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Praetorian Memos

Praetorian Memos

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Published by Robert Wilonsky

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Published by: Robert Wilonsky on Jun 24, 2012
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June22,2O12 of Malor andMembers the CityCouncil Honorable Building Demolitionof the Praetorian Director, Executive a the On June 18,2fr12, Map/s Officereceived letterfromInterim Praetorian of the demolition the Dallas,oon@ming Carol Roark of Preservation sent Attactedis the conespondence by Thelesa located 1607MainSfreet. at Building Chief and Development Construction Assistant and Direc{or $ustainable of O'Donnell, property owneron April 18,2012. Fire-Rescue, the adjacent to DebraCarlinof Dallas for Pleasenote that as of today,there has not been an application an explosives permit. information. if you me Please feelfreeto contact at 214-670-9296 needadditional
t, { ) ' iv1 * RyafiS. Evans Assistant Manager Oity




Ci$ MaryK. Suhm, Manager Thomas Perkins, CityAttomey P. Jr. RosaRios,CitySecretary City CraigKinton, Auditor Adminishative Judge JudgeC. MctorLander, FirstAssistant Manager Ci$ A.C.Gonzalez, City P.E.,Assistant Manager JinA. Jordan, Gity Forest Tumer,Assistant Manager E. Assistant Manager Ci$ Zapata, Joey Officer Chipperfield, ChiefFinancial Jeanne Edward Scott,CityController PublicInformation ffice FrankLibrio, Sustainable and Director, Development Construction O'Donnell, Thengsa FireRescue Chief,Dallas Assistant Debra Carlin, the Pegues-Cooper, Assistantto CityManager-Councilffice Stephanie

we "Dallas-Together, do it betted'

June18,2012 Re:lmpfoslon aadlor usc otexdottves lo dernollsh lhe Proetorion Suilding DollosCity Councilmembers.DollosCity Monoger, ond Deor Mcyor Rowlings, City Monogen: Assistont Dollosis concerned obout the proboble implosionond/or use of Preservation to explosives demolishthe ProetorionBuildingof 1607Moin Sireet. We ore not seekingto prevent the demo$tion of the Proeiorionorthe other low-risebuildings Dollos in the cenier of the Notionol Downlown HlstodcDistrict.Preservotion hopes thot the developerwill utilizethe spoce to construct buildingsthoi hove o strong positiveimpoct on the redevelopment of the centrol busines district. However,if the PrsetorionBuildingis to be demolished.os oppeors qlmost certoin sf this poini. we osk ihe Ctty of Dollosto require thot the buitding be dismontled in the troditionol,top-down deconstruction method ouilined in the City'sdemolilionordinonce.
tl'*'it: ,irri::::; .irttt:t.2'tn i:;*i! !,t*riici l!;:cri;: )"rrial,4l i,:lq'li:.,;, r';li: i'i ,1lilx:i: :iJ,:{-;1t: it ;1J*r'jf,r,il.; i];,:;:;"t ,!ir.:.,2Ji::Ji;r Listr Ricci ktiilq' Enlherini; Ss.lle

Thereore three significontreosonswe oppose implosionor the use of explosives to demolishihe ProetodonBuilding: r domcge to neorby historicbuildings- severolsignificonilondmork buildings,port of the locol StoneStreet HistoricDistdct,ore locoted only 40 to 80 feet from the site;it isone of the most congested in the Centrol BusinesDisilict in termsof the proximityof neorby historicbuildings potentiolly hozordousdust, including leod, thot willsettle overthe city's center- ourCenlrol BusinesDistrictis no longer on 8 to 5 qreq * people five ond work downtown on o 2417bosb tlrc econornic impoct of shuttingdown the oreo oround the building cleonup needed loterbut not only forthe implosion forthe sustoined ond willcost mony businesses employeeslostrevenueond woges

1.4 lYil l i.t O'inters, l''.1

{'arol Rttari.' lnurim Et*r:utiyc Llit?dar


Our invesligotioninto the use of implosionos o meons of demolition in other mcjor citiesiells us thot mosi, including Chicogo. LosAngeles,Woshington,D.C. New Yorkond Philsdelphio,bonned demolition by implosionin iheir downtown oreos ten or more yeorsogo. Dollosneeds to do the some. We osk thot the City of Dollosforbid the implosionof the Proetodonond considero permenent bon. Sincerely.

