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Dating, gaming, relationship advice from Frank Kermit
Dating, gaming, relationship advice from Frank Kermit

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Published by: therealflatfive on Jun 26, 2012
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Dear Frank,

What advice do you have for a guy that wants
his sex-buddy back, but only as a sex-buddy? I
have been seeing a girl for almost a year. We
are sex-buddies. We only get together when
neither of us is seeing anyone else seriously.
Lately though when we get together, she has
started to deny me sex. We hang out, do all
the usually stuff including heavy make out
sessions, but when it comes to sex she has
started to hold off. This does not make sense
to me, as there is nothing her and I have not
done in the past. She tells me that she does
not want to be with me for “just sex” anymore,
yet wants to still hang out with me. Is this just
a phase that I can break her out of? If I tell her
directly that I will never be in a serious
relationship with her, will I lose her entirely?


Dear Asker53,

The question is what do YOU see her as? Lets
assume for a second that you felt this coming
for a while. If so, you must understand that
your responsibility as a player is to manage
these things BEFORE they become a bigger
issue. If you didn't see it coming, then lets
move on...

First of all, you cannot say with any
ABSOLUTE certainty that there isn't a chance

© Frank Because-I-Have-To-Be Kermit 2007


you will end up in a serious relationship with
her DOWN THE ROAD. You have no real idea
what is going to happen in your life. You
cannot begin to imagine the amount of ways
you are going to change in the next 10-20
years. Be honest with her...that you don't really
know what the future holds for the both of
you...NO ONE REALLY DOES...that is why
you have to hope for the best and make
excellent choices about how you spend your
time now.

Secondly, address her emotional needs and
make her feel special to you by pointing out
what is UNIQUE about her to you.

Thirdly, Don't argue logic with women it does
not work.

Fourth, never let her become your mother. The
most attractive thing you can do is to find
someone else to replace her as a sex-buddy.

-Frank, because I have to be

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