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The Woman Who Left Her Behind

The Woman Who Left Her Behind

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Published by Tsuki
Yume had been re-teaching Senritsu how to rely on her other senses. However, things quickly get out of hand as they always did.
Yume had been re-teaching Senritsu how to rely on her other senses. However, things quickly get out of hand as they always did.

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Published by: Tsuki on Jun 25, 2012
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Senritsu collapsed to the ground, coughing as she put her hands to her throat. “Get up.

” A voice demanded and she forced herself back up on her feet only to be knocked back down. As she suffered such abuse, she still smiled and laughed a little pitifully. “Lady J’Yume… please… j’you are in pain. Can’t j’you get treatment?” As Senritsu spoke this concerning words, Yume showed complete disdain for her. “I told you not to call me that! My health is none of your concern!” She shouted in her emotional rage as she grabbed her by her collar and dragged her up on her face. Senritsu at this point was no longer fighting which wasn’t helping her situation. “Why aren’t you fighting me? Stop being such a pacifist!” Yume spitefully shoved her back as she left her go, forming new chakura in her hands as she used her form of chakura threats to strike her, but Senritsu lifted her voice, deflecting the threads with the resonating sound. However, once more she was struck down. As she pushed herself on her feet, Senritsu smiled and giggled as tears streamed down her face. This puzzling behavior was getting on Yume’s last nerve. “Are you mocking me?” “N-no no … J’Yume … j’you are in so much pain… It’s ok…. What happened to j’you, to j’your family. I know j’you never wished to do such a thing… You were never a murderer were j’you? J’you became what j’you hated because j’you were deceived … by j’your own flesh and blood.” This information cut deep through Yume. “SHUT UP!” Yume demanded as she back handed the woman. Senritsu didn’t even flinch, she expected that. “How do you even know?!” Yume never shared this information. With anyone. It was a painful thing for her to go through, why would she expose such a weak thing to someone she didn’t trust. “Vocal mind technique… I can hear people’s thoughts… their very memories when I am in contact with them and singing. I didn’t mean to peer… I needed to know why j’you were in pain and … why j’you hate me so much.” She answered with a giggle. It was true, Yume did hate Senritsu with every fiber of her being. For a shallow and selfish reason. That Senritsu’s happiness was ruining her. How some woman who killed people for a living, suffered the loss of her sight still seemed content with the world. “How… dare you!” Yume cried out as she reformed her chakura into a blade and attempted to stab Senritsu. However, she refused to allow herself to be severely wounded. With ease she knocked Yume’s hand aside and grabbed a hold of the girl in an embrace. “I’m sorry j’you are dying. I’m sorry j’you feel this way, but I cannot allow j’you to kill me because of j’your unhappiness. There are a few who matter to me that would be so enraged with me if I did…” She spoke softly, but Senritsu was also at her wit’s end. Low on chakura, tired… severely wounded, she still continued to try and get through to the girl. Yume however wasn’t going to play that game. With little to no remorse, she broke out of her grasp. Yet before she could even lash out at her, Senritsu’s strength gave. All the abuse and wounds she suffered finally took their toll as she fell to the ground, but she was still conscious. Barely. “… You idiot…” Yume stated as she rubbed her eyes to quickly get rid of her on coming tears. “L-Lady J’Yume… J’you’ll be ok … but please… no more…” It was the first time Senritsu even asked for someone to stop fighting her. More specifically, for the pain to stop. She was so used to bearing her burdens and her pain, never complaining. This time was different however. Yume paused as she looked down on the woman who took pity on her, without another word she turned and walked away. Not even bothering to treat Senritsu’s wounds. She gave up. She gave up trying to teach this woman, not that she needed another teacher anyhow. Senritsu however, she managed to force herself to roll on her side. It was painful of course, she wasn’t fatally wounded. But she was tired. Slowly she drifted out of consciousness casting away her thoughts and concerns for the woman that left her behind.

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