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200 families flee as rival Moro rebels clash anew POl p. A-iS Rghting erupted anew between two Moro rebel factions in Aleosan town in North Cotabato on Sunday, forcing nearly 200 families to evacuate from three villages. Human rights group passes its plans to P-Noy POI p. A-7 Human rights groups have called on President Benigno Aquino to adopt their draft proposal on the promotion of human rights as one of his key programs in the three years remaining on his administration. 3 Abus slain in clash Peoples Tonight p.13 Three suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf Group were killed in an encounter with government forces in Davao City. 3 Sayyaf men killed in clash Peoples Journal p. 11 Three suspected members of the Abu Sayyaf Group were kilfed in an encounter with government forces in Davao City. 3 NPA patay sa encounter Ngayon p. 7 Bulagta ang tatJong armadong kalalakihan na sinasabing mga rebeldeng New People's Army (NPA) na sangkot sa talamak na pangongotong sa residente makaraang makipagbarilan sa tropa ng militar sa Barangay Kutaman, Jose Abad Santos sa Davao del Sur karnakalewa. 3 NPA men killed, 6 others nabbed in Davao, Agusan Tempo p. 5 - Three suspected New People's Army (NPA) insurgents were killed six others were arrested in separate mtlitary operation in Davao and Agusan del Sur.






reserve officers can only serve for 2 years - The Supreme Court recently ruled that reserve officers who are called into active service and hold commands in the regular armed forces can only serve for a period not exceeding two years. Jordanian only has himseH to blame-Noy President Aquino pointed out here yesterday that missing Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani - now reportedly a "hostage" of the Abu Sayyaf bandit group - only has himself to blame for his current situation. Find Jordanian, suru cops told - Police forces have been dispatched to locate a Jordanian journalist and his two Filipino crew being heid by Abu Sayyaf bandits in Sutu. Noy concedes getting confusing info on Atyani The Chinese ship responsible for the ramming of a local fishing vessel wen within Philippine territory off Pangasinan that has

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resulted in the death of one person was identified as a Hong Kong-registered vessel, according to the Philippine Coast Guard (peG). Jordanian journalist na bUang ng Abu Sayyaf inihiwalay sa 2 kasamang Pinoy Atyani. crew safe, says AFP US attack sub docks at Subic US submarine docks at Subic A nuclear-powered attack submarine of the United States Navy arrived yesterday for a port cal! in Subic Bay, Zambales amid tension between the Philippines and China over Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal. Nuclear-powered US sub ducks at Subic A UNITED States submarine docked at the former American naval base in Subic Bay in Zambales yesterday, about a month after a similar US naval asset visited the facility. Who's the culprit Sea mishap? Sea mishap probe on - A deeper investigation is needed to detennine the identity of the foreign vessel that rammed a Philippine fishing boat near Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal last week, President Aquino said yesterday. Noy violates Charter; allows nuclear sub in RP - Apart from allowing armed foreign troops and bases into the country, on claims that the bases and American servicemen's "visits" are temporary and on a "rotational' basis despite the United States bases in Mindanao being virtually permanent, President Aquino has again violated the Constitution when it allowed another United States nuclear-powered vessel to enter Philippine territory. Chinese ships leave Scarborough lagoon - CHINA has withdrawn its ships from the lagoon of the Panatag or Scarborough Shoal, the Department of Foreign Affairs said yesterday. Joker seeks review of SOVFA - Sen. Joker Arroyo expressed atarm yesterday over the reported abuses involving the Australian military, prompting him to reiterate his caH that the Philippine government should review the Status of the Visiting Forces Agreement (SOVFA) with Australia. Palace warned vs SOVFA push as Aussie military faces abuse probe Malacanang should be cautious in pushing the immediate ratification by the Senate of the proposed Status of Visiting Forces Agreement (SoVFA) with Australia amid news reports on record of numerous cases of physical and sexual abuse of minors, supposedly committed by members of the Australian armed forces.

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20-21 22 23 Clean deals losing the benefits of peace Red International splits Phil Star p. 10 Phil Star p. 12 Daily Tribune




MfLF, magsasagawa ng maJaking pagtitipon - lsang malaking pagtitipon ng mga Bangsamoro ang nakatakdang isagawa sa buwan ng Hulyo na pangungunahan og Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). 6 miyemhro ng NPA, huH sa checkpoint sa Agusan del Sur Anim na mga miyembro ng New People's Army (NPA) ang nahuli sa may checkpoint sa Km. 41, Brgy. Binikafan, San Luis, Agusan del Sur. Peace mission to record abuses in South Quezon - As a response to the massive military operations in Quezon, various people's organizations and Church-based groups launched June 25 a mercy mission and peace caravan. Military ops terrorize farmers in South Quezon - Cesar Garganta, 28, merely wanted to earn extra income for the enrolment of his two children. Instead of money, what Garganta got was pain and trauma.



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OFnE ARMY CHmF PUBLICAfFAIRS - emafl4ad!.~cpa_"bpa@yahoomm

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'1.fI June 2012

Page.,..... _A_-_fV'..,...·

200 families

Role of military

flee as rival Moro rebels clash anew

Galido and Hao said some MILF and MNLF field commanders were involved in the fighting because they were relatives of the land claimants.

The role of the military, according to them, is to ensure t~e safety of civilians and not get
caught in the hostilities.

They also hoped that the renewed fighting would not CO'D\.BATO CITY-Fighting affect the ongoing peace neerupted anew between two I "gotiations between the MILF Mora rebel factions in Aleosan and the government. Charlie town in North Cotabatc on 'C. Seiiase, Inquirer MinSunday, forcing nearly 2.00 danaQ families to €\racuate from three .:


plans to Noy '. es' Aw~ . '
rights groups have draft proposal on the promotion of human of Amnesty International-

group passes its

Human rights

.called on President Aquino to adopt their rights as one ofhis key programs in the three , years remainmg.ofhfs administration. Wilnor Papa, program coordinator for Philippines, said they had updated a set of action plans which Mr. Aquino could take

. campaigns

villages. Col. Benjamin Hac, chief of the Anny's 7th Infantry Battalion, said followers of the MOiO

National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MrLF) battled
for two

as his administration's human rights policy before he delivers his State of the Nation Address (Sona) next month. . Offidals of AI Philippines were here last ' week for the provtncial leg of the launchof
<:Amnesty International

State of the World's Human Rights."

Report 2012: The

in BarangayTl1nganon and later in the adjacent villages of La:'A'ili and Lapu-Lapu in Cannen

in mid-morning

.the reproductive health bill and the Freedom of Information Act and proposed laws that address enforced disappearances. "'President Aquino is on his second year and the Sona is approaching yet we are still . waiting for his human rights program. The . National Human Rights Action Plan is not yet in place and cases of human rights abus- . passed but were usually ignored, citing the stopped violence against prisoners.

The action plans mcorporared in the AI draft Include controversial measures like

The encounter was traced to

mine reports of casualties yesterday "But -whar is certain," Hao said, "is that from 140famllies, another 30 more were reported to have abandoned their

a "ride" (family feud) over land claims. ' ~ The rnilinnyhad yet to deter-

"es are'Increasmg;" Papa said, .' He said many rights laws had been

antitorture law of 2009 which has not "Ihere are still cases of torture. It's impossibIe [to say othet'wiseJ. We hear how thieves and snatcbers are being beaten in detention centers. ~ ~ ~tinnodue process," he said. C~ Het¥lihigildo Aquino, who teaches at the Philippine Milit;ary Academy. said the
academy had incorporated human rights in the curriculum, He said even PMA professors pUrsued grant programs and attended seminars on human rights. He ezplamed the AFP's Internal Peace


people fled their homes when the rwo groups dashed over control of farmland in Aleosan. "We managed to settle this down through the help of local
government units, religious leaders and civilians," said Cot Roy Galido, commander of the 40th Infantry Battalion,

Sixteen houses were reportedly razed illLawili, he said. Early this month, some 500

and S~ty Program-Bayanihan (IPSP Bsyaniha.'1) was designed to build peace and not JUSt fight insurgency. Desiree cal.u%a, Inquirer NortTte:nLuzon '


1!3 _

Abu Sayyaf. Group were killed in an
en()onntel"' mflmbel."s of the

by Lt. Col. Adolfo Es" . pnelss Jr .• Army 73:rd Infuntry Battalion (IS)
commander .:

with gol)vernment forces • mDavaoCity.
This was eonfirmed

Killed were identified only through aliases as Marvin, Bobong and Berling.

at around 7 a.m, yeaterd{\y in Sitio Data 1)'1ag. Bgy. !illIaman, JoseAbad Santos, Davao del Sur. Investigators said a oou:ght the help ofPeaoo

tar ~

l.'egarding the presence

of the ASG bandits.

resident in the area. Development

Troops immediately responded andd.aBhed with the ASG bandits, killing throo Gfthem. Recovered from the

vealed that thetmc:oun-

Camp Aguinaldo re-

Reports reaching


Teams (PDTs) of the 73rd and lO02nd 1&

suspects were a Motorola hand-held radin, an M·16 and two M14 rifles ..


