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John Montijo/Sheriff_DeptlMilwauk ee County


Paul MaczkallMSD/Milwaukee

County@milwc_o County@milwco

cc Archie FriendsllMSD/Milwaukee bcc Subject


09/08/200602:56 PM

Websense - Internet Filtering groups

Paul: I've gathered information from the Captains from each division within the Sheriff's Office, this is what access they feel each division I groups within their division should have:

Office of the Sheriff- Unrestricted Access Sheriff Inspector Captain Chief Public Information Officer Executive Assistant Administrative Assistant Human Resources Manager

Internal Affairs- Unrestricted Access all assigned staff

Jail- Unrestricted Access: Inspector Captains ;\..tcJ (;q\/ Lieutenants Sergeants Classifications Classifications Assistant Special Projects Facilities Liaison Deputy Jail Records Deputies positions Records and Identifications positions Jail Programs Manager Medical Director Nurse Educator Medical Pre-Screening Booking Nurses Stations Psy. Social Workers Case Managers Director of Psych Social Workers Stores Clerk

Central Intake Unit Liaison Jail- Restricted Access Jail Administrative Assistants Visiting Control Release Pre-Book Master Control Director of Nursing Assistant Director of Nursing Medical Nursing Staff Court Staging Inmate Workers Deputies Cashiers Property Clerks Central Intake Unit Psych Social Workers

Airport Division - Unrestricted Access Captain Sergeants


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Airport Division- Restricted Access All assigned Deputies and Civilian. sta.ff

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Criminal Investigations Division- Unrestricted Access Alf personnel assigned to this division

Special Operations Division - Courts Unrestricted Access Captain Sergeants Administrative


Special Operations Division- Courts Restricted Access All assigned Deputies and Civilian staff

Patrol Division - Unrestricted Access Deputy Inspector Captain Sergeants Administrative Assistants

Patrol Division - Restricted Access All assigned Deputies

Training Academy - Unrestricted Access


All personnel assigned to this division


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All personnel assigned to this division

Special Operations Division - Communications Deputy Inspector Captain Sergeant Dispatch System Administrator Assistant Dispatch System Administrator

Unrestricted Access

Special opera~n;~i~;~i~n

:' ~~:~~~i;at~n~

R~stricted Access

Dispatchers assigned to communications


Emergency Management - Unrestricted Access

{ All personnel assigned to this diViSion.

Paul, I hope I have not missed any areas.

The groups that have restricted access should be allow to view the following web sites: http://wcca.wicourts.gov/index.xsl http://mcintranet.milwaukee.gov/display/loginMilwaukeeCounty.asp?docid=14465

https:/lsourcetimepro1.ceridian.com/ " there are some additional sites that I need to verify first.

The Dispatchers that have restricted access should be allow to view the following web sites: http://www.911dispatch.com/db/index.php http://www.wilenet.org

Switchboard.com, Whitepages.com, and Anywho.com.

Yahoo maps and MSN & Maps Google.com www.mchange.org NENA.ORG WINENA.ORG FEMA.GOV Census.gov www.JSONLlNE.COM www.DHS.govHomeland Security

Enforcer/Portals To confirm wanted subjects, stolen vehicles, stolen plates, etc. This will be taking place in the near future. Intranet GeAP and Milwaukee county Website

Deputy John H. Montijo Information Management Liaison Special Operations Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office jmontijo@milwcnty .com (414) 226-7354

Internet content filtering will block access to "inappropriate" web sites which are defined by the following general categories for Milwaukee County: Adult Material Gambling Games Society and Lifestyles - Personals and Dating Violence Internet Radio and TV Internet Telephony Peer to Peer file sharing Personal Storage and Backup Streaming Media Blocking of internet communication - web chat and web based email (non Lotus Notes) - will be an individual department decision. Exceptions to the web site blocking will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with emphasis on the direction provided by the department management. This is the screen you will

get if a site is blocked:

Milwaukee County Internet Usage policy restricts access to this web page at this time. If you have a legitimate business reason to visit this site, please contact your manager. Only your manager is authorized to contact the IMSD Help Desk for changes to this policy.

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