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United to End Genocide Annual Report 2011

United to End Genocide Annual Report 2011

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Letters to the campaign teams of the presidential candidates in the 2012 election.
Letters to the campaign teams of the presidential candidates in the 2012 election.

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Published by: United to End Genocide on Jun 26, 2012
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Save Darfur Coalition anD GenoCiDe intervention network are >>

annual report


MeSSaGe froM


our MiSSion
United to End Genocide is dedicated to preventing and ending genocide and mass atrocities worldwide by building a powerful, lasting movement of community activists, faith leaders, students, artists, investors and genocide survivors, and all those who believe we must fulfill the promise the world made following the Holocaust: “Never Again!”

our leaDerS
Dear Friends, In 2011, two great organizations merged to become United to End Genocide—for so many important reasons. First and foremost, it was time to show the world a unified front in the anti-genocide movement. As distinct entities, the Save Darfur Coalition and Genocide Intervention Network mobilized individuals, local groups and institutions of all kinds. Separately, they played major roles in creating a powerful movement and unprecedented global demand to stop the ongoing genocide in Darfur. But it became clear to both organizations that we could do more together. We know it will take cohesive action to sound the alarm and shine a spotlight on those who cause or enable genocide or mass atrocities. And it’s certain we’ll need a large and unified group of activists to influence elected leaders and others with the power to protect all who face the threat of genocide or mass atrocity. In this report you will read about and hear from some of the incredible individuals who are vital to our growing movement. As lifelong activists with a passion for human rights, we are privileged to work alongside them and all of you to ensure that United to End Genocide extends the legacy of action we inherited. Together, we’ll lead the movement until genocide is eliminated once and for all.

How we work
We sound the alarm and demand action from government leaders, leveraging the power of our activist and survivor networks so that silence and ignorance do not strengthen and enable perpetrators of genocide or mass atrocities. We follow the money, garnering the strength of investors and applying public pressure to shame and stop companies and governments that finance violence. We connect voices, building a powerful, sustainable and global network of genocide survivors, students, community activists, faith leaders, artists, investors and human rights champions committed to preventing mass atrocities and ending genocide once and for all.

Tom Andrews President

Bama Athreya Executive Director

uniteD to enD GenoCiDe

SounDinG tHe alarM >>

enD GenoCiDe

In Sudan, good news rarely comes without strings, and Southern Sudan’s independence is no different. Even as we were in Juba to mark that victory last July, government attacks continued in Darfur and we learned from priests fleeing the Nuba Mountains that omar al-Bashir had begun a terrifying yet frustratingly familiar campaign. As the world celebrated the republic of South Sudan, al-Bashir’s troops were quietly attacking innocent men, women and children, burning and looting churches and bombing farm fields in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State near Sudan’s border with South Sudan. We returned from that trip and began our first real effort as United to End Genocide. Building on our legacy as the world’s eyes, ears and conscience in Sudan, we spoke at rallies and in front of Congress, then mobilized our first grassroots campaign to ensure the world’s attention stays focused on stopping al-Bashir. Now, we are poised to capitalize on that momentum and have already launched into our next phase. our current effort utilizes all of our combined resources to shine the spotlight on an unfolding crisis with the intention of stopping it before more innocent people lose everything.



now tHey Start SearCHinG HouSe to HouSe … wHen tHey founD a faMily inSiDe tHat HouSe, tHey Don’t even SHoot tHeM, tHey SlauGHter tHeM. tHey SlauGHter tHe wHole faMily.
| naGwa konDa, Nuba Relief Rehabilitation and
Development Organization

