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torch trailer trucks in Sungao Members of the communist New People's Army (NPA) continues to sow chaos and inflict terror in the Mindanao business community through threats and destruction of properties despite a strong presence of the AFP and change in its counter-insurgency strategy. AFP. PNP can go after iUegalloggers sans DENR OK - MoA The Department of Environment and Natural Resources {DENR} has forged an agreement with the police and the military to step up campaign against illegal logging in Central Luzon. Soldiers find Internet good medium to air rap vs abuses Soldiers have turned to the internet to expose hazing and other abuses allegedly committed by a military officer, who may soon face a military tribunal. NPArebels



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4 Rebels torch 3 trucks in Surigao Suspected communist rebels burned three trailer trucks carrylng copra products in Algeria, Surigao del Norte last Monday night, the military said. Estudyante dinukot sa North Cotabato Hindi pa man nareresolba ang kasong pagdukot sa siyam katao sa taon na ito kabHang ang Jordanian journalist na si Baker Atyani at dalawang crew nito sa Sulu, isang panibagong pagdukot ang naitala sa rehivon ng Mindanao. marks 50 Anniversary The Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) (SFRA), a major unit of the Philippine Army, celebrated the 50th (Golden) year of its founding on June 25, 2012, at its headquarters in Fort Magsaysay, Patayan City, Nueva Ecija, with the theme, "Umampung Taon n9 Kabayanihan at Tapat na Pagiilingkod sa Bayan". AFP reaffirms support to 'rights' The AFP has declared zero tolerance to torture as it signed yesterday a "Declaration of Commitment" reaffirming full support to protection of human rights Delayed mmtary upgrade takes toll on defense The dilly-dallying in the AFP modernization program might have emboldened foreign governments to stake their claims in the disputed islands in the South China Sea, military officials said over the weekend, Sayyaf leader gathers armed groups, hostages The Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) leader who played a key role in the Dos Patmas kidnapping in the 2001 that resulted in the death of two Americans-Martin Burnham and GuiUerrno Sobero - has reportedly gave orders to all armed groups in the region to consolidate under his command SFR (Airborne)

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transfer all foreign and local hostages to him. Sea mishap probe to cover 90 vessels A maritime investigation into the ramming of a Filipino fishing boat off the coast of Botinao, Pangasinan would involved at least 90 foreign vessels, the Philippine Navy said yesterday. Chinese ships still in Panatag The Philippine Navy on Tuesday refuted reports that Beijing had pulled out all of its ships in Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, saying there are 28 Chinese ships in the area, including surveillance and law enforcement vessels. Jordanian journalist stilt a puzzle Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin yesterday said Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani and his two Filipino cameramen are unlikely being held hostage by the Abu Sayyef Group in Sulu.


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Are Chinese back in Scarborough? Navy chief Vice Admiral Alexander Pama yesterday said aerial reconnaissance show that five Chinese government ships and 23 fishing and utility boats are still at the disputed Panatag or Scarborough Shoal off Zambales. Gazmin: Atyani's aim was to cover release of Abu hostage Baker Atyani is not a kidnap victim as he continues to roam freely as he tries to cover the release of one hostages of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG). Gazmin: Jordanian not kidnapped Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin doubts that Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani and his two Filipino cameramen, Ramelito Vela and Roland Letrico, were kidnapped. No kidnapping Gazmin insists Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin yesterday said he was still unconvinced that a Jordanian TV reporter and two Filipino cameramen were really being held hostage by Islamic extremist in Sulu but the military would launch rescue operations if they are ordered to do so by the crisis management committee in Sulu. Palace: Wrong Hong Kong ship One of the fishermen who survived a maritime accident in the West Philippine Sea on June 20 said yesterday it may not have been the Hong Kong-registered MV Peach Mountain that struck and destroyed his boat, killing one of his companions and leaving four others missing. Navy says 28 Chinese ships stiU near shoal A total of 28 Chinese ships and boats are stifl in Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, 23 of them inside the lagoon of the disputed area, according to the latest aerial surveillance by the Philippine Navy. 28 Chinese vessels now deployed in Scarborough China continued to maintain a heavy presence in Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea based on the latest monitoring by the Philippine Navy that showed at least 28 Chinese seacraft - including five government - controlled vessels being spotted in the disputed territory. Chinese ships still in shoal, says AFP Chinese fishing vessels have not left the lagoon of Scarborough Shoal and Chinese government ships continue to patrol the vicinity of the disputed, resource-rich area in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).


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Hot days and nights are now more frequent bringing longer periods of discomfort and drought in some areas in the world" Increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms are also being experienced. The gradual and irreversible change of climate undeniably oses reat threats to eo Ie aUoverihe lobe" run hoto

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The Philippines during Wond War i1 tones Maybe, it wasn't "Peach Mountain" Lies the Noynoy gov't tells you


Teenage girl abducted in Cotabato Govemment security forces have launched manhunt operations for two unidentified armed men who abducted a 17-year-old girl in Aleosan, Cotabato on Monday morning. Warring Moro groups clash in NCotabato Two Moro factions squabbling for control over strategic patches of lands in North Cotabato's restive Carmen town dashed anew Sunday, forcing more than a thousand villagers to evacuate. 30-32 NPA rebels bum truck with P5-M copra Suspected communist rebels on Monday bumed three trailer trucks carrying copra products in Algeria, Surigao del Norte, probe widened to 90 vessels A marltime investigation l'1to the ramming of a Filipino fishing boat in waters off Bolinao, Pangasinan by an unidentified foreign vessel has been widened from one ship to at least 90 ocean-going vessels, the Phili ine Nav said Tuesday 'Ramming'

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ii.·.••...••Af4· •• ·. · pre~sute.area.haddeveI,opedintoa"'.' trbpicald epression·narned.'~Djndo,,, •.• n


1.. zon ..w-i1l•... u ·.be/cloud,,·..• ·\\!ith•.•c()ttered ...... ·s .•

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p~Jagovvillb~moderatetotot!gh·.·.····.···i·.··.· .• ..•.... · 'ferl1perature· ... . fo.t'E'c~$ts;I'\'1etr()/Ma" ••. • !li1a;24~31Ciegrees Celsius; BagttioCitv;· .... .. 5"2~;TagaYtayCit)~21-29;Subicand .. 1 Clarkzone,23<31;JVletroCeb'u,24-29; ."


.Tidal predictionsinMani laB!lv:hip·h· tideat ••. 4:26.a~trLat •.. n]3.meMi,;rid'·nl •.•. ·• 3:05<p.m.3tO:82 Inet~r;towtideat9;18 . &.1'11, at a .s8metel. Sunrise lsat 5:30 a.m.:

sutls&taf6:29p,m .....


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EMBERSof the communist New People's Army (NPA) continues to sow chaos and inflict terror in the Mindanao business community through

threats and destruction of properties despite a strong presence of the Armed Forces of the
Philippines (AFP) and a change in its counter-insurgency strategy.
Maj, Eugenio julio Osias 4'1', spokesman, 4,h Infantry Division (ID), said Tuesday eight fully armed rebels burned three trailer trucks loaded .with copra while traversing the national highway in Barangav Puntod, Alegria, Suraiao dei Non; Osi as said the rebels identified themselves as members of the NPA belonging to Guerilla Front I GA Hot pursuit operations, he said, are being conducted by joints elements of the military and the local police, "The New People's Army continues to a hindranre in our rountrvs development. ThE'~'make the people suffer by robbing the latter's source of income," Maj. Gen. Victor Felix, commander, 4,10 ID, said . .Earlier. Public Affairs Office (P.'\O) chief and concurrent AFP spokesman Col. ATIlulfoBurgos, If. disdoscd that the NPA destroyed and damaged a total ofPl.2 billion worth ofprh'3.[C and public properties bjought ab:l'Jt by 31 recorded atrodties Iast Year. Burgos said the figures were based on reports gathered by vuiou~. AFF field units

Military figures, Burgos added, also showed that the insurgents earned P300 million from alleged extortion activities, which, the AFr claimed, reflects the NPA shift from being a guerrilla organization to an organized crime group. According to Burgos, the NPA has resorted to extortion-based violence because of the continuous decline in its mass-base support. 'This has led them to resort to force and intimidation to coerce 'soft targets' including private firms and individuals, even poor folks in far-flung villages of the country to give in to their demands," he said. In january, NPAs also torched two banana-transporting trucks owned by Sumifru (Philippines) Corp, and Dole Philippines in Bukidnon .. They also attacked a banana plantation owned by Surnifru in Compostela Valley province but soldiers and company security personnel fought back resulting in the death of six rebels and the recovery of six highpowered firearms



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The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)has forged an agreement with the police and the military to step up campaign against illegal Jogging in Central Luzon. Rafael Otic, provincial environment and natural resources officer of Nueva Ecija, said a memorandum of agreement (MoA) was signed with the Philippine Army's 7th Infantry Division (7ID) and the Philippine National PoliceCentral Luzon in ceremonies held at the Officers' Clubhouse in Fort Magsaysay. Otic said the MoA empowers the army and the police to conduct antiillegal logging operations without a clearance from the DENR. The hrny and the PNP also have the power to monitor the activities of Task Force Sagip Likas Yaman, am ulti-agency group against illegal logging "to asses the effectiveness of'this MoA and to recommend to th" l,p,> ds of agencies appropriate and timely actions" to make it more responsive to current conditions. The MoAwas signed by Maximo Dichoso, executive director of DENR Central Luzon and Brig.Gen. Alan Luga, commander of the 7ID. It was witnessed by Sofie Quintana, DENR regional technical director; Befllamin Mina, (Provincial Enviromnent and Natmai Resources Officer) PENRO-Aurora, Amado Villanueva, PENRO-BaLaan. Rapael Otic, PENRO-Nueva Eclia; Lcovino

Ignacio, PENRO-Pampanga; lawyer Alcide, PENRO-Tarlac and Nelson Castro, PENRO-Zambales. Witnesses from the military include Brig. Gen. Arnolfo Atendido, assistant division commander; Col. Gregorio Catapang, 703rd Infantry Brigade commander; Col. Vic Castro, 702nd Brigade Commander; CoLElias Escarcha, assistant chief of staff for Intelligence; Col. Cesar de Mesa, assistant chief of staff for Operations; Lt. Col. Eugene Mata, assistant chief ofstaff for Civil Military Operations; CoL Hilario Vicente Lagnada, 56th IB commander; Lt. Col. Michael Samson, 24IB commander; Lt. Col. Kurt Deeapia, 48IB commander; Lt. Col. Desiderio Alaba, 81IB commander and Col. Nick Alarcio, commander ofREPEV1C. "The move that we have undertaken in Region III is part of the proactive and reactive measures of the military as a cooperating agency to the DENR in the implementation of the program," Luga said as he added that both parties "have come together for common goals; to protect. and conserve the natura! resources within the region and resolve issues on violations committed against existing natural resources law." The signed MoAhas established a partnership "that will legalize what has been gray and vague," Luga said. PNA


r. "'i-:: ":



..... ,; .. ,<''<



Soldiers find Il1terl1et good rnednnn to air rap vs abuses

Catapang said Maj_ Gen. Alan Luga, the 7th Infantry Division commander, is "not known 10 tolerate serious lapses in leadership and good behavior among our officers." Before the video went public, Catapang said he had relieved Alcober from his duties as company commander because 'bf "poor performance" and for beC1TY OF SAN FERNANDOing "lenient to the misbehavior" Soldiers have turned to the Interner to expose hazing and oth- of some of his men. The last offense was related to er abuses allegedly committed the military's activities in a vilby a military officer, who may lage which was not identified. soon face a military tribunal. Alcober has been restricted to The court martial of lLt. Jake camp in Fort Magsaysay in NueAlcober has been recommended va Ecija for investigation, Cataby Col. Gregorio Pia Catapang, head of the Army's 703rd In- pang said. The INQUIRER tried to reach AJfantry Brigade, after video clips cober on Friday hut he did not rewere shown in the "l-Alerto Mo" spond to calls and text messages. citizen journalism website of Alcober joined the service CLTv'36, a regional TV network through the Armed Forces of in Central Luzon. the Philippines Officer CandiThE' clips show a man in Army date School where he graduat, uniform whipping two men ed in 2006. with il paddle. One footage In an affidavit dated April 20, shows the same man playing a SL'\ soldiers filed a complaint ._._~~.J; ........... -.-.~ .....~~-rh ;,0.11,,.., ,·d.... l"....alU r,CLlili.. -ragainst Alcober for several violapear to be his subordinates. tions including of Articles of War Catapang identified the man as Alcober, the former head of 95 (for fraud committed against the government) and Articles of the 73rd Division ReconnaisWar 96 (for conduct unbecoming sance Company based in Arayof an officer and gentleman), at, Pampanga. Tonette Orejas, Inquirer Central "Wh:1t he did is a very serious iuzon offense and ilegLltc.; "iii" new campaign plan that gives importance to discipline and good behavior," Catapang said.
_"L.< .......... V~J~J~ ~. ~,~:.-~

Rebels torch 3 trucks in surlgao
Suspected communist rebels burned three trailer trucks carrying copra products in Algeria, Surigao del Norte last Monday night the military said. Maj. Eugenio Osias IV, spokesman of the Army's 4th Infantry Division, said the trucks were flagged down I and burned by at least eight armed : men along the national highway in Barangay Pungtod, Algeria town. Osias said the cost of the burned trucks and copra products was placed at about F!::irrullion. - Alexis Romero 1



