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Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen Remodelling

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Published by: Piers11 on Jun 26, 2012
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So your order showed up and all the pieces are intact, it's now time to get everything
staged and organized so your project runs smoothly.

Here's how I organized and staged my cabinets

After the cabinets arrived from Ikea on the pallets, I made sure I was organized from the
get go.

The surest way to screw-up your project is to unload the pallets willy-nilly and scatter
boxes around the house, only to discover later that you can't find half the pieces to your
cabinets when it comes time to build them.

Cabinets staged, separated and grouped

Get your cabinet parts and components separated

The first order of business when you unpack the pallets is to get all the corresponding
pieces grouped together by type.

What I did was to group all the cabinet boxes in one pile (bottom of picture above), all
the cabinet doors in another (middle of picture), hanging rail and base trim together (left
side in back), cabinet drawers and fittings (lower left), and cover panels (on the right,
out of picture).

Making your list and checking it twice (just like Santa)

As I mentioned in the last section on ordering your cabinets, get a printout of your
cabinet order when you're at Ikea, and have the kitchen consultant use a pen and group
the cabinet parts together like this...

Cabinet order sheet printout from Ikea, use to cross reference order

So my picture isn't that great, but if you look on the left hand side of my cabinet order,
you can see the text and lines that separate each cabinet and all of its' components.

With this list in hand, and your cabinets neatly staged and organized, double checking
your order to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

When you follow my advice about investing some time organizing at the beginning of
the project, building the boxes is about 100 times easier - and so is everything else!

Maybe I'm anal, huh? Oh well...SO BE IT! When you're doing a major project like a
kitchen remodel, it pays to be a little uptight and picky.

Cover panels and pullout pantry parts

Here's a picture of the pullout pantry and cover panels that didn't fit into the first shot

And, here's where I put all of the ledger boards, trim, toe kicks and the suspension rail

Ikea ledger boards, trim, toe kicks and suspension rail

I'm going to repeat myself again, GET ORGANIZED before you even think about tearing
into those boxes and building even one cabinet. You can thank me later when you're not
banging your head against the wall because you can't find any of your parts!

Cabinet staging, building and work area in the garage

During the demolition and construction phases we used our garage to stage the
cabinets after they were built. Once the demolition began, we simply pulled out the old
cabinets and put them in the garage and brought in the new cabinets.

If at all possible, use your garage space to build and store cabinets, don't just leave your
old cabinets strewn all over the house - or worse yet left in the kitchen while you're
trying to work!

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