2 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 3

uniteD to enD GenoCiDe

SounDinG tHe alarM, DeManDinG aCtion followinG tHe Money>>

enD GenoCiDe

In the months before the Save Darfur Coalition and Genocide Intervention Network formally became United to End Genocide, we jointly mobilized our U.S. and international networks to counter Muammar Qaddafi’s violent and deadly attempts to quell peaceful civilian protests in Libya. It was our first attempt to sound a collective alarm and demand action from leaders to stop an emerging crisis, and it was a heartening inaugural effort. Through State Department protests, Congressional meetings, media outreach, petitions to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and a phone blitz to Secretary of State Clinton, we called for strong sanctions and the establishment of a no-fly zone to prevent Libyan military aircraft from firing on civilians. But it wasn’t enough, and we knew we could do more. Armed with the knowledge that 80 percent of the government’s revenues came from the oil sector, we met with leaders from the U.S. government, United Nations and European Union, urging them to create a Libya recovery Fund. Such an escrow account would serve a dual purpose: holding oil payments for civilian protection while keeping funds out of the hands of government perpetrators. We also leveraged United to End Genocide’s Conflict risk Network, bringing together two dozen institutional investors who very publicly called upon oil companies to divert funds from Qaddafi’s regime and place revenue payments into an escrow account instead. This effort was an overwhelming success. Members of the European parliament called on the European Union to take the lead in establishing the escrow account, and world leaders implemented widespread sanctions. Ultimately, the United States, acting with UN Security Council authorization, the endorsement of the Arab League, and the support of its closest allies, took military action to protect civilians in Libya. This action likely prevented a mass slaughter in Benghazi, as sources on the ground had predicted thousands of potential deaths in that city. While ours was not the only voice, it was an important one. As a major player in the action, the National Security Council requested our presence at president obama’s speech on the Libya intervention.

Save Darfur Coalition / GenoCiDe intervention network waS one week aHeaD of tHe reSt of tHe worlD CallinG for a no-fly zone.
| Colonel (retireD) DwiGHt rayMonD,
Co-author of Mass Atrocity Response Operations Planning Handbook

4 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 5

uniteD to enD GenoCiDe

followinG tHe Money>>

enD GenoC
When the Syrian government began killing men, women and children who were peacefully demonstrating against the government, the United States and international community issued quick condemnation and took action. Though sanctions contributed to the collapse of many parts of the Syrian economy, unsanctioned oil companies continued to provide funding and fuel that helped sustain the government. once again, members of our Conflict risk Network pressured oil companies to stop operations altogether, condemn the Syrian regime’s violence, and establish policies to ensure they will not be complicit if a similar crisis arises in the future. Several major oil companies responded, making public statements condemning the Syrian government’s violence and pledging to make sure their actions would not support human rights abuses.

Founded to help institutions divest from conflict-associated companies in Sudan, the ConfliCt Risk netWoRk (CRn) now focuses on urging corporate actors to fulfill their responsibility to respect human rights and take steps that support peace and stability in areas affected by genocide and mass atrocities. CrN is made up of nearly 100 international institutional investors, including public pension funds such as the New York State Common retirement Fund and socially responsible investment firms such as Calvert Asset Management, Domini Social Investments and Boston Common Asset Management.

we Cannot overlook tHe role tHat CorporationS anD inveStorS play in enaBlinG or preventinG GenoCiDe anD MaSS atroCitieS. Money Can fuel ConfliCt, GivinG CorporationS SiGnifiCant influenCe in ConfliCt-affeCteD areaS.
| MiCHael p. MCCauley, Senior Officer, Investment Programs &
Governance / Florida State Board of Administration

6 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 7

BuilDinG a laStinG

anti-GenoCiDe MoveMent

>> stAnD The first chapter of Students Taking Action Now: Darfur was formed in 2004. Since
then, STAND – our student-led organization – has grown into an international network of more than 850 chapters at schools around the globe. A child of the Darfur anti-genocide movement, STAND has broadened its purpose to creating a sustainable student network that actively fights genocide and mass atrocities wherever they may occur.

by Definition, A movement DemAnDs evolution, and in 2011 we combined and stretched the legacies of two groundbreaking organizations in the anti-genocide movement. by connecting the voices of survivors, student activists, communities of faith, investors and individuals worldwide, we are building a focused movement dogged in its commitment to make ”never Again” a reality—not just in sudan, but anywhere genocide or mass atrocities occur. here is just a small sampling of our movement’s faces and accomplishments.

>> ConfliCt-fRee CAmpus initiAtive STAND at Stanford won the 2011 Dean’s Award for its
work to help Stanford become the world’s first university and first major institutional shareholder to enact a policy that explicitly forbids investment in conflict-supporting mineral operations in the Democratic republic of the Congo. The effort has served as a model and inspiration for campuses nationwide and is a joint initiative of STAND and Enough project’s raise Hope for Congo Campaign.