Davao del Sur. Investigation showed the gove.tn1l'\alt soldiers responded to the ~~ts' calls for help regarding the· the bandits. . RecoveredJromthegunrnenwereaMDtorolahand'~ held radio, three high powered mea:o:ns,one M16 and tw?M14ArmaUfurilli$. ~idaHkl$rtey..,~ca

TIiREEsus~cted mrunberBo-fthe~u SayyafGroup "twre killed in an encounter wifh guvem.ment forces in Pavao City. . . Army i3rtl Battalion commander Adoifu Espuelas, Jr. said the fatalities were identified as alias -"Marvin,'" "Bobong" and '''' .. Reports~ tlleencountertookplace at? a. ru, inSitio Da~ ~ Barangay Kulamsn, Jose Abad Santos,

presence of gunmenm fuearea when theyert<XJu:ntereci

10.' 9" 1tt1O";""""'''''l"





Three suspected New People's Army (NPA) insurgents were kmoo while six otberswere arrested in separate miUtary operatiOns in Davao and Agusan del : SUr, the Army said Mondaya
Lt. Col. Adolfo Espuefas Jtt commanding officer of the Army's 73rd Infantry Battalion (73rd IS), said an June 23 at around 7 am, so!dier.s dashed Vtth a group of fu!1y armed NPA insurgents at Sitio Data D'iag, BarangaylCu!amao, Jose Abed Sanms, Davoodel Sur; Espuefas:said the encounter took place after soldiers from the Peace Motorofa hanclhefd radio. E5pUeiassaid the stain insurgents' bodies and the recovered firearms weretransport:eObyaPhitippineAir Force helicoptEr (PAF} on Sunday have artested a group ofsuspetted NPA rebels believed to be responsible for the recent raid on a CAFGU patrof base In the province.. Maj. Eugenio Julio Osias J.V; 4th Infantry DMslon (41D) spokesrnan, said troops from the 26th Infantry Batt3llon arrested the group of NPAs in a checkpoint at Km 41, l3ar..mgay Binlcalan, San Luis, Agusan del Sur fiatrof Base. last May 301 2Q12 where they shot four clvlflans/, said OSias, ·He added elements of tOO 26Ia under Lt. CoL Jose Leonard Guilla apprehended Noel (a)1..hatan alias ''Gab'i~ member of Sentro De Grabfdad Silver, Northeastern Mindanao Regional Commfttee. The other ~ NPA rebels

morning for proper disposition. In Agusan Del SUr, hrrry troops



Three NPA rebels identified only as MarW1,. Bobonq, and Belting were kliledas..8 result of the encountet, wheren OOIdiersalso reco:ver€d


presence of the armed insurgents

and Dev60pmentTeams (POTs) of the 73f"d.!B and 100200 Imanty Brtgaderes:pondedto reports on the

arrestedbyfueArrriywereidentlfied as Jackelo Gumansil alias "Jorge~

me af€il.·

at about 11 am, on June 22.

Jun Jun Gomez alias "Jun'~ Eyo Gallina alias \\J~ Jaymar MatlbuUg allas ".Jay'; and Mayien Gomez alias "May-May'~ wno were al! with canhatan,

"These NPAsbelong to the rebel group who raided the Bfntcalan

station of Thlacogon.

tumed-over to the Munidpal Poifc.e

Those arrested were lmmedlately

... -.-.-'~'""I'l .•-......

; .•

.f.P June 2612

, dent Aquino pointed out here ycster,day that missing [ordanianjoumalist BakerAl:yar,l - now reportedly a "hostage" .of the Abu. Sayyaf bandit I groitp - onlyhas himself to blame for. f his current situation, " ~ "I ~peat, it-shouldn't ~ve happened IT the guy had not misled the ~ appropriate authorities. That's the ; issue, and he has caused US dam1 age/' he told reporters in a chance I interview at the Benguet State Uni-



~ Presi-



Aquino said that once Atyani and' i his two Filipino crewmen have been put out of harm's way;. then "he will undergo a process to explain all of thes€ things," noting that the foreign journalist had declined government , protection several times, f Nonetheless, the Chief Executive ; said the gcvemment is doing its best ; to monitor the situation, " "I'm gett'lllg daily briefings. We


versity here.


wH1 ascertain the latest briefIng, because we are getting confusing infoullation/' he- said. Secretary Jesse Robredo of the Department of the Interior and Locat Government said Atyani is now considered iii hostage, and deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said it would be up to the Cabi- . net member to explain the sudden change In status. "We leave it to Secretary Robredo to explain the change in circumstances regarding Atyani's situation, We will defer to the DILG on why he is now called a hostage," she said over state-run radio dzRB. ' Still the Aquino government msists the incident is not oIJ.€that can be categorized as kidnapping, despite confirmation issued by the Jordanian foreign ministry. Military sources have confirmed Atyani is now under the custody of the bandits in Sulu. "At this point, we don't quite agree

. By OeLON PORCALlA , that it's an abduction, Now, it seems that he is no longer able to leave. It's up to $ecreta...'1~obredo to explain," R Valt€ reiterated, noting that Atyani and TI-IlO of'hls Filipino crewmen veluntarily left their hotel and refused security. , An incident can beconsidered kidnapping if the victim remains missing for three'consecutive days, especially if he is held against his will. Several military sources have confirmed the trio - Atvani and his two Filipino cameramen - were monitored to be in the company not only of the Abu Sayyaf but also of . the Mon) National Liberation Front (MNLF) in Suiu. CoL Jose Iohrlel Ceuabre, deputy commander for Marine operation of the Naval Forces in Western Mindanao, said ground troops are continuou~ly tracking the movements of the three.


groups doing interviews:' Cenabre 'said. "We cannot confirm say that they were victim'S of kidnapping but for sure they are with the Abu Sayyaf armed group." . Ground security sources in Sulu, however, confirmed the kidnapping of Atyani's group, saying the Abu Sayyaf group led by SaIi is holding them somewhere in Telipao and Patikul, ' Cenabre said that ushaping" (intelligence buildup) operations are underway on theloc:ationofthe three and their Abu Sayyat captors. "Joint Task Force Sulu (fTFS) is preparing the environment 'for pos~ sible law enforcement operations to rescue them, if directed by higher authorities," Cenabre said. ,.As of now, they are safe and no demands yet from the group holding

with different Abu &;yyaf and :tvlNLF

"So faT, they are safe, going around


them," he said. Highly reliable sources in Sulu, however, bared that the Abu Say/at currently holding Atyani and his colleagues is demanding PSG million in exchange fOT their' freedom. ' As reported in the Jordan Times, the Foreign Ministry of Jordan said Atyani, Dubai-based AI Arabiya TV Southeast Asia bureau chief, and Filipino cameramen Ramelito Vela and Rolan Letriro, were kidnapped in Sulu, Atyani and the t;,..JO Filipinos, who arrived in Iole last June 11, have not returned since they left their hotel supposedIytomeetsomeAbuSayyaf personalities. Police, meanwhile, said they would not launch any rescue operafinn until ~ have ascertained that . the fure€' were indeed kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf militants. - With Jaime Laude


dits in Sulu,
Chief Supt. Mario Avenido,
.polic.e chief for the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, said that he fielded his men right after Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo conAl-Arabiya News Network, and Filipinos Rameiito Vela and Rolando Letrero of the Taguig City-based SFX were with the Abu Sayyaf,


Z&'lfBOANGA em-Police forces have been dis- ..detention;" he said. ch d ali d hi .' '. Preyra, on the other hand. pat ed to Iocate a Jor d anian journ ist an IS said police "spotters" and civiltwo Filipino crew being held by Abu Sayyaf ban- ian 'Volunteers were sent to the
area to validatethe Iocatioa of .the victims and their captOrs. thorities. That is the issue, And "They saw Aryani but failed to he has caused us damage the see the two Filipinos. Probasame but he 'lAW undergo <it pro- bly. the two were roaming cess to explain these things,' around taking video or anthe President sald. ' swering the can of nature," he He was referring to Atyani's said. decision not to inform anthcriRefusing to give more deties that he would interview the tails, Freyra' denied reports that Atyani and the two FilAbu Sayyaf in Jolo. 'Last week, the Jordanian ipinos had been separated by foreign ministry said Atyani their captors. "What we got was being held hostage, Ro.. from the spotters was that they breda confirmed tl:lls after he saw the Jordanian at the time," spoke to the wife of one of the he said. Col. Jose Johriel Cenabre, two Pilipinos seeking help. from their companies so they commander of Joint Task could be released by the Abu Force.Sulu, said a rescue operation had yet to be launched, Sayyaf Chief Supt. Manuel Barcena, "but we know their exact locahead of the Directorate for Inte- non." On Stlllday, Robredo said grated Police .operations, said a crisis. management committee Atyani's group was with Abu Sayyaf leader Radulan SaMhad been activated, "meaning all resources and personnel are ron> mobilized to. locate them and .AtyarJ was supposed to find out how we can help" the meet with Yasser Igasan, the alleged new leader of the Abu hostages. Sayyaf in the .province, on Still. Barcena maintained that Atyani. Vela and Letrero June 12, but he and his crew were not kidnapped. "They failed to return since. Igasan is were prevented to leave the a "subleader" of Sahiron, RoAbu Sayya€ camp after the in- bredo said. Reports from Julie terview and since they are S, Alipala, Inquirer Min~ there for more than three days danao)' and Christine O. now, it's already serious illegal Avendano in. Benguet

firmed that Baker Atyani, bureau chief of the Dubai-based

Senior Supt. Antonio Freyre, polite chief for Sulu, was directed to "supervise the overall operations to locate and secure them." President Aquino yesterday blamed A~.iani for his predicament when he spoke to reporters after he led the mass oath-taking of new Liberal Party members here at the gym ef Benguet State Uni-





Benguet. Mr, Aqutno said he was being briefed daily on the case, but admitted that recent pieces oOf information were "confusing. " "I want repeat: It shouldn't have happened if the guy had no! misled the appropriate au-




£rm'll~dd!I~)((Jlpa~Na!'O(J .. onf-let·· no<{02}a92~l.&93;L~at!S2tm 5295 c


d1,~ June 2012



Asia, and his crew as tIle Philippine Na.tinual Police
(PNP) and Ute nulitary yesterday gave a separate report ill oolmectiuu with . Chelf "diSIlpp(lf.lll1<le."

