecstacy . Krishna saw their Ahaithukeebhakthy in hm and blessed them.And asked them to go back to their husbands to complete their yagna which is only partially fulfilled. The women said:-We have discarded all our relations to the samsara including husbands and sons just for attaining you.We came just to wear the thulasi which is touching your feet.We have lost interest in samsara and our husbands and relatives knowing this will not receive us back.We have only your feet as our solace.Let us be your dasi forever. Krishna said:-For coming to me no one including your husbands,parents,childrenand relatives will discard.Not even the devas will discard you because you have to me .Being fixed in me you will reach me soon.Till that time live in your own homes fulfilling your duties. Thus the women were sent back and the Brahmins did not show any displeasure in them and their yagna was completed .The women who had by sruthi fixed her heart in Krishna,even if obstructed by their husbands ,embraced Krishna with mind and intellect and reached him .The food which they gave quenched the hunger of Krishnas friends.By deeds,words and thoughts Krishna made everyone happy in his great avathar.The Brahmins who could not understand Krishna as God himself were sorryfor their deeds and understood the greatness of their wives and its value over their egocentric scholarship.The birth with the three guna,vidya,vratha,knowledge of different sciences and arts ,awards,kriya and yagna are all in vain if there is no dedication to God and selfknowledge .And that lesson was taught to them through their wives by Krishna. The Brahmins who were to give advice and serve as models became prey to ego of scholarship.The women who were not given proper upanayana,and thought to have all the


loukika vasana ,could get ekanthikabhakthy in God by their love alone.It is the dedicated love which is important .That alone will remove selfishness and ego and makes one deserving of ecstacy and bliss and liberation.No amount of scholarship can replace the quality of unselfish nishkama love in God . God nothing to be gained from anything.The poornakaama Brahman itself approached Brahmins who were doing yagna for swarga attainment ,as a beggar to get some food ,so that they get what they were asking for.But they could not recognize the God in the attire of a beggar.Even a dog can distinguish its master ,in his fancy dress.Whatever form the master takes the dog identifies him.But the scholars did not have even the intellect of a dog,and they recognized that from their wives.They were happy for getting such intelligent and good ,devoted wives and they were happier together than before.Through the wives ,the men knew real devotion and love and Iswarapranidhana.They mentally thanked Krishna and Rama and were afraid of going to them directly because of their guilty consciousness. The Indrayagna Once ,according to the custom ,Gokula prepared for doing the Indrayagna.Krishna asked Nanda what are the preparations for. He asked,are these karma done with thought about its meanings or is it justan imitation of what was done by elders .He wanted a logical answer from his elders. Nandan said:-Indra is the Lord of rains.His friends are the clouds.The lifepower for living things is obtained from water and that is given by clouds.The cloud are lead by Indra.Therefore we worship him for good rains.People depend upon dharma,artha,and kaama on the rains .Therefore Indra is the lord who gives economic prosperity,sustainanace of different races of life and their dharma .This is our traditional dharma.If we do not do this due to our desires,anger,fear or greed ,we will not get rains and that will cause unhappiness to all . Krishna said:-The living things are created by their own karma.And they are destroyed by their own karma.Happiness,sorrows,pain and fear are all due to karma.If Indra is the person who gives effects to the karma of all living things ,he cannot give effects to people who do not do any karma.We are getting the effects of our own karma due to our previous janma and karma.Indra cannot alter the poorvakarma of us.He is givingrains to those who do yagna as wellas to those who do not do yagna.We find all sorts of life on earth and their karma and they live in co-operation by their karma cycles.The prapancha is in prakrithy.The friend,foe,scholar,ignorant,Guru and Shishya are all due to poorvakarma.The one who does own dharma,depending on ones nature or poorvavasana ,and creates the varnadharma by such actions,should worship dharma .Because dharma alone is the God for us.When Dharma is the God,what is the use of worshipping Indra as another?It is like a woman who has one husband goes to another.Such people do not get real happiness. The protection of veda is dharma for Brahmana.rotection of land is dharma of Kshathriya.Protection of krishi,goraksha and vanijya are the dharma of vaisya.And the service sector for all these is the shudradharma.We are people doing goraksha . The reason for birth,growth and death is sathwa,rajas and thamas.By rajas ,men and women unite and this living world is created.The clouds give rain due to the rajoguna itself.Not by Indra.And by that water we do all our life processes.


We do not have our own cities,our villages or a fixed place to live since we are wandering cowherds and migrate seasonally to places where we get grass and fodder and water for our cows.We live in hills,forests and are a wandering tribes in hills and forests.Therefore ,we should worship the cows,the forests and the hills which give us our livelihood.Whatever we have stored for Indrayaga can be used for this yagna.Let all the rithwiks do homa in fire made according to vedic injunctions.Let us give cows and gold to them as dakshina.Give enough food for all wandering tribals and hunters,to the downtrodden and to even the dogs and let us give enough grass for our cows and oxen.Let us worship this mountain Govardhan which give us grass for cows and all forest goods . Hearing Krishnas words Nanda and others decided to do so.They worshipped cows and forests and mountains which give them the materials for their living .They circumambulated the Govardhana mountain singing glories of Krishna.krishna taking the form of Govardhan took all the articles that the gopa gave to the mountain.Seeing that the Gopas and Gopis wondered. Indra was angry by these proceedings.He sent the samvartha clouds to Gokula and created a floods there.He himself came with his friends maruths on Airavatha.Lightening and thunder and storms raged .The rain was so heavy that each drop fell like a stone.Which is the road and which is the river was not known by people.Everyone came to Krishna for solace .Krishna,Krishna ,protect us from the angry Indra ,they cried in unison. Krishna decided to end the ego of Indra.He asked all the people and the cows to enter a cave under the mountain.And when they entered and out of the fury of the reins,he took the mountain on his little finger and stood like that for 7 days till the rains ended and Indra was pacified by his own failure.Thus by a wonderful act of wearing the mountains on his little finger and standing unmoved for 7 days and protecting all those who came to him for help Krishna subdued the ego of Indra. Seeing all this ,the elders of the Gokula came to Nanda and said:-this child of yours is no ordinary child.How could such a great soul was born in our midst is a real mystery.He is only 7 year old and he had worn the mountain on his little finger for 7 days.How could he kill a giant like Poothana when he was a newborn baby who has not even opened its eyes fully?At the age of three months by his feet a great cart was powdered to bits.At the age of one,he killed the giant Thrinavartha who carried himaway as strong wind.He fell two great trees alone.He killed Bakasura in childs play.He threw up the rakshasa who came to kill him in the shape of a calf and killed him too.He killed Dhenuka with Rama.He made Rama kill pralambasura.And protected us from forest fires.He danced on the heads of Kaliya and subdued his ego. All of us have unspeakable love in your son.He loves us too naturally.How does this love develop which is mutual between us?We have been thinking about such things for so long. Nanda said:-Do not doubt my son,my dear friends.Garga had told me before about him.He told me that this son of you will be born in the four yuga with white,red,yellow and black colours and in this yuga it is with blackcolour he has come.He is born as Vasudevas son and is called Vaasudeva.He has enedless naama due to his qualities,but no one knows him by all these names.He will give sreyas to your race and all gopa and


gopis will be happy with him.He will liberate you from all sorrows.In his previous janmas he protected dharma from asura and rakshasa and all good people from the bad and cruel.Those who have the rare luck of being devoted to him by love ,are called the devotees of Vishnu and they are feared by all enemies and the asuras.He is equivalentto Vishnu.Do not wonder when he show such signs of fame and wealth and prowess ,because he is Vishnu himself.Protect this child and love him as if he is Vishnu. Hearing the words of Garga from Nandas words the gopa were too happy for words.They loved and worshipped him and wondered at their own luck . Indra came with bhoodevi in the form of Kamadhenu to see Krishna.He worshipped Krishna and said that he had forgotten in his ego,that it was Vishnu himself who had come to protect dharma for the deva and for the earth .Bhoodevi as kaamadhenu did abhisheka on Krishna with her own milk and Indra did abhisheka on him with waters from the Ganga,Indra said: I will be known as Indra of the Devas,Devendra,and you will be known as Indra of the cows,Govinda hereafter. Narada,thumburu and gandharva,kinnara,sidha ,charana,apsara came and praised Krishna with songs and dances .All the plants became healthy and gave enough food for all and cows gave enough milk and the earth became fertile and rich with grains,fruits,vegetables,medicinal plants,domestic animals,milk and milk products and all sorts of wealth for peoples happy living. After One Ekadasi day Nanda taking upavasa and worshipping Krishna,went to take bath in kalindi ,on Dwadasi.He entered water in the asura time of night and one of the servants of VARUNA took him to his lords abode.Krishna hearing this reached varunaloka and varuna was pleased to have his darsana.Seeing Varunas wealth and how he respected Krishna the doubts of Gopa were ended.They wanted to see the Parabrahma swaroopa of Bhagvan and Krishna showed it to him with compassion.He showed him the Vaikuta and its wealth and his own viswaroopa and made them all happy and knowers of Brahman. In sarath rithu,seeing the jasmineladen green gardens of Vrindavan,Krishna decided to play with Yogamaya.When he desired,the moon arose in the face of east ,as if the husband to reduce the pain of her separation ,anoints his lovers face with sandalpaste.The round and slightly red and white moon with its cool rays attracted the minds of all the womenin vrindavan.Then Krishna started to play his flute.The music which increased their desire filled Vrindavan and the women went in search of that naada.those who were miling the cows stopped it ,and others who were cooking wheat left it like that,and those who were giving milk to children,food to husbands ,those who were taking meals,everyone stopped what they were doing and went in search of Krishna.Some had dressed up with good dress,ornaments and anointed with chandana and kumkuma,others had partially done their decorations,and some decorated the ornaments in wrong places and some did not wait or loose time in decorating themselves at all.Even if the relatives and husbands and others obstruct their way,the women who had fixed their minds in Krishna did not take away that from him.Some women who were kept prisoners inside houses,closed eyes and meditated on Krishna and by his compassion got his union and mukthy then and there itself.All their gunakarma and its bondages were broken by devotion and love in Krishna who was paramathman itself.


But how could that happen?They were thinking that he is their husband and did not know that he is Nirguna Parabrahman.Then how this lack of bondage from guna happened? Even if a person remember hari always with hatred,like Kamsa or Sisupala,they get union with hari.So what will be the state of women who love and dedicate everything to him as their own husband?Narayana took birth simply for giving moksha to people and people who love him unconditionally get it easily.All the Gopikas who came to him weremade happy by his music,his words and his darsana and love.He asked them what boon you want from me?Are not your relatives happy?Will they not search for you if you come like this to me?They will be afraid not seeing you in homes.Go to your relatives,husbands and children and do service to them.Do your household duties,milking of cows,cooking etc .Our duty is most important for men and women.Even if your husband is old,cruel,poor ,unlucky,or diseased,you have to be satisfied with what you got.For a lady of good kula(race)the desire to have union with a different man and the pleasure out of it is not good .The best way to love me is to do sravana,dhyana,keerthana,darsana etc ,and not by being or living with me.Therefore go back . The women being unhappy ,lowered the faces and tears rolled down their cheeks.They stood there silently .After sometime they told Krishna.:- you should not have said such cruel words to us.We have sacrificed all other vishaya from our minds and dedicated us at your feet .We are mumukshu(desirous of liberation)and is it the dharma of Adipurusha to sent away mumukshus emptyhanded?Do not discard us or punish us.What you advised us that we should follow the swadharma of serving our husbands,children,homes,relatives etc is good from your point of view as aking and it will be acceptable to your subjects because you have proven your good nature.But for every jeeva the real relative and husband and child and Guru is Athman and that is You alone.All the other relations are transcient and we need permanent liberation from samsara.Do not push us back to samsara.All our senses and organs and mind and intellect had been stolen by you and our Athman is fixed in you and therefore it cannot move away from you and hence where can we go if you discard us now?Your sight,your smile,words and that beautiful music and leela have awakened a fire in us and without your touch of compassion and love it will not be quenched.If not we will burn our bodies in our yogagni and join you.You are the dearestof the forestdwellers.And of Ramadevi.By your feet and its touch we have become your lovers,devotees.We are enmeshed in the bliss of you and we cannot live without you.The devi Mahalaxmi,for whose blessings even the devas do thapas,even after attaining you and be placed on your chest,being unsatisfied ,takes the thulasi on your feet with its dust and wear itin head,we are wearing the dust of your feet on our body and head.We have left homes and samsara and dedicated us to your service.Your beauty has attracted us so much that we want union with you. The cheeks with lighening of the kundala , Smiles and sideglances The nectar of lips The forehead covered by tiny forelocks The long hands which give abahya The chest where Lakshmi dwell always Have attracted us and we want to be your dasi. Your sweet melodies With lalitha pada and dheerghaswara


And your handsome form Which is attracting the three loka Makes all people attracted to you And dharmabramsa from samsara happens to all. Which woman is there in thriloka who is not loving you And had not forsaken samsara for your sake? Adipurusha ,has destroyed all sorrows of deva And took incarnation in Vraja to destroy our sorrows Therefore touch us and give us the happiness Of your love as our husband. Hearing them Krishna smiled and though he is Athmarama,being compassionate in these women who loved him,made them happy as they desired.He looked like a full moon with stars around with the gopikas .His vaijayanthi garland moved as he danced with them to the rhythm of his flutes melodies and he became the jewel of Vrindavana forest.In the banks of yamuna with a cool breeze bringing smell of white lilies,they played with him and touched him and embraced him to their chests and made nailmarks onhis body .He responded playfully and made each of them happy inhis playful mood of yogamaya. They developed a rare ego in their beauty and luck and the moment such an ego developed in them Krishna hid himself from their view. Gopivilaapa: When Krishna disappeared the gopikas,like a leaderless elephant herd wandered around searching for him.They sang and danced imitating his leela and each of them looked like a Krishna due to their thanmayeebhava with him.They thought I am Krishna,I am Krishna like the yogins feel Aham Brahmasmi.And they did not feel shy to say so to others.They were immersed in Brahman perfectly and enjoyed it .They searched and found the omnipresent paramapurusha within and then started to ask the external objects,whether they had seen him . Famous Aswatha,Plaksha,Nyagrodha, Did you see our Kannan? Taking away our hearts with his smiles Did he go through this way? Naga,Chempaka,Kuravaka,Punnaga,Asoka, Did any one of you see him? Did that brother of Balabhadra With his naught sideglances pass this way? Thulasi,The auspicious devi, The one with the name of Govinda Who takes you away daily with the bees around Pass this way? Mallika,Pichaka,Yuthika, Tell us the truth That Madhava who is expert in Narma Touch you while he passed this way? Amra,Priyala,kovidara,jambu,Bilwa, Panasa,arkka and the kadampa,and neepa,


Bakula ,You were born in the banks of this famous Kalindi For helping others Tell us the path of Krishna . Dharaidevi,You did thapas before You shine with the feetmarks of Son of Nanda. How did this green hairs of thy body Become so awakened? Is it by feet of Krishna or of Vaamana Or is it because of embrace of Varaha ? Devi,where is Krishna now? On which part of your body? Deer,Did Krishna with his dearest consort Came through this way? Did you get the bliss of their sight? The fragrance of Govindas body Mingled with that of angaraga of his consort Spreads here. Trees,did Govinda,with the bees around Thulasi On his breast,and a play lotus in his hands The other hand on her shoulders Happily came here And with loving eyes directly Gave you pranaama? See these vines climbing Over their tree husbands stems They were touched by his nails That is why they are in blissful state. Tell us his path Like mad women they talked to every object in the forest asking for his path .Their mind was fixed in him alone.They then started the dancedrama of Krishnaleela.One woman took the role of Poothana and another that of Krishna .Another took role of sakatasura,and another with wearing anklets and making sounds walked on four feet as the infant Krishna.Two gopikas played the dance of Rama and Krishna.Others as the Gopa.Valsa,Baka,etc were killed by them in playacting.Then one played flute as if she is Krshna .Another one removed her dress and keeping it as an umbrella enacted govardhana episode.Another one danced Kaliyamardhana and her friend acted as Kaliya .Yet another swallowed forestfires in drama.One played yasoda and bound her Krishna on to mortar.That one who played Krishna enacted fear and walked along and to show the moksha of the trees.Thus playing and searching for his footprints they walked in forest.They saw a footmark and identified it as His by the marks of lotus,dhwja,vajra and ankusa and along with that they saw the footprint of his lover.Seeing that they were unhappy.Look at her footprints with him.He had been walking with her ,with his hands on her shoulders?Who is this lucky woman?He had discarded all of us and went with her


alone to a lonelysecret place .That means she had been devoted to Vishnu who gives all the wishes in all her janmas. The footprints of Krishna are precious.To wear the dust of these ,Brahma,Shiva and Sreedevi had been doing penance.Which of the lucky lady ,had the fortune of enjoying his lips alone,which is the sarvaswa of all Gopikas,has imprinted her footprints along with his.And by seeing that itself we are becoming envious.Then how can we wear this? See,here her footprint is not seen.Her feet might have touched a sharp grass.And he might have carried her in his strong arms to prevent her from suffering pain.That is why here his footprints are seen more deep.Because of his weightbearing.Here he has put her down.He has plucked flowers for her ,by standing on his toes alone and made a garland for her.He had decorated her hair wih that garland and all the signs of that are seen here. Krishna was Athmaaraama.Poorna and Nitya and blissful in Athmananda.To make the Gopis understand the sorrows of desires,and the bad effects of envy and false pride in their beauty and luck,and to redeem them from that bad effects of physical love,Krishna played with them like this.He went with Rema(Lakshmy)to make them envious.It is interesting that Vyasa does not use the name Radha here.He uses the name of Lakshmi devi herself. Then Vyasa says.The woman who was loved and accepted by Krishna as his dearest also became proud because of her rare luck and of her beauty .In this ,Vyasa points out the identity of the woman as that of a Gopika ,and not Lakshmy,or a incarnation of Lakshmi.She said Krishna,I cannot walk anymore.If you wants me,take me on your shoulders wherever you wants.Krishna said:-Come and climb on to my shoulder. When she looked at him,she could not see him.He had disappered from her view.She was left alone in the forest. She cried aloud calling him with a thousand and one loving and lovely names and prayng for his presence.She was seen in this unmatha state by the other gopikas who came there in search of them.She told them how madhava respected and loved her and pleased her with services done by his own loving hands and how she had lost all with her pride.The gopikas did not notice that it was becoming dark,the night has come,and moonlight disappered and darkness prevailed everywhere .When they could not see anything they could not search for him further.They wandered slowly,speaking and singing about his leela and his glories,and without once remembering their homes or samsara life.They entered the banks of yamuna and meditating on the form of Krishna ,and praying that they should reach Krishna ,sang Krishnageetham together in deep love and devotion. Gopikaageetham 1 Gopya : oocha: Jayathy thedhikam janmanaa vraja Srayatha Indiraa saswatha thrahi Dayitha! Drishyathamm dikshu thavaka: Thwayi dhrithaasavasthwaam vichinuathe. 2.Saradudaasaye saadhujaathasal Sarasijodarasreemushaadrisaa Surathanaatha!the sulkadaasikaa Varada!nignatho neha kim vadha:


3Vishajalaapyayaadwaalarakshasaa Dwarshamaaruthaadyaidyuthaanalaan Vrishayothmajaadwiswatho bhayaadrishabha: the vayam rakshitha muhu: 4.Na khalu gopikaanandano bhavaan Akhiladehinaamantharaathmadrik Vikhanasaarthitho viswagupthaye Sakha: udeyivaan saathwathaam kule 5.Virachithaabhayam vrishnidhoorya!the Charanameeyashaam samsritherbhayaath Karasaroruham kaanthikaamadham Sirasi dehi na : sreekaragraham. 6.Vrajajanaarhihan veera!yoshithaam Nijjanasmayadwamsanasmitha! Bhaja sakhe!bhavalkimkareesmanoJalaruhaananam chaarudarsaya. 7.Pranathadehinaam paapakarsanam Thrinacharaanugam sreenikethanam Phaniphanarpitham the padaambujam Krinu kucheshu na:krindhi hrischayam 8.Madhurayaa giraa valguvaakyayaa Budhamanognayaa pushkarekshana! Vidhikareeramaa veera!muhyathiRadhaasidhunaapyaayayaswana: 9.Thava kathaamritham thapthajeevanam Kavibhireeditham kanmashaapaham Sravanamangalam sreemadaadatham Bhuvi grinanthi the bhooridaa jana: 10Prahasitham priya!premaveekshanam Viharanam chithe dhyanamangalam Rahasi samvido yaa hridisprisa: Kuhaka!no mana:kshobhayanthi hi 11 Chalasi yadvrajaachhaarayan pasoon Nalinasundaram naatha!th padam Sithathrinamkurai : seedatheethi na: Kalilatham mana:kaantha!gachathi 12.Dinapareekshaye neelaknnthalai : Vanaruhaananam bibradaavritham Ghanarajaswalam darsayan muhu-Rmanasi na smaram veera!yachasi. 13.Pranathakaamadamm padmajaarchitham Dharanimandalam dhyeyamaapadi Charanapankajam santhamm cha the Ramananasthaneshuarpayaadhihan 14.Surathavardhanam sokanaasanam Swarithavenunaa sushtuchumbitham


Ithararaagavismaaranam nrinaam Vithara veera!nasthedharaamritham. 15.Atathitath bhavaanahnikaananam Thrutiryugaayathe thwaamapasyathaam Kutilakunthalam sreemukham cha the Jasa udheekshathaam pakshmakrithdrishaam 16.Pathi suthaanuanabraathrubaandhavaa-nathivilamghyathe thyachuthaagatha: Gathividhasthavolgeethamohithaam Kithava!yoshitha:ka:sthyajennisi 17.Rahasi samvidam hrischayodayam Prahasithaananam premaveekshanam Brihadura:sriyo veekshyadhaama the Muhurathisprihaa muhyathe mana: 18.Vrajanoukasaam vyakthiranga!the Vrajinahanthryayam viswamangalam Thyja manaakchanasthwalsprihaathmanaam Swajanahridrujaam yannnishoodanam 19.Yathe sujaathacharanaamburuhamhashaneshu Bheethaa:sanai:priya!dhatheemahi karkaseshu Koorpaadhibhirbramathi dheerbhavadaayushaam na: 20. Sree Suka uvaacha: Ithi Gopya:pragaayanthyaa: Pralapanthyascha chithradhaa-rurudhu:suswaram Rajan! Krishnadarsanalaalasa: 21.Thaasaamaavirabhooschouri: Smayamaanamukhambuja: Peethaambaradhara:sragwi Sakshath manmathamanmatha: On the banks of Kalindi ,the compassionate Paramapurusha tested their dedication and then made them happy with his presence,love and playful moods. By his sight alone the Hridroga of those dedicated women was cured and they made a seat for him with their own dresses to sit and asked with love and dedication:Some people love ,only those who love them.Some do just the opposite of this.Others do not love or serve these two types at all.What is the difference between such love exhibited by these thre types of people? Bhagavan said:-Those who love each other do so for selfish motives only.All dharma and love in this loukika world is for selfish motives. Those who love people who does not love back are like parents and are compassionate people.In that type of love both dharma and friendship exist simultaneously and this is exception to the rule and such people are rare and valuable. Those who do not love even the people who love them,can never love those who do not love them.


There are four types called Athmaaraama,Aapthakaama,Krithagna,and gurudrohi who do not love even those who do love them.I am not one among these four types. I am the seat of compassion for all beings.I am the friend for all beings .To make the minds of my devotees fixed in me and in nothing else,I pretend that I dont love them and disappear from their sight and test them in certain occasions.When I do that it is for their good and wellbeing later.When a poor man gets wealth ,and then he looses it completely,his mind will never be taken away from that lost wealth .Like that once knowing my love,and then loosing it for a period,the bhaktha fix their mind only in me.They will never forget me.You have come to me discarding everything,including your homes and even the vedamarga and to see your deep love me and to enjoy it,hidden from you,I had a desire.So I disappeared for a while from you.I am unable to pay back you for such nishkaamabhakthy and love in me ,even with the lifespan of a deva.I have only a human lifespan and how can I be free from such debts from you in this life?This great karma itself has become your reward forever. Then the raasaleela of Bhagvan and Gopikas started.For each Krishna,two Gopika on either side,one on right and the other on left.Each of krishnas hands in the Gopikas shoulders/hands.In this way they stood in a circle forming a Gopikaamandalam for Krishna.Decorated by that Gopikaamandala,Krishna celebrated his rassothsava. Deva,gandharva,and apsara came to see this great dance.They sang and played accompaniments and danced tofether.The ornaments of the dancing Gopikas and Krishna made harmonious music in the Raasaleelamandala.Krishna looked like a Marathaka jewel(greenish)among several golden beads of Gopika in that circular garland .Showing mudras,and bhava,and placing feet with rhythms and dancing in the most beautiful way,singing in harmony ,and with flowers and garlands and sweatcovered foreheads the women danced with Krishna .They looked like a streak of lightening on a blue cloud. With the touch of Achyutha,their naada became perfect,and with sruthi and loudness and confidence and in happiness ,they sang swaras aloud and beautifully.The pure swaras flowed out of them with his touch.When Hari said Good to one of the bestsingers among them,and respected her for her knowledge,another one did dhruvathala for her music and got his praise for that prowess.Thus he gave praise for each one for their ability in bharathakala. One woman with loosened bangles and crushed flowers and tired in her dance,caught his shoulders and neck for support .Another with bliss caught his hand which smelled of chandan and lotus and smelt it and pressed it to her neck and kissed it.One beautiful maiden pressed her cheek to the cheek of Krishna shining with the light of his kundala,and Krishna gave his Thaamboolarasa to her.One shaking her anklets and ornaments in the waist became tired and came rushing to him and pressed is hands to her breasts. Thus getting the Ekaanthakaantha of kamala to them as husband due to bhakthy ,they embraced him and sang his glories and names in blissful mood.The dance,harmonious melodious music and the rhythms,and the perfect bharathakala with their erotic as well as spiritual mood mingled imperceptibly and Krishna was playing like a child playing with shadows or mirrorimages.Seeing his play,the apsaras swooned in desire .Moon with his nakshatragana stopped his movement and looked on with wonder.Each woman thought there was a Krishna with them .Krishna took as many forms as there were Gopika.And touched,embraced and removed the sweat from each ones face simultaneously by his many forms.He enjoyed the Haribhajans and keerthana


they sang for him.With broken garlands and spread with the kumkuma from their breasts,like a great Gandharva ,and followed by honeybees ,and like an elephant with his many females ,Krishna entered Yamuna for his jalakreeda.Both in water and land he played like this for several hours.Several nights passed in this great raasaleela.And Vyasa says the poets who are knowers of Rasa(rasagna)made stories about this according to their tastes.Whatever story with whatever rasa they sang and told became great kavya and music and being in love with these kavya and music and through them in Krishna ,who is satyasankalpa, lasted like those eternal moments of bliss of Bhagavan with his devotees ,the gopikas. When Suka was telling this story King Pareekshith had a doubt ,which is still raised by several people who have not read the Bhagavatha fully and who have just heard the stories of it from retold sources.The king asked: Rishi,Krishna was born for protection of dharma and for destruction of adharma.Then how could he do such adharmic actions of union with others wives? How could hari who is Apthakaama do such heinous acts which are due to kaama? Suka replied:-Iswara is of inimitable thejas and power.Agni digests both good and bad things within a second and converts them to mere ashes.Iswara is like that great energy in agni.Whatever touches him,immeadiately become purified and mere ashes.And agni/energy does not become impure by touching or burning an impure thing like a dead body.That is possible only for Iswara.A human being,who is not God,should not do such adharma,even by his mind.Shiva can eat poison and remain alive.If a man eats it imitating Shiva,he will perish immeadiately.The words of Iswara are always truth.The karma of iswara are truth only in certain contexts .The intelligent has to analyse these acts and deduct what is truth and what is not.For those who have no selfish motives or ego,their karma is for others and not for oneself.Therefore for a person like Krishna ,who is Iswara,no blemish happens.How can God who controls,generates,destroys everything be touched by dualities like punya and papa?Just by dust of his feet even the greatest yogins become purified and free of karmabandha.Therefore how can he have bandha with body?He is the witness of indriya as wel as intellect of all.He is internal to all beings,including the gopikas and their husbands.His form as avathara was for blessing the world and his devotees and the good people.The gopikas were near their husbands and their minds were fixed in Krishna,the paramathma and that is the reason why the husbands had no dislike or envy to Krishna.King,have devotion in love and Krishna like the Gopikas.The dedication in him with premabhakthy,destroys the Hridroga (heart disease)called Kaama ,quickly and completely. Once on a shivarathri day,the gopas of Nandagrama went with their bullock carts to Ambikaavana in Mathura.Bathing in the sacred Saraswathy river,they worshipped Ambika and her consort Shiva.They gave cows,honey,gold ,and sweet foods ,and clothes to Brahmins as dakshina.Nanda and sunanda and his retinue took upavasa ,drinking water alone and remained in the banks of Saraswathy.Nanda slept for some time .And a great serpent in the forest came and swallowed him.Nanda cried aloud calling Krishna! Krishna!.The gopas struck the serpent with burning sticks .Then Krishna came and just touched the serpent with his soft feet.Immeadiately ,the serpent ,purified of all sins,left its serpent form and became a vidhyadhara .Krishna asked ,who are you handsome man?