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Estudyante dinukot sa North Cotabato
Hindi pa man nareresolba ang kasong pagdukot sa siyam katao sa taon na ito kabilang ang Jordanian journalist na si Baker Atyani at dalawang crew nito sa Sulu, isang panibagong pagdukot ang naitala sa rehiyon ng Mindanao. Kinumpirrna kahapc n ng isang opisyal ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ang pagdukot sa isang 17 anyos na high school student sa lalawigan ng North Cotabato kamakalawa ng umaga. Bigo pa rin ang pulisya na matukoy ang grupong dumukot sa b i k t im a, gayunman, nagpapatuloy ang rescue operation ng pulisya at militar sa dinukot na biktimang si Angeline Ferenal, 17, ng Barangay Pagangan, Aleosan, North Cotabato. Kinumpirma ni 6th Infantry Division Public Affairs chief Col. Prudencio Asto, aug ginawang pagdukot sa biktima dakong 7:00 ng umaga kamakalawa habang patawid ito sa Pagangan National High SchooL Dalawang hindi nakilalang suspek at piIit isinakay sa isang rnotorsiklo patungong Barangay Lagundi, Pikit, North Cotabato. Inamin n am an ng North Cotabato Provincial Police Office, na di pa matukoy ang grupong dumukot sa hiktima at kung rnagkano ang hinihinging ransom para sa kalayaan nita. Ito ang ika-l0 b i k t im a ng pagdukot na naganap sa Mindanao. Fee- Taboy


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no, (02}·a92"169.3.tocal~·5287• 5295ccc .
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June 2012

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H~ Special Forces Re¥il11e~t (Alr'borne) (SFH..p.~J.II major umt of the Philippine Army, celebrated the
50th (Golden) Year of its founding on June 25,2012, at its headquarters in Fort Magsaysay, Palayan Cit.\~Nueva Ecija, with the theme, "Limampung Taon na Kabayanihan at Tapat na Paglilingkod sa Bayan." Over the past 50 years, the SFRA, with its motto - Courage and Deter" mination - has metamorphosed from


a small company of 12 officers and
105 enlisted men founded on June 25, 1962 by former President Fidel V Ramos. to. today's l80 officers and 3.000 enlisted personnet including 20 women, in five battalions with 20 companies deployed

the first commander

of the 1st Special

Forces Company. the forerunner of the SFRA, on June 25, 1962. In the 1960s, the SFRAjoined the Philippine Civic Action Group to Vietnam, which helped rebuild South Vietnam through varied civic actions. Concomitant with its growth, the elite unit's task has advanced and its operational capability changed to protect and secure the nation. It
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nationwide. President

Ramos was

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performed in direct action combat, organizing local community defense in the countryside, community development, rescue and rehabilitation peacekeeping missions, riverine operations, special reconnaissance, and relief drives. Similar to the United States "Green Berets," the SFR/). is an elite unit primary trained in unconventional and psychological warfare operations. Special Forces soldiers undergo the Basic Airborne Course, and later on, the Special Forces Operations Course. They may acquire specialization in any of the five primary Special Forces skills Operations and Intelligence, Demolitions and Sabotage, Weapons, Signal Communications, and Field Medical specialization. The SFRA remains steadfast in its avowed loyalty to God, Country and People.

has remarkably

We greet the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) of the Philippine Army led by Department of National Defense Secretary Voltaire T Gazmin, Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Jessie D. Dellosa, Philippine Army Chief Major General Emmanuel T. Bautista, Special Operations Command Major General Romulo M. Bambao, Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) Colonel Donato B. San Juan, other Officers and Personnel on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary. The Manila Bulletin, led by its Chairman of the Board Dr. Emilio T_ Yap, President and Publisher Atty. Hermogenes P, Pobre, Executive Vice President Dr, Emilio C. Yap IH. Editor-in-Chief Dr. Cris J. Icban Jr., Business Editor Loreto D. Cahanes, and Officers. wish them all the best

and success in all their endeavors.


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June 2012



AFP Reaffirms Support To 'Rights'

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) has declared zero tolerance to torture as it signed yesterday a "Declaration of Commitment" reaffirming full support to protection of human rights. AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa signed the "Declaration of Commitment" together with the Commission on Human Rights (eRR) chair, Loretta Ann P. Rosales during the culmination of the advocacy run, "Basta Run Against Torture" at the Camp Aguinaldo grandstand. "We in the Armed Forces of the Philippines will be sincere and sure in doing our pari in supporting tili::; cause, Through our capability and strength we will be vigilant in our operations, to prevent any possible occurrence of inhumane acts against people in condemnation of torture," Dellosa said. Also among the signatories were heads and representatives of the Philippine Human Rights Committee, Department ofInterior and Local Gov-

ernment (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), United Against Torture Coalition (DATe), and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP)' CoL Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr., AFP spokesman, said that the activity jointly spearheaded by the CRR and the UATe, commemorates the 2012 United Nations "International Day in Support of Torture Victims." "This is the first time that the AFP hosted the advocacy run which is usually being held at the eRR compound, 200 runners from the three major services - Army,Air Force, and Navy; GHQ,and Headquarters Support Command, and AFP-'Widesupport service units joined the advocacy run," said Burgos. AFP Human Rights Office eHRO)
,-l_!_r C!i1t:.l~ ~ .... l '1'l.....__~ ..... \_'U.,L J..JVl..Ul.l.L5V

rl"'" rn.tAt.Uu.u ...f.-..".,...,.,

'V .... ,


fJr;;.w. .......


violation. Echoing the principles ofthe AFP's IPSP Bayanihan, Rosales also pro" posed for a possible program that would improve the human rights advocacy and efforts being undertaken by all stakeholders. "We're going to have talks towards a possible program where there will be a multi-stakeholders' round table discussion On the right to development. And the right to development must be interlinked with the Internal Peace Security Plan of the Armed Forces of the Philippines," she said. Dellosa said; "Winning the peace through cooperation with our civilian stakeholders, and fostering an atmosphere of unity in areas of conflict in the country, proves to be an effective


"This participation of the AFP manifests in very clear terms our commitment to put an end to any acts of Human Rights Violation CHRV)and torture." Rosales cited that the development and progress in every community in the country will significantly contribute in our fight against human rights

"This is clearly manifested in today's advocacy run where we alljoined hands in a collective effort to ensure that torture is stopped and torture is never tolerated, With this collective stance, we shall rally our nation's forces, and be a part in creating a peaceful and human rights-respecting country," he added,


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'June 2012

Page:......;...;, __

upgrade takes

Delayed military

toll on defense

modernization. A propeller-driven Air Force OV-IO Bronco light attack and observation aircraft sits on the hangar. The Air Force has no jet fighters.


By Ben Cal
THE "dilly-dallying" in the Armed Forces' modernization program might have emboldened foreign governments to stake their claims in the disputed islands in the South China Sea, military officials said over the weekend. The officials, who attended the Air Power S:T~~1r()~:~t!r::~ :!t the S'!'v!.X ConV'2nt!OTI Ce-nter held of the Mall of Asia in Pasay City, said that if the Philippines had sustained the defense capability that it had after World War 11 and up until the 1970s, Chinese vessels would not have ventured into the Panatag or Scarborough Shoal, and there would have been no standoff between Beijing and Manila today. Next page

The symposium was hosted by Lt. Gen. Lauro Catalino dela Cruz. the Air Force's commanding general. The speakers included Senator Loren L:.:garda. Lt. Gen. Jorge Sq!Clvia, Col. G,,!ih>c, Gerard K intanar ,11'.- Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Delgado. Commodore Cacsur 'j nccad. Br;;c'~. ell. Rum;.) TanulC tr0~ uT'l-:iC~.. L R~_;,-jl L. clt-:1 p(>~~~,;.riu,

The reactors were retired Air Force chief Lt. Gen. Loven Abadia and former Armed Forces chief Benjamin Defensor, Vice Admiral Alex P,U11[1, the head of the Navy, also attended the symposrum.

The officials remembered the days when the Philippine Air Force and Philippine ha\'y were second 1'.1 none' in Southe;::t Asia iorfoiu c\tc,nlcs.

""i,L the
dill', ,.cl"il~·ini2

tion of the Armed Forces had now taken its toll as the Chinese, with their military might, were challenging the country's claim to some of the islands in the South China Sea. The officials recalled the time when the Air Force boasted of <;\c1'al squadrons of jet fighter interceptors such as the F·5A/B, F-X Crusader", Sabre jet fighter bombers, Mustang aircrafl and nth;)" types or pl~1De:: and helicoptc:r~.. ;.


The same was true of the Navy. with its warships and gunboats, "Those were the days," one of the officials said. "Today they are all gone." The Air Force's pilots who attended the symposium said that if the Air Force had jet fighters and modem warships, the Chinese ships would not have dared vcnture into the Panatag Shoal, which they said was clearly within the Philippines' 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

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I 'Orbe ]flaW€! m:tmts I



BY ANTHONY VARGAS CORRESPONDENT THE Abu Sayyaf Group (ASC) leader who played a key role in the Dos Palmas kidnapping in 2001 that resulted in the death of two Americans-Martin Burnham and Guillermo Sobero=-has reportedly gave orders to all armed groups in the region to consolidate under his command and transfer al! foreign and local hostages to him. A police intelligence officer told The Maniia Times in an interview that Radullan Sahiron, who has a $1 million prize on his head has been trving to consolidate and take control of all groups involved in kidnappings in the Western Mi1ldanae region. This could be part of a plan to create a full-blown hostage crisis simil ar to the Dos Palmus and Sipadan crises more than a decade ago where many lives were lost. The police officer who is privy to



the ASG's operation said that they have verified and validated reports that the group has been "pooling" all of their hostages, especially the foreigners, in one place. "Based on our information, Radullan Sahiron wants to centralize the 'management' of all foreign kidnap victims," said the officer who asked not to be named since he was not aut10rized to speak on the issue. Th€ police source also added that Sahiron, who reportedly commands the: most number of armed ASG follOWers, is also asserting himself as the "overall commander" of the bandit group. _,He (Sahiron) also wants to assert his command of the ASG and assert his being an 'Amir' in the Sulu area, no t only for the ASC, but also for the other groups .. arguing thai he has the most number of followers," thE::-police source said. "Thr source added that they arc


no! sure how many men Sahiron has under his command, but said the group's command and control is "autonomous." "What we know is that Sahiron is the acting 'Amir' oftheASG and supposed to be by other factions like that offasser lgasan and others who recognize Sahiron's authority although they arc semi autonomous," the official added. 11)(:: olite source funlier daimed p that Jordanian iournalisr Baker Abdullah Atyani and his two Filipino companions are being held somewhere in Patikul town in Sulu province, which is a bailiwick of Sahiron's group. Still being held hostage by ASG members sinrc las! year are Warren Richard Rodwell, a retired Australian soldier and adventurer; European birdwatchers, Ewold Horn of'Holland and Lorena) Vinciguerra of Switzerland kidnapped hy tlw group early this year; 2 lapanese treasure hunl1.'r and the IwP Chinese iron OfC traders.

Atyani is the eighth foreigner to fall into the hands of the bandit group which is notorious for killing manv of its local and some of its foreign hostages in the past. Sahiron lost his right hand fighting security forces in the 1970s. He is fluent in Arabic and Tausug, Sulu's native dialect. Sahiron is a senior leader of the ASG that split from the Moro National Libcration Front in the early 1990s under the leadership of Abdurajak Abubakar Ianjalani, who was killed in an encounter wrth policemen. lanjalani's younger brother, Khadaffy, replaced him as the nomirial leader of the group but in September 2006, Khadaffywas killed in a gun hattie with the military. Sahiron was assumed to be the new ASG leader. lie was behind the spate of killings that ind uded innocent men, women and children as victims. He also helped plot the Dos Palmas kidnapping where Burnham and his wife, Gracia, Sobcro and 17 Filipinos were snatched from the tourist resort in Palawan province. Several of the hostage's, including

U.S. citizen Sobero, were beheaded while Burnham was caught in the crossfire during a daring military rescue operation in Zamboanga Sibugay province. Meanwhile, Sen. Gregorio Honasan said Atyani may have exercised press freedom when he insisted on interviewing members of the Abu Sayyaf for his documentary but in doing so he also put the lives of two Filipinos in danger. Honasan said that while he respects freedom of speech and of the press, he believes that the media should also practice such fights with responsibility. 111e senator said the incident involving journalists is nor new. Local television anchor Ces Drilon and her crew were also abducted by Abu Sayyafhandits in June 2008. Like Atvani, Dtilon also reportedly refused t~ accept the security offered to her team. "I respect the freedom of the press and we can't prevent journalists from interviewing any person or groups they want, hut media should practice self regulation," llonasan said. WrTt! A REPORT FROM JEFF ANT!PORDA

