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and habits Hornes

Reading Part 5

Read the text below and choosethe correct word for I each space. For each question, nnark the correct letter A, B, C or D. Example: 0 A somebody
B evervbodv C nobody D anvbodv

1 3 4


in later placing urSenr firstly of few since some do


by another putting quick mainly on couple because every take

6 7 8


c c c c c c c c c c

for further tidying sudden generally about lot

D a t D following D ordering -b-1 actual D, especially i D D D D over little though any get

both make

O un"t

r L r r r r r r r r r t ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ . ¡ ¡ ¡¡ t t I t t t ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J ¡ f
continuous andpresent simple Present
Each sentence contains a mistake by a PET candidate. Of¡ Cross it out and write the correct form. I 1 Hello Stacey, vffite to you to say thanks for your letter . ..... . .1rt..vur.ititg..


on 2 That'sthe bestprogramme TV and I watchingit everynight. it film. 3 We'regoingto that cinemabecause showsa science-fiction 4 The weatherhere is lovely and we stay in a hotel with a big swimming pool.

don'twearingciothes like thoseat weddings. ................ In my countrypeople

6 I leave this note to let you know which cinema we are going to. ............. 7 Every day at school I'm wearing jeans and a black or orange shirt. to 8 The ownerslook for someone work in the shopduring the summer. Englishvery well. 9 He comesfrom Londonand is speaking 10 Dear Richard,I sendyou this email to thank you for your present. @ Complete the blog with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

Sáturday, January 14
s É a & ü a s ' go € s s s & € 6 0 s s d

About Eva, me:
s E s c * ó e 6 0

Chitél I ,:
3::::,:::tt.: :(t:::r:E:.: ,t:l|

Hi,my fldrT'to,,isAlonso l'm 1óyears Eva and old. (come) l'('l),,,.,, . ......... fromChile, I but ,,"..qqw? (2)


in the ,,(stay¡ Australia'for summer.,:. (live) .. with a family here, andmost

'days (5) .. I language...school for {g-o-),.ta,'a :,.,............:,:,.-,,,,,,, lesso.ns," family veryiriendly theyalways The are and ',,, (ó)... ........ . . (speak) mé in English, now to so | (7) . .....:¡..........,... . (understand) almost everything. (8) My pronunciation

but-f,(q.: to praetise wliting lnsed) (10) (like) more. really . . ,,1,f-**illi.liiiii¡:,... I being hére and; I feel sometimes tftatiiltt*#iii$ill;li'iliril. . (notwa¡¡¡i:r¡,:,i ;
: ] : i l : : : : : . i ; ] ] . ' . . : i i l : i i : : 1 i . | : ' l i i : ' : : . i i | . . . . l . . . . : ' . . ¡ : . . . : . . . . :

but tn,ñ*á:b$f¡ifislome ry .ount*$ and to leave, then,t
andI (1.2) .,. being there,

and habitt ffi Homes

Listening Part 4

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J J ¡ J ¡ ¡ r r¡ t ¡ ¡ ¡r r r ¡J

Look at the five sentences for this part' you will hear a conversation between a boy, Leon, and his Eister, zara, about his room' Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. is not sorrect, put a tick (/) If it is correct, put a tick (/) in the box under A for YES. If it in the box under B for NO. A B YES why Leon is unhappy with his room' Zaraunderstands 2 Zarasaysthat his room shouldbe paintedwhite. 3 Zarathinks Leon shouldget pelmissionbeforehe paints anything' 4 Leon wants to have smallerfurniture in the room. ! 5 Leon and Zaraagleethat there shouldbe a mirror on the wall' NO


n tr n


n n n

Writing Part 1

Here are some sentences about a new home' the same as the first. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means Use no more than three words. Example: Our new home is quite near my school' our new home is not . t*r irpn'"""' my school' 1 We have a third-floor apartmentin a modern building. is Our aPartment ..........'... the third floor of a modernbuilding' 2 I neariy alwayswalk up the stairs' e v e rg o u P in the lift. I................ 3 There are six rooms in the apartment' The apartment 4 There isn't a lot of furniture in my room' onlY'......'. In my room there's 5 Next weekendwe must go shoPPing!
...... x rooms. sl



a¡.¡a rr a.ra¡a¡¡JJ¡J '
ComPlete the Puzzle'

¡ ¡ r ¡ r¡ ¡¡¡JJJJJJ¿


Across 6 I keepmy sweaters and socksin a chestof á.(C.r-ugt3 . in mY bedroom. ..... 7 When I'm in bed, I like to havea very soft to C.*n.rr¡....... rest mV headon. 9 My parentskeep the car in the q${f,rf{. ....under \ U our block of flats. 11 Our apartmenthas a .g;4.,{-t}J"i.1 where you can sit outsideand iook at the sea. 12 To make meals,I think it's betterto use an electric q¡':t¡C.-.S.(. .. rather than a,gasone. you changea light ü.\lC: 13 Before switch off the lamp. L;'rr..,..(f* . off the bed. 16 When I lookedin the .'.$r\t t.Q.f. .., I saw that my facewas dirty. i7 i put somewarm waterinto the $:r washedthe platesand cups. A and , you should

Down 1 It's a huge house,with a long Cni.tld.,::["..that leadsto roomson the left and right. 2 Threeof us sat on the comfortable $n.y$*......... , \J watchinga DVD. 3 Put rhe food into the wl ctryslü ltand it will be in cooked two minutes, 4 I had to sit on a very hard chair for hours, so I put
, $

on a .(},:tgl..n,i)i¿.. it. 5 I openedthe front door, left my coat in the . .ha:ri... . .. and then went into the living room. IleXt to the 8 I brushed my teeth in the l¿,t¡;jc*atsT.:r
\ r t

14 I felt hot and I couldn'tsleep, I threw the so

,, ffi:r.".*;:r ,/

went sleep his ál'**c-h*\( to in
. .. and I

. ,r tu.rgthe front-d,oorb:..\ 13 Somebody
{ 15 I turned off the hot-water *GQ bath was nearly full.

whiie he watchedTV.

went to seewho was there.

Homes and habits f]



¡ ¡¡¡¡ ¡¡ ¡t t ¡ f t t ¡ ¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡¡

¡ ;{ lt



{ '{


There are five questionsin this part. For each questionthere are three pictures and a short recording. the Choose correct picture and put a tick (/) in the box below it.
Example: What did the boy use to wear to school?

3 What'sthe quickestway to get to the boy'sschool?






What is included in the cost of the school theatre trip?

4 What must the girl do at 1.30?


B l





2 What time will schoolfinish today?

5 When will the boy have a maths test?



s{ é,úo Y.l Vw6"// AT




\ t l

r r t



\2 i

t ./4,

\ 8 " - /



z O uni,

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ReadlngFart 3

J J J J J J J ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J J J J J J J


Look at the staternentsbelow about two schools. Read the text to decide if eactr statement is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, mark A in the box next to each statement. If it is not correct, mark B in the box next to each statement.
1 Both schools are a short distance from a big city' 2 The City School building was only recently completed. 3 At Heathlands School there are no school fees. 4 Staff and pupils at The City School are happy with the schooi's faciiities. S Students at The City School are mainly interestedin subjects that will help them get a iob. 6 At Heathlands School everyone has to study Dance, Drama and Music.

n I n n n n




n n n n

SChooliifé: A'comparison
Students from two schools, and The City School in Niger"ia S H e a t h l a n d s c h o o li n t h e U K , took part in a Project necently t o c o m p a r et h e i ne d u c a t i o n and find out about student life in a venydiffenentcountrY.As they found manY expecte'd,: differencesbut also a few things that are similar': AlthoughThe City School l r e c e i v e sf i n a n c i ah e l Pf n o m t h e goverfiment, students still,have , lc's, fée5,:, háid,to:,, , to 'p.ay,scho'ol f i n d t h e m o n e vs o m e t i m e sa n d quite a few parenfs struggle to in keep their-childr-en school. t U n l i k e h e N i g e r i a ns c h o o l , students at HeathlandsSchool only haveto buy their uniforrns and q1Vfor some extna : activities.

The City School is in a distnict j u s t o u t s i d eN i g e r i a ' s a P i t a l , c Abuja.The schooi is surtrrounded =rr¿nrrr' und teac-hersat ftre City School are proud of fields by big tnees and gr.assy ""J tr,r*iJin."ry the'science use to plaY that the childnen

" football m$¡thlandé !ch3ol' fa¡ fnom,

is in a'qüiét súbur:b not centnalEdinbungh, Capitalof the Scotland , : Most of the 58O-students at The City Schoolane taught in pleasantone:storeyyellow-br ick b u i l d i n g s l t h o u g hs o m e b u i l d i n g a wonk still needsto be done. Heathlands Schooldates fl'om t h e 1 9 5 O sb u t s o m e n e w facilitiés, navó, Oé"en' áOOeO : recently.

ühál i¡',,'r,'.,;:':':, ,'..''Coil4qg.é'i...Thi.S,,1meáns additionto, subjects like,Eng!ish and Máthematics, the school lessons in Dance; ' aláo ofier-s: ' Drama and Music asr'o'Ptions b P h y s i c sa n d C h e m i s t n Y e c a u s e for all str-ldents.Theie is a new this will make it easier fon danóé átuoio which can also be students to get into a good' --rused as a theatne profession.Practical subjectE ane TechnologY also like Far"rn in . Students, b-othschqolsiound '' :.,, - ', , 1 l , ,p,opü.lán. : / the pnojectveny inleresting and there's noi u school in the aFea tnat can match it. The schoól concentiates on tnadiüional

They lJbonatony. ="y'thut

I,uñ;; rk;M-;il"*u'"',







HeaffilándsSchool r.ecently pénfonm,ing. ants beca¡.ne,a


jointprojeCts lllur"trren in the future. t:

StudentdaYs {Q


¡ ¡ ¡ J J J J J J ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J J J J J J J J
t m-é'yesterday pnontnS3 lVhen yoúwere QWgd from u.,aztiñ$rrome my friend's asedto walk /
-,._. . 4 Last Friday while I rtudied / W:lydryln$'the baby next door cried / Wff.9ryiry*' it was very noisy so I had to go to the library in town' I wasmeeting/:,W
. . ".,/*b-


complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box. You need to use some words more than once.


to V best friend white I usedwait / qry^yaitlng üor the Dus.

mv r didii fi;i.fu:l wosn't finishing homework
when / becauseI didn't Listen W-g!:.*.'!.tistening my teacherexplainedwhat we h3$,1odo. to.ItkelMathsbut now I I wasn't Liking/ didn'.t..a:e think it's reallYinteresting. When we played / wereplayin{Óur hockey match I
./. i/4r*ún!ri, . _, .

decisionabout it Yet. \ -y This morning I was late,so t..¿;.s*fl:* ... I History class. had to . h5p*¡*.r-1. all my break time copyingmY friend'snotes. I \oCA

ouerrthreetimes. wos falling over/ f-eLL

a lot of fun on the Drama courselast questions with one word and match @ Complete the summer.I ..U\,}-ftif-... . so many friends. the answers them to Tonight I needto . f,ra;+l"d'j ,for the test. If I don't . ........ marks' i I answereveryquestion, witt 1 \:t Every week our Englishteacheigivesus a list of á.... . she to word.s ...ir,.*.'tl¿........ saysif we ' .Sm"..cr.r ten minutesdoing this every day,we'll remember them more easilY. I don't Spf,J t\ ..much moneyon booksas I can *q6g. ... ..them out of the schoollibrary. If you l-OSe ......the schoolbus, it wiil .. .f.vC.F,e.. yPt a long time to walk. my schoolbag. I've looked I Yesterdav toef 3 ( . ... Youuseto walkto school? i\

ltan't find it. everywhere,but yesterday' 10 My mum....,.!ro. ... .. a goodsuggestion Shethinks I shouldearn somemoneyby teaching Englishto young children.

usedro continuous, Past Pastsimple,
verb. $ Choose the correct form of the .ot 1 When I was younger I u:ttd ñ Ei¡.t/ schoolbY bus. 2 | wasn't / didn't allowed to watch TV while I used to d"o was doing mY homework' / goingro

No, I went bY car. 3 b Her name was MarY.q c Shewas very strict. 2
a d e f
g t'

I was very nervous. ! When I was four Yearsold. t¡ best. 5 I HkéaPE-/sports

It was qrritesmail but it had a big playground' h No, wá had to eat in the schoolha1l. er

@ un*,

Writing Part 2
task. @ Read this exam An English friend,of yours called Sam is ill and couldn't play in a school basketball rnatch yesterday, which your team lost. Write an email to Sam. In your email you should . apologise not phoning him after the match for . explain n'hy you think your team lost . offer to visit hirn soon. Write 35-45 words.

JJ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡J JJJJJJJ{

@ fook at the content points carefully. Tick the pieces of information that you could include in the email. a a reasonwhy you didn't phoneafter the match health b a questionaboutSam's e where the basketbailmatch was d what the scorewas of e a description the other team f h i j who you sat next to at the match g a descriptionof how your team played


n m
@ Now use the following checklist to find any other problems with the email. Writing Part 2 Checklist Is the email the right length? to Is the email addressed the right person? too Is any of the language formal or informal? phrasesfor explaining, Are there appropriate etc? inviting, suggesting, used? Are the right tenses Are there any spelling errors?

X a suggestion about when you can go to his house K an invitation to your house l your friends a message Samfrom someof for M


@ Look at this student's answer. Is all the information included for each content point? Is there any unnecessary information?


sorrg I didn't coll gou ofter the motch. ,lirn g W é , . b s t !| t h i n k t h i s w o s b e c o u s e o u w e r e n ' t p l o g i n g .A l s o ,t h e o t h e r t e o m p i o g é Aü e r g w e l l . I h o p e g o u w i l l b e o b l e i6,olüu,¡nthe next motch.
ri :;.-'t':'- ,.r'.,: . .

@ Vtake any changes you think are necessary to the message. @ Yesterday yoü>,¡ranged to go shopping with an English friend,called Anna but you had a problem and couldn't go. Write an email to Anna. In your email you should . apologise and.explainwhat happened . ask about Anna's shoppingtrip o suggest elseto do together. something Write 35-45 words. aays $, Student


Id come .,lf ,!ou¡,,,['ik-e;,,¡l,co,u o nd .',' ¡''!d#ddit.dnrort'"ow. 6f,,1s



a a o r o a a a a a a a a a r I f t f l t r I ¡ ¡ ¡ l.

lt ü
I t



é ,¡ It
ii t*



Reading Part 4

Read the text and the questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D' Why is Soniain favour of shorterschoolholidays? A Shecan't get anyoneto mind her children in summer. schoolholidaysare B Shethinks that secondary too long. to C Shecan't afford to pay someone look after her children. D Shedoesn'tget any summer holidaysin her job. present What doesJasonsay about long summerholidays? A They can help children forgetabout school' B They have no effect on chiidren'seducation' C T\:-se daysmany older peoplehave them too' p SCñbbt's other countriesdon't have them' in ,./ What doesNadiasay aboutyoung peopleln surnmer? A They behavebadly when they go back to school. B Long holidaysare very bad for their education' C They wouid like to spendmoretime at school' D Where shelives there is nothing fot them to do'

@ un"t

l L¡laaa¡rraaaaaaaaaalrrlrtr¡a¡aaaaq
4 A 'cesi e . r p i a i r st i e a r : - c - ¿ , W h i c h o f t h e f o i l o n ' i n ge n : a i i s

it::,i' i::.=.i..:,r,r- *o. t i*ü¡al.-. r, :.:, ":;:..:
They've changed the all school terms some and very students getting are it. angry about
S o m en e o n l e a n ttO w
r ^ h e n s p t h o s r ^ h n n lv p a r
T ovo n :' góo r c ¡ v . s vr

A r o \u/-o r , -, ,


worried because there
arrr o L u

h rt n o t e v e rv o n ehi nks t
it'q ¡ onnd ir-loa

o n i n oó tLn u go ft o V ¡ rUn r h r r v E V I

school holidays in
thp r¡aar

verbs+ -ing/infinitive
A O Each sentence contains a mistake by a PET candidate. Cross it out and write the correct -ing or infinitive form of the verb.

@ fict the correct sentences.Correct the sentences which are wrong.
1 a The smail boat began to go faster and faster as we approached the waterfall. b Next month I want to begin doing

1 I hopehearingfrom you soon..............f.o-.l*ectr............ dancing lessons. 2 Would you mind to lend me your bicycle? remember bringing some 2 a Please if 3 In the afternoon, it's possible, want play beach I volleyball. time there. 5 It's my favouritemovie, but I couldn't afford buying the DVD before. 6 Our new teacher seems very good. be
7 I apologisebecauseI couldn't avoid to miss the

moneytomorrow. to b i'll remember sendyou a text when I arrive. message 3 a My brotheroftenforgetsturning off the lights when he goesout. b I'm sorry but I completelyforgot buying breadat the shoos.
4 a I really like spending time sightseeing in different countries. b Alfie doesn't like to go camping in the winter. 5 a i remember to go to Disneyland when I was a child. you remember to watch that great . b Do film last month?


4 I love Florence, I suggest spendmuch more to so

8 9 I feel like stay at home today. I just need your tent for two days' camping and I

promise taking careof it. . . ....
l0 The beach is next to the hotel and there are courses to learn doing water sports.

saysshe forgetsgoing into that 6 a Jessica shop,but I saw her there. nevér{qrgetto seemy team win b I'11 Iastyear'9Cup Final.

Fun time


a l r t a r a l a a t a a a ¡ ¿ ¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ t r t ¡ t ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡
Listening Part 2
h"1n vo¡,"te.''se in texl vour olace ]he i.,ftFF+ffti$ffi1fhis,can
you "áiüifi;*i",samgorder asthe inforrnetion heal with one part of the


You will hear an interview with Ben Lacey, who collects postcards. For each question, put a tick (/) in the correct box. when in interested postcards 1 Ben first became A B C
2 Who else in the family collected postca¡ds?

he found a collectionat home. he was on a family hoiiday. he begantravellingon his own. Ben'sgrandfather Ben'suncie Ben'smother wayspeopleused to travei. very well-known ports. lovely religiousbuildings. the jokes on them are very funnY. attitudes. they show old-fashioned they are extremelybadly drawn. ' \ are ovér 100yearsold. , / haveneverbeen used.




3 Ben's favourite postcards have pictures of


are 4 He saysthat someold postcards amusingbecause


that are worth most 5 The postcards

A . B C

show particularscenes. many differentkinds of cards. cardsshowingtheir own town. cardsthat havesportspictures.

n n l u n n n n n

shouldget 6 Ben suggests new collectors



@ ,n,. t




Read the clues and completethe crossword.

Here are some sentencesabout camping. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use no more than three words. ExamPle: Lastyear I startedto go campingwith my friends. I took last year. 1 It's reallywonderfulto breathefreshair in the countryside. | . "i¿i:..\,f,ü . . . fresh air in the I really enjoy .....r.;.(f.f.countryside. Thinking about my next campingtrip is always
evr-iti n q

Across 2 personwho ridesa bicycle 4 hard hat to protectthe head 6 amountof moneyyou Pay 7 move aroundthe Internet etc. tickets,holidays, 10 reserve who makesa meal 11 person 12 swim underthe water 13 physicallystrongand weil Down is 1 what something worth 2 board gameplayedon squares sleep 3 where campers 5 have enoughmoneyfor 6 want to haveor do something 'bicycle' 8 shortnamefor 9 objectusedfor taking photos 10 objectusedfor painting

34p . ......campingwith my friends

i-r. I alwayslook .../.,Jt¡. )-ii.:.):... trio.

my next camping

We don't usually go camping when it's very cold. When it's very cold, we usually avoid c a mp i n g .

for Somecampsites too expensive us. are We can't
^^--^i+^^ Ld,rrrP Jr LtrD.