He said I was the Gandharva ,called Sudarsana.Once due to my pride in my handsome body I insulted a few sages belonging to the race of Angirasa,who were extremely ugly.By their curse I was born in this janma as a sarpa.By your touch all my curses removed I got back by original body.You are the mahayogin,the refuge of all the three worlds and by your touch and vision I have been liberated. One night Krishna and Balarama were walking in the forests with the gopikas in a playful mood. Then Krishna played his music.It is described by Vyasa as beautiful music with all the 7 swara ,in arohana and avarohana and in time /rhythm and it was auspicious for all living things ,both for mind and body.The Gopikas lost the memory of their body and indriya and were transported from the loukika toaloukika state . At that time a servant of Kubera,called Sankachooda came there ,and took away the women who had lost consciousness in Krishnas music.When they knew what is happening they started to cry aloud calling Krishna and Rama.And they came after the thief,like the bold warriors after the thiefs of cattle (in Goraksha).They uprooted a palm tree each and ran behind the thief,shouting aloud to the GopikasDont be afraid,we are with you.Seeing this the thief left the women in forest and ran away.Krishna followed him and Balarama remained with the women for their protection.Hari killed him and took his choodarathna (by which he was called Samkhachooda)and came back and presented that rare jewel to his dearest brother Balarama. Gopis describe Krishnas music:When Krishna touching his left cheek with his left hand ,and moving his eyebrows,closes the seven dwara(openings)of the flute and then open them ,hearing that touching music,the apsara in the sky and the women of the gandharva stop and listen with love even if they are with their husbands ,the expert singers.They go into a swon and forget themselves. With a smile on his lips,and the lightening of his garland in his chest,and giving narma(humour)to even the sorrowful people of the earth,Hari,the ever energetic and happy one plays the flute.And the cows and other domestic animals forget to eat the grass,and to chew the cud,and with closed eyes and opened ears stand in silence as if a picture painted .Wearing peacocks,green leafs and manayola,like a malla Krishna calls with Balarama,the Gopa as well as the cows to his side .Then just like us ,who are desirous of the dust of his feet and touch of his hands,the rivers stop flowing and with love they dry up their tears . When he calls the cows grazing in the mountains withhis flute,The trees and shrubs and vines of forest with happiness become fruitful and covered by flowers and with the weight of fruits lower heads and give honey to him.In his vanamala,with the sacred smell of Thulasi,the bees come and sing his songs and to imitate that Bramarageetha,Krishna takes his flute and touches it with his lips.Then in the lakes the swans,cranes and other aquatic birds attracted to his music sit as if they are sages meditating in silence.Wearing flowers in his ears ,and with Balarama,Krishna walks in forests and mountains and fills the entire earh with happiness and when he plays the flute for this purpose,it spreads to sky and clouds of his own colour gather and try to imitate his sound by rumblings and worship him with flowers,water drops and keeps a shadowy umbrella around hs head to givehim shade from heat.


Mother Yasodha,When your son who has learnt to play flute by himself(without a guru) joints the flute to his lips which has defeated the red fruits in colour,and plays the different swara and jathi in a wonderful manner producing melodies,all The Gods like Indra,Brahman,Shiva etc though themselves experts in melodies loose their ego and pride in their scholarship in music and shyly lower their heads.Krishna walks in this Gokula as a elephant and his feetmarks with ankusa,dwaja,padma and vajra is seen everywhere.And when he plays that melodious flute and plays his sideglances which are seats of Kaamadeva himself,on us simultaneously ,we forget our bodies,our loosened garments our decorations and everything and we become transformed to state of Sthavara(immobile/inanimate).Wearing the fragrant Thulasi garland,and putting his hands on the shoulders of his friends who are counting the number of cows carefully,Krishna plays his flute .The wifes of Krishnamriga(deers) attracted to it just like us ,the gopikas(who are also Krishnamriga wives)discard homes,husbands,children and come near him and lick and love him.The blemishless mother,when your son wearing jasmine garlands with his cowherds,to give happiness to his friends go toKalindi and do Jalakreeda in her,The cold breeze wearing fragrant smell of sandal come and embrace him in love.The upadeva who are Vandi,praise him and give him bali with vadya(accompaniments)and geetha.He in extreme love for the cows ,walks with naked feet in their paths along with them,and reaches the Ghoshta with them in twilight playing his flute for them and for entire world.With dust and sweat and the crushed garlands and tired body ,he gives happiness to all onlookers and it is for blessing all of us he is born in the womb of Devaki and came to us as Son of Yasodha.Our Krishna,the full moon for our eyes is now coming home at twilight.With moving eyes,and slightly pale face after his days jobs of grazing cows ,and with the golden hue of kundala on his cheeks like an elephant playing in his territory,he comes back to our goshta at the days end.All our sorrows ends when he comes. In this way ,the Gopikas spent their days praising Krishna and played with him at night . An asura called Arishta came in the form of a humped bull to kill Krishna.Catching him by his horns as if an elephant,Krishna threw him to 18 ft distance.Again he came back.Then a battle ensued between Krishna and the bull.When Krishna killed Arishta,Narada approached kamsa and told him.:The 8th son of Devaki and 7th son of Devaki are both alive in Gokula as Krishna and Rama ,and they are growing up bold and strong and they are your enemies.Kamsa sent Kesi to kill Krishna.He came in the shape of a horse.Kamsa convened a meeting of his friends including Mushtika,Channoora,salatha,osalaka,etc ,ministers and elephant keepers and told them that he is planning to call his enemies to Mathura and they have to kill him.Mushtika and chanura were to fight with Krishna.And the Elephant Kuvalayapeeta was to be trained to kill Krishna by the elephant keepers.He planned a bow sacrifice on Chathyrdasi day for getting blessings of Shiva.Kamsa then called Akrura and pretending friendship asked him to invite Krishna and Rama to Mathura.He said I am like Indra requesting Vishnu to do a help for him,asking you to do this help.I want to kill both of them because they are my killers.Once they are killed I will destroy all the enemies of mine including Vasudeva,my father Ugrasena,his brother Devaka etc and become emperor.My friend and guru Jarasandha,my friends Dwivida,Sambhara,Naraka,Baana,are with me.


Akroora said:-You are planning this for your selfish motives.But whether you get the desired effect or not,is in the hands of God and therefore keep equanimity of mind in success and failure.I will obey you because the end result is not with me or you,but with God. Meditating on Govinda ,Akroora went home. Kesi came as a horse with dust everywhere in sky and earth,and with deep voices and lightening like a thunderstorm .With his tail,the clouds were dispersed.Coming in high speed ,with his hindlegs he kicked Krishna.Krishna escaped and caught both his hindlegs and revolving him above head,threw him to 100 bows distance.He went into a coma.then regained consciousness and making a terrific sound and opening his mouth like a cave came rushing towardsKrishna.Krishnas kands like a serpent entered the cave of his mouth and as if touched bya heated iron,his teeth came off.And krishnas hand within the mouth of asura became swollen.It became bigger and bigger by swelling and the asura had obstruction of his breath.Thus he fell dead.Narada came to Krishna and praised him with his devotion and keerthana.He said,I can see you killing chanura,mushtika,kuvalayapeeta,Kamsa,and also Samkha,yavana,Naraka,and other asura.I can see you going and getting paarijatha from heaven and marrying the 8 wives .And in Dwaraka I see you giving liberation to king Nriga,who had become a reptile due to a curse.Getting syamanthaka from Jmabavan,marrying Jambavathy,giving gurudakshina of the dead son back to Sandeepani,killing Poundraka,destroying kasi,and killing Dandavakthra and Sisupala during Rajasooya are all seen by me.In your Dwaraka city you will do several karma which are remembered forever.The devotees will sing of these karma forever.You will take up the position of charioteer of Arjuna in Mahabharatha war and reduce the burden of earth.I prostrate before you ,who are the avathara who came to earth for blessing all of us. Thus predicting the future,praising Krishna as Vishnu ,Narada went to his abode.Krishna again immersed in his Goraksha as swadharma and made Gokula happy.Once when the cows were grazing thechildren played the game of thief and king.Some became thiefs and others kings.The thiefs hide and kings have to find them out.Then the son of maya ,who was a magician ,called Vyomasura came and joined them as a gopabaala.He took away all the children who played the role of cows and calfs as a gopabaala playing the role of a thief.He kept them in a cave and closed the opening with a big stone.Just 4 or five remained to play .All others became prisoners of the asura.Krishna killed him and relieved the children. Akroora stayed for one day in Madhurapura.He got up in the morning and in a chariot went to Gokulam.Being a great devotee of Krishna on his way to Gokula ,Akroora thought:-I have done some good karma for getting the luck of meeting Bhagvan.It is like a soodra getting the luck of vedocharana,while many Brahmins does not get it,that I had this great luck.Because so many yogins have failed to get a glimpse of him.Yet what a low person I am.Iam going to him to call him to kamsa for executing a plan to kill him.But being able to touch hm,see him,hear him all my sins will be purified.Therefore ,eventhoughit is with opposite intention,Kmasa has actuallyblessed me with darsana of my Lord.He saw thefootprints of Krishna with its lakshana and fell on the ground of Gokula to do namaskar of those footprints.Expecting the meeting,imagining the meeting,and meditating on Krishna and his leela and on his own luck to get a chance of


meeting Krishna ,he did not know time .When it was twilight he entered Gokula.He saw Rama and Krishna wearing blue and yellow silks and handsome like beautiful elephant calfs.Their smiles,sideglances,their dress,their every movement was touching the hearts of every onlooker.Clean after the sandhya bath,wearing vanamaala and chandan,one as a silver mountain and the other as a emerald mountain removing darkness around and from the minds of all ,as the cause of everything,and the protectors of everything,they were seen as Visnu in his leela avathara .Seeing them Akroora jumped out of the chariot and fell on their feet .Being unable to speak a word,eyes full of tears of joy,and hairs on his body erect,he stood without even able to utter his own name as introduction.But Krishna knew him and with the hand which wears Sudarsanachakra,he embraced his uncle and patted him.Rama also embraced Akroora and caught his hands and welcomed him to Gokula.Both of them took him inside the house.They gave him a seat,and worshipped him with madhuparkka,pure water and gave cows and dakshina of different types to that great guest and after paadasusroosha gave him good food and thamboola,ghanda and garlands .Nanda asked :-how do you ,good people live there when the cruel Kamsa rules Mathura? Enjoying the love and care of the children and the parents and by the gokla,Akrura did not feel the journeys tiredness .Whatever he had imagined in his chariot was happening to him and he was wondering how my sankalpa had become truth!The haribhaktha are always satyasankalpa and Hari was giving that experience to Akrura. Krishna said:we are happy to see you.We do hope that all our relatives in the race of yadu are happy and well.When the disease of ourrace,in the name of uncle Kamsa is increasing day by day ,we can imagine how the race is having healthy living too.How is our parents who are in his prison and have seen and experienced the killing of 6 children in their sight and yet live praying for our safety.May we know the cause of you sudden visit now? Akroora told him the reason for his visit.Then Krishna and Rama smiled to themselves and told Nanda what had happened.Nanda asked Gopas to take gifts and other valuable things and get ready for the journey.All the people were also asked to go with the children.Hearing the news Gopikas became very sad.They stood forgetting themselves,fixed in Krishna as great yoginis.And when the chariot moved from Gokula they came in groups and in tears to see him.Seeing them Krishna with a smile and through a messenger told that I will come back soon.On the way when Akroora went for a bath in the Yamuna and Krishna and Balarama remained in the chariot Akroora had a experience.When he did japa of the pranava and took a deep dip in the water he saw Krishna and Balarama under the water.He could not believe his eyes and when he came up and looked he saw them sitting in the cariot as before.Thinking that it was my illusion he again dipped in.Then he saw the Adiseshamurthy with Gandharva and charana singing hymns around underneath the water.He had 1000 hoods and a white body like the lotus stem and blue dress.In his lap he saw the 4 armed yellowclad blue and tranquil,peaceful Krishna .The form of beautiful Vishnu as Krishna and Adishesha as Balarama with sunand aand nanda,narada ,sanaka sanandana and othe rrishis around and praised by Shiva and Brahma in the lotus of his nabhi,Prahlada and vasu with folded hands serving him was seen clearly by him.He saw the 12


adhistanadevatha(sree,ila,pushty,thushti,oorja,keerthi,vaani,maaya,sakthy,kaanthy,avidya ,vidya)and with flowing tears of bliss Akroora praised him . When he came up he saw the children sitting as before in the chariot.They reached Mathura by evening.Next day Krishna and Balarama went to see the city with his friends.He saw golden gates with crystal embedded,high towers,houses,and flags everywhere.The granaries were with doors having brass and copper.Around was deep waterbodies which is not easy to cross for the enemies.Beautiful gardens,upavana and forests,durbars ,several precious jewels like diamonds,blue sapphires,emeralds,perls,etc and curved valabhi(marketplaces)stages,and doves and peacocks on towers of houses freely flying,the roads wetted with sandal and other fragrant things,and plantain trees in doors with garlands and coconut fruits,lot of grains and fruits and vegetables,and butter and other dairy products.The city looked very prosperous and wealthy.To see Krishna all women of Mathura came to their terraces.They had heard of him and were seeing him for the first time and all of them were attracted by his innocence ,beauty and valourous look.He too gave them the hearty smiles.Th ewomen threw flowers at them from all the terraces.They saw a washerman bringing coloured clothes and Krishna asked him to give some clean clothes for them.He was aservant of kamsa.He insulted Krishna saying that what is the need for pwople who walk in forest and hills for the clothes of a king.Then Krishna had to kill him to get the dress he asked for.They took what dress they needed and gave the rest to the others.Then they went to a garland maker called Sudama and he respected them and gave them food and seat and also gave garlands,fragrant chandan and betel leaves.He was blessed with prosperity of his race,wealth ,devotion and compassion in all bhootha ,long life,fame and beauty. Then as they were walking along the road they saw a woman with three bends in her body coming slowly.Krishna asked Who are you ,beautiful one?To whom do you take these fragrant things?. She was the servant of Kamsa and was taking themfor his use.But she gave them to Krishna and Balarama with devotion and Krishna made her healthy and beautiful by placing his feet on her feet ,and with two fingers catching her chinand making the face look straight .The touch of Haris hands and feet made her the most beautiful woman on earth.And everybody in the street wondered seeing this healing touch and its effect.She was in love with him ,and asked him to come to her house and be her husband.Krishna looked with sideglances at Rama and his friends and smiled.He said kindlyWe have come on certain purposes to Mathura.After finishing those duties Iwill come to your house and be your guest for one day and night.The merchants and traders of Mathura city respected and welcomed Rama and Krishna.Thay gave him sandal and betel leafs.Krishna went to the place where the bow for the yajna was kept.The bow was called Aindram and was very heavy.He took it easily,and broke it in a second.The sound of the broken bow filled the atmosphere with its echo and Kamsa became afraid.The servants of Kamsa who came to kill Krishnawere killed by Krishnaand Balarama with the broken pieces of the bow itself.The people of the city watching these said:These children are not ordinary children.They are divine . Whe sun set Krishna and his retinue reached back the paalaya where the caravens stood .He washed himself and ate a dinner with milk and spent the night in that camp.How he broke the bow and killed the strong army and how he behaved in the streets were heard in detail by Kamsa and he spent a sleepless night in fear of death.He saw both in awakened


and sleep state bad omens .In mirror and water he saw his body without head.Seeing one lamp he had the feeling of two lamps.In his shadow he saw holes.When he closed his ears ,he could not hear his own breath sounds.And had hallucination of gold in trees.In the earth he could not see his footprints imprinted.He saw ghosts coming and embracing him,traveling on an ass,and eating poison,wearing a garland of raamacha grass and traveling with it,traveling with oil on his body,and without dress as naked body etc .All these being bad omens denoting his death,the king became afraid and spent sleepless night . Next day morning he announced a competition between the strong people in a dual.The drums and bheri were struck and the stage set ready for it.People came and sat to see the duel.Kamsa also came with a fearful and beating heart and sat on his throne.The strong people of kamsas palace came ready for competing.Chanura,Mushtika,Thoshalan,Kootan,salan etc were among them.Nanda and the gopa chiefs came and gave the dairy products due for the king as ahis share and sat there to see the duel. Rama and Krishna ,came to watch the fun.On the gate they saw a mad elephant Kuvalayapeeta .Krishna told the mahout:-Hey,Ambashta,Go away with your elephant from my path.Otherwise both you and your elephant will go to yamas abode. The mahout ,wellinstructed,lead the elephant directly towards Krishna.Krishna struck the elephants forehead with his fist and then hid among its feet.Searching for Krishna and not able to see him,the elephant tried to catch him with the trunk and Krishna caught the trunk and released it and through the back came out and caught its tail.He pulled him about 25 feet backwards by tail,as if a toy elephant being pulled by a infant.He looked like a Garuda playing with a serpent.The elephant revolved right and left to catch hold of Krishna and he played with it a hide and seek game.He will leave the tail and come in front suddenly and strike it in front and immeadiately go behind and catch the tail.By the time the elephant turns Krishna would be somewhere else.Once he playfully enacted as falling on ground and the elephant tried to hold him there with horns.But Krishna changed position and the horn pierced the ground and stuck there.In this way the elephant was tired after sometime .then Krishna caught him by trunk and killed him.And the brothers killed the mahouts and a big army too who came to fight with them.Then holding the horns of the dead elephant in their hands the two entered the stage where the competition was about to take place.As the lightening for the cruel ,as the Lord of earth for men,and as kaamadeva to women,as friend to all archers with dharma,and punishing all bad people ,and as the dearest infant of all parents,and for Kamsa as his death,as paramathathwa for yogins,he entered the stage.Everyone assembled saw them and worshipped them and Kamsa was afraid of his nearing death.Everyone recognized them as the avathara of Vishnu for upholding of dharma and destruction of adharma.Then Chanura invited Krishna for a duel.Krishna said:We are people of the forests and are also subjects of the king.Therefore we have to obey the kings order and we are ready to do so.But we are children.The duel must be between people of equal strength is the rule of a duel. Chanura said:A person who killed a strong elephant cannot be classed as a child.Therefore we are equals and there is no adharma in our duel.


Krishna fought with Chanura and Rama with Mushtika.Women were sorry for the young beautiful children being set against such experienced ruffians and they cursed Kamsa and his adharma.Nandagopa and yesoda were very unhappy and concerned about the outcome of the duel and they feared the worst.But in no time the children won over Chanura and Mushtika and killed them as if in childs play.The other people also were killed by the children.The vadya and ghosha praised the victory of the brothers.Everyone except Kamsa joined in the happy mood of the childrens victory.Kamsa ordered the vadya to be stopped.He ordered to expel the brothers from the city and to take away all the wealth of the gokula and kill every one them.He also ordered Vasudeva and Ugrasena to be killed immeadiately .Hearing this Krishna jumped on to the throne of kamsa.Kamsa jumped up in fear and his crown fell down the steps.He took his sword and jumped left and right .Krishna caught him easily by his hair which was hanging down without the crown,and pushed him down on the floor.And Krishna fell on his body.Krishna pulled him across the floor like a lion ,pulling his prey ,the elephant.Kamsa was already dead.And which form was remembered while awke,asleep and everytime everywhere though with fear,was seen and touched by the king in that last moment and he reached th edhama of Hari by that touch.The brothers of kamsa came to fight but they were killed in seconds by the brothers.The widows cried and the apsaras and devas played musical instruments and danced with music. Krishna consoled his aunts who were crying over their dead husband and made them do the samskara according to customary rites and with respect.The brothers went to the jail and liberated their parents from there.Krishna and Rama talked with their parents and gave them bliss untold.He also gave pleasure to Nanda and yesoda telling that the fosterparents who gave life to the children are the real parents and without them he could not have done all these.He asked them to go back to Gokula and live happily doing swadharma.He had more dharma to be done in Mathura an will come back afterwards. Vsudeva did upanayana for his two sons.The kulaguru ,Gargya was entrusted for that.They did Gayathra vratha and were sent to Sandeepani rishi,born in Kaashi,dwelling in Avanthy.There they did Gurukulavaasa just like any other children of the times.Veda,vedanga,Upanishads,nyaya,dharmasasthra,and secret dhanurveda weapons,and 6 types of laws of kings,hard logic ,etc.Whatever is heard once ,they never forgot it and the Guru was pleased with such great shishya.With 64 ahorathra ,they learned 64 vidya.Then they asked the Guru what they should give him as dakshina.He,seeing their divine powers and after consulting with his wife,asked them to give back his son whom he had lost while bathing in Prabhas theertha. Krishna asked the ocean why did you take away my Gurus son?Varuna said ,I did nt take him.There is a asura called Panchajana in the form of a conch ,travellling in the oceans.It is he who took him away.Krishna killed the asura and liberated the boy from his stomach.The conch he took for himself.This is called panchajanya.He came back blowing his divine samkha and yama gave back the dead boy .Thus Krishna gave a Gurudakshina which no one else in the world had eve given to a guru.Rama and Krishna ascended their chariots and went back home .The people rejoiced seeing them again.


Udhava goes to Gokula:Udhava was the greatest among the race of Vrishni,and the minister,friend,and shishya of Brihaspathy and having subtle intellect and a gnanayogin.He was the bhaktha of Sreehari.Once Krishna told him ,taking both his hands in his hands .Udhava,You have to go to Gokula as my messenger.Go and make my parents happy.And give comfort to the gopikas who are unhappy with my separation.Give them my message.For them I am their jeeva and they have their jeeva in me.They have discarded al the dharmas of the body ,just to attain me.I have given them all purushartha due to their sacrifice and love in me.Since I am away from them now,they may be feeling sad due to separation .Tell them that I will come to them soon.So that they will remain alive just for that moment of reunion. Hearing this Udhava went to Gokula in his chariot.In the evening he reached Gokula with the dust of cows hoofs.He heard the sounds of the cows and calfs going back to their pens.And the sound of flutes of the cowherds,and bells of calfs mingling with the echoes and the songs of the women about Rama and Krisna and their leela.The birds and bees made accompaniments to that sweet music.Swans,waterhens,tried to sing too.Nanda seeing Udhava was happy and embraced him as if he was his own son,Krishna and gave milk and butter and good food and soft bed to sleep.He asked whether Krishna remembers the Gokula and its past in mathura.Will he come here just once so that we can see him once again.Seeing the places which he used tofrequent and remembering his words and deeds and plays we have become one with him forever .With love in Krishna ,Nanda endlessly described his childhood leela and Udhava listened .Yesoda cried and remembered him with such tenderness that Udhava felt happy by seeing such pure love in Bhagavan.Udhava said:He lives in your heart as if agni within arani.He will come soon and see you.He is sakshath parabrahman .He has no karma in the world.Yet for protection of dharma he does karma as leela.He incarnates In high,low and middle yonis or races just for this purpose.He is unborn and has no death and yet he takes up even such dharma due to compassion in the world.Just like a man with vertigo feels the earth around is whirling ,mind being doer,the ignorant thinks the akartha Athman is the Karthaa.Krishna is the son of all,and the Athman of all.He is mother and father of all.He is the Isa of all.Whatever we see and experience now,before,and hereafter are all Hari alone and nthing else exists. They spoke thus and spent the night in ecstacy .In the mrning Udhava got up hearing the songs of the gopis about Krishna while doing the household duties.The people saw the golden chariot at the gate of Nanda and thinking that Krishna had returned came running to Nandas palace.Udhava came to see the Gopikas after finishing his morning sandhya prayers. Bramarageetha:Seeing him wearing yellow silk and flowery garlands and with kundala ,Gopikas were happy since he resembled Krishna in dress and had come as his messenger.They came and stood around him.Welcomed him with respect .They asked What is the message of our dear one to us,his friends and wellwishers,his dearest lovers?We dont think that he remembers us.Probably he remembered his parents and sent you here to give them a message.Even the Brahmagna sage is bound by love of own people.The friendship of


loukika people is seen to last only till achieving the aim.The men discard love in women after they get the union.The bees discard flowers after taking the honey.The daasi discards the poor man after taking all his wealth.The subjects discard the weak king .The disciple discard even the Guru.After getting what they want ,the people discard the giver with no concern.It is the way of the world.After getting dakshina,the rithwik discard the yajamana.The birds after eating fruit discard the tree.The guest after the sumptuous feed discard the house which gave it to him.Animals discard the burned forests when it cannot give food .The lover discards the woman after enjoying her.In this way,when Udhava came,the gopikas discarded their worldly duties and gathered round him.They sang the praise of Krishna and cried in ecstacy without shame.One among them seeing a bee ,and imagining it as the messenger of Krishna sang as follows:Bee,the friend of Krishna,the thief!You have besmeared your facial hairs with the kumkum dust of the sapathny(other wives)and are trying to touch our feet.Do not touch them.Let the husband of Madhu(Madhupathi)get prasaadafrom those yadava women themselves.(Madhu once ruled Mathura and hence Madhupathi is synonym for Mathurapathy as well as to the bee who is the ruler of sweet honey ).You,being his messenger must be equal to him in your cunning ways.He equal to you,in dress and character ,like you,by his lips drinking flowers just once,as if us,had discarded them and gone for ever.How he attracted the auspicious Lakshmy,who serve his feet always,just like that by his beautiful sweet words he might have attracted you too.Why do you come here,honeybee,in frontof these unlucky women who do not even have a house and sing about the past Vrajaraja Krishna?He is no more in vraja and he is now king of Mathura.You go and sing these praises in the ears of his wives there.Those people who enjoy his nearness,songs and love will be happy to hear it.They will give you everything just to hear this.Which woman will not love hm,with those naughty sideglances ,smiles and sweetest words and music?Even Lakshmy was attracted and made his slave .We may be poor and law,yet he,being expert in giving alms to poor should have been able to give us what we most desire just to protect daana and dharma.Bee,do not prostarte in front of my feet.I know you have learnt all his tricks directly from him.You have the ability to speak well and make us believe what you say.We know all these.We believed him and discarded our homes,relatives,family and even ourselves for his sake.And he had cheated us.Whatis the use of saying his praises to us?He had killed a monkey king as if dharmaheena hiding behind a tree before.He had cut the organs of a woman who came to him by love.Therefore I have no more attachment to this dark one,this dark bee.Yet ,his stories and songs are still honey to my ears.Waht am I to do?Even a drop of that honey ,removes all dwanda and as birds in lakhs become bhikshus ,discarding own families and homes.Just like ignorant deercubs,we hearing the music of this hunter had fallen into his treacherus claws .This is the greatest pain of love inflicted by that kaamadeva on us.Therefore say something else.Why do you come back again ,bee?Did Krishna sent you again ?We respect you as you are his messenger.Waht is your wish?If it is possible we will make your wish come true.If you have come to take us to our lover,how can we come?There are several sapathni(women )there and they are our enemies and there is the Lakshmy,the eternal Mngaladevatha too.How can we compete with them.Bee,Is our dearest Krishna happy and well there?Does he remember the vraja,his parents,we,his devoted wives and the frinds and the calfs and the days when he spent here.Does he at


least once speak about us and our love? Will he come at least once to touch his fragrant hand on our head. Udhava said: You are the luckiest women on earth.You have achieved what even the sages could not achieve.The fact that you could dedicate your Athman in Vaasudeva is the luckiest event in life.Krishna is parampurusha.He is Vishnu.Inhim you have Ekanthikabhakthy.Your sorrow of separation has become a bliss for me.Hear what your husband has asked me to tell you.This is his message The luckiest women,There is no separation from me in any time or space from me for you.Because I am the Athmanof all.How the panchabhootha is in all bhoothasanchaya ,I am the basic cause for all bhootha,indriya,gunaa and praana.In them by my maaya ,I crate different Athma,by Athma in Athma.And protect and destroy them too.The different states of jagrad,swapna and sushupthy makes the feeling that the Eka Athma is aneka.The jagrad state person should think of all the seen and heard indriyaprapancha as a dream only.By which one meditated on these indriyavishaya ,that mind should be wellcontrolled .For intellectuals,yoga,samkhya ,sanyasa,thapas,dama,satya are ending in control of mind(manasamyama)It is just like rivers end in ocean alone.I am your dearest one.And I am living away from you,so that you get a chance for chithavrithinirodha.Your mind have become interested and fixed in my meditation by ths separation.It is about the object that is far,the mind always thinks.The thing that is near is not thought about by women.Therefore you have discarded all other thoughts and fixed only in my thought .You will unite with me soon because of this yoga.Even the women who had not participated in the rasaleela while I was in Brindavan,will come to me and merge in me,because of constant meditation on this yoga. Hearing this message the women remembered everything about him again and in ecstacy they told him:-Now Kamsa is killed and Krishna with his friends and relatives are living happily in Mathura.Is he not happy there and are not the women in Mathura happy seeing him and enjoying his presence?That handsome one is expert in rathi and is dear to all great women .He will become the servant of those women who are his devotees.Can he remember us while seated among those urbanized women of Mathura?We are just village girls.When lilies and jasmines bloom and when fullmoon is in sky,in the kunja of vrindavan ,he sang and danced with us making the rhythmic music of his ornaments and anklets.Does he remember those beautiful nights still?Will he come to us ,like Indra with his rains to a dry forest so that life again comes back to it ?He has won over the empire,had education and married his 8 wives .Then why should he come back here to see us?What is the use of these wandering forest tribes for that great Krishna?Yet we cannot control our desire in Hari.He doesnt love her,yet the Goddess of Aiswarya does not go away from his body.Therefore will we be able to discard him from our minds?Seeing his footprints in forests,and hearing his flute in every object,and in mountains and rivers,and remembering him and his leela ,his sideglances,smiles and dances and naughty plays,,we have become immersed in the love for him.We have immersed in him.In the sorrow of his separation.Krishna,when will you come and protect us from this ocean of sorrow? Then they thought of his message and knowing that he is god himself said words of wisdom to Udhava.They sang the songs of Krishna together.Udhava stayed back in Ambadi enjoying the company of the sajjana there and imbibing their


ahaithukibhakthi.Every day of his stay was felt as a muhoortha because of the enjoyment of singing the glories of Krishna to the gopikaas.And they showed him al the places where Krishna did his wonderful childhood leela.One day he praised the women by a song :Only these gopis wear the body truthfully No one else in this earth have done it so beautifully. Because they have unending and fixed love In paramathman,in Govinda. For that we,the yathis, And those who are afraid of samsara Tiol day and night. For the one who enjoy his stories What is the use with even the janma of deva or Brahma? Weak,and beingdwellers of forests And considered as vyabhicharini And polluted by sangama with parapurusha Where is these women? And where is the bhava of bandha In the Paramathman ,Krishna? Even though ignorant The one who constantly think And praise God And serve him Like the one who takes in a divine medicine Without knowing its potency Gets well ,gets sreyas eternal. In rasaleela.Vaasudeva Putting hands on their shoulders And on their necks Giving them whatever they desired In enjoyment gave prasaada And who has this prasaada? Even the apsara and the sreedevi Hadntthis prasada of bhagavan. They discarded relatives,samsara, Even the path of pathivrathadharma To be one with him. They searched Hari,who is searched by many in Sruthy And in their homes covered with cows dust His feetprints are there And in their hearts he is always present. I would have been happier if Born as a stone,grass or vine In Vrindavan Where the dust of these Womens feet have fallen.