President Aquino has :admitted that ·the government has been receiving ,«colltused information" on the ease' DfBaker: Atyani, bureau chlefofthe AlArdb:iyaNews :t\1ffi;work in Southeast


Sulu prvvirwi<il p(ll~ce chief Senior Supt. Antonio
r1:€yra said Atyani has now boon separat.ed from his hv{) F'Jipino crewmen, He added they were still trying te dtltermine the Abu Sayyaf Gronp's motive for this. But Armed Forees spokesman GuL ArmiIfo .

.~onfusb1g· .info on.~J;yani



Marcelo Burgos .• r.,said the military lws not yet. ~ conducted any search oPeration in {;1nmectio-n

with the ~disapp.earance" of Atyani and hts .. 1lus m page 3

Juio, &!It!.

J.1'!lipmo ..... HameJ:lto '~ar.d ere meri Roland Letrero since June 12


; hight\1'autlwrities. We are ready to launch operattons, if so

"Right now, we are not col:ldu<:.ttng any search and reseae operatiuns hut once confirmed thai they are abducted and ordered by

about llli! intention to mteMew the return to th.e-rl'Jelu bpreI after all bandit group. aHeged scheduled meeting with UBut allow me to say it GUM YaSSel:Iga.satl, the leader ag;Un. It should not have happened and one ofthe top comman.oors of if tb~ guy had nm: 1l1.isledthe ap·thc Abu Sayy<Xf group in StUll. .
propriate authm:itles, That's the issue and he has caused us damage the same but he will undergo a process to explain aHaf these·" things," he added. Rel8.tooly" Col, Jose Johrlel

Foreign M1nistry confirmed that
Atyani was abducted ami that efforts to secure his safe release are now ongoing through the Jordanian Embassy in Tokyo its ccasular offi-e€ in Manila. The fullowing day, lnt€itiorand Looal Government Secr.etary Jesse Robredo, a..<>ter of continUously days downplaylng kidnapping as motiv~ in the disappearance of Atya.rll and his crew, admItted the three are now belng held against their will by the Abu Sayrci. PriQr to this, Bobredo even wanted Atyani to be banned from entsring~enuntryfursnpposed1y deceiving Incal authorities regarding his activilies In SWu. Meanwhile, claiming to have

. On Friday,

the Jordanian

govermn-ent has been monitoring the recent dev!':!iopment in the ('ase ofAtyani. preparatlens. "JTF Sulu is "We are mcnltorlng the eontinuou&1y conducting shaping ; ;illuation ..I'm getting daily brM1n~ operations along and around we "'ill ascertain the latest brief· affected areas linking to the •.ing. It'sjust quite con.t'us5ng... the movement ofilia tJu-p,ejournalists inful'I!lat:ioo that has been reaci:ling to prepare the enVlronmertt for me," th.e President yesterday told posslbls law enforcement , reporters at the Benguet State operation ~o rescue them; if, sucoessfully estahlished oontacts University mat' leading the oath- ,djrBmed by lUgher authorities," with the kidnappers oi the taking rites of new members of his Oenabre said. to ensure his Liberal Party, "We have conceptualized safe release, daily English con.trngenc-iesin case other seemil?r . newspaper Jordan Ti:m&<;quoted He again blamed the Jordanian jm.o:nalist f-ortheir sit~ saying issues may arise from this inc}, an (U10R}TaOUS official asSfi.y:tng . they are currently worldng out they-would have not.endedup being dent," he added. ; by the Abu Sa.;yynfhad. The three had been mis,.<>i.rtg something that will see Atyani : Atyani not deceived authorities since June 12 when they failed to freed from caPtivity. . -

ordered," he added. Burgos also maintained that there has been no confirmation that the three are now being held as captives. Aquino! meanwhile, said the

Cenabre, deputy comnumder of the





Naval.Forces ~m Mindanao for Marine operations, said "shaping operations" are contmumg to lay the ground for possible rescue operations, if necessary. Oenaere said Joint Task Force Sulu is in charge of the



!l.· .....


···'·.·.·.··()McEOf~A.RMV~F·~Ar¥JdRSi~£triail~dd:6a~i~~.{roft'i'"'l'efri6.<02}392-1i9S1U1eaf~5ZS71·5295· ~... --~. .--:..!i.-'.~.> ..,.'~ .
:-",-"! i ,- ~::l>II-· '.' -. . ~-: 1';'1.1·::·

:;r,p June





, Freyra,bas.e

Ayon kay SPPO director Sr. Supt. Antonio

sinasabing biaag nang rn",aa bandidong Abu Sayyaf Oroup(A$G) salalawigan ngSu!1l.. nakuha

pm-nunuan. ng Sulu Pro. vincial Police Office (SPPO) uamllMurapan aug ruga sa11lity forces ng gobyemo sapagfuilllad ng rescue efforts sa tlftlong kinabi:~ bilangan ng isang dayuhan at dalawang Pilipino na


kahapon ng

Aildul!ah Atyani-at dala • sima Rolando Lctrero 'at Ramelito VeJa, Mg mga bumubuo sa n10wawalang TV coverage team sa nasabing probi1!lliya.

wang FilipinQcrewJ.I'l.en na

kalagayan bandidong

pakay na paggawa ng TV documeutary hinggil sa sa

.nilang imporm.asyon sinaswing hiniwaI~y na ng mga I:nmmdo ang Jerdanian joornaIistna sf Baker

Atyant, bagama'] ipi~ mmbaya na una sa DTLG ang pagliligtas sa mga ito, Sa is.ang panayam kay', Pan",nulong NoYJ1oy Aqui" no, sinabi vito na bagarOa't (MNLF) sa Iugar. nagdulot ng sakit ng clo si Hindi nruuan makumNyani, kanila pa tin itong pinna ng opisyal 1.'1111.g bibigyanngpagkakataonna m.alaYll hang lilisanin ng rnagpaliwanag._ . taUu aug Ingar sa eras na (Deba BellosiUo/ metapos nUa ang kanilaog Vam Fernandez'). .

Habang ayoonaman kay Naval Forces Western Mindanao Marine (NFc WMM) deputy COIUw.ander Col.Jose Cenabre, ~riflumanoang tatlo sa mga lidm- ng Morn National Liberation Front

aaturang probinsiya. SamantaIa, iinuwtukao. pa ria ng Ma];akanyang ang pagkakabil1a.g kay'


ng nllsabing gropo 811 !ca.

l'i .•

!=Rr.~'.' . •"


.' ,-.~-:".--;-.::'-~'




US attac sub doc. at Subic ,.
bass)!"said the visit would allow the submarine to restock and TI-lli USS Louisville, a Los lllriJ,'2- give its crew of more th;'?;.D. 130 Ies-class nuclear-powered at- an opportunity to rest. ui,ck :iH'bIJjgjlI'i_{,':, arrived z~r_" According to the US N1TV'7 Snbic Bay yesterday for a rou- website, the Louisville isone tinp port cl~H; according to the thE' mosr adV1H1Cea attack submarines in the world, Its misUS Embassy in Manila, In a news release, the em- sion is to seek out and destroy


was commissioned on Nm: 8, 1986, at the US naval base in New London, Connecncut, Weighing 6,900 tons, it is
armed with sophisticated MR· 48 torpedoes ami Tomahawk

enemy ~hip5 and submarines. The 110-meter submarine

US attack submarine docks at Subic Bay
C~1l1semissiles, among b.:tl1z-r ·/i'07.j,PO!_"k.3~ Based in Pearl Ha:rbrn; Hav.raii, the Looisville made naval hir;mry hy fl'riD;'!,: the' nrGt ~ih!T"'·~ rille-launched 1bmahal.'lik missile during OpCol. Omar Tonsay said the Louisville had no other mf~on in the PhlIippines except replenishment. The submarine requested clearance to dock at Subk in May, 'Ioasay said. It is staying until Saturday, He added that the Louisville's arrival had nothing to do with the territorial dispute between China and the Philippines In the WestPl-Jlippine Sea (South China Sea). Roberto Garcia. chair of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority; said businesses engaged in logistics and tourism would benefit from the Louisville's visit. "Bur under the (Visiting Forces Agreement] ," he said, [the submarine will not For ees Agreement, "'[This means that there would be] no l..~Ln.d-b<t'3-cd1:n31itaxy up·~rtiti·Das," hi! said. .. Last month, the Virginia -class attack sub-





one of the

eration Desert Storm b Irsqb the 1990<':.

