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Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen Remodelling

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Published by: Piers11 on Jun 26, 2012
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Really nailing your design will seem like an insurmountable task when you start, but
take hope. Even designers and architects don't get the design right on the first try.

Part of the fun of your remodel is doing, and redoing the design until it's perfect. Then
tweak it some more until...

My Final Kitchen Design Plan That Got Built

One of the best tips I can give you about planning your kitchen design is to work with
what you've got and not reinvent the wheel.

Anytime you start to move plumbing and knock out walls, your budget will go through
the roof.

My final kitchen design above is similar to the original kitchen layout when I moved in.
We made a small change to the design by adding a peninsula and it has paid big
dividends in useful seating and preparation space that was just an under used eat in
void at the bottom of the space.

Here is where you can see my entire kitchen design from start to finish including
schematic AutoCAD drawings so you can more easily understand the process I went

Where to get kitchen design ideas online

There are a few of great places to "steal" design ideas online.

- Google Images: Enter the search terms, "kitchen design" "kitchen pictures" "kitchen
cabinets" or "kitchen designer".

- Yahoo Images: Again use the same search terms listed above or any other
combinations of "kitchen" design" "pictures" etc. You won't believe what you'll dig up.

- Forums: I am not a huge fan of forums for design, but there are a few large Ikea
specific forums where people share their designs and builds. Some are quite nice and
professional and most people will gladly give you feedback on your design if you submit

If you're completely at a loss as to how to design your kitchen layout, it may be time to
talk to a professional. Take your sketched down to a local big box store and show them
to a designer for input, or have a home designer or architect review them for a fee.

If you end up with a crappy design in the beginning, you'll be paying for it for years to
come - and it may even make your home hard to sell in the future!

After you get your kitchen design in order, it's time to open up the old pocket book and
order your kitchen cabinets.

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