Commander 'Putof



- Tel no. {02} 892~1693! local: 5287,5295


no. (02) 892~1693! Local: 5287, 5295

June 2012





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site in Bolinao, , "If we compute on basis of ship location at 9 _'a,m. she cannot be in that particular area. At 10;1 knots (while in Zambales area) it will take JvfV Peach Mountain about 13 hours to be in the general location where the mishap occurred," "So I cannot speculate as to whether it was Parna explained. accidental, whether it was intentional. We do not An unidentified foreign vessel rammed the listing Filipino fishing boat AXL John while its wish to make any statement that (is) not exact. So we'll just wait for the investigation to be finished," eight-man crew was trying to secure it to an he said, artificial bamboo fish sanctuary off the coast of Lacierda, howev~r, conceded the aggravating Bolinao at about 1 p.m. on June 20, . Pama, however, explained other factors like fa- factor was that the fishermen were left to drown. "Certainly. it did not help that the), were abanvorablewindsandseacurrentcouIdhaveincreased doned," he said, of decreased the speed of Peacn Mountain. ; "We are checking with other maritime organi'lost in translation' z~tions about other ships that might have been Lacierda also said there was no need to seek transiting that area," Pama said, an explanation from National Disaster Risk ReI He added the Navy is also not discounting the duction and Managemen! Council (NDRRMC) p~ssibmty that the vessel that rammed the fisherexecutive director Benito Ramos as to whv he rrij?n's boat was heading south and not north as indicated early on that the vessel that ram~ed tJ{e surviving fishermen claimed, the local fishing boat could be Chinese. ~The fishermen could have already been disHe said Gazmin had informed Malacafiang oiented when the sea mishap occurred and the that based on initial investigation, "there was a vtsselthatrammedtheirfishingboat could have mark of Hong Kong" on tlw vessel and thn! if been southbound, according to Pama, was not yet confirmed if it was the Hong Kong "We are not saying what ship or what nationregistered Peach lvunattain. ality was responsible for the incident that hap"The Philippine Navy conducted an assesspened." Pama said.referring to published reports ment, ?nd also based on the route and the speed that a Chinese ship was involved in the ramming by Wl:l~h the vc~s~l was plying that route, it apof the Filipino fishing boat. pears 11"IS not - this is from Secretary Voltz Cazmin CCllnpany. Cazmin, for his part, said the sea mishap has -it is not Peach Mmmtail1 that ramI"ned the vessel. Pama xaid p,lrl of llw onbrought a lot of confusion, pointing out that the However, it is another Hong Kong-registered /,ning in\'{'\~l;r;,-djon is (u c:,ill-fated fishing boat could have drifted into the vessel and we're stilllooJ<jnS at it and there's a (I)"chn<\k v,ith inkrnai ion I high seas,contrary to an earlier report that it was continuing investigation Z\;'; to what particular me' riti ini' on' anizations 10 : J'\ safelv secured to an artificial bamboo fish sanctuvessel hit the fishermen," Lacierda said. \(1 idvntih,' th~'\,:-;~d irr, \11 'v~i ary Cimyaw), Sources, however, said that based on interin; "-J mi'"'u), the':: it,'! ;, "Because of had weather, tile rope tying the dC>I>\'S with the fishermen, their anchor gi.l\!(, in 1'.'i I! ;,j 11" {i;;hcnr-:n dt',)d ;,red fi7hing boat to the F([ynw might have snapped. alter thev had enginc h ilu r~'at sea and ""'CR' then 1,'\'1' ()tiln:; rrii,',jn~, which at that time W<1~ almost submerucd." hi l hy lhe f(lr('i~n \'\.':-;sc1 'r:w !"hi[j;~p:,w (:o,."j Cnzmin said. <, Th.- sourc;"·' added jl would hove to hI' deter,l:lt i(i:1 in Z,"il"ib,:!vc mo r.rThe surviving boat captain. whom Ca~~lTIill mined if the forc1i;11 ',·c"'i.,j,;-,\\, the fishermen aflcr \.' j'./I<' ;'..rii'ill ':, identified as Fmcdio lsalmorcs, aiso told h':,\'\' _ ill,,), "::cc;tknLdb" hi! n'- if lhev \·','c)n'ind~),'d \';),1'1'1::), in/t;;stigators that it VVZlS ,·,.'hen thl'i: fic,hing b(,,~! , cic1ibl'ri1tcl\- run over in tlll' fir~·t pl;I(('_ If· ," j ; I' F p."t scpJrated from the poyaw that ,\11 unidcntifkd , "Tlu- l':-In1if'· l"T'0:-i ',\',1S to us Sunciz,\!_ .. , 1\1\,;, - '.'~";s('l with il r'Jong Kong insi~nLI p:,-"."j luI did \,':·~/c>. ~1:,-J.J'·d Sc~C.:~:~L~,.ry· ~_~~r"nun .md r~t~ht n-()\,:':-' h{/~, >:. .. ".,,,,,.i 'I{-'( L,l"n thcrn :'r; ~(i ,-r ~L jly,:n~ ~ ... ;~·i:~.:,,': .;t'~<'.'nL··:·~··,: f ..:·k~..

A maritime investigation into the ramming of a Filipino fishing boat off the coast of Bolirrao, Pangasirian would involve at least 90 foreign vessels, the Phllippine Navy said yesterday. Na vv chief Vice Admiral Alexililder Pama said that aside from ld V Peach Alrn.'!lfU';'I, Philippine Coast \Vatch monitoring showed there were at least 90 \cssf'ls that sailed through the lJit!'d "1ft',, before, during .:mel dilL'!" the time of the incident i ,cst \\'ednesda\'. "'II';: arc doing" process of elimination. '111:;t ~,rc;: (where the r(')111min12, occurred) is a n a u Iical high W c\ v. There a r~' many ship~ saillng ~hmL1gh that area," Pama told a forum with Defense Secrctnrv Voltaire C;Z\zmin at Camp AguilKddo> Based on online rcco rd-. An' Peach }\joulltnin is <1 Hom, Kong-rcgisj(,fvd hu lk L11;~ ri.-r and among the' dozens of bulk carriers operated bv \klhou rne. j\ II slri11i'1-b;lscd C ra n d v iCI'.' C!rgo shipFing

TI1evessel, Gazmin pointed out, di d not bother to stop to :escue the drifting fishermen, w' Malacanang also assailed the fact that the fishern~'enw~re le~to drown after their boat was rammed, ,Wi:P~sld~ntial spokesman Edwin Lacierda said an ll~'V~sti~ationwould continue to d eterrnins whether incident was an accident or deliberate,



time. lh_' ·~n·i~:>rnll.ltjl;n ... tu i;;v :n V':~~~" r~~·\L:~vtd dv: 1.0 CFhl \-.'Jtch (l'f fk)]in,)o .md S-C)perhaps there wos something lost in tL1J1'-;J~;ti()n, "Mavbe jx'rhaps it '.,,-,;'- beC1L1S(' it was men""'" inr ';(lm'.'

",' ':i.,' ;;ilux!Jun

; ~~"/'" '-.:1 ~,2.' /.1:-:.;


-h,.1\' [11'-'

' __.. ~ _,


tinned t11(')'S;1\\' thl' words 'Hong Kong' an? they> _ Email add; Tel no. (02) a92.169~ local: 52&1,5295
assumed it was Chinese, \Ve d Iil«.

c1Mifv that ii's slin being imt'stigiilcd and ~'Z) \\'l' dr~' 1i01,\ rni\kin.g sure that VVI:'would be able, hopefully', able t () 'idt'ntify' the proper vessel," Lacierda said. He said Cazmin issue-d the necessary instructions to NDRRMC not to make any premature accusations. Asked how justice could be obtained for the fishermen if indeed a foreign vessel victimized them, Lacierda said they are consulting legal experts on its implications. "We are asking our legal experts on that first so Icannot give you any further information, But certainly we are 100kIDg into the effect... They are plying internal waters by the way, these are municipal waters. So definitely ... we will have a contact person of that registered vessel, assuming we are able to identify the proper vessel that hit the fishermen. So we're now asking our legal experts as to the process," he said. Lacierda said it was too early to make any pronouncement on whether arrests could be made and charges could be filed against those responsible, "It's too early to say. I will still have to ask our leg81 experts as to the process. This is wi th respect to admiral ty so we would have to ask our marine experts, legal experts, to give us a briefing on that. As soon as we get the process, we'll let you know." he said.
crime would have been a mitigating circumstance. So I really don't know what crime has been committed right now. VVe will leave that to the ' experts. But we would expect those responsible to cooperate:' he said. Lacierda also stressed authorities are still searching for the four missing fishermen. "So let's pray that they are (safe}... we can still find them," he said. The Philippine Coast Guard launched an aerial search for the four missing fishermen identified as Fred Celina, Arnold Garcia, Domy de los Santos, and Amante Resonable. The aerial search will scour the coastal areas in the provinces of Pangasinan, L:1 Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte, At the same time, Lacierda defended government agencies in their effort to investigate the incident, even if there seemed to be some conflicting reports on the matter. "The Philippine Navy was tasked to investigill,' the particular ship and (determine) whether it was Peach Mountain. With a great degree of certainty, Philippine Navy "vas able to discount Peach Mor!lliain. So, according to Secretary Gazmin, we're looking at other vessels," he said. Maritmme liabUity Lacierda noted the surviving fishermen identi,Lacierda added President Aquino wanted to he,d tlw v('<:<;r-ol with Hong Kon,g markings. S~I? the- fishermen but t11C pl:J~"1f~'.- erc not imrnc v "Because the fishermen identified the markdiatelv carried out. "Tllc DSWD (Department of Social Welfare ing Hong Kong there, we're limiting ourselves vessels. But as to how and Development) already met with them and to Hong Kong-registered many, we're still looking at it., The only difference initial assessment and assistance has been provided ... not only by the national government but there is the fact that it's an international-registered vessel and so there would be certain laws that also by the local government," he said, Lacierda stressed the vessel involved was be- will apply there, since the incident happened in our \\~~tcr::;.B~lt there ~lrc parameters, there dte ing identified and that necessary coordination protocols here which J am not familiar with, so J -\\'85 being done. He said there were several matters to verify will have to ask the responsible officials," he said, The incident also prompted Cl lawmaker to first before authorities could talk about '(iolating propose making the West Philippine Sea (South Philippine laws in traversing the country's terChin" Sea) an international marine reserve' or "a ritorial water,'; by foreign vessels. patrimony of the entire mankind." "Certainly we expect them (foreign operator) Quezon City Rep. Winslon Castelo said this to cooperate with us, with Philippine authorities. move could dissipate the rising tension in the VVc, certainly, would wantthem to coopera!!:' with us. They were plying internal waters and. there- ,-IP'J and bring h \ the negotiaUng table the claimfore, there should be some", contact person lK'fl' ani nation.. nf Chin", lht.. Philippines, Vietnam, \bJavsiil, and Taiwan. in the Philippines. So that's one thing thI! we're "\\'e h::l\'l' to sl'cL the middle ground withnul looking C1t,'~Lacit\rdasaid. lll'C-'"c;sarily' ;l!ltiiF,onizing om friends, including Lacicrda said he could not It'll if coupcrnbng China." C,lstcb said. with authorities could be a mitigating cirrumst.mrc, "Tbi; i'. a propu·",;l lh,." ('(luLl hv raised ;l,<; "\VL' don't know vet!; i: V,·uc. intentional: (I>:' jlhil ipr'.h"1c':",: and C:hin;] huld hih.lh~r!d L.Jk.y t"(1 v"hc[hvr i! \\as intentional or <lccidt'lIt;,], i,·:",;(', \\-v h,i\\' to tnl<t: thL' melLe! high ~,',~nwthing lh,;! '",'("ll h,we' to 'A'rify". If (there) p.'"h,v gI'ounc1 tc ('ncour~;gc >:.upp·.or1 h\Hn thi" (~1rnj!"':,: \/" F",'n,d,v JULIn) in lh(' l\cvj."t-·d PC')) Ced'.', oi" n~{tf(ln:"~:' ! 1(' ...,(-!i~~.- l~urt.'{\ C~JHC:1J Jun EH~}s, k',\'inp ',hent would h,'!\'c 1'1(".'11 >111 i)',:y,I",1\;>ling


crrC;.ln-r'·;tt~nt\'n:j adi"nf;..~.:.. :,i(~:.·) (.~.f

l~/.(:,·t(~ F:r:~·Y'f,.,'J·'Z; l':;.··~!~~.i\.·I~.~~';r

June 2012




ill i

HE Philippine Navy on
Tuesday refuted reports that Beijing had pulled out all of its ships from the Panatag




early this month because of bad weather. are 28 Chinese ships in the area, The Philippines and China declared a fishing ban in the area "to induding surveillance and law replenish maritime resources" but enforcement vessels. the presence of Chinese fishing boats at the shoal would prove that N3VY flag officer-ill-command Vice Admiral Alexander Parna disclosed on Tuesday that the Chinese vessels were spotted by the Chinese were violating the ban, Pama said. a Nmy reconnaissance plant' dispatched on Monda" afternoon 10 monitor the situation at the disputed shoed. " On Monday, Foreign Affairs Serreor lilt" 28 vessels Parna said six were fishing boats, tnrce idi'y Albert del Rosario claimed thi1t were maritime surveillance ships, two fisheries and law en- China has withdrawn all its vessels. "Based on coordination with the forcement vessels and 17 were dinghies or small boats. Philippines and China, as of two "1\s of yesterday afternoon there WCH' Chinese maritime surdays ago, we have received informaveillance vessels, three CMS [Chinese Maritime Surveillance] were there, two fisheries law enforcement command vessels, tion that all boats have left the lagoon in Bajo de Masinloc," Del and then three six Chinese vessels inside the shoal and 17 dinghies," Pama said. Rosario was quoted as saying in a ;\Jat ~ single rhilip}"1inc ~hip ~vti~seen in the shoal S;jjCC Prt'sl~ statement released by the DFA. "There an' no longer any boats from dent Benigno Aquino 3rd recalled a Coast Guard ship and a either the Philippines or China insurvey vessel of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources side the shoal," he added. Yesterday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DPA) confirmed that Chinese ships and fishing vessels were back inside the lagoon of the disputed shoal. "The Chinese fishing boats have obviously returned," del Rosario Slid in a statement. China had lauded the pullout of Philippine vessels from the shoal. saying it will defuse weeks of tension. However, President Aquino had announced that Philippine ships will he re-deployed to the area if China will not leave the shoal. Ddt'nsc Sccrct arv Voltaire . ;.:?'nin said that he w~)Uld rCCOf1lOFFICE OFTHE ARMY CHIEF PUBLIC AFFAIRS - Emai' (",lid I" tilt' President the immvdii ,'wn, oj Philippin« ship': 10 the ,:uc)' ~i(l:-l.~: peri U' \'c'c-~L,cn th~" r ouu-