>> omekongo DibingA Congolese-American musician, poet, author and activist omekongo
Dibinga conducted motivational workshops at STAND campuses across the country and at the pledge2protect boot camp in Washington, D.C. We brought together hundreds of student activists for organizing, leadership development and campaign strategy training to strengthen their work to end atrocities in Sudan, Libya, Syria and the Democratic republic of Congo.

>> enD genoCiDe ACtion summit Courageous activists shared their stories, grounding us in
the realities of those who face threats and violence every day. The summit drew 400 activists to Washington, D.C. for training, information and inspiration.

>> “ouR voiCes” No one can so powerfully inspire and compel action to stop and prevent genocide
than those who have faced atrocity with courage, and lived to share their stories. our new survivor advocate forum connects individuals from different genocides and mass atrocities, providing a means to amplify and empower their message.

>> enD genoCiDe netWoRk This evolution of the Carl Wilkens Fellowship program and Darfur
Leaders is a bigger and further-reaching program that will provide hundreds of emerging leaders across the United States with tools and training to be effective anti-genocide organizers and activists in their communities.

>> fAith Communities We continue to build and expand relationships with the leaders and
congregations of faith organizations, a network whose unmatched motivation and ability to reach huge audience has always played a pivotal role in raising alarm and spurring action to address the Darfur genocide.

8 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 9

I am honored to lead United to End Genocide as we carry on the legacy of Save Darfur and Genocide Intervention Network. In my travels as a Member of Congress and human rights advocate, I was affected deeply by the suffering and resilience of men and women I met in Bosnia, Cambodia and Burma. Now, I have an opportunity to help prevent others from suffering similar atrocities by leading the charge to connect survivors, activists, faith leaders and communities worldwide. Together, we will hold leaders accountable and fulfill the promise of ‘Never Again.’

| BoarD of DireCtorS
ChAiR Antonios kireopoulos National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA viCe ChAiR Bennett Freeman Calvert Investments, Inc. tReAsuReR rev. David Emmanuel Goatley, ph.D. Lott Carey seCRetARy Brad Wine Dickstein Shapiro , LLP DiReCtoRs Mahmoud A. M. Braima, ph.D. Department of Mass Communication Southern University and A&M College
Harold Freilich Steptoe and Johnson, LLP rabbi Steve Gutow Jewish Council for Public Affairs omer Ismail ruth Messinger American Jewish World Service Joan platt Bethany robertson Bill Schulz Unitarian Universalist Service Committee paul Schwartz Shoemaker Ghiselli + Schwartz LLC rev. Gloria E. White-Hammond, MD My Sister’s Keeper

| finanCialS
statement of Activities >> for the Year Ended September 30, 2011
4% 2%
suppoRt & Revenue
Contributions Grants

>> tom Andrews, president
I’ve been part of the movement for social justice ever since I was a college student, joining activism for divestment from South Africa, and working with fellow advocates for peace and justice from Central America to Southeast Asia. I was profoundly moved by my twoyear experience in Cambodia in the mid-1990s: Every single person I befriended, every colleague in every organization there, had been traumatized by the brutal khmer rouge reign. I still cannot believe the world let that brutality go unchecked for three years, and I am proud to be part of the movement that is working to prevent such atrocities.




17% 22.3%

overhead Advocacy Education & Awareness policy & Government relations

>> bama Athreya, executive Director
We must take the energy and passion we have given to Sudan, and devote it to a broader movement to prevent future genocides before the damage is already done. As the logical meld of two groundbreaking organizations, United to End Genocide will lead the way in this vital and far-reaching pursuit, and I welcome the opportunity to continue contributing to its imperative mission.


>> mark hanis, Co-founder and former president of
genocide intervention network and board member, united to end genocide

total support & Revenue 4,291,856 total expenses 3,659,032 Change in net Assets 632,824

In responding to the genocide in Darfur, millions of Americans and people across the globe created something exceptional; a constituency of conscience that raised its voice and spoke out to help save the lives of people that most had never met. This constituency of conscience is as important now as it’s ever been, and United to End Genocide will make sure its voice grows louder and stronger.

