Case Writing Notes Choosing a V/C   Look at operational phrase (ought, obligated, justified) Criteria can be specific or broad o Specific

criteria need lots of support

Contention level      Link back to criterion, don’t rehash value Claim/warrant/impact structure Diversify arguments but have a main thesis Mix of cards and analytics. People really underestimate the power of analysis. Have one argument that links to the opposite moral theory (deontology/utilitarianism)

Definitions     Can be benign or useful Look for dictionary or legal definitions Can exclude ground from your opponent …but…don’t make up things or abuse it

Pre-standards      A priori or “from before.” These come before the standard Use the text of the resolution to determine what could logically make sense. But don’t abuse it and don’t be sleazy. Some judges really don’t like them. Don’t have an obscene number You can run shitty ones as time sucks

Observations  Talk about the way the world works

Multiple Outs     Make sure your contention level has multiple ways to win Minimize link stories and dependency…contention one shouldn’t need contention three to win Then, if you don’t have turns on one, you can cleanly extend and link to your criterion. Have at least on argument you can win on independent of anyone other link.

Preempts    Anticipate common arguments and put arguments against them in your case. Sneak in analytics between cards Can easily extend instead of wasting speech or prep time

Case Writing Notes Random tips  Have your strongest arguments at the bottom or right before the bottom

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