That lotus feet Worshipped by Indira and Shiva and Indra Was kept on these womens breasts During rasleela By Achutha. The song of these women on Krishna Has purified all the worlds alike I do prostrate The dust of their feet Always .Always. Thus he prostrated before them and he left Vrindavan after that. Nanda and the others at gokula said:-Let our chithavrithy always be in the feet of Krishna.Let our words be only for praising his names and stories. Let our bodies be just for the prostration in front of our Mukunda.We,revolving in the paths of karma by the will of God,pray that every karma we do with body,mind and words be deicated for the love of our Lord Krishna alone. Udhava went back and praised the bhakthy of people of Gokula to Krishna . Kubja,the Sairandhri of Kamsa was waiting for Krishna to come to her house.She had kept her house ready for his arrival.All auspicious things,garlands,precious jewels,flowers and cots ,beds decorated and chandan etc were ready in her house. Knowing her desire,Krishna desired to give her what she had asked for,and after Udhavas arrival and news from Gokula,he started to her house.Seeing the distinguished guest arrive,she got up in haste and with her friends came to welcome him.Udhava was also welcomed and given seats equal to Krishna but he chose to sit on the floor.Krishna entered the jewel-bedecked cot as samsarins does.Kubja after a bath,wearing her best dress and jewels and eating thamboola ,came to him in natural shyness.Her mouth smelt of the honey she had drank and her sideglances had the drunken love of Krishna.Krishna caught hold of her bangled hands and took her to his bed .She put his feet on her her eyes and breasts again and again with devotion and kissing those dear feet all her sorrows were removed.But the woman who was not aware of the fact that he is God who can give liberation from samsara asked a boon from him:-Bhagavan,Live here with me for some days and give me the pleasure of having you as my husband.He gave that boon and stayed there for a few days till she became pregnant and after that he left her house with his friend Udhava.The child begotten by her ws called Upasloka and he became the disciple of Narada and spread Bhakthiyoga.Itis interesting to note that only Udhava and Upasloka remained to spread the message of gnana and bhakthy which Krishna had given to the world.All other yadavas,Krishnas sons including were lost in the deluge and war which ensued during Krishnas death. Krishna,Balarama and Udhava then reached Akrooras house.Akroora welcomed them lovingly and took the children on his lap and embraced.You are the cause and effect of entire cosmos and there is no other except you two.All seen and unseen things are you only.By the three gunas you create,destroy and sustain universes.You do not have bondage or liberation.But due to ignorance these are being projected .For welfare of universe you had given the path of veda ,before,,and whenever it is forgotten by world


you come again and again to protect it.You are now born in the house of Nanda to destroy the asura and kshathriya forces in several akshouhini ,so that adharma is destroyed from earth.By your feet the three worlds are purified.My house is now purified by the water of that feet.Will a intelligent person dedicate his life to any other than you?You are the one who gives all desires to your devotees including liberation,and you have no increase or decrease and is always changeless,and you are friend to all and truthful,and lover of the lovers ,and even the great yogeeswara are searching for you to attain you.The one who is unattainable even by devas has come to myhouse now .This is our luck only.Let my bondages to house,wife,sons and luxurious worlds be cut off and get liberation forever .Give me that boon. Hearing these words of Akroora Krishna said:-You are tranquil ,peaceful,my Guru and and a father figure for me.You are famous in yadava race and we are only your children.You have to protect us as your children .We as children want your blessings and protection always.The devas are selfish but you are not .The sacred waters of the rivers,the sand,stone,and the idols made of such materials become purified only after several years but good people are not like that.You are the best among the relatives of the yadava race.Therefore ,we have come to request you to go to Hastinapura .There live the sons of our fathers sister Kunthi,wife of Pandu.To know their welfare and to give them blessings ,can you go there?We heard that after Pandus death,the children and their mother were dwelling in the palace with king Dhritharashtra and he is not very kind to them.He is not impartial to his sons and his brothers sons and that is not according to the dharma of a kshathriya king.That blind king is the slave to his bad sons who are egocentric and greedy.Therefore ,please do go there and find out whether all is well with the pandava princes and their mother.After knowing the truth from you,I will act accordingly to bring them welfare. Thus Akroora went to Hastinapura and saw Dhritharastra,Vidura with subtle intelligence,Bheeshma,Kunthi,Bahleeka Gouthama with his son ,Bharadwajaputhra Aswathamaa,Pandava princes,Karna and Suyodhana.He stayed there for a few days to understand how the King with lesser intellect is behaving with partiality.The pandava princes had thejas,strength of body and mind,ojas,veerya,sourya etc by birth and good qualities like vinaya etc and people loved them better.That made the sons of Dhritharashtra envious.How they tried to kill Bheema with poison etc he heard from the people.Vidura and Kunti also gave him news about the misdeeds of children of Dritharashtra.Kunti,seeing her brother remembered her childhood days in her parents home and with tearful eyes she told her brother:-Brother,Do my mother ,father and brothers and their children remember me and my children?Does Krishna and Rama ,remember their fathers sister and her children ?I am now like a deer in the midst of wolfs.And my children are orphaned by their fathers death.Hey ,Krishna,Bhagavan ,be solace to me and my children .Except your all liberating feet I cannot see anything to depend upon in my state .You are Brahman,Yogeswara,and dharmaswaroopa and chinmaya ,paramathman .And you are my only solace. Hearing this ,Akroora talked to her kindly and made her peaceful with hope of a good future.Only if a king rules the country without partiality ,and giving all subjects love and dharma he will have sreyas and success and since Dhritharashtra is not having that dharma ,he is not likely to last long and his future as well as that of his sons is


jeopardized by his actions in the eyes of the people who are the ultimate ones to choose their legitimate ruler.The creature is born alone and has to die alone and has to enjoy the reactions of each and every action alone and therefore each one has to do actions with dharma.No one will take up the responsibility of ones actions.The ignorant king has to eat the fruits of his adharmic action sooner or later and what he thinks is for his sons ,is not for their welfare but for their downfall .His sins will affect him and his sons as well and will bring fruits which are not the ones desired by him but just the opposite but the blind ignorant king does not understand that.When Akroora had advised king Dhritharashtra thus ,the king had told him:-Your advice is good and liberating to men but I am not satisfied with advice.Your sweet words does not stay fixed in my mind which has become fickle like lightening in the mountains, due to my love for my sons .Who can change the wish of the God who had so willed that I be created in this way?He has with the indefinable ameya sakthy of his maaya dwells as antharyami in all and plays his leela with all creatures .I do prostrate before his wish . Seeing that this is the opinion of Dhritharashtra and he is not ready to mend his adharmic ways and wants to put the blames of his actions and responsibilities on God ,Akroora had taken leave of all at Hastinapura and returned to Mathura to tell everything to Raama and Krishna. Kamsa had two wives Hasthi and Praapthy and both were daughters of Jarasandha,king of Magadha.When Kamsa was killed they went back to Magdha ,to their father.Jarasandha decided to destroy the entire yadava race along with Krishna and Rama .With 23 Akshouhini of army he encircled the city of Mathura.Krishna destroyed the army but saved life of Jarasandha thinking that he will come again with another army and then Krishna can reduce the weight of the earth by killing the army each time.Two chariots from heaven with brightness of sun came to him with charioteers and horses and with the ancient weapons in them .Seeing this Krishna addressed Raama thus:-Arya,You are the only protector of the yadava race and your chariot and weapons are ready for your use.Enter the chariot and destroy the army that has surrounded mathura.Thus with Rama ,Krishna enarmoured entered his chariot .Krishna blowed his conch and left the town with a few followers only.Seeing this Jarasandha thoughtKrishna is fleeing in fear and insulted him.Saying that I do not want to fight with a cowardly child fleeing from the army,Jarasandha fought with Balarama and his 23 akshouhini was destroyed within seconds.Daaruka,Krishnas charioteer took him away in hgh speed .Krishna said:-The really strong does not insult the enemy with words.Selfpraise is the weapon of the weak.If you are strong fight with arms not with words.When all the 23 akshouhini were lost ,and the chariot and charioteer destroyed Jarasandha had only his life to spare and Balarama caught him like a lion catching another lion.He was bound and brought to Krishna.Krishna left him free ,and he was shy of his utter failure .He went back for doing thapas .Then he went home thinking about his failure and the ways of winning over Krishna and his yadava army. The wealth and jewels accrued by the war were given to king Ugrasena by Rama and Krishna .In this way Jarasandha came and fought with Krishna 17 times with 23 akshouhini each time and all were routed by Krishna and Balarama for 17 times.When he was preparing for his 18th attack ,A great Yavana was also preparing for battle with Mathura ,by the influence of Narada ,the great sage.He had an ego that I am invincible among men .And when Narada told him that there are the Vrishnis who are equal to


him,he wanted to destroy and win over the Vrishnis.Thus 3 crores of Mlecha(Meluha)army came and surrounded the Mathura city.From one side jarasandha and from another side the Yavana army had attacked Mathura.Krishna built a city of Dwaraka within the ocean with 12 yojana fort in it with palaces and protective devices with help of Viswakarma and put all the people of Mathura in that city safe from both the armies.All the four varnas of people were dwellers in that city and it was full of decorated and wellplanned urban and rural centers,forts,palaces and towers of crystals,golden tops ,and silver and brass ,and several broad and spacy kithens,emerald embossed halls,temples and valabhis (valabhi is a curved city /curved construction ).Devendra sent sudharma ,and the parijatha to that city .Varuna sent white horses with only one hair black and with speed like that of mind.Kubera sent 8 treasures to the city.The kings gave all their wealth for that fort ocean-city built by Krishna.Whatever were given by Hari to Indra and the other Shtadikpaala were given back to him when he took birth as Krishna by those people from the 8 directions.Krishna with his brother ,wearing just his lotus garland and having no weapons ,left city of Mathura alone ,unarmed. The Mahaayavana saw Krishna as fullmoon in the sky ,beautiful and peaceful ,with sreevalsa on breasts,kousthubha jewel in neck,with four arms ,yellow silk garments and lotus eyed,smiling and pleasing to look at ,with the cheeks resplendent with the the earwearings of makarakundala .He had his vanamaala on chest and no one had so much beauty as Krishna .Therefore ,Yavana guessed that this must be the Krishna ,spoken by Narada.But this vaasudeva is not wearing any arms and is not having a chariot and is walking alone on foot .Therefore he thought he can run after him and catch him easily and kill him.Krishna played a trick with him.Sometimes the yavana thought Krishna is too near and is about to be caught and the next instant he saw Krishna very far away .Thus playing and running ,Yavana was lead to a cave in the mountains.The yavana went on shouting:-Krishna,being a person born in yadava race ,this cowardice of running away from me does not suit you. Hari entered the cave.Yavana also entered.He saw someone sleeping inside the cave .The foolish yavana thought.This Krishna after making him chase for such a long distance has gone to deep sleep.The ignorant yavana gave a kick with his foot on the sleeping man thinking that it is Krishna.The purusha who was sleeping for a prolonged period got up by that kick slowly and when he looked around in surprise and irritation saw the yavana.From his eyes came fire and in it the yavana was burned . That purusha was the Truthful Muchukunda born of the famous Ikshwaku race ,and son of King Mandhathaa and a server of Brahmin and friend of Devas.He had once served Indra in a war with asuras and Indra was pleased with his valour and honest service.But ,by the time he spent in heavens ,the time in the earth has gone so much that several generations of his sons had died and gone and he had no one in the earth who remembered him or whom he knew.(The timespan of earth and heavens being different ) ..The time is the controller of such things and Indra asked him to choose any boon except Kaivalya which he has no right to grant and only Vishnu can give it,the king asked for a long slumber in a secret place .He said he was tired after the long battle and whoever destroys that sleep should be immeadiately destroyed.The moment this happened Krishna appeared in front of Muchukunda as Vishnu.Muchukunda asked:Who are you traveling barefooted in this forest and mountains with a smiling beautiful pleasant face ?Are you


the sun ?Are you the moon?Or Indra?Or any othe rlokapala?I think that you could be the greatest among all the devas ,the Vishnu because you like a lamp destroying darkness has removed all ignorance from my mind.But I want to hear it from you directly.Tell me about your birth,your parents .By the inexplainable light emanating from you,it is impossible to look at your face for more than a second with naked eyes. Krishna told him:-My births and my karma are countless .Proably one can count the dust of this earth by several janma but to count my guna,naama and karma is impossible for anyone even with multitudes of janma.The ascetics meditate on my form for three periods and in three worlds forever and cannot finish counting it and has called it anantha and asmkhya.I will tell you the present janma only.I am born for protection of dharma and destruction of adharma .In yadukula ,I am born as son of Vasudeva and therefore people call me vaasudeva.I killed Kalanemi as Kamsa and Pralamba and other asuras.Now I came here to bless you and to give you my darsan because in your previous janma ,you have been doing constant meditation on me.Whatever boons you need ask for them and I will bestow them on you. Muchukunda then remembered the words of Sage Gargya and knew Vishnu and prostrated before him.:Lord,the samsara is there for all beings .Even animals,pigs,birds have desire in kaama and eros etc and a human being though blessed with the intellect of that birth,spents life in vain running after such silly desires of body .They do not meditate upon your feet.Proud of empires,luxuries,beautiful healthy bodies etc people spent life involving in unnecessary things .This body is like a pot or a wall which can perish and fall at any time.Your memory is the most important and yet people do not remember you,but thinks of the temporary body and its pleasures and luxuries.I too,being a king,thinkingthat this should be like that and like that ,went on involving in samsara and its dharma ,in administrative duties etc.The thoughtless man is grasped by the toungue of kaala like a rat by a serpent.The luxuries and sex love and empires are only like worms and dust and dirt .Desiring these and doing different karma for them ,I do not want to go on living like this .I have got the mahasangama with you now.I hope you will give me that blessing by which all great emperors had attained liberation from samsaara , respectfully sought for by the ekanthacharya ,and I do not desire anything except permanent service to your feet .How can one ask for any other thing once he/she has seen you ?I sacrifice all sreyas and preyas and desire only you who is solidified gnana ,and nirguna ,nissangha .Protect me by giving shanthi of permanent position at your feet and nothing else is desired by me. Krishna gave that blessing to Muchukunda.(The south Indian chola emperors are desceendents of ikshwaku and Muchukunda .) Rugminiswayamvara Muchukunda came out of the cave and found that the people,animals and trees have become shorter than what it was earlier (This is the first reference in any world scripture about the presence of Dinosaurs and giant size animals,trees and humans )and guessed that the Kaliyuga has started and therefore he journeyed to the North(The journey of a southerner to North is mentioned here)and entered the Mountain of Gandhamaadhana in the land of Gandharvas.From there he went to Badarikasrama and visited Narayana and Nara doing penance there.


Krishna went back to Mathura and the entire army and animals and wealth of the Yavana king became his .He took all the wealth to Dwaraka.Seeing this Jarasandha came to attack him with 23 akshouhini of army..Krishna and Balarama discarded the city and the army and went alone to the south.Seeing this Jarasandha thought they are cowards and went after them.Krishna and Rama ran several yojanas and Jarasandha followed them with his chariots.Krishna and Rama ascended the mountain of Pravarshana ,where there is rain daily throughout the year due to compassion of Indra.Jarasandha searched and could not find them on the mountain.He thought that they might be hiding in the innumerable caves in the mountains and asked the army to burn all around the caves ,so that they will have to come out.The fire was burned all over the hill around caves and among that rising fires Jarasandha and his army saw Krishna and Rama jumping from the peak of the mountain down.The Mountain was 11 yojana high.So Jarsandha thought they have killed themselves and went back .But,They had actually jumped into a deep waterway which connected to the sea and through the ocean reached their city of Dwaraka without any harm . The king of Aanarthadesa was RaivathakaManu.He gave his daughter Revathy to Balarama because she being of the older race was very strong and of great height and in Kaliyuga beginning only Balarama was a match to her with his strength and stature ,and even then she had to be shortened by cutting away the legs and doing plastic surgery before that marriage. Krishna married the daughter of Bheeshmaka of Vidarbhadesa ,Rugmani ,after defeating the army of Chedi king Sisupaala,and his friends Jarasandha (of Magadha)and king Salwa (historical Saaluva dynasty) of west .In Rugmaniswayamvara ,Krishna like a Garuda took away the nectar of Rugmani ,when every other king looked on .This was a Type of Rakshasa marriage.How did that happen ? The king of Vidharbha was Bheeshmaka and he had 5 sons and a daughter.The eldest son was Rugmi.The other four were Rugmaratha,Rugmabahu,Rugmakesa,and Rugmapalya.The daughter was Rugmani.She heard of the beauty and skills and the greatness of Krishna from the royal visitors and rishis who came to her palace .By hearing about his prowess she mentally dedicated herself to him as her husband.By compassion,beauty ,and intellect she was equivalent in all ways to Krishna and Krishna also had a desire to marry her.But ,Sisupaala ,the cousin of Krishna ,and enmical to Krishna wanted to marry her and Rugmi decided to give her to Sisupaala.Rugmini hearing this was very sad.She sent a Brahmana as messenger to Krishna.He went to Dwaraka and saw Krishna.Krishna welcomed him and served him,being a Brahmin and asked him about his welfare. Krishna asked:- Brahmin,are you satisfied with what you have ?Are you doing the karma according to vedic injunctions?If Brahmins do swadharma and are satisfied with what is attained ,every desire of a nation is fulfilled.Even if one is Indra himself,if he is not satisfied,he will have to run round in search of peace of mind.Even if it is a poor man,if he is satisfied,he will sleep peacefully at home.I prostrate Brahmins because they are peaceful and contented with what they get and are not at all greedy.Brahmin,Do you not have welfare from the kings administration?If Brahmins who are unselfish and contented ,live happily in a kings territory ,that king is dearest to me.From which country ruled by which king ,did you come here ?You have come all the way crossing the searoute to this


city.Therefore it must be some urgent mission.If it is not secret,tell me so that I can help you . The Brahmana said the message of Rugmani in her own words thus:The most beautiful of the entire world,Achyutha,My mind was attracted and immersed in you ,the moment I heard about your qualities and your beauty which destroy all sorrows of the people with ears and eyes to see and hear.Your blessing gives all purushartha.You give liberatin and is the greatest among all human beings on earth.Any girl who is a virgin,having good qualities and bold and aristocratic will like to have a bridegroom who is equal to her in qualities ,in race,form,sweetness,education ,wealth and strength and beauty.I have mentally married you as my husband.My Athman is dedicated to you.Come here quickly and accept me as your wife.Bless me with that compassionate gesture.Like the wolfs and jackals trying to get the Havirbhaga kept for Hari(lion /Krishna .Double meaning)Sisupala tries to touch my hand in marriage.If I have done all the vrathas with dedication and am truly dear to you,you alone can be my husband and has the right to touch my hand.Do not allow the dushtamoorthy like Sisupala to touch my body which is dedicated to you along with my Athman.Tomorrow they have decided to conduct my swayamvara.Do come and destroy those kings and take me away in the Rakshasa style .I will come to you with Veeryasulka .I will tell you a way to do this.The day before the wedding there is a custom of going to see the Kuladevatha and I will come out of my anthapura for that purpose .The dust of feet of the Devi will give me my hearts wish at that time .If you do not come ,I will destroy my body so that no body else can touch and pollute it.Even if it takes a hundred janma ,I will join only you,and no one else.There is no doubt about it. This is the secret message from the daughter of Bheeshmaka from Vidharbha.Krishna,Do think about it and do the needful immeadiately. Krishna hearing these words became happy.He told the Brahmana that he too wished to marry Rugmani but since Rugmi ,her brother is enmical to Krishna ,he did not want to create trouble in the family.Now that she herself has requested it,he will definitely take her from the enmies and bring her home with pleasure and marry her. Knowing the date of marriage of Vaidarbhi ,Krishna asked Daruka his charioteer to bring the divine chariot.That chariot had four horses called Saibhyam,Valahakam,Sugreevam and Meghapushpam.Krishna and the Brahmana ascended the chariot and by a single nights journey they reached Kundinapuri,capital of Vidarbha. Rugmani was being protected byBrahmanas singing Rk,Yajus and saamamanthra and by all auspicious rites.Homa for grahashanthy was done.For Brahmins and guest the king gave gold,cows,silver,clothes and gingili mixed with sugar/Guda,and similar rites were beingdone by Damaghosha ,king of Chedi for the sake of Sisupala ,the bridegroom.Sisupala had reached the capital of Vidarbha with his army of 4 units(horses,elephants,chariots and cavalry).Salya,Jarasandha of Magadha ,Dandavakthra,Vidooratha ,Poundraka etc who are friends of king of Chedi king were also there ,residing in palaces specially designed for each one of them.They had expected that Krishna might come and take away Rugmani and in case such a calamity happen they should fight with him and get back the girl for Sisupala.Balarama knew this and hearing that Krishna had gone alone to Vidarbha ,he took a great yadava army and reached Vidarbha too.


Rugmini,waiting on the terrace of her palace was watching for arrival of Brahmana and Krishna and not seeing them became sad .Why is he so silent ?She thought.Maybe he does not want to marry me and do not love me .Did my vratha and dedication and worship of him and of the Devi became useless?Did the God forsake me?Then she closed her eyes and meditated and being a knower of Kaala or time ,she found her left hand and thigh muscles twitching.Her left eyelids also twitched.Then she knew that the time for fulfillment of her desire is near.The brahmana came just at that time and told her that Krishna has arrived.By his movement and smiling face itself she understood that good news is coming.In delight,Rugmani prostrated before that Brahmana who made her desires come true. Bheeshmaka herad that Krishna and Rama has come to see the marriage ceremony and went to welcome them.They were given food and palaces to take rest .Each and everyone in the capital city,hearing that Krishna has come ,reached the palace just to see him and enjoy his presence.Seeing him and drinking in the beauty of that face they said:Alas ,this is the real bridegroom fit for our princess.If there is any good deeds that we have done,let God bless us to have him as our bridegroom and let him grasp the hand of our princess. Rugmani came out of the antha:pura ,followed by the strong and honest soldiers and her friends .They went to temple of Ambika.She had worn the feet of Hari alone in her heart.She walked slowly to the temple with rhythmic steps.With mothers,and friends,in silence,meditating upon Hari she went to temple proteted by soldiers .The music of Mridanga,Bheri,panava and samkha accompanied the little procession.The women had the objects for worship of the Devi.All were wearing white dress and chandan ,camphor,garlands and flowers .Vandi,Maghadha,sootha and singers accompanied with singing (vocal)and instrumental accompaniment.In the temple she purified her hands and feet in the temple tank and quietly and peacefully went to the Devis sanctum.She worshipped Bhavani with Shiva as Ardhanareeswara.She prayed thus: The auspicious Devi,I worship Thee with your husband and children .Bless me so that Krishna alone become my husband. She worshipped devi and the Brahmin women .The women were given salt,coconuts,betels,galasoothra,sweets and sugarcane .They all blessed her.Then she stopped her vow of silence and holding the hand of her dearest friend with her bejeweled hand came out of the temple.She looked like Devamaaya,with slender middle,and veera and mohana bhaava combined,with shyama colour ,and kundala ,jewels in the waist ,half disclosed beautiful breasts,curls of hair in forehead,and red fruity lips ,teeth like jasmine buds and the anklets making music in every step.The swanlike gait of her and her beauty attracted everyone of the onlookers around.The kings and soldiers in wonder forgot themselves and some fell down from their elephants and horses .During her walking,she slowly removed the curls from her eyes and by a sideglance searched for Hari.Seeing that glance Krishna,came to her and in front of every one ,every king around,caught her hands and helped her to ascend his chariot.The chariot with Garudas sign on its flag sped along.Like a lion taking his rightful wealth from the midst of foxes he sped with her.Like a Garuda taking away Nectar that chariot sped.The kings became angry and insulted .They thought that a mere cowherd had taken away the right of the Kshathriya ,like a deer that of a lion and decided to fight.


A great war between them and the yadava army under Balarama ensued.Seeing that ,Rugmani looked with shyness at he rhusbands face.Seeing her fear and shyness Krishna said:-the beautiful one,dont be afraid. Rama and Gada and the others fought furiously.Jarasandha told Sisupaala not to worry .He said:There is pain and pleasure for all men on earth.The wooden female toy dances according to wish of the dancer who makes her.Similarly all animals have to dance according to will of God.With 23 akshouhini I had attacked 17 times and only after 17 failures I tasted the victory in the 18 th attempt.Therefore ,I have learned the lesson that the time should come for success and failure according to Gods plan.Now we with such a big army was routed with a small yadava army ,becaue the time is against us and for them.When our good time comes we will have victory over them. Jarasandha and Sisupala thus went home .The others followed suit.Rugmi was very angry.He followed Krishna with his army .He took an oath that without killing Krishna and taking back Rugmani ,he will not enter Kundinapuri again.He thought who is this cowherd to take awy my sister like that ?He went after Krishna shouting Stop,stop.He sent three arrows at Krishna and said :-you are disgracing the yadava race.If you are bold stand for a second in front of me.The thief,where are you going stealing my sister?It is like a crow taking away the havis that you took her.You are a magician .I will reduce your pride within a secondHe then sent 8 arrows simultaneously at Krishna.Krishna sent 6 arrows and broke his bow,and injured his body and with 8 arrows he killed charioteer of Rugmi and his horses.By three arrows Madhava cut away the flag of Rugmi.Rugmi also sent 5 arrows and it hurt Krishnas body.That bow was again destroyed by Krishna.Rugmi took a third bow,and that too was split by Krishna.He took a trident,swaod and all other weapons one by one and all were destroyed by Krishna.Whatever weapon he took Krishna broke it.Then Rugmi came towards Krishna on foot carrying a sword ,as if a fly comes to destroy the fire.Krishna caught him and was about to kill him with his sword .Seeing that Rugmini was afraid.She fell at his feet and said:-Yogeswara,Devadeva,You are of countless greatness and is the lord of the cosmos .You are auspicious and brave and ocean of compassion.Please do not kill him,because he is my brother . Seeing her trembling with fear and sorrow and pale face and weakened body and mind,with wavering words and afraid ,and prostrating in front of his feet ,Krishna with compassion did not kill Rugmi.But to teach him a lesson he bound him with his own clothes and his hairs and moustache was taken away in piecemeal and thus made him not presentable to others.The army of the yadavas did this on his command and they like elephants destroyed his army too.Balabhadra seeing Rugmi as a dead jeeva ,insulted and made unpresentable to the world ,became compassionate and asked Krishna to unbound him.Thus Krishna let him free .The punishment was even worse than killing and by that insult he had the fruits of his karma and so that Rugmini also need not feel guilty. Though Rugmi is to be killed he has become a relative to Krishna and therefore Krishna cannot kill him.But ,he has given a punishment equal to killing and with that he has also done his duty .Therefore ,according to Balarama further killing is not necessary and letting him go like that will be the best punishment for his pride and his karma.Balarama adviced both Krishna and Rugmini at length and made them peaceful and not guilty of the things that happened after their wedding.


