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Congratulations! You have won a contest at MycroBurst.com. In order to complete the entire process we would need you to transfer the ownership rights to Contest Holder. Please enter your real FULL NAME in the spaces given below and send the document (PDF) along with the source files of the winning logo.

MycroBurst.com Winning Contest Name: Love Meets Life Photography Logo Winning Design ID:

I Muh. Husain alhas a. confirm that the winning design is my OWN UNIQUE creation and the concept/design in full or partial has not been copied from any 3rd party source. b. agree that I have not used any clip art or image from a 3rd party source in the winning design. c. agree to transfer the ownership rights of the winning design to the contest holder.

Please note that release of payment as per the schedule given in our terms will only be executed after we have received the consent on transfer of ownership/copyright. In case of any clarification, please feel free to contact us at support@mycroburst.com

Design Support Team MycroBurst.com

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