...stayin some


I like camping much more than staying in hotels. I much . . to staying in hotels.

timefr4 Fun


f lr¡

I r ¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡¡ ¡ ¡ I t t l t t r¡ ¡ ¡ ¡


Reading Part 3

Look at the statements below about a tour in Norway. Read the text below to decide if each statement is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, mark A in the box. If it is not correct, mark B in the box.
A I 2 3 4 5 The majority of Sami people live in Norway. A bus takes you all the way from Tromso to Karasjok. You will learn to sing special songs called Joik. You are likeiy to see the Northern Lights if the weather conditions are good. You have to pay extra to do the optional activities. On the ReindeerSled Ride, a guide will drive the reindeer. People of all ages can do the optional activities.


G The special swimming suit allows you to swim under the ice in the Barents Sea. 7 I

T T n T n T n T T n T T l T




WinterAdventure in NorwaY
the deep you Thisnewtourtakes upto the fannorlhof Nonway, inside Anctic The p e w t t0 t C i rc le, m eet heS ami e o p l a n dfi n do u ta b o uth e i r ayof l i fe. S ami are Ther"e Finland Fussia. and Sweden, people in fourcountries: Nonway, live 20,000i n S w eden, 4 0 ,0 0 0i n N o n w ay, i a b o u 70, 000S amint o ta lw i tha ro u n d t and 6 ,0 00in F inland 2,0 0 0i n R u s s i a . to fromhene You in in Thevoyage begins the port of Tromss, Norway. travel call as or Lapland, Sapmi, the Sami it. The in Karasiok the heartof Norwegian journey the cruising along wildandunspoilt Cape, TheNorth startsonboard añd bonder, fr"om Russian the is which located 1Okm coas[to Kirknes, ¡ust to by continues businland Karasiok, Park to you Cultural stay During two-night in Karasjok willvisitthe Sami oun the and anci the learn about historv the futureof the Sami enjoy rareopportunity to to l i s ten theS ami known singing, tnaditional is Alsoincluded as Joik. w w a ne veni ngal k eari ng of in shoes search the snow l Li N o rt hern ghts.f the ski es therei s a good a rec l ear you c h a n ce w i l lbe new arded as displaY witha spectacular by day 0n thefinal youwilltr"avel busto Laksely fill waves colout" the of flighthome. retunn for yout' ainport night sky.

@ ,n', o

Listening Part 3
Exqrnadu"icé .
tour. you listen,look atthe notesabout the sightseeing Before Try is Whattypeof information missing? to think of some for elch gaP' péfs¡p1e ihswers


C o n p a - 3 ' - , 9 a r J s u p e r l a t i v ea d j e c t i v e s ', Q Ooes the second sentence have the same rneaning as the rirst sentence?Tick the correct box. Rewrite any second sentenceswhich have a different meaning, so that they mean the same as the first sentence. There is no other citY in EuroPe as big as Moscow. Moscowisn't the biggestcity in Europe.

You will hear a tour guide giving some information to a grouP of students. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


same ffi nifferent

Romeisn't quite as cold as Paris. Parisis a little colderthan Rome.
S ame Different

Shanghaiis one of the world's busiest ports. There are many ports in the world that are as busy as Shanghai.


same lX ufferent

The CN tower in Toronto is much smaller than the Buri Dubai. The Burj Dubai is as tall as the CN tower.
S ame


(1) teáüé, hotel,at , fériv leaües at',1Oam. (2) May' need'a
J .... :...:: :: ...

. 1 , . . 1 : . : . , ' . ' :

Sáü'áliio i


It's more expensive to live on Avenue Princess Grace in Monaco than on Fifth Avenue in New York. You need to pay as much to live on Avenue Princess Grace as on Fifth Avenue.

to :go Antóptór:tunity' (3)

Same ffi nifferent Up to 9.5 million tourists visit Singapore every year. As many as 9.5million tourists every Year. visit Singapore -1___i DIIIerent t__l Same

ti,a' lü¿ti $g:l$.¿attcof ón

Our world


r l o r a r a l r a a l a a a a a a aa I I r r r t r ¡ ¡ . ¡ ¡ r ¡ l
n'irh the correct iorm oi @ Completethe senrences the adjective in brackets. r Flyingis still the travel.
Howler m onk e y s a re m u c h ...... (noisy) than elephants S an F r anc is c oi s o n e o f th e .......¿ 1 (hilly) cities in the world.
./ ¡\


; ¡soiu¡eir Tnere \\' eren' ttoo many peopi e at t he beach though, w ere there?

1 ,.- ¡ :*
, c:-

(safel\\'a\':o í'' )
2 (

K ati e:

H annah: A ctual l y, i t seemed qui te . . .. . .t o m e . .


I really iiked waiking in the streets the in evening.Everywherewas so clean and modern.

Octoberis the


. [good) time to

seewhalesin Argentina. 5 A hippopotamusis . .... i¿u-.cs.rJ.r.t.f (heavy) . .. .
than a rhinoceros.\ ,i,

Hannah: What do you mean?The streetswere (') absolutely "" " "'...-'. I Katie: Well, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it. I had a . ...... holidav!

(big) as London. 6 I s t anbul is as ........tu ......,= 4 ....... .. 7 Travelling by train is mulh..
(good) for the environment. V a n c o u v e r s . . . . . . . . . , . . . 1....,:....i..... . , (far) from Sáo i ' t Paoio than Paris.

oc,i: tgc

@ nut the adjectives from Exercise 1 into the table below. You need to use each adjective at least twice.

The city of Cherrapunjiin India is the -.r,Lt. :i:. -.. [we0 in the world. :;..{ 10 Bearsare as ..Qrll,:,. i.¡..'f,Llu.ü (dangerous) . as lions. @ Complete the sentences so they are true for you.
1 2

....... an extremely is boring place. The most expensive thing I've everbought was
for an holiday.

Katie: Hannah: Katie: Hannah:

of the hotel? thought I
the food was absolutely

4 visit.

is a really fascinating place to

The weathertn terrible.

is absolutely is an extremelyexpensive

the museum.I found it shop.

Katie: Hannah: Katie:


It was much too
in the sea?The ................................

o ffi un''

¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡

¡ ¡ ¡ J J J J J J J J J J
Writing Part 3

J ¡ ¡ ¡ r ¡ J J J J J J J J - l

@ Put the letters in the correct order and match the places to the definitions. 1 lipoectaoinst

is part of a letter you receivefrom an



2 thyou bluc Look at this student's answer, read the questions below and tick YES or NO.

3 msutdia

4 yroctfa

5 rtisout cefifo


tra yllager

This is where visitors to a town can get maps and information. This is where you can see paintings and sculptures. This is where you go to watch footbail matches and other sporting events. This a place where teenagers can go to make new friends. This is where you go if someone steals something from you. This is where products are made, like cars for examPle.

it fun,' tüfil.i$düúbóanding l.,,Hrffi

DoesStephan ... information? a give all the necessary b start and end the ietter in a suitableway? words with connecting c use enoughlong sdntences (e.g.Like,whiclt, because)? d use a variety of differentstructures? vocabularY? e use someinteresting


u n n n n




() Stephan says: 'My favourite mnátot holiday is skiing.' Another 'The kind of holiday I enjoy the most is skiing" way to say this is: 'My preferite holiday' or 'My best Sometimes PET candidates write holiday', which are wrong. your favourite kind @ Uow you write a letter to your penfriend about of holiday. Write about 100 words. Make sure you don't make the same mistakes as Stephan.

our worldffi



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Reading Part 5

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D. Example: 0 A anybody Answer:
'... .. . ..,,.,.E





D nobody

.:,'';..'g..',,i.l.t11.¡'..;,C...11.1,,¡'.,,1¡,1'O.,;.1 .tttt6.i...,':lr':i,'llt',..
:. .,-,... ..*r.::,,,:,-

1 A Although 2 A for 3 A since 4 A on 5 A to 6 A amused 7 A can 8 A annoying 9 A have 1 0 4 most

B Even B about B because B down B against B cheerful B ought B exciting B could B all

c c c

Despite of

D However D under D a s D -in \*, D b v \ t) runny

back with smiling need embarrassing may every

c c c

D , shouid D disappointing D must D only

c c

@ ,n,.u

Faa¡ F

a al r t a a a aa a a aa a t ¡ t . . . . ¿ . . . . . a
feel how cescnbrng people Aoleci'.es

g @ Complete the puzzle with adjectives. The letters down form another word. of,thesesentences written by PET and showingit -O¡.¿Some have mistakes. Correct the errorsI happv, "irrai¿ates 2 rvorriedabout,or afraid of, something sent me an email with an 3 very unhappy,often for a long time I My best friend "' nothing is worrying you 4 happybecause story' " "Ln'teres'l1'l!8 in#Ed 5 feelinghappy about your life and future My room is verY big and there is a TV, so I won't 6 feelingunhappy about your life and future ... fe e l b or ing at night . -.....' ... about somethingthat has happened 7 very pleased He was so tired he fell asleeP as soonas he arrived wasn'tas good as something 8 unhappybecause you hoped home. It's an amazing story and in my opinion, it is a greatbook. ..... excited. ..'... The film is extremely 6 I was really surprisedwhen I readthe email.

Vocabulary -ed/-rng in ^.; :^^ ending


Lü_-r- f.-L






2 3 4 5 6 7 B


¡ I


The music is so nice and it makesyou feel relaxing. I I ivould like to seethat thriller because like frightenedfilms. at I was very unhappy and embarrassed that moment. so 10 The airline lost my suitcase, I felt very annoying




_ iI

@ fut the words into four pairs of opposite meanings.

Listening Part 4

Look at the six sentences for this part. You will hear a conversation between a girl, Holly, and a boy, Max, about having a party. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, put a tick in the box under A for YES. If it is not correct, put a tick in the box under B for NO. A B NO YES I Hoiiy thinks l"{ax should invite peoplethis week. 2 Max wants to invite more than twenty people3 Max saysail his friends have a lot ln common. 4 Holty saysMax shouldbuy somenew CDsfor the party. 5 Hoiiy and Max sharethe sameopinion about playing a DVD. Max to have the party on a Friday. 6 In the end, Holly persuades





n n n n n
Feelings f}

rtr}a rttrlaaaaaaaaaa¡¡lr¡a¡¡a..a.l
@ Circle the correct modal in each sentence. llar:ah moy /Q9/ mtght ski really weil and she


oftenn'inscompetitions. I might / can / couldn'fgo to the party but I'm still not sure. This is our secret,so you mightn't / mustn't / don't ltave fo teli anyoneeise. to It's dangerous go into deepwater if you mi.ghtn'tf can't / may nof swim. I think you musf / should / Imve to 8o out more and meetnew people. 6 I don't feel very well so I may / can / haue to stay in tonight. 7 Yor don't haueto / mustn't / mighf¿'úcome with us if you don't want to.

Q tvtate this diatoguesound more natural by
replacing expressions 1-10 with forms of should, must, haue to, can and migftú. Add pronouns like ue where necessarv. In one case two answers are possible. Example: for I don'tthink it's possible us to get tickets.
we c^+L

ought to / must / shouldremain in 8 Passengers while the planeis landing. their seats 9 May / Must / Couldyou pleasephoneme in the evening? 10 To get a driving licence,yor may / sttould/ haue fo be 18 or over. @fict the sentences that are correct. Rewrite the incorrect sentences.In some cases more than one modal is possible. Three sentencesare correct. 1 i may go out later with my friends,but I'm not sure. 2 There'sa lot of traffic today so the bus has to arrive late. might not talk during the written exam. 3 Students 4 Paulaplaysthe piano and she can sing quite well, ' too. 5 You ought to wear a uniform when you're in the army. 6 Children don't have to eat too much ice cream. 7 Tlrere$fy not be time to go to the shopsbecause they closesoon. . , / I Yes,you can go out tonight but you might be home no'laterthan 11pm. 9 I'm on holiday now so I mustn't get up eariy.It's greatl 10 I haven'tgot my watch on, but I think it can be about6.30now.

Sam: If (1) it's impossiblefor us to go out tonight, tomorrow. iet's go somewhere Alex: Yes,I think (2) it would be a good idea for us to have an eveningin the town centre. Sam: OK, but only for a few hours. (3) I'm not allowed to stay out very late. Alex: Well, (4) it's possiblewe won't be back until half past ten. for Sam: That'sail right. (5) It isn't necessary me to be back beforeeleven. Alex: So where do you think (6) it would be best to go? Sam: How about that new nightclub?(7) It's possible it's open tomorrow. Let's go somewhere(8) it's Alex: IL'svery-expensive. to unnecessar)¡ PaY. Sam: No, thanks. Alex: Perhaps[9) it would be a mistake for us to go out tomorrow, after ali. Sam: Maybe (10)it would be a good idea for me to else! go out with someone

s @ uni,

a a a a a a a a a a a a ¿ a J ¿ ¿a ¿ a a a a aa a a ¿¿ ¿ a a a ¿
Writing Part 3 (letter)
pe¡sonaltone ¡n your letter.Try to use phrasalverbs,shon forms ,,,,¡gi$,¡riénCiyland

and (for ,:ffii**iSifrdiffil"rlof*,tl"IprQsllons lkea-órf littleJ rors a lotofJtror 1
in Exercise 2 O Q,ti"t ly read the question and the student's answer below. Has she answered all parts of the question? What do you notice about the style of the letter? This is part of a letter you receive from an English penfriend.

Now write a letter answering your penfriend's questions. \,Vrite your letter in about 100 words.


'ummeqtha Pa'uÍffi




@ Xow write your own letter about parties in your country. Write about 100 words.


rtrta rltraalaaaaaaa¿¡tttt



Leisureand fashion

Reading Part 2

The people below all want to rent a DVD to watch. On the opposite page there are reviews of eight films. Decide which film would be most suitable for each person. Luke playsthe guitar realiy well and wants to be a musician. His parents have it's this recommended film because by a very gooddirector and it also shows is what the musicbusiness like.

are interests history and travel.He likes films with an excitingstory Daniel's plenty of action.Tonight he wants to watch a movie with his girlfriend, and who is studyingOIdEngiishliterature.

Alicia wants to rent a DVD to watch with her family. The children enjoy stories about animalsthat have a happy ending. Alicia's husband is interested in films that are aboutthings that really happen.

Eric wan,, ,l -ur.h a DVD with his 14 year-old grandson who loves sport and music.Eric likes films rvhich have a positive messageand which make you feel better.

proiecton films for teenagers' and her frields are doing a film-studies Sophie betwee¡ PeoPle aboutrelationships in interested romanticcomedies They are age. of their own

€d unit o

¿ ¡ r t a ¡ ¡ l r a a a a ¿ ¡ ¡ ¿ ¡ a ¡ ¡ l ¡ ¡ ¡ a a a ¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡
DYI|guide: RWIEllt
,, ,'.',' ..r .,. G lqbal .. ''',. tqbal is about háúin$i',tlré,1 ,,,,1' "¡ó¡tówl.,,rüoui, .,',,'i' of courage'ió,' The Adventures tow$r the.,.,stoniL,,',,,,,r,il Greyfriar's Bobby is a dreams.lt fOl 'r' an,'I I'yéát'óIá,"c¿ai',lbr.'lll.ril. ine G,Beowulf Grendel wonderful story about, of, and .eiprérltlV'r,:di¡ébtáo,ny Uüile *."tiliiii *,, p¡oi' an¡rnáls,irá á',, tám:ll*' r,i between , ,, 'great,'j¡ , piikei,,,,, What ;, fi1¿¡1, . Danish, hero,, Beowulf,fiiendship , :lrnakés, on'a and[eop1e,,nased tr,üe, it,,-special,',iS,,,thát, hetp , cómesto (inguiottrsar in wnicrr a,,lyó*ng ctrose:' ,:,.fight:,rthe .o.óy.,., , pair<éli,.,, ,únt<nswn, .siory, monstei,Grréndél. them escapefrom all the A The Gommitments problemsof daily life in Based ofl Roddy DoYle's .r ,nóvel; Thé",,, Conrnitments post-warltaly. ,, ,, mOvie. hügely,r,Sty¡ig¡r., iS,,a,

E The Adrentures of Greyfriar'sBobby

iti, h dobgh{':'w#ffi álobb'y.;,l;'Whó, gieat attert,' has.a,, [oérn,,thé.,f¡lm j irnmt'iáoitiá a,... ....',, bit... iis.,r'[¿5i,,..'.eVen'.,.if,¡,;ii's,'' wndh, üinOerdtánU his,ownei,' [ás*r,whm 'at = atmodph,-.,, excéllént i' ' ' aééiüe's, ;¡¡[t.,rwár ih,ó,,tiüst ünie*Stid't-, t" ot' .f , to.,. biine;,trr*,i'oúño', .wins itfolio**i,: ¡6,i'óii;,,.,,..án0,. .ii¡,as.á,#w.,¡ást ,: oi,,.,¡6.;,'giéái,¡e6srj,'sbú¡ pe¡for*á,ñias;' ,ánü : É'o'uüy eoód i.,,éingárs.ió bicieati¡s' ¡iünr",,¡ onorin whh"h .' ,,br.iñ$,. ,,togethér: thiS,'
'', Thé'story marin,ehártá.ctét'S,
. ,.i.,.. ' 'á b'q'nd;, .."f.i' ,.,':.','..,." ' .'.'. ,W6'n.knowR, !0, Fgenor iiig!,.. .,r,

:,rwan.', ;-iinn'áeérls,,,.f;to,',:p¡¿y' ilóók.,lii¿[Aii:.teanr'thI66f s'i¡, ¡¡:,','i'1, tiiés,,itó:, bá:tteol f6't;Báied,on, ath, tne. ,céntüiy-l: i' ..', g',.'el.jtertáih*[.¡fl

'' r#rl;-+t[ilÍi;iffi

iói, . rh¡rl,' i.téiis úniü¡re, his:,fé'etinÉi. ói: áná,¡ story,,, cham,pfon,, boV.,.',,wh'o.., :, i,á ¡lthé:,,, ' 5,átü¿.toie; dffióib'' . clri,;" sétS, GiegoiÍ, out.to.wih,thé,,itonérur,,,rf,gq :,,..,6:,,,,,su:éCéssiul 'eh ltopeS, cyclinS.anO, 16., l'oúés ".'.',',,'',,,di án'o', I,,t*ó s,in', Doiotny,i .Mi¡¿,,Cáió' réá¡'tpíeii¿r.,. hea,rt,of bo¡oitry, re,bgótt,,..". ,,wih'the,:,Togr dé,,'Frá,nié;;'iS, i wn-o, 't['$ _ iéátths , ,' ieturns, 'to,',r, ,.¡$i¿il[¿¡ sqnool, theSárná' pr¡soner argá¡g:oii*nióii, étass,,at, and,,ñnár Sücie.eUl,in' by ,.iákeñ ",,f;¡¡,¡6gfr,,*6sff ,,h[.,¿ffi,.'¡[; ne*ái,
i],, Sátvii'ó ;'¡¿*¿* heris :his i[r.