Thus Rugmini by his advice controlled her mind and with wisdom became tranquil,quiet and peaceful.Rugmi loosing his pride,army,wealth ,sister ,hair and moustache so that he will be insulted by his subjects and others could not enter the Kundinapuri ,his capital ,because he had taken an oath.So he had to make a new capital called Bhojakata .He lived there with a desire to kill Krishna and take back his sister to Kundinapuri. Krishna took Rugmini to his city and married her in all splendour and rites according to custom.In that marriage several emperors attended.By the water that flowed from their Elephants which were given away (Gajadaananeeram or Neerattiperu )there were canals of water everywhere and in its shores betelnut trees and plantains grew in plenty ,says Vyasa and that is along the west coast of India ,according to geographical details.Kekaya,Srinjaya,Kunti,Kuru,Yadu and Vidarbha kings and people of these countries came and had discussions and enjoyment.Vandi sang sthuthi and paataka was said .People of Dwaraka saw Krishna and Rugmini as Lakshmi and Vishnu and became the happiest people on earth. Birth of Pradyumna and Sambaravadha:Kaamadeva ,who is an amsa or part of Vaasudeva,was burned by the fire of Shivas wrath and for getting a new body ,he worshipped Vishnu.Thus he was born from Krishna in Rugmani as Pradyumna.He had all the qualities of his father .While he was only 10 days old an asura called Sambara took him away and threw into the ocean.The child was swallowed by a huge fish .The fish was caught in the nets of fishermen.The fishermen gave it to the palace of Shambara.The cooks took the fish to kitchen and when it was cut they found a living baby inside.Seeing him,the wife of Sambara ,Mayavathi was attracted but very suspicious too.Narada came there and told her that she was the Rathi,wife of Kama in her previous janma and when Kama was burned she too burned her body as a true sathi.And now kama is reborn as Pradyumna and is her husband in previous janma.Mayavathy brought him up and dedicated her love to him.When he came of age she showed him her love .Seeing thatPradyumna asked:-Mother,I am your son.Why are you behaving like this to me? She said.You are not my son.You are son of Rugmini and Krishna.This Sambara had stolen you and thrown to ocean and by Gods grace you were brought to me.Because I am Rathidevi in my previous life and you were Kamadeva .We were husband and wife in previous janma and are in this janma too.I will teach you all mayaavidya in which Sambara is expert and with them kill the wicked asura and escape from here.Your real mother is crying always after your loss. She taught him the Mahaamaayaavidya .With that he killed Sambara.He left Shambarapura through Vimaana ,(in sky0with his wife Mayavathi.When he reached home,women thought it is Krishna himself and the resemblance was so much.Rugmini seeing him remembered her lost son and thought,if he was alive he would be of this age and this form .The form,swara,actions ,smile everything is just like my husband and he must be my own son,Pradyumna.Krishna,Devaki and Vasudeva came at that moment .Krishna did not utter a word ,though he knew everything.He waited till Narada arrived and explained everything. Jaambavathys marriage:In the yadavavansa there was a king called Sathrajith.He was adevotee of the Sun.Seeing his devotion ,sun gave him a precious jewel called Syamanthaka.One day Sathrajith


wearing this jewel in his neck came to visit Dwaraka.The jewel was as brilliant as the sun .Everyone thought the sun is walking on earth.They told Krishna:-The sun is coming in person to see you. Krishna told them that it is not Sun,but Sathrajith wearing syamanthaka jewel who is coming to see him.Krishna welcomed and worshipped Sathrajith ,being one of the elders of yaduvansa. The syamanthaka had some qualities.If it is worshipped by someone ,there will not be any diseases or untimely deaths in his country.There will not be famines either.Excessive floods and rains,fear from serpents ,sorrows are destroyed by that .The house where it is worshipped gets 8 measures of Suvarnam(gold0everyday and becomes wealthy.Therefore ,it should be with Ugrasena ,and Krishna asked Sathrajith to present it to Ugrasena.But sathrajith did not oblige . One day his brother Prasena ,wearing the jewel went for hunting and a lion seeing the lightof the jewel killed him and took away the syamanthak.Seeing the lion with the jewel ,the old Riksha king Jambavan killed him and took the jewel to his cave palace and gave it to his adolescent daughter Jambavathy to play with.When Prasena did not return ,Sathrajith remembered that Krishna had asked for the jewel and thinking that Krishna might have killed his brother ,he spread news that Krishna is a killer and a jewel thief.Krishna heard this and wanted to clarify the truth.So he went to the forest and saw the body of the dead Prasena and his horse .Following the footsteps of the lion he saw its dead body too.Then following footsteps of jambavan he reached the cave.Inside the cave he saw a small girlchild playing with the precious jewel.When he went near the girl,the child being afraid of the stranger started to cry aloud.Jambavan hearing that came in an angry protective mood.He started a battle with Krishna.The battle was like two equally strong vultures and it lasted for 28 nights and days without rest.By that time the joints of jambavan became weak and he looked at Krishna .Only then did he look at his enemy .He said in wonder:- You are the praana,ojas of all bhootha and the strength of all hearts.You are Vishnu,Prabhavishnu ,the most ancient,I recognize you.The one at the mere glance ,the entire oceans and its living and nonliving things gave way ,and who destroyed the famous lanka ,that RaghuRama,I see in you. Hearing this ,Krishna just touched and embraced the old mans body and all his weakness of joints disappered by that healing touch.Krishna told him why and how he reached the cave.Jambavan gave the jewel as well as his jewel,the precious daughter Jambavathy to him . By the time,waiting for 12 days outside the cave all the dwaraka people had gone back thinking that Krishna is no more.Vasudeva ,Devaki,Rugmini etc were in tears and veryone cursed Sathrajith for what had happened.All of them went to temple of Durga and did meditation on her to get back Krishna.Iswari blessed them for a quick reunion.Then they saw Krishna arriving with the jewel and a adolescent beautiful wife .Krishna called Sathrajith to the sabha and in front of everyone,explaining what had happened gave back the jewel to him.He was guilty of what he had spread and in shame he went home.He wanted to do something to please Krishna and to get forgiveness from him.He thought that by giving the jewel as well as his daughter to Krishna,he can reduce the sin of what he had done.Satyabhama was the daughter of Sathrajith.She was a girl of extreme beauty and qualities and Krishna married her according to the prajapathya


way.But he did not receive the jewel which Sathrajith gave .He said ,I do not want the jewel but only your daughter. By this action,Krishna expelled all doubts in the minds of those who had believed Sathrajiths words .Krishna and Balarama went to Kururajya to enquire about the welfare of Pandava and Kunthi since they had heard that they were burned in Varanaavatha in a lakshagrih.They saw Dhrithrashtra,Gandhari,Bheeshma,Drona and conveyed their condolences and then when they met Vidura ,he gave them the secret message that the pandavas are still alive.When Rama and Krishna were away ,Sathadhanua ,the nephew of Sathrajith was planning to kill Sathrajith,because he had promised that he will give Sathyabhama to him and he was expecting that along with the daughter the right for the jewel also will come to him.Now that Satyabhama is Krishnas wife he had lost his right to get the jewel.When Sathadhanua was plotting,Krithavarma and Akroora motivated to kill Satharjith .Thus one day when Sathrajith was asleep in his palace ,as if a butcher,Sathadhanua entered his uncles bedchamber and killed him and all the women there were witnesses to this heinous act and they cried aloud in vain.Seeing the plight of her father Sathyabhama was very angry and sad.She wanted vengeance on Sahadhanua.She asked the priests to keep her fathers body in a oilboat(Thailathoni)and preserve it till Krishna returns and went herself to Hastinapuram in search of Krishna.Seeing her sad state and her anger ,Krishna and Rama took an oath that they will kill Sathadhanua and return with the jewel.Hearing this Sathadhanua went first to Krithavarma and then to Akroora asking for help.Krithavarma flatly refused saying that the killing was his doing and he cannot take its responsibility and become enemies of Krishna and Rama.Akroora said Krishna was God and no one can be enemy of God and that what he has done is his responsibility only and He will not side with Sathadhanwa in any move against Krishna.So Sathadhanua asked Akroora to keep the jewel safely in his custody till he returns and tried to escape in a very fast horse.But Krishna and Balarama followed him and caught him at the borders of Mithila.They killed him and found that the jewel is not with him.Balarama rightly guessed that he might have kept it in safe custody before he left Dwaraka.And Balarama went to meet king of Mithila ,his old friend and Krishna and Sathyabhama had to go back in search of the jewel.It was in Mithila that Duryodhana learned the battle of mace from Rama and became his disciple. Krishna did all the rites needed for the athmasanti of Sathrajith.When the news spread that Sathadhanua was killed by Krishna,Krithavarma and Akroora mysteriously disappeared form Dwaraka .They had escaped in fear.When Akroora left the yadus,the vansa started to have mishaps.When there was no rain and there was famine,the king of Kasi had given his daughter Gandini to Akrooras fathe Swaphalka and after her arrival there was rains in yadu territories.Akroora had he qualities and was respected as auspicious by all yaduvansi people.When the old people talked like that Krishna knew that there is no truth in that ,yet he wanted Akroora back .Krishna sent word to Akroora to come back and he came.Krishna welcomed him and told him:-Respected yadava chief,we know that Sathadhanwa has given the jewel to you to be kept in safe custody.In fact ,since Sathrajith has no sons and Sathyabhama is his only rightful heir ,the jewel should go to her and her sons.But,I dont want that jewel in my house ,as already I had a false accusation for getting that I had killed Prasena.Therefore,I wish that it stays with you yourself.But show it in the sabha ,so that any doubt regarding my role in killing


Prasena for the jewel be racked up again by people.Especially since even my own Brother did not want to get involved in the series of killings for this jewel ,and he does not believe even me in the subject of this jewel.I want to clarify this point in sabha to all. Akroora admitted his fault and showed the jewel in sabha and clarified Krishnas innocence in the crime .This was done by Krishna ,in love for his devotee Akroora .Even though he had committed a crime,Krishna pardoned him and respected him as adevotee of God and made him understand his own folly so that he gets a chance to correct it. Then when he heard hat the pandava had come back ,Krishna went to Indraprastha to see them with Sathyaki and other friends.The pandava welcomed him in pleasure as if the indriya welcome the mind which is their Lord.Krishna greeted Dharmaja and Bheema as his elders and embraced Arjuna,Nakula and Sahadeva.All of them spent time in greeting and embracing and talking to each other.The bride of the Pandavas ,the beautiful Panchali came and welcomed both Krishna and Sathyaki to her new home.Krishna respected Kunthi in the traditional way and she cried with pleasure as she saw him.She told all the sufferings she had to undergo in detail .Only when you sent my brother Akroora to enquire about our welfare ,we have become safe and everything slowly returned to us .You are the friend of entire world and Athman of all and you have no difference between anyone ,yet ,you are eager to remove sorrows of those who remembers you everyday ,being the dweller in their hearts orever. Yudhishtira said:-We have done some great good deeds in our previous janma.That is why you,who are unseen even by the great Yogeeswara have been able to see you amongst us. According to the wish of the pandavas and Kunthi,Krishna spent the entire rainy season(chathurmasya)at Indraprastha much to the joy of the people of Indraprastha. Once Arjuna went for hunting in forests near Yamuna and Krishna accompanied him.After hunting,Arjuna and Krishna were taking a dip in the waters of Kalindi .Then thew saw a beautiful woman along the banks of the river.Krishna asked Arjuna to go near and ask her as follows:Beautiful one ,who are you?Who is your father?From where do you come from?You look like desirous of a lost lover to me.Tell me the truth. When Arjuna hesitated ,Krishna said ,I do desire her as my wife and ask this and find out whether she is in love with some one else . SoArjuna ventured out to the woman and asked as above.The woman said.:-I am the daughter of the Sun and my name is Kalindi.I have been in love with Krishna and is doing a vow to get him as my husband.I will not marry anyone except Narayana.I have faith that he will one day make me his wife.I live in this river ,made by my father ,called Yamuna.I will live here till I get his blessings. Hearing this Arjuna happily went back and told what she said.Thus Krishna and Arjuna took Kalindi in their chariot to Indraprastha and Krishna lived there with Kalindi marrying her with Gandharva style first and then after getting back to Dwaraka he married her properly in front of all elders and people. It was during that stay that Krishna helped Arjuna to do Khandavadaaha and the construction of the palacial Indraprastha through Maya,the Asura architect. In Avanthi lived Krishnas fathers sister and she had two sons and one daughter.Krishna loved that cousin of him,named Mithravinda.And she too loved him ,from childhood.But her brothers Vinda and Anuvinda wanted to give her to the Kourava prince Duryodhana


and they fixed a farce swayavara of their sister ,so that she is is given to Duryodhana.And Krishna knowing this reached Avanthi and in front of every one assembled in the sabha ,took Mithravinda with him and married her.In Ayodhya there was a king called Nagnajith.He had a beautiful daughter Sathya also called Nagnajithi.The king had 7 great rishabha or bulls in his custody which had to be won over to get the daughter as wife.No king could perform that .Hearing this story Krishna wanted to see the bulls and try his power on them.The king welcomed Krishna happily.Kousalya /Satya saw Krishna and thought:-If I had been good and performed my vratha with purity,Let God allow me to be wife of this great and beautiful person. She thought about how to get him as her husband and how to please him with her ways. Krishna in his beautiful sweet voice asked the king :-The great king,Though it is not swadharma of a Kshathriya to ask for or request anything and receive anything by such a daana,I ,for the first time in my life do request you to give your daughter to me as wife. The king said:-I know that for my daughter there will be no one except you who would be the suitable bridegroom.I too have been doing penances to get you as my daughters bridegroom.Therefore I had kept a decision of veerapareeksha ,so that no one else take her away.There are 7 bulls which has to be bound by the bridegroom before he gets my daughter is that decision.I know only you can do that feat .And I have been waiting for this great moment throughout my life.Do this and take away my precious beautiful daughter . Krishna ,as if in play bound all the 7 bulls within seconds and as if a child taking toys took them on threads to the sabha.Thus with splendour and pomp he became the coveted bridegroom of Satya the beautiful .The king gave 10000 cows ,3000 maids wearing all ornaments and best dresses,90000 elephants ,100 times of that chariots ,100 times horses and 100 times of cavalry soldiers as dowry .Thus the couple with the 7 bulls and the dowry were sent to Dwaraka in all glory.Hearing this some of the kings who had failed to win the girl became envious and tried to block the procession .Arjuna alone fought with all of them and Krishna with Satya entered Dwarka . Krishna had another cousin Bhadra .She was daughter of Sruthakeerthi who was married to king of Kekaya .She was given to Krishna byher brother ,because it was a custom to give a cousin in marriage .There was abeautiful princess called Lakshmana ,daughter of Madra king and Krishna won over her during her swayamvara .These are the 8 wives of Krishna .Then he accepted the women who were bound in the prison of Narakasura by him. Narakasuravadha:Devendra complained to Krishna,that Narakasura,son of Bhoomi,had taken his place in the Meru peak,the flag of Varuna ,and the two earwearings(kundala)of Devamatha,Adithi.Therefore,Krishna entered the abode of Narakasura called Pragjyothisha ,which is a Giridurga ,surrounded by mountains ,fire,water and strong winds and several weapons to guard it.He went there on Garuda along with his wife Sathyabhama,the most preferred wife and avathar of Bhoomi herself.He removed mountains with mace,and weapons with arrows,winds,water and agni with sudarsana wheel .The binding paaasa or coirs of the Asura Mura,who guarded the fort was destroyed byKrishnas sword.The several weapons as well as the efficiencyof the warriors who use it was lost by the samkhanaada of panchajanya.Hearing the sound emanating from the panchajanya ,the guard Mura with five heads awoke from his


slumber in his waters thinking that the kalpa end is near.Mura was bright like a sun at Kalpa end and he came with his trident revolving in his hand.He sent that trident towards Garuda.Then made a great noise with all his five faces.That sound reverberated in the entire cosmos and universes trembled.Krishna broke that trident and sent an arrow each to his five faces.Mura struck Krishna with his mace.Krishnas mace Koumodaki made that mace into several pieces.Then as if in a childs play,the wheel of time cut the asuras life from him.He fell down like a mountain ,struck by vajra of Indra.He had 7 sons and they came for war in revenge.They made Peeta the commander .The Anthariksha,vasu,Thamra,Nabhaswan,Vibhavanan,Aruna followed him.All their weapons were destroyed by Krishna.All were killed by the kaalachakra.Then Bhoumaasura (Naraka)came in great anger.He came with several elephants born from the ocean as if ,a sun above the dark clouds .He sent the weapon called Sathagni on Krishna and his wife on Garuda.Krishna destroyedit as well as all the weapons sent by that huge army.Garuda tore open the bodies of the elephants and horses with beak and nails and killed them in hundreds.The elephants and horses started to run helter shelter.Their cry split the earth,Seeing this Narakasura sent Sakthi which can even break vajra of Indra ,against Garuda.The sakthi was taken as if by a garland by an elephant,by the grat vehicle of Krishna.Naraka took his trident to kill Krishna ,but before he could sent it ,the sudarsana killed him.Devas sprinkled flowers of heaven on Krishna ..Then Dhara,mother of the asura came to Krishna and gave the kundala of Aditi,made of gold and jewels,the wonderful Vanamaala,the umbrella and flag of Varuna,and the great jewel .She praised him thus:Chakragadhaadhara,Vishno,Namaskrithi. Devadevesa,Paramathmaka,Hare, Vibho,Namaskaram. Pankajanaabha,Pankajamaalin,Pankajanethra, Pankajapaada,Namaskaram. Vasudeva,The moolakaarana, SreeVishno,Always Namaskaram. Aiswryapoorna,Gnaanaswaroopa, Iswara ,Namaskaram. The one without births,the abode of all auspicious things, Brahman,Karanakaryaroopa,Hare, Sarvabhoothantharyaamin The one with ananthabala, Nityam Namaskrithi. You create these worlds by rajas and protect it by sathwaguna and destroy it with thamas.The unmanifested Brahman become manifested as Kaala(time)Pradhana and purusha in thrividha(three types).All these movable and immovable things and universes,the five elements,the sabda etc,the groups of devas,the indriya,chitha,,Ahamkara,mahathathwa,budhi,etc are all Branthi or illusion only.All is within the Bhagavan ,the Eka .This is the son of Narakaaasura,and he is afraid of your wrath and has come to you for protection.Being Asrithavalsala ,give him protection .Keep your purest of the pure hand on this childs forehead and bless him.And Krishna gave him blessings,protection and the kingdom.


Then Krishna went to theprisonand saw 6000 women in the prison .They were liberated .Living in the house of another ,these princes were not desirous of going back to their parents houses where they may be treated with disrespect and all of them wanted to go with their protector ,Krishna and they by their mind received him as their protector,husband and Lord .Therefore they were sent to Dwaraka in beautiful Palanquins.The new king sent wealth and vehicles along with them toDwaraka.It included 64 elephants with 4 horns each like Airavatha.Krishna returned the kundala of Devamatha Adithi to Indra .At the abode of Indra Satyabhama wanted to get the paarijaatha and Krishna asked for it but Indra was reluctant to give it .So ,Krishna out of love for Satyabhama ,and to teach a lesson to the thankless Devendra,took the entire tree with its roots and returned back on Garuda.Devendra and his army were defeated within no time by Krishna as they came for war.Parijatha was then given a place in front of Sathyabhamas palace and it gave a rare beauty to her house .Its fragrance,its honey,its pollens and the innumerable bramara and their music around made it a heaven.Indra came and asked forgiveness.The pride of Indra was humbled several times by Bhagavan in his avathara ,though he had helped him in several ways too.The dishonesty,thanklessness and the pride of the wealthy and powerful is represented by Indra . Krishna made as many houses as there were women and gave them all luxuries of life and protection and asked their needs and gave them whatever they wanted and kept them all happy .He being Paramathman and not attached to anyone or anybody,followed all the Grihasthasramadharma for the sake of creating a model to the coming generation of people.Even the Indra and the Aja does not know the greatness of Parabrahman.That Parabrahman is the husband of 16008 women and gave them all pleasures of a happy married life.All of them did all the poojavidhi of Madhava daily and pleased him s his devotees ,with nishkamakarma and bhakthi and gnaana.They were Dasis as well as lovers of bhagavan since bhaktha and bhagvan has mutual love and dasya to each other. One day,Krishna was lying on a cot and Rugmini was fanning him.Her room was decorated with pearls and bright lamps,and several fragrant flowers and jasmine garlands.Through the windows rays of moon came in .The bed and pillows were brighter and whiter than moonlight.Krishna was happily in meditation over that pleasing position.Rugmini,fanning him with the chaamara bound on jeweled handles was wearing all jewellery and her jewels made music while she moved slightly.She was Lakshmi herself.Seeing her thus ,Krishna said:-My dear ,You were desired by several great kings who were having empires,beauty,and so much of wealth and fame.You had sacrificed all of them including Sisupala ,the great King of Chedi along with your brothers and fathers wishes and married me ,who is not a king and is no match to you.Why did you do that ?I am only a coward who has come into the middle of the ocean fearing those great kshathriya kings .Therefore my Kshathriyathwa is gone.Moreover I am only a cowherd.How can a woman who believes in such a coward and a lower individual get the bliss and happiness which is due to a kshathriya princess?I am always desireless and will remain so forever.Therefore ,no rich person worship me ,and they do not want to part with their desires.Marriage and friendship become equal and happy and fruitful only when wealth,beauty,knowledge,sambhoothy,janmavibhoothy are similar between bride and bridegroom.Friendship of an uthama with adhama ,as well as marriage in likemanner


is not suitable for both.Rugmini,You had married me without thinking about these things and without foresight of what is your future .And thus you married me,the Nirguna,loved only by the begging Bhikshus.But it is not late.You can even now ,accept a great warrior king who can give you all your desires in this and the other worlds.Kings of Chedi,Magadha,Saluva,King Dandhavakra ,your brother Rugmi are all trying to kill me as they consider as their enemy.I had taken you away ,just to reduce their pride,not because I desired you.I am Udaaseena in puthra,kalathra,artha etc (son,wife,wealth) and am poorna with Athmalaabha which is like Jyothis .It enlightens houses,bodies and worlds but is not attached to them. Rugmini had a pride that she is the first wife and Krishna is always with him and he loves her the best .Just to reduce it Krishna said these words in playful mood.But these were words she was hearing for the first time from her husband .Her heart beat fast,she was afraid and tears rolled down her cheeks in painful thoughts.The tears fell on her breasts and spread the red kumkum and fell to the ground and she drew pictures on the floor with her beautiful toenails and stood speechless.The ornaments and the chamara fell from her hands and body.She fell down like a plantain falling in a strong wind.Seeing this the compassionate Bhagavan got up from bed ,washed her face with his own lotus hands and made her hair and did service to his dear wife.He washed her eyes and breasts wet with tears ,and embraced her ,noting that she has no sense of humour .Embracing her strongly with his strong hands he told her that the speech was meant as a humour and not to hurt her .He said:-Do not be envious of me ,Vaidarbhi.I know that you have only me as your ashraya.I just wanted to see your face in anger ,your love and your quarrels with red eyes,and wavering brows,and to hear your words in return .I am your husband and I desire to see you like that too sometimes.My words of humour was with such an intention.This type of moments of pleasure with the dearest ones gives rest to the tired minds of grihasthasramis. Hearing these words and feeling the pleasure of being embraced by him Rugmini forgot all her sorrows and she understood the streak of humour in his words .She became shy ,thinking about her lack of sense of humour and her sideglances in that mood pleased Krishna.She told him:- Lotuseyed,What you said is true.I have no equality with you who are everywhere.You are the Isa of thrimoorthi and enjoying in own Mahima all the time .Where are you such a nirguna and where is me ,who is gunaseela and always serving you as a servant ? what is the equality between two such people ? And for you there is no fear at all.You are gnana ,Athman and Abhaya and pretend that you are afraid of Guna.And thus pretending bhaya you hide inside a oceanic islnd .Though you dont like or desire bad things at all and never get attached to them ,they come and associate to you and you allow that .Your servants sacrifice even the position of emperor just to serve you.The ways of the sages who are interested only in drinking the honey of your feet ,is unknown and never cognizable to people who are leading a animal existence.Even the methods of your servants are extraordinary.So your ways should be beyond even that .The one who has nothing except him in this cosmos is definitely desireless and sinless.But what is the state of us ,who are bound by the indriya and its vishaya and the ignorance ?The ignorant does not know you as Anthaka(death)and worship you for selfish desires. You ,in compassion love even such ignorant .You are everything and every wealth.The bestower of every fruits of action.The intelligent people sacrifice everything else,desirous of you alone.For such people who desire only your


union,this union is the most auspicious and the only desirable thing.For men and women with dualities this union is never possible and it is unsuitable for them.The ascetics who never hurt anything,know you directly and always praise you .By the movement of your brow all desires of even your son,the Brahma born of your nabhi,ends.So what to speak of me ,who is only a weak woman?I am only a ordinary animallike woman and knowing all these truth ,that I am unequal to you in every sense has desired you and you only . But I also know that ,you ,who killed all those great warriors in war and took me away in great valour from their midst ,has come here as a coward ,fearing them.That is a lie.So many emperors have sacrificed their empires and dedicated their life just to get your blessings and they were not lesser individuals and that Kshathriyamarga is not to be insulted .I have followed that marga .After getting the fragrance of your feet which is abode of all sadguna and praised by all bhaktha,which intelligent and knowledgable lady will accept any other person ?All others are cowards and you alone is Abhaya and Lokeswara .You alone live as antharyami in all.And therefore you are the greatest emperor.Thus I loved and accepted you as a worthy princess.You liberate your lovers from the illusion of body which is not true ,and protect them from samsara.Let your feet as a boat ,take me beyond the samsara.The sabha of Hara and Virincha reverberates with your stories.And a woman who had the illluck of not having heard it at least once in her life is definitely unlucky.Such a lady will accept the emperors and live in their houses like a domestic animal ,a bull,cow,dog,cat ,or an ass and as a domestic servant .She who is ignorant only will love the body which is made of skin,nails,hairs,face,etc and flesh,ligaments blood ,worms,faecal matter ,bone,wind,pitha and kapha associated .It is only a dead matter .They can love body as Jeeveswara.But Achyutha,My anuraga is in you ,the everlasting and eternal deathless Athman and give me this blessing forever.Even by a single compassionate glance from you ,we are blessed and get aananda and that bliss is not untruth but the absolute truth.Therefore I do not consider that your words are untruths.Amba,daughter of king of Kasi loved only Saluva .That type of love in one purusha I have in You .Only a woman who is prostitute can accept new men every day according to her convenience.Therefore ,do not think that I will accept any other man than you.You are Achyutha ,the one without destruction.A man who gets a wife who is a prostitute and accepts another man is a Vichyutha (destroyed one)and therefore it is impossible that you loose your Achyuthathwa and I loose my Paathivrathya. Krishna said:-This is what I wanted to hear from you,my dear! You have now given the most suitable commentary to my words suitable to a Sathi.This is truth and is befitting .To end the desire in other objects ,the deep love and ekanthikabhakthi is desired by you.And I know that you have it from the very beginning and therefore I have nothing else to give you.The love and onepointed devotion is in you.Even when I provoked you,you could give the befitting commentary and meaning to my words.And therefore your intellect is fixed in me and is pure.Those people who worship me for getting samsara and its pleasures are bound by my Maaya .They do not ask for mukthy but for bondage to samsra.After getting me who can give moksha and ,again desiring wealth of other types is ignorance.They are unlucky even after getting this great life of human beings .If desire in vishaya do not end one falls to hell of sorrows again and again.That is the easy way for all .The difficulty is to get away from samsara .For that a certain way of dedicated life is needed and You have it.Your state is not that of an ordinary woman who


tries to hurt or harm another,because you desire me who has no such differences or dualities and is sarvantharyamin and protector of all.Therefore you love my entire family,this entire cosmos and its beings and such wife is only equal to me.When you sent that Brahmana with your message ,when I made your brother suffer for his pride,and later on in a gambling site when I killed him and that news reached you,-In all such occasions I have known how much you love me and that you cannot suffer my separation even for a moment .By that love you have won me over.When I was a little late in coming ,during our wedding day,you thought the entire world as empty and sent a Brahmana to me forgetting all your natural shyness of an aristocratic woman .That was simply because of your inability to part with me.If I hadnt come you would have destroyed your body since it is not to be touched by any other than me .When that guna is within you,this nirguna is having nothing else to give you .You have everything! Bhagavan ,the Lord of worlds and Athmaratha forever thus did his surathasallapa just like a Grihasthasrami with Rugmini and enjoyed life with her.Krishna being the Guru of the world ,and the Vibhu lived protecting the dharma of all the ashrama and teaching the world with his life,his deeds and words and thoughts alike. Marriage of Anirudha and death of Rugmi:Each of Krishnas wives had 10 sons each who resembled Krishna in form,in qualities and valour .None of the wives knew that he is God and is in all houses and in all hearts and seening him always in her own home and heart,thought that he loves me most.But he being God,was not attached to anyone in particular and was dweller of all three worlds as his home.The 16000 womwn could not make his chitha fall from yoga and it always remained in yoganidra.Even the Brahman and Shiva did not know the greatness of those women who had this yogasidhi through him directly.All of them were satisfied and blissful of their yoga.The sons of the 8 main wives of Krishna were named as follows. 1.Rugmini:-Charudeshnan,Sudeshnan,Veeryavan,Suchaaru,Charugupthan,Bhadracharu, Charuchandran,Vicharu ,Charu,were the younger brothers of Pradyumna. 2.Sathyabhama :Bhaanu,Subhaaanu ,Swarbhaanu,Brihathbhaanu,Athibhaanu,Prathibhanu,Bhanuman,Chandrabhanu, Sreebhanu,Prabhaanu 3.Jambavathy:Samban,Sumithran,Vijayan,Sahasrajith,Chithrakethu,Chithrakethu,Vasuman,Dramidan,P urujith,Krathu,Sathajith.(These were the kings of the Dakshinaapatha). 4.Sathya:Veeran,Chandran,Chithragu,Vegavan,Aswasenan,Vrishan,Sanku,Aaman,Vasu,Kunthi the handsome. 5.Kalindi:-Poornamasa,Vrisha,Ekalan,Bhadran,Shanthi,Darsan,Somakan 6 Madri :Gathravan,Simhan,Praghoshan,Prabalan,Oordhagan,Ojas,Aparajithan,Sahan,Keerthiman Mahasakthy,Balan. 7.Mithravinda:Vrathan,Harshan,Vahni,Gridhran,Anilan,Unnaadan,Maheesan,Vardhanan,Paavanan,Ksh udhi.


