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2008 Envision Talking Points 2008-01-07

2008 Envision Talking Points 2008-01-07


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FAQ about the upcoming TAMU Mays Business School CNVE conference for Entrepreneurs.
FAQ about the upcoming TAMU Mays Business School CNVE conference for Entrepreneurs.

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Published by: EricStandlee on Jan 10, 2008
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TALKING POINTS What is Envision ’08?

Envision ’08 is a 2-day conference that will be the largest gathering of entrepreneurs and business leaders in Texas in 2008. It will be a high-energy, information-rich, network-building 48 hours. What do you mean by “expanding minds and expanding networks”? The objective of Envision’s hosts is for every attendee to leave the conference having been exposed to new ideas that inspire and stretch the participant’s thinking while also making a dozen new contacts of benefit to the attendee. When is Envision ’08 being held? Envision ’08 is being held April 23 – 25, 2008. It will begin with networking, dinner and the opening keynote address by Marcus Buckingham on the evening Wednesday, April 23 and conclude at lunch on Friday, April 25. Where is Envision ’08 being held? Envision ’08 is being held in San Antonio, TX. The host hotel and location of all events is the Marriott River Center hotel. At the time of the conference, the Marriott will have just completed a $70 million renovation. Who should attend Envision ‘08? Business leaders and entrepreneurs from start-ups through maturing companies will enjoy significant benefit from participating in Envision ’08. What does it cost to attend Envision ’08? The base price is $1350. If you register before January 31, 2008 and use the code word “champion” the price is $1095. Where can I learn more about Envision ’08? Visit www.envision08.com, http://envision08.blogspot.com, http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/envisionconference/ Envision ’08 sounds expensive, how does it compare to other conferences? The price is comparable to most business conferences. You must keep in mind that the price of Envision includes all meals and networking receptions as well as the conference sessions. The best way to look at it is as an investment – Envision ’08 is a one-of-a-kind, Texas-based opportunity to invest 48 hours in the development of your business and yourself. What is the format for Envision ’08? Envision ’08 is designed with a mix of general sessions with “name” keynote speakers, focused workshops presented by “been there, done that” leaders and networking sessions. Who are some of the keynote speakers? Envision’s keynote speakers that will inspire and challenge you. Included are: 1

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Marcus Buckingham – Best-selling author of books such as Go Put Your Strengths to Work and First, Break All the Rules. Guy Kawasaki – Apple fellow, entrepreneur, investor and author of books such as The Art of the Start and Rules for Revolutionaries. Peter Shutz – Former CEO of Porsche and author of The Driving Force, Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People. Stephen Covey – One of Time magazine's 25 most influential Americans and one of Sales and Marketing Management's top 25 power brokers. Dr. Covey is the author of several acclaimed books, including the international bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

What about the workshops? What is being covered and who is speaking? Entrepreneurs, authors, consultants, professors, capital sources and service providers, are leading the workshops. The workshops have been organized around eight themes critical to every business: • • How I Did It – Successful entrepreneurs telling the story of building their business. Insights – Unique points of view about critical topics such as leadership, the economy, building corporate value, the future of technology and the life of a CEO offered by authors, consultants and other noted experts. Thinking Ahead – A common trait of successful leaders is that they are always thinking ahead. Thinking ahead about business and personal issues. Whether it is business issues such as one day selling the business, taking it public or becoming an international operation, Envision ’08 will provide the information you need. On personal level, it might be thinking about passing the family-owned business from one generation to the next or your own personal transition to post-business activities. Funding – The big issue on most business leader’s minds id funding. Envision’s funding workshops will allow you to the funding ropes from angel investors, venture capitalists, investment bankers and commercial bankers. You’ll also learn about the effort that goes into raising money from these important sources. Talent – Perhaps the number two issue on every leader’s mind is talent – how to find, attract, keep and develop the right talent to make the business successful. At Envision ’08 you’ll have the chance to learn about generational differences and the impact on recruiting and retention. You’ll also learn about building community amongst your team and creating a culture that will drive innovation. Marketing – How does a growing company create a buzz? In a digital world? In a multicultural world? In a world of social networking? Envision’s workshops will help you tell your story, define your brand and generate media attention. Leadership and Sales – Workshop leaders with real-world industry experience will discuss leadership on both the company and personal levels. Understanding that most company leaders wear a sales hat as well, Envision will pay particular attention to the leader’s role in driving sales. 2

Productivity – What are the top 10 legal, accounting or HR mistakes young companies make? How do you avoid them?

Will there be networking opportunities? Expanding each attendee’s personal network is one of the primary objectives for Envision ’08. The conference has been designed to promote networking through a number of opportunities to meet with your peers in structured and unstructured sessions. What’s in it for me to attend Envision ’08? Envision ’08 is an unparalleled opportunity to learn from experts and expand your personal network. You will learn on at least three levels: • Company Leadership – You’ll gain insight into the big issues that will affect the future of your business – issues such as the economy, generational issues and the future of technology. Company Performance – You’ll be exposed to tools and techniques in areas such as funding, marketing, sales and recruiting that you can employ today to drive performance. Personal Leadership – You’ll learn what you can do to better lead your company to its goals.

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As important as the learning opportunities will be the opportunity to rub shoulders with business leaders from across the state. Envision will put you in touch with people inside and outside of your industry enabling you to benefit from the insights of others working day-to-day to build their own businesses. OK, but it still sounds expensive, what is the value proposition? What is the value of growing revenues just a few percentage points? Of winning one more deal? Of hiring the right person? Of raising capital in less time with less effort? Of meeting people that might be customers, suppliers, investors or consultants for your business? Of your entire company becoming a little more focused and productive? Of expanding your own personal network? Certainly the return from just one of those outcomers is worth the investment of 48 hours and a little over $1000. Will there be a chance to interact with the workshop speakers and sponsors? Yes. Many of the workshop leaders will be attending the conference as well as speaking in the workshops. There will be an exhibit hall where sponsors and exhibitors will be available to meet and talk with attendees. Envision ’08 is being hosted by Texas A&M. Is this an Aggie-only conference? No, it is not an Aggie-only conference. Texas A&M is hosting this conference for the benefit of entrepreneurs and business leaders for across Texas and the US. How do I sign up for Envision ’08? Visit www.envision08.com


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