F;;i'üJ',,, Fb¡;¡# ,,


RgndeZ:voüs B,Betleville,

. ' ' ' . ' 1..,,,,, r , .,.,;, ,,:, : ,.,, ¡ . , .::, , ' , , . , . ,,.. , ' , . i ' . ' , , ,,

üH##iTf *F*#Hffi rHffi*ffinffiüoii.
#ffi'l,tu]$r,?;il jrH.iiH#ffitffi

iiliüstrátet''.*nüiiá trre,.,¡, nta ,, i whát' of, believáble"accouñt : ót: ihá'iCin'áfiá,,,,t0r,.,the,,,tocát,'
ii:i Có mún ¡t'-,.. ''néiB'¿ü' m i6;'.

nai¿ry'is,.müch grandmothét'..' .: ,,.cf ina$, Flis lm Sét,' than'::Giégory, ,áttootbalI her,.d.og'' r¡á: ánO, , f¡i16fi¡bOa,..,,.';¡,U'.',,'pu;.:: aiuhq;,séi'.0üti Th e iá,etersrañd 1970$,:C'ha 'Seéheriy, láte' in'tñé in,,scottahdr adVentuféi ón á,,dá,ngerous 'rweiiior:ciiC ad dts,, üsmü'SieáSó, ,' devel.oB.*ü,¡ii tof.,r.ilre ,r:*' e,,. 'boy.,, lové¡, ,.,fhis ,fg',. Ihe. ,',Cinerná siiá,¡6',',atmésOrrete¡, ,té*the,' átlthe, toéál',tiñemál., }ty,,:rtil :cartóQn i ',, bUuü*'t, méO,r be,, roüé :grvel, at.,., cinámá,,..É,rirtlró;,,.rné,ltitm ::liké'ió'j'iñ, tói,th* '',,.'áno, tóücr,ting

ffiffiiitffi ffirnnffi,'-t-'

Q f'ut the letters in the correct order. The first letter of each word is given. I i not I decided to go and seethe film because read abad(VEKIWE)r-2 I don't enjoy watching films with [T I L U gT E SB) s
I can't read them fast enoughl 3 The play was really boring and some people didn't stay to see the end. They left during the


The sportsstadiumis a good (E V N E U ) it for a big concertbecause has v- of thousands seats. seeingyour favouriteband Sometimes the because (V L E I) I - is disappointing = soundisn't very good. a There's music festivalon this weekendand a [lv{DASiSINo) -isfreel

The band gave a great [N E C E A F F B M O R) p-lastnight.

The play was very sad.A lot of the peoplein the -werecrYing' fn'f tNU¿CE) a

Leisureand fashio" {&

a a - a a aa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a o o o o . . . . . . . . .
the @ Write the missing vorvelsior TV Programmes' names of the

Listening Part 1

There are five questions. For each question there are three pictures and a short recording' Choose the correct picture and put a tick (/) below it. Example: What did the boy use to wear to school?

3 What is KerrYwearing?




on 4 what doesthe reviewerrecommend Tv this evenin

1 What has the boYjust bought?

'. A I n A

frj<t\ nl \2



doesthe film start? 5 What-time,

What does Rachel need to get for the party?

^ - l
l]sel n I

l L










Unit 6


f ¡ lrraaaaaa¿aa.a 111..........
Writing Part 2

and Perfect PastsimPle Present
word to fill each space. $ Choosethe eorrect i¡i$üist,rl átreády,,...ir ,''yét
I 2

I've playedthe piano

two Years.

Emma doesn'twant to watch that film because seenit. Shesaw it in the she's cinemawhen it first cameout. It's difficult to get tickets for the play at The King's it's Theatrebecause onlY I haven'tbeento the circus six yearsold. oPened. I was

O f.¡ In Writing Part 2 you often have to make

suggestionsand offers. Look at these examples of students' writing a I suggestus to seeTwi\igltL seeingTwiligÍttb I suggest it's you this film because interesting' c i suggest d What about seeingTwíLight? e Let's seeTwilight? f I offeryou to book the tickets. g ShallI book the tickets? h i can get the ticketsif Youwant.


They haven't finished making the new Spider's album You don't need to book the cinema tickets. I've done it' I got them last night' . . . .sta rte d a d a n c e c o u rs e .I' v e .



I've ..... . . . . .

Which sentence(s) o are grammaticailY incorrect? has a punctuationmistake? are OK? Can you think of anY other Phrases for making suggestions and offers?

only had one lesson so far but I reaily enjoyed it' 8 g H a v e y o u s e e nt h e n e w s . . . . . ' . . . . ?' . . . .

The band haven't PlaYedtogether a long time, so they're feeling very nervous. 19781

10 That show has been on TV

@ Co*plete the sentences with the correct tense of the verb in brackets, using the past simple or present perfect. . [stay)up all night to finish the book I was reading.
(not decide) if he's going to yet. book when she

@ fook at this exam task.
An Englishfriend of yours calledIsabelwants to go I O the cinemawith Youthis weekend. Write an email to Isabel.In your email you should: o suggest which film to see . explain whY You want to seeit . offerto book the tickets. Write 35-45 words. Now you write the email to Isabel.

(visit) New York (watch)a reaily TV. (know) each
7 - - 8

your work using the checklist. @ Ctrect<
Is your email the right length? to is your email addressed the right person? for Are there apProPriate Phrases suggesting?. explaining? .i. .. .. offering? Are thereany spellingor punctuationerrors?

that dresssincelast

n n u T n n

and fashio" m Leisure


a ¿a-a-aa a a a a a a a a ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ a a a a a a ¡ a ¡ ¡ ¡ J ¡ ¡

Out and about

Reading Part 1
Tó' Liom' . From: Nicole


Look at the text in each question. What does it saY? Mark the correct letter A, B or C. Example:

:,: ,iñárre,.,

t P l o n ed e l o g e db g f o g . U n l e s sh e f l i g h t i s we'll toke the troin ofter we lond concelled,

Nicole tells Liam that theY will A definitely 8o by plane and then train' B go by train insteadof taking the plane'

"l'il,-,.t-...Wr.,,,.r-,-:r,¡ iiF:+,,Srry,

DVDsuitableonlYfor personsof 15 years and over.

# ii

C take the train if they arriveby plane'

.dr: i;Yrs'lr'"e'vljiíjrls:t'r-

A You shouldn't watch this if you're 14. B lbu have to be 16 to watch this. C You won't enjoy watching this if you're 18' Example answer: A

A Cyclistsshouldride carefully here. here. B You must not ride bicYcles t: Only adults may ride bicycleshere. U


and travelon buses trams

for young péoplein full time éducation. Sfu,ffi
A B No young peoplehaveto pay on public transport' c Studentscan travel free only to and from school'

mustbe Tickets troins. boording before bought mochines. hove All plotforms ticket
:ir.41¡lsfnfiliiiiTFl. rrsrÉii1 ÍTrr¡ftii''c{+rt:;$}si:'ri i

What doei'Louis want Jake to do? A phone him about his homework B do his homework with him C do all his homework for him

A You can get a ticket on the tratn. B You have to get a ticket in the station. C You must get a ticket before you go to the station'

t @ ,n,,

¿ ¿ a a a a a a a a a a ¿ ¿ J J J J a a ¡¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J J¡
golngIC.Crese]-'. .": c:- ''-.J_S fhe future.,,'ill. s p r e s e n ti m p l e
written bv PET of these sentences O@ Some have mistakes. Correct the errors. candidates startsin ten my 1 I needto go now,because lesson minutes. 2 I go to buy a biggerwardrobetomorrow. 3 I'm sorry,but i don't will be in the Englishclass tomorrow. 4 What I'm goingto do during theseholidays? but 5 I think I'il take part in the dancingcompetition I'm not sure. 6 You didn't goingto believethis, but I didn't have any problems. 7 I hopethat the weathershall be betterat the end of the week. I I'm not goingto be ableto cometomorrowbecause I have a doctot'sappointment. a 9 There's movie on tonight,so we'll meeteveryone houseat 7 pm. at Carla's 10 I think I'm goingto buy someflolversto make my room morebeautiful. @ nead Jessica'sletter and choose the correct forrn of the verbs in bold.


Part 1

Here are some sentencesabout a holiday. For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. IJse no more than three words. Example: Our holidaysbeginnext week. We'regoing. t*olidnry. ......0t*. next week.

1 lt's a 15-minute car journey from the village to the coast. Ittakes15..... viilage to the coast. 2 We'lI stay in the car until we reach the end of the road. When we reach the end of the toad, we'll get . . . . . .t.h e c a r . . Then we'll walk to the beach. Then we'll beach. car from the

At this time of year,the water is usually too cold to swim in.
The watel isn't in at this time of year. 5 We'll probably stay in the village until the end of April. . W e . . . . . . . . ._ . . . until the end of April. . . . . . l e a vte e v i l l a g e h

to swim

ñ out and about {l$ É






Listening Part 2

work you will hear a woman called charlotte talking to an interviewer about her as a weather forecaster. For each question, put a tick (/) in the correct box. is 4 Charlottesaysthat nowadaysthe televisionforecast A nevercorrectabout the next seven 1 How long has Charlottebeen a TV weatherforecaster? A two Years B three Years C five years What doesCharlotteenjoYmost abouther job? A working on a shiP out at sea B giving peopleuseful information such as farmers C meetingPeoPle


daYs'weather. B alwayscorrectabout the next day'sweather' C usually correctabout the next three daYs'weather. 5 Charlottesaysthe use of modern technology disadvantages' A has its advantages-and B meanssheis on TV much more often' job C makesthe forecaster's simpler'








Who, accordingto Charlotte,sometimes of canceltheir journeybecause the forecast? A car drivers B rail passengers C aeroplane Pilots

6 Charlottesaysthat most peopleshemeet A neverwatch the weatherforecaston teievision.L_l forecastis always B think that the r,veather wlong. how difficult it is to forecast C und,erstand the weather.

and Transport weather fairly,quite,rathel really,very extremely,
and fill in the gaps with fairly, reolly' rotlrcr' Q fook at the thermometer qaite or extremelY. 40 + 30-40 2O-3O warm 10-20 cool ..hot ..hot
hot hot hot

@ un*t

a a.aaaaaaaaaa¿J a¿¿J¡a aaaa¡. ¡¿aJ¿a¡
the rvordsin the box next to the pictures and completethe table u'ith prepositions. @ rt'rire foot bike car TÍTFN bus plane

I net





oo .. . .Dli





2 noI












E not





@ nead the cluesand completethe crossword. Across
3 the four parts of the year 4 when the sun is shining 5 what we carry when it's raining 7 the cars,busesand trucks using a road 10 this tells us aboutroads,placesand distances 11 very Down 1 shortperiodsof rain 2 wet weatherwith very strongwinds 4 motorcycle with very small wheels 6 metal tracks that trains run on I fairly, but not very to see 9 when low cloud makeSit difficuit

OutandaUout ff


a a aa a a a a a a aa a a a a ¡ a ¡ ¿ J ¿ ¿

Thisis me!

the sentencesusing a word @ fook at the family tree and complete in the box. There are two extra words you do not need to use' b.rottreÉin:1áw'...iniéó.és'.'..l.twlns1''.......unc|e'....'.áunti..nephews.'..'.',i.sNó]i

,,siitei-iñiiáw' éráoüoárshter, ,: . sons,,,,, *,ü":*:i;** ,,t*;¿¡,¿'*¿#-:':1 Lucy is Christine's .......' 2 3 4 5 6 7 I 9 S i m o ni s S o P h i e ' s . . . ' . . . . Tom and Ben are Ben, Tom and Sam don't have a " "" "" " Sophie is LucY's Ivor is Tim's Tim is LucY's Sophie and Tim have three Christine and Ivor have four.. .. . '

10 Katie and Simon have three

correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box' @ Complete the sentenceswith the

. .... my brother'We argueabouteverything' ......... 1 I d,on't...... playingtennisat the ageof 70! has........... 2 My grandfather twenty yearsago' ..his own business 3 My uncreis very rich. He ' '' 4 When my mum was at work rny aunt used to " " ' Tt' want her to 60th birthday we are organisinga surprisepai"ty.we don't grandmother's s For my
6 7

I' ;i;.;,'oou' ;;,;;,;;
My cousinwas born in Londonbut shedidn't """"" shewas fifteen. My dad wasn't

and now shewantsto be a writer' ..there. Shelived in New York until

age of five' He ...by his parents. lived with his grandparents from the

@ un''t

J ¿ ¿ J J J J J J J J J '
R e a d i n gP a r t 3
: Remember sentences followthe orderof the text' the

¿¿ J J ¿J ' ' ¡

¡ J J J J J J J J J J J

Exam odvi-ce

Look at the sentencesbelow about two TV programmes. or incorrect. Readthe text below to decide if each sentenceis correct ff it is correct, rnark A in the box next to each statement. ff it is not correct, mark B in the box next to each statement' Brat Camp. 1 This is the first seriesofto is Z The aim of the series to help mothersand daughters get on better. are 3 Mothersand daughters dealtwith kindly at the camp. are all showsthe progress the mothersand daughters making. in 4 Eachprogramme the series for Anatomy of Peace free' Th"e 5 It is possibleto receivea copy of. are the Parents, teenagers all from the samecountry. 6 In Tlte World'sStrictest rvantsto provethat being strict is the bestway to be a parent. Z The programme staywith morethan one host family' 8 The teenagers g The teenagers attendschoolwhile they are stayingwith the family. learn why having rules is important. 10 During their staywith the hostfamilies,the teenagers


n n n n l n n n n

n n n T n T n n


T l


Bfat aS retüin,i, a blán'ci¡ óamp'i Brat

'iw¡ t."' r"'i¡6,é*ffiájn¡,'nf+,ffiiü*ú ¡¡li¡1,r,6;¡.,¡il,¡,ilár',', t.-,.t, r-.1' Gamp,i,,,-,,,,,.,,,.'

' ,::'lllHlili;lli*l'' '
' Both. iei', mothén nC,rdaughtei a peáCe;, ápproach:,thá.t.uses' love.'' , a,n :

girl5;'-r1,.,,.,,,.,, newgrouf of teénágg, proniémi,at, whoarehaviná ,'.',:l', tire home, experién¿e, ¡n'á'!amt' this.''''',,,',,, in the Arizona déser'tt,,'lh series, their mothárs¡Coñü' ,¡,' . with them totiy. t- ,méhd.,.theii.,', theil1:;' brokenrelatiohéhips,,With ri

$ffH##ffi-T#fi 'Hi;íHl.:.;Hf,i,l{tffi"iiiasiu
','"" "i,lliflffi ,;; il' tíit ;¡i {!,'S:ualffi ai*Ála' Í:!fi' ffi f#
" .to"r,esp,ect,,,,i,, ffihése.teenage-rs ''ih;l;Éü'ffi{{*Jpliliñaffiy:, j' , Sfiiciá$üpá'iáfi6', , ,

,tri#i{#tr##[{iiffi'füll$fl $ff iffi tffi ff I .., ,.;,;¡didórffiftri¡ffi.]}ff r
' , ,,,, ,rio-m,curtüie,,sh,ó0k ft¡'i3]8ifvad 'r.,,
to seti-OiscoVeiy;}nes6,,téehágéisr _ unáio u¡áeista¡o tbónátits.:',:, ,ine ,

:"' aro;d'oiftiapv-'mrqéa nñasaiir,

;t;ll' siii¿t :ih' ird's¡stricidst uno¿iiiá¡ai¿g'nátiar ''?iilfl,ggats{ó iir¿i¡+ lÍftil#9é?lih',litfl..l';*ffi irrán : ánd 'f', r., diiffint'' '' ,' *ií,tTIie'á¡á,i¿ ,', sr*,*tóiüá;i"üÉ:iüi,''!ure¡'anc.haio,wó"*.'m r,' é,'cóuntries:arou1,o,,i1i : náíi¡4.¡¿u11g'ó¡#áilAid¡,s.,,p1n* té' wglld ::,;;-,, Each:wéek'rthé.prOgrá n .,,,"',,
'cohcentiates ' irrh oné,fáfii[yt' . f.'tli1f"iÍiilirr*iries,:,rhis ón,,iüii strictis seeif béihg :,, foilowin$,their fromthe , , ,lrrl experirnentiio stOry the,ielatiOn:ship , canchange



',,' ' upa'Child way-tó,6iing !i[6¿¡:] the to*n",,ther,ightwne¡nei,itiict and ,¿ioi¡lUeéffiü'iir.ii'ti*é '',", uK parenting itiñr,L-,i"iüá,'*¡i¡',,¡iii¿i:O:a'ré;t5, out t¡ tih¿ : ffiTi*'j|:1;iu;1un that
y--Aw@ fF ^ ía:^i"B, :iqffesFFffi


is This melffi

ls Conditiona
conditional sentencesQ Vtatctrthe two parts of the
lf m y br ot hers tu d i e dh a rd e ra t s c h o o l ' lf you didn't live so far awaY,

Lukewon'ttalkto her anYmore' phone she'll YoustraightawaY' with him' get Dadwouldn't so angry
he'd play in the football match' I won't be able to get a car-

to didn'thave visithisaunton Saturday, lf Oliver sorry, she's saYs Hannah Unless the RubY message, WhenJoegives so wasn'talwaYs rude, lf Lizzy me my Unless dad lends the money, You, lf youwantme to helP

we wouldseeeachothermoreoften' you onlyhaveto ask. I'd inviteherto mYPartY.

verb' @ Circtethe correct form of the
f 1 Unlessyou feeL felt better,we wiLL won't go out / tonight. 2 lf I am / weremore confident,I enioy/ wouLdenjoy actingmore. / When my brother grows/ grew lp, he'LL he'dbe a famousfootballer. give , If you 7et/ gof the tickets after schooi'I'd / I'LL you the moneytomortow' Is that OK? in / í Now we live in the city but if we Live Lived the a country,I'd- I'LLhave tennis court in my garden' / raining, we'LL we'd have / í Unlessit süops stopped / to cancelthe Picnic. / 7 If.I had / would lmuemore time, I'LL I'd take up the guitar againbut ai the momentI've got to study for mY exams. ha¿ea problem with my 8 When I lnue / wiLL me / friend.s,my mum heLps would heLp to sort it out.

so they are true lor you' @ Complete the sentences I 1 If I lived in the citY/countrY,

..." If I have a probl em, ...... " " W hen I' m ol der' " " " " " " " ' " tF'

a @ uni.

¿ . . . .

¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ J ¿ ¿ ¿ ¿ J ¿ ¿ ) ¿ I ¡ ¡ ¡ J J ¡ ¿ J J J J J J

L i s t e n i n gP a r t 3
Ltam aduice
: writelonganiwCrSorl€ Don't is or a shortPhrase enough. word .'''''' You will hear a head teacher g r\rrn g s o rn e information to her students. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered sPace.

W r i t i n g P a r t2
You and Air..3ys :hecf: ¡o;r speiling punctuation wiil,.i,,1¡ *l*tlné* many if geta better niark iherearen't UuSt .',i ..,.,, Q f ook at the exam task and the student's answer below. Find SIX punctuation mistakes and FOUR spelling mistakes in Ricardo'semail. You recently went to your aunt's wedding but your English cousin wasn't able to go. Write an email to your cousin. In your email you should: o sdywhat you enjoyed aboutthe wedding . describe your aunt'snew husband . ask your cousin's opinionof the photosyou have sent. Write 35-45 words.



@ Vour English cousin recently got married but you couldn't go to the wedding. Write an email to your cousin. In your email you should:
a a o

ask her about the wedding say why you couldn't go say when you will see her again. Write 35-45 words.

Now check: o you have included all three points. o your email is the right length.
a a a

your spelling. your punctuation. your grammar.

n n n
This metrffi is



aaaaa¡ aaa. aaaaaa

F¡tand healthy

Listening Part 4

Look at the six sentencesfor this part' coach, and Abbie, a girl who wants to learn You will hear a conversation between Mike' a tennis to play tennis. Decide if each sentenceis correct or incorrect' (/) in the box for YES. If it is not correct, put a tick If it is correct, put a tick (/) in the box under A under B for NO. A B NO YES properly' 1 Mike saysthat Abbie alreadyholds the racket 2 Mike thinks Abbie shouldwatch tennis on television' player' 3 Abbie believessheis fit enoughto be a top now' 4 Mike advisesAbbie to start taking part in competitions ruies of tennis' 5 Abbie and Mike agreesheneedsto studythe 6AbbiepromisestodoSomeexerciseevelydayoftheweek.



n n n tr T n l

clauses Relative
O vtatch the sentence halves'
a who



@ ,n,,n

a a . a a a a a . a aa aa aa aa a a| ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ l ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ J
O @ C i r c l e t h e c o r r e c t r e l . r t i tt ' p r o t i L ) i : ! l :


. tñ l l O \ \ i i V J I I ^ l : . . - ' - : . - ' .






around th'e ri'oiid. S q u a s hi s a v e r y f a s t s p o r t i h a t played by two people. One climber, wlto / that / ahiclt i s n o l v r n h o s p i t a l , fell ten metres. My friend Mickey has a pair of skis u.rhen wh-ose / / tvtticlt he never uses. The lake in the mountains, where / wtticlt / that we went swimming, was very cold. People wlrc / wlrcse/ whictt team always lose often seem miserable. Let's go dancing on Saturday, wÍtictt" when / that / I'll have more time. Table tennis, that / whictt / when is very popular in China, can be exciting to watch. August is the month wltictt / when / wlrcre we all go windsurfing in Tarifa, Spain.
i.','-a, --''-;: is

R ead the te.rt bel og' and each space.