8 Bhadra:Bhadran,Praharanan,Samgramajan,Arijith,Sooran,Brihathsenan,Vaaman,Sathyakan,Jayan ,Ayus. He had Deepthiman and Thamrathapthan as grandsons in Rohinidevi and Anirudha from Rugmavathy (wives of Pradyumna).Anirudha was born in Rugmavathy,daughter of Rugmi ,Rougminis brother .Therefore Anirudha was born in her palace in Bhojakata. The sons and grandsons,great grandsons of Krishna expanded all over the land in thousands and lakhs and crores. How did Rugmi gave his daughter to his enemys son ?He had been living with a vengeance to kill Krishna in his newly built city of Bhojakhata.Though Rugmi had enmity in Krishna ,he still loved his sister and therefore when she came of age ,as custom,he gave her to his nephew.The daughter of Rugmini was Charumathy and she was married by Bali ,son of Krithavarman.Rugmi gave his sons daughter Rochana ,to the son of his daughter Anirudha in marriage .For that marriage Krishna ,Rugmini,Balabhadra ,Samba,Pradyumna etc were invited to Bhojakata and they went there in happiness .After the marriage in a playful mood the king of Kalinga asked Rugmi to win over Balaraman in dice gambling.Rama did not know much of gambling .Yet when Rugmi called he went for playing .Hundred,Thousand,Ten thousand like that the price money was lost in succession.Kalinga went on insulting Balarama at each failure of him.When Rugmi kept a lakh Rupees ,Balarama won over that price money.Then Rugmi said ,I have won ,not you.Balarama is by nature redeyed .that redness increased with anger ,and like an ocean on a full moon day his anger was awakened by these untruthful words.He kept 10 rores as price money.He won that too.Still Rugmi went on saying that it was he who won the game.Then from the sky a voice was heard that Rugmi is a lier and Rama has won the game.Rugmi ,influenced by friends like Kalinga ,insulted Balarama saying :-You are only a cowherd who knows protection of cows in forests .How can you know the game of dice which is that of kshathriyas?To play with arrows and aksha is not the job of cowherds. Insulted thus,by a iron rod ,Balarama struck Rugmi and killed him on the spot.Kalinga who had been showing all his teeth and laughing ,ran for fear.But before he reached 10 feet ,Rama caught him and with one strike all his teeth fell on ground.All the kings who insulted yadavas and Balarama fell dead at his hands .Krishna did not say anything because he loved both Balarama and Rugmini and did not want to hurt either.Anirudha and the other yadavas took the bride in chariot to Dwaraka in the confusion that was going on. Mahabali who had given earth for Bhagavan in Vaamana avathara had 100 sons ,and the eldest was Baana.He was intelligent,and a bhaktha of Shiva.He lived in the sonithapura and ruled it well.Because of his bhakthi in shiva all including devas were afraid of him and became his friends.He asked shiva when he asked for a boon,Be watchman of my city so that no one enters it.And thus even Shiva was made a servant in his city .Shiva had given a thousand hands to Bana .Once Baana in his pride asked Shiva ,I cannot find anyone except you to test the strength of my thousand hands .I want to have a good battle with you .Give me that boon. Shiva said:-You fool,The day when your flag falls ,you will get an opportunity to do battle with someone who is equal to me.That day your pride will end forever.


From that day onwards ,Baana was looking at his flagpost and expecting its fall .His daughter was Usha.She had never seen or heard of Anirudha.But one day in her dreams she saw a handsome man with whm she had union.When awakened she thought only about him and his form and his playful moods.The daughter of Kumbhanda,the minister of Baana ,was Chithralekha ,Ushas friend.She noticed a change in Ushas behaviour.She asked.Yoy being a virgin and unmarried is behaving as if you are awaiting or searching for a lost lover/husband .What had happened ? Did any one came and married you?None of us ever saw such a thing happening. Usha said:- With shyama colour,lotus eyes,long arms,and handsome ,and wearing yellow garments some one came to me in my dreams .And I am searching for him.He kissed me and made me desirous of his love forever. Chithralekha said:-If such a person exists anywhere in the three worlds I will bring him to you and remove your sorrows.She was an expert in drawing and painting .She painted the pictures of all handsome deva,sidha,gandharva,asura,naaga,yaksha and human beings .Balabhadran,Krishnan ,sooran ,pradyumnan and Vasudevan were drawn.When Usha watched the picture of Pradyumna she felt a little shy ,because of his resemblance to Anirudha.Then when she saw Anirudhas picture ,she lowered her face and eyes and with a smile told her friend that this is the dream lover.Chihrleha by her yogic powers reached Dwaraka by aakaasagamana,and by yogic power brought the sleeping Anirudha to Sonithapura and gave him to Usha.Usha was living in an antha:pura where men had no entry .In that palace she lived with Anirudha for several days as husband and wife.After some days the guards saw signs of pregnancy in their princess.They went and told Baana that your daughter is engaged in some relationship with a man .Banan went to his daughters palace and swa Anirudha there.She was playing dice with his wife and was wearing her jasmine garland on his hands and her kumkumam was on his body showing clearly that they had union right now.Seeing this Baana was unable to believe his own eyes.Anirudha was attacked by Baana and his army and in a second he too became ready for battle .He defeated the army as if a lion defeats the dogs.Thus angered,Baana bound Anirudha by Naagapaasa and sent to jail.Seeing all this Usha became very anxious and tears fell from her eyes . For four months Anirudha was not seen.The netire rainy season the people of Dwaraka were uneasy about his disappearance.Narada came and told Krishna that Anirudha was bound in the palace of baana.Krishna accompanied by Pradyumna,Saarana,Samba,Yuyudhaana,Bhadra,Upananda,Gda,nnada and 12 akshouhini army went to Sonithapura.Shiva ,guarding the gates came to prevent the yadava army along with his kinkara and sons.Shiva on his nandi fought with Krishna and Skanda fought with Pradyumna on his peacock.Kumbanda and Koopakarna fought with Bala,and Samba with son of Baana,Sathyaki with Baana.Shivabhootha,guhyaka,pretha,mathru,pisacha,brahmarakshasa,vethala with commander Gananatha ran helter shelter with arrows of Krishna.Shiva and Krishna fought as equals .Brahmasthra met Brahmasthra,Parvatha met Vayavya,Pasupatha met vaishnava,Parjanya met agneya,and then with jrimbana arrow Krishna made Shiva faint .And in amoment destroyed Baanas army.With arrows of pradyumna body of Skanda was torn and he on his peacock escaped from battleground.Kumbanda and koopakarna were killed.Seeing the destruction of his army.Baana left Sathyaki and came to


Krishna.Simultaneously on 500 bows he sent 1000 arrows on Krishna.Krishna ,broke all the 500 bows with a single arrow .And he killed the horse and charioteer and broke the chariot of Baana.Then mother of Baana,called Kotara, came naked with loosened hairs and stood in front of Krishna for protecting Baana.Since one should not look straight at anaked woman Hari took his eyes away .And in that moment Baana escaped to his fort.The Shivajwara with three legs and three heads which is hot and cruel came to kill Krishna and Krishna created another Jwara to kill it.The two jwaras fought .The shivajwara ,which could not get over the vishnujwara praised Vishnu and asked for mercy of Vishnu.Krishna protected it and sent it back.Bana came back for battle.All his hands were destroyed by the wheel of Krishna.Seeing this ,Shiva with compassion in his Bhaktha came to Krishna and requested :-The pure hearted see you alone everywhere.You are that Parabrahman that paramjyothis which is merged in that Naadabrahman.Whose nabhi is nabhas,whose face is agni,whose sukla is waters,whose head is the heavens,whose ears are directions,whose feet is earth,whose chitha is moon,whose eye is sun,whose arm is indra,whose stomach is ocean,whose ahamkara is Me,whose hairs are oushadi,whose hairs on head is cloud,whose intellect is Virincha,whose idea is dharma,whose medra is prajapathy,that Eka is you.You are that Viratpurusha.You took this form for protection of dharma and the jagath.Only with your blessings we protect the seven loka.You are Adya,adwaya,purusha,sudha,sakshi of avasthaathraya,kaarana of all,and who has no kaarana,who is selfrevealing,and sarvesa,and by your maaya you are also known as different from all these for the sake of fame of the guna.Sun,though covered by shadow of clouds made from his own rays ,reveals the clouds and all that is in the world .Similarly you are selfrevealing .You reveal guna as well as the guni by your light.The maaya of you makes people swim in endless ocean of samsara.The one who has not done your worship has lost his entire life.He is dishonest to his own Athman.You are Athman,friend ,Lord of all worlds.The one who discard you and go after temporary vishayasukha is like one discarding amritha for poison.I,Aja and the devaa and muni are all your kinkara only.The origin,sthithi and laya of universes are in you.You are eka,without any bheda,and shantha,and have nothing as a second.You are enjoying in the play of creation.We worship you for moksha.He is my devotee.Therefore he is to be shown compassion.I have once given him the boon of protection.Therefore ,as you protected Prahlada ,do protect him . Bhagavan said;I am happy with your words.Whatever you say is pleasing to me too.This son of Mahabali is not to be killed by me .I have given a boon to Prahlada that I will not kill your children and grandchildren.To reduce his pride I cut away his numerous arma.The remaining four arms will be ever strong and will not be affected by old age .he will become the main parshada of you and will be fearless.Thus ,Krishna won the war and taking Usha and Anirudha in his chariot returned to Dwaraka. Nrigamoksha:-Once Samba,Gada,Charubhanu,Pradyumna were playing in a garden .They saw a well nearby and feeling thirsty looked into it .There was no water but saw a creature within it .That was a chameleon with a wonderful size of a mountain(The description of a dinausaur again)and the children wondered at its size.they thought of taking it out of the well and protecting it.They made some threads and skins and made strong coirs but could not take it out.They went and told about this to Krishna.Krishna came and with his left hand took the creature up .The moment Krishna touched it it


changed form and became a golden coloured man with ornaments and garments .He prostrated before Krishna and said :- I am King Nriga ,belonging to race of Ikshwaku ,and his son.If one counts the daanaseela ,my name will come to your eye first.I gave as alms cows and wealth which in uncountable like sandgrains on earth,stars on the firmament,and raindrops on earth.I gave cows with lot of milk,young,good quality,silver hoof,gold horns,with calfsand decorated with clothes and ornaments and all of these cows were gained by me by just and dharmic means.The daana was given to good Brahmins who were worthy of it.I also gave away lands,wealth,gold,houses,horses,elephants silver,servants,virgins with daasi,ellu,utensils,rathna and cots etc in plenty.I did all vratha.I did all yaga.But unfortunately one of the cows which I had already given to a Brahmin ,came back and stood in my cowherd and unknowingly I gave to another Brahmin.The two Brahmins had a quarrel over the ownership of that cow.Both claimed that it was given to me by king Nriga.I was put in a dilemma.I asked both of them that I will give one lakh cows each instead of this and to stop their quarrel of ownership.But both were adamant.then my time of death came.Yama asked me Would you like to have the fruits of your sin first or the fruits of all your good deeds first? I said I will first have the fruits of my sin and then that of the good deeds which are endless.That I show I got this form and fell into this well.He praised Krishna and with Krishnas blessings entered a vimana and entered vishnuloka.Krishna said how important is protection of dharma on earth and he stressed the importance of not taking away the wealth of a Brahmin by any chance.Even for this king who is personification of dharma ,by that single folly ,this punishment was obtained .Therefore do not take away Brahmins wealth or hurt a Brahmin because barhmin is a person with sathwaguna and do not hurt any one.He is like a cow ,which do not know how to hurt and which always helps others.Therefore just like deva,one should respect bhoodeva and the cows too.Krishna told the people of Dwaraka . Balarama was homesick for Gokula and the friends and parents there.So he went there to see all of them.The loving people of Gokula were veryhappy to see him.Nanda and Yasodha put him on their lap and embraced and kissed him and asked his welfare and that of Krishna.The gopa and Gopis came and asked about the news in Mthura,Dwaraka and they enquired about Krishna.Balarama stayed in Gokula for two months of Mesha and Rishabha and on all these days he played with the gopika in the banks of Yamuna at night.Varuna sent Vaarunidevi there so that the entire forest became fragrant with her honey and drinking that fragrance Balarama became inebriant.Being thus lost his mind he roamed in the forests with his friends .He was wearing a vaijayanthi and a single kadukkan9earring)in only one ear and was drunk .He wanted to do Jalakreeda in yamuna and called Yamuna to come to where he was sitting.Yamuna seeing his drunken red eyes thought he is drnk and I am not going to obey such a drunkard and ignored.Balarama was furious and with his plough he changed the course of the river .Then Yamuna was afraid and asked for his forgiveness.Balarama as if a elephant played in the waters of yamuna with his dear Gopikas.When he came up after his royal bath,Lakshmidevi herself gave him two blue siks and several golden ornaments .Balarama spent two months in Ambadi as if just one night.The yamunas course now is as balarama had changed it,Vyasa says. While Balarama was in Ambadi ,the king of Karushaka called Poundraka sent a messenger to Krishna saying that I am vaasudeva and not you.The messenger came to


Dwaraka and said this in the sabha.The messenger said:-I am Vaasudeva who came to protect the worlds.You are wearing my signs and my name .If you have love for your life discard such false signs and come and worship me.Or else get ready for a battle with me. All in the great sabha ,including king Ugrasena laughed aloud hearing this childish message.Krishna sent the messenger back saying that since Poundraka is wearing his false signs ,he will come there to make him learn a lesson.And he went to Kaasi for the purpose.Poundraka came with his akshouhini army to fight with Krishna.The king of Kaaasi was relative of poundraka .He came with 3 akshouhini to help Poundraka.Krishna saw Poundraka wearing a conch,wheel,sword,and mace ,bow,sreevalsa,and kousthubha,vanamala and yellow orbs pretending himself to be Krishna.He had a chariot with a flag showing garuda on it.Seeing him as an actor n a stage ,Krishna laughed to himself and wondered at his childishness.Both Poundraka and king of Kashi were killed in thegreat battle that followed.When Poundraka ws killed because of the constant dhyana of Hari and pretension,being the swaroopa of Hari ,poundraka reached hari only.The son of king of Kashi ,Sudakshinan did last rites to his father.He did penance on Shiva with a desire to take vengeance on Krishna.Shiva said ,if your enemy is not a Brahmin ,by abhichara you can kill him.Thus Sudakshina started his ghora yagna and from the homakunda was created a Agnipurusha with red hairs,bright burning eyes,two large sharp teeth,licking lips with toungue and with a trident inhand and naked and tis agnipurusha ran to Dwaraavathy to kill Krishna.The forests burned and every one was afraid seeing this. Krishan saw this Krithya as Maheswari and sent his chakra to destroy it.When the kritya could not destroy the wheel or the sender of the wheel it returned and burned the one who produced it,Sudakshinan.Sudarsana following the Kritya burned the entire city of kasi and returned to Krishna. Dwivida was amonkey king and was the friend of narakaaasura.He was brother of maindan and minister to King Sugreeva during Ramayana period.To take revenge on death of Narakasura ,he burned cities and villages of the yadava clan.He destroyed mountains to sand.the Anartha country,ruled by Krishan was destroyed by him.Then he entered the middle of the ocean ,and increased the sea level and submerged all the land at and below sea level.The fruit trees in the ashrama were destroyed.He desecrated the homa fires with dirty things.He bound men and women in caves and closed the cave with great stones .He made aristocratic ladies impure.Then he heard a beautiful music coming from the mountain of Raivathaka .He saw Balarama sitting with beautiful maiden on it ,wearing lotus garlands ,and with reddened eyes drunken with vaaruni.Balarama was singing those beautiful ragas.Vividha jumped on toa tree so that Balarama can see him and then shook the tree and made some noises to disturb Balaramas singing.The girlfriends of Balarama ,being drunk and with their natural love for laughter,seeing the naughty monkey laughed aloud.The monkey showed his back to them and made noises and faces at them.Balarama first tried to sent the monkey away with stones .But he didnt go and he took away Balaramas cup of honey and threw and broke it and ran naked here and there making very naughty signs with his naked body.He took a tree to kill Balarama and Balarama took his plough and his mace.The monkey took all the trees of the forest one by one and made the forest into a desert.Then he started to send rains of rocks on rama.He struck Rama with his strong arms on the breasts.Rama lost all patience and with


one strike of his hand on its neck,the monkey fell vomiting blood.When he fell there ensued a earthquake and a storm .He was so big that the entire earth shook with his body. Son of Jambavathy,Sambhan took away Lakshmana ,daughter of Duryodhana ,while she was in her Swayamvara mandapa.Bhoorisravas,Yagnakethu,Karna,Salya,Bheeshma,Duryodhana etc with an army fought with Sambha.Sambha fought boldly and with valour .But in the end with much difficulty the kuru kings bound him and brought him to Hasthinapura with Lakshmana.The yadava with permission of Ugrasena came to Hasthinapura for taking revenge and to release Sambha.Balarama thought that it is not good to fight with the kuru race and asked them to be patient.He with the elders of the race and the Brahmins entered a chariot and went to Hasthinapura.He sent Udhava as messenger to king Dhritharashtra.Udhava went and saw him and the eldest of the Balheeka Bheesham,Drona,Duryodhana etc .Kourava were happyto hear that Balarama ,their friend had come.They welcomed Udhava with pomp .And went to welcome Balarama with dakshina of cows,gold etc and worshipped him.After enquiring about the welfare of all ,Balarama said:-Kings of Kuru race,Hear the message of king Ugrasena.Many of You ,together,have bound a single handed person by adharma, and we are suffering this adharma simply because we dont want to loose our relationship. Hearing this the kuru were angry .they said:Wonderful.The shoe wants to be worn on head instead of the crown.The vrishnis are enjoying kingship because of our relation only.Now they want to be equal to us and to have company with us,to sit with us and to sleep with us too.We gave you right for chamara,aalavatta,umbrella,and now you want to be equal to us.You are like a serpent to the person who gives it milk.Yadava need not wear the signs of kshathriya hereafter.How can that which is not obtained even by a lion ,can be achieved by a small goat ? Seeing their pride and their ego Rama laughed at them.He thought that these people are cruel and for cruel animals the best remedy is danda or punishment.I had been a fool to say to Krishna and the other Yadavas to be patient ,thinking that I should keep these peoples friendship.They are ignorant and have insulted me who had come out of love for them.The yadava clan who has brought Parijatha from sudharma is considered as mere dirt by this pompous people.And for them Krishna,worshipped by Lakshmi is not fit to wear the signs of kshathriya.Whose feet is worshipped with crowned heads of the devas,and all yogeeswars desire for ,and whose feet is worn by me,Brahma,Kamala and Shiva in our heads as the theertha of theertha,that Krishna has no seat in this kshathriya clan?We are mere shoes ,and the kurus are crowns ?This pride and ego of wealth cannot be allowed to continue.I will now make their land immerse in the floods of Ganga.He took his plough and caught the entire Hasthinapura under it and pulled it to the waters of the Ganga.The earth trembled and kouravas lostbalance and were afraid .Fearing for their life and land they brought Sambha and Lakshmana and came with folded hands and gave them back and asked for forgiveness.Duryodhana gave 6000 golden chariots and decorated dasis as gifts to Lakshmana.Balarama went back with the daughter-in-law and bridegroom to Dwaraka.Because of this,even now the Hasthinapura is seen as if following the Mandakini ,raised on its southern part. Narada and his test


Narada wanted to see how after the killing of Narakasura ,Krishna had married so many women and is living with all of them giving all of them equal pleasure .Krishna is Eka purusha and how did he take aneka body and how he does leela in 16008 houses and with so many bodies ?Narada wanted to see that leela directly and came to Dwaraka.He went to the anthapura of Krishna .In one of his houses which was having walls of precious jewels and decorated with garlands,and with many servants all of them dressed and decorated he saw the jeweled lamps everywhere ,chithravalabhi,wherepeacocks seeing the clouds of homa coming out thinking that it is rainclouds expand their feathers and dance.The wife of Krishna with he r 1000 dasi ,was fanning Kesava with chamara having golden handle and Krishna was reclining on a cot .Krishna seeing the distinguished guest got up,welcomed him and did namaskara at his feet befitting to one who has taken a human birth and gave him a respected seat.Washing Naradas feet he wore the water on his head.Bhagavan wears the water from the feet of bhaktha as theerthajala on his own head. Narada said:-Lord of all the worlds,You were born by your own will to destroy adharma and protectdharma.I am meditating always on your feet alone for the sake of moksha.Bless me for memory of you to be always within me.I would like to perceive your yogamaya and its vibhoothy,Yogeswara! Thus getting permission he entered each of the house where Bhagavan was playing his yogamayaleela. In the home of Sathyabhama he saw Krishna playing dice with Udhava and Sathyabhama.There also Krishna got up and welcomed Narada as before and as if he has not known anything asked him Mahrshe ,What is the purpose of your arrival? In another house he saw Krishna embracing his children and playing with them.In another house he saw Krishna ready for a bath.In another he was doing Agnihothra.In another rhe was doing yajana with panchamahamagha.In yet another he was feeding Brahmins and taking the left over after their food.In one house he was doing manthrajapa in slence.Elsewhere he was doing sandhyavandana.In one house he was practicing with sword.In one house he saw Krishna on a horseback,elsewhere in a chariot and in another on an elephant .In one house he is being praised by the music of the vandi group of musicians.In another he is sleeping on a cot.In another he is discussing with his ministers on the affairs of state with ministers like udhava.In another house he is playing in a swimming pool.In one house he is giving away cows which are decorated to Brahmins.Inanother he is listening to purana and ithihasa stories.In another he is laughing and playing with his wife.In some houses he is enjoying kaama and artha.And in others he is doing dharma and mokshadharma .In many houses he saw Krishna meditating on paramathman which is Eka.Krishna was doing Gurupooja in another house.In one house he is practicing battle and in another place talking about peace and in another with Balarama thinking about the welfare of entire world.In some houses he is thinking with his wives about the marriage proposals to his sons and daughters and who will be the suitable consort for such and such etc just like a samsarin.He was thinking about the wealth and dowry to be sent with the newly wed daughters in some houses with the mother of that daughter.In one house he sending the daughter to her grooms house and in others welcoming the bride of his son.In one house he is doing yajna for deva.Elsewhere Krishna is thinking of doing dharma of making gardens,wells,lakes etc for irrigation .In one house he was on a horse from Sindhudesaa and proceeding for forest on a hunting


expedition.He saw him along with yadava doing hunting.In some places he saw Krishna in a different attire journeying to know the secrets of his country and any complaints among the people.Seeing this multiple functions being done at the same time Narada knew the Yogaprabhaava of yogeswra Krisna .He told Krishna :Even Aja and the Aditya do not know this type of yoga ,though they are able to control maaya.We are given a taste of it simply because of the blessing due to eternal service of your feet.Bless me so that I may be able to sing about these stories forever and purify the entire cosmos with your fame . Bhagavan said:-My son,Do not worry that I have taken grihasthasrama.I have done that for protection of the worlds and its dharma.I am the speaker as well as doer of dharma .And the house of grihasthasramins will be purified by doing swadharma in this way. Narada seeing pure grihasthasramadharma being done in 16008 houses at the same time simultaneously by the EKA ,knew the prabhaava of Vishnu by direct perception . Krishna is the cause of origin,sustenance and destruction of cosmos and one who knows and hears and tells the stories of dharma done by him in his avathar will be liberated from all sorrows by the compassionate lord himself. Day to day activities(dinacharya )of Bhagavan:When the cocks make their morning call,the wives of Krishna cursed them thinking of the separation from Krishna for the day.They didnt want to loose the embrace of Krishna even for a moment.When the birds start their music with the early morning breeze on branches of flowering trees,the vandi musicians too sing and awaken Mukunda .Rugmini ,was always dreading that moment when Krishna wakes up and leaves her from the middle of his embracing arms.Krishna wakes up in the Brahmamuhoortha,washes his body and teeth and with blissful chitha do dhyana of Athman which is beyond thamas.taht one which has no destruction,eka,selfrevealing ,and without a second ,which discards all bondage of avidya and capable of making,protecting and destroying cosmos,and with bliss or ananda as its bhava ,and which is known by the name of Brahman is meditated with sradha .After sandhya and daily routines he observing silence does Homa and do japa of Gayathri ,alone .Gives arghya to rising sun after that.After that do archana of deva,pithru,muni,and elderly Brahmins.Daily he gives away 13084 cows with good quality,with lot of milk and with calf ,horns and hoof plated with gold and silver ,decorated with golden garlands and white silk ,to bhoodeva wearing bark of trees .Worshipping cows,Brahmins,devatha,elderly,Guru and all bhootha he touches auspicious objects .After that decorates himself with new clothes and jewels ,garlands,flowers and fragrant things like chandan etc.To see auspicious things daily he see Aajya,cow,tree,mirror,devatha,and respected Barhmins daily according to the injunction of sasthra.Then he gives whatever the citizens and people in the antha:pura desire.Thus he gave all desires of his people and made them happy.First to Brahmins,then to friends,then to citizens and last to his own wives he gives whatever they desire like garlands,fragrance,thamboola etc and wealth.After making everyone pleased he takes his food.Then the charioteer brings the chariot with the four horses called Saibya,Valahaka,Sugreeva and Meghapushpa.Holding the hand of the charioteer with compassion,with Udhava and Sathyaki he enters the chariot as if the rising sun on the eastern mountain.Seeing all the women in his antha:pura watching him he smiles at them and then starts his journey.The chariot takes him to the sabha called Sudharma where all


the yadus assemble.That sabha is free from the six waves of sorrow,thirst,moha,old age or death and everyone is happy there.Krishna is like a full moon among the stars of yadavas in that sabha.The actors,musicians,dancers,and artistic people by their arts worship Krishna there.Veena,Mridanga,murajam,venu,samkha etc and the vocal music and sounds of dancing peoples ornaments always makes it auspicious and the manthra from Brahmins echo in it.The vaadins say the stories of ancient kings who were experts in dharma.Then the gateman came and told Krishna that someone who is not seen before in Dwaraka has come to see him.He came in and with folded hands told about the sorrows of the kings who have been bound by Jarasandha,king of Magadha.There are 20000 of them who are bound in the fort of Girivraja(mountain fort).All the other kings are afraid when he will bind them too.All of them are worshipping and praying to you only with dharma .Since youalone can protect dharma and destroy adharma,everyone is depending upon you to kill jarasandha and free the kings from him.Isa,This kingly pleasures is temporary and will end one day with the hands of enemy and is always aswathanthra .Knowing this very well we are doing the rajadharma with nishkaama ,so that protection of dharma be done .We do not desire samsara or power but someone should protect dharma and the people and their belongings .That is the only reason we are continuing as kings and none of us wants power of this sort.We too desire moksha only.We have no one except you to come to .Jarasandha has strength of 10000 elephants and with the pride of that strength he is doing adharma .Just like a lion puts female goats in his custody,he has bound all kings in his jail.Do protect us from the king of Magadha .Chakrapaani,18 times he ran from your chakra after loosing all his army.Then when you sent him every time alive and pretended that he has won in the 18th time ,he became too proud.He is thus making life difficult for us,the kings ,who are your citizens ,your praja(Praja means both child as well as citizen which is used in both meanings here). At that time Narada came to the sabha.The sabha with Krishna welcomed Narada who looked like the sun itself.krishna asked Narada:-Tell me ,Maharshi,is not all the worlds happy and well?You know everything that happen in all three worlds.tell me what is the venture of the Pandava kings at this time? Narada said:-I have perceived your yogamaaya strength.I know that you know what is being done by Pandava at this time.This body is always making trouble and drawing one away from the real goal the athman .For samsarins to give compassionate help and protection you have come on earth .Yet you behave as if you are an ordinary human being.Your cousin and your greatest bhaktha,the eldest of the Pandava prince is at present thinking of doing a rajasooya yagna.He wants to worship you with rajasooya.In that yagna all the kings and famous people will assemble to see you and worship you.Therefore come for that yaaga and bless it .If someone sings or tells your stories ,or meditates on you,even if he is chandaala becomes purified.Then what if you are directly perceived and touched by some one?Your fame purifies all worlds.In heaven and earth and paathaala ,water flowing from your your feet is known as Mandakini,Ganga and Bhogavathy respectively .That is the purifier of all worlds. All the yadavas in the sabha wanted Krishna to kill Jarasandha first.then Krishna smiling ,asked Udhava his chief friend and minister and servant .:Udhava,you are learned and advices us in all matters.Tell me .What should we do ?


