The Day of Silence

Presented by GSA

What is Day of Silence?
It is where you vow to be silent for a cause.

Why do we do it?
For …. every person that has been verbally insulted for their sexual orientation …. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) youth who are silenced by name calling, bullying, and harassment …. ALL of us are affected by bullying and harassment

How can I be part of the Day of Silence?
• Take a pledge of silence. OR • Be supportive of the people that joined by wearing a tag that says I support but choose to speak.

What do I do on the Day of Silence?
• WEAR YOUR PLEDGE CARD. You will receive your cards at the beginning of the school day. • You are SILENT during the school day. • We will BREAK THE SILENCE at a special event during flex period.

• If you have signed up for New LA’s Day of Silence this Friday, please stay in the café for a brief meeting. • Teachers, please review the information on your flyers with your advisory following Town Hall Meeting.

Day of Silence Participants
1. Expectations for May 11th 2. Tips for Success 3. Break the Silence Event 4. Sign the card – WRITE YOUR FIRST & LAST NAME, and your HOMEROOM TEACHER NAME on the card! 5. Thank you, please go back to class.

Breaking the Silence
• • • • Welcome Countdown Reflect Appreciations
– Ms. Rios – Ms. Pang – Ms. Young

• Group Photo • Goodbye

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