A Suspicion Of The Fighter Shot Down

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Tony Dean Rant On UK!
Object 1

Bilderberg Suspicions are aroused amongst the activists blogs in the USA that the Turkish fighter shot down by Syria was a ‘plant’. It was intended that Syria would shoot down an aircraft that after fifteen minutes did not respond to radio calls to identify itself and to correct it’s course heading. (It was likely a radio-controlled aircraft.) The Bilderbergers planned the whole thing it seems and it is suspicious that at the Bilderberg meeting this year in the USA The Syrian agenda was most certainly signed-off by the Bilderbergers and delivered to their Syrian National Council representative, Bassma Kodmani, who was in attendance. Bassma Kodmani is said to be the Head of Foreign Affairs with the SNC, working out of Istanbul, Turkey. Also in attendance at this year’s Bilderberg Meeting was British agent and steering committee member, Marcus Agius of Barclays, who happens to also serve as an executive consultant to the BBC. No doubt that the BBC’s war propaganda pledge to Bilderberg was also agreed upon during the meeting. Likewise the ‘Al Jezeera’ style documentary shown on ‘Russia Today’ tv channel with a BBC reporter supposedly interviewing ‘captured’ army and police officers of Syria in a ‘secret location’ with Syrian Free Army people gently lining them in single file into a room to be interviewed by the BBC reporter was a ‘set-up’ by the Bilderberger financed Free Syria Army. They were all dressed in civilian clothes, not uniforms of any kind and asked what they did for Assad. The reporter was told: “We were ordered to kill civilians” Where did the orders come from: “Quite high up in the government” one said. A pure spoof from beginning to end.

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