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Math Problem Solving Activities

Henry the elephant saw 12 legs walk by in the jungle. How many animals did he see?

Can you make 3 triangles using 7 match sticks?

A bird laid 12 eggs. 5 eggs hatched and the birds flew away. How many eggs are left in the nest?

There were 20 jellybeans in the jar. Bill, Sarah and Tim all took some. How many jellybeans did they each take?

Woof is a big dog. Yap is a little dog. Jo always gives Woof 3 more biscuits than Yap. How many biscuits does each dog get?

I found 16 socks on the ground. How many people have lost their socks? How many pairs of socks are there?

When I go shopping I always buy double the number of bananas than apples. What might my fruit bowl look like?