For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D. Example: 0 A before B until C since D after

o' ;1,; .'..'.E,l',l,,E":'ii,9" A

10 One driver, wlto / whose/ that car had broken
down, was standing by the road. 11 Those are the hilis u,,hlclt tul'tere that they have / / the mountain-biking races.

L2 Professionalathletes are people that / wltíclt /
whose have to train everv dav.

@ Wtrich of sentences I-12 would be correct without a relative pronoun?

1 A then 2 A teli 3 A usual 4 Awho 5 Afor 6 Ause 7 Aat 8 A that 9 A a 10 A much

-B never

n i¡torm
B.medium B whose B during B spend Bin B what B any B majority

C ever C say C standard C where C while C give Con C which C the C most

D soon D report D average D when Dbv D pay Dto D why D some D 1ot

Fit and healthy "$?


¡-¡raFa a a-¡-a-l a a ¡ ¡ ¡ J J J J
and l-{ealth sport
the Q Complete text with thesenouns' rcompetition injury enieffi;,,,'breáth¡" 'b*s'ffimert:ti ',,"',Cburt , .net ;''. a organisedtable-tennis my Lastyear, school
.'-. . for all fourth-Year (1) I,d students. neverplayedon a propertable-tennis before,or againstsuchgood (2) players. first match was againstEmilio Ramos'who My to hit the ball (3) used a sPecial
really hard. It came over the [4)

running and fast that I hardly saw it. I neverstopped jumping, and soonI was out of (5)
.. .left. I was , and had very iittle (6) sure that Emilio'would easily beat me' but then, suddenly, he stoPPed.He had an [7)

to his left ankle,and he needed(B) from the schoolnurse.I'd won!

O Read the clues and complete the crossword' Across 1 2 5 7 8 t2 14 15 somethingthat showsyou are not well strongand in good health soundthat comesfrom Yourthroat commonillness which is not very serious blue or black mark on Your skin personwho is not weli small, round piece of medicinethat you swallow bY iilnesscaused infection

Down 1 3 4 6 9 10 11 *1tnot feelingwell not in goodheaith pain, particuiarlyin your head,ear or stomach cause Pain to Part of YourbodY,or to another Person painful in goodhealth damage Part of YourbodY ;notliélWóid fói-i4 across 13 personwho takescareof peopiein hospital

t @ un',

¿ ¿ a a a a a a a a a a a a aa ¿¿ a ¡ ¿ J ¿ ¿ . ¿ ¿¿ J ¿ J¿ aa
Writing Part3 lstorr')
Lram aduire
lí you decide to write a story,make sureysur text fits the title the you are given.Neverchange title or this or the sentence in sentence anYwaY.

O t , -i\

'.-r I ttc:t :



the stor\'.

.-l .,.'-. :.-: ^--'-l{"ill . : ' . r . : - l - j i - 1l l I O p a l a g r a l r

-- .,''-.,-



story fi t the ti tl e? c: - --- .,.: -.' .1.:' -t. ti -re ' ,' , before,so, does tvords,e.8. becouse, .1r--.l ng .-..-' ::
- r-J '.\-t-rTpf ilSpi

@ Stuay the exam task and answer questions l-4. Your English teacher has asked you to write a story. This is the title for your story: The missing case. I What are the key words in the instructions? 2 Who will readyour story? 3 Which words do you haveto use?Wheredo they go? 4 Do you haveto write the storyin the first person (I), or the third person(he/she/it),or can you which you prefer? choose @(:) Read the story written by a PET candidate. Find and correct these three mistakes: . an incorrectverb form o a relativepronoun . a preposition piace. of

) Does the rvritet use a good variety of structures and verb tenses? 6 Is there a good range of vocabularY? 7 What kind of ending does the story have? @ No* write your own story, following the exam instructions in 1. Check your writing: Is it the right length? Are thereparagraphs?
Yes/No Yes/No

What linking words did you use?.... . ..

clie+*s i+t tí ts#" a' i¿;lf ',Lnie'to" auu n ¡'*¿¡ q.tve'$. licKel tor lh-" **ot&¿r':,'i¡ii*1,,,s0,

*^t"d il&t:T M6bossi;¡;'n',,il,i;,{ perÁ07', ; :" of tnis


wtnat inad K<now+t iLte

Fit and healthy {$



aaaaaaaaaa. . . ¡ . o. ' . '

A questionof taste

Reading Part 2

a restaurant for a The people below all want'to go to celebration. the most suitable Decide whlch restaurant would be for each Person. Stellawants to book a specialfamily B0th birthday' meal for her grandmother's will be a mix of agesso the menu There needsto Providefor a wide rangeof grandmotherfinds it tastes.Steila's to hear so she doesn'twant to d.ifficult take her anywherewhich has loud music' to Elizabethwants to book somewhere l8th birthday' her celebrate daughter's Shewants to invite about 20 familY and closefriends'Sheis looking members specialthat can offer a for somewhere priced dinner' She'dlike the reasonably atmosph.i. to be friendly and informal' his Patrickwants to celebrate first wedding anniversary'He wants to go to restaurantand doesn'tmind a first-class how much it costs.He'dlike somewhere that attractsfamous peopleand for which his wife can Put on her best dress' to wantsto book a restaurant Sadie the end of examswith a group celebrate of six friends.They don'twant to spend much moneybut want to go somewhere and interesting with a liveiy atmosphere food.

tttiffi nffito'qi l::::T::- 3ii*'jfi "r; ril:
r¡.'i¡¡*.¡ffir,óffer"ing,á menu onl for" ipecial
plethe c

Ju4ln'5,"l'ilii for" servicé, iiiffiiñn¿¡:;tif.lr á*áiO besr i',

hechance,inü¡üsüaii¡ffi rii¡',Eiiffi -tn. ¿rtnitiiiffi t;'#;;' ;;+1*

Hotél's atthe $ffi;un,,romtort Blg?ni new.if¡fiffi

his Keith wants to celebrate son Danny's him to trY some birthdaYbY taking iop quality cookirigby a well-known chef' Oánny is studyingrestaurantmanagement ut .oti.g. and wants to run his own highone daY' ciassrestaurant

@ un''to

J a a a a a a a , a a a a aa a a a a a a a a a a . a aa ¡ a ¿ ¿ aa

:rix of Exciirng -^-:-: -;-=: =-:s *:x*.;lc*se a^: rn e x p e c t i n g c i e: : 3 c : t : : ' : : : - 3 J ' . 3 s i : 3 r g g r o even disgusting. :l:-r1 A r:. .-3:: :rce^ience for realfoodlovens. r-;3c.e^ce expect Book',¡rcri anc to . paytopof the rangeprices. periecifor special is venue, ,6iáce's a magnificent guchas weddings, dining The roornwith .ft,p3Si¡ns i:,:r.i:;:i ',,,,: ::' ll .:
i 1 , , . , . ' , , : , , , , : l ; t . . . 1 : , = , t . . : : . ,., . ' . ::

-3: .. :^:' I :: *:-*: -:: ::i,^4,: *'5 &*":r: -iSl3ui3l: 'i :::- j,t==- -:- I :. , :"f3 3

@ n t r t i l e ' , e r b : i n t h e p r e s e n ts i m p l e ,p r e s e n t o c o n t l n u o u s r u a s ts i m p l ei o r m . I 1"1-,.,'
his .ger,1 car washed weekiy. [have) her car repaired now. (have) a special cake made for

2 ,)-'---. 3 \Iu::: m i - l a s t rthday. bi 4 Joshua

[get) his suits cleaned at the

privately cansit and ',,iüs,,,lar0é canberented ,balconv

once a month. dry cleaner's

W e. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . fhave) our new TV delivered last ll$.F¡.1ü.0.'1.b.he..hund¡ed..gUe]StSwithp|entyofspacefor Saturday. He . . . . . . . . . . . . [have) his computer fixed at the .. (get)new dresses moment.

@ frut the words in the correct order and answer the questions. I you / cnt/hair / your / have/ do / ? How often

Isabelle and Vicky .. . Our family ..... . .

speciallymadefor their sister'swedding next May. fhave)our phototaken iast week. for the localnewspaper

Match the signs to the places. 1 Dry cleaner's 2 Garage 3 Hairdresser's. Library... Butcher's 8 Travel agent

2 teeth / did/ checked/your / youl last /have /?

have / youl photo / taken / your / do / ? How often A

4 Post office

last/ eyes/have / dld / you / yourl tested/ ? When

70/ A\scow\l fhis F.rohfhot'ratll boflles o* shatr^,rgoo

Fines for the late return of all items will go up on April l.

5 get / y6¡ / do /replaced / mobile phone / your / ?

C ' 8e mrag r¡w* he pmsslhEe&e neretmwe *Ées. fr*mr süüE{ stmüsTs


have/bedroom/painted/Iast/ did/ your/ you/ ? When last/ get/you / yourl fixed/ computer did/ ? / When d o/ g e t /p a s s p o r t / c h a n g ey o u / y o w / ? /d How often

Pleasecheck if you need a visa for your chosen destination.

áwqrdáome-made winning sausdgee Eoldhere.

P l ease about ask our fast del i very vice ser for smal lparcels (under kÉ). 1

We recommend patíents make regular appointments.

${Jre Fñemse rnmfue hew*SstrrtEres Emw regu$nrEg. et'¡eefued
A question taste #l of

Listening Part I
the before endol the conversation' rióntiirróáiu váuranswer your Then information. check important ,v¡lu,iñav miss-some

l :r :eve to eat i n the restauran t ?

ffige1' ,FJ¡,arn


ri{en " sec¡nd tt'l,..u.''..i'Wl'P'f*tl'9 ins l"l

For each question there are three pictures and a short recording. (/) Choosethe correct picture and put a tick in the box below it. Example: What did the boy use to wear to school?

What kind of fruit doesthe girl decideto bull

n\ \7


1 What does the woman need?


5 What has the man had done?

4¿-P \ )

2 What time is the girl's appointment?


What is the woman complaining about?

{r) uni. to









7 What doesthe boYwant to borrow?




Writing Part2
Exam advice
In the exam task, you might need to apdogtse tc sorneoneor invite them to something- Think aDcut the type of language you need to do this-

¡nrrenti r¡?

l T
:.-.i rg and punctuati on correct?


() Read the exam task and then the eramples of students' writing. Tick the correct sentences. You receive a postcard from an English-speaking friend, called Tom, telling you about the bad experience he had on holiday at a pizza restaurant you recommended. Write a note to leave in Tom's locker. In your note you should . apologise recommending restaurant the for . has explainwhy you think the restaurant changed o invite him to anotherpizza restaurant.

notes' @ fq Read the task and the two students' Ansrver the ouestionsbelow with A, B or Both. coming to visit you and your favourite restaurant. r note vou should
refer here together. Note B

Write 35-40 words.

of Examptres studentswriting A.pologising
I'm sorry about you had a bad experience at the restaurant. b I'm sorry to recommend lhe ptzza restaurant. c d I'm sorly for recommending the przza restaurant.



Which note ... 1 includesall three Points? 2 is aboutthe right length? 3 is endedwell? 4 , containsspeilingmistakes? mistakes? 5 containsPunctuation 6 containsgraminarmistakes? 7 usesmore food vocabularY?

I apologisefor recommending the pizza restaurant'

e Apologies for recommending the ptzza restaurant. Explaining f s b I expiain you what I think happened. i t h i n k t h e r e m u s t b e a n e w c h e fa t

n n L_t u n

lhe pizza restaurant. h The only explanation can think of is I that the cook was ill. Inviting i j I would to invite you to dinner. I want to invite to anotherrestaurant. I will you invite to anotherrestaurant.


k i'd like to invite you to anotherrestaurant. I

n n n

@ Now you write the note to Tom.

of A question taste ffi) r

nature Conserving
W hat does C l ai re tei l other P eoP l e? her' A EverYonemust do the same as her' B Few PeoPlecan do the same as her' C NobodY should do the same as her' D AnYbodY can do the same as in the rainforest? What does Claire say about her stay that she needed' A She had enough of everything room there' B She enjoyed having a comfortable from her home' C She really missed some things problem' D She knew she could deal with every the rainforest? How did Claire feel about living in attitudes' A The experiencehad changed her at home' B She missed being with her friends there' C It was difficult to rnake new friends her clothes' D She was pleased everyone liked the end of her Which postcard did Claire write near stay in Borneo? i,. .,,,,,,:r¡+i

Reading Part 4

ReadwhatClairedidandthequestionsbelow.For A' B' C each question, choose the correct answer or D.

" Wsg"i*'@**.$*f**$s,''



the text? I What is the writer, Claire, trying to do in A give the ieader information about Borneo rainforest B adVisepeople not to work in the Borneo Borneo C describe how she felt when she was in Borneo D explain what kind of work she did in

tt @ 'n"

Gr a m m a r
' . @ . r ) i n [ ) i c t r t i t e i . c ' . ruis i r t q i i r c r r ' r i i : i ¡ , b r : c k r [ - . . [ ] s e t h e p r e s e n t s i r n p l e o r t h e p J : t : i n r ¡ r l ei n t h e passive.

a O t i " : ' - ' . r : : :- . , i t . . -: c i l t ei ' l c C s b o u t a v i s i t F-tl It, .j :" i : j i : ¡' .t1f,.. r1-10, compl ete so the .ecr-' l tdsc' l ' ttence that i t means the -¿rne as the ri rst. U se no more than three rt' ords, i ncl udi ng a passi ve verb form. i .-:^.:' ,,,' .ekhe schooi took us to a safari park. \\'e park lastweek. to a safari

, L ¡ s t r - e a rs o m eo f u s d e c i J . e c cwñSwas-i¿ much (1) and the answerwas clear:far plastic, paper, metaland giass (throw out) with other rubbish, [recycle). t3) and plasticbottles(4)

Ii ttl e m a te ri a l drink cans (leaveJ

Before we arrived. the teacher said we had to be careful . We . . . that we had to

on the floor next to the machines, and old books, (mix) magazines and papers (5) .. [shock) with other waste. We [6) by what we found, so a meeting with our teachers

be careful before we arrived.

(arrange). a result,some (7) As big changes(B) way the school (ask)to put all cans staff (9) bins next to the into special and plasticcontainers wastepaper (10) drinks machines,

'You must stay on the bus all the ti me,' she said. ' Y o ua r e . . . to eet off the bus at any time,' she 4 When we got into the park they showedus the lions. We . .. the lions when
got into the nark.

*,,n ÑS:L'1.:,:i'". J."i, *.,,..

(collect) from each ciassroom every week, and bottles (separate)into three colours: [11) green, brown and clear glass. There's still a lot to do, but we're pleased that nowadays so much of the waste (use) material from our school [12) again instead of being burnt or buiied, which is so bad for the environment.

The staff in the park usually feed the iions every morning. The lions morning by the staff. But on that occasion somebody made a mistake. everY

that occasion. li's quitegoodhor¿r ái Six hungry lions suddenly approached our bus. Our bus
hrlncvrr¡ linnq

at fírstwodidh'+:háü*;¡inoü[h

...by six

to¿at l¡;t,*t¡Ji,;tí; ánd
a,pr"oblem, ineoctf;:f6¡¡l üjth', ir;;
.,,,.,,r,,...,.,r nai.,BóW,. Bu].tlp','á,.,

one Fortunately, of the staff saw the lions coming nearus. the Fortunately, lions
comlng near us.

He quickly gavethe hungry animals a huge meal. The hungry animals
... ahugemeai.


'These neverattack anybody!' he said, lions. laughing.
' N obody he Laughing, said by these l i ons ! '

nature ffi Conserving

Fsam advice
gc in Not ail of the informaüon the ;eccidr*g i.stes¡ed" -vsudsn't on needto understandeverything,{ouhear Corrcentrate the pointsthat are tested.

Writing Part 3 Iletter)
i.Lt¿:s €a.t S.ffnettÍne at the end tO check ycur letter Carefglty ',',. ' ' ':, fof it¡srakes- LOok particularly for any grammar,vOcabulat,y;

lvord order.spellingor punctuationerrors'

You will hear a man called Neil Curran talking about wildlife programmes on television. For each question, put a tick (/) in the correct box. 1 What time can you seeWi\dlifeon Threetoday? A at6pm B a t 6 . 4 5p m C at 7.30pm on programme Indian wildlife Tomorrow's is mainly about A unusualfish. B insectsand birds. C largeanimals. plants that DesertWatchdescribes A get water from the air. B die when it doesn'train. C grow cioseto rivers.
4 What is the problemon the island?

questions 1-4' Q Str.Ovthe exam task and answer This is part of a letter you receive from an English penfriend.

n n

Now write a letter, answering your penfriend's questions. Write your letter in about 100 words. 1 2 3 4 What are the key words in the instructions? Who do you haveto write to? teil What doesthis Person You? What doeshe or shewant to know?


n n

letter @ C¡ Find and correct twelve mistakes in this

A There are few rabbitsleft. B Therearen'tenoughPlants.' C Catsare attackingthe birds.
What is the plan for the coast? A to let the water partly cover the land B to encouragebirds to leave the area

n n

written by a PETcandidate.For each one, write uerb form, preposition,word order, uocabulary, orticle, singular/plaral or spelling.

C to prevent sea water flooding the land

n n

Why, according to Neil, are wiidlife programmes so p opular ? A They always have a lot of varietY. B People of different ages can enjoy them.


C They are on quite early in the evening.

@ u n ' ,t t

@ t l : \ \ r ' í i l i e : e { u c : t i c r l ¡ :; h a u t : h c , t r r r r .
1 L

^ s , - . ' -- . - -r : . . - - - - . - - . , . . - -- .: T ll l - - , . . _ : - : :. ,\C^: .-'-5.:-i-:íL - . . -....

-: - rj'

- - : _ . : : _ . : . .. _ -

3 4 5 6

, \ \ ' h a t d o e s t h e s ' r i i . - : : - : . .- : . ' . . . . . . : - . . - . i.l . D o e s t h e l v r i t e t a n s \ \ ' e rt o i i i - - . . r - ¡ .- r - - : ' S . - - ' : -^sn s - h i c h p a r a q i a : l s , , I s t h e r e a g o o d r a n g eo f g r a m m a ¡ a r ú ' , ' o c a b u i a r r - l Wh i ch c om m on let t e r-r,v ri ti n g x p re s s i o n s re u s ed at the begi nni ng and end? e a

Thenatunal warld
Read the clues and cornplete the crossword.
Across 3 7 8 9 animal with a tail that lives in 13 down o i l , p e tr ol, c oal, gas , w o o d , e tc . big animal sometimes hunted in forests large reptile with sharp teeth

10 give food to an animal L2 animal that someone keeps at home

L7 the biggest land animal on Earth l8 big fish with very sharp teeth

19 all plants, animals, materials, weather, etc. 20 large animal with biack and white lines

Down 1 the Earth goes iound this once a year 2 4 5 6

water that is frozen and solid large animal that lives in Australia a n i ma ls , bir ds , f is h, i n s e c ts ,p l a n ts , e tc . h i q str ons anim al wi th th i c k h a i r


container with metal bars where animals are kept

11 big friendly animal that lives in the sea 12 energ% particulariy from eiectricity 13 veiy tall plant with branches and leaves 14 large area with iots of 13 down l5 big, light brown wild cat 16 any animal, bird, fish or insect but not a plant

Conserving nature



What d¡dyou say?

