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Published by: Stuart Docker on Jun 26, 2012
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Stuart Docker

44 Barton road, Sutton-at-hone, da4 9ea Home Phone Mobile phone Email Date of birth: 01/06/1993


Math - B Science - B Additional Science - C ICT - 2 Cs IT essentials - B Art Graphics - D Currently studying Cisco computer networking A Level

Work Experience My work experience only involves a week of volunteer work at Shorne wood country park, helping out with others tiding up the place making it a better experience for the public

Skills I know how to work computers very well. Follow instructions very well. Have great intuition, learning how to do something with very little input or none at all most of the time Have quite a bit of knowledge about the gaming industry

Interests and achievements I am greatly interested in and have a passion gaming, particularly the MMO World of Warcraft, role playing games and music games such as the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series. I also have a great passion for music, particually heavy metal bands such as metallica, slayer, avenged sevenfold and dream theater just to name a few. Japanise culture also greatly interests me, mainly there anime, it is very enjoyable References

References and letters of recommendation available on request.

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