vanced nude<tr'pm",ered submarines in rae world, made a similar port call in Subic. The North Camlina arrived amid a stfI.Jldoff between the Philippines and China at Scarboro'l\~h Shoal in the West Philippine Sea
Late last year; the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson sailed into Manila Bay. It was the same ship that reportedly buried Osama bin Laden in the Arabian Sea after the al-Qaida clrief was killed ill a . raid by US commandos on his hideout mAbbotrabad, Pakistan, in May 2011, The Carl Vinson was escorted by rv;o·


and most technologically


nU:(CONNlNG tower Is aUthat canb~ seen of ~sslouisville (SSM 724). a nucl1w'powered attacksubmarme, whh:b arrived at the Subic Bay Freeport on Monday.


pay port usage fees. The sub's personnel

will spend on shore in restaurants land other establishments J." In an earlier interview, Garcia said he would welcome American troops as long as their visits kept the terms. of the Vciting

guided missile cruisers and a destroyer: The four warships were manned by more than .
6,000 p~


w1til reportsjromDona Z. inManoo;andRobertGoro:.a-



f..(, . June 2012





submarine ks at ubic

attack submarine of the United Stales Navy arrived yesterday for a port call in Subic Bay,

A nuclear-powered

an opportunity to take
their rest and. relaxation, from the us embassy. The embassy said the

according to a statement

between the Philippines, lights the strong historic, and China over Panatag comm.unifYr and military (Scarborough) Shoal. . connections between the

Zambales amid tension rou tine port call "high~

The: USS Louisville . United States and the Rereplenish

plies and give its crew


publicofthe Philippinee,"

to Page 8

China has

FrOm Pagel

within 1tsexdusive econorntr islands and the nearby \v aters cord discourages aggreszone, which :indudes the and standing alert" sive ads that could spark shoal. The horseshoe-shaped fighting. . · China responded by send- shoal, a popdar hunting On Philippine-controlled 1 jng paramilitary vessels to ground for Filipino and Chi- Pag-asa Island, Mayor Eu..protect the 'fishermen. nese fishermen, is one of the genic Bite-orion on Sunday / Chinese Foreign Ministry hundreds of tiny outcrops announced the opening of ·spokesman Hong Lei said at a and islands dotting the South a small kindergarten for a regular briefing in Beijing that China Sea, one of the world: '3 tiny community of Filipino the situation at the Huangyan busiest shipping lanes and 'settlers. Lei said yesterday ·Islands - the ChineS€' name an area believed to be rich in that Beijing opposd "';my ' [or Scarborough Shoal - "is and oil. action that j overall toward peace." He did natural gasthe Philippines, jurisdiction."Violates China's China, not CI..unment on the Philrp- Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and "We hope relevant coun. pines' statement that Chinese Vietnam claim the nearby tries comply with the laws , vessels had withdrawn. from SpratIy Islands, where dJsand do not engage in acts , the lagoon. putes have occasionally trig- that will aggravate the South Be said tffiit Chinese ves- gt;:H~dnaval clashes .. China Sea tension," he said. sels "have been running the ... A non-binding 2002 ac-: APr Pia. Lee-Brago
! /


··,..~FF!dEOFl'~I; ARM,{eHiE¥puBclC.AFFAtRs-Emairadd:oa~a,Jlpa~yafl(fu.eOrn+ei:.·ho..(62}Mklg16931Lo\;a!r52a7t·~295·.· • • '." ,.-..,. ',. -'_-_.';:, '_ -, ',,," _.-: .,,_'-, ._,'., -, ":,:::. ,.-: .._-',: ::,.' .':".-.,-: .. -. .", :'.---'_:.'i:"'.-·".'"· _-.-:_--' •.•. ,.- ....'.. : ...• _-.


June 2012


Page: B-2

Nuclear-powered US snbdoeks at Suble .
'A UNITED States submarine· docked at the former ~rican naval base in Subi!; Bay inZam, bales yesterday. about a month after a similar US naval asset visited the fa.dllty. . submarine uss1..ouisviIle v.'iU. be at Subic Bay UtiliI.June30 for repIen· :ishme:n1:, the same purpose the USS "It has no mission in the

truy connections between the United States and the Republic of the Philippines." . "This will allow the ship to replenish supplies as well as give the crew an opportunity

rest and relaxation," the

NorthOu:oUnaOOckedinSuWc1ast i\.hy 13,saidNavy spo.k:esman CoL Phllippines, except for replenisbmetlt. That is wnat's stated in its (submarine's) diplomatic ctearance ..lthasnoactl\'itywith the Ph.ili:ppine Navy," he said A statement from the US Jlmbassysaid LlSSLouisville is inthe Philippines "fur a routine port call that highlights the strong historic, community, and mill-

statement also said .. Tonsay said the visit of the submarine has nothing to do with the Philippines' dispute with China over the Panarag

Shoal or Scaroorougtf Shoo!, about 124 nautical miles from

Zambales.. . "1 don't see anything unusual there if they ate just replenishing in the Philippines. It's normal foTsbips to replenish. They (Americans) were the ones who scheduled IT.It's not us who m,. vit:ed them. Thevwere the ones who requested" for clearance," , said Tonsay.. - VIctor Reyes

·•..OFFlCEOF nfEARMY'cHtEF pusuC ....AfFAIRS;_EmailaddfoaoPa~hpa@yahOojcom~·reino: (~~S9~16931ocaf~5281,529S ..... · t - .'. . ~ .. . -~ '.. . . .. .






































June 2012


_ .J _.......
- submarine U






ho's the culp
arges for justice for our flsherrner:. ut there is an investigation, deterrnln of cause and of who is at fault. after all ofwsinvestigation, then tells US where we v.. ll proceed," i

From Page 1

- A deeper investigation 1S needed to determine thci . identity of the foreign ves"; . pine£ishlngboatnearP~-r tag (Scarborough) Shoalla.sti week r President Aquina: id d •



"Upon seeing the stories, the emnese embassy immediately checked with the relevant authorities in China and was told that up until now there

sel that rammed a PhiIiP-t


sal yester ay.
Tbe incident,


, curred north of the shoal, l~ one Filipino fisherman dea&'
and four others missing. The . f'h)Jjppine fishing boat came from Bolinao, Pangeslnan. "We are not accusing anybody at this point in time. So


1 oc~

He said he would leave It up to reported dates and in the' reported the Department of Social Welfare -waters," embassy s-pokesperson Zhang and De;'elopment (DSWD) and the Hua said in a statement posted on the NationalDisasi'erRlskReductionand embassy website. .
Management Council (NDRRMC} to take care of the needsof the survivors who were brought to a hospital for


sian accident or 50S requests on the

have been no reports of vessel colli-



"Someone reportedly said that the Philippine fishing boat was 'rammed by Chinese vessel.' We wonder what

news story was based up~n. We

ngayon, huwag muna tayong ni Juan, ni Maria, kung sinuman
magsebing kasalanan Iii Pedro,

habang walang ebiderl!JY4 (So let's not put the blame on Peter, John" Mary 01: whoever until there is evidence)," Aquino told reporters in a chance interview at the Benguet State .
University-here. He said appropriate charges. would be filed only after "nee-

The President said he felt no need hope relevant persons can verify the to visit the survivors at the moment. facts with a responsible attitude be"Visiting them might just complicate . fore they report." he added. thinzs because 1 won't be able to The Department of Foreign Affairs talk to them anyway, so there's no {DFA),aIso said there was no confirpoint. The DSWD, and initially the mation if it wa,s.", ~hines~ vessel that NDRRMC, are taking care of them. rammed the Pilipino fishing boat. We can get updates from them," he . "The Philippine Coast Guard is said in Filipino. . still investigating the in cident,". DFA "We are' conducting operations to spokesman Raul Hernandez said, recover the four, to hopefully save the Foreign Affai:s Secret~ A_lbert four who are still missing. We are gath- del Rosario, for his part" said Chinese ering all of the necessary evidence," vessels have pulled out of Panatag

essary evidence" has been .
gathered. _ "We can go to the appropriate fora to file the necessary


' ..

•.. ........

sweariIl.soDl.e300newmembersofthe ruling Liberal Partv,

Aquino said here, where he helped


The Chinese embassy in Manila also said raoorts nl the incident "remain to hE"Vp.rifip(t,~13~

No report


"Based on coordination with the Philippines and China, as of PNO days agoJ we have rereivedinformationfhat allbQatshaveleftthelagooninBajode Masinloc," Del Rosario said yesterday. "There are no longer any boats from either the Philippines or China

; ' ..

,omar.oF..' rri£ARMYCHiErPuauCAWAllm'~~EmaH add:~p~jlp~~,~.~· ' '. "" '. .... . "',... ...


iet!to.~2)·tQ.iM3~~~gi\S29!S." .'" .. .. " ..'

