Georges Sorel & Insurrectionary Anarchism I have discovered the Mad Scientist who who designed the prototype of both

the Black Bloc and The Black Shirts.

This kind of Heroic Political Mythology about the Oakland Commune reminds me of Sorel's Syndicalist protofascism.

The best explanation i have read of the Anarchist & occupy 'no demands!' strategy, is a hundred years old (p48)

Interestingly, Sorel would have hated today's new Jacobin militants. He calls the Jacobins and Blanquists 'Red Jesuits'

The idea is that groups claiming to represent marginalized groups get to be fascists as a sort of ethical reparations.

Bolshevism, Fascism and National Socialism all implemented Sorel's prescription to create 'class' identity thru 'class' violence

Christopher Lasch has a good encapsulation of Sorel and his war against the 'Slave Morality' of Reformism

Sorel was wanted a revolutionary sect, an elite and ascetic group that could transform the world through an apocalypse, a secular millenium

Sorel looked at the Mafia and the Puritan Militants as models for his proto Black Bloc.

I am still sifting through my discoveries about Sorel, the original Violence Advocate. His work is eerily similar to BlackBloc advocates

Sorel is important to the Black Bloc debate at Occupy, because was the theorist of the Violent 'General Strike,' the main VA tactic.

Sorel advocated a Blackbloc, Puritanical, Secret Society based on Mafia model. they would cleanse corruption with a Violent General Strike.

Sorel invented the BlackBoc model. When Revolutionary Anarchists propose a 'General Strike,' it is also a coded referral to revolution.