Knowing everything,yet pretending that he does not know anything Krishna said tehse .And Udhava knowing his masters wish answered like this:-The king of Indraprastha is your cousin and wishes to do raajasooya and you have to be there.At the same time giving protection to the people who ask for it also is our dharma.Only a king who can do digvijaya can do Raajasoooya.Therefore if you go to Yudhishtira and help him in his raajassoya ,you can help him in winning over magadha and in this way both can be done simultaneously.By liberating the kings your fame and your protective powers will be appreciated by all kings .And in strength of 10000 elephants of Magadha king only Bheema is equal.To kill him in a duel with Bheema will be best at this time instead of waiting for his akshouhini army.There is a way for this.Jarasandha is a devotee of Brahmins.H egives whatever the Brahmins ask for.therefore let Bheema take the form of a Brahmin and request for a duel from him.In front of you,with your blessings let bheema kill jarasandha .Your leela of liberation of Seetha,of Pithru and of Gajendra is sang by us,by Gopikas and by sages forever.Like that it is sung by the wives of the bound kings in their homes every day .When children cry they sayDont cry ,my son,Madhavan will kill the cruel king and liberate your father.they put to sleep their children singing your glory only.Therefor e,it is our duty to kill jarasandha in this way and help yudhishtiras wish of doing Rajasooya. Hearing the words of Udhava ,the entire sabha,Narada and Krishna approved the logic and dharma of it and it was decided accordingly.Krishan sent news to his wives and children first so that they get ready for the journey and getting permission from Ugrasena and balarama went to Indraparstha with his chathuranga sena in his chariot drawn by Daaruka.The army and chariots and the vehicles of Krishna and his wives and children was followed by a big caraven itself.It had decorated dasis ,their dress , grass huts,and other things carried by buffaloes,oxen,ass,men and carts ,umbrellas,chamara,flags,and weapons of all kinds and crowns ,jewels etc .It looked like a wavy ocean in motion with high sounding winds.Narada went through sky by his yogasidhi.The messenger was happy to see and hear all these and went back to the kings who had sent him and told that Krishna will be instrumental in killing Jarasandha within a few days .Every one waited for the sight of Krishna and the moment when Jarasandha will be killed and the 20000 kings liberated from prison. Krishna passed through his country of Aanartah ,then Souveera and maru,and reached Kurukshethra .Passing mountainous tracts,rivers,cities and villages ,vraja,mines the army went forth.They crossed Drishadwathy and Saraswathy and crossed panchala and Matsya and reached Indraprastha.Hearing his arrival Yudhishtira came happily to receive him with his Guru and frinds and brothers.He came with geethaghosha and vedaghosha to receive Krishna .Like indriya welcoming praana the five brothers welcomed Krishna.they embraced him again and again.They forgot the world and tears of bliss flowed from their eyes seeing Krishna and embracing him.Hari also was happy and received their love with love and respected all elders and Brahmins .Kekaya,Srinjaya and Kuru elders welcomed Krishna .Gandharva,Maagadhi,Vandi musicians with instruments and vocal praised Krishna.They danced in glee .Thus Krishna entered Indraprastha with pandavas. Seeing Madhava with his wives entering Indraprastha,all people assembled on either side of streets and on the terraces of houses women of the country watched him pass with love


in their hearts ,smile in the lips and with sideglances which showed their devotion.They thought Krishna looks like a Full moon among stars with his innumerable beautiful and lucky wives. Kunthi seeing Krishna was extremely happy.She got up from her cot and with Panchali went to welcome Krishna.She embraced and kissed him with love.Krishna worshipped his fathers sister and other elders.Subhadra and Panchali welcomed Krishna with pleasure.Asked by Kunthi,Panchali worshipped the wives of Krishna like Rugmini,Bhama,Jambavathy,Shaibya,Sathya,mithravinda ,Kalindi ,Bhadra etc.Arjuna and Krishna did Khandavadahana and through the efficient workmanship of Maya ,the architect of the Asura,Yudhishtira got the sabha which was better than that of Indra .Krishna spent his days with Arjuna during this period . One day in the sabha of Yudhishtira ,the king told Krishna in front of the entire elders and ministers and people of the sabha.:-I would like to perform a Raajasooya.By worshipping your feet forever and doing your japa with devotion,one is liberated from all bad deeds.And all his desires are fulfilled.Let the people see this with their own eyes.Let all people of Kuru and Srinjaya understand this fact .For that bless me with fulfillment of this desire. Bhagavan said;-his yaaga is for the wefare of all including the rishi and the ancestors.You have won me over by your control of senses.And your brothers are all avathara of the protectors of world.You ,being my devotees will successfully complete Rajasooya. Thus blessed by Madhava ,the four brothers of Yudhishtira went for Digvijaya.Towards the South India came Sahadeva with all chieftains of Srinjaya .To the west went Nakula with chieftains of Matsya.With Kekaya chieftains went Arjuna to the North.And with Madrakas Bheema went to conquer the east.They brought wealth from all the four sides.Only Jarasandha had to be conquered. Then remembering words of Udhava ,Krishna,Arjuna and Bheema took the form of Brahmins and went to Girivraja ,capital of Maghadha.Seeing the three distinguished Brahmin guests ,jarasandha promised them whatever they desired.Jarasandha thought:-I have seen these three people before .And though wearing Brahmin signs they have features of kshathriya .Yet ,like mahabali ,who gave everything to Vishnu taking the form of Brahmana and achieved eternal punya ,I too will grant them what they want. Krishna asked for a duel .He disclosed their identity then.Hearing the name of Krishna,his arch enemy who had made his daughters widows ,Jrasandha was angry and laughing aloud and insulting Krishna he said:-Fool!Are you a kshathriya?You are a coward running away from battles and I have seen you do that before.i dont want to fight with a coward like you.Paaarthan looks not very strong physically and also is very young to me in age .Bheema though younger to me looks to have a good physique for a duel with me.I will fight with him. He gave a mace to Bheema and took one himself and came out of the palace to a plain ground where battles are done.the great battle that ensued for 27 days and nights.At dawn they start battle.At night they go back to the palace and talk as if they are great friends .After 27 days Bheema told Krishna:- I think this king has won mrityu.I may never be able to kill such a strong man. Krishna did not say anything.He just took a leaf from a nearby tree and torn it exactly into two halves.Bheema took the hint and tore jarasandha apart catching his thighs .Thus Jarasandha was killed and his two halves with exact symmetry were seen lying dead on


the battlefield Son of Jarasandha was Sahadeva.He was given the country and his abhisheka was done by Krishna ,Arjuna and Bheema according to tradition.All the kings bound by Jarasandha were liberated from prison.They wer 20800 in nmber .They were first fed well and then given good clothes to wear .They saw the Blue-hued Krishna as the saviour .All their sorrows and tiredness disappeared by his sight.They said:Avyaya,Devadevesa,Namaskaram.We prostrate and worship you.Protect us from the sorrows of the ocean of samsara.Madhusoodana,now all our anger and enmity to the king of maghada is quenched.Because only through his prison we had the luck of seeing you at such close quarters.Inkings who are proud of their power and lands sreyas does not last.They misunderstand that ending transient wealth as the sreyas that is eternal.It is like a child mistaking a mirage for water.Your maaya conquers those who have ego and pride in such temporary gains.We were taught this lesson by this experience.Because we were prisoners and lost all wealth we remembered you always and that opportunity was given to us by king of magadha.Give us your blessing so that we will never forget your feet. Krishna granted that boon to them.he asked the kings to go back to their respective kingdoms and protect people and land with dharma with constant remembrance of God.Krishna said:-Protect al with dharma.Have good sons and entrust the rule in them so that the dharma continues and then come to me.Fix Athman in me and attain me in the end. They were then given a royal bath and purification of body and then given dress and decorations proper for a king .Sahadeva,son of Jarasandha himself gave a good lunch to them after that .They looked like the grahas sparkling again after the rainy season in the sky.Thus the kings liberated became devotees of Krishna and friends of pandava and they lived obeying bhagavathadharma,and protected the land and people in name of God as the blessing of God and never did they became arrogant or proud or hurt the land or praja in any way.Krishna and Arjuna with Bheema returned after winning over the kingdom of Magadha to Indraprastha alias Khandavaprastha. After this when the auspicious time arrived Yudhishtira called Rithwiks who were vedagna for doing rajasooya yaaga.The Rithwiks who were called were,Gouthama,KrishnaDwaipayana,Bharadwaja,Veethihothra,Kasyapa,Chyavana,Kanw a,Vasishta,Asitha,Thritha,Madhuchandas,Pailan,Kavashan,Parasaran,Dhoumyan,Sumath y,Viswamithra,Aasuri,Jaimini,Veerasena,Krathu,Vamadeva,Vaisampayana,BhargavaRa ma,Sumanthu,Maithreya,Atharvan,Gargan and Akrithavranan. Drona with Aswathama,Kripa,Bheeshma were invited after that.Dritharashtra and his sons were invited next.Vidura and friends were invited.Brahmana,Kshathriya ,Vaisya and soodra were all invited .TheBrahmins first ploughed th eKsethra for the yajna with a golden plough and in that Dharmaputhra sat with deeksha .Like the yajna of Varuna all utensils were of gold.The Indra and other protectors o fdirections,Shiva with sons and gana,sidha,gandharva,uragasangha,vidyadhara,yaksha,rakshas,kinnara,charana,muni,Kha ga(birds),kings with wives ,saamantha,from all directions came to see the yajna of yudhishtira.Yudhishtira seemed like varuna ,Lord of oceans himself doing the yajana.On the days when soma is given ,king respectfully worshipped all Brahmins,elders and people assembled .He asked as tradition,who should be given the status of Agryapooja.The assembly was in thought .Then Sahadeva said:-The Lord of Sathwatha,Bhagavan Sree Hari is here.Wealth,time and space and everything is in him only.He is the form of yajna itself.Manthra,Ahuthy,agni,gnana,all depend on him


only.That Eka,Adwaya ,Bhagavan Vaasudeva alone is worthy of being considered for Agryapooja in this yajna.He is Lokaswroopa and Athmasraya and creates,protects and destroys all loka.Just by his supervision every karma is done by prakrithy.When we give Agryaasana to Krishna it is equivalent of worshipping all .He is shantha,sarvantharyamin and poorna. All the sabha praised these wise words of sahadeva.They accepted Krishna and worshipped him giving Agryaasana.Dharmaputhra washed feet of hari and wore it on his own head and on heads of his brothers,wife and ministers.He decorated krishnas body with new yellow silk and new jewels and garlands and with tears of joy in his eyes praised him with sthothra . Seeing all this the king of chedi ,Sisupala became angry and envious.He got up from his seat and raising his hands started to utter insulting words against Krishna.he said:-I have heard that there is a time for everything.It is true.otherwise ,such a sabha with so many elders would never have agreed to the words of a mere child like Sahadeva.How did you,elders ,agree to sahadeva and give Krishna this agryasana?There are several great sages in this sabha who have purified themselves with Athmabodha and sidhi of Brahman,and devoid of any impurities and worshipped by even the protectors of the 8 sides.How could you ignore them and give this great place to a mere cowherd?It looks like a crow taking away the purodasa meant for deva.Krishna has no varnasramadharma,and heis not aristocratic and he is living as he pleases ,without any dharma and without any guna either.The yadava race to which Krishna belongs had been cursed by the ancestor King Yayathi to sacrifice kingship.And moreover,now the yadavas have become drunkards can one who took birth in that detestable race become worshippable?He has discarded all the places which are for time immemorial occupied by Brahmarshins and went to a island in the middle of ocean without any Brahmavarchas .these people are only thiefs.they are robbing people of their rights. Hearing all these insulting remarks Krishna remained silent as if a lion hearing the cry of a jackal.The sajjana among the sabha closed their ears and saying that to hear such insulting words about God is inauspicious and they left the sabha immeadiately cursing Sisupala for uttering such words of disgrace.Pandava,Matsya,Kekaya,Srinjaya races became angry and wanted to kill king of chedi immeadiately and rose with their weapons.But Sisupaala went on uttering similar words without fear and without concern about the feelings of the others in the sabha.Then Krishna asked the others to be patient and stood up in anger and the wheel Sudarsana appeared in his hands .It took away the life of Sisupaala in a second.The army and relatives of him ran away in fear.Everyonesaw a light arising out of the king of Chedi and merging with Krishna .It looked like a comet falling onto earth .Sisupala was the third janma of one of the Vishnuparshada ,Jaya and vijaya.The dhyana of virodha gave him sarupya with Bhagavan .After the yajna Dharmaputhra gave dakshina to all .Krishna stayed back in Indraprastha for a few more months enjoying the company of Pandavas.Then somehow making Yudhishtira agree to his departure ,Krishna went back home with wives and ministers.All were happy except Duryodhana in the rajasooya of yudhishtira. In Rajasooyayajna each of the princes and relatives were given a special duty to perform.Son of Vayu ,Bheema was in charge of food and kitchen.Treasury was under


Duryodhana.Sahadeva for welcoming guests.Nakula for collecting materials needed.For doing service to sajjana Arjuna and for washing feet of guests Krishna.Karna for giving alms,Krishna daughter of Drupada ,for feeding the guests.Uthama,Yuyudhana,Vikarna,Hardhikya,Vidura,the sons of balheeka like Santhardhana,were all given a duty according to their taste and preference.All of them did their duty efficiently .After Avabrithasnana of Dharmaputhra the kings of Kuru,Kekaya ,Srinjaya,Kamboja,Kosala ,Yadu etc went back with their relatives and army .The wives of Pandava,Krishna and other kings with their husbands did celebrate a holy and made each other drench in water smeared with curd,oil,chandan,kumkm and manjal .Dance and music and instruments echoed everywhere .Allfriends were given dress,crown,kundala,garlands and decorations etc .People were praising the king and his wealth as well as his dharma and efficiency .Seeing and hearing all this and noting the wealth in the treasury of dharmaputhra Duryodhana could not control his envy.Seeing the beautiful wives of Krishna and the wife of Pandava enjoying all the wealth that is available in all the worlds Duryodhana became thoughtful.One day when Yudhishtira was sitting on his golden throne with his retinue,Duryodhana wearing allhis golden ornaments ,and proud of his wealth came there with his brothers scolding the servants of pandava for every other silly reason.He was supervisingthe sabha made by Maya because he had never seen such a wonderful sabha.But unfortunately for him,thinking that a crystal floor is water he caught his dress high up to walk through it and seeing that he was mistaken he walked on and found a place with water.And remembering what had happened earlier he walked through it holding his head high and fell into water and drenched all his clothes and body .The Kings in the sabha,and Droupathy with Bheema laughed aloud even if Dharmaputhra asked them not to do so.He was shy and angry and felt insulted and went back to Hasthinapura in envy and enmity thinking of methods to get all that belongs to Pandavas.The reason for unhappiness of Duryodhana was the dosha of his mind alone and nothing else.

Salwa and the battle journey of Pradyumna:Salwa was friend of Sisupala ,king of Chedi and had come for the wedding of Rugmini.And yadavas defeated Salwa in the war at Vidarbha.Salwa took an oathI will make this earthdevoid of yaadavas.He did penance ,eating a handful of sand everyday ,withoutany other food ,and meditated on Shiva.At the ned of the rainy season,Shiva being easilypleased (Kshipraprasadi)gave him that boon.Salwa asked for a vehicle that will not be broken by deva,asura,men,serpents,gandharva,rakshasa etc and which is fearful to the Vrishni race,and desirable and which can win over the cities of enemies.Thus he was given a city called Soubha which can move in earth,ocean and sky and made of metal and which gives all desires and made of Thamas.Immeadiately Salwa went to Dwaraka and surrounded Krishnas port city with his army.At that time ,Krishna was in Indraprastha. Salwa destroyed the gardens,cities,villages,forts ,walls ,houses ,towers etc of Dwaraka from that vimaana which was invincible.Everywhere dust and whirlwinds were seen and stones,trees ,fire,serpents etc rained from that vimaana .Thus the House of Krishna was attacked by Salwa and seeing this Pradyumna with Sathyaki and other warriors did a


strong defence against Salwa.Salwa was a magician and all his magics were defeated by son of Rugmini.It was like sun destroying darkness.With 25 arrows having golden handle and iron tips ,pradyumna killed the commander of Salwas army,with 100 arrrows injured Salwa,with 10 each the charioteers,and with three each the vehicles and one each the warriors.Both warriors of Yadava and Salwa side praised Pradyumna for his valourous performance. The vehicle of Salwa called Soubha is sometimes seen on earth,sometimes in ocean,and sometimes in sky and sometimes disappears from sight and such magical feats were performed by Salwa.It revolved like a wheel of fire everywhere.There was no fixed position anywhere.It was seen wherever the yadavas looked.Yadavas sent arrows in all directions seeing Salwa and his vehicle and army everywhere.For one second by the arrows of yadavas the king of Soubha became comatose .Then his commander and minister Dyumaan came towards pradyumna and with an iron mace struck him and made a great cry of war.By that unexpected strike the chest of Pradyumna was injured and he went into a swoon.The charioteer took the vehicle to a distant place and saved his life.After a moment when Pradyumna got back consciousness he was very sad to see this.He said:-By doing this you have made me an insult to my race.No one evr in our race have fled from a battleground and how can I face my elders now ?And what will the wives of my brothers say when they see me after this ?They will laugh at me saying that I had been a coward ,running away like this leaving my brothers in the battlefront.They will ask me where did your courage go? The charioteer said :-It is the duty of the charioteer to keep alive the swamin when he is in a swoon.I have just done that.You have not run away from war.You were brought here for a temporary period till your swoon is gone so that you can resume battle. Thus wearing a new armour and more energetic Pradyumna returned to the battlefront and to Dyumaan.With 8 arrows He attacked yuman.Four of them killed the four horses of Salwas minister.One killed is charioteer.One broke his bow,another his flag and yet another his head.Sathyaki,Samba ,Gada were vigourously attacking and destroying army of Salwa.The heads of his army fell into the sea all around Dwaraka.This war lasted for 27 days. When Krishna ,dwelling in Indraprastha ,after Sisupaalavadha, saw some bad omens he returned to his port city in haste.He knew that when he and Balarama were away,enemies who are angry hearing the death of Sisupala have destroyed his city.Krishna asked Daruka to take the chariot straight to Salwa and his army.The chariot with mudra of Garuda turned to Salwa.Seeing that Salwa sent a powerful Sakthy .That did not touch Krishnas charioteer.The vimana of Salwa which was revolving as a comet quickly around the earth and lighting up the directions with its brightness was cut into 100 pieces by the arrows of Krishna.With 16 arrows he controlled Salwa and covered his vehicle with arrows,like the sky is covered by rays of sun.Salwa injured the left hand of Krishna holding theSarngha bow and everyone seeing this was afraid .Salwa roared in selfpraise:Mooda,I have seen you taking away the wife of Sisupaala who is your brother in front of us ,his friends.And now you have killed that friend of mine.You think that you are invincible.Now see what had happened .I have injured you.If you remain in front of me a little longer you will go to that place where you will never return back.


Hearing this Krishna said:-Ignorant fool,Arent you seeing the death which is nearing you?Why do you praise yourself?Brave people never do that.They dont talk empty words but act. Saying this ,with Koumodaki mace Krishna struck him on his neck and he fell down vomiting blood and entire body trembling .But when the mace returned to Krishna,the body of salwa was not seen .One man came to Krishna in tears and gave him a message:Krishna,Krishna,One who loves father,Listen.The king of Soubha has bound your father and took him prisoner to be killed.Just like a goat is taken by a butcher he took Vasudeva. Krishna for a moment became compassionate and sad and thought:-How can Salwa take my father prisoner when Balarama ,my brother is with him? How can a silly Salwa defeat my brother who is always alert and never worried and too strong. When Krishna said this ,every one saw Salwa coming with Vasudeva as prisoner .He said:-Krishna,For whom do you live now?Your praana is your father.I am killing him in front of your very eyes. He took a sword and killed Vasudeva and entered his magic vehicle Though Bodhaswaroopa himself,Krishna for a second lost consciousness seeing his father thus murdered in cold blood.Then he knew that it is the thaamasi maay aof Salwa and awakening from the dream ,he tried to localize Salwa ,and his vehicle and the body of his father.He destroyed the armour,bow,weapons crown of Salwa with arrows and Soubha with his mace.When soubha fell down from sky as dust ,into the ocean ,Salwa took his mace and ran towards Krishna in anger.His hand with mace was cut by Krishnas arrows.Then he took Sudarsana wheel with the light of fire of Kalapanthapralaya .Krishna stood there with the wheel like a mountain with rising sun.The head of Salwa with kundala and crown fell by the wheel. There was another person coming towards Krishna for war.He was friend of Sisupala,Poundraka and Salwa .His name was Dandaavakthra.Krishna seeing him coming jumped down from chariot with his mace and obstructed him as a ocean is obstructed by the land.Dandavakthra said:-I have seen you today,It is your misfortune .You are our uncles son.But you have alwys been a enemy to us.You desire to get my wealth .So I will destroy you with my mace which is equal to Vajra.By this I will repaymy debt to my relatives killed by you.You are my relative but enemy in disguise .Like a disease withn the body has to be removed ,you though relative being enemy has to be destroyed. Inthis manner Dandavakra tried to control Krishna with words as if a mahout tries to control an elephant with his instruments.He struck Krishna on his head with mace.Krishna struck back with Koumodaki mace and he was killed in an instant.A subtle light entering from his body into body of Krishna was seen by onlookers.His brother Vidooratha came towards Krishna with sword but sudarsana killed him too. When the news that Pandava and Kourava are about to fight each other reached Dwaraka ,Balarama who did not want to participate in the war said that I am going for a sacred pilgrimage and left .He took bath in Prabhasatheertha,and went towards river araswathy.Saw Sudarsanatheertha,Prithoodaka,Bindusaras,Vishaala,Thrithakoopa,Brahmatheertha,Chakr


atheertha,Saraswathythat flows to the east ,Ganga,and Yamuna etc in order.He reached naimisharanya where great sages do the yaaga .The sages about to start a long Yajna welcomed Rama,and Rama thus respected looked at the disciple of Romaharshana who was in that sabha of scholars.He was not respecting Balarama and was sitting among the sages though he is a sootha (charioteer).He was the disciple of Vyasa .Balarama thought that he though disciple of Vyasa and knower of veda,purana,ithihasa,dharmasastra and a scholar has not learned maryada and is egocentric and therefore is only an imposter who pretends he knows dharma.Rama thought,I being born for protection of dharma should kill this adharmin .And with a blade of kusa grass Samkarshana killed that scholarly disciple of Vyasa ,though he was on a sacred pilgrimage .Seeing this all sages were sad and said that it was adharma .They said:-Yadunanadana,We had given him a great position ,life,Athmabala,the greatest Brahmaasana to fulfill this great yajna and you without thinking had killed him in a moments emotion.We know that you being a yogeswara yourself the injunctions of veda does not touch you and you are beyond them.But yet ,since you have done a Brahmahatya here you have to observe penance for it too.Do it without any bodys influence .Because a penance done by ones own conscience is the best and it is for service of entire humanity. Balarama agreed and asked them which is the best method of penance for his karma.He said I will give life,a prolonged lifespan,sathwaguna,efficiency in all functions and whatever you desire to him again with my yogasakthy. Sages said:-Do whatever you think is best so that the yajna,our words,your powers,as well as Mrityu is not made untrue. Balarama said:-Sruthivaakya is that I am born as the son.So ,he will become the sakthi,life,efficiency and the one who is the vakthaa(speaker)or orator as your son .Tell me what else I should do as a penance . Sages said:-There is a person called Ballwala ,who is son of Illwala ,and that asura comes in every newmoon and fullmoon day and rains meat,flesh,blood and urine in our yajnasaala and makes it polluted.Kill him and protect our yajna and then complete your journey all over Bhaaratha in 12 months and be purified of your sin. Balarama waited for the said day.The day of the moon came and he found a foulsmelling stormy wind approaching .Inside the sacrificial hall it rained dirt and dust and urine,blood and flesh polluting it.Then the doer of this havoc,Balluala came in front of everyone wearing a trident.He had a huge black body,and brassy hair and beard ,sharp teeth and thick fearful brows and cruel face.Balarama remembered his mace and his iron musala and they came to him immeadiately .Balarama attracted Ballwala who wasremaining in sky by the end of his plough,and struck him on head with musala and killed him .The rishi assembled praised and worshipped Rama and did abhisheka on him and gave vaijayanthi garland which will never fade and divine decorations,and two garments and blessed him. Balarama continued his journey with Brahmins .He bathed in theriver Kousiki and reached the origin of Sarayu river.From there along the river bank he traveled to Prayaga and took a bath there.Then he visited Pulahas ashram .He took bath in Gomathy,Gandhaki,Vipasa,and Sona rivers and then did Pithruyajna in Gaya and reached where Ganga meets the ocean.From there he went to Mahendra mountains and


worshipped BrighuRama .Then he took bath in the sapthaGodavari,Bheemarathi,Vena and River Pampa.Then he reached Thiruchenthur and worshipped Skanda .He went to Sreesailam where Shiva dwells and from there he saw the most sacred Venkata mountain of Dravidadesa.He saw Kancheepura ,which gives all desires,and the Kaveri which is most important among rivers,and Sreeranga with presence of Vishnu.Then he visited Vishnukshethra at Rishaba mountains and Southern Mathura .He went to the Sethu at the southern ocean which destroys all sins .There he gave 10000 cows to Brahmins .Then he went to Krithamala river and thamravarni and Malayaparvatha.He worshipped Agastya who dwells there.With his permission he proceeded to southern ocean to worship Durga as Kanyaka.Then he went to the famous Ananthapura and there he dipped in the panchapsarasa (five theertha of the 5 apsara)and gave 1000000 cows to Brahmins. From Ananthapura he went to the famous Keraladesa which is known as the thrigartha (The three great areas which are below sea level.).From there he went to Gokarna where Shivas presence is felt.He saw the Durga in the island ,and reached the Soorparakaksethra(The sopara ).Tapathi,Payoshni,Nirvindhya were seen and in all these he took sacred baths.Then he reached Dandakaaranya and Mahishmathy.He took bath in Reva which flows through Mahishmathy and then in Manutheertha .And reached back inPrabhasatheerth afrom where he had begun his sacred pilgrimage. Then he heard of the outcome of the kurukshethra war .He heard that Bheema and Duryodhana are to begin their duel and thought I should some how prevent it.Thus he proceeded from Prabhasa to Kurukshethra.Dharmaputhra,Krishna ,Arjuna came and welcomed him .They were afraid of him and did not know what he was about to say.Rama saw Bheema and Duryodhana in action and the duel had already started.Balarama said:-Both of you are of equal strength.Therefore there is no use in continuing this battle.No one will win and no onewill fail too.One has more of body strength and the other have more of practice.Stop this battle. Both of them neglected his words .Therefore Balarama thought that it is the dosha of their Kaala and I cannot help them.And he returned to Dwaraka and met Ugrasena and stayed there happily.The sages did worship of him for he had become Yajnamga with his sacred pilgrimage and looked pure as sun.He gave them power to see him in the universe and the universe in him so that they got Brahmagnana from him Doing Avabrithasnana with his wife Revathy,and with his relatives and friends around he looked like moon in the midst of the stars.The person who remembers the Adisesha as Balarama and his great deeds during sandhya will become dear to Mahavishnu. Kuchelavritham:Heart of devotee is ever thirsty to hear the stories of bhagavan.Even a person who is interested in vishayabhoga and is subject to arrows of Manmatha,will get out of that bondage by constantly hearing stories of Bhagvan. That word is word which praise Krishna. Those hands are hands which do service to Krishna. That heart alone is heart which remembers Bhagavan who fills entire cosmos. That ear alone is ear which hear the pure stories and songs of Krishna. No head is head if it does not bow at the two feet of Vishnu as the Vishnulingadwaya. That eye is not eye which does not see his signs and form.