·... 1


inside the shoal," Del Rosario said in akaya), a statement Pi:Ul1alakaya, together with Anak]\tTIRRMC executive director Benito pawis party-list, urged Philippine Ramos said on Sunday that fum of the and Chinese officials to "sit down in meeting that eight fishermen were plucked out of an honest-to-goodness would detf' the truth deliver se<:ilast Saturday. One of them - Christopher Carbon- justice to FiUpinofisherfo1k. victims and net - died at the Gabriela Silang Gen- earnestly settle thls long-running diseral Hospital in V:tgan 0.1.y. Still missing pure through dip10matic resoluncns," are Freel Celino, Arnold Garda, Dorny The group -lamented China's" disj

de los Santos and Amante Resonable. . Still confined at the Gabriela Silang

Hospitalwere Edimio Balmores, 41; Celmo- Damian, 32; and Herman Balmorea Sl, The motorized fishing boat AXL John was anchored in a payaw or fish sanctuary, when it was rammed by an unidentified vessel- which reportedly had Chinese markings.

play of sheer arrogance and the Aquino administration's provocative statements as scripted by the US government." Pamalakaya said it is contemplating filing its own diplomatic protest against Beijing.. asserting that "China violated
the country'snetionalsovereignty and

property of our FiHpino fishennen from. encroaching foreign vessels in Philippine waters," said Dante [imenez, VACC founding chairman and president. .' . "Let us not allow the Chinese to bully us," Jimenez said.
He said the VACC is eyeing the filing of a case against Chinese officials before the International Criminal Court

Uruted Nations Ccnvemiononjhe Law of the Sea (uNCi,OS)/' he said. . The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACe) also voiced concern over the incident. "We call on P-Noy to take all necessary measures to protect the lives and

diately file a case on the Panatag Shoal issue with the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and invoke the

Joint probe
fishermen said the Philippines and China should launch a joint investigation into the incident. . "It is in the highest interest of the

In AngtJf!S Ol-p a group

Of militant

teiritodalintegDW"I\/henits fishi .. g-..'e31 sel rammed the Pbilippine fishing boat .inside Bolinao's muniopal'waters." Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares also said C11ina should investigate the
incident and exert effort to "de-escalate" the situation if it would be proven that its ship was tl.:1€ culprit. "This has to be carefully investigated and. if true, we from Bayan Muna are calling on China to de-escalate the situation and identify the ship respon-

in C..ent".ra. Panatag Shoal is just 124 nautical

Filipmoand the~peopletohave this incident investigated an d resclved, it is also in the highest interest of the Chinese and Filipino peopleto have this conflict put to an end through dipIomatir channels and avoid a possible shooting war between the Philippines and China in West Philippine Sea," said Salvador France, vice chairman of the Pambansang Lakas ng Kilusang Mamamalakaya ng Pilipinas (Pamal-

sibleandsurrender itscrew orcaptain/' he said. . Colmenares said the crew of the

poaching in the area, The poachers €"\ientuaUy were able to slip a':,vay .vjth theirillegalharv€stofendang€redcor~ foreign ship violated international Iaw . als, giant clams, and live sharks, With

miles from Palauig town in Zambales provmceandmorethan400mUesfrom the nearestChinese land mass. A standoff involving Philippine and Chinese vessels at Panatag Shoal erupted in April when Chinese ships prevented. Philippine Navy sailors from arresting Chinese fishermen caught .

by not helping the Filipino fishermen in distress, "To avoid further escalation of the situation, :it is imperative that we imrne-

Eva Visperas, Jaime Laude} Ding eervantes, Teddy Molina, Sandy Araneta, .. Jess Diaz, Pia Lee-Brago, Artemi»





Dv>u...... · ~ ...

Page._JL __

J' H-I .",.


·CoriStitutioowlren'italJoyved.anotJlerUll.itedState8.nucleai:powerMvP.,sSel tUent6rPfu1i.PPir!etemtcwy:· ·i:'., .., '. .....'.. . .. ' ..... .... .•..••...•. The·nllC1etit~m\rereditilnu&rineyeSterday40ck~ln·Stlbie~aYfM8 -.'·.~Upposedroufjrie;wrtcaU... the·sfieondsu(lh~i~byllS·attaekse8.eraft ,.since''th~'stal¥ioff:ti~n:the·. PliiliPitiri:esattdChina{)yer ·tfie.·diSpmed •

claimS tbat tht(baws .and.Afuerican.serrtcemen1s· ~lf;s~:ate tetnp0raQ .·andQn:a'!'rotati1)11al':.·b'asis::de.sp~ tM·United>:Stat~.bases.Jn~Nltitdanail :being'vh.tuaUy~mianimt/.ptesideht.Aquino .• has·.·agaur;vio1&toothe

.'.·,t\partifum alloWlngarmedfo.*ign


the eou~ioir

·~=t~:~~;;~~lneQ6~tio~,1nlder~po}j marida~dljytne~FilililiioIle6ple;$t~t~$Uia~tM."~iPpllt~sleo~st€~t


d6e]md in, 'PIrluppfue terrifury;·f..bUisiiilll! SSlv


..• ffom




8, 1986,

124, is said to be one of the most advanced attack submarines in !;he world, Its: mission is to seek out and destroy enemy ships and

submarine was eommissioned Nov.

The TIS Navy Web zitA' £aid th2

. The ship is 3UOfeet long, weighs Philippine Navy,"said Tamay. 0,900 tons, and is armed ·with . "In plain terms, they will just . sophtsticated MK4S torpedoes and do some marketing, ~added Tonsay. Tomahawk cruise missiles, 'funsay pointed outthat the visit It waij aJ~lf stated that tlal, of the US submarine has nothing Louisville submarine made naval to do with the tension between the history when it fired the first . P;ulipPlnez and China over the submarine launched Tomahawk disputed Scarborough Shoal or crutse missile in combat during Panatag ShOR! in the West

administration and President Aq¢no are aware, for his part, Navy spokesman Cot Omar'fQ~ay said that the US submarine will be here fora fivedaY1)ort caU that ends 011 June SO, . "It !las no other mission except for replenishment, that is what Is in its diplomatic clearance. They don't Mve. any activity involving t.h~


Operadcn Desert Shield. .

Philippine Sea.

USSLouisvfll£ is also d~saribed "'l'hereis nons," replied Tonsay as a nuclear-powered fast-attaok when asked it'the visit is connected magazine. -wjth the st.alldoff, adding" it's plain In a statement released by the replenishment".the purpose is just US Embassy, it sta.ted that USSpmt call." , [quiwillB (SSN-7JJ.ft) arrived in Subic The call of flSS LauisviJ.k' came. Bay in Zambaies yesterday "Cpr a barely weeks after another l'ou~n? port call that highlights the Amrricfu"lsu.bmarine USB North strong, historic, community and Carolina also docked in Subic Ba.y; mjJjtazyconnootiol1R hetWeen the US a furmf1r US naval base. and the Re.puhliuo-fthePhilippines." Tonsa,ysaid that USS Lmtis'&'ilkJ "This visit will allow the ship to . asked clearance for its docking as .replenish supplies as wen as give early as May and was subsequently the crew an op.portunity for rest approved this month, . and relaxation," the US Embassy But Sen. Gregorlo Honasan said. appears to even want the United

II. is the Amerlcan govefmr)f)llL's S~at£<ito get dlttct1y inVOlved in
the the country's territorial di:;:p'utf\ as be yesterday urged

.; ,:,.. r::L'>'~~~C.!O .


:~c ';"

But the lJSS lcu.~oortainJy ..; ..... ;~. ., ... ' .: .... ~ . . :.~.. ·is equipped with sophistk:ated ..FfflE.A~"!t~tEF:ptiauc.AFFAUis, ...~~torpedO~ and cruise m~~les, aU c' -" . ....• . .....• ' ' __ _,~.,_ of which the Philippine
c. .


1>oUcyo neither deny or contl,rro t w.hetile,r Jts ships carry m.1d~~r

Ma.Iacanang to convince the US to

Mt Involved in the count.r,\,'s ;erritorial. dispute with China OVer theScarhorough Shoal; as athlrd 95'·.: party monitorlngthe developments ~


Meanwhile, eengressmen on Mondav said the internationaf (:ommunity should. not be complacent, about the latest incident of Fiiipino fishermen at the receiving end or victims of the Pana.tag Shoal or Scarborough InQ.iri.ngour others missing, f . . Office of Civil D~fense eliie! conflict but at the same time called Benito Rtl!)NS describ~(i th(: for restraint wh.U,; I'hiUppine ramming as aecidenta.l but the authorities make a deeper prOD e captain of the cgpfu>;ed IDl1t;:;rized' . into what really haf.'1"e!l~d, AecorUlng to ROllse Assistant fishing boat AX!! John, Posto Mlijorlty Leader and DavlW City Bahnores, claimed tneir seacraft Rep, Karla Alexei Nogratea, the was intentionally bumped. "We seemed to have, incident betrays the Chinese miscalculated China and the government's ill-intents by

on the ongoing naval' stlUldoff in the said area, \Vhlle Philippine naval vessels were reportedly pulled ont, there is still no information or confirmation from China if the rhimant;r had :issued simtk:r orders to some of it ships sighted near the shoals, . Reports over the weekend .sh{)Wed incident where a Chlmise It vessel rammed a looal fishing boat· near the shoal, killing one and