>> Jerry fowler, former president of save Darfur Coalition
and board member, united to end genocide

10 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 11

2011 Support >>
viSionary CirCle
Aid for Africa Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Boston Foundation Bridgeway Foundation Dominion High School Einhorn Family Charitable Trust Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund High Volume Imaging Human & Civil rights organization of America Humanity United IBM Employee Charitable Contibution Campaign Microsoft Matching Gifts program NAACp Network for Good Notre Dame High School Foundation to promote open Society Schwab Charitable Fund Segal Family Foundation Swanee Hunt Family Foundation The Joan and Lewis platt Foundation The Libra Foundation The Walrath Family Foundation Jeanmarie Anderer & Donald Donahue Alan Bell Antonio Cediel David Dodson paul Dooley & Winifred Holzman William Edwards Andrew & kerin Fredman Brook Glaefke Janet Hadley Andy & Diana Hagans Christopher Legghio roger Nittler John o’Farrell pam omidyar David & Fay paget Zeke rabkin paul & Jennifer Schwartz Marina Shevelev Daniel Weiss & Amy Berkower Dell Employee Giving program Eugene Eder Charitable Foundation Excellence Charter School of Bedford Stuyvesant Frank Family Foundation Garr properties Inc. General Board of pension and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church GFk Custom research Give With Liberty Employee Donations Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift program Greater Houston Community Foundation iContact Insider Guides Inc. Ionia public Schools J. & G. Schwartz Family Fund Just Give kettle run High School Lefkowitz Family Foundation Merck partnership for Giving National philanthropic Trust Northern Trust orbis Investment Management San Juan Unified School District Shepherd Hill regional High School Sherry & Stewart kahn Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund Sylvia & robert Scher Charitable Foundation The Cressy Foundation The Fatta Foundation The Menemsha Fund The New York Community Trust The prudential Foundation Matching Gifts program TimeLine Theatre Company Western Beauty Institute Wheaton College Winky Foundation Youth Emergency Service Inc. 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Chris Leibowitz Teri Engelberg paula Fazio Anne Frahn David Frankel Bennett Freeman E. robert & Geraldine Galligan peter & Denise Glassman Alison Goodman katharine Gorsuch Lynne Groff Margaret Guiler Stuart Haber Mark Hanis Jonathan Harris Hannah Hauschildt Judith Herr Michael Hirschhorn richard Hollins Babette Hollister ken Hope James Hormel Helen Jeffers Bruce Johnson Lois kahan Jo & Charles kaplan patricia kates randall kempner Carla kessler Alan knoll David kramer Duane & Betty krause Fred kujawski Jim kwiecinski roger Lamar Jeff Landers Donald Latorre philip LeGrone robert Lenobel Simon Leopold & Sarah Winkler Craig Lessner Noah Levy Matt Luckett Brian Lueck Seith Mann Linda Marshall Joe Mason Deepak Massand Thomas Milinovich Walter E.D. 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Scott & Deborah Smith Bill Schulz & Beth Graham Daniel Sharfman robin Sheperd Michael Shucker Matthew Simonson Cherida Smith George Sodowick Gregg Spieler Gerald Stein Norval & Diane Stephens Lora Sumner kathlene Thiel & J. king Jennifer Vranek karen Wagner Barbara Walters Tom Wedell Nancy Wender peter & Linda Werner Joshua Wick richard Young Sisters of Charity of Nazareth Spiegel Family Trust Spring-Ford Senior High School St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church St. Gregory Armenian Church St. John Baptist Church Steven and Jacqueline Miller Family Foundation The Brock Foundation The Chicago Community Foundation The Fife Cragin Charitable Trust The Fife Family Foundation The GE Foundation The Langsam Family Foundation The Lawrence Foundation The Messinger Family Fund Truist United Way University of Colorado Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Zazzle Tara Aaron William Alexander Cynthia Allen Veronica Allen Charles Allred Volker Amelung David Arquette Norma & Angie Atkins Yoko Ax A. 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we ConneCt voiCeS, BuilDinG a powerful, SuStainaBle anD GloBal network of GenoCiDe SurvivorS, StuDentS, CoMMunity aCtiviStS, faitH leaDerS, artiStS, inveStorS anD HuMan riGHtS CHaMpionS
Nancy Ewart Alicia Farag Emily Ferguson Carl Ferrell Mary Fogelsong Zak Fose robert & phyllis Foster Jerry Fowler Julie Fox Jeffrey Freilich Harold Freilich Ernest Fudala Amey Garber paul Gasque Jacqueline Gaston Mark Gengler Stephen George John Giglio David Goatley Nannette Gordner kalani Gale Green Jerry Greenfield & Elizabeth Skarie Charles Grudzinskas rabbi Steve Gutow Evelyn Haas kenneth Haber Nancy Hagerman Julia Haight pamela Hall David Harper James Hearn Brian Heidelberger Charles Heiner Earl Hellerstein Barry Hills Lynn Hogue Mark Hollingsworth Barbara Holmes Jeffrey Horowitz Stephen Huntoon Eleanor Jaquinet Charles Johnson Allison Jones roberta kaplan Avinash kaza Jessica kazandjian Charles keil Heather kendall kris kenyon richard koerner Joan kozlowski Anna Marie kramer Heather kuta paul Lackie T.E. Lai Abhay Lakhanpal Scott Lassar kristine Laverty Charles Law Laura Lee David Leon JoAnn Lieberman Hannah Lindner kiser Lindsey Steven Lucke A.D. Mack paul Macri roberta Manian Elizabeth Marcellino Susan Martin richard Mathes Vincent Maysee Mary McCann Virginia McCulloh Susann McDonald Tasha McVeigh kay Mesirow Gerrish Milliken Muriel Mora ravi Morchi Michael Morton Lori Myers Jay Neiditch Daniel Nelson kristy Nelson kathleen Newman katherine Nguyen Louisa Nickerson Victoria Nourafchan Ellen Nusblatt Heidi o’Brien Mary & Tim ocasek M. Eileen o’Connor