Shoal, saying there

try's position over Panatag. The dispute between the Philippines and China over the Panatag Shoal is now entering its third month with still no solution site. It erupted last April after Naval authorities apprehended eight Chinese vessels loaded with rare and endangered maritime species poached in the Panatag area. China earlier this week urged the Philippines not to exacerbate the current standoff in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) by building a kindergarten school in the disputed Pagasa Island. News Agency on Monday, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei maintained that China "has indisputable sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and its adjacent waters." "The country opposes any illegal activity that may infringe on China's sovereignty," Hong said. He added that he hopes relevant countries will abide by the spirit of the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC), which was signed in 2002 by China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Ascan). Asean groups together the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, l\lyanmar and Brunei Darussalam. Pagasa Island, which Beijing calls Zhongyc Island, is also being claimed hy Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam. 11is pan of the disputed Spratly Islands, which are belicved to bold vast resources of oil and minerals. 011 Sunday. a kindergarten school wa, opened on the island 10 help the community living there. WITH A REPORT HWtvi BERNfC£ CAMILLE \I, B!U.lION

No to school


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June 2012


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Nat 10 na !_Ne ws paJ!.:!..r_

Jordanlan journalist still a puzzle
DEFENSE Se crctarv Voltaire Gazrnin yesterday s~id Jord'1nian journalist Baker Atyani ar:d his (WO Filipino cameramen are unlikely being held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf group in Sulu, He said he spoke with Lt. Gen. Noel Coballes, AFP \X'estern Mindanao Command chief, who said the three have been going to camps of the Abu Sayyaf and even of the More National. Liberation Front. 10' "They are able to move from MNLF to Abu Sayyaf (camps). If you are a hostage, you cannot go out of a camp," he also said. Gazmin's pronouncement contradicts recent statements of Interior SecretMT Jesse Robredo and the Jordani~n" Foreign 1linistry that Atyani and his crew are being held their will. "He (Coballes) said there are sightings, there are reports reaching the headquarters of \X-e5mincom that the Jordanian and his crew are moving from one camp to the other, Abu Sayyaf camps and .:vrNLF camps. So with that, you can easily deduce that the,' are not kidnapped,' be said. ' The three left their hotel in _lolo tOW11 last June 12, reportedly to interview Abu Savvaf leader Yasser Igasan. Gazmi~> said there is information that the three went out to cover the release of a hostage of the Abu Savvaf Gazrnin \~'~)Uldnot elaborate as to the circumstances of the movement of the group. "No time was given to me but they are able to move from one municipality to the other." Asked what municipalities, he said: "I failed to remember, we have a senior (citizen) moment. But it's still in Sulu." On whether they haw received a request from th~Jordaruan gOYernmen: to conduct. search and rescue operations for Aryani, Gazmin said he is not aware of any request. If there is, it might have been coursed through the interior department "since this is a police matter." "Our troops are on standby. \'{'e are readv to move anvtime. \'{:'e are monitoring. We kn~w exactly where they ar'e, where (they) moving. If an order is given to rescue, then we will do our part," he also said, Gazmin said the order to conduct search and rescue operations



would have to come from the Crisis Management Committee, chaired bv Sulu GOY. Abdusakur Tan. - Vidor RtDies

Are Cbinese back in Scarborough?
NA\j' chid Viet Adrn. Alexan-


miles off Zambalcs,

der Pam a yesterday said aerial reconnaissance showed that five Chinese government ships and

2~; fishing and utility hoats are slill at tile (hsplilcd Fal1<1wg U[ SCarbl)l\lllgh Shual \)fT Zambaks. T)lt' surveillance report i,~ tlme surveillance and two fishc-ries law enforcement vcsscls contrary to the earlier statcmcru - ;,re outside the shoal, of lilt· Tll-parl111Cnl of foreign Af;!juni101'l'd inside the shoal's fair~ that China has withdrawn LW.oon arc hi)~ Chil1C",cil\])ing its ,;!lips from illsitk: till' lagoon b()m~,\nd 1-:- liinghk::- or zuxiluf'Il(:' shoal. Jary b, lab, s:dd Parna. In a joint pres:-- hriefing -r".ith :-..,,:-;Fj] ~1"; r') l -~"H I ~( J~L! "\'" ;~~; ~;t::el_! ~,t 1 Defense' S(Trt'tan "\'()l,:lin: (;;:; f]-::~'.:}rc:;::., !l~1n. cnr1~; ~;:dd t.he inr()!1';-i:iliof1 P Pn",jdcl1t c'\q\lil1(l earlier Ofon 11K number of Chinese \'('~duni a fl,.])1' of the shoal t o (ksds :mtl h()at~ W,\~ V:(l hf:n'd hv t ernrir. i1':])(>1'-:- ;,),(' srill (:hi!l("'" ;;":;l\: isL:nd('r plant' l h:q \',l~><.r~~t(i p;nn,~ ~h-:- ~~h~)~d ~)n,\'!'.1Hc \'(,-':>c1:--:in lh'. ;In·~l ~;(~t'rn',l,-)n Aq1Jinr' )1!~ ill !,'!If' i'hj1ir r~inl' 'Vi_';':~>,~_I-' .~l~r~·! '.l->.i!,-:"!-.'( h~ ·_\\·c n:~.luir~-;,-d :r~~<'~~i:d ..... ! ~~ ~;l~~ _·r__' if! (i~l' ~L'>~-h~ ,tc\,'_i( ~~~~- .Ld,' ~"I-~:LJ ;'iUJL'd ;Y~r~ V~~~ hf..·!'

which b being disputed by the Philippines and China. He clcscribcd the information as a "factual operational report.' I\lill(l ;-'~ijd tll,~ n·\-C ~-:11~n('~<' g,)\'crnmcnt ships -- three mari-

are DO more Chinese ships in the shoal, Parnas revelation sought to

contradict China' s pronouncement that it bas j11111(:(! ut all o
~!:.: ~:_'~1~p~', [!.~,~:!.: !!-H: ?r~:'"(1

Gazmin said the country's lack of presence might affect its claim over the shoal. "But the fact that our patrol is continuing, though not by ships hut hy aircraft. and we are
),!l'tting data, it will somehow help," be said. On reports that China will board any Philippine ship that will be sent to the shoal. Gazrnin said: "'X/elL it remains to be seen If they will board our ships

.\"ked if' thetr tindings ,,11m,' China is Iving. Parna said: "I w(lu!d not cast judgment on (China). I'm jllst feporting on

what our (plane" saw)." For hi: part, Gazmin sairl:


don'l want 10 react 10 that. But what \\t' are k!iving you ls ilk j;,cma! i)J1t~f/ti(n;d rep' f!1 ." (r;:zmin ':aid there ,\",,'~\.~ still !'IO decisio!1 on wln-t hcr to ,,('nd hack the Coast Guard ;[iLi !\ure-,'ll ,,1 fbIH'fie.". ~hip~·,
1" 111 ,dT;" :,' _in:-··~rr-t..·l~'-)-;),
, ;.1 n";:::'r "·'-'ft'

when YV(, go there." The DFA. which earlier announced China's wirhdrav al
issued a V_'jT "II has been confirmed by the Philippine Nay)' that. as of two day~ ago. tlwf(C' wc:re no more ships inside the' LlgO()l1. The (>hin('~(' fishing hn,lts 11;,:"0'(' nhyjnl:';h' returned .. - V:/(/r :' I~(~\-:~r';. from the lagoon,

short statement:

1~'~,!t ir~
:..... ~Hl h

L tl~{,'

stili no




.,:l;lpS ~n:~)f}tlt





- Te! no, (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287. 5295


- Tel no. (02) 892-1693, local: 5287, 5295

02"1 June 2012



Gazmin: Atyani's aim was to cover release of Abu hostage
By Mario J.Maliari and Angie M. Rosales
Baker Atyani is not a kidnap victim as he continues to roam freely as he tries to cover the release of one of the hostages of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), This is the latest military version on Atyani's foray into the areas where the ASG stays. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazrnin yesterday contradi.cted the Jordanian government's claim that journalist Baker Ai;varu, Dubaibased bureau chief of AI Arablya network, has been kidnapped by the terrorist group, instead following the line of Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan, who has


T'-n-A-.("I.n-~ f-.n. lrtnn

.... , ,...fl\~(")n(.> l nn.o.r~ti()nl;! .l.'IIt''-'I-'''~'-'-'-''~'''''''''''''''''''''''' .... .t"' ................ ....... " ....-

for Atyani. Gazmin yesterday said that Atyan! is moving around camps of the ASG and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in SuIu province, boosting military claims that he is not being held against • hi:> will. Citing information provided him by military Western Mindanao Command (Wesmincom) chief LL Gen. Noel Coballes, Gazmin said that there were sightings of Atyani and his two Filipino crewmen being

mobile. "TIle Jordanian and his crew arc moving from one camp to the other
- Abu Szyyaf camp, MNLF camp, So with that, you can easily deduce thai. he is not a hostage," Gazmin said. "They can move from one municipalit.y to the other," stressed Gazmin hut failed to identify tile areas where Atyani's group an' moving around,
The defense chief also nnted

possibility thai he is now a captive. "Youhave (.0 understand thaI his (Atyani's) coming here. ..ts supposedly (.0 cover the release of one of the hostages of the Abu Sayyaf. That. was the intention of the Jordanian," said Gazmin. The military has stood pat on its claim that Atvani and his crew art' not being held oaptlves by the Abu Sayyaf despite earlier admission by Interior and Lucal Government Scretary Jesse Itobredo that Atyani is now being held against his will by the ASG. Robredo's turnaround came a day after the Jordanian foreign Ministry confirmed that Atyani is heing held as hostage and that efforts are now being undertaken to secure his safe release, Prior to this, Robredo even wanted Atyani to be arrested, charged and detained, then banned from the Philippines for deoeivlng local authorities regarding his activities in Sulu, Gazmin, however, stressed that the military is prepared to launch rescue operation if so ordered by higher authorities, "We are ready to move anytime, we are monitoring, we know exactly where they are, where it's moving, So lfthere L~ rescue order then we will do our part," said Gazmin. lvhIB(:flnam! has uassed on to Robredo the decision on whUt, o do on the Atyani case, seen t as as move by President Aquino to shun responsibilitythr ,illYuntoward oecurrence that may arise over the Atvani kidnap. ·Robredo sees th~ .1010 crisis as real while Sulu Governor Tan sees it diferently. Tan stood by his previous statement, that. the Jordanian journalist is not yet a hostage nor a kidnap victim, despite reported pronouncement by the Philippine Nationai Pollee. Meanwhile, a senator said that.the Aquino government. must ascertain, by securing highly-reliable intelligence-gathering and coordination, accurate information as to the real status of'the case of .lordaaianjournalist and his Filipino crew members, Sen, Gregorio Honasan said yesterday \.l1'Lt "firs1 of all, we should noi depend on whateve!' information the Jordanian gllv('mnH'nT has gathered lH'(;aus(' it ('Ol1lPS

in contradiction with the pronouncements of DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) Secretary (Jesse) Robredo and local officials in Sulu," The Jordanian government said that Atyani and his crew have been kidnapped by the ASa and that efforts to secure his safe release are now ongoing through their embassy in Tokyo and consular office in

Initially, Robredo said Atyani was merely "missing" and not held captives by the ASG. He later admitted that the group is being held against its will by some suspected members of the notorious kidnapfor-ransom gang in the jungles of Sulu. "Obviously, we really need to gather enough information or intelligence information to ascertain their whereabouts and the current status, And this entails effective coordination among law enforcement agencies and LGUs (local government units) who have control or jurisdiction in the area, "Until we have secured an accurate and valid information, we should be careful in issuing any pronouncements, Making statements that (Atyani should be declared) persona non grata is not helping the situation," Honasan, vice chairman of the Senate committee on national defense and security, said. Robredo '¥antl>r\ Atyani to hf'. banned from entering the country for supposedly deceiving local authorities regarding his activities in Sulu, Fernan J, Angeles



thai ori~laJ intent of AtYiUliin going t.o Sulu m: basis in downplnyilw Ow O• ~ p '(om to rmge 2




- Tel no. (02) 892-1693, Local: 5287, 5295


- Tef no. (02) aS2·1693! l.oca!: 5287,5295

.lune 2012



Jordanian not kidnapped
Defense Secrctarv Voltaire Cazrnin doubts that )ordalliar, j<'t1 rnalist Baker Atvani and hit \VO Filipino cameramen, Ramelito \Cla and Roland Letrico. were kidnapped, "Then.' are reports reaching the headquarters of Wesmincom (Armed Forces Western Mirid anao Command) that the· Jordanian and his Crt'IV are 11'1l)ving from one camp to the other; from A..bu Savvaf camp
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to the camp ofMNLF (Mom National Liberation Front)," he said. "With that, you can easily deduce that they are not captives." .Speaking to reporters, Cazmin said the military has no information whether the three were in the company of Abu Sayyaf bandits. "That (whether Atyani and his crew are g:uarded by the ban.J~ ...,,'

!........... ""J..l':-'l.ll..JL



....,_f: \!)

