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Introduction to ArcGIS Basics of ArcCatalog Using ArcToolbox ArcMap Interface Managing Data Frames & Adding Data Managing Map Documents Symbolising Spatial Data Controlling & Managing Data Display Managing Attribute Tables Attribute Queries Basics of Spatial & Attribute Editing Creating & Managing Labels Creating Layout Printing and Exporting Layout GIS website: Corel Painter 12 Purchase serial number: PF12R22-YHTCTQP-YET6XZR-HLNN3ZE Activation Code:D0B9-1A8E-D979-CD09-24D5

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Water resources management on hydro-climatic disasters in Bangladesh :a case study on Khulna. Paul, Reba, 2010, Impacts of Alia, post Aila water problems and delayed reconstr uction of embankment in Aila affected areas in Bangladesh, Presentation Handout, Banglades h Water Partnership (BWP), Dhaka. 23.77321,90.421967