DefenDerS’ CirCle
Active Network All Souls Church American Heritage School Antioch Church of the Brethren Apex High School Bank of America United Way Campaign BD Matching Gift program Belmont High School Berwick Academy Chico peace & Justice Center Community Day School Community Shares of Minnesota Davidson IB Middle School East End Temple Freecause Inc. Good Search Harwich High School Honeywell International Charity Matching IBp Consulting Inc. Justice Foundation Linden Charter Academy pTo Link Media Inc. Manalapan High School STAND Members Give Monroe-Woodbury High School Morgan Stanley Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Northrop Grumman Employees Charity organization Nova Fisheries Inc. original Congregational Church of Wrentham outten & Golden LLp palm Beach Central High School palmer Walker Foundation pasadena Community Foundation phillips Green Foundation Saint Meinrad Archabbey

CoMMitteD to preventinG MaSS atroCitieS anD enDinG GenoCiDe onCe anD for all.

leaDerSHip CirCle
American Express Charitable Fund Annandale High School Barbara & Gil kemp Foundation Bethesda United Methodist Church Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Bishop Feehan High School Boeing Company Employee Fund Brandeis University Brattleboro Union High School District #6 Brookdale Community College Combined Jewish philanthropies Comcast Corporation Darfur Interfaith Network

Charles o’Connor John o’Donnell Daniel ohlman John o’Laughlin Jr. Edward & Beverly osterholzer Amber page Gene palmer patti parker Arif pathan Simone perusse Anne pierce Carole pittelman Barry plotkin Jennifer porfirio Don porter peter & Cecile raczeck Mary reed rohit rishi Jordan rogers patrick romano Harriet rosenbloom Josh rubin Cynthia rudder George ruderman robert ryan Francisco Sainz Gerald Schooler David Shainok Joel & Janet Sheridan Dana Shires Ira Sibulkin Gail Siegel Alby Silvera

Deborah Simons ramnik Singh Brenda Slaughter Nancy Stahl keith Storrs richard Strauss Dawn & Timothy Strommen Ethan Stryker Duncan Stuart Tatiana Tafarello kalyan Tatavarti Lois Thompson John Tonner ramesh Toolsie James Trevithick Michael Tyson Dwayne Ulloa Zachary Ulman Elizabeth Vandiver Jessica Vickery philip Wachs & Juliet Spizer Mary Walsh kevin Walsh Yair Walzer Vertis Watkins Isaac Weiler Aliya White Frank & Frances Wilkinson Noreen & Scott Winkelman Anne Wolfgang Adam Wolfson Lisa Wright Jim xhema

12 United to end Genocide

2011 AnnUAl RepoRt 13

1025 ConneCtiCut ave nw Suite 310 waSHinGton, DC 20036

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