J think, their foreign !loHcy and security p oliey is such that it can insulate itself from any sueceedlng admtnlstraston especially if President Obama willS again in. November, So, Us.. My best bet"

a deeper probe onth{l. circumstances behind the incident, Ulis slwuitl be IH!ought to the

Bello 'said addi:ng that the Philippine government may have
misinterpreted the US interest in th(l Panatag Shoal. The iStru;es has a Visiting ForMS Agreement :with:··t~~ Philippine government rot",· its military bases have been ejeeted in 1992. The VFA has been ratified in 1999 and has paved the my for the return of the US niilitary in

w{)l).1de the US," he ;i.;lid, b


situation (when we had our naval 1,:{:sseiB Ilulled out Irom t116 scene),

"'I'his will escalate, unless we talk to the global audlenee and peaceful negotiations, He said whoo it is premature infurm our global audience, otaer cGuntdes from a position of high , fbI' the Phmppine government. to morale and !Ugh political. strength. make a coneiusicn on what really 'We.8houldeoniinue to occupy lligher happened to the fishermen whose morale and political account ZI8 a boats were allegedly rammed by a developing {)().untry; Honasan told Chinese vessel, the United Nations ~ should take a look at thJs Irwident reporters in an interview, . "They (US) already said that by with utmost urgency, af( this incident '1I'IlS deJiberate 2{)1o, DO percent of their forces would already be deployed in the and was sanctioned by the Chinese government, this is a clear .act of Pa~jfic area, 80 let's convey this aggression against another to them and make them realize sovereign nation, This is an ad of that they have to move faster because we're not experiel1,cing war," said NograJes. Nog:raJes said: that although the phyRicai harm, our :f'lshermen are 1:mdhlg up as casualties. Anyway, . lint order of business for the even j~ on the eve {}f election year; Pllilippine govemment is W conduct·

the Philippine government's goodlil,ith In ib efforts to resolve tlH:l conflict through diplomatic or'

Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies ahouldtake a look at this incident with serious concern as 11e noted that the Spratlys dispute is a potential global h?topot He recommended that since the Philippi.,es lacks the capability to stop similar types of aggression in the future, it .sfumld t;ssert the Mutual Defe:ns:e Treaty CMD'l') and request the US to asstst by depl{}~ingfumes at the .Panatag Shoal and aress in the Spmtlys that are .withln Philippine territory. "This is a very complicated sitWition, It is underata.lld.a.hle thai, military

part, said allied nations like the Un.Ited states and lts Nato (North

attentlon of the UN. noun Rep. Jerry Tnifill5 fer hi<,

East to China and tliat they. fl)tmd a {t,)\}l' in tl:ii?'\,Vl'lst Phmppiu(';

He said that the US iJ1te1'8st:rS now movmg a.way rrom the II-M~
} • r~rt

the conntry.

. ,..


Sea conflict.


Clli.Mis a world economic and,even POW,"!, It i.s 0 very hlCl.'ative market for many nations, lllcluillng
the United States "lIIfHh~ Europelln

powers, and: even the Philippines. And China is taking advantage of this situation,M Trefias said. . warned the Aquino government of falliug illw Lhe"hldden agenda" I)f the US government in the Panatag Acoor~ to. Bello, recent taiks between the US government and the Phllippine military showed how the US is taking advantage of the sitilation. "The US is tsJdng of the slruathm to pull wide open the loor to its strategic inwrestsl"
Shoal fusua, . At the same time, IMtist pa.ttyli& Akbtlymt!Wp, Walden Bello

"The US, has been, in' fli.1£ reerientlng its posture away from. the Middle East to the conta!ru:nent of China,," Bello said. . i .~ He said that the Phmpp~ gu-vehunent shu-uld be wary of the moves of the United Sta~~~ particilla.rly in the depluyment of its military in. the country. He said that talks between the should be advised of changes htf,h~ Visiting Forces Agreemanl;, . ..,.." Bello also pointed out that even members oftha ruling coajitiotl:m Congress were disturbed by·,trl:e current show of US interest i11 the Snuru issue. i. " Bello is of the helief. that ,tw entry of the US in,the Pictu~~oQ,1d push the country into deepr oonnficit with China he consid'tI'!'less aggressive that the United SWte:s. WHb CUI1ie VA Manalo and ~ ~wB~~~ AngIeM.~ .

US and l'fulippine military. should be transparent snd that COIlt';ess

'g-"",' _ '11








.•.J~FICE:OP~·.~RMVCHtEF'PtiaUCAFFAl~~£mairidd~oaCp~np'ai§lY'dh60:cCln1-Telno.(02)89z..1693!ltr<mI:5287 ••...... I ,5295·
f f1- -" .' ;e" ','_ - :' ' _-..
'10·' ' •. .-" .' ••

p" ' __ -,



" .-.'

." - ,-.,



- - ','.





:,_-,. " :-,-,-'- ... '.-_.. .."., "











- , •• , .• ,'













Jane 2012


Chinese ships leave carbo rough lagoon
BY EVANGELINE DE VERA CHINA has withdrawn its ships from the lagoon of the Panarag or scarborough Shoal, the Department of Foreign A.ffliirl.> ~aiu yesterday. "Based on. coordination wJt."i the Philippines and China, as of two days ago, we have received information that aU boats have left the lagoon in Baja de MasiriIoc (local name of Scarborough or Paaatag Shoal). There are no longer any boats from either the PhHippines or China inside the shoal," "'i4itl Foreign A.ffairs
Albert del RORarlo in a text message to reporters. Del Rosario, however, ·did not say whether- there are stiIt Chinese ships outside the shoaL· China has yet to issue a statement on the matter. Last week, six Chinese ships were stationed in the area amid the fi5hing han independently imposed by the Philippines and China to ease the tension over ownership of the shoal. On June Hl, China ordered the pullout of Chinese t1shing vessels from the contested shoal. It Sent the government secretary

Ship Nanhaiiiu- 115 to rescue stranded fishing boats from the lagoon due to inclement weather. China's action came after President Aquino ordered a Philippine Coast Guard ship and a Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources rescue vessel - which had rem>lIned outside the shoal - to leave the area at the onset of typhoon "Butchoy (international name, Guchol)." TIle standoffbetween the rwo countries started last April 10 when two 01inese survetllance ships prevented the Philippine

\'irar,hlp RRP Gregorio del Pilar from arresting Chinese fishermen onboard eight fishing vessets who were caught poaching and megaUy harvesting marine resources from the shoal. In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Ld said at a regular briefing that the situation at the Huangyan Islands - the Chinese name for Scarborough Shoal ~ "is overall

toward peace.


He said that Chinese vessels ~have been running the ...islands and the .nearby waters and standing on alert." - With:AP




June 2012

Pahina. __ (o_~_

review of S V

Joker seeks

alarm yesterday over the reported abuses involving th.e him to reiterate his call that
the Phllipptnegovernment Australian military;. prompting


Arroyo' c.xp!~s5ed

of an investigation into hundreds of accounts of sf'xl.wl
abuse across the military,

rive summary

on the fiwJings .

The latest accusations fol-

should review the Status of dals in the miIitflr'Ytncluding i the Visiting Forces Agreement Incidents of sexual assault {SOVFA}with Australia, possession of child pornograArroyo again expressed his phy and iUegal drug use; and cencern after Australian Prime reports of "predatory sexual Minister Julia Gillard raised and drunken misconduct.'!
the possibility of convening a Royal Commission, a major investigative body occasion"NmoVi €'W'OUldhaveAustraw Han soldiers in the rotmtry. 'The possibilfty of sexual acts comnutted by Australian servicemen assigned to the Philippines onour sidered carefully" Arroyo said" adding that prudence dictates that the Philippines should wait for the fiu.dlllg,0 of the Australien

. lowed other high profile scan-

until the matter is clarified," "We shouldn't be rushed into acting on the SOVFA until the Australian goverrunent has
finished the investigation," he

for the Philippine Senate to be "wary of the proposed SOVFA,

Commonwealth, to investigate sensitive public Issues. ·In a phone interview, Arroyo said there is.more reeson

any used by the British-led

women and minorsmust be con-

said, The senator said one of the stickiest points in the country's defense agreements with the US Contentious . has nothing to do with defense, Senators Arroyo, Miriam but the acts committed by US Defensor-Santiago and Ferservicemen, like sexual crimes. dinand Marcos Jr. have exThe New York Times has re- pressed reservation on the ported details of numerous cases move to concur with SOVPA of physical and sexual abuse prior to Congress' sine die
of minors in Australia's armed. forces dating back to the 19506. a high-itl\{el pubhc mqmry. The cases, made public by

"Remf'mbet if such sexual acts allegedly committed by A 11 str-al ian servicemen on Australian minors are found to be true- afterinvestigation, that too, can happen on OUl: own minors," the senator said,


~pr:nnptedG!ll~l'dl'?suggest the Australian


Recto, Manny Villar> and Aq~ uilino Pimentel In when the

tors 8:1'g1.0

adjournment last month .. They were joined by Sena-



Corp., discussed the

fun execu-

treaty was put to a vote on
last June 6.