~,l_,.-., ~~~,_........._~~J "



Col. Jose [oriel Ccnabrc, Nuval Forces \Vestern Mindanao deputy chief for Jv'brim (If'f'l'ntinlls, said the Sul u crisis n1il1li-lgerncnt committee (CMC) under Sulu Gov. Sakur Tan met Tuesdav with Task Force Sulu, police and Marines and the mayors of th~' towns of Sulu to coordinate their actions. "The three are safe and there is no sign that they were being harmed while under Abu Sayyaf custody," he said. 'Ian was informed of the contingency and operation plans needed for their safe return, he added. Cenabrc said details of their possible actions once the military is given the go signal for rescue will not be made public. "Now, in the course of the whole situation when action is needed, the Task Force Sulu is refrained from ill aking statements that will imply operation movement, as it will give our operating units the difficulty to rescue because the group holding custody of the three journalists are very mobile," he said. They are cautious about their movement since the Abu Sayvaf has civilian sympathizers in the area, Cenabre said, Chief Superintendent Manuel Barcena, Directorate for Integrated Police Operation Western Mindanao commander, said once the CMC gives the signal, the operation will be surgical and carefully coordinated. "We cannot really detail the action but we are doing something," he said. They have to ensure that the information provided is positive "because the situation on the ground is very peculiar," Barcena said. The group hoJ ding Atyani and his two cameramen is repc:rtedlv also in close contact with the MNLF, as well as with a local warlord, according to sources in the security forces . Another source said Atyani and his two cameramen are safe for now. "Thev're 21110wed to move freclv, but their movements are
.........".1,,'" . V_l_UY ,-l "_p\'


{1"rL",,--,. •• ~_ .....r""'r.t,



~ ... ~,,' )U,,";



.t~.l-,~,. I(,_j~'I...-;


i-,....,. ll.,..1


.. --. ....... _ .j..~_....~ .. 1'"' .. _tJClJ tJ\....UIU.'

..~ ........ .-.~ ~ UI\_.I_.i;

Ji J_,_1-..,.. •





c ,~





that hE' is moving around. He couldn't have transferred from the ~ANLF camp to the Abu S3Y}'Z:Jcamp if :y{)U are a captive.' Gazmin could not tell what time A tyani and his two cameramen were seen moving from one camp to another, "No time was given but they can transfer from one municipality to the other," he said. Cazrnin said 11('dot'S not know of any request by Jordan to
~t'dIUI ror I-\..tyallL
1." ~. .• .

"Our troops are on standby," he said. !I,VL'are ready to move anytime, we are monitoring, we know exactly where they are, where they are moving. H we were ordered to conduct rescue operations, then We will do our part" Philippine National Police chid Director Ceneral Nicanor Bartolome also believes Atyani was not kidnapped. "Maybe l'w'sjuS! doing his job somewhere in Sulu," he said. "Just like you, if vou wont III a far place te· interview sorneone." Spt'Elking to the media in Camp Florendo in Snn Fernando. La Union, Bartolome said pollee 2\J\: invL':;(i'c','ltlne,the rGd situation of /\tvani, Vela and Letrico in Sulu. " , Q~(\ting- information from tIll' ground, Bartolorno hillel p..yani t and his cameramen Me in OlW pL"1ct',nul scpdr;',ilcd d~; reported. RI...'pcl]ts had claimed Atvani is in lhe hands of iI :c:piri1u,'] Ic:d,,'] of Abu S,lYYC1r,while ,mother ,',rnwd gronp holds \da ,"1',(\ Lctrico. in Su lu, ',/hnri-Uc'~;-:'_ h2 \ ::.. 11 ,~~ic<.'! :-he -::~n.\:-;_ \\-h:"ru ;'\ t~~-,· \·:c! ;_-~ .mi. and Lotrico art: bvjic\'c'd Iii b,.

Atyani's presence in Sulu scuttled the release of one of the six foreign hostages, the source added, It was reported earlier the Abu Sayyaf has demanded P50million ransom for the release of Swede and Dutch birdwatchers seized in Tawi- Tawi early this year, Reports said the two are now being held in the jungles of Patikul-Talipao. The Abu Sayyaf were also reported to have in their custody a retired Australian Arm)' :,uldjt:l J.....jJnappt·J.lctk ictst yeal IIls;ue his house in Zamboanga-Sibugay. The Abu Sayyaf are also holding an Iridian and " J apanese in Su1u. - Alexis Romero, [un Elias, RoeI Parefio, Jaime Laude


- Te! no, (02} 892·1693, Local: 5287, 5295

By Dona Z. Pazzibugal'l

• 11
DEFENSE Secretarv ~ Voltaire Gazmin vesterdav ....' said he V,'3.~~ unconvinced thor 3 Jordanian TV still reporter and two Filipino cameramen were really bcinv held host;l\lt bv Islamic extremists in Sulu butttle mil it I"Vv\:oul~113unch rescue ouerarions if ' [he").'arc ordered to do so by the crisis management committee in Su!u.


~:~t_TL >·jl·L'~:~




Hl ~

~I .'.

C}jLdllc;.~;. !">onUh H 1::.1- ; i)r tht~.f~!!~}~~d O-::'(~~_ o( t IF' ~'~'~{II11)~: f:~}; ;
VV:,~:·~t~'.rr~ ]'1,iJ.1n(Z-::·}ll.:-I::1 Ut'>l :\jan rrarc;dl!


rd!:-;SlrF: ;U!..,'·~d~-! iv;:;·LL


1h<~rr\ ~hat
i·r,_'.Ji!' :iHh.:

Vv'eare ready to moveanvtime

"OUt' troops are on srandby,



/}~ni1\':111{~_ i'~ (·'nic( 0, till'


I'.T~:;~~!;.:". ('l~-'\:\'

dica;vJ th~ P"d,,:r s,n';mi, S'.iurh !}l.!!~~~!<:~':':::~':.\._! f\~:;!"!:.'·'_ rH·n·\:-{\rl ;".~ Fitil"llllO C:anlcr;H~';."HI r~~,HHCHH' \/:-Ji




in lh:.~ /\hu

We are monitoring. We· kilO""; exacriv where they are, where (they're) moving, ·So if there'!' anorderto rescue, thenw€;wiU de 0;':::; ~!.;_tf;~1~he cl~d!1~.ed The Internauonal Federation of JoumaUst~{jFJ),which repre"ems more than 600,000 journalists in 31coun!.ries, last week joined its affilifll.C, the Natibnru Union of. Journalist, of the Philippines (NUJP), in express, ing concern for the safetyof a foreign television reporter.and his two Filipino crew members,
In 2008, an ABS-CBNcrew

;nd lh' MNU

(lUJV.'1l 1;11, ;;<:l\;Ii1du
l, 01

Ii' "'dfh


1,";1 ,.'iii m- '.;\·,in:,_l, ii 1 r'_'~:'I~,_~~ (";i(nr i ~~-. 11 '~. n:l!


~il,;; 'I','

t,,; n'.l+ {~
'n.;:-~;-~~y. I; i P"(HTI

(.~ :/.1 Pf! t ~,', ~it. ~·':-:·Pd;t(,' ;';':.(li', ~ "'jl"',

'I"tl:' . L }1tLL:'~~L-t ~':: '~·I:._~rl fv~Lq 1:1[\ .u «l iHI~·!ill; >.(''.'1('1:11\ ,"L:;!,f.' l~!I:~:~'dl :~~i-< e"II1"i1linl\.-~~ lin ~'n~::::\\' I1.L IIp' np ir~ lI';tCi 1 '··II>:h ··:,"·li:
~lll,.' j\r}~! 'l1l::HI':' ill ,i1lp. \l(~;;(.;~~-:c

·;i ·'.")r·,~·hL~;:;:\[L '{Ul;Lllt


:11 f Jdiid,


C(·T~])lL\ ,'.

{h~' h'1i<Lt;


~! i



,--,'_.Hlp·. TL;H

VVt-,~~-~.: 1IOV," h-;.'itl',:_liC~::_\



n}~i )B~~d,=

l ~.>'.·.,!~'Ii:-·i
'.:1\ y·.:\1",:c'f

Ho~:.: 'd, r rc\':'~;k'~~ lb:u I i~H'l \.;_.:j-: t~ ! i 1-: ;~p;: II ~~-V\~!~;

F.;,j·.(,; :!Bd II>. ,'"m· \.'=',:{',p_-: nel'·~-!·rnpgni~,--d

h'~' V·,:t'Hi iu s , >j > ,;·-.-1 C:o(-;7dh':-- .•. L ..I1~c't


h~' :~-[}i::d ,_nnq-'~w'->
:H,; i':




armed men, 'That Wil~ not included in the report, TIle report jU;~1 said he wt'sgoing al'Ound,Gazmin said, The Jon:i:mian Emh,,;,:;y last 'wee)' :::'c6d Bake! was ahLc\ed ",,,hi],, on an assignment. (1,)71111n said their informstion \iji~\ th,,\t PtJY;'1.aiwas in the count ry- tv cv:v..:_r"( ;~C r(";t'_2L:;;:~·' {)-f i_;. h::.' L~-'ieA~>u S:,'yy~d'.

led by TV reporter CesT'lrfion was held for a weekbyAbu Sayysf rebels, At some points in
t h eir

hogtied and threatened with b'c:he"ding, the c"meTam.cni~) I.irl}Cin~s{·earn fnt .... -rrcported. .';'"




:- +'" ..,~
\ --~ ..

• '.>,-',

Survivor says it's not Peach ountain
By Gabriel Cardinoza
lnquircr-Northern Luzon



determine which vessel was involved in the accident, Lacierda said. Herman Balrnores said the ship that hit hi: fishing boat, the AXL John, had markings on its stern that read "Hong Kong." i'.unning under those words, he said, were markings similar to markings on mahjong tiles, which could be Chinese characters. The Philippine Coast Guard on Mondav said that its investigation found that onl~ one foreign vessel passed through the area where the accident happened and it "vas ~he Hong Kong-registered, 195-meter bulk carrier MV Peach Mountain.

Shalom the picture of the Peach Mountain rhat appeared on the front page of yesterday's IN.,JUWFR, Balrnores said, "This is not the one." He said the Peach Mountain's bod v color, as shown in the photo, looked simii31' to the color of the vessel that struck his boat, but the blue of that vessel was faded. On Monday, Balmores told reporters that the large vessel was light blue and red, "It was high so we could nor see if it was loaded," he said. The MV Peach Mountain also has markings on the stern that show its name in large Roman characters. Under its name, there's a marking, also in Roman characters, that reads "Hong Kong." Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and the Chinese Embassy in Manila was displeased with news reports published on Monday that said the offending vessel was a Chinese ship. The accident happened just as China and the Philippines were trying to find a diplomatic solution to their dispute over Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea. On Monday, President Aquino said the government was not blaming any country for the accident while the investigation was going on. Yesterday, defense officials called 11 news conference to tone down the Coast Guard's report on Monday

"It is possible that it was the Peach Mountain that hit them. It is also possible that it was not the Peach Mountain because of the course and the speed of the ship based on the distance where it happened," Defense SecretaryVoltaire Gazmin said. Gazmin controverted survivor accounts that the hit-and-run vessel was marked "Hong Kong." Vice Adm. Alexander Pama, the Navy commander, said that based on the monitored course and speed of the Peach Mountain, it was unlikely that the cargo vessel was in the vicinity of the location of the AXL John when the fishing boat was hit.

Pama said the Coast Watch Station in Zambales monitored "no less than 90 cargo ships" in the vicinity of the estimated location of the AXL John, about 144 kilometers (78 nautical miles) northwest ofBolinao, 24 hours before and after the accident. "We are looking at no less than 90 (vessels) and at this point we are not discountlJ.J

ONE of the fishermen who survived a maritime accident in the Vvest Philippine Sea on June 20 said yesterday it may not have been the Hong Kong-registered MV Peach Mountain that struck and destroyed his boat} killing one of his companions and leaving four others missing.
Malacafiang also said that the Peach Mountain was not the vessel involved in the accident. Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said, however, tharefforts had becun to find the vessel. which v::as another Hong Kong-registered ship. The government has not yet contacted Hong Kong authorities, however, about the incicknl, :.,; investig.rtors had yet to

:...... ,..,.............. '"'" . ~l ,...:l: .

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l' l.,,...

""...., ....l ~


Pama did not say; however, how many of those vessels were registered in Hong Kong. He said the area was a "nautical highway" and a traditional fishing area for Filipino fishermen. Pama said the Peach Mountain was among the ships that had been monitored 1.0 be somewhere off Narciso, Zambales, moving north at the speed of 10.1 knots at about 8:45 a.m, on June 20.

It wasn't there
Based on its course and speed, the cargo vessel was estimated to be 240 km (130 nautical miles) from the area where the AXL John was struck The accident happened at about 1 p.rn. On June 20. "So if we are just going to compute orr the basis of the speed of the ship at 9 in the morning, she cannot be in that (area where the accident happened), which is 130 nautical miles away," Pama said. "However, this is not J definitive conclusion since, as we all know, there arc other f;!ClOrS that may increase 01' deer east' lj,,· spe.:d of a vessel, Parna said.

. );.. , .':--5' .:,~~. ~.. ".

