Sales & Marketing Policies, Procedures, and Forms

1. Stakeholder 2. Interests 3. Current Needs Assessment 4. Future Needs Assessment 5. Impact 6. Strategies for Obtaining Support / Reducing Obstacles

Using the Matrix:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Identify people, groups, and entities that will affect or be affected by your product, service, or process and list them in the Stakeholder column. Identify each stakeholder's interest(s) in the project and record them in the Interests column. Determine how well the Company meets the stakeholder's current needs and record this information in the Current Needs Assessment column. Determine the stakeholder's future needs and record them in the Future Needs Assessment column. Consider the importance of each stakeholder's interests to the success of the project. Assign a value to the stakeholder on a scale from "-5" (most negative) to "+5" (most positive) and record this value in the Impact column. Consider what must be done to gain the support of stakeholders or reduce their opposition, especially those in the -3 to -5 range. Record responses in the Strategies for Obtaining Support / Reducing Obstacles column.


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