second reading




Page._i __

Australian Prime Ministe'r .Julia Gillard raIsed the pOsslQility of a convening a royal commi,ssiou, a major investigative body occasionally used by some countries ()filie C-ornmonweal.t.i:t,to
high-level pnblic inquiry or

with defimsa, It revolves around the

us (govenunent) has nothmgtodo

acts committed by the US serviceman in the country

"We cannot deny that hlstorlcally, But In the present. context, what's the use o-f this

benefit analysis that we have to study carefully befare signing the treaty. I'm not saying we should possibilityof$exwUacf,soommitted not·slgn it but study it carefully," investigate sensitive public issues. by Au..%l'alian servicemen assigned he added, The matter has come 1;0 the But Bonssan disagreed with the attention of Senators Gregorio . to the Philippines on our women ' M\d minors must be considered pQSitir)l1 vf Arroyo ip. awaiting the Homl"an and Joker ArroYD and bath result of_the investigation by the urged the Executrvc department to carefully," he said, Honassn, in asepara;e intorviL'Wj Australian government and put the cxerciEc caution before hmlugthe agreed that the SoVFA, once taken SoVFA at the backburner. 80VFA rushed for plenary approval "That would take a whUe. Our "We .sbould not be rushed intO up again in plenary by the treatysecurity requirements are urgent. acting on the SoFVA until the ratifying chamber when Congress reconvenes in July; could include . Let's get a categorical statement, l.f Allstr.alian gov!':mm('nt has finished its investigation," Arroyo said, provislnns aimed at preventing . notfrom fue US (but) ftom. Australia 'adding "prudence dkWes that we stmflar eases being commttt~d by on the f!VE' oftl1e probable signing Australian troops once aJl{lWoo to of the SoVFA,"he said. should wait forthe findings oithe visit the country. A senior Juseice offida!, Austrruian government. "

unrelated t"(:l defense like sexual crimes, Up to tlw pr$8nt, that has not been resolved, "~w, we would have Anstra1tan soldiers in the country. The

(SoYFA). his report on abuses T of mlnors and women} these are part uf the' cns&*benefit, rtak-

"Remember} if such sexnal acts

allegedly committed by At.ultralian servicemen on Allstt'al:ian inlnors are fu.tmrl to be true after IDVOOt:igl!ltiOn, that too can bappen on our own rot.

deal," HiJnasan roM reportees, noting that no less than 16senators

"The 80VFAis not


a done

meanwhile, expressed optimism
that the country will get better

are needed

nors," he poj~ed out.

vote required hytheConstituf;iou for Senate concurrence to a

to meet

the 1;wo..thlrds

ratings in the future in terms ul mode~ slavery. Department of Justtce

senator said there is reason fur lawmakers to be wary of ~pproving clarified.. "'008 of the most sticky points in our defense agreements with the
the ratification of the proposed Sov'FA, unless ~e matter has been

Inde~ if the report is true, tne

separate visiting military accord with Australia that is touted to be "betwrthan»tbe existing VFAwith

the United States, Ilistorica.lly,Honasan said; the At.Istrtilian govmnment has boon the couniJ.Ysal1yeven way back WOrlrl War n alongside the L1Sg~ept.

Salazar said the administration L.<:; continuing its crusade against "modern-day slavery» or human traffidring as the US Department
of &'t,ate (DDS) maintained its Tier 2 (T2) ra.n.!dng for the Phllippines.

Jose Vicente







June 2012




lean deals

Ten officers;indu:ding two generals, and a civilian employe(! of the Philippine National Police were dismissed from the service this mOll.thand are facing criminal charges in _ connection with the PNP's purchase of two used hellcopters at brand-new prices in 2009 and 2016. The U aIsn lost their retirement 'benefits and cannot' hold any pUblic office., " The fate of the ,PNP personnel


should encourage the Armed Forces of the Philippines to ensure . that its planned procurement of military hardware will not be . marred by scandal, The PNP heli, C()p'!~r deal invo~vedonly P34',63 ! mtllion. The AFP s plan to acquire i 12, figh_ter jets and six oth~ ~ed _wmg airaaft by next year IS gomg to eest so much more, with each jet ' having. a~ estimated price tag of . Pl.2. l;nlhon. ~he procurement,


_. 'c;.

_.0 ~ _ _'.. •• • . , '.



from suppliers based in Italy, Russia, SQuth Korea and the United Kingdom, is certain to be dosely scru.tin.iz.e:d by the public. Apart from jeopardizing careers; an anomaly in. the aircraft procurement can derail the AFP's modemization progr-am,.modest M it Is, at a. time when it is urgently needed. The AFP does net have radar 'equipment the Philippine Navy lacks ships and. the Philippine Air Force cannot even dispatch planes to monitor the country's territorial waters, All that the AFP and the defense department are aiming for is credible defense capability. This will be doomed by any corruption scandal In the procurement of the aircraft. . This in turn will doom any chance of a speedy upgrade in the. country's defense capability. This need has gaJned urgen-cy with China's increasing aggressiveness in asserting its tertitoria1 claims in nearly the entire South China Sea. Failure to upgrade wil1<:ompel the: Philippines to tum to its traditional ally. the United States. While help from friends is always welcome" the Philippines should wean itself from its dependence on the American securltyumbreUa. The AFP can speed up the process by making sure that every step of the procurement process in its modernization will beaboveboard.


~G, 1une 20121


T ~=~~l'~~~~~:
identi~i~~~t~~:~ kindsv~~ splits in the labor movement - the partypolitical split; tile split influenced by empioY1:>ts,., . and the split englneeredby , government. Last week, there was the split caused
by labur-Ieader

