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IPPR - Together at Home - A New Strategy for Housing

IPPR - Together at Home - A New Strategy for Housing

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Published by: Mark Pack on Jun 24, 2012
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In the previous chapter we outlined a number of crucial ways by
which we might make people’s dream of owning their own home a
more realistic one while also contributing to the generation of a more
effectively integrated housing system.

But there will always be a proportion of the population who cannot
afford or do not want to own their home at a particular moment in their
life. For them, we need a better rental housing offer. For those who
choose to avoid the risks and commitments of homeownership, we
need an alternative that does not penalise them in fnancial and social
terms for ‘missing out’.

We must ensure, in particular, that there is effective mobility between
owning and different forms of renting; that the experience in each of
these sectors is comparable in terms of the quality of accommodation;
and that we can provide rented accommodation in a way that helps to
generate common interests rather than segregating particular social
groups. We should also aim for everyone to have a real say in decisions
that shape the nature and the quality of the accommodation in which
they reside.

This means we need to transform both the private and social rental
sectors and to integrate them within the overall housing sector.

For too long, however, there have been signifcant and inexcusable
differences in the experience of groups of tenants within the private and
social rented sectors. These experiences have generated a strong sense
of segregation, with little mobility either between the sectors or within
qualitatively different parts of them.

In this chapter, we set out a series of reforms to both the private rented
and the social housing sectors that can help us achieve our primary
aims of:
• ensuring that all social groups have access to decent, affordable
and secure accommodation in whichever part of the housing sector
they are located
• increasing the mobility of different social groups between different
parts of the housing sector, including between the social housing
sector, the private rented sector and homeownership
• enabling local communities to shape their own responses to their
own housing needs.

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