No organ is organ that does not reach to touch the sacred waters of feet of Hari and Haribhaktha. There was a friend of Krishna who was shantha ,and Brahmagna and who had controlled all Indriya.He was Kuchela.He spent days with what is obtained by daily bhiksa.But he was agrihastha.His wife was very thin because of constant hunger.She too was a good soul like her husband.Once due to the hunger ,and trembling of entire body by cold,that lady came to her husband and told him:-Brahman,Bhagavan,I know your friend is the husband of Lakshmi herself.And is a brahmanabhaktha too.He protects devotees and dharma.He is Bhagavan eternal .Go and meet him once.He will give you enough wealth for continuing the samsara life of a grihastha.He is adored by Vrishni,Bhoja and Andhaka races and lives now in Dwaraka.For devotees who live with memory of the paadapadma of bhagvan he gives Athman itself.Therefore that Guru can give you artha(wealth)which is not that important too. When she said this again and again ,the Brahmin thought I will go and meet my old friend .Not because he wanted wealth but because the prospect of seeing that old childhood friend filled him with bliss.He asked him to give something so that he can give a gift to his old friend. She took four handful of crushed dry paddy(which is called Aval)which was the only food that remained in the house and covered it within a torn cloth and gave it to her husband.Both the torn cloth and the aval were the only wealth in that home which shows the state of the family. Kuchela thought:-How can I get Krishnas darsana?Will he remember me after so many years? And he reached Krishnas house inDwaraka.Krishna saw him from a distance from his terrace and went down to receive him.He washed the poor Brahmins feet and wore that water on his head.Heapplied chandan,kumkum and gorochan on his thin body with swollen veins.Worshipped with lamp,fragrant dhoopa and flowers and gave thamboola.Lakshmidevi herself fanned that Brahmin wearing torn dirty cloths.Seeing Krishna and Rugmini worshipping this poor Brahmin all were astonished and some wondered who this avadhootha might be.Krishna is making him sit on his own throne and Rugmini fans him with golden handled chamara.What good deed he might have done in his past janma to get this punya.Krishna embraces him and talks with him so friendly and naturally as if he had known him all his life.They were reminiscing their childhood stories and memories. Bhagavan said:After leaving school did you marry a good wife?I know even if you are a grihastha you are not attached to kaama or wealth.Just like me you too are doing the duty without attached to my Maaya.Do you remember the days we sprnt at our Gurus house?First Guru is the father who made us possible to be born to this world.Second Guru is the one who teach us the sathwik Brahmana dharma.The Guru who gives Gnana is ,like me,sakshath Guru itself.People who knowing my advice of dharma,and cross samsara are knowers of artha or wealth who has all luxuries too.I being the internal Athman is not satisfied with Gurupooja,thapas,birth in a good family or ace or with yaga. Friend,while we were in Gurukula,Gurupathni once sent us to forest to collect fuel.At dawn a wind and rain came and we could not find our way out of the forest.Moreover all


ditches and canals and ways were fll of water and could not be recognized.In the morning Guru Sandeepani came in search of us .Seeing us thus he said by suffering such trouble for me you have given me the best dakshina and I bless you that you will never forget the chandas,and both in this and the other worlds all your desires will be fulfilled. Kuchela said:-You are the Guru of the world.You are satyasamkalpa and gets everything just by your will.For you what is to be gained by Gurukula training? Your body is the form of veda.It is the origin of auspiciousness.You lived there just for making the world aware that it is the dharma of all who takes birth on earth. Krishna asked with a smile :-That is right.What have you brought for me as a gift ? Whatever you give from your home ,whether it is a fruit,a flower or even a drop of water given with love makes me pleased . Kuchela was shy and he lowered his face and kept silent.He could not take that small torn dirty package of aval in front of all those people and in that luxurious palace. Krishna knowing the thoughts of all ,thought:-This friend of mine did not love for wealth.He has come here not for wealth but just to see me.He came respecting his wifes words and I will give himeverything even without asking for anything. Then he caught hold of the small cloth from Kuchela saying What is this?Is this for me?And opened it.And saw what is inside.Then he said :Youknow what I like best.I love aval. He ate a handful of it.When he started to eat a second handful Rugmini caught his hand and prevented him from doing so.She said:-Lord,For this greatest Bhaktha to get all his desires in this and the next loka this is enough. That night Kuchela stayed with Krishna.He thought he was in heaven.Next day when he took leave Krishna came to the gate and embraced him and gave him leave. On his way Kuchela thought:-Krishna did not give and I did not ask either.I am in an ecstacy after seeing Krishna and with his embrace.What else doI need?The Bhagavan on whose chest the Goddess of Lakshmy is dwelling embraced this idol of poverty.He didnt give me wealh because wealth makes men forget God .Thus thinking he reached his home.He could not recognize the place.It had changed to a palace with gardens and swimming pools and with decorated servants and he felt uneasy thinking that I have lost my way in daydreams. But then he saw his wife with jewels and silk coming to welcome with servants and with musicians playing instruments to welcome him.He thought I am dreaming.She came and embraced him like a Lakshmi.He saw his home luxurious like Dwaraka and wondered how this happened.It must be the compassionate Krishnas doing .What else can do this ?I needed his love ,friendship devotion only and he has given me these also.Thus fixed in Hari ,he attained vairagya in all the luxuries and remained ever devoted to Krishna and achieved liberation in this very life. Krishna meets his friends and NandaGopa in Kurukshethra:While Krishna and Rama were happily living in Dwaraka a complete eclipse of the sun happened.It looked like the arrival of a deluge as in the end of a kalpa .When this eclipse was predicted early,all people migrated from lowlying areas to the Kshethra called Syamanthapanchaka.This was the place where after killing Kshathriyas for 21 times and


destroying the whole race ,Parasurama bathed and got rid of his sins.Even if Krishna and Rama has no association tokarma,being Isa itself,they too went there like all human beings of that time.They too did yajna for removal of sins there to show a karmic model to humanity.People from all places of Bharathavarsha had assembled there .Akroora,Aahuka,Vasudeva and other yadava chiefs were there.Pradymna,Samba and Gada with all their brothers and cousins had come .There were only a few people in Dwaraka .Anirudha for protection of Dwaraka with suka and Saarana,and Charuchandra remained there and Krithavarma was there as their commander in chief.All the others came to Kurukshethra.All yadava with wives,with their entire army reached there for removal of sins for the predicted eclipse.They bathed ,took upavaasa,gave food to Brahmins and prayed for devotion forever in Krishna,and rested under trees .They saw all their friends there.Here Vyasa mentions the friends and relatives of Vrishnis. Matsya ,Useenara,Kekaya,Kamboja,Kosala,Kerala,Aanartha,Srinjaya,Madra,Vidarbha,Kunthi kingdoms and their kings and subjects were friends and relatives of Vrishnis.The friends of Gokula ,the Gopika and Nanda had come and Rama and Krishna saw them all.They could not speak a word by that reunion and its bliss and looked at each other with tears of joy and embraced and kissed each other .Elders were worshipped and youngsters were given blessings.Kunthi seeing all her relatives in yadava race and Krishna was very happy too.She told Vasudeva:-Arya,I am the unluckiest of the lot amongst us.You have never thought of me even in my worst days though I am your sister.But when divine grace is against me,how can anyone remember me ?Every one forgets the one who is not having grace of God. Vasudeva said:-We are only toys in the hands of God .Do not blame us.We were afraid of Kamsa and were in his jail and suffering so longso that we could not remember any other thing.Only now we have reached a safe place and a safe life with grace of God.You at least did not suffer the killings of your children by any one. Bheeshma,Drona,Dritharashtra ,Gandhari ,her sons,Droupathi and Pandavas ,vidura,Kunthibhoja who is king of Kasi ,kripacharya,King of Kekaya Damaghosha ,kings of srinjaya,The king of Mithila the handsome Bheeshmaka,Yudhamanyu,Sudharmav,king of Madra,King of balheeka with his son,and all the kings of Bharatha were assembled there .Every one had opportunity to see and talk to Krishna and all of them wondered at the beauty,knowledge and attractive behaviour of him towards all alike .The kings praised vrishnis for having the great luck of having Krishna among them as protector.They said:-You are lucky.You can see him every day .And he is the one who is unseen even by yogins.His fame is in the veda.The water which wash his feet makes all worlds purified.His words purify the sasthraa and veda.This earth gives us all our needs by the touch of his feet only.To have the luck of living with him,seeing him,touching him,talking with him,and traveling with him ,eating and sleeping with him ,and association with him and protection from him always !!You are lucky since Srihari lives in your home always. Vasudeva embraced Nanda and they remembered all the difficult times theyhad passed through for protecting this precious son of theirs from Kamsa and his cruelty.Seeing Nanda,Rama and Krishna could not speak a word due to overflowing love towards


him.Yesodha and Nanda took them on their lap and washed them in their tears and embraced and kissed them as if they were still small children.Rohini and Devaki embraced Yesodha and talked with her with respect and love.They said:-How can we forget your friendship and love?We will not accept even heaven if it is offered in exchange for your love and friendship.My children who has never seen their father and mother grew up only with your love and compassion.By protecting them as your two eyes they became so valiant and bold and beautiful and compassionate and lovable . The Gopikas seeing Krishna after several years embraced him with their eyes and attained his bhaava in a second.When they were in Haribhaava they were embraced by Hari ,in ekantha,and smiling at them said sweet words of love. He said:-My friends!We were involved in protection of our people and in battles and duties of various types and could not come and see you for a long time.Do you still remember us,your childhood friends?Do you think that we are thankless people and enjoyed all your love there and forgotyou when we are here.Iswara has given us union and Iswara himself separates us from each other.Paraanuraaga in me for all living things gives them amritha.By luck ,you have such a deep love for me and so we are in union.This prapancha made of panchabhootha and all in it have in and out ,beginning and end and middle in me alone.Jeeva is the enjoyer and is in all panchabhootha.I am poorna and is in everything and know that there is nothing but me . Thus he gave Adhyathmavidya to Gopikajana and they permanently merged in him ,by removing the coverings of the Athman forever.That lotus feet which is dhyanagamya and meditated upon by yogheeswara and which help to cross samsara ocean enlightening their minds all the time,that was not difficult for them. While Krishna was talking with Pandavas,Krishnaa(Droupathy)was talkig with wives of Krishna.She asked:Rugmini,Bhama,Kalindi,Kousalya,Lakshmana,Mithravinda,Jambavathy,Rohini,Bhadra, and all wives of Hari ,I want to hear the story of how Hari married you from yourself. Rugmini said:-My brother and kings who are his friends decided to give me to Sisupaala and he like a Lion taking away his share from the jackals took me away .I pray that in all my janma I should be able to serve his feet. (The Vivaha with Rugmini is by force abducting a girl from relatives and hence called Rakshasavivaha.) Sathyabhama said:-My father thought Krishna had killed his brother.And to remove that rumour he searched for Syamanthaka and from Jambavan he got it and gave it back to my father.Thus my father gave me in marriage to Krishna.(This is called Prajapatya). Jambavathy said:-My father could not at first identify him as Srirama and fought in vain for a few days.Then he understood the truth and gave me to him along with the jewel and from that day I am his daasi.(This too is Prajapathya). Kaalindi said:-I had been doing thapas to get him as my husband.The all knowing Lord knew it.One day he came with his friend Arjuna and through mediation of Arjuna we united .(That is gandharva). Mithravinda said:-Krishna in my swayamvara came and conquered kings and my brothers and took me as his wife.(This is cousin marriage which was done in a rakshasa style.Being a cousin marriage it is natural love for the girl too.)


Sathyavathy said:-My father decided that my marriage should be after testing the strength of the bridegroom.He thus had 7 ox in our palace specially kept for the purpose.No one can ever win them over .They were so strong.But kesava came and as if a child playing with toys he won over all and won me as well .Thus with Veeryasulka ,he made me his wife and servant out of love for me .(It was a swayamvara for Krishna .He himself had gone to King of Kosala asking for Kousalya and won over the ox just for making her his wife). Bhadra said:-Krishna is my uncles son and I loved him from childhood being my bridegroom.Therefore my father gave me to him .(Cousin marriage) Lakshmana said:-Narada used to tell the stories of Krishna .Hearing them I was in love with him.I meditated o him forever and became fixed in him.My father Brihatsena decided to give me to him and for that he made a plan.No one other than Krishna should be able to win .Friend ,In your marriage your father did a Matsyayanthra so that only Arjuna should marry you.My father had made such a one .Its refletion can be seen in water.Looking at the reflection,one has to send arrow and cut the fish in the revolving matsyayanthra.Hearing this all kings and princes came .They all failed in the test.Karna,Bheema,Duryodhana,King of Magadha,Ambashta ,Chedi were all there for the test.Arjuna saw the reflection and sent arrow and it touched the fish but did not fell it.Thus Krishna came last and in childs play fell the fish .When sun was in the muhoortha called Abhijith he did this great feat.I was taken to him wearing two new cloths to cover my body and with garlands and music everywhere and I was shy.I looked at him with a side glance and a smile on my lips and my anklets making slight music walked to him slowly .I had a golden garland in hand and with a loving devoted heart I put it on his handsome neck.Then Mridanga,pataha,samkha ,bheri etc and vocal music and dance followed .The music was emotional and breaking the heart with love.When I married him thus,Droupathi,those greedy and desirous men who failed in the test came to fight with him.Hari kept me in his chariot with four horses and was ready with his sarngam bow to fight with them.That golden chariot was moved by Daruka ,and Hari took me like a lion from the onlooking jackals.Winning over the kings that followed we reached Dwarka by evening.My father gave wealth ,crowns,ornaments and cloths etc to all relatives on the occasion.Elephants,horses,chariots and deorated dasis were sent to Dwaraka as kanyasulka.Also several weapons were given toKrishna by my father.We ,eight of them,doing thapas every day and discarding all attachment to samsara thus ,became his eternal dasi and kaantha forever . The other Mahishijana said:-In Digvijaya ,Narakaasura made us prisoners in his city.We worshipped Hari for our liberation.He who knows everything ,and he who has no kaama or desire in anything came simply out of compassion for us,and killing Naraka took us as his wives and dasi.We desire just to wear the dust of his feet on our heads and worship him for ever in all janma .We do not desire empires,power,place of Indra in heaven ,the place of Virat or Parameshty or even Vishnuloka.Werespectfully wish to have the dust of his feet ,which is worn by the Gopaala,the grass of vrindavan,the Gopikas,the women of Pulindadesa etc .It is easy to get it if one gets his compassion through devotion and love . The conversation between Droupathy and wives of Krishna was listened to by Kunthi,Gandhari,Madhavi ,the Gopikas and wives of all the kings.All of them with love in Krishna shed tears of bliss hearing the stories of their love.


The men were also having their private conversations.Rama and Krishna and the yadava chiefs and Pandavas were conversing cheerfully.The sages came to visit Krishna and Rama.They were Vyasa,Brihaspathy,Narada,Gouthama,Kousika,Kasyapa,Angiras,Athri,Devala,Yajnavalk ya,Pulastya,Brighu,Vamadeva,Sathananda,Ekatha,Son of Mrikandu,ParasuRama and his disciples,Bharadwaja,Sanaka and his brothers,Vasishta,Dyutha,Chyavana,Thritha ,Agastya and Galava. Krishna welcoming and worshipping them said;- our life has become purified by seeing the Yogeendras like you.No one withot thapas and purity can get your sight,and communication with you and we have got the luck of worshipping you too.The sand on which your feet is washed is the purest sacred theertha .By sajjanasevana we are purified.By the advice and blessing of a sajjana all sorrows are removed within a moment.This material body with thridosha of Vaatha ,pitha and sleshma is misunderstood as Athman by the ignorant and they are attached to it and to its pleasures of wife,son and wealth etc.They think that it is their own (swantham).To loose the feeling of difference in sand,stone,idol,living and nonliving things and in everything,to see God in everything is a difficult process and with darsana of yogins like you even that is possible. The sages stood silent seeing the Iswara speaking the words of a human being ,to bound them in Maaya.They knew that it is for Lokaraksha and dharmaraksha.Krishna is secretly doing his dharma and pretending that he is an ordinary human being so that the dharma that he does and spreads will be done by others.They praised him with several veda words and said:-We know that though you are so close to them and so near them your relatives,the yadus and these kings do not know you as you are! That is the bondage of Maya is blocking their view and they see you as one among them only ,as a dear relative only. When the Rishis were about to depart Vasudeva approached them and asked a way for destruction of all karma and acquisition of gnana. Narada said:- Sages,do not wonder why Vasudeva is asking us when he has Krishna as his own son nearby.This is natural .Human beings have contempt or disrespect in the nearest object due to familiarity.(This is the saying familiaritybreeds contempt).Why should one living close to the Ganga wander here and there for purification rites?Yet this happens The rishis advised Vasudeva to worship Rishikesa without desire in the fruits of action with yajna so that all karma are destroyed.The grihastha has to earn wealth only by fair means and a part of it should be given for worship of Lord and for feeding the other beings ,guests etc.The greed for wealth should not be there.The feeling that this is mine and that is somebody elses and such differentiation brings in extreme competition and thus exploitation of weak by the strong.(Therefore Individual property rights were not there in ancient India ).By swanubhava and by knowledge of sasthra and by purity of mind sacrifice the eshanathraya and go to forest after Grihasthasrama and do thapas .All human beings are born with three Rna or debts .Debts for the Deva,Rishi and Pithru.By Adhyayana or learning our debts to Rishi is over.By yajna and pooja debts to deva is over.By children the debts to ancestors is over.You have already paid back all these debts


.Except the yajna which you could not do in the jail of kamsa.So ,do them and get liberated from the debt to deva.You had done worship of Vishnu for several janma and as a result ,to give you the fruits of that thapas ,Bhagvan is born as your son. Thus ,Vasudeva did yajna there itself with the rishis as Rithwiks. In the yagasaala the kings and yadus came with white dress wearing lotus garlands along with their wives .Mridanga etc made rhythms and actors did dances .Magadha,sootha,and gandharva women and men sang praises.Vasudeva wearing anjana in eyes and applying butter all over his body ,with his 18 wives sat for Abhisheka like Moon with stars.Rama and Krishna decorated their fathers yagasala as sun and moon.After yajna Vasudeva gave away wealth as gold ,cows and cloths and did avabritha bath.He gave food to all jeeva and even dogs were invited for the annadaana.He gave gift sto all kings.After the yajna all others left except Nanda and his family who stayed back for some more days.One day Vasudeva caught the hands of Nanda and said:-My friend,what is meant by love?It is not the blood relation alone.It is a bondage which is done by God himself.To get out of that Gods decision no yogin or warrior or even God himself is incapable.You are good people.We have been thankless to you.Yet you love us so well.This friendship even after so many years have not lost its beauty or light .We could not help you in any way in the initial period because we were also helpless at that time.Now,because of our ego and our pride in our wealth we have become blind to who is our friend in reality.If a person gets extrawealth ,he forgets even the best friends.I have been so thankless to you. Thinking about the old things and how Nanda and Yasodha helped him,Vasudeva wept like a child.Nanada stayed back for three months because he did not want to separate from his sons Rama and Krishna whom he had not seen for so long.At last he went back with his retinue ,not to Gokula but to Mathura since his group of Gopa and Gopika did not want to go back so soon .Krishna seeing that rainy season is nearing went back to his city of Dwaraka. One day ,Vasudeva asked Rama and Krishna.Both of you are Vishnus Avathara ,I have known it.You are capable of giving all desires to your devotees.You are Lords of all the prapancha.Directions,its right the aakaasa,its manifested form the Naada,Omkarasabda,the forms that separate objects and all their names ,senses and their devatha ,intellect and its consciousness ,the truth of jeeva as anusmrithy all are you only.You are Parabrahmamoorthy.Bless me so that I will never deviate from your love and devotion . Krishna said:-What you said is logical about us ,your sons.Father,You,all these people around in Dwaraka are also Parabrahmaswaroopa.Though I am ONE I manifest as Many . Thus Vasudeva became a gnani.Once Devaki heard that Krishan and Rama had shown the dead son to their Acharya as his Gurudakshina.She remembered her six sons who were killed by Kamsa in their infancy.She told them with tears in her eyes that she has a desire to see those children whom she could not even see or hold properly or give milk.She said,I know from your father you are Iswara ,the creators of the cosmos.Can you fulfill this one desire of mine? Thus dependingon Iswaramaaya,the two sons entered Suthala where Mahabali lives.He was happy to see them.He worshipped both and with the water of their feet touched his


own head.Mediataing on Krishna and with tears in his eyes flowing out of ecstacy of devaotion he praised them. Krishna and Rama told him:-During the era of the 1st Manu ,Sage Mareechi had six sons in Urna .They saw Brahma trying to unite with his daughter and laughed at him.They were born due to this as Asuriyoni in Hiranyakasipu .These sons were born in my mothers womb in this era and were killed by Kamsa in infancy.My mother wants to see them.To reduce her sorrow we want them .After that they will be released from the curse of Brahma and reach Devaloka.Smaran,Udgeethan,Parishwangan,Ghrini,Pathanga and Kshuudrabrith are their names.All of them will be blessed by me and will get Muktthy.Thus saying ,with permission of Mahabali they took the dead children and showed them to Devakiand Vasudeva.Seeing tthem Devaki took them on her lap ,kissed and embraced and gave them milk with love.She was under the spell of delusion of Vishnmaya for some time .By that love and milk ,they had the remembrance of past janma .Thus they were liberated and worshipping mother ,father ,Krishna and Rma they left for heaven.Seeing this Devaki understood what had happened .She came back to her senses and knew that it was Vaishnavi Maaya. Subhadraaharanam:Pareekshith wanted to know how his fathers mother Subhadra,sister of Balarama and Krishna was married by his grandfather Arjuna.Hence Suka ,the son of Vyasa told him that story. When Arjuna doing a sacred pilgrimage in Bharathavarsha ,reached Prabhasatheertha he heard about the news that his uncles daughter Subhadra is getting married.He heard that Balarama wanted to give her to Suyodhana but no other yadava was agrreing to that proposal.Arjuna himself wanted to get her in marriage and so he took the disguise of a sanyasin and went to Dwarka for spending the four months of rains(Chathurmasya)there.Raama did not recognize him and gave him welcome and he saw Subhadra one day in Balaramas house.Subhadra also saw him and fell in love instantly though he was in a sanyasi disguise.Both her mind and eyes were fixed in him.Subhadra was entrusted with the pooja of the sanyasin by Balarama.But ,Arjuna hurt by arrows of Kaamadeva felt uneasy with her pooja.Krishna and the elders of Yadu race knew that it was Arjuna and they alloed him to take her away while she goes for the festival of the Paradevatha.Subhadra was his charioteer.He won over the army of Balarama and Balarama was angry like an ocean during full moon day.Krishna made him tranquil by his sweet words of wisdom.Thus Rama was pacified and agreed to the alliance and sent wealth to Hasthinapura as the dowry . Story of Sruthadevan:There was a devotee who was shantha and dharmika called Sruthadeva.He was a poet too.He lived in the Mithila city of Videha empire.He was a grihastha.He accepts only that what is required for keeping life as food .He did not have any ego that I am Haribhaktha.At that time the king was Bahulaswa,who too had no ego that I am Haribhaktha.To give darsana to both,Bhagavan went in his chariot to Mithila ,with Daruka.The sages who accompanied him were Suka,Narada,Vamadeva,Athri,Brihaspathy,BhargavaRama,Asitha,Kanua,Aaruni,Dwipay


ana,Chyavana and Maithreya.Wherever we passed the people of all janapada worshipped Krishna as if the Sun is worshipped with the grahagana . We passed Aanartha,Kurujanghala,Runaka,Kunthi,kosala,panchala,Janghalas,Matsya,Madhu, Kekayaa.Then reached Videha.All people came and welcomed and worshipped him.Both Sruthadeva and King of Mithila fell on his feet.Both invited Krishna to their homes for stay with them.Krishna ,without telling them ,took two equal forms and went to both houses simultaneously so that both are made happy . At Janakas palace the king welcomed Krishna with all the sages and with tears of joy worshipped him .And gave him cows,wealth and other dakshina and good food .Then he took his feet on his lap and said serving them.:You are witness of all and selfrevealing and sarvabhoothathman.You have given us darsana ,because we have been thinking and meditating on your feet forever. Krishna said:-For me,the dearest is my devotee .Not even Lakshmi,Adisesha and Brahma are dear to me as my Ekanthikabhaktha> The king requested that to purify the race of Nimi and the country,Krishna should stay there with the sages for a few days.And krisna accepted that invitation. At the same time in Sruthadevas house he was dancing in glee in a state of ecstacy when he saw the sages and Krishna arrived.He gave them carpets made of darba grass to sit.He washed their feet with his wife.The water was poured over their own heads as abhisheka.He gave fruits,flowers,chandana,dhoopa and dheepa ,water with ramacha grass in it,thulasi ,lotus etc .All his worship was with natural things ,available in the place ,and nlike that of the king which were luxurious and imported from different places and not natural to the place.The food he served was increasing Sathwaguna.He thought :-How could a grihastha ,who had fallen into samsara and grihasthasrama get this rare luck of seeing Bhagavan in my own house!! He also took Krishnas feet on his lap after food and serving it said:-If ,thought deeply,I think you have been giving darsana to us every day ,from the moment you enterd our hearts and this is not the first time that you are coming to my house.Being seated in own hearts people do not see you.They think that you are far away.You are paramathman within all.You are Brahman as well as Prapancha.By your Maaya which bind the eyes people are unable to see you. I have been free from all sorrows by your darsana and there is nothing else I want .Order me what I should do now. Hearing this Krishna smiled and caught both his hands and said:-I came here just to bless you .These sages came with me so that the entire world be purified.By darsana,sparsana,aradhana of good souls ,the sacred theertha of world become purified ,step by step only.Among living beings by the janma Maheesura with daivisampathy are greatest.He is also great with vidya,thapas,and bliss.And if such a person is my devotee too, his greatness is unthinkable.I do not love even my own form of Chathurbahu ,as my devoted Brahmin bhaktha.The Brahmin is sarvavedaswaroopa.And I am Sarvadevaathmaka.The envious people who are more concentrated in worshipping idols ,disrespect Bhoodeva who is Me,Guru as well as Athmaswaroopa.The Bhoosura cognizes that all beings and entire cosmos is me only in their pure mind.Therefore do worship in me and the Brahmarshis as before .That is all needed.


