Each Day Alive - for Tita Helen's 98th Birthday By Regina Flores Tercero (PWU-JMD 1969

Each day let's put away some good memories for a rainy day With so many joys and beauty all around In Nature, people and God's many gifts to all To live and celebrate each day Each day let's keep the air clean and running waters clear Let our minds be open to conceive of great things To live each day and enjoy life's gifts To care for them and leave some for the next to come Living each day to make the most of ourselves To love our fellowmen and give something in return To live, to grow, to love, to laugh Help us God to make a better world for here and now The lessons we learned from your guidance and school years We will take with us wherever the road may lead We thank you, Tita Helen, for what you have inspired us to be Each day alive, we thank God above.

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