OfFICE OF THE ARMY CHIEF PUBUC AFFAIRS - Em;n add: Tel no. (02) S92~1693,LocaI: 5281,5295
If the Peach Mountain maintained its speed ofl0.1 knots, he said', "it would take her 13 hours to be in the location where the incident happened." But because of the prevailing southwest monsoon, "it's also possible that the ship [went] faster and it's also possible it maintained its speed," Pam a said, Quoting from the Navy report on its intsrview with Balrnores, Gazmin said the eight fishermen's boat was at first Lied to a payaw, an artificial reef made of bamboo sticks, "but because of bad 'weather, strong waves their fishing boat came loose and was almost submerged." "When the ship came, Balrnores claims that the ship passed near them hut did not actually ram them," Gazmin said. "However, it also did not stop to rescue them," Gazmin said, contradicting the statements made by Balmores and his brother in interviews with reporters that the vessel rammed and destroyed their boat. Gazmin said Emedio Balmores reiterated to the Navy interviewers that he saw the marking "Hong Kong," with Chinese characters written under it, on the vessel's stern. Gazmin said the incident was not related to the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Another vessel
"We are still checking. This is not a definitive or conclusive report because we are also checking other sources of data," he added. Pama said investigators had not discounted the possibility that the ship respon-

We were hit
In Bolinao, Balmores insisted that the cargo vessel hit his boat. He said the cargo vessel could not have missed his boat, as the fishing boat was equipped with a metal radar reflector. The larger vessel's navigational instruments would certainly have detected the fishing boat on the water even from a great distance, Balmore said. The AXL John's twin engines had conked out and the fishing boat was moored to an artificial reef when the cargo ship hoved into sight. "The ship should have avoided us," Balmores said. "Our boat was half-submerged at that time and our engines conked out," he said, explaining why he and his companions were unable to remove the boat out of the way of the oncoming ship. He said the large ship sailed straight and hit the fishing boat, smashing it into pieces. Fishermen rescued four survivors, one of whom died in a hospital in Vigan City on Sunday Four remained missing yesterday. The Coast Guard sent a helicopter to search the sea for the four missing fishermen.



sible for the accident was another one that was moving to the south, even if the survivors reported that the vessel that hit their boat was moving northward. "That is also not conclusive given the fact that they have been at sea for the past three days, they may have been disoriented," Pamasaid. Pama also said that even though the fishermen saw Hong Kong markings on t~e ship, "it only means that the ship was registered in Hong Kong but it does not necessarily mean that it is owned by Chinese or it's owned by the Chinese government."

They were not hit
Gazmin said Balrnores, in J sworn statement given to the Navy in Bolinao on Monday, stated that the foreign vessel passed by ~his boat. hut did not hit it.

With reports from Dona Z. Pazzibugan,
Christine O. Avendano and Jerome Aning




CHIEF PUBUCAFFAlRS- Ernaitadd: o3Cpa_h~oo.tffin.-

ret00. (O2) 8SMS91,


sm. 5295


no. (02} 892-16931 Local: 5287,5295

,; , June 2012



,,\ i(lli"ll (If 23 Chinese ship:.; and oi:l:-; 8lT still in LlI1<l!:1f', (SrnrBV ALEXiS ROMERO

s still n

r sh al
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nl'fir11 su r vei l-

or[lu~h) ShiHl, 23 ui them inside I\: bguon oj the disputed area. ('cording W ihl' ide,·:( aerial sureillancc h)' tilt' Philippine Navv.

1;:111c(' rt'w,Jfc'd that six fishing vessels and '17 dinghies or small boats an' inside tlu: bgoun, nmtrarv 10 an earlier claim by the

Lkparlmen! of Foreign Affairs (DlA) tiM! China had pulled all its VL'~,~l'lsrom the area, t

Navv chief 'v'icC'Adm. Alexander Pama said the remaining

vessels - three Chin ese mari ti me surveillance vessels (CMS) and two fishery and law enforcement command (FLEC) ships - are outside the lagoon.


to President Aquino after the by Beijing. Chinese vessels returned, Beijing's denial dashed hopes "The DFA has made its recthat the standoff. which trigi#·rh:aGri<l.lsurveiIlanq:' ..\\C~~.5~lS.'Yfre indeed "crowding" ude<llr\aJ\Javy isla.nd~rpana~agt~latcould lead toac- gered fresh tensions inthe West ommendation and let's wait for l:hilippine Sea, was nearing its the decision of higher authoriptfli"le ..... e samedily·:dde'titsitti\V~eshoaL ' ties," he added. tIlleD ..... unced that China . rJ:~sid&rttial spokesman Ed- end. On the other hand, Gazmin, Last week Aquino said the h~d pU11eo6ut its vessels from win> Lacierda said they have when asked whether he believes is ready to send tIl~lagoon. to verify the reports of over- government ';::Pama, however, said the crowding of Chinese vessels in ships back to the shoal if Chi- . China lied to the Philippines nese vessels remain in the area. about the vessels inside the la[{fA's statement might have the area. But Malacai'iang has yet to goon, replied: "We don't want bf,:n based on previous reports. "That's something that we'll to react on that but what we order the return of Philippine !.%Hesaid China isrnerelv rotat- have to verify with JI...IARINA are giving you are the factual ships despite the latest surveili~ its vessels in the area,. which (Maritime Industrv Authority), operational reports." is;N!'vell within the Philippines' with the Philippine Navy. \/ve lance report by the Navy, Panatag Shoal is located 124 Gazmin supported the redeexClusive economic zone. don't have the data on that. if ployment of Philippine vessels nautical miles from the nearest *i(There are also indications it's really crowding the waters. to the shoal, saying China could base point in Zarnbales. It is tl~ktChinese boat!' are conductBut certainly we have a number within the Philippines' 200-naufishing activities despite the of imports and exports going on take advantage of their absence tical mile exclusive economic fi~hing ban separately declared so we use seafaring - the boats to boost its claim. Last I\1011dZ!"v the DP,.,\ said ZQ11C~..s ptO\;iLieJ bv ute united b,~ China and the Philippines and the ships - for our P';(D(11't<; iJ$t month. and imports, But as to the 'term China had pulled out all its Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) to which boats from the shoal's lagoon ·~"Apparently that's (fishing) 'crowding the , ..-aters' that's China is a signatory .. \\;;pat they are doing in that something that I will hove to following an agreement with A standoff ensued on April the Philippines that sought to lta," Parna said when asked if verify first," Lacierda said, 10 ;:,fter Chinese mari ti me ease tensions. Cfina is violating its own fishOn june 15, President AquiDeI Rosario said China and surveil) ance ships stopped iJ:!S ban. no directed two Philippine Navy from Ji\:He said no Philippine fishing ships to pullout of Panatag the Philippines had reached a the Philippine verbal agreement to pun out cUTe:-oting Chinese fishermen )~ats were spotted in the area. Shoal d ue tn bad weather. fRe to the fishing ban imposed Ordered to return to port were from the lagoon but not. the ""rho had engaged in illegal fishing ajlid harvesting of J¥: the Philippine government a Coast Guard ship and a Bu- wider vicinity of the shoal, marine species He said all Chinese boats had endangered ~;.Dcspite the continued pres- rem] of Fisheries and Aquatic in the mea, :Ike of Chinese vessels in the Resources vessel, which have left the lagoon as of Saturday. The Philippines has protest"It has been confirmed by ~oal, it remains unclear whethsym bo Ii zed th c coun try's the Philippine Navy (PN) that, ed the Chinese vessels' action ,~!the Philippines would send claim over the area. I~'ships back. Foreign Secretary Alber! del as of {V{() d <i)'S ago, there were but China has insisted that it has sovereignty over the area. :W:"'Therearc no instructions yet Rosario said thc), would evalu- no more ships inside the lagoon. Both countries support i~send back ships to the shoal). ate whether the ships ',vuuld bv The Chinese fishing boats have pc 21Cdu1means to resolve tht' ;:~~t fairness, the weather is sent back to the shoal once tlw !, returned," the DE\ in dispute despite reports of bullysaid in ~tall'menl vestcrdav. ~d, The waves arc huge. Our weather improves, Foreign Affairs ~"'p(lkeSl;'an ing by Chinese ships of Filipino !~jps may not be able to handle The OFA had ,lls() claimed Defense Secretary Voltaire China venule! .-d.;(lpull out ito; )\:,,1 Hcmandcz said the DfA vl'~;~ds .ind fishermen. - With Aurea Calica, ria Lee-Brago h,.\~,m~<Il' its recommendation :11?:minsaid. ship" but this was jili")' denied
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- Tel no. (02) 892~1693, Local: 5287, 5295


June 2012



28 Chinese vessels n
By Mario J. Maiiari
China continued to maintain a heavy presence in Scarborough Shoal in South China Sea based on the latest monitoring by the Philippine Navy that showed at least 28 Chinese seacraft including five governmentoontn.lled vessels being spotted in the disputed territory. N~' FlagOfficer in Command

deployed in carborough
T!H'Yreminisced the da~'s when the Philippine Air Force (PAF) and and another from ttw Hureau or the Philippine Navy (I'N) were se<:ondto !lone ill air und sea power Fisheries and Aquatic Resoun:es superiority in Southe,;st. Asia for (flFAR) - from the am:!, citing had four decades, weather. llnfortunately, the dHly.nallyillg Irefe ns e Seere!.ary Voltair« modernization of the AFP has Gazm in admitted th»t. the absence taken its toll as Chinese vessels of the Philippine vessel in the area have Intruded into Philippine affects the country's claim over territorial waters, particularly t.he Panatag Shoal. Panatug Sho al off Zambalcs "1 am sure there will be effect but the fact thllt our patrol - not province. Time was when the Air Force using ships hut airplane - are had several squadrons of jet fighter continuous, we are capturing data. I think that can help," said Gazmin. interceptors such as the F··~MB, F-R Crusaders, Sabre jet fightf.r Gazmin, however, cited the bombers, Mustang aircraft and continuing had weather and rough types of planes and seas prevailing in the area that other that Philippine vessels might not helicopters in its arsenal. The same was true with t:he withstand. Navy. In its arsenal were numerous The defense chief said that the :: Department of Transportation and warships and gunboats. Today, not a single jet fighter is Communications (Do'l'C), which has supervision over the PCG, may left in the Air Force arsenal since recommend the return of 2005. They said that if the PAF had Philippine vessels in Panatag Shoal jet fighters and modern warships. when the weather improves. Chinese ships would not have dared Gazmin said that there is still venture into the Panutag Shoal no instruction coming from the which is c leur iv within the President r,'garrling the Philippines' 200-~i!e exclusive redeployment of ships to Panatag economic zone (EEZ). Shoal. When the PA[~had modern jet The DND chief alsu said that fighters and an equally "i:'l'edlbie h" r~~nmmf\nds t.hat. the Coast Navy, any intrusion by r"r~ign Guard and Bureau of ~\shcrjes and Aquatic Resn urcus r1;turn to aircraft or vessel into the country's airspace or sea lanes were met and Panutau Shoal as soon as the challenged by PAF pilots armed weather clears, with sidewinder air-to-air missiles However, the decision to IHttr'll and naval warships to drive the anew the disputed waters will come .,: from the Department of intruders. This is not, the case today Transportation and Communication because of a weak Air Force and as the agency is the mother unit Navy. of the Coast Guard, Not only one or two UhlnBSe lHhe Philippines had sustalnei] vessels have entered Panatag Shoal lha!. deterrent defense capahility hut several of them the paSt month it had after World War II until the 1970s, including a credible Air or so with impunity as against Lhree ships from the Philippine Force and Navy, Chinese vessels would not have ventured inr.o Navy and Philippine Coast Guard Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal with just standing by, resulting ill II standoff to date. . impunity and there wouldhaw, heen For the country to uphold its no standoff the reo territorial integrity, the primary This was the cunse IIHUS challenge to the AFP is to devise a expressed hy the officers of the strawgy I,{I support. this policy by Armed Forces of the Philippines protectinf( t.he national Ant.f,r~st (AFJ') during randnrn interviews at through ,1 responsive air power the sideline of til<) Air POWN Symp()~ium held 0.1. the 8MX strategy. This sLrat{'gy was t,llkfHl up Convention Cenl.HI' of llH' 8M Mall extensively during (.he 8ymp<;slum of Asia in hiSllY City over tlw b<t.W,,(\K. weekend, From page 1

Vice Admiral Alexander Pama yesterday said that per latest aerial reconnaissance conducted Monday, the Navy spotted three Chinese maritime surveillance ships (MCS), two fishery law enforcement command (FLEe) vessels, six fishing vessels and 17 dinghies or utility boats. Pama noted that the six Chinese fishing vessels were spotted right inside the shoal with the 17utility boats. He said the five Chinese government-controlled vessels were monitored outside the snoai, The heavy presence of Chinese fishing boats in Panatag Shoal is happening despite Beijing's supposed summer fishing ban that runs up to August. Asked if the Chinese are violating their own fishing ban, Pama replied "apparently, that's what they are doing in that area." On the other hand, not a single Philippine ship is now asserting claims over Panatag Shoal. Last ,J une 15, President Aquino the pull out. of Filipino vessels n e from the



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Parna said a Navy Islander
aircraft was ordered to fly over the shoal on Monday afternoon to verify if China had withdrawn its fishing boats from the shoal's lagoon.

in shoal,
says AFP
By Donal. Pazz:ibugan

ships still

They come and go
He said the Chinese fishing vessels and maritime ships came and went, apparently taking turns in some kind of rotation. Pama said the statement of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) about China pulling its fishing boats out of Scarborough Shoal's lagoon may have been based on "previous reports," A DFA statement issued on Monday quoted Del Rosario as saying; "Based on coordination between the Philippines and China, as of two days ago, we have received information that all (Chinese fishing boats) have left the lagoon ofBajo de Masinloc."
Thp Philinninps 1,pfprs to

"I'm sure there's an impact," Citing a Navy report, Hernandez said that as of Monday af- Gazrnin said. "But the fact that patrols are continuternoon, there were five Chi- our ous=-they may not be ships but nese government vessels ou.t- we have planes and we see (the side the shoal's lagoon ~nd ~lX situation) and we get data-I ~is~ing boats and 17 dinghies think somehow that also inside the lagoon. 1 1 ,. . d b t failed ae ps. hI T eNQUIRER tne u I. The pullout of the Coast to reach Zhang Hua, , the Guard and BFAR vessels on spokesperson of the Chinese June 15 ended a standoff with Embassy, for comment. China after two months and a . After hearing t h at Chimese . .. b ·11 t the fishing oa~s were sn a shoal, Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Blazon said the gover~m~nt should be wary of negonatmg " with a Chinese government that appeared to be "speaking in two voices." . "Who is really runnin~ the Chinese government, their political leaders or their military, the People's Liberation Army?" asked Blazon, a former chief of staff of the Armed Forces. "The govern~e~t should make sure who It IS they are talking with to avoid any C0f'..fJ~ sian or misunderstanding, which can complicate the situation," Biazon said, "I don't think Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario made a mistake when he claimed the Chinese also committed to withdraw their ships," Diazon said. "Maybe the other side vetoed the withdrawal so the ships remained there." Aurora Rep. Juan Edgardo Angara said the government should be aware of the power play in the Chinese government, Apparently, Angara said, hawks and doves are in conflict over what policy to take in dealing with the territorial dispute with the Philippines.