'Red International' splits',
oontinued for decades. The 1930ssaw the formation of the CollectiveLabor Mov()m~nt, in the pasb.var period, PKP labor leeders and activis1s formed t.h.e Congress of LaOOr Organizations, Then.
lis we have seen, in tM 1960s there was KiIu;all,

~~~~e~~ganit::~on ~~, con:!~!:-tice

.. I



paternalism, or the deslre to escape it - for the TUPAS,FSM split might be seen , as an example of this. (At the lowerileveIs of the movement there must have been countless undocumented examples of this kind of split over the . years, along with thm;e caused by perSQn.ality

! I

. I ,



We ·migl1t also add that while Rut necessarily 1n 1980, tueKilusang Mayo Uno (1}MU) was funned causing splits, foreign funiling like that advanced by under CPP influence. Follo''''ing the splits in the Cpp the Asian-American Free Labar Institute has acted of 1993,the Man.ila-Riza.! roup formed the BuklufaJ1 g as a. means of fencing off conservative organizations . ng Manggagawa para Pagbebago (EMP - although i from their more progressive brethren. And finally, strictly speaking this W$ a labor flHNement political . we have the example of the post-1993 sp lits, whi en organization), based on splits in the KMU, Those groups . I we might dub the "Red International" type of split. whJch since then have broken w1tlt the MmtiIa-Rizal This requires some e~q:rlanati{)ngroup aUhave their own labor federations. Thegroup t Following the Russian: Revolution in 1917, a Wh()Be leaders in Central Luzon were expelled from number of (;O!mnnnist-led ol'gallh;ati{lns were the OPPin Hl98also inspires a.lahorieder.ation. Then estabtished·on an international level witll the aim again, Akbayan, which arose from the merger ofthe of· gaining influence in the labor and peasant "Democratic Bloc"spltt fmm the CPP, Bisig an<i~et8, movements, One such organization was the Red Is linked to the Mliance of Progressive Labor. InternatIonal. of Labol' Unions (RILU), established' On at least one occasion a federation has been in 1921, As the international communist movement known to leave one postrJ29S center to join another,


and the careerism

followed by Katfpunart in 198[),BY' ow, regardless of n the origins of the practke, this bad become standard procedure for co:mmunists.lnthe Phllippines- SOIDuch so that every breakaway since the formation 1)f the Communist Party ofthe PhiIipplnw; (DPP) in 1968I,:~>.

of Ieaders.)



by the sloganUdass against class"), the RILU saw the aim of carom unists as attempting to wil,1. the support of the labor movement in their own country for tne cause of fsV'{)lutlon, and if the existing: trade alternatives. ". In most eases, "class against class" proved abandoned even before it was formally dropped by ~ the whole mevement til the ~arly limOs - not before, ! however, it had Men adopted in the Philippines. The Partido Komunista ng pmpinas (PKP) waS founded in 1930, while the" class against class" tine was still current, As we saw in the first instalImen1; two'weeks ago, the left wing of the labor movement's more moderate opponents had created the conilltions for the formation f)f a "redaltemative" labor organizatirm for the packing of the 1929convention of the Congreso Obrero de Filipinas had led Orisanto : Evangelista to march from t.hehal..! t th~ heM of his a followers, 1brming the Katipunan ng mga Ana.kPawi1! sa Pllipinas less than two weeks later. Almost ()e~ this wvuld have occurred arwwaYJ bt,tt it juset: so happened th\l.t it fulfHled the
unions c{Ht!4 not so be won, to establiah resulting "ted

entered its most sectarian period (characterized

Mareh 1994 saw the formation of the National Confederation of Labor (NeL-unusuallY; a ltQn-pruty

center) which, containing Ii number of former KM'U .affiliates, was basically ajoint initiatIve between the BMP (which later withdrew) and the Nathma.l .Feder~ion of LaborUulons {NAFLU)t furmerly, 11l;;-e the NFL, With the KMU+ 2Q02, however, NAFLU In
Pederation of Labor, One affiliate was the Natifma1 upped stakes and Idt the NeLto join the Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng mga Manggagawang Pillpillo (KPM?,



! communists, and so in several countries the line was


in merely isolating





. Although at this stage there could be no formal:link with the Commilll.lstInternational as the Philippmes


of the «class against class" line,


.. ,



lWangellstanad been receivjng advice from ~fuscow - for some years and wuuld have known of the majtH' OF1HEARMY Ct Camintern and RJLU policies. Thus) when the PKP ..t.l........ ~"""".... -, was formed rn 1930 the requIrement for a party-led

or Unlted'Congress of Filipino Workers)) the labor center linked to Alltb Katipunan, which in Gum Is influenced by the Rebnlusyonaryong Partido. ngmga Manggagawa-Pilipiruts (RevohItionary Workers' PartyPhilippi-l1GS) which had split from ManUa,R!zal. While other countries (France and Jtfi1y, for example) have &eve~'fl.llJ:lbor centers led variously by eommunists, socialists or Catholics, it is difficult to ~nk of any movement which equals that {If the Phllipptnes for the sheer number of iMologically. InspIred divisions. ProbablyJew if any Filipino trade unionists realize that - if my thesis is correet - the practice has 'i1.s origins in a 1920s policy whi<Jhwas eventually rejected as wrong-headed by thOSE:! wbo had first provm:mded it. Perhaps, thJ3refore, ii 1S time for a sober eonslderation of the whole tssue, Those who began reading this series two wneks ago 'l'iilt recall that 1set Gut to \vrIte two introdue!;vry columns on the spIRting tendeaetes of the Philippine" laber movemenj befDY!;)homing .in on recent developments regarding both Wings of the TUGPbut roda¥'s w!.umn lS,in fact, already the thirrl ill the ,.. series, &3 next 'Weekwe'll diseuss the TUOP, I promise.

(Feedback to: (fut.sirierS.'!rif}·<';'

"-··-23·---~--· -_ -------..

.._._, .... ...... -._

M~LF, magsasagawa og ma!aking pagtifipon (Bomboradyo.corn)
FacebookTweetEmaHShareTh is KORONADAL CITY· lsang malaking pagtitipon ng mga Bangsamoro lOngnakatakdang isagawa sa buwan ng Hulyo na pengungunahan ng Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). lsasagawa ang Bangsamoro Leaders Assembly sa Camp Darapanan na may temang "Strengthening Bangsamoro Unity and Solidarity."
sa bayan ng Sultan Kudarat. Maguindanao

Ayon kay Ghadzali Jaafar, vice chairman for political affairs ng M1LF, magsisimula ang Bangsamoro Consultation sa July 6 hanggang July 9,2012. KabiJang sa inaasahanq dadalo sa nasabing pagtitipon ang secretary general ng Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) na si Ekhlemeddin Ishanouglo, Mora National Liberation Front (MNLF) Founding Chairman Nur Misuaei, MNLF Chairman Datu Muslirnen Serna, mga kongresista at gobernador ng Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), North Cotabato at Sultan Kudarat, mga kinatawan mula sa International Contact group (ICG), Office of the President Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP) Sec. Teresita Quintos Deles, GRP head panel na si Atty. Marvic Leonen at marami pang iba.

6 mlyembro ng NPA, huli sa checkpoint sa Agusan del Sur
BUTUAN CITY - Anim na mga mfyembro ng New People's Army (NPA) ang nahu!i sa may checkpolnt sa Km. 41, Brgy. Binikalan, San Luis, Agusan del Sur. Ayon kay Major Eugene Osias, tagapagsal1ta og 4th Infantry Diamond Division Phillppine Army, ang nahuHng mge rebelde ay kasarna sa puwersa ng NPA na umataks sa Binika!an Detachment noong Mayo 30 nitong taon na nagresulta sa pagkakasugat ng apat na mga sibilyan. . Nai-turn over na ang mga nahuli sa pulisya ng Talaccgon, Agusan del Sur at inihahanda ang pagsasampa ng kesong frustrated murder laban sa kanHa. Nakuha sa posisyon ng mge rebe!de eng tatlong cellphone na pagrnamay-ari ng ilang Cafgu members pat) na eng isang pares ng boots na sryang gagamiting ebidensya sa kascnq kani!ang kakaharapin.

lI1ANILA - As a response to the massive military operations in Quezon, various people's organizations and Church-based groups launched June 25 a mercy mission and peace caravan. towns in

There are eight battalions of the Philippine Army, police and paramilitary deployed in the southern part of the province.


Organized by the Save Bondoc Peninsula Movement, the eight-day mission aims to document the growing number of human rights violations in the province and to provide relief to the affected farmers communities.The mission starts today and will end on July

Since January



Tagalog documented


victims of human rights violations.

These include one case of enforced disappearance, four cases of torture, 15 cases of illegal arrest and detention, 17 cases of threat and intimidation, among others.

The Save Bondoc Peninsula Movement call for the immediate withdrawal of government troops in the province. Photos and text by Ronalyn V. Olea

Military ops terrorize farmers in South Quezon

MANILA - Cesar Garganta, 28, merely wanted to earn extra income for the enrolment of his two children. Instead of money, what Garganta got was pain and trauma. On May 28, Garganta and his two friends went to work on a farm in Vista Hermosa village, Macalelon, Quezon. At around 9 a.m., the three chanced upon more than a dozen men in uniform armed with high-powered rifles. The soldiers shouted at the three fanners and Oarganta's two companions immediately ran away, leaving Garganta behind. "For five hours, the soldiers beat me up. They pointed their guns at me, pointed a bolo knife on my neck. They squeezed my nose 'with pliers, pricked my ears with sticks. They blindfolded me and tied me to a tree," Garganta said in an interview with The soldiers belonging to the Philippine Army's 85th Infantry Battalion 'were insisting that he and his fellow farmers were members of the Ne\'I'People's Army (NPA). Oarganta is only one of the Karapatan-Southem

victims of harassment, torture and other forms of human rights

violations perpetrated by suspected state agents in Quezon, according to human rights alliance Tagalog (Karapatan-S'I'). Eight battalions of the Armed Forces of the
22 towns

Philippines, police and paramilitary are deployed in the

of the province.

In another town, Eduardo Dela Pefia, 37, also suffered harassment from the military.

On June


at around 3 p.m., Dela Peiia was tending to his farm at sitio Sabang, barangay

(village) Pagsangahan, San Francisco, Quezon when nine soldiers of the 59th and 74th IE of the Philippine Army approached him. Speaking during the kick-off activity of the mercy mission led by the


June 2.5, Deja Pefia said soldiers acclL"€d him of being an NPA member. "They asked

me names I do not know. Whenever they punched The soldiers my stomach,"
1 rent ..

I said I did not know the persons they were asking about, ordering his men to kill

he said in the vernacular.

with Dela Pefia to his house, "I heard the commander

me. Not long, a soldier pointed a 45 caliber gun at me," he said. Later, the soldiers left but not until they told Dela Perla to report to the barangay hall on -Iune 27. "They told me they would see me there to ask further questions and if my answers would be

wrong, they would kick me," Dela Pefia related.
Out of rear, he and his v\'ife, Paz, and two of their children fled their house. His ten other children temporarily stayed with the neighbors spokesman since they are studying, Movement, said military operations

Ody Marcellana, under Aquino's "Militarization

of the Save Bandoe Peninsula

Oplan Bayanihan

hamper the economic activities of farmers in the province.

caused fear and hunger among the farmers. The farmers could not work the way the soldiers are In their rice fields and coconut farms," Mareellana

they used to because



said soldiers require fanners

to attend mass meetings

or report to their camps. "If

they refuse to go, they would be included in the military's Mareellana ordinal}

order of battle," he said. in the province, it is the

said that while the military aims to wipe out the insurgency bear the brunt of human rights violations.


"They go by the principle

'Limasin aug tubig para mahuli ang isda' (Dry up the water so you could catch the fish)."

The peasant

leader noted that today's military deployment He said the troop deployment

in the province is the biggest since the
22 towns in South Quezon is much

Marcos dictatorship. administration

in the

bigger than the nine battalions

deployed before in the two provinces of Mindoro during the

of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. sends in soldiers," Marcellana

"Instead of listening to the plea ofthe rural folk the government

said. "We don't need them in Quezon. What we Heed is land and social justice."


said the massive military deployment

is "a response to the resistance


against feudal exploitation

and so-called developmental

projects such as dam and mining."

The Save Bondoc Peninsula today until <I uly



a mercy mission and peace caravan starting

The mission aims


document cases of human rights violations and provide relief and medical

mission to the aff0ct0o

in South


Mareellana said that after the mission, they hope to file cases in court against perpetrators of human rights abuses. Oarganta and Dela Pefia are among the more than

participants to the mission.

Carganta said he would defy the military's warning. "I hos(: decided to speak up because if! would not, the same would happen to others," he told