Director lnterirn Erecutive
PRESERI'AnON DALLAs ' 29?2 SWISSAVEIIUE. DALLAS,TEXAS 75204-5928 . 214.821.3290 TELEPHOTIE '214.821.3573 FAx Vlttlylit.PRESERvATKtNOALLAs.ORG




April18,2012 Mr. GrsgZiegler MacDonald Davin 1201ElmStraet Dallas, Texas 7527A gziegler@macdonalddevin.com Sentvia e-mail: Re: Demolition Praetorian of Building Elear Zegler: Mr. We have receivedyour lstter concemingthe damolitionof tha Praetodan Buildlng focated 1607MainStrcet.On August29,2411theCityreceived appllcalion at an forthE demolitonof this buildlngalongwith demolifonappllcations 1600 Elm Straetand for permits 1604Elm Steet, The damolition werc lssuedand the work is ongoirg. At this time, the majority construc{icn of activi$ is occuningat 1600Elm Streetas is nearing completion. anticipate We construction workon 1604to beginin June.Discusslons wlth the propoty ownersand contnactors indicatethat 1604 Elm will be dismantled using conventional demolition npthods. The interiordemolitlonon 1607 Main Street has already begun and the asbestos abatement be compleled the andof the month. will The remaining by shellof the bullding cannotbe takendownuntilthedemolition 1604Elm is completed.The demolition at for The east sidewill be dismantlEd 1607 Mainwill be completed usingtwo methods. and the west side wlll be implded into the eaet side pit The estimatedcompletion is approximately months afterwo* begins. 6 your oncems for the safety of pedestrians the We understandand appraoiate in immediate areaof StonePlace.Boththe Bullding Inspactor the FireInspector and have beento the site sevaraltimes.We havespokenat lengthwith the demolition contractor and understand plan of woik. This contractor workingdiligentlyto ensurethe the ls safetyof the projectand the site is in full compliance all ragulations permlts with and at lhis lime. Giventhat the implosion not planned is untillata summer, permitsfor the implosion the hava not yet been submitted. However,ths contrador will be requiredto obiain permits explosive fromthe FireDepartment thisphaseof the proiect. Please the for see attached memofromthe Ci$'s Fire Marshal an axplanation that process.Wa will of br also cbsely coordinatewith state agencies to ensure air quality standardsare malntained.
Pagc1 ol 2 SultalntbL lhyilopm€nt analConllruc$gn Orpsrt'||rnt _ gl'|ldlng InrFactlon 320 E. Jetf€rloo Bhd.. Room fzot, Oalls!, T.rsr 7320! llil-g't8-1lll0

Mr.GtegZhgler Aprll18,2012 interestin Sbne Placaand tha We undsstandthat your cllsnt has taken a particular of thc triito*c area. We are alsoauare that the tenantsfrom your cliant's uniqu"nee

agreements Sre -to StoneFlq*tr pi!o:1tq19 haw Urifirine ticense lvittr Clty use that be In br requosbpending balconies this area. Please assured ws

lcense are n6[1 and with activities otherdty dgparfnEnts aiO wtl oordlnateall construitton dernoliton to tln and thosetenants minimize disruption O ethlg to accommodate i"rt"* "g"nctes this durirqg proict adivitias business nonnal for contracior this pnd€ctil Lastly,let me asaureyou that the demotiton "ttfmgty withinformatig ?Td@psrativ?wlth the and has beenrery forthcqrying and codes ua have "ipiiUn""O timE, prolect i-n ompUanae all ourbulding with is nrn ths ;ti. Af 1tir or ilrues. lf youhaveanyfurtherquestions onoamsaboutthis ir 6pncsms no speciftc , to pleasodo hesitrate contadmedlmc{lyproFc{ not

O'hnnEll Theresa Dlrector and Development Consffitrctbn Sustalnable Att Carlinmemorandum Manager m: MarySuhm,CttY AC Gorzalea FiretAsslstantCity Manager RyanEvans,AssistantCltYManager Elebra Carlin,AsslstantChief/FircMarshal LouleBright,InterimFirc Chief Chbf ActlngDEPUIY SandraMarsh, Phil Sikes,AssistantBuildlngO'fficial City Attomet's offie BarbaraMartinez,

Pagr 2 of?



