Ppt Energy English

What’s energy ?

«Is the capacity to do some work»

Mechanical energy Kinetic energy Gravitational potential energy Electric potential energy Heat energy Electric energy Electromagnetic energy Sound energy Chemical energy Radiant energy Light energy




63.673 ktoe

Natural gas

31.104 ktoe

Nuclear energy
Renewable energy

13.750 ktoe

12.325 ktoe


10.353 ktoe


Solar energy

Wind power

Biodiversity loss Flood zones Cultucal heritage and landscape Excessive energy required to build solar panels

Low-frequency noise
Visual impact on the lanscape

Trap for the birds


Tankers Pipelines


Tankers Pipelines


Power plants

Nuclear power plants

Alternative energy plants (hydro, wind, solar)

Cable transport electricity to consumption centers

Oil spills and oil slicks

Accidents and radioactive leaks
Visual impact and effects on wildlife and biodiversity

PM-10 is called small solid and liquid particles of dust, ash, soot, metal particles,cement or pollen, dispersed in the atmosphere, and whose diameter is less than 10. They consist mainly of inorganic compounds such as silicates and aluminates, and other heavy metals and organic material associates wiht carbon particles (soot) Accordint to the WHO recommended maximum level is 50 micrograms per cubic meter. (µm)

PM-10 data in Europe for 2008

Bulgary: 51 µm Spain: 28 µm Greece: 32 µm Italy: 23 µm Polland: 35 µm Rumania: 12 µm Turkey: 37 µm

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