/r,'\\ ,

HI""n an~lu~;

whole town, the most wonderful spot

Is behmnd Sneelock' s Store in the big vacant lot. the right spot fee my wooderful plans," Said young Morris McGu[k~ ''. .. if I dean up the ems."

"Now a fellow like me," s~d yOllfi.g M.orris McGu.1'k, "VCoulidget ridt o:fihis junk w[rha .. b~H hour's work. ] could y~nkup these weeds, And chop down the d.ead tree..
And haul off those oM cars, There are just

or three.

And lbt;~the wholeplace wo~.d be ready, you see .., .,"

A.ll[ read.y to


up the tents for my drew.

The Circus McGwrkus! TbeW orld's Greatest S:bow

I think I will call it the


On the face of the earth, or wherever you go!

The Circus. McGurkus:! The cream of the creaml

The Circus McGwrkus! The Circus Supreme!
The Circus McGudrus! Colossall Sttru.pendow! Asmundin.g! Fantasticl Terrificl Trernendousl





and clowns

From .~ thousand and thUrty~[hree fara.way towns To theplace that you'll see 'em in, ladies and ~'.o.ts~ RigMu behind Sneelock's Store, mn the Great McGurk tents!

AmI I don't suppose' okl Mr. Sneelock will m~nd When he sudden~y has a hIg circus behind ...



After all, 1v1r. Sneclock is one of ulyfrien:ds.
little odd Jobs he could be of some 'aid... Such as, selling balloons aild the pink kmoLl-ade.



He might even help out doing stuau. odds



I think 6,vehundr~d gallons. will be about right. And THEN, I'll be ready for Opening Night!


. ... • • ··. ..






Opmi'ng Ni:gbll


What a 'nigh-I! What ,a j,ight! ].11hoist !!lip the cllutains! The crowds, will crowd in'! And my Circus McGurkos wHI promptly begin Widl a welcoming toet on my WelcomJng Hom By my horn-tooting apes from the Jungnes of [orn Wher,e the very best bern-tooting apes are aD born 'Cause the very fresh air there is lfine for their lungs. And some (l,f those fellows have two nIL' three 1nngues~

. .,


.. .•.


This way:! Step right in! This way, ladies and. gents!

My Side Show starts here in the first of my tents, \x'ben you see what. goes on, you'll sacy no other circus is HaU the great circus the Circus McGrnrkus is. H~e on Stag'e 'One, from the Ocean of 01£
Is a sight most amazing-a walrus named Rolf \Vho (an. stand on one whiJie£r;, this wonderful RoU~

On the top of five balls' Two for tennis, three goU. It's amarvelous trick, ifM say 5100 mysoU.,

Of course pebbles like rhis an: quire bard to coUect But Sneelock will l'l1anage, somehow, I ,expect. After runI,Mr.. Saeelock is one of my friends
And I'm sure he'll hdp out do~ng small odds :;lnd ends.

And you'll now meer rhe Foon' The RemarkablePeon



stzzHng hot pebbles that fan off the moon!

And. the reason he mikes them red hot, .mt appears, ]s. be gready enjoys, blowing smoke from. his ears..

And on Stage Number

Four, see the Wi1y Walloo

Who can throw his long tail as a sort of

\Xlith a flip of the hip, with a tail of this kind He can capmre whoever is standing behind' He can capture old Sncelock, I'm sure he won't mind ...


The Show of All Shows!

There's no other Showman
Wbo show'S you a. show with a Blindfolded Bowman!

The 13Hndf~;)illded Bowman from Bt.],gge['~ba~Root,
The world's sharpest sharpshooter, Through LOf),k arhim

rbe holes in four doughnuts! Two hairs on .~ worrnl
And the knees Q,f three birds Without making them squirml And, then, !~)<nhrQugh a crab ~lppleup on the head t

'Of Sneelock, who Mikesto help out, as rye said.






~ ,



But [hat's, just my Sjde Show. A start. A beginning. Th~s way to the Big Tent! You'll :find your head spinning.,
Why, ladies and g-enrk:nl~t1, youngsters and oldsters,

Your heads will quite spin J:ight off your shouldseersl So hruryi: Step, H'Vdy'! Quick, ladies and gents:! And ,g,et mn to yOUlf seats m ro'f Tent-of-all-Tents!

My Parade-of-Parades is about to commencel

You'lm see Drum Major Sneelode fling-flanghis And my Organ-McOrgm-M<cGwkus come on
Snorting al] sorts of snorts in a bummbeling That is super-Stoo-Pendusl


With its hOE steaming pipes. o£ gold brass-plated nn din Stoo-Mendusl Stoo-Roamsl

And;, when I play Dca«, please join in the chorus.






'Then a.£IuH-muffied Truffle wiU ride on a Hnfflle
And; next in the line, a fine Flummox will shuflle, The Flummox will carry a Lurch in a.
11 - ~I .fiU.U a. P'b'b 1 wu11 ".I!. .' ,e. .:::


..,' ':l!... " "'1 carry UJe FI,·" I , ummox , s ran While, on top 'Of the Plummox, three Harp-Twlloging Snarp .. h "h' .. _ SW"'l'l twang Wig.·ty twangs on t, ell Th. ree-oarper··,"H" 1 ~_!arp' Whil,!;; a Bolster blows bleeps on a three-nozeled bloozerl A.N olster blows. floops on jt one-nozzled. noozer! And _ "r;}~t.. C _ =_C-.lI a . un who's .: __ y U'OJilCI n ,.,. ~ p,·artl.~ __
'i!'~~'com,-'il' ~~., ~
<'i !i4 _ _.