April18,2012 MarySuhm CityManager

ctwoFDAtlAs rhru chann",55F"

Building 1607MainStreet of SUBJECT Demolition the Praetodan and After receivingthe lEtterfrom Mr. GregoryZegler, the CiU recordswere reviewed an active foundfor the locatlonabove. The ac$vepermitonly allous conventional demoliton pormitrrras pennittobe issuedby the Fire requlres addidonal explosives an demoliffon.Anyuseof explosives Wastboolc made sitevlsltto Deputy a Acting and Depadment. Chief$andraMarch Lt.Simmeanna is by the abovelocatonon Apdl 11, 2012. The demolition belngconducted DallasDemolition. met Dudngthe site visit,ChiefMarshand Lt Westbrook with Tony Lohdenwho is the general project. contactor for the demoliuon pnject as planned.The the Duringthe site vlsit Mr.Lohdendescribed scopeof the demolltion project (physicall on of buildlng the demolition a lifteen(15)story includes conventional the current that are belowgrade. The filtesnstoryportionof the of east slde and lhreestories the building Removing the is methods nextto otherbuildings. that with building ls beingremoved conventional of opena deeppit. Priorto thecompletion thispartof will threestorybelowgradestructure basically permit.As paft of of will the prolect,DallasDemolidon beglnthe process applylngfor an exploslve ls process, shorlngwill be appliedlo speciflcwalls so that whenan lmplosion the demolition lnitiated,the fallingwalls will be directedinto the plt which was createdby the first part of the part 2012. is for statedthe implosion of the demolition planned August, demolltlon.Mr.Lohden permitwill be for At this point,DaltasDenptition has not applled a permit. Beforean explosive inbrmation the Cityof Dallas: to mustprovide following issued, appl'cant tha lhe groundfealures, publicrightsof way, r Site plansdrawnto scalethat indicate slgnillcant parking areas. areasandanysp@tator otherbuildings, trees,overhead obstructlons, r Fallout area,including dimensions . Locatlon slgnifrcant roadways ufilities and lncludlng accessandmnlrolpoints of r Trafflcplansindicating flowof vehicles andoff the sitebefore in andafterthe event the r Location emeqencyvehiclestaging routeand accessroutes of r Transporhtion routeand timesto bdngin the explosives r Locatlonof exploslve storageareas r Documentation insurance of . Copyof the explosive statellcense pictureidentiflcation and operator's permit,therewill be a meetingof all affectedCity departrnents Priorto issuingany explosive Waler Management, Sfeets,Dallas of Fire,Folice, Building lnspection, Office Emergenc) including that mightbe atlectedsuch as DARTand all ulility Utilitles,Code and any outsideagencies thereareanyissues need lhat the whether to and companies review scopeof ihe project determine to be addressed.

and Vibrant Progrssslva,' The 'Dallas, CitvThatWorks:Diverse,

MainStreet Building 1607 of Demolition Praetorian 18,2012 April Page2 They in by with demolitions implosion Dallas. Demolltion haveexperience previous does Dallas area in for Ghurch demolitionthedowntown in2010. contracbrs theFintBaptist the were general pennitand to they With thls expedence, are awareof the lequirements obtainan explosive by pnpessto ensure theproiect reviewed all is that thal understand thiswlllbe a timeIntensive permit beissued. will a City before affected deparbnents

Marshal Assistant ChleflFire DebraK. Carlln, Bureau and Investigationg Fire Preventlon DallasFke HescueDepartnent C: Manager A, C. Gonzalez, FlrstAsslsbntCity R11an Evans,AssistantCityManager LouleBrlght lll, lnterimFireChief and Direcbr,Sustainable Development Constructon Theresa O'Donnell, $andraMarsh,ActingDeputyChief

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