Part 4

Read the text and questions below. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D'

ffiWWffi ffiffiffiMffiffi,ffiffiffi ruw:ww Wffi'ffi,ffiffi " neeür$"i$ffiffffig*f ':
io*étñihg'üáit,vaiuá0iá:,oür if a'iim'e wé,Wa'nted.to rmi onéé'üÉón "'"1 priüaCy,.,Ñow ánd ourfr-ibndsr familV,.,, iór..' *rk*,r',Unone''calttorlüuii ne maY :'',' us,,.whérever,anfr-,',, Uiéá';onüei'utioñ ús,'we Iu.' Cán,contaCt sor¡óone'to contact [3d ' ' " $?;g1 td it,te¡'*á** Wé:'Cá6.i wnánevéi , ói sitái homé at o-ür.deSkS;,Théré,.:, ', .'i, ', hfü*ig*t¿wayiffi,,tném,':,,, phónés,in,,üré Sti'eet,o-t,' púb'l¡ó wer,é

u'*!. bá uüt'il'Coü1ü ftg*Lino onethát,wás,wérkinB'an$the¡*,,,,
' tó,u5s , *"¡¿ áiiántoná'queuéS to,.,,,,, si,,éoulse',üóu,lrád, tnem',Áno
payfor: so'péoBle'didn{¡,'''; ihe',caIiS.. "'

ng,inté á'rua, oi t¿ i**.n'n*r nii¿gáiofróins,tü,,,, w'úrtául'ne'iiffi dg,,., óit*¡i ñnf¿.i,.irlii¿¿ilis ,, ,' '.
pnoñes, Céltnnones oi Mobile

fift[*jffi;iFmfiffi-' - il*iui**üm*i:i u'¿ü|i¿iii;n"**r'-, i f ;*j¡iálián' ff'il*iflt.#dJlfii:ii.'#






cálf as the Americáns thefrl;,',,i,', ':i, " thesesmall piécesoÍ'el,éctr'Ónié''

tt**=r****-?:lü flill*#ffiffitlffi* " ffiffi* e irg. sóm ffil$i;1r#*i*Íffi"trr *if*¡,',l'ffi
a ¡¡ií;+;r',áro*é*iñ[ r@"=r


tá!k,,,, which:.á,llffi,;,usto l equipment $,, rn ahd"fáiffi irit ¡q/e.''',,'ir fiiends w¡th

¿its'¿óibii' ráü fii¡e liilgttimá náve'to '',,Oinné1,We,Wo,u¡OdqPg ' áésn oni^ut*,'ütt¡ü'+iúgal -'ftoflT,,fltff ainow ie o meslagés'
" c'átls t*rr, .l¡¿t.;ffii wó'u ld,:i tó'' *u*

'*Jn,t¡tt*#frp-'tcául -'

,iü*i¡erroma,, indéiwáiu"nrdier<


-'':,g¡1l¡¡ébilé,phoneS,have had''''-. á:lso

:, whát,bééplé ¿riéct,,and á ¡esái¡üe we'vel ls dón;i seómr iéalise:thá{r io'

@ ,n* t,





















r - = - 7 - v - - - - ! t - - ! 7 - - I

What is üe writer's main ptrpoc€ in rridnt rhis article? A to inform people abour metbods of communication in the past B to show the disadvantages the way people of communicatetoday C to persuade peopleto stop using mobile phones D to comparedifferent types of phone conversations What point doesthe writer make about using telephones beforethe inventionof mobile phones? A Using a telephone was very expensive. B Phonecalls were much shorter. C Peoplemade fewer phonecalls. D Peoplewere more dependent public on telephones. What doesthe writer think about life before mobile phones? A It was more inconvenient. B Peoplewere more punctual. C Things were more relaxed. D Everyonemanagedvery well.



r¡everbeen to Australia-'

ltey s¿¡d Aus¡ralia. 4 'l'm sorry that I didn't do my homework.' homework. 5 'Tom will phone you romorrow.'
She said day.

the next

6 'Maria and Janefinished universitv last vear.'
He said before.

7 'I can't rememberwhere I bought my watch.'
Granddadsai d. . . watch.

8 'My laptop is broken,so I can't sendany emails. S h es a i d . . . ..... emails.

What is the wliter's main argumentagainstmobile phones? @ fook at the reported commands and write the A They have damagedrelationships. instructions. B lt's impossibleto escape from them. C They are bad for our health. Example D We give out too much personalinformation. The teachertold them to write an essavfor Which rvord best describes how the writer feels about the use cf mobile phones? A angry B excited C anxious D surprised homework. 'Write an essay for homework.' I Her mum told her to go to bed.


She told him to phone as soon as he arrived.

Reported speech and reported commands
$ Complete the sentences in reported speech. I 'I don't know the answer.' He said answer. 'Dad is going to take you to the station today.' 3 Filie'sbrothertold her not to use his iPod. 4 Mv teachertold us not to worry about the exam.

5 We told thern.rrot eat all the chocolate. to

Mum said Dad . that day.

What did you r"yl



C orni ri ¡' ¡ctht si gns rr i th the correct preposi ti on o f l o c ¡ r i L l n . S r l n l e t i m e sm o r e t h a n o n e a n s w e r i s


do Please not Park ........:......,... thesegates.

listening to the radio or to

wait Please

you listen me Danger!Do not walk ' ' . ' tne Drroge.

is the

New burgerrestaurantl

Listening Part 3

..............'.... the cinema.

P l easestand

You will hear a radio presenter giving some information about a new exhibition. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered sPaces.
Remember to drive Pirate Radio Exhibitioil ,, , , i',-,,'', :'"'ol'" of Rad,ioCaiolind,'-t,', History . based.on a iadio ship,,.' 1.,,'# o started in [1) ..:::.:-.:].:-:r:i,,"'..,'-'.-'.,,,;i'¡,t,,.. I


E x h i b i t i o ni n c l u d e t i ' , , , , , o o original recordt ttt¿'[21 music fans

Do not take PhotograPhs ...from

i n te rvi ews wit h [ 3) , .,',.,,,,,.,,.,-, from Radio Caroline :i , . , . . , - ' ' , '". . . ' Visitor information:


the museum.



the flags.

,8 un,, t,

Writing Part 3
Exam advíce
Readthe instl'ucticns carefully. ihe ;uesticn:elb ioü :G if with the sentence given,co ivor changeúlis senrence leuin rn anvwaf,
. ,.:i :i :. ..,, ,",,.' ... ..,

Stcry A

'"*o:.i': -@'$
D,i.ixeie c norrr* \yc.r , ,ra|,a;alipi:,ffi¡,t '' prize.nm sih¿ ia seirhe Át # iii¿,,|e ¡;ri
lii wi: c i-zecl cic¿: tnousq¡l t", a*.'üüt'üi.¡üi4, . t , ' s . ' . ,' $ i , .r,.

'e a."-=?,: ??:eve'.c. was trurh,,bütti@1,.',.',,,',$ the

$ fook at the task and two students, stories on the right. You haveto write a story for your Englishreacher. Your story must begin with this sentence: I was really surprisedwhen I read ttte emall. Write your story in about 100words. Now answer the questions below. Tick one or both boxes for each question. \,Vhich story I has a ciearending? 2 is easyto understand?
a J

' .$ .'",$i
, ,,$1
$i *


F Fj


Story Story A B

,; :,'$i

,... i

makesmistakes with reported speech?

4 containspunctuationerrors?

containsa spellingerror?
6 repeats the samelinking word(s)

several times? has the right numberof words? @ Correct the errors in the stories.

n n r r n n l r n n r T

@ Write your own story beginning with the sentence 'I wos really sarprisedwhen I read t.Írc email., Write about 100words.Rememterto checkyour work carefully.

What did you saVl



I 7





I {T [ ü

I {



F-'r l-ñ,
aJr:*i --}l-

oo Match the parts of the house with l-12.
¡l !!

Houseand home

I . . , l r i t c h e n h a l l . " s t a i i s : . . .w.o l . . . . . . ,. : ioom .. bedr0om :. bathroom roof . tivin$ ' c h ¡ m n é y . ; . , i.n i n Q o m , . d - io c e i l i n g l a v a t o r y, @ fut these items into the correct column. You can use your dictionary.

clock ,, duvet,' ,, afaim ,frVing:nan , sheets ,., freez0f' kátüfé"i hai¡rdrier,",

OQ),Put these nouns in two groups: countable and uncountable. Write the plural form of the countable nouns. You can use your dictionary.

@ Aaa three more things you might see in each room.
wi+dwi!-!-- wi+tdwí!-!-s

i.,,furniture diSh i ',., .,. "' i fl_at.,,,.',,., s-wit,ófi'.tfti ,''

t','' niinu't mónéyt:'''i,, ',,

, ctlt.tatn,,,,,, ,,::'Q[i fi Q

s é c t e á n i n $ ' , . é t e c t l i i C i t y ' ¡ , ,p' 'i i. . . ' , , ' b t i e l f ', t ' . i t',i,.', i''''1 , , l' , ,,, ,'-'':'''i":'t"" áir-ionditióning


@ aOA three more nouns to each group.
Un i t t


F n i t2 U
Daily life
Q complete the past simple form of these irregular verbs. I eat b____t
d___e h__ I

@ n{atctrthe functions A-D with the examples1-8.
A apologising

6 learn z lose I ring 9 spend 10 take I r s t

2 buy 3 drive 4 have 5 leave

B inviting C suggesting D explaiffig Would you like to watch the football match at my house?

@ write the nouns under the correct verbs. some of the nouns

We couldmeet on Thursdayafter school.

I can't cometo the cinemabecause I've got to finish my History essay.

I'm sorry I couldn'tgo to your party.

;;; ;;;;;;il;;;,; ;;;,;;
@ rict the things you do every day. Tick which things you
didn't do yesterday. Write sentences. footbail on Saturday.

every day y esterdav
a a o o o o o t a

Drive to school Buy a train/bus ticket Take the dog for a walk Learn somenew Englishwords Loseyour mobilephone Ring for a taxi Leavethe houseearlyin the,morning Spenda lot of time doing homework Eat a sandwichfor lunch


That's why I was late for school.



l l




n l u n r T n


There'sone ticket left for the concertif you'dlike to come. ................ Why don't you tell your teacherabout the problem?

Example: Í usua,!-bg drive ta seh"ao!-. did*'l b",T a trai+t licQet I tgesterd$.

unitz lñ



































-Y I

I I !ftr,








Hobbiesand free time
O O Write the namesof the activities next to pictures A-D.
"4$ffiS,ffi^Hffifl--,.fl "'rtFt T

@ Vtatch words a-l with l-I2 in the pictures, using your dictionary if you need to.
a guitar e wheel i he l me t

they @ Vtatctr sentences 1-8 with d-h, making sure have similar meanings. 1 A neighbourlooks after my catswhen I'm away' 2 I set out at 6.30am on SaturdaY. 3 I might take up a hobbY. 4 i'm working hard to catch up with everyoneelse' 5 I won't give up attemptingto break the record. 6 I do¡r'tfeel like going out at the moment. 7 I get off at the last station. 8 I can deal with probiemslike this. I stayon the train all the way there. b I'm doingall I can to reachthe samelevel as

b board f tyre j backpack

c keyboard d wave h wetsuit g tent bag I sleeping k drums

@ AAa negative prefixes to these adjectives and put If vou need to, You them in can use

:i' i,!ij,l,lli:tr,,,,i

the others. I'd preferto-slaYin right now. d I know what to do about this kind of situation. e My journeybeginsearly in the morning this weekend' takes care of my peis f. When I'm not at home, somebody
c for me.

I think I'li start doing an activity in my sparetime' h I'm goingto keep trying to do it betterthan
g b

else. anyone


Un i t 3

ñ7 T


B" r

Unit 4
iril:,i:i. :iii:iir¡ll;i;r¡

Q write the words.
The first letter has been done for vou.

@ Write the opposite adjective.
He didn't catch a tiny fish. H e c a u g h ta n . . . . . . . .... fishl

He didn't dive into deep water. H e di ved i nto.. ... It wasn't freezing cold in the tent. It w as ...hot. w ater!


It wasn't flat where we went walking. It was . . . . . . . . . . . . . .!. . .

The atmosphere at the pany wasn't lively. I It was It wasn't safe to swim in the sea.

g n s"

snt o" '""'

It was


@ circle the two adjectives that fit in each sentence. I The restaurantwas quite modern / crowd_ed.tiny. /

2 The internet café is really expensiue bi1 / deep. / takep 3 The shoppingcentreis absoluteiy
80s 4 5

fantasüc / old / terrtble. The river is very filt@ / dirty / narrow. the stadium is absolutely modern/ enormous/ wonderfut. The market is extremeiy

the @ tvtatch places 1-6 with the informationA-F.
I youth club 4 town hall A
Satle lrow o\.

2 tourist office

3 departmentstore

5 police station 6 museum
Entrance free. Pleasedo not take photos.

.Allsporfs equipu,renf harl€ price.

ffimmEq ysur hs*el sr hss*el here"

tnteresting/ fascinoting / cheop.
7 The factory was quite noisy/ terrible / d.angerous. 8

The town is extremelylively / great / nice.

What do tlúnk aboat our local seruices? Public meetíng here on Thursday.

Please ial d the emergency n u m b e ri f w e areclosed.

Openfrom 8-1O.OOpm. Everyone aged 15-17welcome,



unit+ @

ril I F



i i

Unit 5

with O Q) How do you feel? Cornplete the sentences your dictionarY. the adjectives. You can use


you think are positive @ Wfrich of 1-10 in 1a do emotions, which are negative, and which are neither positive nor negative? Put + or - next to the positive and negative adiectives.

preposition: about, @ fitt in the gapswith the correct
of or utith. "" the dark' 1 Somechiidrenare afraid to ... . - forgetting phoneyou' 2 I'm sorry my silly mistake' '.. 3 I was embarrassed ... 4 Ben was satisfied 5 Chloeis proud the ..... work he'd done' success. her ....... daughterrs for .... .-. Sarn tellingme lies' 6 I'm angry the food in that café. ... 7 I was disappointed. . . leavingour old house' ... 8 We weresad...... g A l e x i s f r i g h t e n e d. . . . . 10 I'm not sure......... s o m ei n s e c t s ' the dateof the wedding'

their opposites' @)Q) Match the adiectives and When you're feeling: t .. . . . n ., 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .y o.u.w.a . . t s o m e t h i n gh a t s o m e o n e elsehas. 2 you'reunhappyabout something ........., that's happened. is you think something funny. ................, 3 to you ........., want something happensoon' ...... 4 you don'twant to do any work. .................., J
6 7

1 2 3, 4 ) 6 which one is positive @ for each p--airof adiectives, Put + or - next to each and which is négative? adjective.

vou want to know about something.
..............., knorlr you've done something lzou

can do something. certain.you that worried about something happy about something


un,, u

h r



TV and clotlres
) $ Uatctr the TV programrnes 1-6 to the TV Guide A_F.
1 4 cartoon the news


e ....................

) 5

documentary qurz show



comedyseries chat show


:¡iiJ: ii]::ili r:u|i ::!¡ i:iirtiiii::: l till r::i.li,1:ii:iial

;,1,;,.Ñ''+.u,*,",r,¡; ; *; ; o,' ii-';

: r . _ . . . i _ . i . :

,,1,''i, ,'.' $',.¡t+6. ,,,' ,,:,,.;
: i i . . i ! : : : ! i i :i::::t:t::! : :!:r ..:: :r. i: : : !

pi,o Fnat,, $,rra,mm I n g . S e f l e S : t n trtm0.,we.[eaf:n e,!n. S 1 abo ifé,,u the sga. ut,,l ndel.

i . , ' : r , , , . , , l . , l : : : .,' .: '.' I

Moi.q, ntú W¡lh n,ny, ra¡,g.e,, ue adVe ¡$s,, :Lé t hé,o an{,,bl $tnip,ed.lian,

t 5.15 ,,
catCh tire


D 8.50r'.'.
A opportunitytó m iiá':,'üJÁti.. Éiir,*Ar, n ea+ n*y.

@ tvtatch the descriptions to the correc t picture.



l.;i :l,'J-u,,,' ;ilil;,;l.;li*.liliiltr#\ ;*il
Painful i,fün,n*i 9' 5 0'.".'." ""'.¡'1'l.il.t;'.i.

H -v ' H *




Á' ' X H




, [\


H @:s

/\ l/\ / /boooo{\ \ I /¡ococodl \


*,,*irru*,;i,.'ini üfu*q##.;
!,0'* I
for you.

l A1 \ \ MrLItfi / u ) k
lt I l. t \i

k1 /$dl\

H ' - H

uli*i ntwátih,..i fnd, ut.,,.,,.,.,,, u hd d

(^?4) , H".-,


r""X {"41
u i


, t \9,/

i 9

@ Write the word. The first letter has been written





/ / t

r-Q"x ,,ñ p,.
l \ \


w ' g
Max is wearing' 1 a striped T-shirt with short sleeves. 2 a T-shi rt w hi ch i s too ti ght.


3 a T-shirt with long sleevesand a round n e c k . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 an old-fashionedpatterned sweater. shi 5 a sl eevel ess rt. 6 a cotton sweater with a V-neck.

unito @


: i

U n i t7

Weatherand transport
Q Complete compound words 1-10 and match them

at We stopped the .. . Iightsturned red. the carsstopped. 6 The.......... B miles'.

. when the traffic

with pictures A-J.

I..,i,1..,.rtiKér.'.,,. .,,..,p,áCk,,..., ;a.F'uüi,"

t,.,BO'Si¡,¡.';.i1',,.,bbok,.,,'.. .,ióaüs'.1,,',,,

on the countryroad said


c W ./>De ffir/ f*ffi

$ next symbols to 1-8.complete @rook at theweather
with the correctform of the words the descriptions


f f i r y R R i n t h e b o x . Y than once.e e d t o u s e s o m e o f t h e m m o r e ouwilln

ite,, Oe5,ié,é,1,: ,, ,u¡¡ ,::,Süh:: , :fióst ,:,,,,,,i, ,,: ,thunábr,,;;,,,,: ,,,,,,, ,' wi,nd'i',,,,,téfiperátúaé , Cloúd ' ,. ,.,.i,',,',.,sfrMi,l lightni'ng .. ,..,
The ......... It's 45 is very high. . .... centigrade. ... .... the sky. in

Thereare a lot of 1 suit Z motor 3 sign 4 under 5 guide 6 cross 7 hitch 8 back 9 round 10 rail @ Complete the sentencesusing six of the compound words you formed in Exercise 1. Then write your own sentences containing the other four words. 1 Trainsfirst ran on this 2 Touristsuse a
3 hands were free. I carried everything in my

.. ... .c..&se. ....

I t ' sa

.........day. is shining. day. is biowing strongly. .day. . . . . . .t o d a y . heavily.

The ....... It's a The ....

I t ' sa v e r y . . . . . . . . . a There's lot of It's .

It's cold and there'sa little
+u^uJd-y. .. rL ), ^. . . . . . . . . . . . . + l r a little.

... The sky'slit up by........ the there's soundof .......... with It's freezing, the windowsand . .... 150yearsago. ...to find a goodhotel.
. so that my

, then ......... on . .:oads.