Who's in charge?

CHINESE fishing vessels have not left the lagoon of Scarborough Shoal and Chinese government ships continue to patrol the vicinity of the disputed, resource-rich area in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sez). On Monday afternoon, after Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario announced that there were no more Chinese fishing boats in the .shcal's lagoon, a Philippine Navy reconnaissance plane sighted :t3 Chinese fishing boats-six large vessels and 17 dinghies-in the lagoon. The Navy plane also spotted five large Chinese government ships-three China Maritime Surveillance ships and two Fisheries Law Enforcement Command ships-outside the lagoon.
CHINESE.! AlB From pageAI

week, with C~ina in control. of the shoal.which both countnes lai . calm. Gazmin said he had recommended mat government vessels tie sent back to Scarborh Sh 'I oug oa. The order will come from the Department of Transportation and Communications, which has supervision over the Coast Guard, The department has not given the order, Gazmin said. "But in fairness," he said, "the weather is not good, the waves are huge, [and] our ships may norwithstand them,"

Scarborough" Shoal as Baja de Masinloc and Panatag Shoal, China calls the area Huangyan Island. When asked about the DFA statement, Gazmin replied: "We don't want to react to that but what we are b"iv!rlgyou it; the factual operational report."

Fishing bans
Both China and the Philippines have declared fishing bans at Scarborough Shoal for resource conservation. Filipino fishermen have stayed away from the shoal since the government declared the ban in mid-May. There were reports that Filipino fishermen who tried to go to the shoal were driven away by Chinese maritime vessels. Chinese fishermen, however, continue to operate at the shoal under the protective watch of the Chinese government. 'Apparently, that's [fishing) what they're doing in the area," Pama said. With reportsJrom Jerry K Esplanada and Gil C; Cabacungan

DFA recommendations

The Philippines had no vessels in the area to assert its sovereignty over the shoal, President Aquino ordered a Philippine Coast Guard. pat:ol vessel and a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) survey ship home on the night of June] 5, citing bad weather; Speaking at a llC'SS conference vesierdav lJ'cfens(' Secre tarv Voltaire '(;(;zmin and the Phi'lippinp Navy chief Vice Adrn. / ... lexander l'ama. repot ,tid tht, prl~"~('~nc::' CL ~nz:_~~e :.. (;f \"...:';. s{:'ls I,n ~'<C~~}'li{lrOu;,,:~~·!~,ll(,;_d

The DFAyesterday said that it had forwarded recommendations to Malacaiiang, but department spokesperson Raul Hernandez would not disclose what the recommendations were. "Let's just wait for the decision of higher authorities," Hernandez. said in J phone interview "Two days ;"go, the NJv) ('0:1- Wea.kened claim firmed that 1 be same fishing Gazrnin acknowledged that htl,,!:, had pulled out of lIE the abS('DCC of Philippine vesshoal's L\~~-Jon,';he ~;-~~id, ~i'rb,~:s<l,; ;.,( the shoal Vd:',lkcne(] (be Chinese fishing bcuu have ohvi- counrrv'. .. claim of sovereignty ously rei urncd. in I k:t uar: of liF. WeS1 Philip-



Navy supports climate change adaptation program, empowers local communities
LEGAZPI CITY- HOT DAYSAND said, "The effects of climate nights are now more frequent change can no longer be bringing longer periods of ignored. The calamities that discomfort and drought in some struck our nation recently made areas in the world. Increase in us realize the needs to equip us the number, duration and with proper knowledge, skins intensity of tropical storms are and attitude to help our also being experienced. The countrymen. " Apart from developing gradual and irreversible change to respond to of climate undeniably poses capabilities great threats to people all over disasters, the Navy has also embarked on advocacy the globe. Considered byall, as a clear programs such as the seminar and present danger to human just concluded today at Naval Arasain in security. response needed in Station Julhasan climate change are not only from Legazpi City dubbed as "Climate the government and Change Adaptation Advocacy, Solar Bottle Light Project and cause-oriented groups but Solid Waste requires participation by all in Ecolozical attended by order to develop capabilities to M.anagement" barangay officials and adapt and mitigate its impact. from Barangay Rear Admiral Alexander P volunteers Legazpi City and Parna AFp, Flag Officer in Arimbay Bonga, Bacacay; Command. Philippine N:,,,)' in Barangay his Command Guidance 2012 Alba 1.'. The three-day seminar was made to enrich awareness and provide appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude to the participants towards disaster preparedness and environmental preservations. "I hope that this seminar had provided you with a better appreciation on the key issues and concerns surrounding Climate Change Adaptation. I am certain that the outcome of this seminar will help bridge the gap between the people and our Mother Earth in saving our environment to natural and manmade disasters" said Cdr Romeo L Garcia PN CGSC), the Chief of Staff, Naval Forces Southern Luzon. The activity was spearheaded by Naval Forces Southern Luzon through the initiative: of Philippine Navy Civil Military Operations Group in partnership with Pacific Rim Innovation and Management Exponent INC and local government units. "It's nice knowing that the Navy are in full support with the programs of Government of Albay in coming up with this activities here in Bicol and in Manila" said Mrs. Evangeline H Brondial, resident of Barangay Arimbay, Legazpi City, Albay. "Kaya natin maibsan ang masamang epekto ng climate change kung meron tayong tamang kaolaman at paghahanda. Naway pagkatapas nitong ating workshop, umpisohinnating isabuhay ang paghahanda doan sa ating mga borcngoy:" said Commodore Abraham F Celzo AFP, Commander Naval Forces Southern Luzon on his speech during opening remarks. -

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ADVOCACY RUN - Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, General Jessie Dellosa (left), listens. attentively to Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Etta Rosales during the advocacy run against torture held at Camp Aguinaldo on June 26, 20121 in observance of the United Nation's International Day in Support of Torture Victims. (KJ Rosales)



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_)._. _.l_'::"_

TIle Philippines during World Wa,f'I
SO]I,1ETIMESI wish I were born 50 years earlier, if only to have the opportunity to meet and interview people who went through ~~e.Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Flhpmo-~encan War. Perhaps it would have been bett~r if my area of specialization was not the Spamsh period but Vlorld War II or the martial law years, notmg that up to this day there are still many p~ople who can tell me their stories from those pen ods and thus help us rethink history as we know it . , World War II is mentioned in our history bOOKS, but the boring fact-filled text needs to be supplemented bv svewitness accounts of veterans who could make the stench of death and the sound of gunfire in battlefields real to us, Some textbooks still ignore the stories of the comfort wo~nen or the graphic accounts of rape, murder and _PIllage committed by the cornered Japanese soldiers in Manib. These stories still make your stomach turn. I can only hope young historians are collecting oral history of these periods before the voices of and rnemc,ric::o; frG1TI ~l"'~8C2 !:'!2jQ! ~Ve!!t(' (l thp past fade awav World War II remains current in our memory because of offici:,l commemorations in Bataan, Corregidor, Leyre and other historic sites. With the earlier wars, we only have history. I have long wondered why the Spanish-American War did not leap out of my textbooks, when the first ~h()! in rhat war, on Mav 1, 1898, did not happen anywhere close to Washington or Madrid but right here in the Philippines where George Dewey blasted the Spanish fleet out of Manila Bay. Many people are not told that after it lost the war, Spain sold the Philippines to the United States for $20 million. which at the time translated into Uncle Sam buying all the Filipinos at roughly 50 cents per head, with the archipelago thrown in as a bonus. Reading the annual reports of the governors2;('nen,] of the Philippine Islands to the US secrelary of war beginning with the one for 1917, I realized that the Philippines was dragged into World \Va;- I because it \.\'it~· then : US colony. Yet expressions of Filipino loyalty included: subscribing to Liberty Loans, raising funds to construct a destroyer and submarine for the US Navy. and volunteerinc to serve in the US Arrnv and Red Cross. When lh~: Congress enacted; law for the federalization of the Philippine militia, the US Vvar Depart-

Philippines was far from its battlefields. Yet Philippine Independence was put on hold: "politically, it is generally conceded that the world conflict renders discussion of the immediate independence of the islands inopportune, and there is general consensus of opinion that the Philippine question, so long the topic of almost exclusive interest at all public gatherings, should not be taken up actively again until the termination of the war, when it is hoped that the US will present the claims of the Philippines to an independent existence to the congress of nations," The following year, in the 1918 report, Francis Burton Harrison wrote: "With notable self-restraint, the people (Filipinos) during the war ceased all expression of their desire for independence, until after the signing of the armistice, when the nat!onal sentiment of the Filipinos again took form With the appointment by the legislature of a commission of leading citizens of the islands to present to thf lIS Congress their request for independence. The undersigned concurs in the belief of the Filipino people that they have now established the stable government demanded by Congress as a prerequisite for their independence, and has so reported to Congress togetherwith an expression of his hope that early independence will be conceded." The main concern related to the World War I was rising prices, which prompted a demonstration in front of the Ayuntamiento in August 1918, but as Interior Secretary Rafael Palma reported, "Such a manifestation carried on in the most peaceful and orderly manner had no parallel in any other war-afflicted country." How come I was never taught that the first Filipino casualty of WWl was Tomas Claudio, who died in a battlefield in France ill 1918? We often leave the debate over what goes in or what is left out of our textbooks to historians, hut we must look into what history our youth are learning today. Comment:; arc welcome in my Faccbook Fan Page.

Ambetb R.


us ;~~~~l~l~~~l~~~~)(;;.'()O()
~ ': _.

volunteers. T~~~ ~~~~~~Pin::<1""·.~""ii-··~""d-d""t(l"":a-c-p-·~~""···· •• ~-p""a-@...,·····V...,·····~...,h-(l"O,...... (;o..,..m..,.·······.-·.:.-T-e-ln-Q..., -,{""'o2-)-a-9""2~""'.1-6-93-··;-LO-"·-ca-!-~5-2-:-'8"""1,'_5·'2-9-5-' ••
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'Alien enemy residents" in the Philippines were put under surveillance, and 22 German merchant vessels in Philippine harbors were confiscated following reports that their crews had damaged and made the ships useless in February 1917. Stating rhar these ships were a typhoon hazard, the governor ordered the Philippine Constabulary to place an armed force on each vessel. He also ordered the arrest of their crews who were subsequently brought to a Baguio internment camp. After their repair, the 22 captured vessels were turned over to the US Shipping Board, which allowed the Philippines to keep seven small vessels for interisland trade and for transport of sugar and other goods to China and Japan. On their return to the country, these ships carried coal, ordered by the government and the Manila Railroad Co., from the Kailan Mining Co. in Chingwangtao. In November 1917, the German sailors together with "alien enemies guilty of propaganda in behalf of the German cause and utterances against the Government of the US; also several Germans out of employment whose presence here was thought to be a source of possible inconvenience to the t community" were shipped to a US internment camp. While the war was felt in the islands, the


