June 22, 2012

Ms. Kelly J. Canon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Dear Ms. Canon: This will acknowledge receipt of your letter asking this office for assistance in obtaining information you requested from the Texas Democratic Party. The Public Information Act (the "Act") applies only to an entity defined as a "governmental body" as set fo rth in section 552.003 of the Government Code. The Texas Democratic Party is not an entity that falls within the definition of a "governmental body" and is, therefore, not subject to the requirements of the Act. Accordingly, this office is unable to assist you in this matter. However, during our conversation of June 20, 2012, you indicated the Office of the Secretary of State, which is a governmental body subject to the Act, may not have fully complied with your request for records. If that is the case, you may submit a written complaint to this office. Please enclose a copy of your original open records request to the Office of the Secretary of State and copies of any responses you have received from that governmental body. We cannot process a complaint without a copy of the original written request. Should you have any questions regarding this letter, please call the Open Government Hotline at 1877-673-6839. Sincerely,

Assistant Attorney General Education and Enforcement Section Open Records Division JBH/bs
POST OFF I CE Box 1 2548, AUSTIN, T EXAS 78711 - 2548 TEL: (5 1 2) 463-21 00 WWW.TEXASATTORNEYGENERAL.GOV

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