L5U unitz


k f

U n i tB


people Describing
Q fook at the family photo and complete the sentenceswith a word from the box. ,m,oü,staoñ,e ...r,,.,r . ihf , :,.,.. üá¡1i . á¡,.,, , ü.ü*, .,'ia,!i,,.'. '..t,., I,., i' I ,,,1,';+áig,tii,.... b,r"oad'f,,,..t '.,,,|.oQltS.l'.,,'''.,,. n,,,,,.,,i blo¡de,,

,H,e'á,armost'r'bómpl.ei¿iü]'[á1i...,:.,.,.... Hb'.$ ,' j .,,...,,,,.:.;,.án¿ rá'to'h.g., ,:-':.,..;'f,.,;.,".:.,. a '[4i,...,,,,.,. ,'.,: h'áS, .,,," He,, tg)t.r''';,,'1

Mn:' spirne1is,¡véiy.¡á,.ü I üári',á¡¿' ti

'M'É'b, áhoit:isi,,,,..,i,..,,,,',i.'.',r,., áciárS.'n *.iáce, Sp.iké,.hás paf i;,t.,',,,,,'.,f ...flaln¡¡enO,..li'bL,.üár.t yaüngni á,.,.Shá,'.i;, .. ¡e].,.,,,'.¡,,.,'.¡ ,,,;1,,,;:' .,'',,' iháñ,.He¡,hüsbánd,' Shé.,,'o,niy¡t7):. , ,,;,,',...,,.'55sü¡' ,.

",' i¡ á rcai¡,' .''.,: á5,,$eáF*i'ola,i,'sna.'ü:.,üÜr+ái#áüt¡üé,

@ Write the opposites.The first letter has been written for you.
I lazy 5

h . . . ..

2 stupid s........ 6 n e r v o u sc . . . . . . . . . .



quiet n

4 generous 8 cold

7 shy

@ Ctroose one of the adjectives in the box (with or

;6r;$i*+enifl.fi #j#i$+'Éiffii+ ffi eiiuii,r,'¡,''tüñ)ffi +$ffiffi
I A personwho likesmeetingnew people is............. 2 A personwho laughsand smilesa lot is 3 A personwho neverarriveson time is....... . 4 A personwho only thinks abouthimseifis ......... 5 A personwho steals thingsis ...... y 6 A person o u c a n t r u s t i s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 A personwho gets annoyed easily if they have to wait is ..... 8 A person who acts too young for their age is

unita $il

I ¡

,. ....

U n i tI

Sport and health
O Q) Match the places 1-6 with the names of the sports a-f. 1 pool 2 gym 3 pitch 4 track 5 ring 6 court a b c d e f gymnastics swimming boxing athletics basketball football

@ @) Complete the table with the sports verbs.

throw win lose draw beat score hit kick



@ Wtrich sports a-f above do we go, do or play? Think of more sports that take each of these verbs, e.g.go sailíng.

@ Co*plete the sentenceswith the above verbs. You........S+Qf*........or pointsin a gameor a goal match. 2 You . ...... a ball with a racketor bat. J You . ., a gameif you scoremorethan the otherplayeror team. 4 You . . a ball with your foot. ) You .. anotherplayer or team if you scoremorethan them. You.... .... a gameif you scorelessthan the otherplayeror team. You.. .... a ball or otherobiectwith vour hand. You.......... a gameif you scorethe sameas the otherplayeror team.

@ tvtatchthe words in the box with the pictures.
Write down three

sports that useeach.

bóoli'i,',. her'ni.é!....''rl iiiüli.jjilslffi+r: gloves,:,.,..shorts',.r,.1 if$,ge.rliff'ii¡
' j, I i:j,,::.t..,.,..,,:.,.,1




ffi w

@ fook at accidents and illnesses 1-8. Match them with treatments a-h. I deepwound --2 possible tr..rrl..-\ 3

a aspirin b medicine c operation d x-ray e bandage f plaster g relaxation h plastercast

4 small cut


6 headache 7 sorethroat I

wrist sprained

n ffi uni.

U m l? C t

This is madeof metal. You needit to unlock your front door. This is madeof glassand metal. You put it in lampsto providelight. This can be madeof glass,plasticor paper. You put your food on it. This is madeof wood or metal.You climb on it when you want to paint a ceiiing. This is madeof metal. You turn it on when you want to washyour hands. @ Complete the shopping list with a noun of

Food,house and home
$ rina the words.

n F


































ffi qfi\ bB
é bulb



@Matchthe words and the definitions.
A f f i \t{

@ Complete the sentences with a word from the box. D ::,tdiS,hi.:...,ilt,,,..,mea,il:l:iiii,ir.':;.diesileiitür:¡;.i¡'.t:¡¡.l:

É# l \ $



:,iüü.*.t.,,ririffi t...., fte#iril¡'..+euujai;üfi
1 Which type of or Chinese?

bucket tap

. . . do you prefer?Italian

7'%r--*X -':t? E*r'

breakfast only a very small is 2 In many countries
My mum doesn't like making . She




always buys q.akesand tarts from the supermarket. If I'm having a three-course rneal, I aiways choose s o u pa s 4 . . . . . . . . . . There's always a iocal my dad's favourite restaurant. 6 I mainly eat.. . food aithough I ......... the menu at on

This is madeof wood. It's usually kept closedso that cows and sheep fieldscan'fescape. in This is usualiymadeof glass. It's usedto put flowersin This is usually madeof plastic. It's usedto hold waterin.

sometimes eat fish.

unitro (áil


and the natural Environment world
Q falet the diagram with these words. .li: móon

@ Complete the expressions ¿¿ ttalics with these words.

1 In the Arctic thereare somefascinating animals such as polar bears. 2 The best way to travel in the city centreis by tronsport. ......... in 3 The suddenchanges the weathermay be a result of 4 0o"; ;;;.,;,;Í:Í;y .. 5 The areasof ...... getting smaller. 6 We alwaysput our empty glasscontainersinto the bank. ...... 7 Thesenew . ..... enersy raínforestin the world are

bulbsuse much lesselectricity

1. . ... 4

2.............. 5. . .....


than the old ones. 8 That food isn't fresh.Put it in the

bín . ....... now.

@ raUet the diagram with these words. field,forest,,,,.,...,fi¡[.¡¡r;.¡lrt.,.-,.',';.lit, t.iiv*,;....i,i¡.i ib'C.k..:l mountain rán$e,'.,,'-,. ..,

-ation, -ion, or -ment, to @ @ Add the correct suffix , each group of nouns. 1 attract protect connect discuss invent collect

sand waiésr.',1.¡¡,i-wMi¡i.r.i,i,'.

2 advertise develop disappoint entertain excite enjoy improve replace 3 confirm inform consider form relax

-ment to these nouns, making @ aaa -ation, -ion, or You can use your spellingchanges. the necessary
dictionary. admire communicate create examine pollute
reoi ster

2 . . . . . . .. - / -''" ) ............... 8 .......

J tJ



arSue complete describe explain prepare reserve

celebrate conserve educate invite pronounce translate

@ ,n',tt

-{, é +"


Unit 12

Socialinteractionand directions
Q Complete the sentenceswith one of the words in

@ fook at the picture and read the sentences. True (T) or false (F)?

the box. Siá,ñ,$ ,...,.,. .. ,.SaV,',Cnátt,'t'...',, ,Speák.,' tex1s.,,,,r,Co.m mlr,aicáte,.,,,.. . á S K .,te1t''...,,, . .,,


1 Don't the film.

. . . . . . m . w h a t happens at the end of .. e

To . ...... . ..

well you needto listen carefullyto in your Engiish

what peopleare saying. You shouldn't ..... use... . essays.
4 5


. ......

onlinewith my friendseveryday. .... what you think . ........day,which my a Fred lives at number 10, Summer Road. ......for her telephone
French and Spanish

You shouldalways and be honestwith people. I sendabouttwenty dad thinks is too many. I wonderif I can number.

1 Fred'shouseis betweenthe caféand the
bank. From the café you have to walk past two buildings to get to the park. There's a bus stop in front of Fred's house.

8 M y m u m c a n. . . . . . . . . . very well. @ write the nouns with.

There's a large tree behind the bank.

Inside the café it's very crowded and there are people waiting outside. The library is opposite the park. ........'.".-..,.....'........ Someonehas left a bicycie on a balcony.

A cat has climbed on the roof of the bank.

unitrz @


'- ::.-: :, ;lrr J [f -, ;ei Sanc f er¡¡íUfnitUfe.

: s-ggesiiooking tnings for that,d:_on.t -.Jcispace. Someof thoseyouhave i<eiiai desk.aretoo big for the room,

Reading Part5
I D 2D 3C 4A 5 D 6 8 7 A 8 C 9 8 l OC


YeS¡'.,|ppme:'S:Ci sü ¡
éO I i.d, i.1,1.¡,;..i,,,i,,ii,i,f;:

QZ watching--> watch 3 shows--> is/'s showing
4 stay --> are/'re staying 5 wearing -+ wear 6 leave --> am/'m leaving 7 I'm wearing --> I [usually) wear 8 look --> are/'Telooking 9 is speaking --> speaks l0 send --> am/'m sending

'Zalia: ypü com{ng,thioúgh rn ,Welt, géia,létof sunsnlne ' ,' ,', 'ine:wlii*,¡;ó;1y


putt¡qsrá,bio á'boüt * *otu

iéór '

pracé, Hmm: may,he.r,iüht,lli :rnákq..trra You wou,lu , :,

'mliving @Z am/'m writing 3 am/'m staying 4 amf 5 go 6 speak 7 understand 8 is/'s getting 9 need 10 like 11 don't want 12 remember

, ,,


yeg¡[_: oártiCularlvlinrwintér,'ifs) , .,,á , ,'' ' lolbrichter,


iüi;s,or rHappinf.,ó1,$@rv, ,

1 on 2 hardly 3 has/has got (consists of) 5 at (during, over, or - US English) 4 a little

Listening Part4
1A 2B 3A 4B 5A

ii,.",,1. ,,'',:1,,,,,,,, ,,.; Vocabulary Récoidiñú.i'eiiRt:,' ',Co,,,iiá;*,.11 "',..,i,.,., Across: 6 drawers ', ,

ü;,,,,,, lff#,á; ;;;lhi¡,¿ ¿i,*trl;ú*,,.2.lf;i.o,o;,i,r",', 13 bulb ''' 12 cooker

: gifiiirt[Hfffifrriffi;;'.,'e'
' FFF| [<''tt',1,',,,,,,,:,,i, I Wny,oauo thinr.',ináii".,. .,,, .,'. üi, ' ,.. ''. :; r, .''1,,i.', ,, ,;; :

7 piliow 9 garage 11 balcony 14 blanket 16 mirror 17 sink

Zara:, y;r';,;;i,#';i¡¡,¡.ü#;i#*l;m#¡;a.,, ' , Leon:

Down: 1 corridor 2 sofa 3 microwave 4 cushion 5 hall 8 washbasin 10 armchair 13 bell 15 tao

;i fr $1tt$l$:üitr?#rlill;ffi Extra ": :'::' t,',', ,,,:','','',,,,:,,,1 Vocabulary ,,,:,,,'t:,,
House andhome
OQ) I wall 2 kitchen 3 dining room 4 hall
5 stairs 6 roof 7 ceiling 8 bedroom 9 living room l0 bathroom 11 lavatory ' 12 chimney




théha,ino;.|.m9á1'':l':....r. '.''.,l'Í'.f;;fid ;il;,j ¡.
,,,,..',Eár6pú¿i1,i,,1nil0,ffi.. 1., l.

Tha,r is*-jro;,1iH¡ir, tsri;ó'o,Jir. 1., ; lr,*t ¡, =- ir.,b,.'.

r ' . , , , i : i , , ,1 l ' : : t : L tt:: u !: : : : , !
'l'']' :':r:: ' ''''] '''':

@ (order of diagrams) bedroom: alarm ciock, duvet,'sheets,hairdryer ','¡,,,,s|r!,:h;b.briát. ,,,.',, :,,, iij,'iüériá*,,1á",,light,éiJéu,,w¿¡idi bathroom: shower kitchen: freezer, kettle, frying pan




O@ - . -. ,.*::..,,:, r..0:h lt;so.l'coul'd,,:star,tstralgl,,t¿iwái-r.'-: . ,

: ffi;1:trj;;t$ffiTü$T¡¡$il|;l; ;:... .,
-órt,i[ái,:ól pi;bá,üi; ú:*m, nát rm é:ülir:s
best askMümandDad to what rhéy:th¡nkfirst:

iiir'*,i¡"# ,iü.l.t;llffii,áliTi:l:i";:l'i,t'ro,r' V.éi;., ff ¡ ¡6,, nt..i¡¡;r;,''.iri6,püéa ána,i, ói

:i:i r, ifi#lifltü¡l,á;+ *",*" i, *i-,,,

answers: @ S.,gg.sted bedroom:bed, chestof drawers,blankets bathroom: bath, toilet/WC/Iavatory,wash basin kitchen: fridge,washingmachine,cooker windmills, dishes,caves, flats, Countable: bins, plugs,curtains,cottages, switches, blinds, shelves steps, heating,furniture, food,sharnpoo, Uncountable: housework, money, sunshine, cieaning, make-up, tricity,air-conditioning elec


"o-plete PET

: @ 4 r 3 3 . : . = - l . : - - , - :, l; , C o u n t a b l e :: . : . - .: . c i: Uncountable: snl',\..


Part l-istening l
lC 28 3A 4A 58

2 Unat

! e rvi Announcer:Fvewh n, t,n o'1 I : the:25tnl¡S*-tl¡eiiilt|,,,r,li,,'tl,,r'' test Sothemaths ison:*:¡ i *ilTtt,"u,' Boy:
so thl.iát üé6i;,'.l1l+¡.,.*-"',' a Teacher: That'sSaturday,it'$

' :i past \.'.r-i"i.¡ r'r"r,o* lecerseii trati lending me :<e-l,r :¡: i: s:e MrsAian- she's course work, it's So 3 :{c{;:. Í:i Geography , -..re:'i:! cneilowso I've justoot,.t¡49.¡ó:fffi¡¡¡,i 33si ::y books back the tibrary,See.,V:oullüffiq$t5i*Xl io


. ";:t:

'.ig . j'; :f Cí'¿r'C;i.C i:Oans a[

*$.-ftff##$H#-ffi 'ilI-+#--*HffiHHHffi#ffi *hÉ*"s$H$HfH#ix.*HfJffi ++¡r¡+'1
Boy: t' soFriday 24rh;.t*lit.fii;f¿8ilá#ii"'= rhe
Teacher: ,'',,

u,.1,? **u, 'ff*t:If##ilffi::ffi
ll'lr' .1.'',,.r.r1 tiül ft',.',..,,i

,,: ,,, ,,i5fi#üttü'üdü¡üáfi,.weü*a;o.Lia¡iüá¡ ,,, ,,,,:,.,,',,

wor Don't ry.l'ü¿',,arr:ange'dt,:blife,üiSió,n1i.ebsontlfó vou",Clais'to.¿á.sañ'e,','eiiiá.,i'áSt',¡¡áüt¡"é.i

Part3 Reading

1A 28 3A 4A 5A 68


1 failed; take 2 study; make 3 missed; spend 4 had; made 5 study; iose 6 learn; sPend 7 spend; take 8 miss; take 9 lost 10 made


==.*fÍtff$ffi ffi iliilil#HHili#üil**

Q f usedto go 2 wasn't;was doing 3 phoned;was walking 4 was studying;was crying 5 met; was waiting 6 didn't finish; wasn'tlistening 7 didn't use to like 8 were PlaYing;fell over lWhatg 2Wasc 3Dida 4Whob 5Whatf 6Didh THowd SWhene


@u, d, e, g, h could be included in the email.

ilH$$ffi##*$$ffi*HH#i*ur*" ,: il;t.iii*i'¡¿'il*¿Ti;¡¡r*ii"ii4i¡;m#ilf=
@ ffre email is too long.The maximum number of words is 45. write to a teacheror anotheradult you don't know you soont or Takecarevery weil. He could use See answer: @ Possible
Hi Anna I'm sorry that I couLdn't come slnpping with you yesterd.ay bat I lnd too much French homeutork. Did you have a good shopping trip? Con-I come to your house tomorrow to see what you bought? Let me know.

@aU the main points are included.t hopeyou wiLL to be abLe play in the next match is unnecessary information.

WitLtbestwísltes ,r ,.1,1'oá;#t*.:áuüüirinrüilbti,Ri'sht|,.,:i.r,:,l,i.1,,*ii;¡, is too formal. You would use this to , , ,., ;, :,,:,]

' * --#{#ffi os"' .gFfrffffi '*' til"ttffi:ffi1i frfrfgfg.35t¡rÉ ii ta*á+izo ,,',1r,,i1¡,,,, fii*üJÉirfl
' ,..'tt.. ih¿i. , ,,-,.,1,,,,,,t'¡áha..r.f .u"ffi.Eá; ¡ü¿r:návj"ü..ntem;r' , 1, ,,.1,,,,:;

Tirua [42 words)

' :i :::::: i"::r' Üffitrffifl.x:t3f..flffifffi* r..néá"-'"'"'"

Answer key


Vocabul Extra ary
i a i , .r i ' e O t .,. 2 :c.^::-.
a -



-.._*r , , _ , - .. : . - - . . . J . 3 1 . ' * , . lll

T:V l:rcg,




7 lost 8 rang 9

-l=. fead aiways ,r:;r: - -:" ': :S A'.:.;l€: ;.O..lid '.^ io L'- '^: -2' sre cegdecj keepthemall.So ,,, col began. :-' .: : -:' .' .:" ,eíami l y i ecti on do .'.' lnten,;e'.ter: ri k:rc of postcards you lite besithésa,.'t,
,,,' : _;:: ' : _ . : , . ;' ' :, ;;:¡l:lii:iril



breakfast money breakfast a break ti m e money homework a suggestion a job fun friends a decision money time friends

sport a job

-a \ÁI2 0p

. '' pictúieSi,.of fámóuS', I stiliiikethe oneswith, l:üb and New..\bik;.¡A¡A ¡:..,.. |ike ne.bours, Sydney :,,. ',':' also got somethat havebeqútlfül i.l.:,' ti[hó1to.S.t,.óf'''


, , ' . , ' ' , . t . l ' . , . , ' . .,...' .' .,

büt.fEl, uld.'mbJqües, oru,,


-¡' ia¡aeteá .,i: osá,éia.aüfi Inte ieweW, a-o r.v i: hqr. ¡oü'lHir.róitn i

@re 2c 3D 4A sc 6D zB 8c

Unit 3
Part Reading 4
1A 28 3D 48

O z to lend -> lending 3 play -+ to play 4 to spend -+ spending 5 buying -+ to buy 6 be -+ to be 7 to miss -+ missing 8 stay-> staying 9 taking -> to take 10 doing -+ to do b @l u correct; correct 2 a bringing-> to bring;b correct 3 a turning off --> to turn off; b buying --> to buy 4 a correct;b correct 5 a to go-->going;b to b watch-+ watching 6 a correct; to see--> seeing

Listening Part2
1A 2C 3A 48 5C 6A

Part1 Writing
I breathing 2 forward to 3 going 4 afford to 5 prefercamping

Across: 2 cyclist 4 helmet 6 fee 11 cook 12 dive 13 healthY Down:lvalue 2chess 3tent 8 bike 9 camera 10 brush 7 surf 10 book

5afford 6fancy

i OO Complete PET ¡

Vocabulary Extra
¡ o o b r e s i : ci - e e ' . : - ' e e OO A c v c r i r gB s u : : : : : C , ' . ' : : . .
7 D ( p l a i - i n g .m u s i c


