The  Summer  Market     Choose  from  the  following  seasonal  market  items:     One  Scoop  $3.

50       Two  Scoops  $7       Three  Scoops  $10     ● BLT  Salad  w/Bacon,  Heirloom  Tomato,  Smoked  Mozzarella,  Romaine,  Green   Goddess  Dressing     ● Brussels  Sprouts  Salad  w/Fresno  Chilies,  Parmesan  Dressing       ● Charred  Cabbage  Slaw  w/Chicken,  Carrots,  Golden  Raisins,  Curry  Vinaigrette     ● Grilled  Melon  Salad  w/Bleu  Cheese,  Pickled  Onion,  Mint     ● Kale,  Spinach  &  Baby  Carrot  Salad  w/Peanuts,  Yuzu  Dressing     ● Persian  Cucumber  Salad  w/Cherry  Tomato,  Chickpeas,  Cilantro,  Feta       Market  Signature  Salads     Wolfgang  Salad:  Roasted  Chicken,  Red  Cabbage,  Romaine,  Carrots,  Toasted  Sesame,   Mandarin  Orange,  Asian  Trail  Mix,  Hot  Mustard  Soy  Vinaigrette  $9.95     Corn  &  Quinoa  Salad:  Romaine,  Spinach,  Herbs,  Feta,  &  Balsamic  Vinaigrette    $9     Summer  Salad:  Little  Gem  Lettuce,  Heirloom  Tomatoes,  Smoked  Mozzarella,  Cucumbers,   Radish,  Croutons,  Basil-­‐Dijon  Vinaigrette  $9.50     Mediterranean  Salad:  Arugula,  Feta,  Kalamata  Olives,  Hummus,  Cherry  Tomatoes,  Red   Onion,  Marinated  Artichoke  Hearts,  Grilled  Eggplant,  Herbed  Balsamic  Croutons,  Creamy   Mint  Emulsion  $10.25     Momma  Pat’s  Chop  Salad:  Roasted  Chicken,  Bacon,  Romaine,  Sharp  Cheddar,  Cherry   Tomatoes,  Caramelized  Onion,  Pepperoncini,  Housemade  Ranch  Dressing  $10.25     Portal  Picnic  Salad:  Romaine,  Grapefruit  Segments,  Fennel,  Pickled  Onions,  Hearts  of   Palm,  Pistachios,  Goat  Cheese,  Champagne-­‐Grapefruit  Vinaigrette  $9.50  
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    Build  your  own  Salad  $8.50     Choose  your  Greens:    Arugula,  Spring  Mix,  Romaine,  Little  Gem  Lettuce   Choose  up  to  5  Staples,  1  Dairy  Item  &  Dressing  

  Staples  (extra  add  $.50  each):     Bell  Peppers     Carrots     Corn         Pickled  Beets   Hearts  of  Palm   Cherry  Tomatoes   Heirloom  Tomatoes     Candied  Cashews     Caramelized  Onions   Fennel       Marinated  Artichokes   Grapefruit  Segments   Crispy  Onions     Croutons     Fingerling  Potatoes     Roasted  Walnuts   Red  Onions     Cucumber     Kalamata  Olives     Pepperoncini     Dairy  (extra  add  $1  each):     Bleu  Cheese     Feta       Goat  Cheese     Parmesan     Sharp  Cheddar   Smoked  Mozzarella     Dressings  (extra  add  $.75  each):     Green  Goddess   Basil-­‐Dijon     Lemon-­‐Dill     Hot  Mustard  Soy     Housemade  Ranch   Mint  Emulsion   Yuzu         Balsamic   Curry       Champagne-­‐Grapefruit     Proteins:     Grilled  Tofu  $2.25   Quinoa  $2     Roasted  Chicken  $2.75   Tuna  Salad  $2.50         Housemade  Soups     Cup  $3.50         Bowl  $5.50     ● Sweet  Corn  Soup,  Bacon,  Chives     ● Roasted  Red  Bell  Pepper  Soup,  Sumac,  Yogurt     ● Curried  Cauliflower  Soup,  Cilantro,  Chile  Oil  
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Bread  Choices:  Salted  Rye,  Sourdough,  or  Whole  Wheat  with  Oats   Roast  Beef:    Fontina,  Horseradish  Aioli,  Funyuns,  Upland  Cress  $9   Reuben  Chicken  Meatball:  1000  Island,  Sauerkraut,  Red  Cabbage-­‐Caraway  Slaw,   Swiss  $9   Albacore  Tuna:  Hummus,  Fennel  Confit,  Swiss,  Sun  Dried  Tomato  Pesto  $8   Rosemary,  Black  Pepper,  &  Brown  Sugar  Crusted  Bacon  BLT:  Green  Garlic  Aioli,   Tomato  Jam,  Cheddar,  Iceberg  $8.50   Truffle  Egg  Salad:  Capers,  Basil  Pesto,  Roasted  Roma  Tomatoes,  Iceberg,  Crispy   Onions  $8   Cool  Ranch  Chicken  Salad:  Avocado  Spread,  Pepper  Jack,  Cool  Ranch  Doritos,   Iceberg  $9   Turkey  Gobbler:  Swiss,  Dried  Cranberry  Aioli,  Upland  Cress,  Black  Pepper  Cream   Cheese  $8.50   Housemade  Falafel:  Tzatziki,  Harissa  Aioli,  Artichoke  Spread,  Upland  Cress  $8.50   Beverages  









Bottled  Beverages  $2  each   Brewed  Iced  Tea  $2   Sides  


Assorted  Popchips  $1.50   Sweets  



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