Excerpt from _The Complete Book of Voodoo_ by Robert Pelton

"How To Make Your Own Voodoo Dolls"
pp. 22-25 Thought transference of a houngan or a mambo is one of Voodoo's most powerful weapons. It is best utilized in the successful casting of a wanga on an enemy. Distance seems to have absolutely no bearing on how well a hex, curse, or crossing works. Seems rather fantastic and farfetched? It may well be, yet innumerable reports verify the fact that knowledgeable Voodoo practitioners actually can accomplish this very thing.

Voodoo dolls are most commonly used in hexing another individual. It must always be remembered that it is not the doll itself, for it is merely the medium which represents the intended victim. And the doll is the means by which direct contact is established between the priest or priestess and the person to be made ill, wounded, or even sometimes killed. The actual act is the end result of powerful concentrated thoughts.

The best Voodoo dolls (most powerful and effective) must be made by the Voodooist who intends to cast a specific spell on someone. It must be created out of a number of items carrying the intended victim's vibrations--personal things which are used or worn by the individual, or a part of the victim's physical being. An item of clothing should be used for the doll's outer covering. Try to get something recently worn by the victim (a shirt, shorts, socks, etc.)

The doll is to be carefully stuffed with crushed straw or cotton in which a number of physical items have been blended. Such physical items would consist of some parts of the victim's body. These would include fingernail parings, skin shavings, toenail cuttings, and hair. All are known to be excellent vibratory materials for this use.

After all these materials are collected, and while the Voodoo doll is actually being constructed, an animal should be killed in a sacrificial ritual. Some of its fresh blood must be added to the doll's stuffing. Blood is a very important ingredient, for it is said to form an extremely strong contact with life.

Better yet, if the intended victim is a woman, some of her menstrual blood is most effective. This type of blood is believed to be the most potent of all kinds and should certainly be used

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when obtainable.

When the cloth for making the doll has been carefully cut out, sew the pieces together but leave an opening in one side for stuffing. After everything has been carefully added, hand stitch the final section. Use only white cotton thread for this purpose. Use the illustrations included in this chapter as a guide to properly constructing your own personal arsenal of Voodoo dolls. Size is of no consequence.

If you would prefer to purchase similar dolls, simply locate one of the numerous stores which handle these materials. But, if you do buy dolls rather than make your own, it is advisable that you still add the same ingredients mentioned for maximum effectiveness. Open a small slit in one side and place the required materials as before. Blood, here again, is a necessity.

After the doll is properly prepared, the mental image of the victim is totally concentrated upon. His or her name is slowly repeated. Brand new steel pins or needles are slowly stuck into the doll at various selected points. The victim will feel pain in the identical area, or may even die if the pins happen to strike a vital organ. Such practices have been commonly known to cause much physical pain and discomfort, and death. This type of wanga often gains more strength if two identical dolls are manufactured at the same time. One is to be placed between the mattress of the victim, while the other is utilized for pins sticking by the antagonist. It is said to bring about better results.

Another method of causing extreme discomfort is to tie a black cotton thread around the neck of the Voodoo doll. Use a slip knot. This can then be tightened and loosened at will. It causes the victim to choke, gag, and fight for air. This too is said to cause death if the houngan or mambo deems it necessary. Again, concentration is a major factor in proper thought transference of this type.

Voodoo dolls, jabbed full of pins, and accompanied by black wooden crosses, burning black candles, tiny black coffins, and black crepe wreaths are often placed on the doorstep of an enemy to bring evil down upon him. This has been popularly practiced in New Orleans for over two centuries.

Wax Imagery A rather crude image of an enemy is made from soft wax. Pieces of his or her hair, fingernail clippings, etc., must be blended into the wax figure. This figure can then be placed in a hot


oven and made to melt, while the victim's name is softly recited. This same figure can also be made of wax in the form of a humanlike candle (can also be purchased). The candle is lit, and while burning it is pierced time and time again with new pins or a honey-locust thorn. Again, the victim's name is softly repeated. When the candle burns down to each prick mark, the victim feels pain. He or she will die if the candle is burned completely.

Butter Imagery Voodoo images are often made from molding butter into a human male or female shape, according to the sex of your victim. The completed butter figure is then baptized with Holy Water and given the complete name of the person to be conjured. Then proceed to stick with numerous new pins, or better yet, a honey-locust thorn. The butter image is carefully placed where the bright sun will readily strike it.

As it begins to melt and eventually disfigures, the human counterpart is said to dwindle away. He or she eventually dies unless the hex can be broken.

Clay Dolls Voodoo-hexing dolls can be shaped out of raw mud, but such material must come from a crayfish hole. If none is available, use clay taken from a river's mouth. Either one will work. This completed doll is also to be given a name and thoroughly stuck with many pins, then placed in the oven to bake until it is completely dried out. It is believed to cause great discomfort to an enemy, and causes him to lose weight. Rheumatism is said to harshly strike the hexed person. Death could easily be an end result of this hexing method, especially if vinegar is poured over the baked image while it is hot.

Paper Dolls Take a newspaper and cut human images out of it on the change of the moon. Cut seven in all. Place one on top of the other an give it the name of anyone you desire to place a hex upon. A brass pin is then to be stuck into the image, starting at the head and slowly working downward to the feet. Then place the perforated newspaper figure in a small box and bury it when the sun goes down. This wanga is generally believed to bring death to an enemy in a very short period of time, usually within seven days or seven weeks.

Dough Dolls A male or female figure may be constructed out of ordinary bread dough. Name this image and proceed to stick some new steel pins in it while softly repeating the victim's full name.

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This is said to cause great discomfort and some minor pain. Tie a black thread or string around the neck of the dough image. As the dough rises, the string will become tighter and cut into the neck. Now place it in a hot oven and thoroughly bake. The victim is said to be throttled, and will not be able to cause any more trouble for one year. A new dough doll must be made and baked annually to avert any new problems from the conduct of your enemy. They will be in your complete power as long as you continue.

Boneset Herb Doll Cut out the necessary cloth to make a Voodoo doll and sew together, except for the stuffing hole in the side. Take some Boneset Herb and tightly stuff inside. Sew the opening. Embroider the mouth and nose with red cotton twine and sew two bright red buttons for eyes. Anoint thoroughly with JuJu Brand Oil and give the doll the full name of your enemy. Place the doll face down and strike with an oak mallet in a specific place. Each place you hit is said to cause a broken bone in that identical area of the victim's body. Then carefully sprinkle some Goofer Dust and bury in your backyard at the stroke of midnight.

Lightly sprinkle the freshly turned dirt with ground Balmony Root. Quickly leave the area and do not, under any circumstances, glance back. If you do turn and look back, the hex will reverse itself and affect you instead.