.-n¡: ¿r;ibe at AianroSquare. sure .i-r r"rs:ii:{ ¿:1=I'm * l*.;S.,.{' :** i:l . ¿¡ :.: rany cf you as lhe (6j houseS -,¿,2 ¿32¿s,/i;rl sc il6rt filmsand TV shows We'tislO.$|li¡: e:-d tare srrne piloics ilere before moving on to CtriñEffifii¡ .,',neÍ:,.re"lhavea guidedwalkingtour. , '':, , .' .....,,,,.,.,,,:

zi 3i 4b sd 6r:
11k 12c

city in Europe. Moscowis the biggest Q r Crrrerent; 2 same 3 different;Therearen'tmany ports in the world that are as busy as Shanghai. 4 different;The Burj Dubai is much tailer than the CN tower. 5 different;You needto pay more to live on Avenue than on Fifth Avenue. Grace Princess 6 same @tsafest 2noisier 3hilliest 4best Sheavier 6 big 7 better 8 further 9 wettest 10 dangerous

@unfair, untrue,unfit, unlucky,unkind, unhealthr', unknown, untloy incorlect,incomplete, independent, informal, indirect impatient,impossible, impolite, imperfect, improbable

@rt ze 3g 4b sh Gc za Bd

Reading 3 Part
1 A 2 B 3 8 4 A 5 A 6 8 7 8 8 8

Q1 terrible 2 fascinating 3 boring 4 cheap 5 expensive 6 warm 7 freezíng 8 crowded 9 filthy 10 fantastic warm, crowded,noisy expensive, @lrery: boring, cheap, really: all of them terrible, fascinating,freezing, absolutely/extremely: filthy, fantastic

Part Listening 3
I 9.30 2 jacket 3 shopping 4 painting 5 1894 6 houses

",,',,, l. sC;ipt¡',.','óot,,'tr;l';.;'.,",,' ,néé¿iai;g .l,i,l', r','1''

we t.qar:ar,:f#jffitrj*niiffi$;*. stnOents'own answers. neéd iI @

m ié,tü row, ó.r<,, mor: we¡ uaub¡na, o* e, io,, q, ioür:., ¿iiv' ifg e¡,pffi Sonr,e¡,ffi ¡lm$or$;anpffi ,tfi fi{$¡!n¡sa6:epffiei$0$*N;q¡g*rt¡1

eie'[s'.r..''.''..''.' y:ai fen rcr;, [.of''¡..';ü:i¡[*ü'i¡¡uiá,lár*.,.tü,ué,t @ t policestation- e 2 youth ciub - d 3 stadium- c j¡i*;" ##:*¿liiü¿ii 'liiür,,,.4 factory - f 5 tourist office- a 6 art gallery - b ¿ n;;,;;,'; *iiüi}m :i'¿wr¡fi ="i Iw*¡t.iüaüiú.nii¡üi"¡,, setorfrrom her"¡'tij, "áir.:óáb:r<éi' ¡ióüá,Üal'l', Writing Part3 ¿.,,t¡ i ñóh, 0,b anym neyior,,toó é¡áüsá o are ¡66 *',¡üt',ü; :,,,,,..::, Yes b Yes c No. All his sentences short and a ür Itshoutd ú.,r nn1.iámüi;¡;r i'ii,;áh'.ült r1'.',.'. ,,'r'i,t,,,,,,,..t and ..' simple. d No. He usesone comparative one ferry, rd aovisá so l,billiJ.tafá .ialii'.4@.,,, structure,which is good.But he only usesthe superiative

niákái á T efe y, ll ?-.,, u S üs h r.r"? rñó'áü,tó' ilito¡,'wnié á$oüt,
'.ii ur,ru*'on.:

iháis ñü:.'"f ¡lü'Ü"itnáiÁ' $úri n we' doso*. Gl shd,ÉÉiabi.f.d

ls$éno :$¿¡Js'u1 wh'ére-,: ¡16 h 25 minutes,We't| iabout.'áhoüii'in

present simpletense.e No. He only usesbasicadjectives 'I times. and he repeats like' several

p'! ces,. r-e b,¡:éá ri:[:un a be-fo we' h,,fo bh',,,,


key Answer m

V o c a b u l a r yE x t r a
- : -\



f:c l:;



2c 3A 4D sE 68

@tenormous 2shallow 3boiling 4hillr' 5ciull 6 dangerous big @ t modern;crowded 2 expensive; 3 fantastic; terrible 4 dirty; narrow 5 enormous; wonderful 6 interesting; cheap 7 noisy; dangerous 8 lively; nice


if Notihatmany.possiu'te, a.ifrl.áli¡flf$i$ül ¡t:¡_,o1li y rea wánt.'m.y,é,f toS i¡!n.U Ar$;.i¡riit¡i:l1; C i.:'th Ily and t onI
I .:: ' .i.r' ,, ' l::t,. . t.., ,,:::t ,:::i:.,, : : : j r : : : . ,: . . j : : . - : : : : - : . : , : , . : _ . l . . . . : l : : : : : : i: .r:. :':: '' :.; : ,,:,:,; , t:,',,,".., ,:,:,:,.:: :::

i B :' 3s :.rd A t,ci a.hope she' l bethere. uf,l 'd , , , l , of :-a'er r:ctro havea hugenumber guesta,',' . ',',. ,' 'i i ,,.,. i2) Trveniy? : .,',,,,.,,.,,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,.,.,..,..-,,..:¡i

Reading 5 Part
1A 28 3C 4A 5C 6D 7D 8B 9A lOB

QZ Uorea 3 correct 4 correct 5 exciting 6 correct 7 relaxed 8 frightening 9 correct 10 annoyed

r C H E E RE
I i

t i


:R V O U S i D E P RE lS S E D
F ii




l J l


t i

: i


positive/ cheerful/depressed, nervous/relaxed,
negative, delighted/disappointed

Listening 4 Part
1A 28 38 48 5A 6A


*o-plete PET

U N I T6
.: $ I . ' . .... , . : I , , , . - , : : l - g : - - : . .5 . - . : . : . be 8 I ir'e vt'- üt,.'. 10 i should

I .,,


-: .


:-:'. ._ : -1
g f


1 : , : .
, , v l e ^ v 1 v 1

{'., 5i:

@2 might 3 mustn't 4 can'i 5 s,:¡--; 6 .:-.¿"' 7 d o n 't hav e t o 8 m u s t 9 C o u l d 1 0 :a ' ,' e i o -+ could/ma1'/might 3 might --> @ I correct 2 has to must 4 correct 5 ought to --> have to 6 don't have to --> shouldn't 7 correct 8 might --> rnust 9 musn't --> don't have to 10 can -+ may/might/ could/must


u--;- src\\' b chat shor,v c comedy seri es d ca:toon e documentarY f the new s revi en' 2 subti tl es 3 i ntervai 4 performa nce 5 venue 6 live 7 admission I audience


Part Listening l
1B 2C 3A 4C 5B

Writing Part3
QVes. Partsof it are too formal. --> to @ t hauereceived-+ Thanks for; I apologise you --> great!;I haveno further enjoyable Sorry;extremely information to add at the presenttime -> Well, that's all for now; I look forward to hearing from 1lou--> -> write soon;Yourssincerely Bestwishes Please

t. '','',- t -t ,Recordin$script",.coirgág*,'6,, . '., :Á¡nuü¡';áiiÉn;'¡p,¡é,,,Wnát::üiü,tñé'u¿ü'ü[:Ú..iA.w; :'

'', " "'*;il;l'i;¿ r;t;;ir;ilil#,ili#üij, b,t'...
ii::tii 1l:iir lirii:ii

t. t,tüiárv i+ls9' a d,r JJii;#*i gl d,,r,i ¡a n,,t, *lül

.'. tiéá:ni,r ié', .'1,' .my.'olu,'.sChó-óJ:'Néw u'iñ' ¡lb Iiké oi á::
, ,r,.'.

OO 1 jealous 2 upset 3 amused 4 impatient ílazy 6 curious 7 ashamed 8 confident 9 nervous 10 pleased answers:Positive- amused,confident, @ S,rggested pleased. upset,impatienl,Iazy,ashamed, Negative jeaious, nervous. positive nor negative curÍous. Neither @rof 2about 3about 4with 5of 6with 7 with 8 about 9 of 10 about 2intelligent3mean 4kind O@lrude 6 cheerful 5boring



* il# ;i;;*#i[Tl* ;i#**+'''
Girl:,'' Bby:,,,
::' .jll

.:' l :-, ,: :::iilr:



t . ' náts.,r'l','.-t tr.li ' ,..á1rry.,lo.weárt ..'i,.;,'..',',i ,, smarten uo¡rstoo(.muctr n,i¡CkétS,'and, , iL,i[i[¡t



'.:t'' i '

polite:positive 2 intelligent: negative, @ t rud.e: positive,stupid:negative 3 mean:negative, positive 4 kind: positive,cruel:negative generous: positive 6 cheerful: interesting: 5 boring: negative, positive,miserable: negative

key Answer ffi

t. .,.* (err¡*Matt:
tfr*-j '

: Tlrn,

tfisffi e..-ip.- ffiE
?.?: ?'t


FÉ ¿:':r*




r - 1: l t \ i N : :

S-: - i :¿::.crd - -= erc :ec l-s},n-

S ¡qÉáifr: 3 : í..

ls rt sripei? l"eula It's cot a pafternon ¡t. li's shcn-sieeved v-neck. Sory. I'veonlyseena blondgirlwith a !ongsleeved T-shirt.


. . - - : " .- : : . - : : ¿ . . - ' , i' i k e t h e m a i n a c t o r .I f y o u l i k e , n - - . - . , :: - . . ' - -':..i e : : c k e t sf o r u s b o t h . I .- ::¡:e ' .' ¡u n' hen I' r' e got more i nformati on'
-r- -; I ci.lrld

.,, !ri ",':1

:''. "'""'::i"''r:''''''''''"'' recommendTV on w$r,coesthe reviewer An,nbüncé.r:;Foul.

TV andclothes Orr zA 3E 4c sF 6D
2 @f Uact<pack wallet 3earring 4button 5 sweater 6 pocket 7 handbag 8 Purse

@rE zF 38 4A sc 6D

Unit 7
Partl Reading
1A 28 3C 48 58

-> I'm goingto buy 3 I don't Q 1 correct 2I go will be --> I won't be 4 I'm going to do --> am I going to do 5 correct 6 You didn't going to --> you aren't going to 7 shall be better -+ will be better 8 correct 9 we'll meet-> we're meeting buY 10 I'm going to buy -+ I'11 're meeting 4 will @ f ls goingto reach 2 gets 3 're having 7 'li have to 8 're going '11 5 go 6 'll '11 9 leaves 10 have 11 post 12 reaches

2already 3just 4since 5yet 6already Qtto, 7 rust 8 vet 9 for 10 since @ t stayed 2 hasn'tdecided 3 read 4 havevisited
5 watched 8 b e ca me 6 have known 7 haven't worn

1 minutes by / in the 2 out of 3 go on 4 usually warm enough 5 probablywon't

Q grammaticallyincorrect:a, c, f has a punctuationmistake: e - Let's seeTwiLigttt. (no questionmark) OK:b, d, g, h and for Otherphrases making suggestions offers: We couid go to seeTwilighf.How about going to see Twiligltt? I'll book the ticketsif you like.

g Listenin Part2
2 Answers:1B 8 3A 4C 5A 6C

co-ptete PEr

:: .a,






: ' l": ,

!1€ Ee: le::ers f:cr: :e¡¡:eis- tf,aflcaü *s 'tÍ what rve'i'edoing.,{.ndi kr=* l'cnr .*.;cna;'i the forecastís to pecplegsng out n sr=ii boats,because myfavour;te hobbyis sailing.

{ 6

3 on onto,off, by, plane 5 on/onto, off, by, bike

m !u .,...,¡. , ' i, . , Does ak ema n y e o p íe h a n g e e i rp l a n s , p it m c tn 1. e not to travel ? ,'..,.. l.;,',;,,..,{,écid I'f t.,1',..'r,.'i.t.l'

@. c.oss:3 seasons 4 sunny 5 umbrelia 7 traffic
l 0 si gnpost l l extremel y Down:lshowers 8 rather 9 foggy 2 s t o r m y 4 scooter 6 rails

.,W;ma"i.,.,.j..iI'O¡,t;¡: rtyins irrose smau aeroptanes, for Theyf often, choose ¡'out* their ,,, '.i.,.,"..,...0.'iñs1átca ',.1..'1..t , nnd people ;,iti,,,..,.'acmiá,;9,,üirt.J..¡oücagi plan*'*^ :,i,;,r,;;,:rir
'.'''.'.:i....11....i..:.i.....'.....'..eáit:iéi, 1

Weather transport and ' ', ,, ',,,,, 1 suitcase , ' .'i" ,..,1,,,,.,.ieáirV ü;ái.,illüEül6ftG*.,üán,w;¡n.tnogÉ F 2 motorbikeJ f..,""-,,,, Q ..,", ,,,'

',,,.''.,.,,fttl*i:i;t1trÍr:i1#ffiff *¡HVocabularyExtra
:.:r,,,'::rr:,,',ii. ili**É¡jtü¿i¿l¡,1',"..,.,,. undergroundD ,,:'1¡', 4 ,.,,,tini'ílffiiüiil
3 signpost B 5 guidebook 6 crossroads A E 8 backpack 9 roundabout C G 4 crossroads

**. L, a ii¿..., .ii.r'ir',,iil.il,h neonle;,üüoqiüitü,#;ü;,j7 hitchhikerI ry,ilhos,ei H 10 railr,vay . ii;6ni'';l', @t railway 2 :'wüfiá,ñ,iirr..:li..;.IVJJ.;'¡üiináü,;,oáñ.üÉ.,ná;*rr#i guidebook 3 backpack
r'::i]:]:::]:''..:]]]1 ]:......''',,ió.o .....'

answers: Beforethe journey,I put mv Suggested clothestidily ín my suitcase. l..i:.''.'''...:......:....i.....''....'..Jlw.;átn.¿'l...: My brother has always but ', ,,,r,'' "' :,,,r,',,would:,ue.,litié.',oña.,0á¡l,ahqaa1.i.6üt1.how,ilé,..,lli,..., wanted a motorblke my i. , parentswon't let him haveone. '" ', .''r,. .',;'.,ii'l..''.i,.¡;,m¿i¡ffiás...g¿l itfi$n1,.rdith.6'liqi¡r:[:t.e'',we.ek;,,n,^ run through tunnels The trains on the underground below the city. We went around the roundaboutand took the third road on the right.

' ri,-'.' i:1,' iffi*##**ll*lHl**iffii,f**fi.,,':

5 hitchhike 6 signpost

'.,,:,..,:.' ',.....i.t,1',',Mr;óátr,'á¡,,¿;i*. ¡..f;il'Ii;hüh1i'iffi;ll#'.¡

,..ftiilt *l[;,,,.,,

., ..,,.,',
'ü,. ' aY;"'.

r t.-perature, degrees 2 clouds,cloudy 3 sun, .l é.''',...,.@ sunny 4 wind, windy 5 rain, raining 6 snow, snowing 7 lightning,thunder 8 frost,icy

ándpiep:aiin,grthg.for.ec$s¡sf ,',,,i,,,, .l.i;'..'r,r:ir:i,.,,:,....'i.."i,,.,,,,,.,,.,,.,,, Un¡tI
@t granddaughter2brother-in-law 3 twins 4sister 5 áunt 6 father-in-law 7 uncle 8 sons 9 grandchildren 10 nephews 5 find out 6 made up 7 grow up 8 broughtup

o yoebüaü,táiif{ ilgii+hÉ,i é ut ú nü nidÉñh, n, !t;aü

'li.:jit,,rrl. .i..r..,','.t.,.:ti',.'..üüi

:i,',Vocabularv '. wo*un,i il,lJi.[Hilffillli¡ii*lg *i, [lit;,,::f:' ''i::':tdlih¿Vr;éái'¡5dlfháiwith.1wdáthéii:likálüüi¡r,itiü , , ' ' ' '' '''r:,,

',,,, .,,'1il,.'[tftf$fi$lf;fi;'fl$$ffiffi,:¡,,, , Reading 3 ,i r,,áo+¡n:;"bidll Part if.ybtiw¡i9nt..,áno'mát;éán,¡b'e'fáirlv-, ,i.r.i,.i.,,.,,..,.r'ii,,,r,,.,
.1.¡.,.,. ...,t,t;¿ui-9.1Áná,iüjt.iFüinan 1 B 2 A 3 A wélákiá¡1,*.áiiil'.u..,,,, -r*,.¡n*.iweá'néi','',.. .' ,.,.''..1., .,,. .' : ..' :i,:,,i:,,,i,.,i,, :" .i..¡,.i.i',.. rrtéi,]'...neü'
4B 5B

.....1.¡..'....;.,:¡1..''.:.lil';|..:::..........;á¡.úHi.n.l¡o1'.]...;..'...¡¡ on with 2 taken up 3 set up 4 look after @ t get





1 O A

,.',.,,,,1,,',,,shóp,sá¡U.'+e, ,',..,. l'.' l:r,.rr'r.;.:'';,'::,:ii,rrl:,:.,,.,ioiá,óáir.be¿taüSaltóüiiÉláiwát'*iünü:.,.Sf,.: ,,,, Grarn r :, ;,:,,,, ma ','.,,,,,,,ri.':'':.;,,,,,...t,.,,i,, ..,.,..,, ,t'1,r:e$li-eo,,.1i.iéü,.n¿ülr.Wet¿hil'il h'ó*,ülyüü.i..,,'.,. Or. zf 3d 4a sb 6h ze 8g
@ f feei; won't 2 were; would enjoy 3 grows; he'll 4 get; I'11 5 lived; I'd 6 stops; we'll 7 had; I'd 8 have; helps Answer key


'.1 2 .: . :-¡; l.trli --llr. '.', ' -'--..::--=. .:'-'....' ::
r ¡ : - . n a l .

-, - :--: : ,-'-'
- - - s ¿i i ' ' i - a st n a b e a u t í i u l h o t e l -l -':'' - ' t ' ú i \ - i S ¿ : t c e l l e r u tA u n t E m i l i a ' s ' ::ai: :.--rl', ,*:-. l:-'-' l-:r<h,'-,'is,-.-rti:¿njsome but a Iittlebit baldl What do , - . r i ' - - . i ." ' -

3 4

: I ' I t I h a v e a p r o b i e n r , ; s . , t ¿ i - .s'- : ¿ : . 1 - ' : : f r ien d .

W he n I'm o lder , I will ope n a c h o c o l a tes h o p ' 5 I f it ra i n s this week enC,I w i l l g o to th e c i n e ma ' 6 Unless I work hard, I won't get to university'

=: I p V o ut h l n k o f t h e s e h o t o s l l o o kt h e b e s t ,d o n ' tl ? !
| .f |Jo a-lI.O



] ,',
I . "rlll .1::r'

Part3 ;tening
7th July 216 3 hard-working 4 confident ravel expenses 6 WilloughbY

Extra VocabularY
Describing PeoPle
'ti, 4scar @ttttin 2bald 3moustache 7 looks 8 smart 9 medium 5 straight 6 dark 10 broad 11 curlY 12 f-air/ blonde 13 blonde / fair 14 wavY 4mean 5rude @tfrard-working 2smart 3noisy 7 confident I warm 6 calm 4selfish @f friendly 2cheerful 3unreliable 6 reliable 7 impatient 8 childish 5 dishonest


i¡ jir.
.¡r'i. .illl: ,iir..

ffi#ffiffi$ mffifii: iltr $t?.ifffi1TFüiÉffi '"' ij!:xl'á:;::Y;T;ffi
Unit I

Part Listening 4
1A 2A 38 4B 5A 68



a1 :t)::. j ri:i .t,tl.

: liii-r

',Mlikél ' ,Abble:

z] Complete PET

Mike: Abbie:
: i

Extra Vobabulary
- Q : , ü - : S¿ ' - : ' - . C a ' . ^

i So lvhatshot¡ic do l:xi? Ful ri'^:*5 for competítions?



t., i:


5c Ge

j;s¡:o it'd nou¡ bebe'.ier l,think .,_.,.Wall' [4Jfor And and pl-qyingschool withfriends. I ,,'Keép at you from iiárt ,,,,.lbáh giving lessons nextweek if '.'.6ü,i¡,[é,'.tüi'r:.'!".'hbwyou fora while geton Il, iñink th",n,.ma5rnb''Wálaboutmatches. áild .¡, ' 'I

boxi ng, athi eti c s; do @ = * ' > ' ,,,' .:::i :ri rg; g1' mnastrcs, p l a " 'b , t s k e l b a l l f o o t b a l i ,
v 4 ó ó s !

