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October 17, 2011

TO: RICARDO PABLO FROM: BUSINESS UNIT HEAD SUBJECT: CHARGES FOR DAMAGES ON BOXES AND CONTENT Dear Mr. Ricardo Pablo, It is in my position to conclude that you will be charged for the damages on an incident where client boxes were damaged and its contents were cluttered. A picture of the aftermath of the said incident is attached to this letter. In-line to that, we shall conduct re-boxing and Audit with our client to verify the contents of the said boxes. All expenses for the said activities shall be charged to your salary as quantified below: Activity Box Re-boxing Labor Delivery for Audit Pick-up after Audit Insurance of Boxes Quantity 3 Boxes 3 Boxes 3 Boxes 3 Boxes 3 Boxes Price Per Unit 70 per box 15 per box 60 per box 60 per box 200 per box Total P 210 P 45 P 180 P 180 P 600 TOTAL P 1215

To explain further the first and second item covers cost for the re-boxing. The third and fourth item covers the cost for transport of the said items for audit purposes. The last item covers the insurance charges once there are irregularities found within the contents of the said boxes. Please acknowledge upon release of deducted salary. Truly yours, Acknowledged By:

John Phillip Ibanez
Business Unit Head Storage Solutions Incorporated

_____________________________ RICARDO PABLO

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