1 June 2012

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when that ran out, making do with chunks of the Styrofoam ice boxes that they had used to store their catch: They were rescued on June 23 by two fishermen from Magsingal, Ilocos Sur, and taken to a hospital in Vigan City. UnhapN ITS face the ramming of a Philippine fishing pily, Christopher Carbonel, the weakest among them by .. boat by a vessel of purported Chine~e ownership dint of his injuries, gave up the ghost. and the fishermen's struggle to survive make for Stories of surviving long days of floating in the open sea gripping reading, rather like an adventure on the high seas never cease to amaze. But Pangasinan Rep. Jesus Celeste ~here the heroes keep themselves alive on little more than was reported surprised tha~,t~e incide~t-~pparent~rcomgrit and rainwater. But occurring as it does during a stand- monplace, indeed "normal m the estlmatl~n of a ~sheroff between the Philippines and China over Panatag Shoal man" like himself-had become a national Issue. HlS sub(Scarborough Shoal), it comes across text seems to be that being rammed by a foreign vessel in as an act of aggression, particularly in Philippine waters is par for the course. But the unjaded obthe wake of a China News Agency re- server would point out that the casualty count of one dead y and four missing should still account for something, and port quoting the director of the People's Liberation Navy as ordering i~soffi7ers to intercep~ ~n~ search Ph~~p- that letting such incidents die i~ the ~ater, as it were, pine vessels that lmger in th~ area. Philippine a.uthonnes would strengthen the culture of impunity that per~eates were quick to douse any mlsplac~d flag-burm?g ardor, .Philippine life. (.As the AXLJohn owner recounted, this was with President Aquino himself nonng that the invesuga- the second time a large vessel had destroyed a boat of hers. tion was yet incomplete. And Vice Adm, Edmund Tan, the A similar incident happened four years ago, she said, and commandant of the Philippine Coast Guard (peG), was two fishermen have yet to be found.) said to have categorical~y stated tha~ the incident that oc- . Philippine authorities should make haste to look in~o t?e curred in waters off Bolinao, Pangasman, was not related wrecking of the A.XL John, announce the results of Its into the territorial dispute over Panatag. .' . vestigation, and file the necessary charges. It is urgen~ at But the story has gotten murky According t? th€; peG, It clear and concise language be used, to banish the suspicion was only the Hong Kong-registered carg~ ship Peach that they are not weaving fish stories in cru~al ~atters. For Mountain that passed the,area and most hkely hit and de- example, the earlier announcement on China's suppose? molished the wooden fishing boat AXLJohn and then can- agreement to withdraw its vessels from Panatag and Chitinned sailing. This would jibe with the acc~unt of fisher-ha,s subsequent denial of such a commitment ha~e res~ltman Herman Balmores, who recalled seemg .the mark ed in an annoying confusion. The confusion remains, WIth "Hong Kong," with Chinese characters. below 1~, ?rl t..~eForeign Secretary Alben: del Rosario saying on Monday ship's stern. But Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmm 1.S now that China had pulled out its fishing boats from Panatag's saying that boat capta~n Emedio Balmores had. submitted a lagoon-and a Philippine. Navy reco~n~issance plane ~e-sworn statement saying Pea~h .Mou?tam ?ad. only portedly spotting at least SlX Chmese fishing vessels and 17 passed the AXL John; Malacanang IS likeWise.saying ~t~as dinghies still in the disputed area. another Hong Kong-registered vessel that did the fishing boat in. The story has become as opaque as an overcast sky. Vv1-1at is clear as of this writing is that of the eight fishermen aboard the AXL John, four were rescued but one has since died, and four remain missing. These are the circumstances as recounted by the survivors: At noon of June 20 the AXLJohn was tied to an artificial reef in Bolinao waters-its two engines having died while the boat was being battered by huge waves on the previous night-when the cargo ship with the "Hong Kong" mark bore down on it and tore it ap~rt. When the tumultuous moment passed (doubtless unthinkable for those who had only seconds earlier perceived the ship as their salvation), eight fishermen found themselves in the sea G10ng with the detritus of their boat. They cast about for services ble debris and hung on for dear life. By the next day, there were only four of them left; staying alive meant subsisting on rainwater and the fish they had caught, and

Fish stories







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hours after the incident.
"'iVt· are ab\l Felting III toudl wit h other iru crnat ional mariti Ole group'" bn:;lusv it ai',,) possible that ships that Ill! our boat did not pas~ across our Coast \YardJ

,'\/\ \' Y chidYicc

Adtn. Alexander

Pam;1 vestcrdav sought TO down pl.IY tiw possihility that it was a Hong Kong-registered carg(' vessd that rammed a Filipino
fishing boat off l\[)lin<1o town

Station and was not subsequently the possibility of other ship" coming in from north going to the south." said Pama, adding that
rhev arc treating with caution the statement Oflh~: three nshermen-

Pangasinan last week.
The incident left a fisherman

in monitored," he said. "We are abo not discounting

Lack:rda said the Department of SociaJ \\-dfare and De\·duprnent and Hnlin;jo Mayor :\.!f(1)SO Cckstc had pn1\'idn] PS.()OO cash a~sisrarK't" and fi)od packs (0 tile i;\tl1i!ies of lkrman Ba!nmn.::~ ',yho suffered from s\\'olkn feet and k(:~. Fdimio b;l\rn()re~ jr. v'>11O is still sllfferinf.; hom skin blisters.

dead and four others missing. Parna said Iv1\,Peach Mountain \V;lS monitored by the Navys Coast \Xatch Station in Zarnbales to be off San Narciso town
around ') a.m. of June 20. four miles

and Marl:elino Damian who has lxen movcd to a rur;Jl health unit
in Bolinao from the Gabriela Sihlng (ieneral Hospital in Vigan Cjt~-.

lk said




hour" before the F/Bca Axl John
was rammed ''''i-l nautical

northwest of Bolinao. He said MV Peat'\) .\\()untain.
which was coming from Indoncsta ~:nden route 10 Hong Konj; was about 1:'>0 nautical milc.s i'rom the place of incident then l-Ie s:tid the ship V'ia~ cruisinv al

survivors who claimed the ship and food P;lCk:, V\"TIT abo g:hTn to til (' fam ilies of miss in g fishthat hit (hem ,V,L~ north-bound. erHWll [)0111lD\' de los ~iH1lOS. lk said the fishrrrucn may !UYC been dbOliented because they had Amante Rason:lhlc .. \rnold Garcia. und Fred ('(,lino A P10.000 been at sea for three days when burial assistalln ;\lid family food rescued on7v1ag~in!,,>al in Ilocos Sur. j"Lwl;s \\'~r(' gi'l'u) to the- ;;lll1ily of Defense Secretary Voltaire (_~az.;].ri';lllpile1' Car\iulL:l who was min said in the latest mrerview declared on anini at tile (,abdda cO'lducted by tIle Nan, boat capSiLmg Cr;;ncral i-i(]"pitaL - H'dl, ta~;l Posio B;lmJre" cl;'<imed the ~r-t{~~_.t~11_:';JO)d('n!(E~!~i! ship with Hong I~()llg markings did not actually ram their vessel
bur nW1'('1)' j1a~sfc1 near it. Tl!t.., !)tJ-:.ti L,lpidi.n c(ld_it.·~ :--'~tj~~th(~ werv tied at a 'paY;lw" Of artificial ash s:tI1lTU:UY when thcv w('re rammed bv the .Chinese \:e~sel." 'The c;,ptain of tIle fishing boat. Mr. B,[l;non:s. indicated that :ll that time of the incident. they were not tied. ,. ,,;aicl (r:lzmin.

the speed of 10.1 knotx. "If it was reported SOlllt'\vhere
;.,...,.":;'~f""- 1.... ~.1~..(.
"'. L_ ..... ''' ,,._....... ,tP

"~Ir""",,;~r u' ....
~ .. i'.I .. L


~ .....


........ ~~.

silt \.va.. cruising at a speed of 1\ U " knots, it would take JUT 1" hourt<, 11t' ii', tile ]o(':llion ',\,11('1'(' llll' incident happ,"ntd. llr)'V;C'\·{T. we an' still checking. This b not dcfinireport. ,- he ,,;akL Pama said th« southwest rnon<'0011nl~!y h~lVt' ill('f('~<;('d rlw speed (if the vessel thouah he added chert' rive or cOl1cluslw

is a possibilit:'

it was abk- In maintain its speed. 1le said th er('


did not also ~top to rescue them Hr'g:lrdillg the identity ofthe ship.

arc other factors that could accelcr-

they onlv noticed the markings flo;)>.; K('mg with Chinese. charail" or decelerate a ship> :!Clct:S h('l()~\' it al the hack of tlK' The survivors initially said lhe~ ~;ilip."(;a/lnin also :';;Ild. 'were rammed hy y('sst'! 'C:ith Fr('~ilkn!jal spokesman hJwin Hong markings. The .Phil- J ;JdlT(\;( said the' invL~,iFaling 1 ~·;t1n lpr~n" (~oas! (_:\I~l!d011 ~rlF.'>d~~~- 1: iirnj',\ng Iht:H al the moment h' :·<lid 'dlC''- ~u~pectcd _\1\ 1'(",1',"11 I 1~_)I'H: \~- ..,.;..;(:J.\\ ; \iOll£l'l:ijn. v-,-'::l~ch "\\·~ih trz: >~!in:.-~ L:]('icnL: said legal (''-'per!" th·;.:~ ,:·rc::. ;L", ('ul-p:it art' :,bo hh.l!>ing a: rhe p(l"~i!hlc Pi-:,rn;; >~iid the :·.'a\":. io,,; h :·L~q~_~ cl::l1'W" ;L.ii 111:;; he !1kli a.;:,ins: " ll\ I ';\:-11.' rlC:~r; ;ltl~C j~n-':, )h'CllH'n~ 1 III ,,\"\\i H' r;uqn wd 11:e hsLinu d ~j:'>-_~u1 I)_~'j ;, ", Ji11n",:\_Tt'i:,~! -L,-. Lh('j' ti«: fi:,h;:.:i
e,.'~_L",,~-, ...

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- Tel no. (02) 892"1693, local: 5287, 5295


June 2012

Page. __ (Q__

oynoy gov't tells you
t.'s been blunder blunder af1!'r blunder and lies, after lies under the Noynoy administration. The lat.est blunder and lie comes from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), that said the other day that all fishing boats of China in the Scarborough Shoal area have already gone. It turns out that Chinese fishing boats are still there. As of yesterday, there were some 28 Chinese fishing and government vessels, 23 of which are inside the shoal, according to the aerial surveillance by the Philippine Navy. sent back to Scarborough Shoal. What can the return of the Philippine The admiral said China has maintained hoats do, since they certainly are no match five government vessels, three Chinese for China's vessels? Just to stay there and maritime surveillance vessels and two watch the Chinese vessels? Even such a Fisheries and Law Enforcement Command move will hardly stamp it with Philippine vessels outside the shoal, with 23 fishing sovereignty over the territory. The best vessels, 17 small boats and six Chinese solution to this problem is diplomacy fishing boats still remaining inside the something that. seems to be alien to Noynoy lagoon. and his aides, as they always seem to take Why would t.he DI"Abe stupid enough to a comhative- position - except of course, claim that the Chinese vessels have already when it comes to Noynoy's god - the United left the shoal area when such St.ate" ?;(IV0rnment. announcements can well be checked out? Noynuy apparently gave the US What the DFA has been doing is to government the all green signal for its succeed' in losing all its credibility. nuclear submarine, the USS Louiseville, Why should Filipinos believe aJ1Jthingthe DFAsays when time and again, what it claims said to be one of the most advanced attack and announces are always proven to he lies'! submarines in the world. The submarine is But there went again went Defense . equipped with missiles and torpedoes, to enter the territory, despite a constitutional Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. Saying that even with the PUl1(111t of the Philippine llollts, thp .provision barring nuclear weapons from entering the Philippine territory. area is constantly being monitored, adding Why,Noyno,V even more than willing to is that" as soon as the weather clears, and cut up the Philippines for the N'»ro Islamic there's a clearance coming from the Do'I'C Liberation Front (MIL?), which is what the (Department of Tr anspo rt.atlcn and US and the Western powers want, for their Communications)" Philippine ships will be


and non-judicial access to the country's natural resources in Mindanao, especially now, when Noynoywill have full·; control over the Supreme Court. . The Noynoy government lies about: journalists not being kidnapped, and even blames the abducted victim for being' kidnapped by the Abu Sayyaf. To this day, no rescue operations has been ordered by either Malacafiang or Sulu Gov. Sakur' Tan, who continues to insist that the Jordanian journalist has not been abducted at ail, If so, why hasn't Baker Atyani and his Filipino crew not surfaced, if, as claimed by Tan, they are freely moving about? By now, Atyani must know that the Jordanian government and his network are concerned about him. Is it perhaps because the Jordanian government is said to be dealing directly with the Abu Sayyaf for the release of Atyani which may relate to ransom demands, instead »f dealing with the governor and his men? It has always been the case when ransom is being demanded by the kidnappers. It is always more or less the same group of government authorities of lower rank who handle the ransom funds, after which denials are made while reports surface that not all of the ransom money was delivered to the kidnappers by the negotiators. But whatever the reason, it seems very strange for a government, high or low ranking, to refuse to rescue a kidnapped victim, which is perhaps why it resorts to lies and more lies. easier

i L


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\j:/it-:18sses saic the 2n""';'~>~d rnt!n c\l!(l th2H s~::r-e:an'l!ng Vic:.ti~Yiproc8w2<)i::.<) E.Eo;;anga\_' Lagi...nici~In :)ik~t__ Cctebato


th(: (iirE:cho~'~

Wardng Mom groups clash in NCotabato
h/IO;~G factions. s.qu2t:.!blinG tor centre' O\/2r strdt8·g.~C p31C;!-r8S of lands in North C-ot2bE-tc'~·· C.';err:'-iSt1 town ciashc;,.j a-tlE>/V ~~UnG2V j"o~c~·ngmore i~·~;;n-~ thousand viUsg€·:tS to a



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of Boiinao

The Incident occurred at at)ClUl 1 p.rn. las! June 20

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The fishermen coulc ha\iE; already been disonented v!hen tilG sea mishap occurrec End ,n€:' I,'Eo;;<;C'! mat i<.\mrned the,ir cou.o ::;e south-bound according to

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