Sttsgpsr¿d nnSUJeTS:
L v s

'.tsil¡iJt,itlláii'..t' '',.,. .,r ,1, ,. '' 'r' ..'...,,i ,. . '',r:rilllüiltitio¿,;.¡¿Jk.ü:, ii;s' #tenhis. ü¿i; ;;ü..; ;,,,'

o go cyci i n g/ r u n n i n g/ 1 ggingl su r fi n g/ skiing/ windsurfinglclimbing/riding training/ do the long jump/the high jump/fitness sPorts shooting/water pL golflten n i s/v oIleybaI1 squash / h ockey/b asebaI 1/ ay / rugby/tabletennis @tshorts 2boots 3trainers 4helmet 5racket 6 gloves answers: Suggested volieyball 2 boots: 1 shorts:football,athletics, climbing,rugby,hockey 3 trainers:basketball, jogging,fitnesstraining 4 helmet:cycling,motorcycling,motor-racing 5 racket:tennis,squash, badminton 6 gloves:skiing, ice hockeRboxing / @ @ win/won/won; iose/lost/lost;draw/ drew drawn; hit/hit/hit; score/scored/scored; beat/beat/beaten, kick/kicked/kicked @zirit I draw 3win 4kick 5beat 6lose Tthrow






i"nntkil,,i,,"'l,v¿*t#Éjüiffi r üiiiiiffi üis'ü*$$#figrr¡áfiffi
Grarnmar Ot¿ zg 3f 4h 5a Gezb 8c
2that 3who 4which Swhere eOlwho 6 rvhose 7 when 8 which 9 when 10 whose 1 1 w h e re 12 t hat

R,eading 5 Part
IC 2A 3D 48 5A 6 8 7 C 8 C 9 A l OC

@za 3g 4f sh Ga zb 8e

U n ¡ t1 0
Part Reading 2
lD 2 E 3 A 4 C 5G

Qf .o-petition 2court 3bat 4net 5breath 6 energy 7 injury 8 treatment


you have your hair cut? @ A . t o r s : l s y m p t o r n 2 f r t 5 c o u g h T c o l d S b r u i s e Q t Éo* often do 12 patient 14 tablet 15 disease 2 When did you last have your teeth checked? 3 How often do you have your photo taken? Down:1sick 3ill 4ache 6hurt 9sore 10 healthy 11 injure 12 pill 13 nurse

(! t t.u.her, story 2 your Englishteacher 3 Ttte missingcose, the top (the title) 4 you can choose at @ r naa beencontaining-+ contained 2 that mademe -+ which made me 3 at its place--> in its place @ f A little long, but that'sbetterthan too short! 2 yes 3 yes 4 but, so,tf, after,yet, wlrcn 5 yes 6 quite good 7 a mystery:we don't know what was to in the bag, what happened it, or what the bosssaid or did.

4 When did you last have your eyes tested? 5 How often do you get your mobile Phone rePlaced? 6 When did you last have your bedroom Painted? 7 When did you last get your computer fixed? 8 How often do you get your passport changed? @ f g.tr 2 is having 3 had 4 gets 5 had
7 are getting 8 had 6 is having

u.t Answer t*

, . - _ i : - . - : l

_ r



i - - : .{ : '





L i s t e n i n g a r tI P

: :¿{e ii'e sirarvberries. melons:ar.enL.t¡llipe The
'ctgn yet. , , : , , ,::i.' : r" i : : ; ' '

1B 28 3C 4A 5C 6n 7a Recording script cDtrrack ro

Áiñár;".r ,ffff,'|9 did boy rowear rhe use to fnat ',' Ciiir' , t' titi ',t ., nUitoui,aul wearuniform' ro*"', a toschc ,'oll .,'.XffiI;"ut,on""t ,. ,, ,

tt,,''i.,. "''.,.,...¡ .. , .,,,', ,,' Five. the rra,o,oón#',1'..i'..,'l,li.ll..i,i. ,.,.'..1',,, Announcer: whathas man i,.i i',.f 1.. the ¿áA*üiilüAIit...,,'..",..f .,'. woman: so how's house custo;ner:cK.

r ::: : .:,'i, tJ,J:¿i.i;; wn*a¡;¡¡|f.,¡i¿i ;;llilál.;!i;¡il*l:,i,, t.''','',,r..'','.'..,''t,, ',üj;i,,, .'.' 't: :;i;i,'..ii;ffitn::liTl:¡ :.:l Áil#;ftt*.,máü ¡r*n.a,nin,e.eoo :.i t-i'- **;,;;;;il*;;¿:, s inüwü*r* .i,,,,. i.,. 't',i ;;i',' Wóman1

uoo''..}ffi*j**til****l*ri::*' . n:::i
lLrl: ., ..... :t''',,-" ,. ,... .,.

,'t¡¡. r,ve Man: wen, h.r' rñ!:giü.üiiqjüü+üil;¡ü¿ü. l ,''.',, Woman:'Why2n*''*;;¡li.¿ffil...li.l.....;.. Man:, : s;;;;#il #¡i..;ll'fi.$.*;l¡l¡;.,'li6;,,,,,,

ffi ü*¡'á'',:, sü+É. á¡¿¡;ih¡..bát ¡:ái .*á¡tr:tü. M,,, ,wq#ñI]r,,,,t#iJ"¡J;¿,i;#,,u;iilili'*;*il,+,*-Ui. I',#; . ,'''. tt;it.i,,'J

,.,,,,m,lúitiin,fi,¡,¡'E.ib.,iály¡üitnáw,,tr,ów, , ' :i:'' . : lffimm*fiiffi*fllii$*.; r: fi1to*.-'ffi.Ht1ffiffi;;;;ilff,f#' w;tu;rft.' -a;na o'l *li rü;i¿ ü$ffin*¡ m;.1.''.'i*i'.'m¡;#;',l;l';;1;á,u;..':.. .....'.:.:....'.m;*1++;¿m ll:. :t
...'.'.;..:'l.......'..'.'.....:l...'': '

l,l,''.,,.,rtüü..$ót,fibi.¿ómü]áincánüüi,¡. ,,''1.,,',,.,,,.


., ' ..., ¿óokinü,..á..s,üüüi;i.a*n.ürlranlfiililáie u;;m;:¡+;,:l:r ;ü;#iHlji'',,.',,,;,:i,,,,:H,rü;u;l.ll*li,siiütii;ilü.iü;óil ,,,.,,,, ,,;.., '.''':........:......'...ánol't']¡üé.u.láióthéi..iiying''bán.. Farner:''"". *i:f*$f, ',, ülflffffifli,iiffi I 'iliililti'ffi


Announc.' ;#ü;#*i *i*r.'.i,. H;tJ#Ji.,J;il

Fa,her: il:ii,T¿i.1ffi;;1iil;iil"

;[:.:di;ifffirnr¡nr1,*',,ánu,tne¡:thgv,:: :,::,, :, l,,,,+*li*il#,i rif

,ii: . ii;'.l1llliit;.lf. i .i'i.' i''.,',fil; i . ,,,.cfi i ', ,.,:lmrs,lá;*1,.,,,.'éx,,.8é.#iuéiüi,il'iÉ.tnÜ

.#lilil;i¡ffi il$ii*ffi " ti1¡
c, d.,e, g, h, k

Writing Part2

i,;;üil.lfü;i,,;¡ii üiii*iii:*+ :,:'j,,. ;¿;:i

answer: 'li',ii;¡,¿li;;,'á¡i.il'ilii.#*;.a;, @ Possible ,H,lrá¡r ,i,,. i;, ;'*¿Él*i,'', DearTom ,. -';;;

David;....,.iH;'.!.fiJft'. *"t,9.ee'oé. *"d1.',,,',,,,i1,1,,.,,,,.. ,,r1 : n¿twéeft Q gorr.ct senténces lhé

;;Hi;f:[}r[*;:ti#,i;;;;l;lil:ill ::,;, :,,, -;$';,;+i; i; ¡t,',,,*liá o1ü;';,i*l;¡;; ,,,
t T t r \ CompletePET

tlldáfiaa,to. :,i:, ;i.;,..uüiii..wiátik,-d*rruno*s,ih9.ü . .,,' ,,r,:,,,,,,,,.,., .5¿¡¡,¿,¡i'' 't:q;;. rnIr;StiáWóü¡iia; ...i., '.6¡,¿i,cánv¿üi #.. ,'. ' '.,,


I'm sorry I recommended Barney's. Last time it was very goodbut perhapsthe chef has4eft.I will take you to a betterpizza restaurant next time I seeyou. When wouid you like to go? Seeyou soon,


Unit I t
Q.-: - - -


Ste fa no -c'--'--3 ' ,'j,s ::.:-' ,' ,.r -' .^: 3 ' ,\' .rS recvci ed 4 r,vereeft l Q: 5 ' ,r' e¡e -i ec 6 n' ere shocked 7 l vas arranged :ti 8 n-erenade 9 are asked 10 i s col l ected 11 a r e separated l2 is used u @ f 4 7 9 *..e taken 2 were toid 3 not allowed were shown 5 are [usualiy) fed 6 was made was (suddenly) approached 8 were seen were (quickly) gíven 10 is ever attacked

4 Martha: ) Ma rth a: are great. Stefano: is s ing c ap i ta i i e tte r a n d c o m m a : ...Al so, M it has .
6 Martha: wrong veib pattern: 1 lrcpe you utill answer me (although it would be more natural to say 1 hope you'll let me know soon); spagltetti is uncountable. Stefano: wrong pronoun: their dessertsand tlteir ice cream. 7 Martha: pizza, pasta, spaghetti, sandwiches.

Listening 2 Part
1 C 2 C 3 A 4 8 5 A 6 8



Food, house andhome

,,.,,o á¡el o.od, fil|ltr¡*iltiltrll*t'' rv,l,e{e, vé,son.s, n ri ó
n l Sife, t,,,Slarti$,¡,,Wi;,th,';Wi!

:'"' "' :"''; r"':' "'' ;;;;il' Ñ ;i* :#il ;;¡;i1"r':lrl':'':"' ''¡¡










iH i o







G r\r_ R N N


3 3


r:*iifi,,, movec,.*;t*,,it+niua', i,oroOramme:.at,:six'oió1,0ák, . ., .1,,,.,. ,f.n¿:n,,tó*.ári¿#;i.iit¿ n ilo* r¡ É*,ióii ;;ts.iá, üt'*ie*,¡,ü,i kiii,'ü,iái,o,veiir,''é,üár.in¿,weeiir.in'¡swiil.io ,tti ,,lrá,nsé.ór,wi¡arita.rioft..ih*l.á*#fü'f,tgátüfeü,, .naü1il1¡,,i.r..¡, ,


i F



'' ,: H.i',in$hl J*ffi ili:IJlTfrt i#,$tf+i;i3iffi
ifi¡s.**¿fkiieltb' otánis,th¿{,¡¡¿¿,lfi:r,ehi:lals,,A.tác üs:iáhoüt

i V


R n











i i*s¡i.n¿iü',*iaf ffi iümlre ,,,bÉ¡'eft'üüipitÉ,inü'#,clii i.. ',:',i,áüé.ilü-'*'iüü,,inát.uüón'tnut¿.táilti¡,N i.r,.i,.,r..,, ,¡¡üruiüe...U.áü;,;r+.;ithé +ódiitát¿um¡e]+*d#ffiiÉ_;lar
',:pá¿rr¿io¿Éár,'itsl,fh i¿+li :üiii..,ül üij.j,dl [h'

,ffi ,,

",ijü¡in*i¡'+üil¿fiú$ i¿iüt,6$.,*¡alü;i*;ililiw¡r



2A 38 4E sD 6c 7H 8c

@z b a ts o f s oap a bar of chocolate some slices of cheese a jar of honey a tube of toothpaste a loaf of bread a carton/bottle of milk 4 bottles of v¿ater a tin/can of tomatoes


2 m e a l 3 d e s s e r t s4 s t a r t e r 5 d i s h

6 ve g e tar ian

u"t Answer ffi

Extra Vocabulary
world and Er'.ircr,nl€.rt the natural Q t :le S"" 2 theEarth 3 themoon 4 a planet
5 a siar


2waterfall 3iake 4rock 5mountain
7 river 8 hill 9 field 10 wave

range 6 sand

2public 3ciimate 4solar 5tropical @t*ita 6 bottle 7 light I rubbish

-to" 2 -ment 3 -ation .f. @@
@ admiration,argument,celebration, cteation, completion,conservation, communication, explanation, examination, education, description, invitation,pollution, preparation,pronunciation, reservation, translation registration,

Writing Part3
Q f l.tt.r, penfriend 2 an English penfriend 3 that they'verecentlyhad a goodholidayaway from the city 4 where you like to go in your free timet whetheryour penfriendwould tike it there €) t i" this year: preposition 2 preferTO spend:verb form 3 usuaily choose: word order 4 next to A/ THE lake: article 5 beautiful:spelling 6 like TO preposition swim: verb form 7 ON my holidays: 8 differentsubjects:singuiar/plural 9 make trips --> go on trips: vocabulary 10 National:spelling 11 You'll faii: verb form 12 iooking forwardto: word order. @ t Ves 2 Yes 3 The writer is happy that Liz enjoyed her holida)¡s. 4 Yes.The first question answered is in paragraphs and 3; the secondin the last paragraph. 2 5 The writer tendsto use only the simplepresent. The vocabularyusedis adequate not wide in range. but 6 Hi ...,Thanksvery much for..., reallypleased I'm rhat...; lookingforwardto hearingfrom you, Love. I'm

U N lT 12 _ Reading Part 4 18 2C 3A 48 5C

@ r tre didn't/did not know 2 was going to take me/us to 3 they had/they'dnevet been 4 was sorry shehadn't/hadnot doneher 5 Tom would phoneme 6 they had/they'dfinished university where he'd/hehad not 7 he couldn't/could remember boughthis 8 her iaptopwas broken,so she couldn't/couldnot send ' G ot o b e d ! ' @ t 2 'Phone as soonas you arrive. me 'Don'tuse my iPod, 3 [Ellie)!' 4"Don't worry aboutthe exam!' !' 5 'Don't eat all the chocolate @t ott.nliistened 2 iflwhether I preferredlistening to the radio or to music on my iPod. 3 where and when I iistenedto the radio. 4 what the most popular radio stationwas in my town.

Across:3 monkey 7 fuel 8 deer 9 crocodile 10 feed 12 pet 17 elephant 18 shark 19 nature 2O zebra Down:lsun 2ice 4kangaroo 5wildlife 6bear 9 cage 11 dolphin 12 power 13 tree 14 forest 15 lion 16 creature

i 76 j Complete PET
\ i

* s t e n i n g a r t3 P
i 364 2 ietters 3 (some the) DJs/ deeja-v-s of / disc jockeys 4 10am-6 pm / from 10 am ro 6 pm 5 June 6 free

@ story R

Snellins mistake: decicion --> dec'S'on

Punctuation mistakes are underlined; grammar mistakes in bold:

''cf'-i:rinü:,,ré;,i*f there the ;r¡aü,.u'.V¡';ü t'**f*nüi;tu.nJ¡,,,,,'' was a probiem. I needed to go personallyitto getthe prize. But (could replace with'Unfortunately,) was :
:raw'áná':,,,,,,,, óáiiáülá,óilatlll,*ron oecause,rr,,wii'áááinsi,tn! same date as my final physics exam! I didn't know what i b*'áúsü',rt bá;eu á. hi.p wás Ca¡oiin¿ .ón,t ;úf¡i..i"áá,,:..náarü I could dolto do. I spoke with my parents and they told yá ¡¿ in diwási,¿ios n,+üu.i aa á¡r,,:iáiái ffi .op,éá.. :',t1.l,M.'án .l,i me that it was my decision. I spoke with my teacher and ,ntir,,i*'iifie,,ih¿re w;i;'ubirt¿i.,iáui¿',,¡iáii¿¡*...Btáüiñü,,,r, I could take the exam the week after. ,, , . he said
p'o.FÚilai'....,,.,,::-',i,,.,. ,', ,,,,, ,,.; ,,.i
. ,, . i,.,: f'... ..f] ::...' . . , , , , . , . , . , ,. ,r,,., i:1 r 'i::r': :i , : : : . : t : : t : : , , , t 1I . r . . : : l : : .:1 l ' ,

i, , Réáóiáing.',iciipi, i,;cr,ri , In the first line i couldn't believe that it was the truth, ,cu, '.rrNow,,hei¿t.tu*¿thinq,tor'ar, ,, but it was! I had won a prize of about ten thousand r*..;:;;il'irl;r-, ;.:;;;. i áir,,i:oúi¿n¡,to,üéreniáiÜ,,,iHa.ptfil6,ráaió..u¿¡fn,Raüio,,,,,,' American dollars. But (could replacewith'Howeuer,')

t¿ffiii¿";iif,,,,,: : páp, i vo '"ü¡ja,i;il¿.,'¿áüpie..¿,¡ü;,ti,¿n'.Ot

.'". :,,,i¡lr.,.u;¡,iúri,a¡,;.ás,yá¡;Üü.ü:.üif'áeufih¿roüIltn,alfifi'''..':

,,r.,"r,i:, , ,groü'ns,..s11gh,tás,,ni. :,, Caioline:i,Voueá.n.,áis'6,i$éeSb.mé,,.óiihe,tzl:,{éitéis,,Seni,bV.':.,.,,,,, VocabularyExtra ,..:náaio'jcafáriná,s,tii'oüiánás...f¡,¡¡¡t.ill¡r'.;iiü,frÉÉiiilng:1:,¡,,¡1i,;,

r,.' thgi.r.;;#;;iü.il;i.,.ffiiliir' ,,'r;tlíli,ifunái,tiry, : aaáüUs:.#hó:b¡iü4iit:üffifiád¡o-

Story B I said to / iold my mother I was sleeping at Ana's house and she said to / told hers she was sleeping at my house.

:ffiiiliiililÍ Ht;H'ilil;Íll*r* ',,,,,, ..ftIü''oip'e*is¿üü¡.,4á+s..ürwüerc'riüni,,,,i.,,i., ':ihü:iáüi[,'.¡6¡6'¡il¿¡i
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Social interaction directions and

2 c o m m u n i c a t e3 s l a n g 4 c h a t 5 s a y 6 t e x t s Qtt.it 7 ask 8 speak

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Iies,a joke, the truth, a story the truth, a language, friends to

plans, the answers, dteams, a story ::Jause entryto the eXlib'it,iOn'.i$t ,, [61'IÉg,You::'ca'n,9etr.,1;' ,,:,::,:,:r, -:l ie cjetails heip, information, fromthe wébbi1á.iW,WW':tl...itill,..n.r.;..¡.i.'.',1'..,''..,',,.,',...,1.,.,..,..,...,,:,;,''. the truth, the answers

1 5 ircnt of 2 behind 3 over/across 4 Opposite the nght 6 on the left 7 inside/in 8 between

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W r r t i n g a r t3 P
Q f Both storieshavea clearending,althoughstoryA rs more successful this. at 2 StoryB. Because frequentpunctuation of and grammar errors,the readerhas to make more effort to understand storyA. -1 Story A: thev tell me it is my decicion,he said I can take the exam next week Story B: I said my motlrcr,slte said hers 4 StoryA containsfour punctuation mistakes. 5 StoryA containsone spellingerror. 6 StoryA repeats three times. buf StoryB repeats and but several so times. 7 StoryB is too long (136words).
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