Then mt);." stull F'or' lorty-.five minutes" aboult!

Andl NO,W comes an act of Enormous


No former performer's performed this perfcrmance' This stunt is too grippingly, slippingly frighr'ning' DOWN Through from the top of my tent Iike greased lightning pots full of lots of big Stickle-Bush Trees fear ;;Ilndl ou'n know at a glance y

Slides a rnanl What a rnan' On his Roller-Skate .. kis' S And he'Il steer without And he won't even That it's Sneelockl The Man who takes chance after chance!

rip a SOlan hole in his pants.


And now Here!
In this cage Is a beast most ferocious Who's known far and wide As the Spotted Atrocious Who growls, howls and yowls The most: bloodcurdling


And. each tooth in his mouth
Wei ghs at least sixty pounds And he chews up and eats with the greatest of ease Things like carpets and sidewalks and people and trees! But the great Colonel Sneelock is just the right kind

Of a man who can tame him, I'm sure he won't mind.

Then I'll let Sneelock While high over


for a few minutes' rest

heads you will see the best best

Of the world'sfinese, fanciest B!eezy Trwpee.zing! My Zoom-a-Zoop Troupe from West Upper lBen~Deez.m.g Who never quire know, while they zaop and they ijoo'm~ Whether which will catch what one, or who will catch whom
Or if who w~n ca,t(',h which by the what and jlwt where,
Or just when and just bow in which pan of the: :ald

Ei! Eil \What a circusl Ivfy Cin:us McGurkus,! My' workers kwe work. They ,say, "W ork us' Please work us!
W'e'llwork and we'll work


so many surprises

yo:u.'d neversee h.;l}£ if

hadforty ejses!"

And NOW! Agai'n Snee.l()ck!

Brave Sneelock is back
Risking life [on my parenred Life-Risking-Track Whi~e' the' speedsters I cal] my Colliding-Collusions Race round in swift cars. called Abeasion-Contusions And Sneekick just lies there, Not one bit excited. I know he won't mind. He'll be simply delighted.

Mtl h~t, in

a ICQntest of b:tJIIJ€:-S[ ·,tDgti

i:ail musd~~

Kid Sneelock, my ehamp-of-all-champs,


And wm:e£tif:! a beast ealled tht GrizzJ,!,-Ghastly

And slap 111m ar(')Wl~! Thep. he'll slam him dow<l\ fastly
And Bin both his, sho:uJdem right Hat ~o tne.mat.

KId Sne¢h't)ck will IGVe itt! rm sure abolu th~t..

And while THAT goes on THERE, look at THIS go on HERE! Have you heard of my herd of "Through-Horns- J urnping- Deer". , . Every deer jumps through horns. of another pell-rnell While his horns are jumped through at the same time as well By a deer whose horns ALSO arc being jumped through By another who's having HIS horns jumped through" too" Whidl I'm Jur,e Trainer Sneelock can train them to do.

Then the whole tent will !in,g with hoorays and wild shouts When ] wheel in

my whales and they turn on their spouts!

First ,my Whale Number One, with an aim that aims true
1 SfOUiI:

that spouts Sneelock to Whallie Number Two!

And, rheo Whale Number Two

his spa-ut ~~ke a. giilln

Andth,at spout spouts old Sneelock ri,ght back to Whale One.

,And then forwards and backwards on spout after

My ,great Spout-Rider Sneclockgers

spouted about

Just as long 'as the 'water they're spouting holds ourl



Tournament Sir Vector'



apes without


Sir Hector! Sir Hawkins! Clatter

Sir Bopps'

And Slr Beers!

Sir Dawkins'

Sir [awksl And Sir [eers!

into the tent, and while everyone cheers

Stage a roust-abour-joust

with their boxing




And while all this wild ruckus-ing goes on below, At the top· ot the rent .. .Jookl The star of my show!

Greae 'Daredevil Sneelockl The world's bravest type:! He comes. 'pulled through the air hy three Soobrian Snipe 0'0 2 dingus contra ption attached to his pipe!
And while people below are all turning chalk white

And all biting theirfingernajts off in their fright, Great Sneelock soars up' ro a terrib.leheight!




'.' '..•...• ......••... '

Then he shakes hnnself loose! He starts down in a dive Such as no man on 'ea.:nh

Could come out of alive!:
But he smiles as he' falls And no fear does he feel. His nerves are like Ieon,

His muscles mike steel.
And. he f]unges~:Down! Down!' With his hair still combed neat

Pour thousand, six hundr<l:d
And ninetJ~two Jeet!

Then he'll land ~n a fish bow 1.

He'll mmage just fine, Don't ask ~w he'Il manage. That's his job. Not mine.



Why~He,'ll be aHerQ'~ Of course be won't mind
Wben he finds that he bas.

A big cir(u.s. behind,

Random House



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