Thus simultaneously Hari went to a poor home and a rich palace and gave bliss of mukthy to both his devotees who had Ekathmabhava ,He spent a few days in Mithila teaching vedamarga to both his devotees and the people . Sruthigeetha:Pareekshith asked:- Great sage,NirgunaBrahman has no cause or effect and cannot be spoken of .Then how can in it function the Sruthi which has function of Guna? Sage Suka said:- Iswara created intellect ,indriya,praana and chitha for the vishayasukha,performance of duty/dharma,and attainment of heaven by sathkarma,and for imaginative and creative power for the manifold jeevarasi contained within Hmself .Cognising This Upanishadam which is on Brahman ,the ancestors in succession discarded all and got liberated .Narayana Rishi and Narada once had a discussion.Rishi Narayana was living in Kalaapagrama in Badari ashramam and doing thapas for the welfare of all beings of Bharathavarsha.Narada asked him:-Previously people of the Janaloka had a discussion on Brahmavada.I would like to know it. Bhagavan in front of all the Brahmavadin sages assembled there told him:-There was aBrahmasathra there by Urdharethas rishis directly born from the mind of Brahma.Probably you heard their discussion when you went there to visit the white Iswara .Because you have asked me that question,now.They were all equally knowers of Brahman,and equally having thapas and lacked dualities or friend and foe .Yet they made one person the speaker and others were listening.The Parabrahman who was in yoganidra,merging in oneself with all his powers,and they reached there and awakened him from that pralayanidra.By their sthuthy ,(praise)they awakened his Sruthy(hearing)..It was like a vandi awakening the king every day morning with good music praising him . It was as follows:Victory to eternally winning and successful Lord! Killer of Malla (Mallari).Liberate the Maaya which block the eternal bliss of this jeevasangha.You have all vibhoothy.You awaken all jeeva.The one with prakrithy,the sruthi praises you.This seen form also is you and in pralaya everything merge in you.When the pots merge in soil ,the soil lasts and like that you are present even in pralaya.Therefore sages does their mind and word vyaapara in you daily.Whether the foot touches sand,torn,or stone ,it is earth.Like that whatever name the devotees call you,you are you only.Scholars ,in the ocean of thy stories merge and remove sorrows,dualities of raagadwesha ,old age,death etc by swaprakaasa and attain eternal bliss.Only if a human being remember you and praise you he is having breath.Otherwise his life is like a bellows(an instrument made of leather for blowing and making music,and by artisans) only.Mahath and Aham by your influence created universes.You as purusha enter it and give it life.Even when they end you does not end.Therefore you arethe Sesha (the one that remains or Balance).You are both gross and subtle and are the satya of satya. There are two Munimarga for your meditation.In the gross marga ,they meditate you in Manipoorachakra in the Nabhi . Another group called the Aarunis meditate you in Hrichakra (Anahatha)and from that chakra,if one pass through sushumna and fix in sahasrara ,and thus leave thebody ,that one will not fall into death and birth cycle again.You are in every body ,in every being


according to their yoni manifesting differently .The body etc is not absolute truth yet in them the scholars see you only because there is nothing but you.In and out of everything only you are there.You are sarvasaktha.And purusha is created from an amsa or part of you.To experience purusha and ,meditating on your feet with scientific injunctions,and with faith they know your truth that is unknowable.By contact with such people ,who are your devotees ,people get purification and opportunity to know samsara and to liberate from it.That janma without pleasure of loving you is in vain.Even the enemies do remember you always.The women who desire embrace of a mans body which is equal to that of a serpent ,and we who always drink nectar of your feet are alike for you.You are the first(Adya).Therefore the people who came after find t difficult to know you.Even the Brahma originated from your nabhi.When you were sleeping ,containing everything within you,there was no time or kaala,no sasthra,no sath or asath,no mass or body. The end of sath and beginning of asath is a differenciation made by the imagination of mind.The advice of several Mathadhyaksha(leaders of different opinions) differ because of their delusions .The difference of Gunathraya projecting into purusha also is due to such Branthi or delusions.The root cause is that it is difficult to know you with gross senses alone You are dense gnana and different from thamas,and selfluminant and differences does not exist in you.You are sath and in you is this prapancha with thriguna and hence astha having its prathishta.Prapancha includes humans as well.Since based in you,they seem as sath .Gold in its different forms is Gold only.Similarly all forms are you only.One who serves you with sarvabhoothathmabhaava and without any doubt crosses death.The one though learned ,does not love you,is bound by his own words and arguments like a animal.Your lovers,the devotees are most merciful and compassionate and purify cosmos just by their presence.Others are polluting it.Existing by yourself,without organs ,strong with all bhootha ,everyone gives you bali including deva,like Samantha gives bali to emperor.All celestial beings do their jobs afraid of your displeasure.In your play with Maaya,jeevi with karma are awakened and born.Looking like soonya,looking like aakaasa ,and all compassionate ,unseen,and without a second, you are experienced. If jeevathma were many ,without control for breathing and laws of balance everything will be in chaos.The one who say I know even does not know you.You are in all due to your nature a scause of all.Jeeva are with upadhi of maaya from you created and are in samsara .You teach them to destroy avidya and to get liberated.For prakrithi and purusha who have no birth ,the janma of both is not there.Like bubbles in your union are created all jeevi here.They mergein you as different tastes of flowers exist in honey and several rivers exist in ocean.Maaya is removed only with your blessings.Knowing you men become fearless.For your devotee there is no fear of samsara.In your Agnachakra in the brookuti as kaala with thrichakra (time with past ,present,future) is there.And one who does not meditate upon you and love you is afraid of that kaaalachakra.Without worshipping the Guru ,trying to control the horses of senses and mind people get into trubles and sorrows.It is like the vaniks(tradesmen )who are in trouble in the sea ,when they have no Karnadhaara (Captain ) in their ship.You are sachidananda and gives abhaya to devotees.Waht is the use of land,wife,son,wealth ,house,vehicle,etc ?Without knowing the true object men and women get desire in rathi or eros .This killing by immersing in samsarasindhu is like suicide.The sages who are sinless by worshipping your feet still do worship the theertha of eartha as they do not have ego.The one who at least once


remember you,will not have the desire in samsara as before.this cosmos originated from Sath(truth)and becomes sath.Therefore everything is Sath and everything is you.This samsara is for the maintainance and sustenance of the races only.This cosmos was not there before creation.It will not be there after pralaya.In the middle only it is seen to exist in you.Therefore all sciences dealing with matter and its classification have decided that that one which is truth forever alone is truth and that is you.Men depend upon guna for functioning of life.Like a serpent discards its skin the wise discard maaya .Your body is indivisible and scholars divide it into 8 vibhoothy for understanding.You reside in people who are good and bad.therefore if a yogin does not discard desire,you become unattained .They are afraid of Mrityu and you who is always nearby.The one who loves you does not know any sorrow .And even vidhinishedha does not affect him.In all yuga by hearing according to sampradaya(sravanam by sampradaya or tradition)you are worn (dharanam)in hearts and for them you give moksha.Your end is not known by Indra or other devas and even by you yourself.You have no boundary.The boundaries of the several universes,and their 7 coverings internally perceived,with the kaalachakra or wheel of time revolve in spacetime as dust particles only.The boundary of you beyond all tehse Brahmandas.You are known only by negating other things as Nethi,Nethi etc.Becasue you are not perceived by word,deed or mind. Hearing this sruthigeetha which is revealing the self(Athmaprabhodhaka)Narada etc became sidha and worshipped Sanandana who adviced this in Brahmaloka.This is the essence of all veda and Upanishads.All our ancestors and nishkamayogins learned this from Sanakaadi rishi.Knowing this live in the world without any sorrow. Narayana Rishi was then worshipped by Narada thus:-To protect all bhootha from sorrows of samsara you are born from Sri Narayana.Namaskaram to that Bhagavan Madhava.Then the sage came to Vyasas ashram.He told everything that Narayana told in Badari ashram to my father Vyasa and I heard it.That is why I could answer your question.Who first created the cosmos,and protects it and destroys it during pralaya and who remains in all the thrikaala ,who controls everything and every jeeva,being their antharyamin that One is Krishna.Like a dreamer forgets own body,jeevan forgets own Athman and see illusions as Maaya and with awkening discard the maaya and see own form.The one who gives liberation from samsara and gives abhaya or fearless state to all devotees ,that NirgunaBrahman,Vishnu as Krishna is always remembered and worshipped by me. Thus said sage Suka. Kaivalya only with devotion to Mahavishnu:Those who worship Shiva become wealthy and powerful easily but devotees of Mahavishnu are poor and powerless and what is the reason for this? Mahavishnu is Nirguna .Thereofre the wealth of Gunathmaka prakrithy is not kaivalya and that of Nirguna is real wealth.To get worldly wealth is eaiser than getting eternal wealthof kaivalya.Yogin who desire kaivalya therefore do not go after the wealth of the world or after power and other sidhi. Brahman and Shiva are easily pleased even by thapas of thamasic and rajasic people but Mahavishnu is pleased only with sathwik devotion.The easily pleased deities are easily


angered as well .But Mahavishnu is not angered easily .He is patience incarnate like mother earth herself.Giving boons to Ravana and Baana etc easily ,Shiva hurt the entire world and regretted for giving the boon later on.Vrikasura went to KedarNatha and did cruel thapas ,cutting pieces of flesh from own body and dedicating it to Shiva in fire.Seventh day,impatient that Shiva did not appear,he tried to cut away his own head.then Shiva appeared.Because Shiva is compassionate in his devotees he came not because he was pleased either with such cruel thapas or with his impatience.When Shiva touched the body of Vrika it became healthy and whole again.Shiva asked him what boon I should give you.He said:-The person on whose head I place my hands should become ashes instantly.Shiva gave that boon.He had protected and given boon to Vrika as if giving milk toa serpent.Vrika wanted to get Parvathy and for that to kill Shiva .That was the purpose of his austerity.The moment he got the boon he ran after Shiva to touch his head.Shiva ran in all the worlds and in the 10 directions sweating and breathing hard and the asura followed him everywhere.Devas and Brahma seeingthis and not knowing a solution kept silent.Shiva at last reached Vaikunta where only sathwik guna shines. Vaikunta is the abode of the saantha sanyasins who never does Himsa with thoughts and words and deeds and it is there that Mahavishnu resides.One who reach there has no rebirth.Hari seeing the plight of Shiva took the guise of a young Brahmacharin and went towards Vrika.Carrying a danda,ajina,japamala,mekhala,and kusa grass like a fire in form,he asked Vrika:-You look tired.Why were you running like this?I f I can help you ,tell me the problem. Vrika told all that had happened.Then Hari said with a smile.We Sanyasins do not give much heed to boons of Shiva.He has the curse of Daksha and after that his boons do not become true.See whether what he gave is true just by keeping your hand on your head.You will find my words are true.We sanyasins say only truth. To test words of Shiva ,the ignorant thamasic Asura kept hands on his own head and as if stuck by a lightening he fell down dead.Therefore Shiva was saved. Mahavishnu gives kaivalya .The other sidhis are not given by him. Test of Brighu on thrimurthy:Once sages doing thapas in the banks of Saraswathy had a discussion.They argued who among the thrimurthy are more patient?Brighu,son of Brahma was sent to test the three .First he went to Brahmasabha.He did not praise or worship Brahma and Brahma was angry at the quiet and tranquil Muni for that.But he with his own tapas controlled that anger towards his own son. Then Brighu went to Kailasa .Shiva embraced and welcomed him as if his own brother.But Brighu said do not embrae me because you have lostthe way of the righteous.Shiva was angry and eyes red and trident raised tried to kill him.Parvathy fell at his feet and made him calm.Then the sage reached Viakunta.He saw Vishnu sleeping on his cot of Anantha in deep yoganidra with his feet on lap of Lakshmi.The sage strck on his chest with his hard feet to awaken him.Vishnu awoke and caught the feet of the rishi and said:-Forgive me.I did not know your arrival.Did your feet feel the pain by kicking on my feet?Thus saying he caressed the feet slowly to reduce its pain. He said:-By putting your feet which is the sacred theertha you have made me purified and I will carry this mark on my chest forever as a mark of your respect.


Hearing this the sage in devotion and bliss shed tears of joy and became silent by aanaanda and he went back and told everything to the sages in saraswathy . Shanthy and abhaya and peace and kaivalya are residing in Vishnu .Dharma and the eight vibhoothy flow from him with vairagya and gnaana and his devotee gets moksha and untold fame forever.He is the paramagathy of the sages who are always dharmic and never forsake satya and ahimsa.His three murthy are the sathika as sura and rajasa as asur and thamas as rakshasa.Of these sura murthy is more sathwik and hence more nearer to Vishnu. Santhaanagopaala:In dwaraka when a Brahmins wife delivered the child died immeadiately.This happened several times.Each time when a child dies the Brahmin will bring the dead body to gate of Dwaraka and keep it there and say that because of the adharma of the king I have lost my child.The 9th time when this occurred Arjuna was in Dwaraka ..He was surprised at this and asked why are you doing like this?He heard the Brahins complaint and said I will protect your next child and if not possible I will jump into fire and sacrifice my own body.Arjuna said with pride:Brahmin,I am not Sankarshana or Krishna.I am not Anirudha.I am son of Indra wearing the great bow called Gandeeva.Do not insult my prowess which won over even the prowess of Shiva.I will win over even Anthaka in battle to get back your child. The next delivery neared and Arjuana was ready to protect the baby with his great bow.He made a covering of divine arrows all around the house .But the child was dead as before when it was born.Brahmin went to Krishna and said several insulting words about Arjuna.I believed in the words of this Napumsaka ,he said insulting Arjuna.Arjuna went to the world of Yamadharma called samyamani but did not see the child there.He searched the abode of Indra and Agni ,Varuna,Nryathi,winds,and soma ,paathaala ,sky and earth.But not getting the child Arjuna was ready to sacrifice himself in fire.But Krishna prevented him from doing so.He asked Arjuna to enter his own divine chariot and both of them went towards the western direction.They crossed the seven islands,with seven lands in each,seven oceans around each,lokaaloka and reached the darkness beyond that.In that Thamas ,the horses could not see the way to go forward.Therefore Krishan sent his chakra in front .The wheel cutting the darkness with its light showed the way beyond that darkness into the paramjyothis and seeing that Arjuna closed both his eyes.they saw the huge waves moving in winds and in its middle the white house with jeweled pillars and luminnant .There they saw the thousandhooded Anantha with endless jewels spreading light and on that blue serpant they saw Hari with his santhabhaava reclining.Yellow silk garmets ,lotus eyes,jeweled crown and kundala,jasminelike teeth ,beautiful hair and hands reaching upto knees,kousthubha and sreevalsa ,vanamaala and retinue around the sight was incomparable.The wheel ,conch ,mace and lotus and the eight vibhoothy served the Lord..Krishna an Arjuna worshipped him.Mahavishnu said:-I had a desire to see you two who are born as Nara and Narayaana to protect dharma on earth and for that purpose I just took the children here. Uttering OM they received the children from the Lord and came back and gave to the Brahmin .


While Krishna walked on the earth the earth gave all wealth and grains and food and rains came in time and there was wealth in entire earth and people were happy and interested in doing dharma and in pleasing him by doing dharma. Krishan lived in Dwaraka with prosperity and happiness with all his friends and relatives and people.In the homes of Dwaraka people played different arts like Panthadi dance,Bharatahnatya,chinthupaatu and melodious music and accompaniments.Woman sang and danced beautifully.Several elephants,horses,warriors ,golden chariots,always traveled in the royal paths.Beautiful gardens,forests ,flowering and fruit trees,birds singing on them ,and music of insects (with 6 feet )that sang around flowers and the beautiful retinue of 16000 women made the city always colourful .In each of the houses were tanks,wells and lotus flowers,and other water flowers ,and their fragrant pollen spread everywhere.Krishna did Jalakreeda in them with the kumkuma spreading in the waters from their bodies embracing him .Veena,panava,mridanga,Aanaka,etc were played by Gandharva,Vandi,sootha and Maaagadha and they sang according to the time of the day ,their music to make Krishna happy .The women and Krishna played with coloured water sprinkling on each other in competition .They embraced him during such playful moods and got moksha instantly from all sorrows of samsara.Krishna looked like a happy elephant king playing with his womenfolk in forests freely .He and his wives gave gifts of jewels and silks etc to dancers and musicians .With his side glances,touch,smile,music ,humour and ways of life and beauty Krishna attracted all his wives and all people alike .All his wives thought only of him and nothing else. They sang in his praise,while he was away :Chakravaaka(a bird), why do you keep awake and sing at night. Your lover is Gupthabodha .He is asleep . Are you like us,wounded by the smiles and glances of Hari? You are crying at night ,not seeing him Like us,forever his servants who cannot suffer his separation Even for a second. Do you desire to wear the garland dedicated at his feet Just like us ? Ocean,you are so deep and wide and yet without sleep Even at night in Jagrad state you make huge cries and heave Like us separated from him .You too are attaracted to Mukunda like us? Moon,grasped by the disease Kshaya (Rajayakshma) You are so weak .You have lost efficiency to remove darkness.Are you keeping silence fearing to get sorrow of disobeying the word of Krishna? He had promised to come to play with us in moonlight He didnt come.So you have lost a chance to serve him. What did we do to displease you ,wind from Malaya mountains Our minds wounded by Krishna is made Full of Manmathachintha by you! Clouds,you are friend of Krishna,we know. You meditate on him like us with sradha And remembering him shed tears of joy Hearing his stories always is bliss as well as


Full of sorrow of separation Kokila,with sweet voice, Like Krishna with your loving music As Mrithasanjeevika you converse as a sushtu(pure soul) What we can do for you as a reward for it? Great mountains,you do not utter a word Or move.Are you thinking of the great purushartha Moksha? Just as us ,do you want to wear his feet On your breasts(the peaks)? With his separation we have become thin And like that the rivers ,wives of Sindhu, and lakes have become thin without decorations of lotus flowers. Swan,welcome.Taste the food and water and tell us stories of Madhava. Are you his messenger ? Is he well and happy? Does he remember what all he told us? His friendship is vibratory. The mean messenger,bring him to us . Kamala alone is not the only woman Who has Ekapatheevratha. We are having ekanthabhaava in Krishna ,Yogayogeswara. Thus singing in his separation,all of them reached his paramapada and mukthy.Apart from the 16000 women he had another hundred (16100)and 8 as his principal consorts (16108).Among the sucessors of Krishna 18 became Maharatha.They were, Pradyumna,anirudha,deepthiman,chithrabhanu,Brihadbhanu,Bhanu,pushkara,samba,Mad hu,Vedabahu,Nyagrodha,Sruthadeva,Viroopa,Kavi,Aruna,Vrika,Sunanda,Chithrabhanu. Anirudha is son of Pradymna in daughter of Rugmi .He married daughter of Rugmis daughter and their son was Vajra and he remained in Mousala.His son was Prathibahu and his son Subahu and his son Santhasena and Sruthasena was his son.All the people in that race was good,devoted to Brahmins,and prosperous.One cannot count the number of their successors .The Gurus who taught all these yadava children ,grandchildren and successors is about 3crore lakhs and 88 and then we can assume the number of students to be more. The race of Ugrasena 101 one races of Kasyapeya Are uncountable and belong to yadava race too. The curse of rishis in the Yadu race :By the kurukshethra war Krishna made dharma win over adharma.but by this time by the thought that Krishna is born among us and we are invincible the yadava race became too egoistic and proud.Their destruction came by that ego .It was like agni which originated in a forest of bamboo,destroys the bamboo forest itself,that a quarrel of internal strife destroyed the yadu race.


But how did the Vrishnis who are devotees of Vishnu ,Brahmanabhaktha and daaanaseela get a curse from Brahmins? Sages like Viswamithra,Kanua,Asitha,Vasistha,Kasyapa,Vamadeva,Brighu,Durvasas,Athri,Angiras ,Narada were sent to PindarakaTheertha by Krishna.When they came ,the children of yadava race who were playing in Dwaraka thought to play a trick on them.They dressed up Sambha ,son of Jmabavathy as a girl who is pregnant .He pretended as if he is a shy pregnant young girl and others asked the sages ,whether she will deliver a male or a female?The sages who were insulted said that she will deliver a iron mace and with that your entire race will be destroyed.The childrenimmeadiately removed the cloth covering Sambhas middle and saw a iron weapon .The children brought it to the sabha of Krishna and said what had happened.All yadava chiefs were afraid.King Ugrasena said ,to escape from curse that weapon should be made into a powder and thrownin the ocean.Thus the yadavas made it powdered but a last small piece remained . That piece was eaten by a fish and the fish was caught by a fisherman.The fisherman sold the iron piece to ahunter and he made an arrow with it.The powdered iron came to shore with waves and each sprouted into sharp grass (Eraka grass)on the shores. Krishna knowing that it is time for him to depart from this world gave his message for posterity to his best friend Udhava .Udhava went to Badarikashram as asked by Krishna and meditating on Krishna and his teaching dwelled there. Pareekshith asked Suka:-How did Bhagavans body which was the center of attraction for all and which was the seat of bliss for all was lost to us?How did he sacrifice that lovely form odf his which had been the refuge of all?Which form entering heart through eyes never leaves it,which name and stories entering through ears fix in chethana forever,and by which poets and musicians were always blissful and creative ,and by which feet the earth was purified How Lord sacrificed it to go back to his dhama? Suka said:- Krishna saw the Uthpaatha or comets in earth,anthariksha and sky and knowing that the time has come for departure told people of his sabha,the sudharma.All of us should move away from Dwaraka because these bad omens portend destruction of our city in the ocean.Let all women and children leave for the Sankhodharakatheertha.We will go to Prabhasatheertha where River Saraswathy flow to the west.There we will live and take sacred baths and do good deeds and shanthikarma and give away alms to Brahmins to divert bad effects of the omens seen.Thus the men and women of Dwarakain boats and ships left Dwaraka and went to the directions they were told. The men did all ausoicious karma as Krishna told them.But after that they started to drink aliquor called Maireyaka.The proud and egocentric Yadavas with inebriation of liquor lost their swabodha and quarreled between each other.The quarrel became a war .Samba,Pradyumna,Akroora,Bhoja,Anirudha,Sathyaki,Sangramajisnu,Bhadran,Sumithra n,surathan,Darunan,Gadhan,Sahasrajith,Bhanu,Sathajith,were all in that battling crowd.Sathwatha,Vrishni,Andhaka,Dasarha,Bhoja,Madhu,Arbudha,Soorsena,Mathura,K unthi,Visarjana,Kukura,branches of yadus forgetting their friendships and relationships fought each other vigourously and when all weapons were finished they strted to pluck the strong Eraka grass on th seashore as weapons and each blade of grass converted to an iron Musala killed them instantly according to the curse of the Sages.When Krishna tried toprevent them the proud yadavas struck even him .They tried to kill Balarama thinking


that he is their enemy.Then Rama and Krishna ,to fulfill the word of the sages took the grass themselves and killed all the warring yadavas within no time.Thus the entire race perished as if fire destroys a bamboo forest.Balaraman then went to the seashore and knowing the end,in yoga sat in deep mediatation ,merging Athman in Athman and by Dhyanayoga in Samadhi sacrificed his temporary body and went to his swadhaama. Seeing Ramas Samadhi,Krishna took vow of silence and sat in dhyana under a banyan tree.Like fire without smoke ,in his own enlightenment ,in his form of fourlimbed state illuminating all sides Krishna sat in mediation.The dense blue body, marked with sreevalsa, covered with two silks like molten gold, and auspicious smile ,lotus feet and blue hairs untied on head,ornaments and the Brahmasoothra as upaveetha,and his weapons around,left feet on the right thigh he sat in deep meditation. The hunter called Jara ,who had purchased the piece of iron from the fisherman thinking that the blue feet is that of an animal from a covered distance sent that arrow .And the arrow struck Krishnas feet.Coming forward the hunter saw Krishna and was sad as well as afraid of having committed a great sin.He prostrated at krishnas feet and said:Uthamasloka,Madhusoodana,This sinner has done a sin by ignorance.Sudhathman,forgive me for this heinous crime of mine.Your body which is meditated upn by even the yogins has been hurt by my arrow.Give me a punishment so that I will never commit such a sin even in next janmas. Bhagavan said:-Do not be afraid .Do not grieve.You did this becaue I so willed it.Because you have done what I desired you will go to heaven . By that time vimana from heaven came and the hunter circumambulating Krishna three times went to heaven in that.Daruka was searching for Krishna and he smelt thulasi and came to where Krishna sat and saw what had happened.Seeing Krishna in meditation posture under the banyan tree and surrounded by wheel,conch,mace and lotus and that he is departing from this world he in love and devotion jumped out of the chariot and fell at his feet .He cried:-If I lost sight of your feet what will lead me?Without moon how can one see path in dark night in a forest ? Then he saw the chariot with symbol of Garuda on flag and the four divine horses going up to heaven on its own .Then all the divine weapons followed that chariot.Krishna said:Daruka,Go back to Dwaravathy and tell the news of Balaramas death and my end to all .And it is not good to stay in Dwaraka after this.Whoever remains in Dwaraka should leave it immeadiately ,because when I leave my body entire Dwaraka will be submerged in the ocean .All elders and women should go to Indraprastha with Arjunas protection .This is my dharma and my wish .Be peaceful knowing that everything is Maaya.Daaruka again prostrated at Krishnas feet and left for Dwaraka. Swargarohana of Bhagavan Shiva,Bhavani,Brahma,Saraswathy ,Indra,all devas ,pithrudevas,sidha,gandharva,vidyadhara,bhoodeva,apsara,chaarana,yaksha,rakshas,kinna ra,mahauraga,pakshi came to see the Samadhi and swargarohana of Bhagavan.They came and sang his stories with devotion .The entire aakasa was filled by celestial beings who rained flowers on Krishna with ekanthikabhakthy.Krishna seeing them,in deep meditation,merging mind in Athman,closing slowly his lotus eyes,sacrificed his beautiful body which is the subject of dhyana,and dhaarana of yogins .But he did not burn it in the yogagni and went with it to his dhaama.When he left devadundhubi naada was heard in


the heavens and flowers rained.From earth,satya,dharma,dhrithy,keerthy ,aiswarya departed with that Uthamapurusha and Kali descended on earth.Even Brahma and Shiva could not see his departure to his dhaama.No one can see the gathi of paramapurusha.They just saw a light departing.Hari was seen as a lightening that departs from a field of clouds and its course or destination could not be assessed by even the celestials.Only a Ekanthikabhaktha of Hari know the course and dhaama of Hari. After his departure ,Brahma,Shiva and the others also went back to their own abodes. Suka said:-King Pareekshith,The leela of Bhagavan is like that of an actor on stage.All this is Maaya.Making prapancha,entering it and playing leela in all bodies and all beings and by the greatness of Athman,remaining nonattached to anything,Padmanabha,that God of all is wonderful.The one who brought the son of Guru from abode of Yama,the one who protected you from the Brahmasthra of Aswathamaa,the one who made the hunter Jara who killed him to ascend toheaven withhis own body as jeevanmuktha,that compassionate and all protecting Krishna could have protected himself if he so wanted or willed.But ,he was not very keen to keep and protect that bodyof him forever in this world of existence.How to go to heaven in swastha state in yogic health was demonstrated for all to see so that human beings can face death as a natural law .That was his purpose.That is why he waited till all the people came to watch his death.Whoever in the dawn,sings this paragathy of Krishna with devotion gets uthamagathy and moksha. Daaruka reached Dwaraka in a dazed state and washing the feet of Vasudeva and Ugrasena with his tears told them what had happened.The old people,women and friends of them fell unconscious hearing the terrible news.Then they got up and went in haste to the place where their loved ones lay dead.Rohini and Devaki and Vasudeva became sad due to love of their children.Each woman embracing her husbands body entered into funeral pyre along with it.Arjuna also wanted to jump into the funeral pyre and end his life with Arjuna.But he remembered krishnas words and did all the rites for the yadava tribe since none of their people remained to do them .He took the remaining elders and children to Indraprastha and did Abhisheka for Vajra ,as king of Indraprastha.Pandavas hearing the news from Arjuna ,made you the king of Hasthinapura and left for Himalaya for Mahaprasthaana. When Hari left his Dwaraka and this earth,that city was submerged by the ocean ,except one house which stands there even now.And people still go there and feel the presence of Hari in it. Praising the life and activities of Krishna,and knowing his words and advices,and living according to it with sradha,one becomes free from all sins and is purified.Singing his glories and baalaleela,one becomes blissful and in both iha and para (this and that world) he will be a paramahamsa attaining paramapada of Hari itself.


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